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A Chip's Edge

A Chip's Edge

By A.C. Danvers
An exciting new series of queer science fiction! On the run after an act of resistance against her oppressive Corporate colony homeworld, Silla finds herself on board a freebooter ship, crewed by Three, its charismatic panda captain, and their crew of fellow fugitives and refugees left behind by the Fed-Corp Wars. Will Silla escape the clutches of the callous Director Thrax? And just what caper are Three and their crew up to?

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Chapter 5
Silla finds herself face to face with a dark figure from her past, and soon Iyla and Silla must race to escape the station after the encounter goes wrong. CW: sexual harassment Full text on AO3: Support the show on Ko-fi:
July 24, 2020
Chapter 4
Having arrived at the station, Silla and Iyla go ashore to pick up a few things ... and meet one of Iyla's exes, who gives Silla an introduction to the ways of pirate combat.  Full text on AO3: Support the author on Ko-fi:
May 17, 2020
Chapter 3
Silla attempts to process Three's astounding offer, and the events of the day, as the crew fast approaches the way out of Calix. Original text on AO3: Support the author on Ko-fi:
April 19, 2020
Chapter 2
Silla explains to a startled crew the circumstances that lead to her fleeing the law, and into the refuge of the Four-and-Three. Original text on AO3: Support the author on Ko-fi:
April 19, 2020
Chapter 1
In the first exciting chapter, our heroine finds herself in a desperate race to escape, and an unlikely rescuer in the Four-and-Three and its enigmatic captain. Original text: Support the author on Ko-fi:
April 19, 2020