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A State of Mind

A State of Mind

By Julian Royce
We feature provocative, in depth conversations leading thinkers on topics including meditation and mindfulness, non-dual spirituality, psychedelics, psychology, ecology and sustainability and eudomainia or genuine happiness: how to co-create a more loving and thriving world. Guests so far include authors, professors, psycho-therapists, mindfulness meditation and dharma teachers, visionaries, philosophers, community activists and more. I am deeply looking forward to sharing these conversations with you.
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Radical Happiness with Erric Solomon

A State of Mind

Psychedelic Research, Healing & Advocacy with Dr. Shannon Hughes
Julian speaks with Dr. Shannon Hughes Links: The Emergence Festival happening October 1 in Denver: Learn more about Shannon at: The Nowak Society: The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies A State of Mind Podcast: Somatic & Trauma Informed Psychotherapy, Psychedelic assisted Therapy, Meditation training & more: Support the show:
September 15, 2022
The Woke Takeover of Naropa University
Julian talks with Hō about his challenges confronting the "wokism" run amuck in his brief time at Naropa University. Time Stamps: 0:00 Introduction 7:58 Reading some of the Title IX Investigative Report 24:06 Conversation with Hō begins References and Resources: A State of Mind #80: Shadow Sides of Naropa University #80  Shadow Sides of Naropa University with Kate Vosti, Somatic Educator Jonathon Haidt The Coddling of the American Mind: John McWhorter Douglas Murray: Bret Weinstein: Making Sense with Sam Harris: s04e81 | Courage & Cowardice In Canadian Public Schools, with Chanel Pfahl🇨🇦 Coleman Hughes on BLM: The Revolution Will Not Be Criticized with Zac Kriegman A State of Mind Podcast: Somatic & Trauma Informed Psychotherapy, Psychedelic assisted Therapy, Meditation training & more: Support the show:
August 24, 2022
Deep Dive into Attachment Theory with Braxton Dudley
Julian and Braxton discuss Attachment Theory, what it is, some of the history and research behind it and how to work with and heal different attachment styles. About Braxton: Braxton Dudley, MA offers both counseling and contemplative coaching in Boulder Colorado. That focuses on somatic parts work, relationship and spiritual issues. Learn more at: Topics (in chronological order) Introduction, mindfulness, the primacy of consciousness Attachment theory: how we show up in relationships as well as our pursuit of life We are most likely to have the same attachment styles as our care givers How the dismissive attachment style shuts down their own relational needs How our early childhood relationships with our primary caregivers impacts our relationships today Defining "Attachment Style" Studies show 75% chance that one will die with the same attachment style they developed by age 2 4 Attachment Styles: Secure, Avoidant, Anxious and Disorganized Primary caregivers only have to show up in an attuned way 30% of the time is enough to develop secure attachment Explaining the Anxious Attachment Styles, which is called Preoccupied in adults Anxious Style tends to be more insecure in their exploration Discussing the Dismissive(also called Avoidant) attachment style How Disorganized attachment styles tends to develop in response to neglectful or abusive care givers Different attachment styles can show up in different contexts Trans-generational trauma How healing Attachment involves implicit memory, not just from cognitive understanding The Strange experiments and the work of John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth How Anxious attachment style in the child comes about in part from a lack of reliability in care givers. How all the different attachment styles are  evolutionarily intelligent adaptation strategies that are actually the best response to particular dysfunctional environments. How the attachment styles one develops from 0-2 years old often becomes the same attachment style one has in the context of intimate relationship as an adult. How our largely unconscious internal working models How the development of meta cognition can lead to healing our attachment patterns. That many with dismissive attachment styles get into meditation and intense spiritual pursuits Just because someone is a Spiritual Teacher does not mean they have healthy relationships And how that often comes from a lack of awareness or respect of the relational needs of others The Qualities of Secure Attachment Strategies for healing insecure attachment styles The role of self regulation for helping Pre-Occupied The importance of the Dismissive attachment styles to work on receiving and letting in intimacy and love Terminology: Secure (both child and adult) Anxious-ambivalent (for children) is called Preoccupied (adult) Avoidant (child) is called Dismissive (for adults) Disorganized in both child and adult (sometimes referred to as fearful-avoidant or fearful-preoccupied) Resources:
July 29, 2022
The Ethics of Eating Animals with Buddhist Scholar Geoff Barstow
Geoffrey Barstow joins us for this in depth discussion of vegetarianism, ethics and specifically the debates about it found in the Tibetan Buddhist traditions. Learn more about Geoffrey Barstow at Find his books at: Partial List of Topics in Chronological Order: 0:00 Introduction 3:34 Introduction to Geoffrey Barstow 7:25 Conversation with Geoff begins Geoff's background Studying Tibetan language How Geoff is both a Scholar and a Practitioner No one believes in myth of academic impartiality 2 Books on Vegetarianism and Buddhism First book is an Attempt to make sense of vegetarianism in the Tibetan context Using Buddhist positions to critique idea of lone gun man doing ego driven science How he got interested in vegetarianism How he went to Kham, Eastern Tibet and interviewed scholars and monks about eating meat 3 Levels of Vows in the Tibetan Buddhist traditions: Individual Liberation, Bodhisattva, Tantric. How vegetarianism was an issue in Tibetan for at least 1,000 years Being Vegetarian was seen as unhealthy - and seen then as an ascetic practice that someone could choose to do for the dharma but was a kind of sacrifice. Separation between buying and killing animals - and debate about this Not causing harm by eating less - or mitigate the harm through buying more 'humanely' raised meat Most chickens never see day light - they have very difficult lives Role of family and culture and tradition in eating meat Value in reducing the amount of meat you eat How we can't escape causing some harm The View sometimes expressed in Tibetan Buddhism that eating meat can be part of being a dharma practitioner because one forms a karmic connection with the animal and Geoffrey's response to this view. The question of the conceptual division between 'human' and 'animals' How neuroscience has shown that animals and humans are not actually so distinct biologically. A State of Mind Podcast: Somatic & Trauma Informed Psychotherapy, Psychedelic assisted Therapy, Meditation training & more: Support the show:
July 04, 2022
Abundance, Awareness & Economic Freedom with Kingsley Advani, founder of
Julian talks with Kingsley Advani, the CEP of for the 105th episode of A State of Mind podcast About Kingsley: He is a British investor who began investing in 2013 and turned $34k in savings into ~$100m in private investments. He has made 300+ angel investments (inc Solana, Coinbase, Robinhood, SpaceX, eToro). In 2017, he co-founded an angel investor group which scaled to 1,000 investors. In 2019, he founded private markets platform, Allocations, with a vision to create more economic freedom for the world. The platform scaled to near $1bn in assets in under 3 years. Kingsley has donated to causes including: economic freedom, extending human life and space exploration. Learn more at List of Topics (in chronological order): 0:00 Introduction 04:16 Conversation with Kingsley begins Kingsley's background, being born in London, and participating in competitive sports such as football (soccer), squash &  cricket His early interest in computers and Torrenting, peer to peer sharing services Technology and music sharing platforms Discovered Bitcoin in 2011 Advising long term investments of 10 years or so Democratizing Investing Founding to democratize investing now has over $1 Billion in assets and over 1,000 SPVs on the platform SPVs (Special Purpose Vehicles): what they are and different possible uses for them Private markets have out performed public markets in general How only 'the suits' had access to SPVs in the past How technology can automate processes and replace the need for expensive lawyers Scaling Awareness Creating tech platforms to spread Awareness and teachings and practices Abundance Mindset: what it is and how to cultivate it Life Currency as a guiding metric How Allocations hired a Chief Mindfulness officer early on Awareness is one of the core values of The need for new ways to value companies that include measures of environmental and societal well being Luminous Awareness School Awareness as a natural birth rite of every human and life form The Equality of all things Economic freedom and Scarcity mindset The importance of Gratitude A State of Mind Podcast: Somatic & Trauma Informed Psychotherapy, Psychedelic assisted Therapy, Meditation training & more: Support the show:
June 24, 2022
Creating Mindfully with DJ, artist and podcast host David DeVine
David DeVine joins A State of Mind podcast for this far ranging conversation. About David: Adding his other skills in podcasting and audio engineering David works with all kinds of media from video, audio, podcast, photo, recording, and anything in between. He is an accomplished audio engineer, musician, producer, and podcast producer managing and hosting two podcasts, Mindful U Podcast and Look Again Podcast.  At night he turns into a professional DJ who actively plays popular venues and private events. Using diverse musical genres, David also produces electronic music under the name HigherGlyph. In addition to continuing to develop his artistry he teaches others music production and djing lessons. Links: Mindful U Podcast: Look Again Podcast: David Devine's Website: Spotify: HigherGlyph 0:00- 8:36 Intro 8:36 - 1:20:46 Conversation with David DeVine A State of Mind Podcast: Somatic & Trauma Informed Psychotherapy, Psychedelic assisted Therapy, Meditation training & more: Support the show:
May 30, 2022
Psychedelic Healing with Andres Zambrano, LPC
Andres Zambrano joins Julian for this in depth discussion of psychedelic assisted therapy. Learn more about Andres Zambrano & Innate Path at: Topics (in chronological order): The Innate Path Psychedelic Psychotherapy Training Andres' background from growing up in Columbia to working in wilderness therapy to his current work with psychedelic assisted therapy. How learning about somatic therapy and the importance of the body changed everything for Andres in terms of his own process and healing and in his work with clients. Recognizing his own traumas that needed healing How the reactions of our nervous system to traumatic situations can lead to ongoging symptoms How Disassociation is a more subtle and often unnoticed response to trauma Signs of Disassociation, one of which is when you notice it, feeling like your body is oddly shaped or disproportionately shaped Life itself is overwhelming at times for all of us and so we all build up stress, to one degree of another. When stress builds up and passes a certain threshold, then we are in the realm of trauma. This threshold can be lower or higher depending on our life circumstances. Costs of trauma: less energy, aliveness, intimacy, resiliency, more reactiveness, depression, anxiety, etc. Parts Work: The role of the 'loyal soldier' as a 'part' that can show up to help one get through life The practice of 'touch and go' The healthy expression of our Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous system responses Andres says that most meditative practices actually bring in a healthy dissociative state The importance of  pratyahara (withdrawal) in Patanjali's schema of the '8 limbs of yoga' and it's relation to healthy disassociation How Disassociation, even in healthy forms, that can come from spiritual practices, may be an important part of why so many scandals keep happening in spiritual communities. "non-meditation" in the Dzogchen tradition of Buddhism How Andres notices and brings attention to Disassociation in the moment in a therapy session How working with Cannabis and Ketamine can help Differences between working with Ketamine and with Cannabis The massive difference that the set and setting and context of deep therapeutic work has in the experience of using psychedelics. And more A State of Mind Podcast: Somatic & Trauma Informed Psychotherapy, Psychedelic assisted Therapy, Meditation training & more: Support the show:
May 13, 2022
Born in Tibet: a conversation with Tulku Choying Yeshi Rinpoche
