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Precious Moments

Precious Moments

By Mary Ajoke Akangbe
On precious moments, we will bring you interviews with thought leaders,people making a difference in health and social care & share with you profiles of different healthcare professionals, their roles and contributions to the healthcare system Globally. We will also share tips,advice and support on different aspects of health and wellbeing.
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What is AI,VR and Internet of Things (IoT) in Relation to our Health ?
The emergence of Telemedicine and Artificial Intelligence have changed the landscape of healthcare delivery. Adoption was how accelerated by the pandemic,brought about by lockdown and other measures put in place to safeguard the nations. My guest on this episode- David Wortley is the VP of the ‘International Society of Digital Medicine’. He is a Global thought leader and innovator on enabling technologies for health,education and the environment. He shared from personal experience and his interest on preventative care. What are wearables, Virtual Reality,Gamification and Internet of Things? How do they affect or support our lives and health. Find out about these and more. Listen now.
October 5, 2020
What is Antibiotic Resistance ? Why we should care
Antibiotic Resistance is a Major Global Health Crisis and deserves more attention and awareness. My guest today- Vanessa Carter is an e-Patient Scholar at Stanford University,Medicine X and Activist for Antibiotic Resistance and One Health. She took us through the implications of Antibiotic resistance-the importance of adhering to instructions on taking the antibiotics and implications of non compliance all from personal experience ,as expert patient and as a trainer,speaker. Who is an Antibiotic Guardian and how can you join the campaign to create more awareness? The statistics are grim,but we can all play our part. Do not miss this episode to know about this and many more,especially Vanessa’s incredible story and how she is using the experiences to help others through various platforms.
September 28, 2020
Mental Health Support For Our Youth -Providing a Safe Place to Thrive
My guest today is Deepanshi Gulati-Founder-Rain on Me and Mental Health Champion. Deepanshi had studied accounting,fashion and much more. She founded Rain on Me after overcoming her own struggles with anxiety and OCD at a young age. Aim is to provide a safe place for people struggling with life to ‘vent’ and be supported in a non judgemental and understanding community of like minded people. She spoke about paying attention to our teenagers and not link everyone action to ‘hormonal changes’. ‘Children and Youth feel responsible too’ Statistics on Mental Health and suicide in young people are grime but we can provide support and understand from very young age to avoid future problems. How can we help our Youth without being intrusive? How do we build trust? Join us to gain more insight into this topic, including the 3 golden nuggets she shared with us. Not to be missed.
September 21, 2020
Protecting Your Skin DNA-Acne,Pigmentations and Sunscreen for Skin of Colour
Dr.Bhavjit Kaur is an Aesthetic Physician,Co-Founder and Director of Health and Aesthetic Clinic,London. She is also a Post graduate in Pathology &Bio Medical Sciences. In this episode,Dr.Kaur spoke passionately from both professional and personal experience on skin conditions of which there are about 3,000 of them.She also explained the difference between a Dermatologist, Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine. Facts and Myths about sunscreens and skin of colour was also discussed. This is an episode definitely to be listened to for a time like this. I invite you to join us.
September 14, 2020
Healthcare Leadership and Covid19
My guest today -Dr.Monica Alabi,is a highly skilled and experienced General Practitioner who is the Director of Titan Primary Care Network and CEO Vine Health. She is keen on Leadership training and is a GP educator. She shared the importance of taking our basic responsibilities for self,peer and population at large seriously and that includes our health and financial stance. Dr.Alabi also shed some light on the current state of Primary care and impact of multidisciplinary team work. She encouraged us not to be complacent with Covid19 and shared some golden nuggets with us. This is an episode Not to be missed.
September 7, 2020
Fertility and Reproductive Health with Andreia Trigo
Join us on this eye opening episode of Fertility,myth,statistics and other factors. My guest today is Andreia Trigo,founder Enhanced Fertility and a Nurse Consultant. Her passion for making fertility care affordable and easily accessible in an holistic and inclusive level was one of the reasons for establishing the platform. They provide support,advice and treatment options based on informed decisions including effects of lifestyle options,diet and myth on infertility and treatment. According to studies and statistics couples struggle with infertility for 2years before seeking help and up to 5years before accessing treatment. Andreia’s personal health journey is in itself an inspiration to embracing infertility.
August 31, 2020
Zenith Global Health- Your Questions Answered
In this episode- Our President,Mary Akangbe answers some of the questions from our listeners and followers on the activities of Zenith Global Health. From the awards ceremony and what we do in between. Our Mission and Vision on collaboration and shared learning in Global Health. She also shed some light on the line up guests for future episodes and much more. Not to be missed
August 17, 2020
Kelly Ncube-Resuscitation Skills and Clinical Missions 2
Do you know that if the AED is applied within 5minutes of cardiac arrest, the chances of survival goes up to 40-70%?Resuscitation skills is vital and central to healthcare delivery and Life. Learning the principles of Basic Life Support and acquiring the skills cannot be overemphasised especially in clinical missions. My guest,Kelly Ncube is a Lecturer in Clinical skills at the Middlesex University and Founder Global Health Lecturer Volunteer Fellows. Hear how 3 personal experiences formed the foundation for her passion , the chain of survival in cardiac arrest and Govt. guidelines for resuscitation during the Pandemic.The Lecturer volunteers ‘ focus is to teach,train,transfer the Resuscitation skills to as many healthcare professionals as possible both here in the UK and in across Africa. Integral to their mission is sustenance through identification of local champions,collaboration and trust.
