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A Fistfull

A Fistfull

By Sister Chrissie Christ
This podcast is an episodic series of prayers, words of encouragement, and #blackexcellence interviews from the founder Sister Chrissie Christ @ . She is a Retired US Combat Army Veteran, Christian Author Sister shares her life lessons through testimonies in prayer to help not only inspire but encourage the “silent” to SPEAK UP boldly in their purpose. PLEASE feel free to check out my latest partnership TV broadcastings w/ Daily Gospel Network TV @ every Sunday @7:30 PM (EST)
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S5: EP 7- P.U.S.H ( Something will BREAK)
In this episode, Ms. Chrissie continues with the PUSH acronym and elaborates on the meaning of the "S" in PUSH. She reads from day 18 of her new book "21 Days of just YOU" pages 77-79 in the hardcopy which can be purchased by sending her a message on any social media platform or for the ebook. In this episode from her book, she reads that "when going through and standing strong throughout these days of adding prayer back into your life spiritual warfare WILL or if it has not ALREADY taken place, to know that SOMETHING WILL break!! Whether it be inside of you, around you, or about you, " SOMETHING HAS AND WILL BREAK" simply because you are ridding the old you! She encourages you to know that God is about to use you for something he needs to reveal and show only you to get a message out. He is about to use you in a way people are not going to believe all because of them being focused on the old you still. She encourages you to know that "being strong is to endure". Being endurable measures your strengthening ability when it is time to be strong. This episode is also followed by a Q&A from the audience with her answering questions from the audience LIVE.
May 3, 2021
S5: EP 6- PUSH Through loving HARD (w/Q&A)
TONIGHTS EPISODE WE ARE GOING TO DIVE INTO SOME TRUE EVENTS THAT WILL HOPEFULLY INSPIRE YOU TO REFLECT ON THE WAY YOU LOVE PEOPLE JUST TO SHOW YOU THAT, THE WAY YOU LOVE CAN BE A FLAW JUST AS WELL AS HOW YOU LOVE VS IT BEING HEALTHY SOMETIMES. THIS EPISODE IS DIRECTED FOR MY LADIES IN PARTICULARLY BECAUSE WE SCREAM THE SAYING “WE LOVE HARD” THE MOST VS THE FELLAS. BUT IT IS ALSO FOR ANYONE WHO BELIEVE THEY ARE A PERSON THAT LOVES HARD. I WILL ALSO ANSWER A FEW Q & As AS WELL FROM THE AUDIENCE. The following Q & As from the audience were answered during the show: 1.) What does having a title in the relationship means vs. not having one? 2.) How can I tell my girl she right without her having an "aha" moment and constantly throwing it back in my face to offending my masculinity? 3.) My man comes in at 2am, how can I tell him that is not appropriate hours for me? Also, in this episode Ms. Chrissie shared with you how loving someone HARD can be a toxic flaw vs. a healthy characteristic. She also goes into depth about how US women say we want this, that, and the third in our prayers, letters, or memos about what we want from a man but for some reason WE are not even close to being that ourselves but we EXPECT that from other people when actuality, what we want and needs starts with it being IN us or APART of us ALREADY, that man will just be a PLUS. 
April 26, 2021
S5: EP 5- P.U.S.H (Your UNTIL)
In this episode we are back with your host that reveals the most "Sister Chrissie Christ". Thank you for tuning to my original "FISTFULL WARRIORS", & welcome ALL my first time listeners and thank you for tuning in with me. In this episode Ms. Chrissie distinguish between the definition meaning of the acronym word for the letter U in PUSH, UNTIL and also breaks down the biblical perspective meaning of UNTIL. She reads an inspiration message, words of affirmation, & encouragement from her new book, "21 DAYS OF JUST YOU", @ published 05 Feb 2021 on AMAZON.COM from Day 17 on pages 69-72 of the hardcopy. "Until indicates when something WILL happen, begin, or even end. As we all know from reading the bible, there were a lot of TILL instances throughout the books beginning with Genesis. In other words, this is your preparation stage/time. Preparation means to get ready for a project, and YOU are that particular project God is about to prepare. So UNTIL you have heard from God, get prepared, stay prepared, & never stop working on YOU! Please use link above to purchase your copy or feel free to send media social media message to purchase hard copy.
April 25, 2021
S5: EP 4- Q & A (PUSH Bonus)
In this episode, Ms. Chrissie hosted a Q & A from the audience while answering the following questions: 1.) What does the way you treat someone while dating says about your character? 2.) Why is important to treat someone as a beloved child of God? 3.) What things can you learn openly about someone and why only over seasons of time? She also answered a personal question from the audience asking, "When has it been difficult for you to have patience in relationships with"? This episode is a segment of questions followed by many more to come this week to answer ALL audience responses. This will be a PUSH bonus episode.
April 19, 2021
S5: EP 3- P.U.S.H (My Praise)
In this episode, your host Sister Chrissie Christ will be sharing with you the meaning of the "P" in PUSH as an acronym for "Praise Until Something. Happens"! She will be sharing with you the meaning from Webster's dictionary of PUSH and also the BIBLICAL meaning. In this episode, as she shares the inspirational message on why your praise is important during your PUSH season, you will also receive more information on her 2nd publication of "21 Days of Just YOU", and where to purchase it at . In this book, you will also find the full messages from tonight's episode and the rest of Season 5 episodes. Thank you for tuning in and don't forget to check out the recent TV shows and subscribe for upcoming shows at
April 17, 2021
S5: EP 2 - LOVE is not for the weak (Bonus) Vday Special!!