Tulku Yeshi joins A State of Mind podcast and shares about his life, about being born and growing up in Tibet, as well as some points about the Buddhist teachings and reflections on the world today. About Tulku Choying Yeshi Rinpoche: Tulku Yeshi Rinpoche is a Dzogchen master and the reincarnation of Dzogchen Gyalt-sab Thodo Rinpoche. He received Tibetan Buddhism teachings and traditional Tibetan medicine from forty-five masters representing all five schools of Tibetan Buddhism. Tulku Yeshi Rinpoche is a highly trained Lama with an authentic and powerful lineage. He gives teachings and empowerments extensively across North America as well as internationally. Learn more about Tulku Yeshi at: Partial List of Topics in Chronological Order: - The meaning of the word 'Rinpoche' - Rinpoche was born in Tibet during the horrific Cultural Revolution - There was no signs of religion allowed in China or Tibet during this time - Tibet started to rebuild in the 1980s - Tulku spent 10 years in different monasteries - At least 10-15% of the people, including meditation masters, who were sent to the Chinese Concentration Camps never came back. - How his mother practices every day, from waking up until sleep, even during the Cultural Revolution. - Impossible to know the reality on the ground in Tibet unless you are there. The media is very censored. - How modern culture and media and education has hurt traditional ways of life and spirituality. - How his family would gather together to chant and practice after dinner. - He joined the monastery at 14 years old - Vajrayana Buddhism emphasizes Pure Perception. - What is Pure Perception? - 3 Gates: Refuge, Bodhisattva, Vajrayana. - The key to the gate of Vajrayana is Empowerment. - Theravadin practice is like a black and white movie. Mahayana is like a full color movie. Vajrayana is like a three dimensional experience. - 'Buddhism' in the Tibetan language means 'inner' - How true reality that can be found there - Bhutan may be the happiest country in the world but it is still Samsara. - Tulku remembers the nomad life when he was young in Tibet. They had a good time but a very difficult life. - Advice around Anger - In general, anger is not healthy. - It is pointless to be angry at things you can't control - How the influence of Buddhism on Tibet politically and pacifism in general contributed to Tibet being taken over by China and subject to the Chinese state sponsored genocide and the destruction of traditional Tibetan ways of life. - The 84 Mahasiddhas - The importance of lineage in Buddhism. - Milarepa - Mixing your mind with the master's mind - How one does not need to see the Master in person - Rinpoche's advice on the use of Psychedelics - They did not have marijuana in Tibet, just alcohol and tobacco. - That great masters would use substances to help others - Sometimes practitioners would use a special massage oil to make the subtle body channels soft and flexible. - Using too much of any substance is dangerous. - Smoke in general is not allowed in Buddhism, but medicine is good when used properly. - Trungpa Rinpoche and his drinking - Trauma and spiritual practice - Be Mindful. A State of Mind Podcast: Somatic & Trauma Informed Psychotherapy, Psychedelic assisted Therapy, Meditation training & more: Support the show:
April 13, 2022
Natural Christian Mysticism with Stephen Hatch
Contemplative Christian and intrepid explorer of wilderness Stephen Hatch joins us for this deep conversation into his life and work. Stephen taught Centering Prayer and Christian mysticism at Naropa University and is a life long student of contemplative Christianity and the natural world. Learn more about Stephen at: Partial List of Topics in Chronological Order: 0:00 Introduction 1:26 Julian shares about working with depression and insights from a weekend attending a Tony Robbins virtual seminar 6:16 Conversation with Stephen Hatch begins His upbringing with Christianity how his parents were fundamentalist and Stephen was attracted to the Quakers at a young age Dads side Armenia, Mom's side Quaker Carl Jung's writings that people from the West  should not study yoga What Stephen got from fundamentalist upbringing What is contemplative Christianity? Spirituality through the vehicle of Nature Wilderness mysticism Inter-spiritual 3 Different ways to do this Stephen is mostly the first way The contemplative path Meeting the great contemplative Christian teacher Thomas Keating What is Spiritual Direction? To be a Christian - to listen to the presence of the divine in whoever you are with. The Book of Psalms: "We are all Gods, sons and daughters of the most High" Process Theology: there is an aspect of God that is learning and growing There was a time in the 1980s where he didn't want to use the word 'God' Ways to understand Jesus Christ and Christ Consciousness Thomas Keating was Christ in a sense for Stephen Hatch Book of Psalms Mary Magdalene as the chief apostle The Dead Sea scrolls Jesus as the light and Mary as the warmth The Gospel of Mary Magdalene Gnosis - Knowledge No such thing as static perfection To be perfect is to be on the journey continuously Constant Growth The oppression of the idea of 'perfection' Everyone has their flaws and because of this we need each other! What is 'the body of Christ' A true Patriarch is a person who has wisdom and they take the responsibility and are an honorable person, just as a true Matriarch is. It is all Relational. Mytho-poetic Men's Movement Ken Wilber's influence on Stephen Solitude as such an important part of the spiritual path to discover your inner source Stephen's reflections on the scandal with Shambhala Buddhism: it's because humans are involved. 'The same measure you judge by, you will be judged by.' Stephen thinks that it is dangerous to have a teacher as your prime source to God or Spirit. Stephen's tradition comes from the Radical Reformation How institutions are inherently flawed Book recommendation: 'The New Monasticism' A State of Mind Podcast: Somatic & Trauma Informed Psychotherapy, Psychedelic assisted Therapy, Meditation training & more: Support the show:
March 31, 2022
The Creative Pulse of the Universe with Paul Temple
Paul Temple joins us for this special episode of A State of Mind. He shares with us a performance of his sound journey work, using Tibetan singing bowls and chanting the mantra of Avalokiteśvara. Learn more about Paul Temple at: Partial List of Topics 0:00 Introduction 1:57 Conversation with Paul Temple Why Paul Temple does not call himself a 'sound healer' Nada Yoga or Brahma Yoga Sound as the vibrational pulse of the universe He does Tibetan Vajrayana mantra chanting with the music and singing bowls How Healing comes from within Core vibrational forces called Brahma Chakras and the Subtle Body The vibratory nature of Reality Paul's friend Jonathon Goleman who coined the term 'sound healing' defines sound healing as vibration plays intention Seed Syllables in Vajrayana Buddhism The Importance of the Heart The Heart as the center of Integration & at the middle of the subtle body. Different meanings of 'hearing' and 'feeling' and how to develop greater sensitivities. The War in Ukraine Discussing the history of Psycho-pharmacology and Psychedelic Plant Medicines in Academic Anthropology and Psychology and how a Shaman was defined as 'psychotic' in the 1950s and 1960s and earlier eras in Psychology. 42:00 Paul explains his sound creations and where the singing bowls come from in Nepal and a little about the mantras he is chanting. 43:35 Paul's Sound Transmission & Journey (Recommended to listen on good speakers or headphones!) 103:56 Concluding our Conversation A State of Mind Podcast: Somatic & Trauma Informed Psychotherapy, Psychedelic assisted Therapy, Meditation training & more: Support the show:
March 23, 2022
We are the Medicine with Meditation Teacher Scott Tusa
Julian talks with long time meditator and Buddhist meditation teacher Scott Tusa Learn more about Scott at Two good organizations helping Ukraine right now: Topics in Chronological Order: 0:00 Introduction 4:29 Conversation with Scott Scott was a monk for 9 years Tsoknyi Rinpoche Returned his vows in 2017 Differences between Ningma and Gelugpa Buddhist lineages The essence is the same according to Scott Keys to Buddhist teachings: Renunciation Mind, Bodhicitta & Emptiness Bodhicitta & Evolution Buddhism as a Subjective science Meaning of lineage Meaning of Renunciation Mind in the Buddhist teachings Renunciation as giving up clinging to an experience of reality that doesn't exist. Which is not saying Reality does not exist. How are Idols oppress us The importance of the Heart Different spiritual paths versus following one path Sancocha soup - all mixed up. Ayahuasca Psychedelics: we are the medicine. Nonduality: transcending circumstances. Ethics, Meditation and Wisdom. Ethics and Insight into the nature of mind. Downsides of social media, outrage & cancel culture Emptiness: Going Beyond Beliefs. There is only constructive miscommunication or unconscious miscommunnication Just Being. Engaging in the path to re-learn how to Be. Re-Awakening rather than Awakening. A State of Mind Podcast: Somatic & Trauma Informed Psychotherapy, Psychedelic assisted Therapy, Meditation training & more: Support the show:
March 13, 2022
The Universal Beat with Visionary Artist Steven Newman
Visionary artist Steven Newman joins us for a far ranging conversation about his creative process with art, music and life. See below for a list of topics Learn more about Steven Newman at: Partial List of Topics in chronological order: Growth and evolution with podcasting The art of Meditation as Listening and Responsiveness Letting everything go and trusting that when the time comes, it will be here Writing, Recording and Performing music Electronic music versus live music performance The Universal Heart beat of the universe The light up Medicine Buddha image Steven made for Julian Steven's trip to Iraq and Turkey and the Middle East Creating Laser Art What a Laser is Mental health and environmental dooms-day-ism The Pandemic Wearing or not wearing Masks How diversity of opinions and debate around Covid is actually a good thing Mark Zuckerberg's PR problems Reflecting on the global economic system and the problem of Inequality Capital in the 21st-century by Thomas Piketti and The Meritocracy Trap by Markovits A State of Mind Podcast: Somatic Trauma Informed Therapy, Psychedelic assisted Therapy, Meditation training & more: Support the show:
March 05, 2022
Waking up in the Dark: The Blind Café with Rosh Rocheleau
Rosh joins us for a conversation about his journey creating the Blind Café, an experience he has now brought to thousands around the world. Learn more about Rosh and the Blind Café at: Partial list of Topics in chronological order: 0:00 Intro, launch of Season 3! And feedback from listeners 2:07 Discussing the situation of allegations of abuse being levied against a former podcast guest 5:12 'The Crown' by Rosh and the Blind Café Orchestra 8:39 Conversation with Rosh begins Rosh's music tour in Iceland How he had the Idea for blind cafe First experience darkness in Iceland How we are captivated by our sense especially sight How we see concepts Blind cafe next level experience Couples experience in the dark Meeting your lover in the dark Dark retreat in the Buddhist traditions Rosh shares from his work with The Art of Conscious Loving & Charles Muir How consciousness transcends spatial awareness Listening to one's inner compass Entering into and leaving Community A State of Mind Podcast: Somatic Trauma Informed Therapy, Psychedelic assisted Therapy, Meditation training & more: Support the show:
February 23, 2022
Turning Towards what is True with Danny Balgooyen
Danny Balgooyen joins Julian for a far ranging conversation Danny is a breath work facilitator, DJ & Conscious Dance facilitator, Men's work leader and more Learn more about Danny: (partial) List of topics (in chronological order): Facilitating experience that invite connection, exploration of self and turning towards what is true Authentic Relating Our need to belong and the epidemic of isolation 'Edge work' & what an being at one’s edge can feel like: the voice of resistance, of discomfort. Co-creating community Living in an intentional community home How becoming financially wealthier tends to lead to greater isolation. Owning & claiming our power and becoming free of society’s expectations Exploring what ‘creating one’s own experience’ means How bring a ‘speck of dust’ gives you unlimited possibilities Breathwork Danny’s journey with Breathwork The way Danny approaches Breathwork The language of the Breath How Danny applies mindfulness & Breathwork in the the day to day normal life. Breath as a guide into the present. Danny's relationship with Cannabis 'a groove grooved too much can become a rut' How breath work can release and heal negative beliefs about ourselves and unprocessed trauma Danny's journey from competitive golf player to what he does now. A State of Mind Podcast: Somatic Trauma Informed Therapy, Psychedelic assisted Therapy, Meditation training & more: Support the show:
February 02, 2022
The Innate Path & Psychedelic assisted therapy with Jen Fiser, LPC
