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A Better Future For All

A Better Future For All

By Griffith University/HOTA, Home of the Arts
Presented by Griffith University and HOTA, Home of the Arts. This series of critical conversations is helmed by master broadcaster and journalist Kerry O'Brien. Intimate discussions with influential commentators, business leaders, scholars and authors to understand the intersection of ideas and actions affecting our daily lives.
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In Conversation with ballet power couple Li Cunxin AO and Mary Li
Kerry O’Brien speaks with ballet power couple Li Cunxin AO and Mary Li to reveal the intertwined tales of this remarkable pair. Held Friday 25 February, 2022 at Home of the Arts, Gold Coast. Full summary: Chapters Introduction from Vice Chancellor and President of Griffith University Professor Carolyn Evans: 00:00 - 04:30 In Conversation with Kerry O'Brien: 04:30 onwards
March 04, 2022
The State of Storytelling: Kerry O'Brien in conversation with Trent Dalton, Melissa Lucashenko and David Malouf
For this conversation in Griffith University’s A Better Future for All interview series, Kerry O’Brien welcomed a panel of contemporary literary figures to the HOTA stage. Acclaimed novelists David Malouf, Melissa Lucashenko and Trent Dalton sat with Kerry to discuss their work within the context of Australia’s evolving storytelling culture. Each writer has captured specifically Australian times and places in their fiction and non-fiction, which made this instalment of Griffith University’s collaboration with HOTA a standout in an already acclaimed series of conversations. These novelists are also feature in Books That Made Us, a new ABC TV series about great books that have shaped Australia’s identity, airing in late November 2021.
November 25, 2021
Lights, Camera, Activism: Kerry O'Brien in conversation with Rachel Griffiths AM
In partnership with HOTA, Home of the Arts, Griffith University’s A Better Future For All series continues with one of Australia’s most prolific arts professionals Rachel Griffiths AM talking with Kerry O’Brien about her celebrated career. Rachel is an Academy Award Nominated and multi award-winning actress whose impressive career has spanned from the stage to the screen and everything in between. From her performance in films such as beloved classic Muriel’s Wedding, Hilary & Jackie and Saving Mr Banks, to her Golden Globe-winning role in HBO’s hit Six Feet Under, Rachel’s work has an impressive range that has won her fans the world over. A passionate human rights activist, Rachel has used her public platform to call attention to human rights abuses across the world, including fronting a senate inquiry on modern-day slavery. Rachel has since turned her attention behind the cameras, creating content with a focus on inclusivity and telling extraordinary stories. Her dedication to her craft and incredible breadth of work will make this A Better Future For All conversation a must-see event.
October 28, 2021
In Adversity's Face: In conversation with Dr Dinesh Palipana OAM
Critically injured in a traffic accident while still a medical student more than a decade ago, Dr Dinesh Palipana OAM has broken more barriers than most people even face in a lifetime. Join host Kerry O’Brien as he and Dinesh delved into the good doctor’s extraordinary life and work, in what was an evening of insightful, emotional, and candid conversation. Held: 14 September 2021. Full summary: CHAPTERS Vice Chancellor's introduction: 00:10 - 03:27 In conversation with Kerry O'Brien: 3:27 onwards
September 15, 2021
Travelling into the future: In conversation with Qantas CEO Alan Joyce AC
Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce AC joined Kerry O’Brien, undeniably Australia’s premier interviewer, for the inaugural A Better Future for All event at HOTA, Home of the Arts, on Thursday 30 July 2020 to discuss the challenges facing the aviation and tourism industries in the face of COVID-19. Held 30 July, 2020.
September 14, 2021
End of an era, the future of work: In conversation with Sally McManus
Renowned workers’ rights advocate and ACTU Secretary Sally McManus joined interviewer extraordinaire Kerry O’Brien to explore an array of important issues in employment, from the rise of the gig economy to the future of unions and the evolving face of work in Australia and around the world as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and other social and technological forces. Held 25 August, 2020.