****I, DO NOT OWN ANY COPYRIGHTS TO THE SONGS PLAYED IN THIS EPISODE**** In this episode you are taking a trip down the "dating" lane with Ms. Chrissie as she reflects on the LOVE she has had, the love she didn't want, & the love she is currently interested in!!!! You are in for a big surprise as she goes through the explanation of Lyfe Jennings's single "LOVE IS" bar by bar meaning. She also shares with you the biblical meaning of love in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, and how it compares to the verses in this single. In this episode, she shares with you the meaning behind Mr. Jackson's statement in a previous episode on LOVE from S2: EP 12, "Chrissie tell a man how you feel and leave it alone"! Tonight is a valentine's special bonus and please know, "when you open yourself to love, you open yourself to being hurt".
February 16, 2021
*** I DO NOT OWN THE COPYRIGHTS TO THE SONG PLAYED IN THIS EPISODE***!!! In this episode, Ms. Chrissie introduces her new season, FINALLY! Lol! She also breaks down what this season will consist of and the surprise panel show for a Q & A in midseason. In this episode, she identifies the Webster's dictionary of PUSH and the BIBLICALLY meaning of PUSH! In this season you will also be given the acronym breakdown of P U S H that includes: P- Pray/Praise (We worship in advance) U- Until (There is not a timeframe on to stop pushing) S- Something (We are expecting something in the midst of) H- Happens ( God does not have a set time on when it will happen)  She share with you the importance of how P U S Hing through in the midst of will not have a timeframe amid your waiting period, as you wait and praise God. But she encourages you to not rush SOMETHING to happen that's not in his plan for you, but to trust the process he has for you instead.  Feel free to purchase & review my 2nd book currently on PRE-ORDER, latest projects, & subscribe to YOUTUBE to watch new TV show @ 
February 4, 2021
**** I, DO NOT OWN ANY COPYRIGHTS TO THE SONG BEING PLAYED IN THIS EPISODE**** In this season finale of season 4 we are talking about the last but not least #BLACKEXCELLENCE guest aka your host that reveals the most, Ms. Chrissie Christ! Due to numerous questions about my name "Christ" and pen name "Chrissie", I am closing this season out by answering your questions and highlighting some things on "Transformative faith", the branding of A Fistfull of Prayers, and the name for my podcast. In this episode, she informs you that "spiritually" you are allowed to have expectations on what you want to see changed about your journey or yourself when going through your journey. Some of the questions she answered were in relations to the following inspiration: * Where did her podcasting journey start and derive from? * Why is Chrissie your pen name? * Why is Christ the chosen last name? * What does A Fistfull of Prayers specialize in and where did it start? She also shares with you more information on her upcoming 2021 projects and TV show with Daily Gospel Network! She encourages her audience that by having "transformative faith" you are not what your current situation confines you to be at that moment. She encourages you to know that no matter where you are in life, what you have currently, or what you going through does not mean you are NOT where God needs you to be to transform you! Believe that your transformation will and shall be done no matter what others may think is impossible, or what you are going through! Remember it is a shifting that everyone deserves and a deliverance that is worthy of! In conclusion, she encourages you to know that if you give in to your current situation, it becomes a distraction, and once you are distracted, you lose focus on what God is trying to do with you and the direction he is trying to take you! 
December 21, 2020
**** I DO NOT OWN ANY COPYRIGHTS TO THE SONG BEING PERFORMED IN THIS EPISODE**** In this episode, I am interviewing special guest Mr. Tyrell Musiqman Butler, R&B/GOSPEL ARTIST who is a local independent Singer, Musician,  Hook Master, and Songwriter in the Sarasota, FL location. This episode was streamed LIVE and also performance as well via FB @ Authoress Chrissie Christs and youtube Channel (A Fistfull Podcast). In this episode, Ms. Chrissie will be interviewing another #BLACKEXCELLENCE independent artist and songwriter Mr. Tyrell Musiqman Butler, also known as "The Man with the Golden Voice" that has a passion for creating music that changes people lives.  This interview will include questions in the following categories: * Artist's Background * Entrepreneurship * Black Community * Spirituality * Black Love & will also conclude with random questions picked from the audience on career, goals, and self-healing through his music. To follow, subscribe, share, or get to know the artist further and even more, Please follow his platforms below and stay connected: IG: FB: SOUNDCLOUD:
December 20, 2020
****I, DO NOT OWN ANY COPYRIGHTS IN THE SONG PLAYED IN EPISODE**** In this episode, Ms. Chrissie breaks down #BLACKEXCELLENCE into an "inspirational acronym message" letter by letter to encourage her listeners on building confidence. She also concludes the episode with a prayer to uplift ALL entrepreneurs to never make excuses when being the best creative they can be but instead make the effort to find solutions. B- BE BOLD, BE YOU, BELIEVE IN YOU. L- LOVE YOURSELF & YOUR NEIGHBORS. A- ACT ACCORDINGLY WITH YOUR SURROUNDINGS. C- BE COMPASSIONATE TO OTHERS. K- KILL ALL NEGATIVE VIBES. ****TUNE IN TO HEAR FULL INSPIRATIONAL ACRONYM MESSAGE****
December 20, 2020
**** I DO NOT OWN ANY COPYRIGHTS TO THE MUSIC PLAYED IN THIS EPISODE****In this Ms. Chrissie shares with you the reasons behind writing, plan, & produce this cross- over season and mini tour of her show. Regarding the feedback and high listening volume this far, this season has been the most questionable of all her seasons with the music, interviews, and traveling. Furthermore she also discusses why she chose #BLACKEXCELLENCE and what it means to her. She concluded this episode with a closing daily prayer, and a THANK YOU to her audience and SPECIAL GUESTS for an OUTSTANDING season & mini tour! She sheds light on explaining why "BLACKEXCELLENCE" is apart of #BLACKHISTORY & black history is #AMERICANHISTORY & American History is #USHISTORY so I am "HISTORICALLY SPEAKING" my opinion about facts!!