Jen Fiser, LPC speaks with Julian about psychedelic assisted therapy, healing from trauma and other topics. About Jen Fiser: Jen served as the supervisor and clinical director for Innate Path for three years and was instrumental in developing the model of psychedelic psychotherapy used at the clinic. She now heads up the Innate Path Psychedelic Psychotherapy training, offers individual and group supervision and sees clients. Her education  includes Buddhist psychology, somatic psychotherapy and group process, with work experience as a teacher, supervisor, group process leader, meditation instructor and therapist in private practice. Her interests are mainly in making psychedelic and psychedelically-informed care accessible to as many people as possible because it offers much needed solutions to a system that often does more harm than good. Learn more about Jen Fiser and Innate Path at: Psychedelic Integration Group with Julian Royce: 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month, find out more and register by emailing Consensus Trance by Charles Tart Partial List of Topics Jen is the clinical director of Innate Path, which opened in 2018. Innate Path specializes in PTSD using Psychedelics and a Somatic oriented therapy model. How Cannabis can be a powerful tool for therapy, especially in the type of somatic trauma informed therapy specialized in by Innate Path. How the experience of Cannabis and / or Ketamine in the context of psychotherapy is often very different from the preconceptions people had about these substances from their life before. Innate Path did a study on working with Vets who had combat PTSD; the results were positive Why if you use cannabis to manage your symptoms you may not want to use it to do deep processing of PTSD. Cultural attitudes towards cannabis and how different this medicine is in the context of therapy How psychedelics work well with somatic oriented therapy The importance of using somatic processing to access subconscious material MAPS studies with PTSD and MDMA The importance of safety in order for subconscious material to emerge Working with Panic Attacks How trauma can lead to relapse How psychedelics can help us to deprogram Asking the guiding question: What serves Life? A State of Mind Podcast: Somatic Trauma Informed Therapy, Psychedelic assisted Therapy, Meditation training & more: Support the show:
January 25, 2022
Becoming: All You Were Born to Be with Melinda Carbis-Reilly
Julian talks with Melinda Carbis-Reilly. Melinda is a Naturopath, Author, Reiki Healer, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Spiritual Coach. With over two decades in health and wellness, Melinda has created a wellness centre, four books, multiple online programs and membership programs to support those who know there’s something more to life than the daily grind. Her latest passion is fictional tales exploring the mystical world that we sense but don’t necessarily understand. Learn more about Melinda at: Topics in chronological order: Introduction Becoming is new book and first book of fiction Integrating different healing modalities How the Inspiration for the book came from the characters How important unstructured time is Burn Out and how to find your natural balance We are all one Wallees - Australian slang Spiritual not religious The age of 'the guru' being over; how we are entering the 'age of Aquarius' Yogi Bhajan Kunadlini yoga - energetic body - tapping into the energy at the base of the spine Story of Eckhart Tolle taking LSD and feeling no different. Integrating energy Reiki healing - similarities with yoga and how such 'alternate' healing modalities are becoming more widely accepted How mindfulness paved the way for alternate healing modalities like Reiki to be offered in hospitals The importance of being open minded and trying things out to find what works for you. A State of Mind Podcast: Somatic Trauma Informed Therapy, Psychedelic assisted Therapy, Meditation training & more: Support the show:
January 12, 2022
Reflecting on 2021: Mycology, Eco Systems and the World Beyond Identities with Stephen VanNortwick
Julian sits down with his old friend Stephen VanNortwick to reflect on the past year and explore our places in the cosmos within, without, and right here on Earth. *this is episode 93 of A State of Mind podcast* Music: 'Through the Dark' by Ruby Begay with Jon Sousa:, Instagram @Ruby.Begay Relevant Links: Star Trek Discovery | Lieutenant Stamets Succed To Quickly Create Spore Drive USS Discovery Enters the Mycelial Network To Save Tilly | Star Trek: Discovery Paul Stamets: Topics (in chronological order): 0:00 Introduction and holiday wishes 6:02 Music: 'Through the Dark' by Ruby Begay with Jon Sousa 10:20 Conversation with Stephen begins Mycology, university research 12:20 Myco-remediation, energy 15:20 Environmental purpose for mushrooms, causes and human impact on resources, biofuels vs electrics 18:00 Cultural supply vs demand, environmental cost 19:00 Soil, horticultural, farm practices, food preservation 22:00 Bacteria, fermentation and probiotic process 24:00 Digestive systems, processed vs nutrient dense food 26:00 Mushroom connections and as a medicine 27:00 Foraging morels and other wild mushrooms 28:00 Fungal connection to trees 30:00 Gourmet mushrooms and cultivation 32:00 Garden integration with mushrooms 33:00 Mycelial networks and communication within nature 35:00 Gourmet vs medicinal 37:00 Ideas of centralized vs de-centralized intelligence 38:00 Flow, present moment, and surrender 39:00 Appreciation of nature 40:00 Global anxiety, hope perspective, nihilism 44:00 Mycology and information eco-systems 45:00 Star Trek 46:00 Space, science, and networks 49:00 Cycles of nature, symbiosis of mycology 51:00 Nutrition, health, and mis-information 55:00 Vaccines and polarization in society 60:00 Vaccine status 62:00 Anti-vax social party 63:00 Exploring and resetting through the pandemic A State of Mind Podcast: Somatic Trauma Informed Therapy, Psychedelic assisted Therapy, Meditation training & more: Support the show:
December 24, 2021
Embodiment, Movement & Ecstasy with Amber Ryan
Julian talks with embodiment & dance teacher Amber Ryan. They discuss the impact of the pandemic, what is ecstatic dance and what is ecstasy & she shares about The 360 Emergence, which Amber is now offering with Kate Shela and other topics - see list of topics below *episode 92 of A State of Mind podcast* About Amber Ryan: Amber Ryan in an embodiment teacher and maestra sound smith in the world of movement meditation and ecstatic dance. She is co-founder of The 360 Emergence, along side Kate Shela, and has led groups and experiences at Eileen Fisher’s Women Together Live, Ester Perel’s Sessions Live, Lead with Love, Envision Festival, Wanderlust Festival, Omega Institute, and many dance floors across the globe. With crystalline clarity, she creates impeccable containers for transformational soul work to take place through movement. She is powerfully present and delivers exquisite ceremonial spaces for lasting change. Amber was a student of the late Gabrielle Roth, and now studies with Rod Stryker. Her current passion is sharing the ancient teachings of Yoga Nidra and doing her part to elevate humanity during these extraordinary times. Amber currently lives in Lyons, Colorado and teaches regularly at the StarHouse in Boulder. Learn more about Amber Ryan and her work at: The 360 Emergence: Instagram & Facebook: @the360emergence Amber Ryan Instagram &Facebook: @the360.amberryan Topics Discussed (in chronological order) 0:00 Introduction Christopher Wallis &the Tantrika Institute (the book Julian recommends is Tantra Illuminated):, 3:02: Conversation with Amber Ryan begins The impact of the Pandemic on Amber's life and work Pros and cons to connecting and taking classes virtually Differences between in person and online dance experiences Deep Listening and Intuition Power of coming together in person for community The 360 Emergence: the different aspects and nuances of this offering and what is meant by a '360 human'. Discussing the Vaccine and the different perspectives on it that are causing conflicts in communities Dance, movement and embodiment. What is ecstatic dance? Conscious Dance and different dance modalities Gabriel Roth, the creator of Five Rhythms, and how she offered a map for Westerners to find their way to embodiment and ecstasy How the Western world had ways of ecstasy suppressed historically Embodiment. The Body is like an Encyclopedia, holding memory. What is ecstasy A State of Mind Podcast: Transpersonal and Psychedelic assisted Therapy, Meditation training & more: Support the show:
December 13, 2021
Adult Development & the Healthy Masculine with Kevin McKeag and Guy Guri
Julian sits down with transformational coaches Kevin McKeag and Guy Guri for a wide ranging conversation, touching on topics from how coaching and therapy can help one develop to deeper stages of growth to what does a healthy masculine look like in todays world to spirituality, meditation and duality versus non-duality. Learn more about Kevin: Learn more about Guy: Topics Touched Upon (in chronological order): Intro 05:03 - Conversation with Kevin and Guy begins Death Balance Leadership Reclaiming your own feminine Integration through development Frequency levels a la Hawkins Higher developmental stage BS: belief systems Spiritual bypassing Responsibility vs. freedom Depression Is duality a necessity? Reverse racism + privilege Peace Protests and contradictions Victim mentality Parting words A State of Mind Podcast: Therapy, Coaching, Meditation and more: Support the show:
December 02, 2021
The Rhythms of Life: Ecstatic Dance & Community with Ahva Lenay
Julian talks with Ahva Lenay, a ceremonialist and founder of Rhythm Sanctuary. Ahva works in conflict resolution as well as facilitating life transitions, rites of passages and ceremonies and in helping create events such as the Wisdom Village at Arise Music Festival. Learn more: Partial list of topics (approximate times) 0:00 Introduction - The MeetDelic Conference & the corporatization in the emerging field of psychedelic medicines 6:38 Conversation with Ahva begins What is Rhythm Sanctuary and Ahva's role in helping found it How Rhythm Sanctuary has been a community, a place many people have made friends and Ahva has now facilitated 3 weddings of folks from Rhythm Sanctuary 11:38 What is Ecstatic Dance 12:39 Ahva's background with dance and as a dance teacher and her own teachers and journey with learning about dance and embodiment 15:00 - How Ecstatic Dance is a practice and way of finding connection and ecstasy while being Sober together 15:38 - the structure and elements of the Rhythm Sanctuary ritual, including the importance of not speaking on the dance floor 17:30 How Rhythm Sanctuary has saved people's lives 20:38 How Rhythm Sanctuary is not about the DJ, it is co-created by everyone who shows up together. 21:38 the power of sharing in a circle 24:30 Evolutionary reasons for why Public Speaking is so challenging for many 27:00 Ahva's background, being a single mom at a young age, how she lived in an intentional, off grid, sustainable community that included farming on 600 acres 35:38: The human needs for love and joy How to find your joy and purpose 39:30 New definition of Hierarchy 42:00 Ahva’s witnessing of a wild geese funeral service 42:30 Ahva's work as a Death Douhla and her work as a ceremonialist Rites of passage 52:00 Prosperity circulator abundance 54:50 - Ahva's work with Conflict Resolution 56:30 - When Ahva was unfairly attacked online for re-starting Rhythm Sanctuary and had her own brush with 'cancel culture' 65:30 Ahva's connection and roles with Arise Music Festival 1:12:00 - Ahva's work with Conflict Resolution and the Alliance for Unitive Justice which is based on Restorative Justice. 1:19:34 - the poem 'Courting the Muse' by Tiffanie DeBartolo, read by Ahva. A State of Mind Podcast: Therapy, Coaching, Meditation and more: Support the show:
November 19, 2021
Transmuting S*** into Gold with Sureya Leonara, Holsitic Sex & Relationship Coach
Julian talks with Sureya, a holsitic sex and relationship coach Learn more about Sureya at Instagram: @sureya_leonara Discount code for listeners: STATEOFMIND for 15% off the course called 'the Art of Transmutation' starting Nov 13 Partial List of Topics (approximate times): 5:44 Conversation with Sureya begins Sureya introduces herself as a holistic sex and relationship coach and shares what she means by holistic and how sex and relationships connect with so many areas of life How a non-dual perspective can help make sense of the many different healing and meditative and spiritual modalities How becoming debilitatingly sick with Lyme disease and a Cohn infection and other health problems eventually lead to a transformation for Sureya to become more empowered and to stop being in a victim mentality Getting out of victim mentality How to fully feel and face the challenges of life, without bypassing and also without staying in a victim mentality The illusion of 'free will' and how that does not contradict taking responsibility How Sureya was in a very toxic relationship that felt parasitic and how she found the strength to leave that 20:20 - a wise older friend saying to her 'You are responsible for everything that is happening in your life right now" 22:45 - how sometimes ending a relationship is the best thing for all involved 24:25 - role of addictions can play in relationships, for both the one in the caretaker role and the one who seems in need of saving 28:33 - Sureya's new course on the Art of Transmutation 29:54 Finding your sovereign truth 31:54 The Trauma and Fear of being Ostracized and kicked out of a group 33:25 - How Sureya works with almost all her clients on people pleasing and becoming authentic 34:33 - How Sureya was raised to be polite and people pleasing and how she used to be so shy 37:15 Importance of connecting as humans even when you believe different thigs or have different politics and view points 38:00 Creating good boundaries - and how there is an energetic component to it 40:00 - Story from the life of the historical Buddha of how he chose not to accept the 'gift' of anger after a man spat on his face. 44:00 - how to channel anger in a good way 45:00 Have people tried to "cancel" Sureya ? A State of Mind Podcast: A State of Mind Counseling: Support the show:
