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By Anna Dueck
We help uncover, share and talk through this thing we call adulting. You know, the stuff they should have taught you in school, but either don’t or simply can’t, because life is your teacher. Because we all know we need to behave like an “adult”.
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06 | Cooking for one!
It's time for us to leave the nest, and we're suddenly responsible for feeding ourselves! We dive into a few of the ways we've navigated grocery shopping, cooking, and eating for the single people, or single occupancy households. Shop Ativo Skincare (ambassador): Use code 'ANNA15' for 15% off! Head over to Anna's website for some fun plant based receipts: Follow AAAdulting: Follow Anna and Akeisha: Akeisha's Instagram Anna's Instagram Anna's Website Akeisha's Resilient Dancer Membership Akeisha's Fascial Stretch Therapy
October 29, 2020
05 | Having a Job = Being an adult, right?
In today's episode Anna and Akeisha talk about their past and present jobs, and share some few lessons they wish they were taught in high school.  Bonus: Anna drops some big news!  Books Suggestions (affiliate links): Strengths Finder by Tom Rath The ONE Thing by Gary Keller with Jay Papasan The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks You’re Are a Badass by Jen Sincero Do the Work by Steven Pressfield Podcast Suggestion: How I Built This with Guy Raz  Follow AAAdulting: Follow Anna and Akeisha:
October 15, 2020
04 | Calling your shots during the holidays
Anna and Akeisha talk holidays - sharing their experiences balancing partners, pressures, and expectations. When do we break tradition and call our own shots during a holiday? Follow AAAdulting Follow Anna and Akeisha
October 08, 2020
03 | Hey Babes, Time To Budget
In today's episode Anna and Akeisha open up about how they navigate budgeting and some honest looks into the realities of independent adulting! This episode is brought to you by Balanced Artist the artist guide for taxes and bookkeeping! Use code BALANCED to received 15% off Follow AAAdulting Follow Anna and Akeisha
October 01, 2020
02 | Traveling Solo
Anna and Akeisha have both travelled internationally on their own. They share their favourite moments, memories that didn't leave a lasting impression, and how to navigate travel by yourself. Follow AAAdulting Follow Anna and Akeisha
September 12, 2020
01 | Welcome to the podcast
Anna and Akeisha introduce themselves, why this podcast was started and what adulting is all about. Follow AAAdulting Follow Anna and Akeisha
September 12, 2020