December 19, 2020
**** I DO NOT OWN ANY COPYRIGHTS TO THE MUSIC PLAYED IN THIS EPISODE**** In this video, your host that reveals the most here at #afistfullpodcast will be interviewing Mr.Ghotti Ramsey a.k.a CEO of THERAPY SAUCE here in Memphis, Tn but originated from Chicago, IL. This interview will conclude with questions from the following topics such as * The Entrepreneur's Background * #Entrepreneurship * #BlackCommunity * #Spirituality * #BlackLove In this episode, the CEO also shared with us one of his favorite ingredients in the sauce & why. Mr. Ramsey also sheds light on why his sauce is beneficial for the black community when presented a chance to give back, but also how his all-purpose sauce is great for ALL COMMUNITIES! To work with the CEO of THERAPY SAUCE or if you like to make your own purchases whether it is a bulk order or dividual orders please feel free to check out his social media handles to follow, share, & subscribe: Website: Facebook: IG: YouTube channel: Also to subscribe to the podcast go to Follow me on IG: Follow me on FB: To catch up on any season of the podcast, purchase your autographed copy of my book, pre-order my new book, or support & subscribe go to Until then, THANK YOU FOR TUNING IN & BEING THE GREATEST #FISTFULLWARRIOR in this crazy world while supporting your girl, your favorite host Chrissie Christ that reveals the most!
December 17, 2020
In this episode, Ms Chrissie sheds light on why being single is not a curse but instead a gift and a time for self-solitude instead. She encourages you biblically by sharing that there are in fact singles throughout the bible but her favorite was Jeremiah. She opens the floor by sharing why he is her favorite single prophet and how he trusted God's perspective for him being single with no distractions to only focus on Prophetizing rather than his own feelings for being single. She also shares words of inspiration as to why self-solitude is not a curse and any genuine relationship will not be forced or reckoned with. Ms. Chrissie also shares the dropping date of her 2nd book and why the postponement and info on upcoming giveaways to close out this season.  I DO NOT OWN THE COPYRIGHTS TO THE MIXTAPE THAT IS PLAYED THROUGHOUT THIS EPISODE!! Special THANK YOU & S/O to DJ MAGNUM for his mixtape !! Please feel free to sign up for his email subscribing list to receive your own personal mixtapes delivered directly to your inboxes via email!  Dj Magnum FB- GO FOLLOW, SHARE, & SUBSCRIBE @ ALSO subscribe to my youtube channel for upcoming show releases this week and next week @ THANK YOU FOR TUNING IN AND BEING A #FISTFULLWARRIOR !!!
December 17, 2020
*****I DO NOT OWN ANY COPYRIGHTS TO SONG PLAYED IN THIS EPISODE******** In this episode, Ms. Chrissie sheds light on the unspoken "Black difference", the "All around difference", and the "BIG" difference in the world today. These top three differences are essential to society's discrimination in this country that is considered "Normal" in some unkind hearts and blind-eyed people's perspective. Ms. Chrissie acknowledges the struggles we see, the ones we can't change, and the changes the B.L.M movement and advocacy made during the pandemic that brought us together as a "UNITED FRONT"! Some of the differences are included in the following areas of our US and are being treated as a "normal" and ongoing issue that is highly overlooked and looked down upon based on color, gender, race, belief, or as a whole.  There is a difference in : * Living in the U.S. itself (no matter your race, or gender) * Being an American Citizen * Education system * Job related & also  * Religion Ms. Chrissie breaks down all the differences and why they all should be changed, acknowledged, and openly discussed for further changes to break Millenial barriers as a whole for the US, instead of only coming together when it is centered around an innocent death.
December 17, 2020
S4: EP 3- Pour out "BLACK"
In this episode, Ms. Chrissie answers a question from her audience that turns into 3 questions with multiple answers. She lets you know the real spill on the top 3 questions: 1.) When do you know you gave your ALL? 2.) How do you know when you've given too much? 3.) Why is "pouring out black" better? She also announces more info on the book, MERCH, & more updates!
August 4, 2020
******DISCLAIMER****** I DO NOT OWN ANY COPYRIGHTS TO THE SELECTED SONGS FROM AUDIENCE PLAYED IN THIS EPISODE....…..…..…............…......With everything that can deter your perception of "love" and the myths or stereotypes we have believing in love PERIOD can seem impossible. But when there is #blacklove there is hope and it is ok to "RECOGNIZE" it!! In this episode Ms. Chrissie shares a poem on blackloveexist and shares her reasons for believing in love even if it has failed. She also announces 2nd book information, info on the #blm upcoming episodes, and merch availability in this episode. A snippet of the poem: Hashtag black love exist We help other women every day But can't even love & help our own sis Even when we know the way we're treated ain't right Sometimes we're so used to fighting  we start to create our own fights.
August 1, 2020
S4: EP 1- BLACK EXCELLENCE (Interviews w/ Space TK and TJB Artistry)
****SPECIAL PERFORMANCE INCLUDED****  In this episode, I am joined by my #black-excellence panel again from S3: EP 12- Season Finale to interview two of my friends/local artists from Savannah, Ga. They are both talented black artists with different aspects and love for "Art" but also share similar values in the same industry. I will be interviewing them separately on how they maintain their passion in art, music career, and being a hard-working black man with a 9-5 trying to find balance while striving for their dreams at the same time. Following this interview will be a LIVE Q & A with my black-excellence panel as we answer dating, relationship, single parenting, and entrepreneurship questions randomly picked from the audience to share our black perspectives, advice, & raw truths!  -My #BLACKEXCELLENCE PANELists are:  *Ms. Chrissie Christ- Your host that reveals the most- IG-   *Mr. Jodei Joe- Male Perspective- IG-   *Ms. Tiffany- Female Perspective- IG-   *Mr. TJB Artistry- Male Perspective/ Special Guest- IG-   *Mr. SpaCe TK- Artist/Musician/Low Key Perspective- IG-   His link to check out his music is:  *Be sure to follow us on IG and subscribe to channel for more LIVE podcast shows!
June 8, 2020
S3: EP 12- (Season Finale) 1st year Anniversary Show!!