November 06, 2021
The Living Dharma with Catherine Dalton, Ph.D., Tibetan Translator and Buddhist Scholar
Catherine Dalton shares about her life, her calling to study and practice Buddhism and to become a scholar and translator. See below for a partial list of topics. About Catherine Dalton- she is an assistant professor of Buddhist Studies at the Rangjung Yeshe Institute in Kathmandu, where she teaches primarily in RYI’s MA program in Translation, Textual Interpretation and Philology. She earned her Ph.D in Buddhist Studies from UC Berkeley, with a doctoral dissertation focused on Indian Buddhist tantra. As a member of the Dharmachakra Translation Committee, Catherine has worked for many years as a textual translator of Buddhist literature in Tibetan, and also serves as an oral interpreter for Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche. Learn more: Partial List of Topics (times are approximate): 0:00 Introduction 8:05 Conversation with Catherine Dalton begins How the traditional Buddhist teaching are not something one ‘makes up’ or is unique to a particular individual teacher How Catherine first moved to Nepal and began study Buddhism and Tibetan language 21:00 - The impact of culture, culture shock and how being amongst people of a particular culture affects how we see the world 24:00 Boudhanath Stupa 28:00 spread of Buddhism around the world 42:00 the lack of a word for a gender other than male or female in the premodern Tibetan language How Tibetan Buddhism is Tantric Buddhism or Vajrayana Buddhism. 46:50: the concept of having a 'guru' or teacher in Buddhism and what that means in the tradition 50:00 - how Vajrayana is described as the path of devotion 60:00 - the possibility of Dharma transmission through Zoom 1:01:00 - how Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche offered teachings online because of the pandemic and how they set that up 1:06:15 - Reincarnation and the 'Tullku system' of certain teachers being able to consciously reincarnate, how Catherine has met many Tulkus who "are not ordinary people" 1:14:00 - Question/ Observation that in the West, we are very driven by the idea of progress while in 'the East' and in traditional Buddhist cultures, there is more of a cyclical notion of existence, without the same idea of 'progress.' 1:20:00 - how dharma not about self improvement. Side effect not the goal. The whole point is the pursuit of happiness. 1:22:30 the meaning of Buddha in Tibetan and in the Buddhist teachings and the possibility of bringing that into scientific inquiry 1:28:00- idea of Omniscience in Buddhism, Julian's skepticism and the traditional teachings of what that means 1:32:00 Karma and how everything we experience is our own mind or consciousness 1:36:00 Everything that happens is karma from the traditional point of view 1:38:00 the practice and power of making offerings 1:41:00 The importance of the three trainings: Ethical conduct, Meditation and Wisdom 1:46:00 - That our practice should be happening all the time, and how important it is to honor our relationships and actions in the world. A State of Mind Podcast: A State of Mind Counseling: Support the show:
November 01, 2021
The Beats, Creativity and the Literary Roots of the 1960's Counterculture with Dank P.H.A.R.T. The Pirate Poet
Julian talks with Matty Bovard aka Dank P.H.A.R.T. The Pirate Poet about the Beats literary movement, the hippie movement, the war on drugs and other topics. Dank P.H.A.R.T. shares some of his own poetry towards the end of our conversation. Learn more about Dank P.H.A.R.T. The Pirate Poet a.k.a Matty Bovard Website- Instagram- Patreon- Facebook- Twitter- Learn more about Gary Snyder: Riprap by Gary Snyder read in the intro: Learn more about Allen Ginsberg: A State of Mind Podcast: A State of Mind Counseling: Support the show:
October 13, 2021
Cipriano Ortega: Art, Music & Liberating Societal Expectations
Julian speaks with Cipriano Ortega about their life, philosophy and art. They perform several songs with their bandmate Vitaliy Minyaylo.  They have a background in theater and performance and their unique music has been described as 'minimalist' with jazz, spoken word, grunge, punk rock and other influences shining through. Cipriano identifies as queer, uses They/Them/Theirs as their pronouns and is partly of indigenous ancestry. Learn more about Cipriano at: -Instagram: -Insta Handle: @ciprianoband -Youtube: -Soundcloud: A State of Mind Podcast: A State of Mind Counseling: Support the show:
October 06, 2021
Sharing Your Gifts with the World: Melissa Moffet
Julian speaks with guide and teacher Melissa Moffet about her life, her passions and her journey to offering her gifts to the world. Learn more about Melissa here: Topics (in chronological order): Being Impulsive vs being truly Spontaneous Taking risks, trusting your instincts How Melissa built a social media following and went from being an engineer to working as a coach and teacher Melissa shares how she was shy in real life while at the same time building a big following on Instagram Quality over Quantity Her background with dance and ballet Social media and Confidence: how to have an intentional relationship with social media and the importance of having good boundaries Suggestion to clean out everyone you are following and then carefully choose who to follow The danger of being in an information Bubble where you only hear from sources of information you want to and agree with The practice of choosing to listen to other perspectives you don't agree with in order to challenge yourself and grow Vulnerability in sharing publicly How it is so important to go to the edge of your comfort zone and then have time for Integration. Melissa shares about ways to Integrate and what that means. The importance of titrating and going slowly so that it is sustainable and so one does not burn out or shut down after a flurry of activity. The importance of Intention A State of Mind Podcast: A State of Mind Counseling: Support the show:
September 26, 2021
#84- Darrell Duane on Burning Man, Camp Contact, Community Organizing & More
Julian talks with Darrell Duane about his role as a community organizer and co-founder of Camp Contact, a Burning Man camp. They discuss a wide range of topics - see below for a more complete list. Topics (in chronological order): Darrell’s background with the Unitarian Universalist Church, where he almost went down the path to become a minister. Darrell's experiences with the early internet and pre-internet computers and bulletin board systems. Burning Man and the Burning Man Principles: Contact Improvisation - what it is and Darrell's discovery of it The creation of Camp Contact - Authentic Relating, how it is a part of Camp Contact and a bit about what it is Cryptocurrency: Darrell shares some of his knowledge and wisdom about cryptocurrencies El Salvador and it's adoption of Bitcoin: Psychedelics: their potentials for healing and transformation and creativity. Their potential in psychedelic assisted therapy. The War on Drugs The problems with a for profit health care industry Reasons why distrust of the medical establishment is at an all time high The issue of Vaccines and specifically the Coronavirus Vaccine and the Pandemic Renee Girard and Mimetic Discourse Meta Integral and the Wisdom Deck The Stoa online community of thinkers and thought leaders Daniel Schmachtenberger OCEAN: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism - Big 5 personality factors Your Undivided Attention:  Podcast from the Center for Humane Technology: Scuttlebut as a non profit Social Media platform, and one without an algorithm to drive engagement.  -- Decentralized Social Network (Use Manyverse on your Phone: How 5,000 friends is not enough for Darrell on Facebook Facebook Friend Limits - Best summed up by this Interintelect salon description: - Accountability:
August 18, 2021
#83- Hilary Morris, LPC: Treating Trauma, Discovering Pleasure, Empowering Women Entrepreneurs & the Power of Ketamine Assisted Therapies
Julian and Hilary discuss psychotherapy, trauma, psychedelic therapy, women lead businesses and more. See below for a list of topics. Hilary is a Clinical Therapist and clinical director specializing in somatic therapy, coaching, feminine intelligence, anxiety, and trauma resolution. She also works with women in business. Learn more about Hilary at: Instagram: Articles by Hilary Morris: Somatics and Psychedelic Therapy in the Treatment of PTSD: Why Combat Veterans Seek Out Psychedelics for PTSD Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Topics: Trauma and how serious concussions and traumatic brain injuries can be, physically as well as psychologically Healing from Physical trauma and Psychological trauma Post Concussion Syndrome Different therapeutic modalities she works with, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Somatic Therapies, EMDR, and Brain Spotting Her work helping women entrepreneurs Challenges women face in business Feminine and Masculine energies and how we all have these different energies to differing degrees The importance of having unstructured time Brain Spotting - what it is and how it works The importance of Pleasure - how to allow oneself to more fully experience pleasure Psychedelic Assisted Therapy and specifically, Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) Different ways Ketamine can be administered therapeutically, for example with Treatment Resistant Depression versus the lower doses that Hilary usually works with Ways in which Ketamine assisted therapy can help Ego dissolution and the temporary dissolving of the 'default mode network' in our brain/nervous system and how valuable an experience of being alive without being stuck in one's usual suffering can be so immensely valuable and life affirming Hilary shares an anchoring or grounding technique with us: I am here. A State of Mind Podcast: A State of Mind Counseling: Support the show:
August 12, 2021
#82- Consciousness is the Glue: Psychedelics, Couples Work, and Buddhism with Sashi Gerzon-Rose
Julian speaks with Sashi Gerzon-Rose, LPC. Sashi is a therapist working in the Denver/ Boulder area of Colorado. She is a long time practitioner and now a teacher of meditation and yoga. She works with individuals and couples and offers psychedelic assisted therapy with Ketamine. Topics covered: Her growing up with Orthodox Judaism Religion and Culture Pre-Modern, Modern and Post-Modern cultural shifts Historical stages in the development of Buddhism, which in the Tibetan traditions are called Hinayana, Mahayana and Vajrayana. The importance of community and connection as a part of spiritual or meditative practice. The concept of Regulation and Co-Regulation in Psychology Couples work Learning to co-regulate with your partner Tolerating discomfort and difference in your relationship Learning productive ways to argue and have conflict Psychedelics and Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Discussion of the current state of affairs with Psychedelic Assisted Therapy: what is currently legal and what is not yet , but which hopefully will be in the next several years. Contra-indications for psychedelic assisted therapy The primacy of consciousness and the importance of our irreducible, subjective first hand experience. Learn more about Sashi at: She is offering an upcoming Yoga retreat: A State of Mind Podcast: A State of Mind Counseling: Support the show:
August 03, 2021
#81 - Dr. Jenelle Kim and the Korean Art of Living Meditation