August 10, 2020
Insight into Eye Health &Chronic Illnesses -Nurse Consultant as a Leader. Adam Mapani
It was exciting to have Adam Mapani join us on this episode,shedding some light on eye health and the impact of chronic illnesses, common ocular problems plus some ground breaking treatments and patient involvement and advocacy. Adam is the First Nurse Consultant,currently at Moorfields Hospital in London,he is also a Clinical Teaching Fellow at UCL and co-founder Avalon Foundation Trust. He shared with us his amazing professional journey ,research,education and innovation including his passion for reaching out to underused communities. He has published and co-published many clinical papers and is the first nurse to be named in Top 50 Ophthalmic Power list.
August 3, 2020
Healthcare Excellence in Africa-Way forward
In this last episode of our first series of Precious Moments- The spotlight is on Africa and the ground breaking work that our colleagues are doing across the Continent to establish and uphold excellence in Healthcare. We recently had a webinar and celebration at Zenith Global Health .Details are available on our website. I also spoke on the podcast so far and expressed our appreciation to you our listeners,subscribers and of course our Guests. We look forward to bringing you more educative and inspiring topics in healthcare through our guest across health and social care in our next series.
June 29, 2020
The Impact of Gamification on Mental Health with Silja Litvin.Clinical Psychologist
My guest this week is Silja Litvin,Clinical Psychologist and award winning Founder of PsycApps-a leading platform on making mobile mental health games. Equoo is an emotional fitness game. The aims are to empower patients by taking control of their mental health and wellbeing,get needed support and have fun doing it via the game. Silja belies that gaming and machine learning will enhance mental health care as tools alongside treatment. It will also bridge the gaps between waiting time and access to treatment. It be a tool for prevention and early intervention. The great access and retention as evident in the game is testament to its success and relevance. Available on the NHS App Library and various countries . As we move towards digitalising healthcare. It is great to know that help and support is available in gaming.
June 22, 2020
Heart Rhythm * Stress and Emotional Resilience with Sherezade Ruano
My guest today on Precious Moment is Sherezade Ruano,the CEO and Founder of Rhythmiabreath. In this episode she shared with us amongst other facts,the inter connection between our Heart and Brain and how that affects our wellbeing. Neurocardiology- a process or art where our all our emotions are registered in the heart and sent to the brain. The heart sends these messages constantly and several times a day, more than the brain sends to the heart. This is why the ‘mind body therapy ‘is vital something which Rhythmiabreath focuses on both for healthcare professionals and the population as well as Rehabilitation. Did you know that the heart helps to segregate the hormones for happiness,fear,anxiety etc. ? Find out more in this episode.
June 8, 2020
Nurse Education in the UK with Sheila Sobrany
In this episode,Sheila a Nurse Lecturer at Middlesex University shared with us through her many years of experience as a Nurse and lecturer on *Routes available to become a Registered Nurse,career pathway,support for students and using your voice to effect good. The importance of mentor ship and role modelling was also discussed.
June 1, 2020
Hope and Strength to Navigate Difficulties
We all have within us;the ability to be the best we can but sometimes life happens. At times like that, we need to draw on strength and hope to navigate,overcome and soar. I share about Hope as Light when surrounded by darkness (hardship,fear,loss and doubt)Having hope can see us through and give us strength. Strength to turn the pressures into desirable outcome (just like diamond.)through positive mindset and attitude leading to being psychologically resilient.
May 25, 2020
Kindness and Compassion as our New Normal
In this episode I talked about preparing for the various new normal evolving from the effect of the Pandemic. Kindness and Compassion being two of them and their effect on our wellbeing,especially our mental health both as givers and recipients . *Kindness gives us a sense of belonging and being valued. *Compassion as positive emotions and thoughtfulness linked to love and hope. It is widely believed and evident that things cannot go back to how it was before then,at least most straight away. How prepared are you?
May 18, 2020
Burnout Trauma and Stigma
Healthcare workers, and emergency responders are often exposed to trauma and have no control of their work schedule. The current Pandemic have escalated that,which have led to increased fatigue and burnout. When Covid19 disease stopped taking centre stage,this same workforce will have to continue caring their normal duty of caring for the Nation. It is important that we play our part in minimising impact by supporting each other and employers providing resources. The resultant effect of trauma and burnout impact healthcare workers’ mental ,unfortunately the fear of stigmatisation prevents them from seeking help so they are not labelled as ‘Not coping’. What can we do to prevent the already shrinking workforce from shrinking further and prevent further pressure?
May 11, 2020
Courage and Vulnerability during this Pandemic as Frontline Workers
In this episode,I share about ‘Moral Injury’. Courage and Empathy keeps us going and Vulnerability is Not Weakness,it gives us sense of belonging ,and compassion for one self. It is okay to feel helpless and scared,to also seek and embrace help. Attitude of gratitude is important too,even in the face of adversity.
May 4, 2020
Wellbeing during Covid19 Pandemic -5 Handy Tips for Healthcare Professionals
People working in health and social care often put others first. With the impact of the Pandemic,it is vital for them to pay attention to self care now and for the foreseeable future. In this episode we will address *Managing physical and Psychological well being *Mindfulness *Looking to the Future* Accessing support. We are all in this together.
April 26, 2020