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Audience Building Secrets with Chris Hughes

Audience Building Secrets with Chris Hughes

By WhosChrisHughes
Welcome to Chris Hughes’ Marketing Thoughts and Ideas podcast, where amazing things happen.

Chris Hughes’ Marketing Thoughts and Ideas
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Creating Content That Will Last
Creating content that will last is all about thinking about the content that people will continuously be searching for in your niche. In this video I talk about a few different examples within the surf niche. The concept can be applied to anyones business though. You identify the common questions that everyone who gets involved in your niche will have, and you create content around that. In this example, I talk about creating video reviews and blog posts that educate people about things like surf leashes, board sizes, and other basics that everyone who is introduced to surfing needs to know. If you can create content like this, you'll have more of these digital assets that can continuously bring you quality leads.  here's the fptraffic tool I mentioned that I use to schedule posts,
November 10, 2019
Dedicated ‘work time’ and why everyone needs to do this simple activity
Something I'm experimenting with is using "time blocks" of 20 minutes to accomplish more tasks. I set a little timer on my Apple Watch for 20 minutes and focus on one specific task for 20 minutes at a time. This helps me from all the distractions I normally have and might help you as well!  
October 22, 2019
How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed Right Now
Can we all admit that being overwhelmed is not a good feeling? 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ It just feels like everything compounds on one another. Like the mountain just keeps getting bigger and bigger with no end in sight. This sometimes leads to anxiety building up and then for me I get a little angry because of everything I feel like I need to do. If you think about it, the process of getting overwhelmed makes sense. We spread ourselves a little bit too thin and that makes it hard for us to accomplish all of our goals. We have these endless to-do lists that keep getting bigger and it seems like the harder we work, the farther we get from our goals.📋 I want you to think about a half-full glass right now. 🥃 Think about what it's like when you start to pour more liquid into the glass. It fills up, right? Your brain is the same way. 🧠 You have a finite amount of space in your brain for all of the stuff that you think you need to get done. Every time you add something else, it's just filling up your brain glass even more. When that happens, things start to fall off to the side right? If there's a finite space then we can't really keep adding stuff until we free up some space. That's when we get overwhelmed and feel like there just isn't enough time ⏳ That's where this activity comes in... you're going to want to grab a pen/pencil and a notebook. You're going to want to put aside 5-10 minutes and just do this one simple activity. 🛑 STOP READING UNTIL YOU GET YOUR PEN AND PAPER 🛑 You're going to spend the next 5-10 minutes just writing down every single thing that is in your mind. Seriously. Go get the pen and paper if you haven't yet. All of the thoughts you have should be written down in the notebook. All of the unfinished projects, all of the household chores, all of the phone calls you haven't made yet. Write them all down in this notebook so that you can visually see exactly what has been on your mind lately. 📝 Doing this might make you feel a little overwhelmed and that makes sense... I mean look at all the stuff you have to do! After this, you're going to need to set up a plan of action. I personally like to do the little things first. The stuff that'll take like 5 minutes or less. ✅Then CROSS THOSE THINGS OFF YOUR LIST. ✅ The process of crossing these things off is huge, every single time I do it, I feel a little bit less overwhelmed. You'll also see that you are clearing up some more space in your mind. Once you're done with this activity, come back to this post and let me know what you learned in the comments down below.