*DISCLAIMER* I do NOT own any of the copyrights from the music played during this episode. WELCOME  to the closing of Season 3. In this episode, I will be joined by a panel of "BLACK EXCELLENCE" to help me celebrate my 1st year anniversary as a podcast host. I introduce to you myself as Chrissie Christ your host that reveals the most, joined by Mr. Jodei as my Male Perspective, Tiffany as my Co-host/female perspective, and Mr. TJB as my Male Perspective. In this episode, we will be answering Q & As randomly picked from my audience/listeners from email or DM submissions and giving our honest, raw truth experience, helpful tips, & our "BLACK PERSPECTIVE" as we answer your questions on relationships, parenting, spirituality, and entrepreneurship. We invite you to sit back, grab your wine, tissues, and put our volumes on HIGH as we enjoy this night of celebration for my 1st year hosting my first podcast. This episode was also streamed live via FB, please don't forget to visit "A FISTFULL PODCAST" on youtube 6/5 for full videos & subscribe for more! 
June 3, 2020
S3: EP 11 - Why we should love our men more (Q & A on why #IrunwithMaud)
*DISCLAIMER-I DO NOT OWN ANY COPYRIGHTS TO THE SONGS PLAYED DURING EPISODE REQUESTED BY AUDIENCE* As this season closes Ms. Chrissie closes out this episode with a recap & new cap of this entire season 3! She also answers Q & As from her audience on why she supports the #IrunwithMaud movement and what it means to her. She expresses in this message that we should love our BLACK men more because we never know the silent battles they may be facing when stepping out into the world each and every day. Granted the face they leave with is with purpose, motivational driven, and self-disciplined but as daily challenges arise throughout the day you never know what shifts their mindest outside of silent battles and being discriminated against unexpected demons. She also sheds light on how making America great again starts with unification and does not consist of abusing your badge of color to get away with murder! In closing, she shares that "fitting the description" has become a pathetic "the norm" excuse for the "privileged" to get away with murder amongst the black community !!
May 10, 2020
S3: EP 10- THINK, BUILD, & PRESS. (Sweep around your own "SELF" door before someone else's)
****DISCLAIMER**** I DO NOT OWN ANY COPYRIGHTS TO THE NEW SINGLE PLAYED OR PERFORMED.... In this episode, Ms. Chrissie shares inspiring pointers on how to THINK, BUILD, & PRESS FWD. She also sheds light on how Christians are still just like everyone else and are not perfect. She focuses on 3 topics from questions of her audience to break down the emphasis we put on Christians to hold them at "A HIGHER POWER" when our focus should be GOD as our HIGHER POWER! In the THINKING process, it is our phase to dig deep on the potential gifts God has given us and think about how to put them in action to manifest greatness. In the BUILDING process, or on your journey to success pray, never give up, persevere, and keep pressing forward. PRESS forward, even when you feel like giving up is easier, always remember that your courage and dedication to steadfast in Christ at your darkest moments are never in vain or UNRECOGNIZED! Understand that even in your personal attacks, your faith may be a joke to some because not everyone is on the same level of faith. Everyone experience God differently, and you never know what life event they had to go through to make that change in their life and SURRENDER ALL!
April 28, 2020
S3: EP 9- Pressing Fwd on Toxic Co-parents { Q&A SPECIAL}
****DISCLAIMER****i DO NOT OWN ANY RIGHTS TO THE SONGS PLAYED DURING THIS EPISODE. THESE ARE JUST FRIYAH NIGHT Q&A request from my audience! ❤Crossover EPISODE❤. In this episode, Ms. Chrissie addresses questions from her audience on how to handle toxic co-parents while dating. Also, she sheds light on her own life lessons learned by sharing her "RAW TRUTH" when answering the following questions from her audience. When dating with children, how do you go about dating someone with the other child's parent being TOXIC? When is it a good time to introduce your new significant other to the toxic parent? How do you handle dating your significant other when they are the common denominator in the middle of the TOXICITY? Do you protect your significant other from the other toxic parent while dating them? When is it a good time to meet the toxic parent on your own and why? Find out all these answers and more in this new episode. Remember to always make sure your new significant other is ALWAYS comfortable with being new in the relationship or as the new parent in the middle of the child's life.  *ALSO please feel free to send in your voicemail on this listening platform of your feedback on dealing with toxic co-parenting or people in general or you can email your responses to
April 25, 2020
S3: EP 8 - Press or FOLD...??
In an unexpected situation, do you press fwd or fold under the influence of pressure at that exact moment? In this episode, Ms. Chrissie shares 6 inspirational reasons why NOT to fold in the middle of your storm, trying time, or at your lowest point! She also explains why being vulnerable with our savior is not a sign of weakness but instead the first step in trusting him. She encourages her audience to know when you press fwd and don't fold, your lessons learned, decisions to change or change things along the way, will not be done in vain. All changes you make to be better along the way and the lessons you learned in the midst of your hard times do not go unrecognized! She also shed light on reasons to share your story or testimony when you feel alone because not only you go through but others do as well, but not everyone will know they can get through or feel confident in getting through because it is natural as humans to feel alone or the only one suffering but in reality, we all go through even though we get through differently, or even go through for different reasons we still GO THROUGH!! So you never know whom you will inspire and encourage when you share your story about getting through! P.s. in her closing message of "folding does not mean you've fallen", she encourages you to never try to do everything on your own WITHOUT your armor, for that is the most vulnerable time to get caught UNCOVERED by the enemy or the devil, SO stay COVERED, trust him, know that you are NOT alone, & stop trying to fix everything on your own!
