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Behind The Real Podcast

Behind The Real Podcast

By Aaron Devon King
“Behind The Real” podcast talks about the journey of how you can be successful in your crafts and careers as well as the steps taken to get there. There will be true life stories from Authors, Athletes, Actors, etc. Everyone will talk about all the challenges they have faced to make there dreams a reality.
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Freddie Basnight
In this episode, Freddie talks about carving your own path in the industry, working on American Horror Story, and how to raise money to support your production.  Listen now to get your weekly dose of Behind The Real!
April 27, 2022
Jimmy Walker
Jimmy tells us about his time at the Karamu House in Ohio, working with actors such as Michael Jai White and Will Smith, playing a cartoon character, what your work ethic should be like on the set, and what is next on his bucket list.
April 19, 2022
Monica Davis
Monica shares with us her experience working on the BET network shows, the challenges of being a single mom while pursuing her acting career, and how use of a vision board can really help you accomplish your goals and bring your dreams into fruition.  Get ready for an episode full of inspiration and positivity!!
April 05, 2022
Andrea Ward
Andrea Ward shares her story as a survivor of domestic violence, her film "Deception Streets", what she learned from her great aunt, "Billie Holiday".  All this and more on episode 5 of "Behind The Real"! @behindtherealshow , #behindthereal
March 28, 2022
Barbara Morrison
A legend in the Jazz world; the late Barbara Morrison gives us a glimpse into her world.  From her connections to giants such as Dizzie Gillespie, Tina Turner, and Stevie Wonder, to lessons her father taught her, to using her theater to channel her music or to mentor others in the art, Barbara navigates us thru a most beautiful journey.  The world knew her as a jazz singer but most everyone that knew her loved her dearly.  She was a bright light shining and lighting up the world with her talent and beautiful spirit.  May she rest in heaven.  She will be greatly missed.   
March 22, 2022
Cashmere Jasmine
Go behind the reel with Cashmere Jasmine as she talks about her Sundance film, "Oreo", directing a Disney short, and how living with a life-changing disability helped to shape her amazing journey!
March 15, 2022
Paul Archer
Paul Archer talks about his role on Friday Night Lights, working with Morris Chestnut, and surviving the industry as a christian man. 
March 08, 2022
Shawn Carter Peterson
Shawn Carter Peterson talks about life as a musician and actor from his Carnegie Hall performance to hanging with Snoop Dog on the set of Pitch Perfect 2.  Follow Shawn on instagram @shawnthemaestro to stay updated on all the latest news!!
March 01, 2022
Episode 89: “ The Phenomenal Ernest Harden Jr”
My guest speaker is actor Ernest Harden Jr, we talk about his latest films “Velvet Jesus” directed by Cer Collins & Anthony Bawn as well as the film “Bus Stop” directed by Peachanda Dubose. The story of how he first me Marla Gibbs and how he first received his big break in the acting business. All this and more on “Behind The Real”!
October 17, 2021
Episode 88: “The Confessions Of Joe Hulk McQueen”
My guest speaker is actor Joe McQueen we talk about his first theatre production he was a lead in called “Portraits Of Love” directed by Parenthysis Gardener as well as the documentary he was in called Confessions Of A Superhero, the time when he met Stan Lee, and more right here on “Behind The Real”!!
October 17, 2021
Episode 87: “Self-Love with Jenifer Rivera”
Are guest speaker is Jenifer Rivera we talk to her about her podcast entitled “It’s all about self-love” her journey starting college as well as the power of encouraging others and the importance of mental health. All of this and more on the “Behind The Real Podcast“.
September 23, 2021
Episode 86: “Part 2 of The Story Of Virgil Carter”
This is Part 2 with my guest speaker is Virgil Carter. We learn more about fitness as well as his work ethic and more stories working with Eddie Murphy.
September 16, 2021
Episode 85: “The Story Of Virgil Carter Part 1”
My guest speaker is Virgil Carter he is an Actor/Writer/Producer/Poet/Director/Stuntman and Double for Eddie Murphy. Virgil was born and raised in Oakland we learn a little bit about his upbringing as well as about his passion for music/acting as well as some of the things he has learned doing stunts and working with Eddie Murphy.
September 14, 2021
Episode 84: “The Journey through Jungle Alley with Ebony P. Jones”
My guest speaker writer,producer, and director Ebony P. Jones she has a southern upbringing in Memphis TN, she has lived all over from New York, Ohio, to Australia just to name a few. We get into how she moved to Los Angeles how she first developed her passion for writing and how she came up with the script “Jungle Alley” We find out all of this and more on “Behind The Real”.