Julian speaks with Dr. Jenelle Kim. Dr. Kim is a 9th generation traditionally trained Korean doctor. Dr. Kim is devoted to integrating the philosophy, medical wisdom and expertise of East Asia with the advancements of modern life and medicine of the West in order to touch and positively affect the lives of others. Jenelle holds a Master of Science Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine (MSTOM) and is Nationally Board Certified in Herbology, Oriental Medicine, and Acupuncture. She furthered her studies abroad, training with some of the most respected doctors and herbologists of East Asia. Through the companies she co-founded – Orience, Tao of Man, and JBK Wellness Labs – Jenelle is able to share the healing power of Traditional Oriental Medicine with a greater audience around the world. Topics Covered 0:00 Introduction Derek Demuth's music video made it past the YouTube censors and you can watch it on episode #79 More stories of disfunction and extreme social justice ideology at Naropa University Introducing Dr. Jenelle Kim 7:13 Conversation with Dr. Kim begins Her background and family lineage The 3 M's: Movement, Meditation and Medicine Reflections on 'Eastern' and 'Western' Cultures and Pre-modern and Modern eras How to make the right choices in your life- The "True and Right Method": True= what is true for you in that situation and Right = what is best for everyone involved. Meditation and Non-duality Stories of her father and his meditation teacher Advice around herbal medicine and taking supllements Her upcoming book: Myung Sung: The Korean Art of Living Meditation Learn more about Dr. Jenelle Kim here: A State of Mind Podcast: A State of Mind Counseling: Support the show:
July 24, 2021
#80- Shadow Sides of Naropa University with Kate Vosti, Somatic Educator
Kate Vosti, a Somatic Educator and dancer, sits down with Julian to discuss her path and work and her mixed experiences as a former graduate student at Naropa University's Somatic Counseling Dance and Movement Therapy program. Learn More About Kate: Instagram: @rhythm.rose Topics (in Chronological Order): 0:00-11:28 Introduction Buddhist Perspectives on Human Development and Spiritual Development Her early interest in the Buddhist teachings Self Doubt as a form of Laziness Different ways to understand ‘doubt’ and ‘the mind of  not knowing’ Being ‘spiritual not religious’ New age spiritual beliefs The relative rarity of talking with someone practicing within an authentic spiritual lineage That modern or contemporary people have a ‘God shaped hole in their hearts’ The surprising success of Trader Joe’s in offering us less choices 27:30: The reasons why Naropa University seemed to make so much sense for Kate The events, health struggles, discovering Ecstatic Dance and Five Rhythms that lead to Kate eventually going to the graduate school for Somatic Psychology at Naropa University The Calling to become a somatic dance movement therapist Issues with the current state of Naropa University from the perspective of being a student How Naropa University seems afraid to challenge it's students 40:00 How Kate feels psychologically traumatized by attending Naropa 50:00 - Issues of Cultural Appropriation around Buddhism and other forms of spirituality at Naropa 54:00 - how the Masters in Dance Movement Therapy program lacked learning how to practice or teach dance movement therapy; how their one class on Dance Movement Therapy focused instead on the colonialism of ballet and related topics. 57:00 - a few of many stories of social justice attempts gone awry from Julian's experience in the Graduate School of Psychology 62:00: Is it advancing the cause of Social Justice to apologize for the color of your skin? Discussion of the shadow sides and down sides of the current state of education at Naropa 90:00 - not allowed to use the word 'mute' to refer to muting oneself while on Zoom because it is not politically correct. Links to articles and books mentioned: Even "Trigger Warning" is Now Off Limits by John McWhorter The Coddling of the American Mind: A State of Mind Podcast: A State of Mind Counseling: Support the show:
July 10, 2021
#79 - The Six String Journey with Visionary Musical Artist Derek Demuth
Julian talks with Derek Demuth, a classically trained, percussive finger style guitarist, artist and visonary. Topics: Studying Classical music Developing his own style All the work behind the scenes to create a music video How the Pandemic has affected musicians and how it has affected different people differently Climate Change Psychedelics and Psychedelic assisted Therapy Technology and the Creative Process Electronic Music and Live musicians YouTube censorship Secret bonus music video Premier of a new song by Derek called Sands of Time At end of this podcast is the full uncensored music video created by Derek that was taken down by YouTube earlier this year Learn more about Derek at: Spotify: Instagram:  @derek_demuth A State of Mind Podcast: A State of Mind Counseling: Support the show:
June 26, 2021
#78- Wilderness, Somatic & Psychedelic Therapies with April Pojman
Julian talks with April Pojman, a wilderness and somatic based trauma informed therapist. Topics range from what trauma is and why being in touch with one's body is essential to healing to the role that psychedelic medicines can play in healing. Learn more about April at: Topics: April shares how she works with a Somatic orientation, with wilderness and with psychedelics - and ways these three are all similar EMDR Trauma therapy What is Trauma in context of psychology and therapy? April's experience with NGOs and policy work Somatic Psychedelics Wilderness Ketamine and Cannabis assisted therapy and what that can look like The stigmas and stereotypes around Cannabis and how different it is in the context of therapy Why she named her practice Lions Breath Counseling. A State of Mind Podcast: A State of Mind Counseling: Support the show:
June 13, 2021
#77 - Empowering Creativity with Janis Dochterman, Expressive Arts Therapist
Julian speaks with Janis Dochterman, an expressive arts therapist. Learn more about Janis and her many offerings here: Click this link to participate in the Ways of Looking Research study on the relationship between meditation practice preferences, personality traits, and the use of psychedelics. No psychedelic experience is required for participation. Learn more about Tiny Temples: A State of Mind Podcast: A State of Mind Counseling: support the show:
May 26, 2021
#76 - The Beacon Calling You Home with Ena Vie and Howard Lipp of Ka-aela Rafaana Ministry
Julian speaks with Ena Vie and Howard Lipp of Keala Rafana Ministry. Learn more about their work and connect with Ena and Howard at: Instagram: @enavieandhowardlipp Facebook: Ena Vie and Howard Lipp Topics: Addictions How we are addicted to our thinking Plant spirit medicine and Psychedelics as anti-addiction medicine Music as sanity - how Howard grew up as a musician Howard's experience in an Addiction treatment center and how an experience with 'Soma' helped him to overcome the roots of his addictions The Soma in this case may well have been derived from Amanita muscaria Ena's life story of growing up in a strong Christian community and eventually breaking away from that The importance of community and how their ministry is about creating a positive loving community Authentic self - what it is and how to discover it How to know what to do Traditions and living lineages - the need for spirituality and traditions to evolve with each generation, rather than holding to a fixed view of how it is supposed to be. Howard shares from his Hebrew culture how the Torah and other scriptures are meant to be living and evolving with each generation. Everything is energy consciousness There is a beacon calling you home. It is the song of your soul. Come listen with us a while. We will help you hear the music. The song of your essence, the divine spark that’s you, is the song that calls you home. Keala Rafana ( A State of Mind Podcast: A State of Mind Counseling: support the show:
May 13, 2021
#75 - Wild Horses (& goats!) with Kate Neligan, Equine-Partnered Life/Career Coach, Speaker, Author & Healer
Julian speaks with Kate Neligan. Kate works as a coach and brings people and groups to spend time with horses and goats as part of her coaching. Learn More about Kate Neligan at: Click this link to participate in the Ways of Looking Research study on the relationship between meditation practice preferences, personality traits, and the use of psychedelics. No psychedelic experience is required for participation. Topics: Introduction 0:00- 8:12: Ways of Looking Science study on the  relationship between meditation practice preferences, personality traits, and the use of psychedelics. Julian's bout with Covid Conversation with Kate Neligan 8:33: Equine and goat assisted coaching Loves animals Taming - gentleing 'Power with' Fun theory - that people will do more if its fun Bring teams from Corporate America to spend a day with the horses Emotional intelligence 'taming' or 'breaking' a horse - Kate prefers to call it 'gentling' Wild horses Re-Wilding Kate is starting to train other Equine coaches A State of Mind Podcast: A State of Mind Counseling: support the show:
May 02, 2021
#74 - Life Awake with Ori Zimmels
Julian is joined by Ori Zimmels, a spiritual teacher and guide.    Ori offers coaching, mentoring and guiding as well as leading groups.   Learn more about Ori's work and contact him at  Topics Discussed:    - Spirituality and what it is   - Being a 'seeker', looking for truth, exploring different paths   - Efforting and Effortlessness    - India   - Spirituality as Developmental   - Importance of having a guide or teacher who actually cares about you   - Spirituality as a developmental path of getting to deeper and deeper identities  - Making Decisions from rightness or true Self and distinguishing that right choice from when one is dis-regulated  - Differentiating 'self' or 'true self' from 'self image'  - Self and Authentic Impulse  - Non-duality
April 17, 2021
#73 - Lama Sarah Harding & Translating Buddhism for the Modern World
Lama Sarah Harding joins Julian to share stories of her life and work as a practitioner, scholar, Lama and translator of Buddhism. About Sarah Harding: Sarah completed the first three-year retreat for westerners at Kagyu Ling, France, 1976–1980 and later served as a translator at Kagyu Shenpen Kunkyab, Santa Fe, 1980–1992. She was a founding member of Kalu Rinpoche’s International Translation Group in 1987 and has taught the Tibetan language to hundreds of students over the years, including creating a popular Tibetan language correspondence course. She retired from Naropa University in 2018 after twenty-six years of service. She continues her written translation work from her home in Boulder, Colorado. Tsadra Foundation fellow since 2000. Topics: Sarah Harding shares stories from her life Issues of Translation Discussion of Vajrayana Deity Yoga Practice and her translation of Creation and Completion Neuroscience and Buddhism Emptiness and Compassion A State of Mind Podcast: A State of Mind Counseling: support the show:
April 11, 2021
#72 - Kyle Buller of Psychedelics Today
Kyle and Julian discuss the history, present and future of psychedelics.  Kyle is the co-founder and director of education and training at Psychedelics Today.   0:00 - 5:31  Intro  5:54 Conversation with Kyle   Topics discussed:   - Psychedelics Today   - History of Psychedelics   - Stan Grof and Holotropic Breath Work   - Kyle shares his story of a near death experience at age 16   - Rick Strassman and DMT  - Over Use and Right Use   - Julian shares about the Psychedelic Sitter School   A State of Mind Podcast:    A State of Mind Counseling:    support the show:
March 26, 2021
#71 - Psychedelic Secrets of Buddhism with Mike Crowley
Mike Crowley is the author of Secret Drugs of Buddhism: Psychedelic Sacraments and the Origins of the Vajrayana. He has been practicing and studying Tibetan Buddhism for over 40 years and after over 20 years of study and practice was recognized as a lama by his teacher. He is currently writing a new book on Psychedelics for Buddhist and Buddhism for Psychonaughts. O:00- 10:57 Introduction 10:58 Conversation with Mike Crowley begins Partial List of topics in order discused: Soma, the ancient ritual drink of the Vedas The Caste System and Vedic rituals To even touch a Mushroom was forbidden in the ancient Laws of Manu The War on Drugs and Cultural Taboos Pema Lingpa, biography and Mike Crowley discovering a terma treasure from Pema Lingpa inside of a prayer wheel Longchenpa The importance of Amrita or the 'nectar of immortality' in Vajrayana Buddhism Robert Thurman, Timothy Leary, Ralph Metzner Death and Deathlessness, Ego and 'ego death' Non-duality, Emptiness and Oneness Panca - Amrita 'the five fold amrita' that later became the English word 'punch'. Duncan Creek Farm Retreats in northern California A State of Mind Podcast: A State of Mind Counseling: support the show:
February 28, 2021
#68- From Therapist to Guide with Jeff James Howard, LPC