April 21, 2020
In this episode, Ms. Chrissie returns to finish Season 3 with a special on "Life" for inspiration. In this episode, she addresses the importance of not taking life for granted as it can be easily made, created, birthed, or taken at any given time and moment. She encourages all women to praise the "womb" that they have to create, carry, and birth life from being that we do not give that particular blessing in disguise enough praise. Being that ALL women are born with a womb does not mean that they are granted the same opportunity to carry or birth life so they are blessed with "hope" to one day be blessed to do so while we as women can take our wombs for granted instead of gratefully praising to have one. Life comes with many decisions or choices that's what makes it so special. But having those choices to make the wrong decisions can come with many consequences. She encourages you that just because we have these decisions to make certain choices does not mean we have the control in our hands as it may portray to be. We are NEVER in control in our life, no one else's life, or even the life you create inside of you without having consequences while trying to take control. GOD will always have plans and control over all things that have LIVE & BREATHE LIFE! But when did the heart stop, Lord! It is a question I'll never know the answer to!
April 18, 2020
S3: EP 5- Don't PRESS on Me!!
Welcome to A Fistfull Podcast! I'm your host Chrissie Christ that reveals the most. Tonight we are going to be talking about "don't press on me"! Meaning don't add, put, or apply any more pressure on me than God has ALREADY applied to me! I say that because society looks at pressure from a different perspective than God does. Ms. Chrissie shares the top 5 society pressure vs. God's pressure points. In conclusion, she encourages you that God's pressure will push us and make us UNCOMFORTABLE! SO don't fold, don't fall, and don't stay too long but do press through the bearable and see what he has waiting for you!!!! STAY BLESSED & ENCOURAGED!!
February 25, 2020
S3: EP 4- Press & Claim your "winterous" past...
**************CROSSOVER MIX*********** What statement are you having trouble with acknowledging when you reflect back over your past or hear someone ask you a question about your past? 1. Yes, it happened to me. 2. Yes, I said that. 3. Yes, I did that. Or 4. No, I am not nor never will be perfect. Whichever one it is Ms. Chrissie wants you to know that claiming "ALL" of what happened to you makes you the believer you are today. She encourages you that the things you went through may have made you cold, still, or feel alone were blizzardous storms because of the heavy burdens we tried to carry on our own. The place you may have been dark with no light or shadow to get through, but when GOD steps in ALL things shifts. Just like the physical shiftings of seasons on earth, he will shift your spiritual seasons. Seasons are temporary, so what we go through is temporary. He will change your situation like he changes these seasons here on earth. I am your host Chrissie Christ here at "A Fistfull" Podcast that reveals the most. Please feel free to send all questions for Q & A FRIYAHs Also, you can check out the podcast website for more episodes, info, or subscribe @ Thank you for your support and listenership. STAY BLESSED & ENCOURAGED!!!!
February 22, 2020
S3: EP 3- "Don't look back"
Have you ever heard the sayings, "don't look back you're not going that way anymore, or Never look back, keep your eyes on the prize"? Well, guess what, I am here to explain the difference in "looking" back and "reflecting" back. In this episode, I am also going to dig into why you should be "reflecting" vs "looking" back at your past. I will also encourage you to Press forward, spring into what God has for you, and don't look back unless you are reflecting fir motivation to keep you going. As I break down the Top 5 reasons to reflect back, you will begin to understand the difference and hopefully be inspired as you press forward from your own past. Thank you for tuning in, I am your host Chrissie Christ that reveals the most here at A Fistfull. Stay blessed and encouraged!
February 18, 2020
S3: EP 2- Press Fwd & Love on you (Vday Special)
****This is a VDAY Special Episode**** (Disclaimer: I do NOT have any rights to the music played during this episode. Only for episode explanatory use.) In this episode, Ms. Chrissie shares why it's ok to "Press" forward with your love when loving someone and why "loving on you" is important even when you are not with anyone. She explains to all that today is a "love" day so take the pressure off yourself. Love starts with you, & as a single person, you never know who is watching the way you love on you before they may want to love on you! She also explains why she chose the songs she chose for this episode. She encourages you to pat yourself on the back for pressing forward with "still" believing in love even after all the heartaches, & pain you have faced or overcame! She answers the top 5 Q & As from different fans on various topics while sharing why she STILL believes in love despite bad relationships.
February 15, 2020
S3: EP 1- Spring & Press Forward Introduction
1st & foremost welcome back to another season with "A Fistfull" podcast. I am your host that reveals the most, Chrissie Christ! In this season we are going to learn how & encourage others on " Springing & Pressing" forward with any life lesson that you think may hinder your "unknown" future. This episode is an introduction of season 3 on what to look forward to, what you will learn from, and maybe even reveal more about yourself along the way. Ms. Chrissie differentiates what is"springing forward, what does God says about moving forward, & also how reflecting backward can take your focus as well as time off your present moments currently before you! She also explains how there can be no turning back in order to be fit for the kingdom, instead, you must stand behind our decisions good or bad as we learn to press forward! She encourages you that winter is over, everything from season 2 ( if you tuned in or need to catch up) has already been claimed, manifested, & done, now he is calling to " SPRING" you forward! Just as seasons change physically in the world, he is now calling to "Press" you forward from your winters past for a blossoming breakthrough of fruitfulness! Last but not least, May the 1st season helped you to reveal your truth & know you are never alone! May the 2nd season help you claim that every season is your season to be, do, or better yourself while standing in your truth without shame! And may this season bring forth your fruitfulness from living boldly in your truth as you continue to "Press forward" this spring!
February 12, 2020
S2: EP 14- Tis the season... "FINALE". " THE BALL DROPS...verbally"
Recap of season 2 ....& information on how to enter the "PODCAST DRAWING" for January. **Will return to complete description**
January 2, 2020
S2: EP 13- Tis the Season..."To Be A better you"...Interview w/Mr. Prawl
Rome wasn't built in a day. So why would you let someone downplay the small changes to be "a better you"? Progress seen or unseen should be accredited for and appreciated. Be proud of "you" even when others don't see the good in you! Ms. Chrissie shares a prayer piece that was recently published in her book "SHIFTED: From pain to Prayers" from page 95-96 that is currently available on or her website for an autographed copy. With this piece, she encourages you that your changes may be unseen to others but take heed that these are the changes from limb to limb, from head to toe that God has "SHIFTED" you into becoming a better you. She shares a clip of her interview with Mr. Prawl on how his entrepreneurship as a chef has changed him to be a better "him" but also it doesn't take away from his spiritual side. She encourages you that "progress is progress" and your learning doesn't stop so your changes won't stop. But if "YOU" stop, then all stop! Please continue to be a better you regardless of what others see! The only thing that matters is what "GOD" see!
