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AUSii Series: Let's Talk!

AUSii Series: Let's Talk!

By AACC Texas
The AUSii Series is brought to you by the Australian American Chamber of Commerce in Houston and is designed to be a platform for sharing digital content which brings together innovators from the US and Australia across the medical, energy, government and technology sectors.
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AUSii Series: Leading Sustainability in a Time of Energy Transition
Come join guest speaker Lauren Riley, Managing Director, Global Environmental Affairs and Sustainability at United Airlines, as she discusses her role at United and the challenges of leading change in a time of energy transition. What’s it like to be a leader at the intersection of a critical transportation industry and the energy transition? How does investing in CO2 mitigation technologies help to drive change? How do sustainable aviation fuels help support a lower carbon future?
May 21, 2021
AUSii Series: Leading the Transformation of EPC in a time of Energy Transition
Join our guest speaker, Geeta Thakorlal, President Digital & Energy Transition from Worley, as we explore the challenges of leading the transformation of EPC in a time of energy transition. - What is it like to be a leader at the intersection of the EPC industry and the Energy Transition? - How is sustainability reshaping the EPC business? - How does an EPC company participate in the decarbonization of the energy system and a lower carbon future?
May 13, 2021
AUSii Series: Let's Talk Houston Start-up Incubators
Houston’s foremost institutions and entrepreneurs have built a vibrant incubator and accelerator network, attracting the brightest researchers and developers, together with cross sector thought leaders and motivated investors. This latest AUSii Series: Let's Talk webinar will increase awareness of the huge potential that this offers and will be invaluable for informing participants of the abundant opportunities that Houston’s Incubator environment provides. PROGRAM DETAILS: Ayse McCracken - President, eNNOVATE Health Ventures; Founder, Ignite Healthcare Network “Houston’s innovation sector, investment opportunities, key challenges and women in healthcare innovation.” Tom Luby - Director, TMC Innovation “TMC Innovation, Healthcare sector areas driving change and challenges.” Colin Denver - CEO, SpeeDx “The start-up journey and expansion throughout Texas.” Shawn Davis - VP and Chief Ventures Officer, BCM Ventures, Baylor College of Medicine (Moderator) "Introduction to Houston Incubators and Speakers.”
March 10, 2021
AUSii Series: Let's Talk Climate Change
SPEAKERS: Dr. Grose - Senior Research Scientist, CSIRO Climate Science CentreDr. Grose reviews the key findings from the CSIRO 2020 State of the Climate report on how Australia’s climate is changing and how these changes are contributing to areas of particular concern to Australia – drought, bushfires, and a warming ocean. Mr. Jamie Isbister - Australia’s Ambassador for the Environment, First Assistant Secretary, Economic Growth and Sustainability Division Mr.Isbister discusses the Australian government’s climate policies, including Australia’s significant and growing investment in renewables and where we stand in reducing our national carbon footprint and meeting our international commitments. Waqar Qureshi: Energy Transition and Sustainability Consultant (Moderator)
March 09, 2021
AUSii Series: Let's Talk - Will Hydrogen be the Rock Star of the Energy Transition?
Hydrogen has re-emerged as the potential solution for the stated goals of many countries and energy industry players to achieve "net-zero" Carbon emissions by 2050. With both Blue and Green Hydrogen expected to have growing roles in energy storage, power generation and mobility solutions, this webinar will address the technical advantages & challenges, the political and commercial drivers and the pivotal role that Australia is expected to play in conjunction with many high energy demand countries in Asia and Europe. PROGRAM DETAILS: Frank Wouters (Abu Dhabi, UAE) - Worley, Global Lead Low Carbon Hydrogen "Hydrogen, the Rock Star of the Energy Transition" Gero Farruggio (Sydney, Australia) - Rystad Energy, Global Head of Renewables "Hydrogen Wars - Worldwide Race to Boost Green Hydrogen" Sam Bruce (Melbourne, Australia) - CSIRO Futures Associate Director "Progress on Australia's Hydrogen Roadmap(s)" Grayson Perry - Austrade Senior Trade & Investment Commissioner "Update on Austrade's Hydrogen-based Strategy & Initiatives"
December 11, 2020
AUSii Women in Leadership Series with Stephanie Campbell (Houston Angel Network)
Join our guest speaker, Stephanie Campbell from the Houston Angel Network for a discussion as we explore the intersections of women and investing - women founders, women investors, and the potential impacts of technology on the lives of women. Questions covered include: What are the challenges and opportunities for women founders and investors? How can women participate in Houston’s startup ecosystem? How can more women founders and investors help drive positive change? How can technology benefit caregiving roles and women’s careers in the future? Speaker: Stephanie Campbell Managing Director, The Houston Angel Network (HAN) General Partner - The Artemis Fund Investment Committee Chair - Houston Exponential
November 20, 2020
AUSii Series: Let's Talk U.S. Elections - Insights and Predictions
The 2020 Presidential race is coming to a climax as both sides vie for key swing states during an unprecedented time in the US.  How will the candidates tackle the hot campaign topics in the final lead up to the election on November 3rd, and who will come out ahead? Join us as we continue our virtual "AUSii Series: Let's Talk" with special guests: Professor Sean Theriault, Department of Government, University of Texas The Hon. Peter McGauran, Australia’s Consul-General and Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner to Houston, Texas During the session, our speakers will cover the following questions: What are the major issues driving this election? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Democrat and Republican campaigns and their Presidential candidates? Is Texas ready to turn Blue at this election? What is the likely outcome of Texas’ Congressional contests? What are the swing states other than Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan? How likely is it that the Democrats could take the Senate? Who will be the 46th President of the United States?