October 17, 2019
The perfect moment to start doesn’t exist
We're always waiting for something to be "perfect" and the truth is that the perfect moment to start something doesn't exist. Now is always the right time to get started with something. NOW is always the best time to do something. NOW is the only time we have.  The more we put off the things that we know we need to do, the less likely we are to do the things that need to get done. That's why its so important to just take the first step. To just get started and work towards building momentum for your life and business. I hope this message helps someone!  Connect with me on Twitter at @WhosChrisHughes Click here to visit the Chris Hughes blog
October 09, 2019
Consistent Action Towards Your Goals
Consistent action over time yields positive results. The problem is that us humans don't like doing stuff over and over again because we get bored. If you want to get fit, commit to eating healthy and exercising regularly. If you want to get good at videos, commit to creating daily videos. The formula is the same for every single thing you want to learn. If you commit to doing it every single day for an extended period of time, you're going to get pretty good at it. But we sometimes put things off even when we know that they are good for us. I'm super guilty of this myself, so i'm not preaching here. I suck at a lot of stuff and forget to do things that I know need to get done... happens all the time. Acknowledging it and then making adjustments will lead you to better results though. Just remember that. Connect with me over on Twitter @WhosChrisHughes Check out my live videos on Facebook --> Chris Hughes Facebook Subscribe to my YouTube Channel --> Chris Hughes YouTube Visit my blog for more information about me, Chris Hughes Blog
September 12, 2019
How do you come up with ideas for your Facebook live videos?
Ever wonder how it seems so easy for some people to pop on camera and talk? If you've ever been curious where the ideas for these people's videos come from, this podcast will help you. One of the greatest ways to find ideas for your videos is to simply join a few Facebook™ groups about your niche and look at the questions people are asking. Inside the group, you can use the search function to see what people are asking.. Once you have the questions, it's up to you to start creating the videos that answer the questions people ask. The first step will be the hardest and that's to actually research the common questions that people have. After that, all you've gotta do is start talking about the solution to the problem. You can then take this video and put it up on YouTube to repurpose the content. If you haven't taken my 21 day video challenge, I recommend doing it so you can get comfortable on camera. Take the challenge at
September 10, 2019
How to deal with ‘not getting many likes’ on our videos
It's a weird thing when you start creating videos for your business or your personal brand. No one pays any attention. No one bothers to click on the "like" button, or to leave a comment or share your video. And that's okay! When you first get started with creating videos, they're going to suck! It's not the end of the world. It's just the beginning of a new journey you are going on, and no one is great when they start something. The good news is that you're starting. That you are putting yourself out there and you are starting to share your gift and your message with the world. As you create more, you're going to get better. So the next time you create a video and no one "likes" it, don't let it get you down. It's not the end of the world. A weird thing will happen if you continue creating. People will start to pay attention. They'll see that you didn't just create 3-4 videos and quit. You'll have hundreds of videos that you are sharing your message with the world. You're going to get pretty good at it when you get to this stage.  But you've gotta get through the awkward beginning stage that is right now in order to get there. Keep creating. I'm rooting for you. 
September 06, 2019
Is it still worth it to pay for fans on Facebook?
In today's podcast I talk about whether or not I feel it's worth it to pay for "Page Likes" over on Facebook. In my personal opinion, yes. You can acquire 10,000 fans for $1,000 if you are getting fans for $0.10 a piece. As long as you take the time to provide valuable information to your fans, and you are targeting people in your buyer demographics, it makes sense. I do not recommend just getting fans for the sake of having them though. You want to make sure that the people you are targeting in your ads are people who could become leads or customers for your business. Otherwise you'll just have a bunch of people who aren't qualified to buy your product or service. 
September 05, 2019
Why Do We Stop Doing What Works?
I don't know about you, but I've self-sabotaged myself so much in my life. It seems like when I find something that's working, if I don't automate it immediately I forget to keep doing it. Why is that? If you haven't done the 21 day video challenge yet, I recommend you do it to build the habit of daily video:
September 04, 2019
Learn to Take Breaks When You're Overwhelmed... Just DON'T QUIT!
So we all get to a point in our business and life where we become overwhelmed. At this point it's important to remember not to quit. Things are only hard for a little while and will get better. That's why it's so important to take breaks periodically from your work. Otherwise you'll get super overwhelmed and will experience burnout. 