December 31, 2019
S2: EP 12 -***BONUS EPISODE CLIP*** w/Mr. Jackson..."YOU ARE WORTHY"
As we close out on season 2 of "Tis the Season to be"... We will embark on different relationships from acquaintance, associates, new friends, or even new family members. But will your current struggle allow you to be disrespected and immune to receiving it because of the lack of " worthiness" you may temporarily feel? In this episode, Ms. Chrissie shares a clip of her & Mr. Jackson distinguishing between the levels of disrespect, pointing blame in a relationship, and sharing views of how childhood trauma can affect your relationship with your significant other. We also go into a discussion on how to get your point across to your significant other without yelling or being disrespectful. We also share our raw truths on our own mistakes in our relationships. Enjoy, stay blessed and encouraged!
December 28, 2019
S2: EP 11- Tis the Season..."To Set Goals"
What is holding you back from setting goals? What goals are you having trouble with closing out this year? Have you started setting your goals for the new year coming in? In this episode, Ms. Chrissie encourages her audience that is not too late to close out this year with a final goal and its not too early to start planning your goals for the new year with steps to accomplish them. She differentiates the difference between setting spiritual goals and personal goals but with the same similarity that they both need to be relevant and beneficial to you, your family, future family, must fit your lifestyle, and be time-bounded. She encourages her audience to make realistic goals that are attainable instead of impossible like "catching a cloud as a pillow"... Not a real or possible goal. Last but not least she breaks down the steps of deciding, writing them down, praying over them, thinking them into existence, and speaking them into existence. In closing, she encourages you that all prayers or words of encouragement from others are good but there's nothing more powerful than you speaking over and encouraging yourself that can bring the best manifestations by the power of your own tongue.
December 24, 2019
S2: EP 10- **BONUS EPISODE** Spiritual Intimacy & Purity CLIP w/Mr. Jackson
What does it mean to purify yourself? Is being reborn again the same as PURIFYing yourself? In this episode MS. Chrissie shares a clip of her and Mr. Jackson disussing different views and perspectives on the meaning of spiritual intimacy and purification. She breaks down the 5 different levels of intimacy and explains why "Spiritual" Intimacy is her preferred connection instead of the rest. Join in on the conversation by sending your opinion or feedback to to be answered or shared on Q & A night tomorrow with Episode 11.
December 21, 2019
S2: EP 9- Tis the Season..."To Grow"
Do you think you are eliminated from growth? In this episode, Ms. Chrissie challenges her audience to think about their growth level on a scale 0-10, how would you rate your growth from Jan till NOW? Are you satisfied with that number enough to take over a new year with? Is there any room for final self-improvement to increase and closeout on that number to start a new list of tasks or add new areas of growth for a new year? She shares her level of growth and why she rates herself at that particular number. Do you have to be perfect to start your "growth" journey? She encourages her audience in closing that, just because you are or may be discouraged today, tonight, tomorrow, yesterday, or even the next day does not mean you are or have been defeated! Your situation does not define your destiny, the choices you make to fix them does!
December 17, 2019
S2: EP 8- Tis the Season..."To Support"
In this episode, Ms. Chrissie breaks down the difference between the webster's definition and the Bible's definition of "to be supportive" by adding a different perspective on a new kind of desire for support. She differentiates the differences between being "held down" vs someone actually holding you up to get to the top successfully. She also shares that a simple act of kindness such as a like, share, or love can go along ways with anyone on the entrepreneur journey but our biggest fail for many "Ls" are seeing each other as "competition" instead of seeing one another as "support" which puts a strand on our unity. She shares how important it is that you are using that 1 gift that God has validated you wish to manifest more is the ONLY validation you need not from mankind. She lets her audience and fellow entrepreneurs from today's shares know that "YOU ARE ENOUGH, & YOUR GIFTS ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH, if not God wouldn't have trusted you with them.
December 15, 2019
S2: EP 7- Tis the Season... "To be Grateful"
Granted there's a lot going on in society, and it's a lot about us we would like to change. In this episode, Ms. Chrissie shares the meaning of being grateful for the small things, and how focusing on the negatives can take away from the positives that are placed in our hearts. She questions her audience to think hard about the level of gratitude they plan to walk into the new year with but to also add "EXPECTATIONS" attached to their gratitude. Mommy Friyah Q & As were also answered in this episode.
December 14, 2019
S2: EP 6- Tis the Season..."To Be Free"
Are you Free? Do you feel free? Do you think that the way you are living now is a true example of "FREE"! In this episode, Ms. Chrissie asks what load are you carrying right now that is stopping you from being at peace in order to be free? She also sheds light on how there is no way you can be free while trying to carry all your burdens and have a peace of mind at the same time, GIVE IT TO GOD!
December 13, 2019
S2: EP~5- Tis The Season..."To Love"
****SPECIAL BONUS CLIP IN EPISODE**** In this episode, Ms. Chrissie includes a conversation on "love", loving the wrong person, & also being wrongfully loved by someone in a relationship with guest Mr. Jackson from ATL. They both discuss their own mistakes with love and the changes they had to make when it came to love. She also gives inspiration on how to stop letting people get you out of your " loving" character after all the hard work you have put in to be a better person, just so they can get the satisfaction from seeing you relapse! She explains that if God loves us "unconditionally" with no conditions, we should love our brothers and sisters the same in return but with more patience, careful decision making, and being cautious of your actions.