November 09, 2020
AUSii Series: Let's Talk with Barbara Burger (Chevron)
Leading Corporate Innovation and Venture Capital Through the Energy Transition Join our guest speaker, Barbara Burger - VP Innovation, President of Technology Ventures at Chevron - as we explore the strategic value of corporate venture capital and the leadership challenges of the energy transition. What’s it like to be leader at the intersection of venture capital and the energy transition? How does corporate venture capital help to drive change? How does carbon capture and storage support a lower carbon future?
November 05, 2020
AUSii Women in Leadership Series with Marie Myers (HP Inc.)
Join our guest speaker, Marie Myers from HP Inc. as we explore how innovative technologies can improve the ways we work and deliver real value within an enterprise, as well as how digital transformation will continue to impact both our personal and our work lives. What’s it like driving significant transformational change at a large, multi-national information technology company? What are the most compelling opportunities for companies that want to leverage digital transformation? How will digital transformation change existing industries and positively impact our lives? Guest Speaker: Marie Myers - Chief Transformation Officer  &  Chief Financial Officer  at HP Inc. Moderated by: Christina Staib - AACC President |  President - Tarcoola Ventures LLC
October 01, 2020
AUSii Series: Let's Talk Health with Dr. Eric Boerwinkle (UTHealth)
We are constantly bombarded these days with scientific terms, conflicting information, and a plethora of experts providing information about COVID-19 and our path forward. But what does it all mean? Our guest speaker Dr. Eric Boerwinkle sits down with Dr. Richard Gibbs to help break down the jargon and share his local experience in Houston, providing hope and insight for how we can all manage our lives going forward. Questions covered include: Do masks actually help stop the spread? What do all of the stats mean, and which ones do we really need to pay attention to? How can we best move forward in Houston? How does the antibody test work and who needs it? What stage are we at with the vaccine?
July 02, 2020
AUSii Series: COVID Antibody testing, plasma therapy and more!
Dr. Tony Piedra, Professor and Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist at Baylor College of Medicine discusses his work on the COVID antibody test - how does it work, who should get tested, the differences between COVID testing and antibody testing, and more.
June 20, 2020
AUSii Series: Corporate Real Estate Disposition Strategies During Recessions
Guest speaker Bruce Rutherford from JLL discusses corporate real estate and disposition strategies during recessions. Topics covered include: Current real estate cycle Houston's sublease market Comparative numbers between Houston and other US markets Predicting the next sublease surge Options available for corporations with existing and expiring leases
June 19, 2020
June Sundowner with Special Guests
Our June Sundowner was once again online due to COVID-19.  We were lucky to have three great speakers over the course of the hour sharing their experience and expertise with us. Dr. Tony Piedra  Professor and Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist, Baylor College of Medicine Dr. Piedra discusses his work on the COVID antibody test, and the impact on our community. Professor Dietrich von Biedenfeld Assistant Professor, University of Houston Downtown, Marilyn Davies College of Business Dietrich provided background and insight into his local experiences in Houston, as well as corporate & financial institution response to race relations issues. The Honorable Peter McGauran Consul General & Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner, Houston, Australian Consulate Mr. McGauran provided an update from the Australian Government on the current US/Australia travel, policies and local considerations.
June 15, 2020
AUSii Series: Leadership in Times of Crisis
Guest speaker Ed Emmett discusses his local experiences as Former Judge of Harris County and the challenges of leading during times of crisis. Topics covered include: Setting objectives and priorities during a crisis Event simulations - how do they translate into real life situations Expenditure and resource prioritization during a crisis Learning from our mistakes The role of FEMA during a crisis
May 29, 2020
AUSii Series: Oil & Gas Update and the Impact of COVID-19
Join guest speaker John Hofmeister for our latest Lunch & Learn as he discusses the impact of COVID-19 on the Oil & Gas Industry. Topics covered will include: Resiliency of the oil industry Sustainability of independent oil companies in the US The climate imperatives for the oil and gas industry Renewable energy and the transition after COVID-19 Controlling the price of oil - what are the issues? GUEST SPEAKER: John Hofmeister - Former President, Shell Oil Company; Founder and Chief Executive, Citizens for Affordable Energy
May 26, 2020
AACC May Sundowner with Ambassador Sinodinos, Geraldine Slattery & the Hon. Peter McGauran
During the first half-hour Ambassador Sinodinos and the Hon. Peter McGauran will have a Q&A discussing the Australia/US relationship and address key trade, defense and political issues, as well as Australia’s need for a productive economic and political relationship with China at a time of rising tensions between the two superpowers. During the second half-hour Geraldine Slattery and Christina Staib will have a Q&A focused on BHP's response to COVID-19 within their organization, the establishment of the Community Relief Fund for Houston, and the long term outlook for the petroleum market.
May 22, 2020
AUSii Series: Returning to the Workplace after COVID-19
Guest speaker Bruce Rutherford from JLL discusses how to adapt the workplace and operations to protect your employees. Topics covered include: How to Adjust to the New Normal Operational Impact & Change Management Spacial awareness & Social Distancing Facilities management Cleaning & Janitorial measures
May 12, 2020
AACC April Virtual Sundowner - COVID-19 Special
Our monthly Sundowner went online due to the stay-at-home orders.  Listen to our 3 guest speakers talk about COVID-19 in Houston: Hon. Peter McGauran, Australia Consul-General, Houston: Update on the Australian Government's response to COVID-19 in the US; Chris Barakat, BetterConsult: Screening tools for COVID-19; Dr. Richard Gibbs, Human Genome Sequencing Center: COVID-19 testing update from Baylor College of Medicine.
April 13, 2020