Jeff James Howard, LPC joins Julian discussing the state of psychotherapy, being a soul guide, some of the problems with 'cancel culture' and the adolescence of United States culture writ large, vision fasts in the desert, men's work, danger of bypassing one's own past and unsustainable ways of trying to achieve transformation - list of topics below Feb 18 republished with Edited Intro - 0:00- 5:40min Intro 5:40 min - 68:00min - Conversation with Jeff Topics: Transitioning from psychotherapy to being a  soul guide Inside the Kiva Finding our life's purpose and calling The difference between 'you have a unique gift' and 'what do you want to be when you grow up?' The stories we grow up with Introjects versus leading with genuine longing Why Jeff went into therapy as a client Bill Plotkin, Depth Psychologist, Wilderness Therapy, Amos Valley Institute and the Patho Adolescence - how many of us never really grows up and become initiated adults in the world. That the Insurrection at the Capital, the Me Too movement, BLM are developmentally in their adolescence and young in their process The School of Lost Borders Wilderness Vision Quests "We don't go out into the woods to find ourselves or discover new parts of ourselves or become a new person. We go out to be with who we already are." Psychiatric drugs and the risks and disfunction in our current medical system Men's Work Making Messes and cleaning them up skillfully - rather than being a people pleaser or a yes man or trying to be nice all the time Black Mirror episode where someone can be 'canceled' and literally disappear from the perception of all the other people around them, effectively being exiled from humanity itself. Learn more about Jeff at: A State of Mind Podcast: A State of Mind Counseling: support the show:
February 18, 2021
#70 - Brain Health & Preventing Dementia, Alzheimer's and Strokes with Dr Robert Love
Julian sits down with Dr. Love for the second part of their conversation.    0:00- 5:07 Introduction   Topics:  - Alzheimers   - Story of my grandmother   - Paranoia    - Declining Life Expectancy in the USA   - How counties that experienced declining life expectancy overwhelmingly supported Trump in 2016   - Why he got inspired around issues of brain health, dementia and Alzheimer's    - His two grandparents who had dementia   - Strokes  - How diabetes, cholesterol, heart issues put you at greater risk for strokes   - The crucial role of diet   - How he made a healthy chocolate that is great for the brain   - Why you don't feel full after eating a twinkie   - Problems with diet sodas   - Importance of fiber   - Dealing with confusing and conflicting dietary advice  - Chronic inflammation that can come from diet   A State of Mind Podcast:    A State of Mind Counseling:    support the show:
February 18, 2021
#69 - Jordan Peterson and the Culture Wars with Dr. Love
Julian and Dr. Love sit down to discuss Jordan Peterson, the culture wars and more. Part 1 of 2 Dr. Love has a PhD in psychology and he is a master chocolate maker, making chocolate that is good for your health 0:00 - 3:36min Intro 3:36min Conversation with Dr. Love Topics covered: JP Controversy Tribalism Gender and trans-gender issues Problems with the news media How in the Age of Information we need to make conscious and good choices about what information to take in and give our attention to Drug Policy Problems with our political system Issues with social media and cell phone addiction What is success - problems with our narrow cultural views of 'success' Appreciating how much wealth we have as a society A State of Mind Podcast: A State of Mind Counseling: support the show:
February 13, 2021
#67 - Social Media & Smartphone Addiction: The Power of Looking Within - Part 2 with Craig Salerno, LPC
Julian and Craig discuss social media and smart phone use from the perspective of addictions. This is part two of our conversation. Topics in order 0-7:00 - Intro 7:00 - Conversation with Craig Cell phone addiction Social Dilemma documentary Craigs view that the recovering addicts are the wisdom holders here Julian's dream of tentacles from iPhone into my head the night he had an iPhone for the first time Definitions of mind being beyond limits of physical body- existing in relationships. Dan Siegal's definition of mind. Moving Internally to work with this issue rather than external regulation What we are up against - how our capitalist system preys on our addictions - and incentivizes consumption and addiction The role of Intention and the limits of our Will Power and Desire in stopping and Addiction No evidence that intention and desire, excitement and enthusiasm correlates to success in stopping an addiction The ways in which Social Media can begin to seem more 'real' than real life What are the unmet needs that an addiction seems to be or is meeting The role of Core emotional needs Sense of pervasive emptiness in our culture Phenomena of looking up people through social media, like your ex's current partner The need to be careful with what information we are taking in How to work with impulse to an addictive habit such as checking your phone Learn more about Craig Salerno: A State of Mind Podcast website: Learn more about Julian at A State of Mind Counseling: support the show:
January 29, 2021
#66 - Psychedelic Therapy, Addictions and More - with Craig Salerno, Part 1
Julian sits down with Craig Salerno, MA, LPC, LAC - they discuss Psychedelic- assisted therapy, Ketamine Therapy, Addictions and more. Learn more about Craig at Notes Sharing listener comments and discussing previous episode 3:45 Introduction to this episode 7:38 Conversation with Craig Salerno begins Craig's early start to his career in therapy Addictions and Psychedelics - the stigma, and issues around offering a 'drug' to a 'drug addict' Craig defines addiction as using a substance to check out and Psychedelic therapy as using a substance to help go within How Craig as a therapist determines if someone's relationship with a substance is problematic /addictive or not Moving from the old school AA model of either addicted or sober to a more nuanced understanding that includes responsible use. Transcending identification as an addict Many people relapse at the 6 month mark Bill, found of AA, had a profound spiritual experience with LSD and wanted to share it in all AA meetings Finding a Middle Way with Psychedelics as part of the maturing of our culture. Psychedelic Integration Therapy Stigma around Ketamine and advantages to it's use in psychotherapy Ketamine has been shown to be very effective in helping with treatment resistant depression Puritanism and the cultural suspicion of anything that brings pleasure or joy in our Culture How Ketamine as a dissociative can help with depression and to bring insight and psychological well being in general How Ketamine assisted psycho-therapy can help with Addiction issues Cannabis - how it is a bit of a 'trickster' How many people have a 'never ending ambivalent relationship with cannabis' Criticizing the pharmaceutical industry and psychiatric model to treating mental health That Psychedelics are Not dose dependent "Psychedelic FOMO" The trap of 'always working on myself' Importance of Initiation How Psychedelics can play an initiatory role and how we need elders to hold and guide us in this process - and how this can be a process of cross generational healing. How the original teachings from the historical Buddha are all about addiction Addiction as a spectrum that we are all on Stats on Addictions: A State of Mind Podcast website: Learn more about Julian at A State of Mind Counseling: support the show:
January 19, 2021
#65 - Unusually Hardcore Dharma with Daniel M. Ingram
Julian sits down with the Arahant Daniel M. Ingram in this far ranging discussion of Meditation and the possible highs and lows, including things like experiencing a 'dark night of the soul.' Daneil is the author of the book Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha: An Unusually Hardcore Dharma Book 0:00-4:43 Housekeeping, Julian shares about his recent solo meditation retreat 4:43-10:15: Intro to Conversation with Daniel 10:35- 2:08 - Conversation with Daniel Ingram We discuss the following topics: Daniel's work to research meditation for mainstream psychology and modern medical science The risks of idealizing a single Guru and basing your entire path on one person Julian shares a bit about my practicing with Reggie Ray and my appreciation and also disagreement with his teachings The possibility of real transmission and the real value of authentic lineage The phenomena and practice of magic and the importance of being able to shift between different contexts and ways of understanding The ways in which practices such as sending out healing light can actually be helping others beyond our own personal imagination and experience Daniel recommends the following books: The Power of 8, The Intention Experiment, Real Magic The power of opening up to healing and blessings from divinities Daniel's thoughts on past and future lives Amazing story of Daniel interviewing a patient who had multiple near death experiences due to being one of the first people to receive a pacemaker. And his descriptions of his near death experiences are fascinating. The sadly pervasive afflictions of self directed negativity, negative self talk, and poor self esteem Daniel personally saw pediatric emergency hospitalization cases double because of social media - kids presenting in psychiatric crisis due to social media's influence The pervasive and deluded sense of 'you need to do this in order to be ok as you are' Music and Meditation The importance of Effortlessness in the realization of our true authentic nature The Possibility of millions of people learning basic mindfulness and meditation techniques that could lead to seeing through the false self on a vast, societal wide scale. This is both Utopian thinking and very possible. How the Modern Mindfulness movement ignored the extreme Highs (such as the possibility of awakening)  as well as the Lows of Meditation practice (things like the 'dark night of the soul') in order to sell the mushy middle. What it takes to genuinely scale this in a repsonsible, honest way. EPRC (Emergent Phenomenology Research Consortium) Julian shares about his experience working in the mental health field and people who have had psychotic breaks at least in part form things like fasting and meditation Links: Daniel Ingram: EPRC (Emergent Phenomenology Research Consortium
January 11, 2021
#64 - Sex, Power and Stages of Growth - with Kevin McKeag
Kevin McKeag returns to the podcast; Julian and him discuss the need for a healthy positive vision of masculinity and what that could look like. They talk again about power and hierarchy and the difference between dominator hierarchies and growth hierarchies and how we cannot escape making value judgements about integral theory and stages of human development, meditation, what " ego " means and how to understand and work with our sense of self And then Kevin shares with us about Taoist sexual yoga practices and how they have helped him - and he shares some practical tips to start cultivating your own sexual energy and using this to power your own development, creativity and giving your gifts to the world. List of Names and Resources mentioned: Ken Wilber Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche David Deida Mantak Chia John Gray Jordan Peterson Susanne Cook-Greuter Terri O'Fallon Dr. Nida Chenagtsang and Ben Joffe, Ph.D. , The Yoga of Bliss Power vs. Force by  David R. Hawkins M.D. Ph.D Learn more about Kevin and his work at: A State of Mind podcast website: Learn more about Julian at A State of Mind Counseling: support the show:
December 13, 2020
#63 - Looking at 2020 from the Front Porch - with Stephan VanNortwick
Julian and Stephen take a look back at 2020, discussing the pandemic and the various protest movements that Stephen has witnessed from his front porch every weekend since April 15, 2020. Julian shares about his former days as a journalist and some of his thoughts on the state of things. Learn more about Julian at support the show:
December 07, 2020
#62: Express Yourself - with Monalicious
Mona (Monalicious) and Julian discuss self expression, community building, perseverance, and how playing Dungeons and Dragons can help you to get more creative. Mona shares about her work teaching high school classes on audio production and creative empowerment in the Denver area. About Mona: Mona (Monalicious) is a musical momma, video queen and community leader from Denver, CO. As a songwriter she balances humility with majesty.  As a native to Denver, she has grown with the city and has flourished in the arts community through her music and leadership. Mona is the founder and executive producer of a local community media organization called FreeMusicForFreePeople (FM4FP), also known as FreePeopleTV and Free People Records. FM4FP hosts immersive and creative events with the goal of fostering community. FM4FP established their video branch as FreePeopleTV and currently has several video series showcasing Denver music culture. For more info about their upcoming events and latest videos, go to their website - Beyond Mona’s community efforts through FM4FP, she has been involved with many local projects and currently co-organizes for one of Denver’s music industry meet-ups called Balanced Breakfast (BB). BB is an international networking organization that strives to foster community in local and national music scenes. Mona is a Teaching Artist and Lead Program Coordinator at Youth On Record (YOR) , a nationally recognized non-profit organization that brings artistic opportunity to underserved youth. Mona teaches Audio Production to Denver high school students along with her involvement in YOR’s girls club FEMpowered.