August 25, 2021
Episode 83: “The Warrior Culture Combat Of Ed Wedding”
My guest speaker is Martial arts instructor, fight choreographer, and actor Ed Wedding. Ed started Shotokan karate at the age of around 10. And then when he first watched some Bruce Lee movies as well as read his books, He really became obsessed with the martial arts and subsequently moved out to L.A. in late 1990 from Toledo, Ohio just to study under the tutelage of Richard Bustillo who was a student of Bruce Lee and was also the protégé of the living legend, Guro Dan Inosanto who was Bruce’s protégé but also taught Bruce how to use the nunchakus and Filipino eskrima.
July 28, 2021
Episode 82: “The Journey Of Marisha Legan-Johnson”
Originally from Texas, Marisha moved to California a decade ago to pursue her dream to be in the entertainment industry. She has worked in different facets of the industry but what brings her true joy is being able to help other people create projects. Her producing debut was back in 2014 which was followed by a few music videos, an eight part web series, and many social media shorts for influencers. She is currently attending the New York Film Academy to receive her masters degree in Film and Media Productions. She believes in showing the world how you can be dedicated in your faith and pursue being a light in the entertainment industry. She is building her independent tv network, film reels business, producing/directing micro-shorts for varies LA filmmakers, leads an all Womens bible discussion group for entertainers and is co-producing a feature film, Lex The Movie! You can find her on instagram @MarishaLJ!
July 14, 2021
Episode 81: “The Journey of Robert Parham”
My guest speaker is Filmmaker/Karate Practitioner Robert Parkham he is a retired American kickboxer and former five-time World Kickboxing Champion and former four-time Sport Karate Champion. His kickboxing record was 17-1 with 9 knockouts. Currently he directed a film called “Snow Black” starred in a film called “Mad As Hell” as well as numerous projects. Robert loved to give back and we find out what inspired him to get into the business plus more here on “Behind The Real”!!
June 25, 2021
Episode 80: “The Powers Of Pain”
My guests today are “The Powers of Pain” they are a professional wrestling tag team. They are best known for their tenure in Jim Crockett Promotions and the World Wrestling Federation. We learn about there history in the wrestling business some of the stories they share being on the road as well as a few goals they would like to complete and the childhood upbringing we learn All of this and more on “Behind The Real”!!
June 25, 2021
Episode 79: “Trinika Mechelle Jones”
Trinika Jones is a Producer originally from Dallas, Texas, currently residing in Los Angeles, California. Trinika received her first opportunity to work in entertainment as a Marketing & Promotions Assistant at radio station 106.1 Kiss FM. This role led her to pursue a degree in Radio, Television & Film from Texas Southern University in Houston. After college, Trinika desired to get hands on experience in the Television and Film industry. Next, she landed roles in Production on TV shows such as Gas Monkey Garage, Real Housewives of Dallas, Love & Hip-hop, The uneXplained and more. When she’s not dedicating 12 hours a day to a TV/Film set, she mostly enjoys hot yoga, long walks to Whole Foods, or racking up miles on her Specialized Allez Elite road bike. In the future, her goal is to Produce documentaries that derive from social issues that will not only amplify, but represent the voices of marginalized groups. You can visit her on instagram @Sweettjones_
June 24, 2021
Episode 78: Press On Through With Shannon Echols LaVise
My guest speaker is Actress/Producer/Writer Shannon Echols LaVise she currently is starring in a Web-Series called Da Bottomz, and will be working on a film with her best friend Chrishauna Johnson entitled Mary & Martha. Shannon was born and raised in Indianapolis we learn about how she started her journey as an actress as well as all the accolades she has achieved along with the legacy she wants to leave behind. All this and more on “Behind The Real”!!
March 30, 2021
Episode 77: “The New Life Of Choice Skinner”
My guest speaker is Actor/Writer/Producer/Director Choice Skinner Choice Skinner was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He trained for over four years of diligent study at Bobbie Chance's "Expressions Unlimited" acting studio which prepared Choice for appearances on television shows like "The District", “How I met Your Mother” also in films titled "Killjoy 2 Deliverance From Evil", "Black Magic" and the horror/comedy film "Cryptz" in which he starred as lead. A sample of his additional acting work includes an episode of "The Shield", the prestigious television show “Lost” (in which he performed a stunt), the film "Transylmainia" and most recent “Free Samples” starring Jessie Eisenburg and Jason Ritter With the birth of his film company Darkan Entertainment, Choice’s influence as a film director can be seen in the award winning dramatic short film “Brotherly Love”, and webisode “The One Percent”. He also won Oscar award winning actress Octavia Spencer’s Facebook Short Film Competition with the short “A Second Thought” His production partnership with Vincenzo Productions owned and operated by writer producer Tony Germinario birthed the opportunity for him to direct his first full length feature film “Wingman, Inc.” Recently, Choice starred in an episode of the CW’s television show “All American”, is currently in post‐production putting the final touches on his second feature film, a Christian drama entitled “Keep The Faith” and is in post‐production of his third feature film a romantic dramedy “A New Life”.