September 03, 2019
Copy What Works
Copy the stuff that works
August 27, 2019
Creating Evergreen Content So That Your Message Lives On
Creating evergreen content is something that we don't always think about. This particular episode is for those of you who are in a MLM or Network Marketing opportunity.  You are most likely extremely excited about the products you are currently selling, so you wanna make videos and talk about them.  Instead of doing this, you should be creating content around the ideas and the generalities around what your product solves. This way, if anything is to ever change with the company, or the product changes and stops working you can still use that piece of content. An example of this would be if you sell a weight loss supplement. Instead of saying "product X is the best thing on earth and you should buy it", you can talk about concepts around health and weight loss. Speaking about topics such as increasing your water consumption. Or adding 30 minutes of daily cardio to your routine.  Creating content around these things makes them evergreen, so they will be valuable to someone today and they will still be valuable to someone in 10 years.  You can also easily change recommended products as time passes. You might start with an affiliate product and then start your own company where you want those videos you made to promote your product. Or you could switch from one affiliate product to another.  Let's connect on Instagram @WhosChrisHughes Check out my blog
August 06, 2019
Setting your business up so that it can be sold... even if you don’t intend to sell
So today's episode is all about setting up your business to be sold. Not planning on selling your business? Don't worry, this still applies to you. Let's connect on Instagram @WhosChrisHughes Check out my blog
July 24, 2019
Who should you be creating content for?
Who are you creating content for?   Ever thought about the content you create and how you can make it better?   It all starts with knowing your audience and knowing what would benefit them. One thing to keep in mind is that you had to go through a rough patch to get to where you are at right now, and so do they.  If you can think back over the last 3-4 years, what did you go through?   Joseph Campbell calls this the "Hero's Journey" but you don't need to know that.   In its simplest form, you have overcome some obstacles to get to where you are right now. If you aren't happy with where you're at right now, don't worry you still are on your journey.    Can you think back to a few months ago when you were learning something? Something that you might have gotten on YouTube to watch a tutorial on?   What you learned can be a video for you. I know, you might be thinking that someone already did a video on that, so why should you.   Well, people want to hear your voice. They want to hear and see your story.  If you aren't taking the time to tell your story (through video) you are missing out.   There is no better time to be alive when it comes to content creation. You can pull out your cell phone and start creating right now.  You can start building your audience right now.  It all begins with the decision to . You don't need anyones approval or anything. Just start. 
July 01, 2019
Why You Should Commit to Daily Live Videos
It all was because of committing to daily live videos 💯 “HOLY SH**!!! my video posted at 5am this morning has 517 views already. haha. Thanks for kicking my a$$ into starting my daily videos back in march. Since March 26th, I’ve posted 99 videos. Gaining momentum man. Thank YOU!!!!” - Dan B.
June 25, 2019
The difference between sales and marketing
Sales is what happens after someone clicks over from your ad Marketing is what happens BEFORE people click over, or call, or come into your store. The goal of marketing is to take a compete stranger and bring them in to your sales process. Want my team to run your ads for you? Apply here:
May 13, 2019
Here's Why You Need To Be Creating More Content
In this episode I share my viewpoints on why you should be creating more content than you currently are, and an easy way to start doing it. Resources mentioned: Your First 1,000 fans PDF class
May 09, 2019
We’re paying Facebook for the opportunity to get in front of people...
We’re paying Facebook for the opportunity to get in front of people... Right now we're at this incredible time where it's pennies on the dollar to get our message in front of our ideal audience. It all starts with identifying WHO you want to market to, creating content that helps that audience and then retargeting people who consume a large percentage of your content. Claim the free ebook on getting your first 1,000 fans here:
April 29, 2019
Creating the 'we' with your target market
Ever thought about your target market and how you and your prospect are both in it together? I mean like, actually working together to make each others goals come true. You providing them with the solution to their problem and getting paid for it, and you being the hero to them for solving their problems? In this episode we'll talk about creating the "we" between you and your prospects. 