December 12, 2019
S2: EP4~ Tis the Season..."To take care of SELF"
Ms. Chrissie shares an inspirational message on how to take time out for self because God not only loves us but he also wants us to take care of ourselves. She breaks down the difference between self-care & self-ish! Taking time out for yourself is not selfish when you need your own cup refilled to give back and continue serving others. We are selfless warriors but we are not of service to anyone if we are drained and not taking care of self in between our selfless sacrifices. She shares 5 top self-care tips to take time out for YOU! *Checkout author's website for purchases and an autographed copy of her book at or for bookings. Also, THANK YOU FOR TUNING IN WITH ME ON MY SPIRITUAL JOURNEY!!
December 11, 2019
S2: EP3-Tis the Season..."TO Forgive"
In this episode, Ms. Chrissie sheds light on a message to forgive. We all know forgiveness can be difficult but when we don't it hinders us from starting our healing process for restoration, redemption, and cleansing. She also lets you know that if God can wipe our slates clean when he forgives us then who are we to hold grudges AFTER forgiving someone?
December 10, 2019
S2: EP2: Tis the season to be..."ELEVATED"
In this episode, Ms. Chrissie shares how using your God-given gifts can be a step towards being elevated for a higher purpose. She also shares her perspective in answering Q & As on "how do you know you are being elevated in your relationship"? Tis the season to be...elevated but first you must humble yourself. STAY BLESSED & ENCOURAGED! *Also check out new author's website at for more info and subscribe. 👌🏾
November 24, 2019
S2: EP 1 - TIS THE SEASON TO BE... "Open-minded"
Welcome back to Season 2 "Tis the Season to Be...". In this season Ms. Chrissie will be focusing on "being" what you want, to be a better version of you that God needs you to be. In this episode, the becoming "to be" starts with the mindset to be opened-minded! She ensures you that being open-minded means you are willing to let God show you a different perspective of things instead of staying in your own stubborn mindset.
November 18, 2019
S1: Ep 5- Mommy Friyah S1- RAW CLOSURE!!
8/16/19..."THE LAST MOMMY FRIYAH" aka THE SEASON CLOSURE episode!🖤 Ms. Chrissie shares her final raw truth about her 1st season of podcasting, the ups & downs. She reveals the truth about her "15-day Fasting for a Personal Refill on a Spiritual Shutdown til 9/1. The upcoming book giveaways, merchandise, season 2podcast info, texas convention, and all final Friyah questions will be revealed or answered. I look forward to you all being on my Journey and i thank you all for traveling with me on this flight while supporting me as well. It's a journey not an over night FLIGHT! 🙌💯 I love you and wishing all my supporters, friends, family, & listeners nothing but a season of claimed and declared spiritual growth in all areas of your life for your cup shall runneth over as well. Continue sending emails for questions, feedback, or suggestions for season 2 to Also the link to purchase book, merchandise, or stay connect via social media and updated on blog post is STAY BLESSED, ENCOURAGED, & SPREAD LOVE! 😘😘😘🙌🙌💜💜💜
August 18, 2019
S1: Ep 10- End of Season 1- "Stay in his Face"!!
In this final episode of Season 1, Ms. Chrissie leaves you with an encouraging message on staying in his face, and at his feet to fight battles against anyone or anything through prayer. She also shares personal growth lessons on what to do in the waiting time for his will to be done and will inspire you to work out of his way while he works to make "THE" way! ✔Updates for Season 2 will be released soon, stay tuned. ✔To purchase your copy of the new book, merchandise, latest blog postings, upcoming tour dates, or catch up on season 1 episodes, please click or visit her website @ ✔Also, you may continue sending in your questions for mommy friyah, your feedback or any suggestions to @, all comments, feedback, and suggestions are ALWAYS heard and greatly appreciated. I love you all and thank you for being on this journey with me! 🖤🙌🖤🙌💜💜 Stay blessed, lifted, & encouraged🗣🥂🥂🖤
August 18, 2019
S1: Ep 4- Mommy Friyah (Dating w/affirmations from God!
In this episode, "Dating with affirmations from God", Ms. Chrissie shares a PERSONAL ANNOUNCEMENT about dating. She shares her top 10 tips on putting God as the center of your relationship. This episode answers the top 4 questions and also a surprise from the first guy question. 🙌 You will also be tuned in to know how the words of encouragement from her FB this morning directed her on topic and to share this message. 🖤To purchase the book, " SHIFTED: From pain to Prayers, inspired merchandise, subscribe to blog, become a supporter, or even learn more about me you can visit @ for ALL links🖤 Thank you for your support and love! Stay tuned for more episodes and encouragement! Stay blessed and love one another!💜🙌
July 27, 2019
S1: Ep 9- Change is better with GOD!!
Welcome back, Ms. Chrissie! After successfully independently publishing her first book on her domestic violence survival while serving her country in a two-yr unhealthy marriage! She's back with updates, a quote from ch 5, and also a prayer that goes into being changed from head to toe. You can order your copy @ ALSO, if you would like to order any merchandise, subscribe on any social media platforms, order your book, or even show support you can click on this link @ and you will have all the links to EVERYTHING!! Mommy Friyah will be back this Friday, so questions for the mommies and now the new book will pick back up! STAY TUNED, and continue sending in emails for "Mommy Friyah" questions. Stay blessed and encouraged. Always spread love and not hate!
July 23, 2019
Where has Ms. Chrissie been? What has she been up to? What has been going on? Well in this episode she shares (a little bit) her role in building her branding and the production process to make it happen! She also shares why her book was pushed back, why no traveling this summer, and also upcoming things. Thank you all. No sympathy needed when you read her book, she is happy about the outcome of her journey with two children and stronger because of it. A lot of changes has been made and with the help of my God sent guidance, I am happy to have them help me follow through!! Regular podcast schedule for Monday and Friday's episodes will resume next week. Stayed tuned! And THANK YOUUUUUU ALLL!!