September 14, 2021
Living with the land, learning from the past: In conversation with Bruce Pascoe
In this conversation, renowned journalist Kerry O’Brien and celebrated Indigenous author Bruce Pascoe explored the way Bruce’s critically acclaimed book Dark Emu: Aboriginal Australia and the birth of Agriculture challenges conventional thinking about the First Australians as hunter gatherers. Full summary: Held 8 October 2020.
September 14, 2021
In conversation with Jeff Bleich
Kerry O’Brien and former United States Ambassador to Australia Jeff Bleich discussed the 2020 US election. The November 2020 presidential contest between Donald Trump and Joe Biden was not only important for the United States, but for the world. The future of this region will be shaped by the outcome. Less than a week before the 2020 election, Jeff Bleich provided an invaluable guide to what is at stake. It is a conversation not to miss. Full summary: Held 29 October, 2020.
September 14, 2021
After the pandemic: Imagining the future
Kerry O'Brien in conversation with Professor Nigel McMillan, Dr Rebecca Huntley and Mik Auckland. In the final instalment for 2020, host Kerry O’Brien lead a panel discussion on the human side of the pandemic and how this collective experience might change society. Full summary: Held 24 November, 2020.
September 14, 2021
In conversation with The Honourable Annastacia Palaszczuk MP
Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has a unique opportunity to lead Queensland through the state’s first four-year fixed term with an increased majority after the recent election. At this critical time the big decisions her government makes will shape Queensland’s future for many years to come. This conversation with veteran journalist Kerry O’Brien discussed the big policy challenges facing Queensland as the pandemic hopefully recedes–economic, social, environmental–and how Premier Palaszczuk intends to confront them. Full summary: This event was held 11 February 2021.
September 14, 2021
In conversation with Grace Tame
Grace Tame is a remarkable young leader and the 2021 Australian of the Year. Her courage and example are empowering survivors of sexual assault to reclaim their agency by telling their stories. In this conversation with Kerry O'Brien, Grace explores why we need to hear the stories of survivors. Full summary:
September 14, 2021
In conversation with Professor John Rasko AO
Professor John Rasko is a globally pre-eminent physician-scientist whose work on regenerative medicine and biotechnology is fundamentally changing our understanding of diseases and their cures. In this interview with Kerry O’Brien, John spoke about science, stem-cell research and the future of medicine. Full summary
September 14, 2021
The power of culture: In conversation with Rhoda Roberts AO and Wesley Enoch AM
In this episode Kerry O’Brien interviews Rhoda Roberts AO and Wesley Enoch AM about the power of cultural expression in shaping Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander understanding and knowledge, and the role of arts outlets in amplifying Indigenous voices. Full summary: CHAPTERS Vice Chancellor’s introduction: 00:10 - 03:42 In conversation with Kerry O’Brien: 3:42 onwards
August 18, 2021
A New World Order: In conversation with Stan Grant
Stan Grant, a Wiradjuri and Kamilaroi man, has built an illustrious career as an author, distinguished Australian and international broadcaster, and a powerful voice advocating for First Nations rights. Stan joins another titan of journalism Kerry O’Brien, to explore the opportunities and challenges facing our rapidly and unpredictable changing world order, and what the future might hold for all Australians. Full summary: CHAPTERS Welcome to country Uncle John Graham: 0:09-2:21 Vice Chancellor’s introduction: 2:24-5:56 In Conversation with Stan Grant and Kerry O’Brien: 5:57 onwards
August 02, 2021
A Safer Place: In conversation with Jess Hill
Award winning journalist and author of acclaimed book, See What you Made me Do, Jess Hill joins veteran journalist Kerry O'Brien to discuss what needs to be done to stop Australia's epidemic of domestic violence and coercive control. A compelling and passionate advocate, Jess’s years reporting exclusively on domestic violence in Australia make her an ideal person to discuss this highly sensitive — but utterly vital — topic. Full summary:
June 02, 2021