March 21, 2021
Episode 76: “Bernadette & Vanessa Zimmerman” (Exclusive) Web-Series Love @ First Sight
Vanessa and Bernadette Zimmermann are sisters that are only 14 months apart. Vanessa being born here in the US, and Bernadette being born in Austria, Vienna. They were raised in Pacific Palisades, and moved once they began high school, towards West Los Angeles. Their passion for acting began at such a young age, but they both are just beginning their journey into the acting industry.
March 11, 2021
Episode 75: “Matthew Tarricone & Giovana Silvia” (Exclusive) Web-Series Love @ First Sight
My guest speakers are actor/actress from the web-series “Love @ First Sight” Matthew Tarricone & Giovana Silvia. Giovana Silva was born and raised in Brazil, where she was a lawyer and a business owner. Speaks Portuguese, English and Spanish. Have been in LA for 3 years and was part of several productions. Music videos, short films, featured films, commercials. Matthew was born and raised in Maryland, a suburb of Washington D.C. Later he would move to NYC to begin his career in film and later to continue that journey in Los Angeles where he resides today. He attended Towson University in Baltimore, MD, where he earned a degree in Political Science. His professional life started in sales, specifically IT Communications and Software. In 2013, he took a software sales position in NYC to align himself closer to acting opportunities which is an area that he often found himself in while attending school. He made his TV debut in 2013 on Investigation Discovery, playing the lead in an episode of Forbidden. Since he has continued to work on many short films with other talented aspiring film makers. He completed his first feature film in 2016, Livelove, in which he starred as Chris, a hopeless romantic interested in taking a chance on something out of the ordinary (Amazon). He attended the Acting Studio in New York headed by studio Director James Price where he focused on Meisner technique. Today Matthew lives in Los Angeles and attends the Margie Haber Studio where he focuses on creating what the studio has coined as a "slice of life." In his creative free time Matthew writes, produces and acts in Comedy Sketches/Shorts while also working closely with his management team, Midwest Talent Management, to strive for the next great opportunity.
March 04, 2021
Episode 74: Ron Gonzales-Trujillo (Exclusive) Web-Series “Love @ First Sight.
My guest speaker is Actor Ronald Gonzales-Trujillo we talk about his current web series “Love @ First Sight”, his upbringing in Riverside California as well as how he first started his journey into the art of acting. We find out about all of this and more on “Behind The Real“!!
February 28, 2021
Episode 73: “Keeping It Real with Hope Flood”
My guest speaker is Comedian/Actress/Business Woman/ Philanthropist/ Publisher of the first nationally distributed comedy magazine called “Comedy The Magazine, and on air radio personality and founder/ceo of the “Comics Rock Convention” Ms. Hope Flood she is trailblazer who continues to give back she has headlined comedy clubs all around the world. You can follow her at as well as Support her Cannabis business at
February 24, 2021
Episode 72: “ The Story Of Judith E. Taranto
My guest speaker Nurse/Actress Judith E. Taranto talks about her upbringing growing up in the Bronx,New York how she created her own production company J.E.T productions, how she discovered her passion for acting as well as how she become a nurse. We learn about all of this and more on “Behind The Real”.
February 11, 2021
Episode 71: “ Andre Marcellous”
My guest speaker is CEO of hitz digital entertainment global, the creator of the cooking show Andre’s Kitchen, and R&B Singer from the hit R&B group Public Announcement Andre Marcellous. If your a Singer/Actor Andre is scouting for new talent you can reach Andre Marcellous at Giantther&bbully Instagram
February 06, 2021
Episode 70: “ The Art Of Yoel Aynalem”
My guest speaker is creator of “The Mekbib Clothing line” as well as podcast host of “Yoel’s Hangouts” Yoel Aynalem!! We talk about his upbringing being born in Israel moving to Jerusalem as well as living in Portland, Oregon before setting his ways here to Los Angeles. He is someone who has had an incredible curiosity and passion for art since being a kid also we discover why it’s important to always stay motivated and healthy. We discover this and more on “Behind The Real”.
February 03, 2021
Episode 69: “The Filmmaker Jonathan Latona”
My guest speaker is Jonathan Latona he is an award winning Writer/Director he is known for the independent film “Doug” that is currently on Amazon Prime he is known for Producing mostly his own Independent content. Known for Short Films & Music Videos, he graduated from Cape Fear Community College with a degree in Film & Television Production and has has filmed a number of short & feature films, music videos, commercials and continues to film bands frequently in various venues, including the World Famous Whisky A Go-Go, in Los Angeles, CA. He has experimented with film & digital, mostly using the Panasonic GH5 as well as Canon cameras, including the 5D MK2, 5D MK3, 7D, 60D C100 & C300, even an IPhone using apps such as 8mm and Filmic Pro. Currently available for all your filming needs. Have an upcoming project? Looking to be in some art? Then get in touch & contact me, we can discuss rates, scheduling, and everything else that could go into a day of shooting. I would love to work with you.