April 18, 2019
Introducing the FB Audience Building Secrets Class
So I finally finished up the videos and full info for building up your audience on Facebook. This episode talks about what’s inside the course and how people can take some of the nuggets from this episode to improve their results on Facebook. Get the free pdf at
April 09, 2019
How to grow your Facebook Group
Learn how to grow your Facebook group. FREE PDF >> How to Get Your First 1,000 Fans
April 05, 2019
The #1 Thing Holding You Back...
In today's episode we talk about the #1 thing that's holding you back... and what you can do about it!  Feel free to connect with me - Chris Hughes on Facebook - WhosChrisHughes on Twitter Free class on audience building at 
March 29, 2019
It's Easier to Sit On The Sidelines
It's Easier to Sit On The Sidelines Everyone and anyone can sit on the sidelines and be an observer, a watcher, a viewer. Whatever you want to call someone who isn't in the game, or taking part in the entertainment. Your job as a creator is to be the star. To be the one people are watching, learning from and buying from. The problem is that it's not easy being in the game. You'll be judged, you'll feel weird and uncomfortable, you'll want to quit. But you won't. You know that it's not easy being the one who's producing, but you know that the producers yield the biggest returns and benefits. The producers get to experience the most personal growth and can improve the quickest. That's why you are here. You want to get better... and every time you get in the game, you get closer towards your goal. Keep at it. You've got this. Feel free to connect with me - Chris Hughes on Facebook - WhosChrisHughes on Twitter Free class on audience building at 
March 27, 2019
No One Can Save You - You're Responsible
You're the one who is responsible for everything that happens in your life... and that's great news. You alone hold the key to your future.  Be deliberate about your future and take the steps necessary to get where you want to go.  Feel free to connect with me - Chris Hughes on Facebook - WhosChrisHughes on Twitter Free class on audience building at 
March 27, 2019
Lessons from Comedians - Getting Good at Things
Ever wonder how the comedians who sell out the biggest arenas got there? One of the biggest things is experience... the next biggest thing is FAILURE. You see, they put in the time to test their material. To see what worked and what didn't work.  When you see them performing on the big stages, you only see the stuff that proved to be good in the past. You don't see them failing miserably at the smaller clubs and bars where the experimenting takes place. They'll have 10 jokes, maybe 1 of them hits the first night. They'll take that 1 joke that worked and take it with them to the next show, using the feedback from the audience to decide what to tell in the next show. After that, they'll try 9 new jokes and see if any work. Over time, they'll be able to have 10 jokes in their arsenal that they know work. That's what you need to do with your content. Test a lot of stuff and see what works. Over time you'll get better at it.  Feel free to connect with me - Chris Hughes on Facebook - WhosChrisHughes on Twitter Free class on audience building at 
March 19, 2019
It Takes Time To Get Good
We all know that it takes time to get good, but when it comes to growing our business we sometimes forget. Sometimes things don't work as quickly as we hope they would, and that's fine. You still trust the process and keep plugging along.  Feel free to connect with me - Chris Hughes on Facebook - WhosChrisHughes on Twitter Free class on audience building at 
March 17, 2019
Who Else Has Felt Judged on Social Media?
Has anyone else ever felt judged on social media? In this podcast I talk about some insecurities about posting on social media and getting over them.  Feel free to connect with me - Chris Hughes on Facebook - WhosChrisHughes on Twitter Free class on audience building at 
March 11, 2019
Episode 23: How to Get More Comfortable On Camera
How can you get more comfortable on camera? Let's chat!
March 08, 2019
Episode 22: How to get your message in front of 100,000 people
Ever wondered How to get your message in front of 100,000 people? Well, once you give this a listen you'll have a better understanding of how it's done. Want to see a free class on audience building? Head over to 
March 01, 2019
Episode 21: The Biggest SECRET to Getting A Million Facebook Fans
The Biggest SECRET to Getting A Million Facebook Fans Get the training here:
February 16, 2019
Episode 20: Create the Videos You Needed To Hear 3 Months Ago
Today's podcast is all about creating the content that you needed to hear a few months back. This allows you to help others who are on the same path that you were on, to overcome the same issues you went through. By creating this type of content, you are able to spread the wealth of knowledge that you have learned and shortcut the time it takes other people to succeed. Let's connect!  Follow me on Twitter @WhosChrisHughes Visit my website: Who is Chris Hughes
December 30, 2018
Episode 19: Audience Building Secrets From Someone With 9,304,162 Facebook™ Fans
What have I learned when building up an audience of 9,304,162 Facebook™ Fans? Want to chat? Click here:
November 29, 2018
Episode 18: Whatever Happens, Happens for The Best
Life can be tough sometimes... but everything that happens in your life is happening for you, for a reason. Let's chat!