July 6, 2019
S1: Ep ~ 3 Mommy Friyah 6.14
Raw Truth Encouragement night: Chrissie encourages all mommies and fellas that it is never too late to pick up where you left off with "you" after taking care of everyone else. She encourages you to pick up with where you left off with you no matter how late you think your start may be, trust God's timing and take the leap of faith. *Shop online with her new promo brand @ Continue sending mommy questions for "mommy friyahs" to which will continue next week. LIKE, SHARE, FOLLOW, & SUPPORT!! BUT most importantly STAY BLESSED & ENCOURAGED!!
June 15, 2019
S1: Ep ~ 8 WHERE is your "faith"?
Where is your faith? On a scale of 0-10, where does your faith lie? How much work in your relationship do have to do before you get to 10? Ms. Chrissie shares her level of faith and how she had to work on and overcome the tasks at hand to build her faith in order to grow her relationship with Jesus Christ. She also encourages you to never forget that the trials he gives you are entrusted tests he gives you to trust him wholeheartedly through faith for him to fight for you! Every battle is not yours, its for you to trust the Lord to fight for you! Feel free to check out blog website @ for more words of encouragements, spiritual inspiration, & more information about a fistfull. Also feel free to continue submitting suggestions for topics, feedback, & any questions you would like answered that you may have to Stay blessed & encouraged!!
June 11, 2019
S1: Ep -2 Mommy Friyah
Another round 2 of Mommy Friyah with Ms. Chrissie sharing her top 4 email questions from spiritually related moms. Sharing her views on taking your children to church and keeping them involved. Also in agreement with if "he doesn't value the time you have to offer as a mom", then he doesn't value to seriously date you. She encourages you to be safe, heart opened to love, and to have self protection to remain self aware so that you do not fall in the wrong hands while trying to stay in "God's hand"! Stay caught up on the latest podcasts episodes and blog prayers by visiting website Subscribe via email for first reads as sent directly to email. Stay tuned, follow, subscribe, & share. Also continue sending mommy Friday questions via email for " Mommy Friyahs". STAY BLESSED & ENCOURAGED
June 8, 2019
S1: Ep ~ 7 Hear HEAL US!!
Do you believe before you pray? Do you believe that whatever you ask in prayer is "already done"? In this episode Ms. Chrissie shares a prayer of healing for all friends, loved ones, and family. She encourages you to believe that it shall be done. Stay caught up on the latest podcasts episodes and blog prayers by visiting website Subscribe via email for first reads as sent directly to email. Stay tuned, follow, subscribe, & share. Also continue sending mommy Friday questions via email for " Mommy Friyahs". STAY BLESSED & ENCOURAGED!!
June 4, 2019
S1: Ep - 1st Mommy Friyah
1st "Mommy Friyay Night" episode. In this episode, Ms. Chrissie reads the weekly top 4 email submissions from 4 moms on raw truth about balancing their babies, their life, maintaining self, and remaining spiritual. Feel free to checkout website for more prayers and updates Also, send any email for feedback, suggestions, support messages, or mommy friyah questions to Stay tuned, stay blessed, & stay ENCOURAGED! THANK YOU FOR YOUR LISTEN!!
June 1, 2019
S1: Ep ~ 6 STOP Disappointing"you"!
In this episode, Chrissie talks about how disappointing "you" can be the biggest disappointment vs someone or something else. She also talks about how forgiving others starts with forgiving self first. Listen, share, and send your opinions for feedback via email @ **Feel free to check out blog website @ for more words of encouragements, spiritual inspiration, & more information about a fistfull. Also continue to submit suggestions for topics, feedback, & any questions you would like answered that you may have to 🗣Stay blessed & encouraged!!
May 28, 2019
Thank you for your feedback! You've already been validated!!
Chrissie goes live to thank her audience for their suggestions, feedback, & support. She also encourages listeners to stop accepting negative talk from others trying to get validation AFTER God has already VALIDATED you! Your validation is what gets you through. Had he not validated you, he wouldn't have entrusted you with the task. Feel free to check out blog website @ for more words of encouragements, spiritual inspiration, & more information about a fistfull. Also feel free to continue submitting suggestions for topics, feedback, & any questions you would like answered that you may have to Stay blessed & encouraged!!
May 23, 2019
S1: Ep 5 ~ Be BOLD! Stand alone, without FEAR!
In this episode Ms. Chrissie shares her raw truths on standing alone while depending solely on God while following through with his word. She shares how handling life tasks before you that may mean to stand alone before you see change happens, becomes a task not only for one to do but others as well to come together in unity. If standing alone means you will be wrong, then stand in right will mean to stand in unity!! *Feel free to email questions, suggestions, or feedback to
May 21, 2019
S1: Ep 4 ~ He made a way testimony!
Chrissie shares her experience of 21 days of fasting, and staying committed. She shares her most im perfected moments yet intimate times to get it right while facing a hardship of separation. Sharing her thoughts of joining church and words of encouragement for seeking higher purpose. Also you can read the article "I was a Nobody for 21 days" on her website at *Feel free to email questions, suggestions, or feedback to
May 17, 2019
S1: Ep 3 ~ You have a friend in Jesus!
Chrissie encourages you to always know you have a friend in Jesus even when you have no one else. Ask for his guidance, and he shall give- but ALWAYS thank him for being like no one else but HIM! He is your friend! John 15:15 (KJV) *Feel free to email questions, suggestions, or feedback to
May 17, 2019
S1: Ep 2 ~ Have the patience to "WAIT"!
Chrissie encourages you that; No matter what it looks like. No matter how it feels. Just know, when you wait on the Lord, his rewards will be real! Have patience in the process of the unknown. Because God is known! *Feel free to email questions, suggestions, or feedback to
May 15, 2019
S1: Ep 1~ Let's take flight with Anchor!!
Introduction to anchor and my new spiritual "FlightJourney". ~Check out website @ for more words of encouragements and inspirational readings. *Feel free to email questions, suggestions, or feedback to
May 15, 2019