November 27, 2020
#61- Getting Witchy
Julian has two guests on for the first time. Samuel McCabe is a ceremonial magician and Lisa Jane is a pagan green anarchist who has been working with Julian to create the Boulder chapter of the Psychedelic Sangha and to host Integration Circles for our growing community. In this conversation, Samuel, Julian and Lisa Jane discuss the history of magic and the occult, similarities between Western Occultism and Esoteric or Tantric Buddhism and the role of compassion and ethics in spiritual practice, as well as ways of understanding what makes something Buddhist practice or not, such as the fundamental role of compassion, wisdom into the true nature of mind and phenomena and awakening, or enlightenment. About Samuel - Samuel McCabe is a visual artist, ceremonial magician and tarot reader. He lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife, Elizabeth and cat, Venus. He reads tarot and teaches courses on magic at Ritualcravt, also in Denver. You can find him on Patreon at: . Thanks again, Julian. It was a pleasure meeting you and recording the podcast. About Lisa Jane - Lisa Jane is a multi-media visual artist, poet, pagan, green anarchist, occasional film programmer & journalist, and community radio host.  She also co-facilitates a Boulder psychedelic integration circle with A State of Mind podcast host, Julian Royce. Some book recommendations: Waking the Witch: Reflections on Women, Magic, and Power by Pam Grossman Pagan Anarchism by Christopher Scott Thompson Consciousness Medicine by  Françoise Bourzat & Kristina Hunter The Brazen Vessel by Peter Grey & Alkistis Dimech Cosmic Trigger by Robert Anton Wilson The Book of Lies:  The Disinformation Guide to Magick and the Occult by Richard Metzger, Grant Morrison, ect. Thee Psychick Bible by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge Psychedelic Sangha: Message us at to learn more and if you are interested in joining our online Integration Circle, held on the first Thursday of every month at 6pm Mountain time Support the show:
November 01, 2020
#60 Ranked Choice Voting: A (much) Better Way to Vote
Julian discusses Ranked Choice Voting with Matt Benjamin, who ran for public office only to see his campaign and all the votes he garnered turn into a 'spoiler', ironically helping elect the candidate with which he had the least in common. This experience propelled him to look at how our voting system works and to advocate for a better system, which is Ranked Choice Voting. Julian wanted to have this conversation because he has been passionate about Ranked Choice Voting since learning about it 20 or so years ago after the 2000 Election was effectively decided (i.e. stolen) by the Supreme Court. About Matt: Matt Benjamin has lived in Boulder for 20 years with his wife and 2 kids. He holds a degree in Astrophysics from the University of Colorado.  Matt ran for Boulder City Council in 2017, then was the Executive Director of The Coalition in 2019. He also served on the City's Campaign Finance and Election Reform Working Group in 2018.  Matt is currently the Campaign Chair for the "Our Mayor-Our Choice" ballot measure in Boulder, Colorado. He is also on the Board of Directors for three non-profit organizations, the Boulder Open Space Conservancy, Growe Foundation and the Idaho Conservation League. Instagram: ourmayorourchoice2020 National Ranked Choice Voting Organization: Colorado RCV: Wikipedia on Gore v Bush:
October 21, 2020
#59 - Fascism and the Future of Democracy with Theo Horesh
Theo Horesh joins Julian for a discussion of his new book The Fascism This Time: and the Global Future of Democracy. They discuss Trump and the wave of right wing leaders who have taken power across the globe and how this relates to human development individually and collectively. And they discuss why such a reaction seemingly against globalism is taking place, even as our world becomes more and more interconnected and our mutual cooperation is more essential than ever before in order to face the global challenges confronting us, including Climate Change, Coronavirus and human rights. About Theo: Theo Horesh is a human rights advocate and public intellectual, who has written hundreds of articles on genocide, climate change, fascism, and democracy. Theo is also a long time meditator and student of philosophy. He is the founder of the Trident Philosophy Gang, an open circle of thinkers, and host of Conscious Business, a series of critical dialogues, chosen by Business Insider as one of 100 podcasts that will make you smarter. He is the author of four books on the psychosocial dynamics of globalization, including Convergence: The Globalization of Mind and his most recent, The Fascism This Time: and the Global Future of Democracy. And he is a political philosopher, currently completing his PhD, focused on cosmopolitan ethics, at the University of Leeds. Learn more about Theo at:
October 07, 2020
#58- Ratu Bagus: The Trauma of Spiritual Abuse with Samantha Emmitt
Samantha Emmitt shares about her life and journey as a spiritual seeker and her time in the spiritual community of the teacher Ratu Bagus in Bali. She courageously shares her story of sexual abuse at the hands of the 'guru' and her journey to healing and wholeness since leaving that community. Instagram: Facebook: Support this show:
September 25, 2020
#57 - The Emerging Field of Psychedelic Assisted Therapy with Aviva Bannerman, MA, LPC
Episode #57 - A State of Mind - Julian and Aviva discuss the emerging field of psychedelic assisted therapy. We talk about Aviva's calling to be a therapist and healer, her travels around the world and how she discovered the world of psychedelic assisted therapy while in graduate school And we talk about the kinds of things that psychedelic assisted therapy can help with, What healing means in the context of psychology How important the set and setting and how powerful the intention and context is when introducing a substance like ketamine or cannabis in a therapy session. Some of the legal challenges and some perspectives on the disaster that the so called war on drugs has been for our society. Learn more about Aviva at Email: Show Notes and more info: Support the Show at
September 15, 2020
#56: Consciousness and Healing Arts with Alec Brogan, DC
Julian is joined by Alec Brogan, DC. They discuss his work as a Doctor of Chiropractic and Alec's work which he is calling 'the Geometry of Grace' which brings together his deep study of astrology and Human Design. They also talk about alignment, ancestral or lineage healing, the deeper meanings of 'self regulation' and the vital importance of co-creating a positive, empowered vision of masculinity in today's world.  Learn more about Alec's work at
September 02, 2020
#55 - Authentic Relating: Conflict=Energy with Jason Digges
Julian and Jason Digges discuss Authentic Relating, what it is and how to bring more authenticity and greater connection to our lives. They discuss bringing Authentic Relating to jails, how it can help heal us individually and collectively,  and some of the history of this movement and how it relates to schools of psychology such Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology. About Jason Digges: He is the Co-founder of Authentic Relating Training (ART) International and the Author of Conflict = Energy: The Transformative Practice of Authentic Relating. Jason Digges is a modern renaissance man: Equal parts artist, philosopher, teacher, and video producer. From 2003-2012 he worked for Ken Wilber and other clients to create thousands of hours of educational media on the topics of transpersonal psychology, spirituality, productivity, and personal growth. For the past 4 years he has been a trainer and facilitator for groups within the authentic relating and circling realm and is obsessed with how humans can live and relate optimally. Links: Conflict = Energy webpage: Authentic Relating Training International: Facebook: Instagram: @jaydigges On Fear of Public Speaking:
August 15, 2020
#54 - The Bardos of Life - with Olivia Sophie Franzen
Olivia recently graduated with a Masters in Religious Studies from Naropa University and she did her final Thesis project on the so called 'Tibetan Book of the Dead' and the Bardo teachings, which refers to the stages one is said to go through in the dying and rebirth process. We also talk about Self and Selflessness and the different teachings on this given in the different levels of Buddhist teachings Early Christianity and the possibility that Jesus had been to India We talk about Tantra and the importance of honoring your own lived embodied experience We talk about the different deities and the Dakinis or feminine wisdom beings Issues of pluralism and inclusivity and universality in discussing religion or spirituality in general and other issues around being " spiritual but not religious" More about Olivia and her Thai Yoga Massage work here: Links to "Spiritual but not Religious: Quote of the day "Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind. —Albert Einstein"
August 10, 2020
#53- Psychedelic & Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapies - with Pierre Bouchard, LPC
In our conversation today, we talk about meditation, and issues that can arise when we separate ourselves from our experience, which I would say is a mistake one can make in meditation; however it is important to define one's terms carefully. In this context that would include terms such as consciousness, awareness and 'the witness'. Ketamine and Pierre's work with Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy The definition of addiction Trauma and the  importance of working with the body - how being in touch with our somatic      embodied experience is important and how rediscovering the truths held in      our body and experiencing them with a skilled therapist can begin to heal      the continuing effects of traumatic experiencesHow using Ketamine skillfully can assist this process, in part through deeper levels of embodied relaxation The difference between therapy that uses strong psychedelic doses and Psycholytic therapy Psychedelic therapy is when you take a large amount of a psychedelic to hav a full blown experience. This can be very revelatory but it can also be over whelming. Psycholytic Therapy on the  other hand utilizes a smaller amount of a psychedelic substance, so that       one is able to stay in connection and communication with the therapist and process what comes up for you. And I have a new favorite quote that came from todays conversation: ‘We must always be willing to do the next most necessary thing’ Carl Jung Pierre is a Licensed Professional Counselor doing Somatic Psychedelic Psychotherapy with Ketamine. support the show:
August 05, 2020
#52 - The State of Things with EDWORD
Julian and EDWORD discuss  - the Black Lives Matter movement and the lack of leadership and failure in messaging - The downsides of political correctness - Some of the self serving and alarmist rhetoric of the intellectual dark web - Observations about white progressive activists and some of the shadow dynamics at play in disavowing leadership and hierarchies - The importance of having dignity and self respect - And Julian mentions a book called the Meritocracy Trap by Daniel Merkovitz; an economist at Yale University
July 29, 2020
Music & Meditation: Mindful Rhythm with Andrew Forbes
Andrew Forbes and Julian discuss meditation and it's connection with music as well as Andrew's upcoming book Mindful Rhythm and stories from Andrew's life as a traveling musician.  Mindful Rhythm™ and Mindfulness of Rhythm™ are owned and used exclusively by Andrew Forbes. Any permissive use of these terms for business purposes must be granted in writing by the owner of these trademarks. All rights reserved. Media and recordings by Andrew Forbes can be heard in the following links: Recordings can also be heard on iTunes, Apple Music, Youtube, Spotify, Tidal and more. Distribution by Distrokid, courtesy of Pirate Octopus Records. Monlochy Bridge Traditional. 2018. Hurricane Irene (Remix) By Andrew Forbes. 2016 Amazing Grace, Traditional. 2019
July 21, 2020
Moving Forward in a time of Outrage with EdWord Galan
Edward joins Julian Royce on A State of Mind to discuss the worldwide eruption of protests following the death of George Floyd, thoughts on race and racism and the greater social justice movement, and the prevalence of conspiracy thinking.
June 10, 2020
Our Need for Empathy with Apollo Love
Apollo Love joins A State of Mind podcast for a far ranging conversation on the current protests arising from the death of George Floyd and how training and practicing empathy is not only possible but needed. They discuss the rise of conspiracy thinking and how to talk with friends and family who hold different perspectives on challenging topics.  Apollo has given a TED talk on how empathy training can stop school shootings & violence and has taught Empathy training workshops around the country. He helped organize the March for Our Lives protest in Oakland, California, which was an entirely peaceful protest that brought in meditation teachers who lead the staff in meditation before the event began. He was also a star on the reality TV shows The Glass House, MTV's True Life, and has appeared on PBS and NPR as well. show notes and more at support A State of Mind at
June 03, 2020
Quarantine freestyle flows with the Al*chemist Duncan Horst
Duncan had a career in the world of NYC finance before stepping away from it at the start of 2020. He has founded the Creative Cauldron, an event/ party that brings together artists, musicians and poets - and invites the creativity of everyone to...
May 19, 2020
The Yoga of Bliss: Sexuality in Tibetan Buddhism with Dr. Ben Joffe
Dr. Ben Joffe and Julian discuss the book Karmamudra: The Yoga of Bliss: Sexuality in Tibetan Medicine and Buddhism by Dr. Nida Chenagtsang, edited and translated by Ben Joffe, and other topics related to Vajrayana or tantric Buddhism and Vajrayana...
May 08, 2020
Wild Heart: Reconnecting with Wilderness featuring Michael Gay, MA
Michael and Julian discuss the effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic on our mental health and relationships, how our contemporary society contributes to alienating us from our natural evolved ways of being, the role of psychedelics in therapy, and much...
April 30, 2020
#45 - Meditation and Medicine: Healing Power, Transcultural Spirituality, Universal Love as the Path of Awakening
Dr. Rien Havens discusses stages of human development in relation to the stages of awakening described in Mahayana Buddhist teachings on the path of the bodhisattva. A bodhisattva is someone who has dedicated themselves to awakening for the benefit of...
April 23, 2020
Traditional Tibetan Medicine &The Descent of Corona with Erik Jampa, Tibetan Medicine Practitioner
Erik and Julian discuss Coronavirus, traditional Buddhist, Tibetan and Indigenous understandings of virus, disease and karma, why the popular notion of 'free will' is completely illusory, and the deficiencies in our exponential growth pseudo-capitalist...
April 20, 2020
Meanings of Yoga with Ben Williams, PhD
Ben Williams earned his Ph.D. in South Asian Studies from Harvard University. He is currently doing translation and research in multiple areas related to the history of Yoga and Tantra. His dissertation is on the great Tantrik master and polymath...
April 16, 2020
Staying Sane in the Quarantine with visionary artist Steven Newman
Steven and Julian discuss the Coronavirus pandemic, the failures of our political, economic and health systems to adequately address it, the meaning of money and of systems built on the need for constant exponential growth, the symbolism and psychology...
April 08, 2020
Homelessness & the Coronavirus Crisis with Sammie Leon Lawrence IV
Sammie returns to A State of Mind to discuss the crisis of homelessness in the times of the Coronavirus crisis and other pressing political concerns.SAFE: Safe Access For Everyone https://safeaccessusa.comTreatment of Asians during WWII:...
April 04, 2020
A Guided Meditation for the Coronavirus Pandemic
Julian offers a guided meditation to help work with the difficulties and challenges we are facing during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Learn more about Julian at
March 26, 2020
The Coronavirus Pandemic with Dr. Trevor Royce
Julian and Trevor discuss the on going Coronavirus pandemic; Trevor shares the latest research and facts, the protocols being adopted at the UNC Chapel Hill Medical Research Hospital, and what to do if you or a loved one becomes infected. Straight talk...
March 17, 2020
Visionary Plant Spirit Medicine with Kuthoomi
Julian and Kuthoomi discuss plant spirit medicine and psychedelics in the context of the traditions form which they came as well as the contemporary context and the phenomena of 'new age shamans.' Kuthoomi shares about his life, his training and the...
