A woman on the frontline

7 uncontrollable habits that pull us away from God

An episode of A woman on the frontline

By Precious Jewel
Welcome to a woman on the frontline podcast
This podcast brings you real life stories of the Christian girl and her relationship with God.
we all have our stories written on sands of times.
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The comparison game and the living the lies people have pressurized us into needs to stop. The bible says you are bought with a price and therefore you do not require some other sort of bodily perfection to feel alright. You are made in the image and likeness of God. What are your beauty struggles? Care to share with us? Send me an email @pjewel67@gmail.com. do not forget to visit our blog @ www.preciousjewel.com.ng
May 2, 2019
Sounds of the spirit
I've found that the ear canal could provide sensory experiences that reveal the heart and mind of God. The Bible depicts the reality of perceiving God's voice in a number of dynamic ways. There is a natural tendency to focus on the actual voice of God, but there are also other auditory expressions in Scripture. For example, Moses encountered God's voice in the midst of the thunder and lightening. As you actively engage the Bible, you will discover God revealing His purposes through sound—not just His voice alone, but also through other sonic frequencies. It seems that God created the ear to be a compelling avenue of revelation. Even today, the rich tapestry of sound can become an incredible catalyst for personal exploration. What do you hear right now? Many things transpire in the kingdom of God through His ongoing reverberation.
May 1, 2019
Praying for your friends
Praying for your friends is so important because sometimes they fight battles they may never speak of. Make sure they are covered. There is a friend that sticks closer than a brother proverbs 18:24. Visit my blog @ www.preciousjewel.com.ng
April 24, 2019
7 uncontrollable habits that pull us away from God
If you’ve been feeling disconnected from God lately, it might just be that you’ve been taken hostage by one of these “Enemies of Grace.”   Let’s take a look at these common struggles and prayerfully consider how they might be showing up in our lives.  If we can be honest about the ugly, we can get to the good.    I invite you to listen to this episode with me. I would encourage you to listen prayerfully. Share your comments and join other sisters on this journey. Together, let’s fight these enemies of grace!
April 23, 2019
EP 1 - How to pray when you lack words to say
Have you ever experienced those seasons when you simply lack expression in prayer. It is almost like the words are stuck somewhere in mars or just deep in your pile of life troubles and of course tiredness As always we are keeping it real on the women on the frontline podcast with real stories of our struggles,fears and successes.  Join me as we talk about these issues that affect us as christian girls  Our stories are like the sands of time
April 14, 2019
offficial welcome to A woman on the front line podcast
It is indeed a pleasure to have all of us here on this platform. Grab your earpiece and go on a jolly ride of faith,spirituality and relationship with us
April 11, 2019
Make your mark
Our way of reintroducing ourselves back to life is to never give up on life, fight through and keep telling life Hey,am still here, Let's get started.
October 13, 2018
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