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Totally Priceless

Totally Priceless

By Xoxo_Petitekae
If you’re a Christian or non-Christian and you’re just looking for a safe space to unwind and rejuvenate, I’m officially inviting you to my humble abode. Welcome to my Podcast ya’ll🎤. We will definitely be having a lot of fun here and I’m sure you’ll learn some life lessons too.
We are a family here and so we keep it Hot, Open and Transparent. Subscribe and let’s make this Official! #TotallyPriceless❤️

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Insolent Behaviour
In this episode I’ll be sharing one of the most horrifying experiences that I had with a Covid 19 Patient.
September 10, 2021
Fear says....- Spoken Words
While doing my devotion this morning, God revealed some fears I have and I’m working on them day in, day out. I encourage you to encourage yourself and stop listening to the voice of fear. Dismiss every lie, now! Be encouraged. Love you all so much.
June 16, 2021
Trusting God
Hey Hey Hey.....Happy Sunday y’all. Today we are gonna be talking about trusting God. No long talking... Have a listen for yourselves. Love you all so much. ❤️ Be safe and Trust God
June 6, 2021
Let’s Reflect on our week
We sometimes forget to reflect on our week and we also neglect being grateful. Today, I want us to not only reflect but also meditate on the good and the bad. Let’s align ourselves and make it our priority to be grateful. Muah 💋
June 5, 2021
30 Fun Facts about me 🤣🥳
Hey My sugar rush family. Here are 30 fun facts about me that you’ll definitely have a laugh about. Roll if you want to and release the stress. It is Friday! Knock yourselves out. Love you all so much. Muah💋 Ps: The last song is actually by Serani not Laden 😂
June 4, 2021
A Prayer for you. Listen with EarPods/earphones for a soothing effect
Often times I struggle to pray; not knowing the words to say or even the first word to say. Too many thoughts over flowing in my mind, a feeling of inadequacy, condemnation and the spirit of doubt that often tries to swallow me and shadow my inner thoughts and then......... I just avoid praying in general. Instrumentals really helps to activate my thoughts and so, in this prayer I used the instrumental for “Hold us together” by H.E.R ft Tauren Wells. We all need God to hold us together. I pray you’ll find comfort and strength to pray too. Love you all so so much. ❤️.
June 3, 2021
Wooooow. This episode is definitely going to be one to reflect on. A lot of us are unaware that we are not exercising gentleness to ourselves and those around us. I pray after listening to this Podcast you’ll make it your priority to exercise gentleness. Love you all so so much. Enjoy❤️. Send me a message:
June 3, 2021
Healing Negative Emotions
Hey Family. I’m sharing a struggle that I’ve been facing and I want you all to embrace this moment. After listening, please reflect and re-evaluate your negative emotions and try any of the coping strategies that I mentioned. Love you all so so much. Welcome to my safe space.❤️. Send me a voice note here if there’s something you wanna say or need me to talk about:
June 2, 2021
Tests ft Trials
This podcast will touch on four points that are quite quick and easy to understand. I must say, going through trials are never easy; To go through something as this, you have to be strong, be motivated and level headed. You will definitely find comfort in these words. I was truly inspired and so will you. Blessings
April 28, 2020
The Woman with an issue of blood
Hey Lovely people. Are you feeling depressed and tired of being indoors? Well, listen to this podcast and see how relatable what our nation is going through Is when compared to what one woman had to go through all by herself. This podcast has short musical interludes that facilitates the Holy Spirit as you listen keenly. I hope you all will find some comfort in these words. Bless your hearts.
April 22, 2020