March 16, 2020
#36- Buddha Bomb: Spontaneous InterConnectivity
Buddha Bomb - aka James Jobson - shares with us some of his life, inspiration and wisdom. Buddha Bomb is an artist, poet, and DJ. He is also a long time meditator. He helps host Sleepless Nights, a show on the KGNU radio station. He plays at Ecstatic...
February 26, 2020
Mycology and Wild Foraging with Stephen Vannortwick
Stephen and Julian discuss mycology, wild foraging, being an artist and the inter-connected nature of all things.
February 18, 2020
Spiritual emergencies & a broken mental health care system- with Integral coach Chris Emerson
Chris shares some of his own journey with mental health and his work to help people grow and even awaken through spiritual emergencies; "spiritual emergencies" is an idea developed by the famous psychiatrist Stanilov Grof and sees that a 'break down'...
February 11, 2020
Mess O'Shambhala pt3: Carol Merchasin, Investigative Lawyer
Carol Merchasin has been one of the principal investigators into allegations of abuse in the Shambhala Buddhist organization. She is a retired lawyer who has devoted over 500 hours of her time pro bono to this investigation and to talking with the victims and attempting to collaborate their stories and has released several statements about Shambhala, the scandal and contributed to the Buddhist Project Sunshine reports on it.
January 26, 2020
Mess O'Shambhala: Responding to Scandal with Melanie Klein
Here is the re-publishing of the original podcast featuring an in-depth conversation with the director of the Boulder Shambhala Center and the efforts she and this local center have been making to respond to the scandals that have rocked the Shambhala...
January 06, 2020
#31 - Integral Centered - with Robert MacNaughton
In depth conversation with Robert MacNaughton. Robert was the director and founder of the Integral Center in Boulder, Colorado and has taught and developed the interpersonal meditation practice of Circling. In this far ranging conversation, Julian and Robert discuss our post modern age and the giant 'religion sized hole' in our collective psyche, the dignities and disasters of our postmodern age, what the practice of Circling is and how it is an integral practice of relating, the challenges and rewards of being the director of the Integral Center over the last decade, the problems that come with over emphasis on deconstruction, and a refreshing note of optimism for the future of humanity and our planet EARTH.
December 18, 2019
#30 - Adventures in Medical Science with Radiation Oncologist Dr. Trevor Royce
In depth conversation featuring Julian's brother, Dr. Trevor Royce. Trevor is a radiation oncologist specializing in genitourinary malignancies (e.g. prostate and bladder cancer) and breast cancer. He discusses the ups and downs of medical school, what cancer actually is, the latest research on cancer, and his own speciality of Radiation Oncology, where he treats cancer patients with highly concentrated and focused radiation. They also discuss the problems and issues in our medical system and the reasons why costs are so high. They discuss how having a profit motive driving our health care system leads to fundamental underlying issues in the quality of care and in the ability of our system to provide preventive, holistic care.
November 25, 2019
#29 Herbal Medicine: Heart, Mind & Planet with Brigitte Mars
Julian and Brigitte discuss plants, herbal medicines, nutrition and the immense connection between diet and mental health. Brigitte shares about her life long love of plants and herbs and her inspiring work to make positive changes for the health of our planet.
November 17, 2019
#28: Finding Common Ground with Scott Tusa: part 2
Julian and Scott discuss relative truth, how to establish if something is true in the context of 'fake news' and 'alternative facts.' They discuss the teacher -student relationship on one's spiritual path in the context of all the scandals currently afflicting spiritual communities often due to absues from the "guru" and Scott shares his experience of working closely with a spiritual teacher, which has been a positive relationship in his own life. They also talk about race and some other challenging topics.
November 07, 2019
#27: Zen, Kung Fu and Post-Modern Spirituality with Keith Martin-Smith
Keith discusses how he found meditation and shares about his path with Tibetan and Zen Buddhism. Keith highlights the importance of adult psychological development and the potential pit falls and dangers of not doing psychological work along with one's practice of meditation. Keith is a Kung Fu teacher as well as an ordained Zen priest and sensei and is the author of several award winning books and has been an active member in the Integral Theory community of Ken Wilber.
October 27, 2019
#26: Mindfulness on a Global Scale with Kelly Boys
Julian and Kelly discuss her book The Blindspot Effect: How to Stop Missing What's Right in Front of You along with different approaches to Mindfulness practice and using mindfulness to work with trauma. Kelly shares about her work with the U.N. and her experiences visiting refuge camps in the Middle East and her experience with the Prison Yoga Project where she worked with inmates serving long sentences, sometimes life sentences. Kelly also helped develop Search Inside Yourself, a mindfulness and emotional intelligence training program pioneered at Google and now taught around the world.
October 18, 2019
#25: 9 Years as a Buddhist Monk: Scott Tusa
Julian and Scott discuss Scott's life and journey with meditation and his being ordained as a monk by the Dalai Lama. After 9 years he decided to no longer be a monk in the formal sense and has been exploring relationships and paths of healing while he continues to teach meditation and guide people on their path. We discuss the role of psychological work and relationships have in the context of meditation and differences between pre-modern world and our contemporary society and the question of Evolution and "Progress" and what that can mean both for the individual and for our society at large.
October 16, 2019
#24 Adventures in America with Sammie Leon Lawrence IV
In depth conversation with Sammie Leon Lawrence IV in which he discussed growing up in a mixed race household, his experience being homeless and working his way to stability and his experience suffering a traumatic brain injury from an accident at his job. He shares some thoughts on race and racism in America, including a recent incident of white students at the University of Colorado Fort Collins dressing up in Blackface.
September 26, 2019
Facing Challenges with Grace: in-depth conversation with Judith Simmer-Brown, Ph. D
Judith Simmer-Brown, Ph. D is a Distinguished Professor of Contemplative and Religious Studies at Naropa University and one of the senior most meditation teachers in the Shambhala Buddhist organization. Judith and Julian discuss the scandal and allegations involving 'the Sakyong', who has been the leader of Shambhala for many years. Judith shares about her life long journey with meditation and spirituality and her work in higher education to bring contemplative practices and mindfulness to universities and schools across the world.
September 19, 2019
#22 The Possibility of Collapse with Daniel Thorson
Julian and Daniel discuss mindfulness, meditation and technologies of transformation in the face of climate change and other threats to our collective survival. Daniel is a long time meditator, host of the Emerge Podcast and current resident at the Monastic Academy
September 09, 2019
#21 Cryptocurrencies, Free State Project and Gold: Part 2 with Steven RA Johnson
Steven shares knowledge and insights about cryptocurrencies and the state of our economy as well as his experience with the Free State Project and other experiences with activism.
September 05, 2019
#20 Buddha Lands in Crestone with Steven RA Johnson
Steven Johnson is a long time meditator, scholar and translator from Tibetan to English. We discuss the unique history of Crestone, Colorado, a small mountain town which currently has over 40 spiritual retreat centers in the mountains around it and which has long been sacred to the Indigenous peoples. Steven shares with us a few poetic translations as well
September 04, 2019
Radical Happiness with Erric Solomon
Erric and Julian have an in depth discussion about happiness, it's causes and the role that meditation and mindfulness practices can play in cultivating genuine happiness for ourselves and those in our lives.
September 02, 2019
Reflecting on Dharma with Dr. Phil Stanley
Dr. Phil and Julian discuss Buddhist philosophy and some practical applications of it to our lives today
August 26, 2019
Tiny Temples & Natural Building with Corwin Mandel
Corwin Mandel and Julian discuss natural building and tiny homes; Corwin describes creating inspirational living spaces that are living works of art, which he calls Tiny Temples.
August 18, 2019
Paths of Soul, Dance & Embodiment with Amber Ryan: The 360 Emergence
In depth conversation with Amber Ryan, an international movement-meditation teacher and DJ and co-founder of The 360 Emergence along with Kate Shela
August 13, 2019
The Nitty Gritty with Naropa University President Chuck Lief
Naropa University President Chuck Lief discussing the history and legacy of Naropa as a foundational piece in the contemporary mindfulness movement and one of the first places that mindfulness was taught in a secular, systematic way while at the same time being deeply informed by contemplative traditions, especially Indo-Tibetan Buddhist traditions. We discuss the controversial legacy of the schools founder, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, and stories from his life and the early days of the school. Chuck shares about his life's work as a lawyer and activist and sone surprising reasons for the high cost of university education in the USA today.
July 18, 2019
The Art of Dialogue and the Way of Peacemaking: Your Electric Servant(s)
Recorded Live at the Sonic Bloom transformational festival, this is a conversation with your Electric Servant about his work as a peace maker in Israel and the Middle East and how the Art of Dialogue can deepen connections, understanding and contribute to real, lasting peace on this earth and presumably, for those who so believe, in the glory of everlasting after life on the pink clouds of a place called heaven.
July 11, 2019
Somebody or Nobody? with Mr. Ryan Nobody
Recorded live at Sonic Bloom transformational festival, Julian Ocean speaks with multi instrumentalist musician Ryan Nobody about his creative process and life, about building an earth ship in the desert outside Taos, New Mexico and the influence of Eastern philosophy on his life and work.
July 09, 2019
The Light and Dark with Leslie Rogers
In depth and provocative conversation with Leslie Rogers, co-founder of the Light Dark Institute; He teaches and facilitates experiences on how to embrace the parts of ourselves and the world that we deny or have rejected for greater power and freedom.
June 26, 2019
Fest Medical, Integrated Healing and the Permaculture of Relationships
Talking with Joel Roth Davis, founder of Festival Medical, a non-profit organization which brings integrated medical care to festivals. Three elements of integrated healing are emphasized: Emergency Response, Alternative Healing and Harm Reduction. We discuss the US medical system and how this could be a model of more holistic community centered care. We discuss the meaning of Harm Reduction. Joel then shares with us a provocative view of relationships, using principles of Permaculture and applying them to our own eco system of relationships. We discuss different styles of relationships and that some people may well be polyamorous by nature while others are more naturally monogamous. Joel discusses this in the context of six basic human needs: Certainty/Comfort, Uncertainty / Variety, Significance, Love and Connection, Growth, Contribution.
June 15, 2019
Relational Mindfulness with Nicole Reavy, MA
Nicole Reavy, MA. shares with us about her life and how she came to be so passionate about the healing work she is doing today around intimacy, communication and embodiment.
June 13, 2019
Love and Power: Why It Matters
Intimate conversation with Kevin McKeag, a musician, writer and life coach; he shares with us his journey with meditation and experience with different healing modalities as well as his work as a personal coach and meditation instructor.
June 07, 2019
Journeys in Therapy and Healing with Dan Michels
In depth conversation with Dan Michels, MA, a Hakomi and PACT trained psychotherapist.
May 25, 2019
Dr. Travis Cox: the Philosophy of Sustainability
In-depth conversation about the philosophical underpinnings necessary for true sustainability and the shift that our culture needs to take to become sustainable
May 24, 2019
Dr. Ananya: Sacred Sexuality, scandal and liberation
Dr. Ananya discusses her journey with sacred sexuality, her career arc from Ph.D. bio-chemists to integrated sexuality coach, and what an ethics of consent could look like.
May 16, 2019
Steven Newman: Meditation and the Creative Process
We discuss the role of meditation and yoga and psychedelics in Steven's creative process, sacred geometry, and differences in traditional Eastern art forms and contemporary and Western art traditions.
May 15, 2019
Reverend Freakchild: music, addiction and a path through
The life and music of the Reverend Freakchild, his journey with addiction and finding the path of meditation.
May 14, 2019
Christopher Sunyata: The Yoga of Intimate Relationship
In-depth conversation about sexual yoga and the 'yoga of intimacy', relationship and sexuality as a spiritual path, embodied meditation, the importance of orgasm and how to expand it in time and throughout one's entire body.
May 10, 2019
Carla Clements, Ph. D, transpersonal & psychedelic assisted therapies
In-depth conversation with Dr. Clements on psychedelic assisted therapy and research, ecology and transpersonal psychology.
May 05, 2019