November 01, 2018
Episode 17: 3 Stages Your Prospects Are At
In this episode you'll learn about what stage in the buying process your prospects are at, and how to talk to them at each step. Let's chat!
November 01, 2018
Episode 14: I Believe In You
We don't get to hear this often enough. So if you're struggling with anything right now, just know that someone out there believes in you. Watch the YouTube video here:
September 26, 2018
Episode 13: Don't Compare Your Day 1 With Someone's Year 10
Don't compare your day one to someone's year ten or year 20; it's crazy that we do this and I mean, I've been guilty of it a lot. What happens with most of us, especially with entrepreneurs and people who are building up businesses is we kind of see someone who's doing something. And it kind of motivates us and then what happens is after, whether it's a couple of hours or a couple of days or a couple of weeks, we get really frustrated because we're not at the same level of success that the person that we were modeling our thing after, that they're at. And I see this all the time with people I personally talk to. Visit my site for more
August 27, 2018
Episode 12: Facebook Ads As An Investment In Customer Data
The data that Facebook gives you is a goldmine if you use it right.
August 24, 2018
Episode 11: How to Increase Average Cart Value
One of the quickest ways to increase your average cart value is by adding up-sells to your product. If you don't know how to do that, I'd love to help you. Contact me at The service I recommend using to create these sales funnels is Clickfunnels and you can get a free 14 day trial at
August 24, 2018
Episode 9: Do You Ever Feel Like No One is Listening to You?
ever felt like no one was listening to what you are sharing? Well, a lot of us feel that way... here's a few things you can do about it. Connect with my on YouTube at and on Twitter at
August 23, 2018
Episode 10: Why Analysis Paralysis Is Holding You Hostage
In this episode I talk about how analysis paralysis holds people back, and what you can do about it. Follow me on my journey
August 22, 2018
Episode 8: How to Increase Organic Facebook Reach in 2018
In this episode, I discuss a strategy you can use to increase your organic reach on Facebook by leveraging Chat Bots. If you have any questions about getting more organic Facebook reach feel free to send me a message at or visit my YouTube channel for more training
August 22, 2018
Episode 7: The Moment It All Changed...
In 2012 I quit my jobs and moved to Panama with the intention to learn how to build my business. Since then I’ve been living the life of my dreams because of what I implemented after that. Connect with me at
August 20, 2018
Episode 6: Instagram Pages are NOT Businesses
In this episode I talk about why Instagram pages aren’t real businesses and what you can do to protect yourself. Follow me on Instagram at
August 20, 2018
Episode 5: How To Think About “Affording Things”
July 16, 2018
Episode 3: Do The Work - Get The Result
In this episode I talk about putting in the work necessary to get the results that you’re after. Get ahold of me on or my website
July 10, 2018
Episode 2: How to Make $100k In A Year - Know Your Numbers
In this episode I talk about how to make $100,000 this year. It all starts with understanding the numbers and then simply following the daily to do list. Disclaimer: no guarantee that you’ll make $100k doing this. This is just the numbers so that you can understand how it’s created.
July 02, 2018
Episode 1: How To ‘Audience Hack’ on Facebook
In this episode you’ll learn how you can take advantage of other peoples already created audiences on Facebook and turn them into raving fans of your content. Hit me up on Twitter if you want more info @WhosChrisHughes
June 16, 2018