February 02, 2021
Episode 68: “The Best Is Yet To Come The Journey of Vincent M. Ward”
My guest speaker is Actor/Writer/Producer and Motivational Speaker Vincent M. Ward he has been successful in all of his endeavors, and the saying “The best is yet to come” has never been more relevant as he now pursues new dreams and new roles. His dream to act has brought him the greatest role yet in his role as Oscar in the sensational new series on Cable TV, “The Walking Dead!” Now the world will follow as Vincent M. Ward makes his way to the top. He has been in several Tv shows/Films/and Stage Plays. And Vincent knows With God on your side there is nothing you can’t achieve in this world. For more information about this dynamic actor /writer/producer go to, www.instagram/vincentmward…
January 30, 2021
Episode 67: “The Vision Of Chantel Deniese”
My guest speaker is Actress/Singer/Writer/ Host & Creator of Her show The Nitty Grit as well as Artist-Influencer Chantel Deniese she is a natural-born storyteller. This southern girl with her Texas roots and LA boots has been performing all throughout the US. With over 20 years of experience inspiring others through the arts and entertainment, her credits include musical theater, national commercials, and live performances. Her latest single, “The Vision,” is now available on all major music platforms. She is a Dramatist Guild member, with two stage-plays and a short film called “Emerald King” which was featured in the Shreveport Urban Film Festival, the San Antonio Black International Film Festival, and the Studio City International Film Festival. Her latest endeavor is a conversation platform called “The Nitty Grit,” in which she highlights the unique value of life learning found in the stories of everyday lives. We learn this and more on “Behind The Real”.
January 14, 2021
Episode 66: Intro to Olusheyi ( God has done this)
My guest speaker Olusheyi is an actor/singer/pastor he was born in San Jose California and resides in Los Angeles. He is a devoted father as well as a grandfather who loves life as well as everyone he comes around. He has his new album coming out called “Welcome to the love room” we talk about his part in the live stage play “Godspell” what inspired him to become a pastor, his podcast called Big O’s countdown, as well as some of his future goals, we find out about all of this and more on “Behind The Real”.
January 09, 2021
Episode 65: “The Musical Diversity Of Mr. Eric Butler”
My guest speaker is Composer, Arranger,Orchestrator,Vocalist, and Musical Director Eric Butler Eric Butler brings a wealth of musical diversity and experience to every project he gets involved with. Originally Eric hails from East Orange, New Jersey, and now resides in Los Angeles, California. He played in the New Jersey All-State Orchestra holding the 1st-Chair/Principal Trumpet position as well as being a member of the New Jersey All-State Chorus, judged as the top tenor voice in the state and awarded the position of section leader in a 500-voice choir. Attending Boston, Massachusetts’ prestigious Berklee College of Music with a major in arranging, composition, and orchestration. He performed as lead vocalist for the Annual Music Educators of Massachusetts Conference, arranging and orchestrating his own compositions, and receiving recognition in the world-renowned Down Beat (the jazz magazine) for his exciting performances. He composed, orchestrated, and produced the themes and underscored music for the films: The Club, starring Tommy Ford; Art and Atoms, Getty Musem documentary; the orchestral score inclusive of sound design for The Gifted, starring Dick Anthony Williams; NBC-TV-syndicated series: Images and Realities’ episodes: African American Men, hosted by Louis Gossett Jr.; The African American Family, hosted by Danny Glover and Esther Rolle; and African American Women, hosted by Vanessa Williams, Queen Latifah, and poet/author Maya Angelou, He composed the theme for the weekly TV series, ABF–America’s Black Forum, hosted by Julian Bond. His compositions, arrangements, and orchestrations have contributed to The Tonight Show, hosted by Johnny Carson; Lou Rawls–UNCF Parade of Stars, The 1992 U.S. Olympic Festival, and the TV series Fame. Additionally, he was responsible for the acclaimed dance, vocal and choral arrangements and orchestrations for The Martin Luther King- Kennedy Center Special production number, For All We Know medley, choreographed by Dream Girls/Michael Jackson‘s choreographer, Michael Peters, with a featured performance by Michael Peters and Fame/Academy Awards’ choreographer, Debbie Allen. Eric has written choir arrangements for Pattie Labelle on the Frank Sinatra TV special, Sinatra–80 Years My Way and choir arrangements for the Doobie Brothers’ tour. Additional orchestrations for CDs include: The Road To El Dorado by Elton John for Dreamworks’ animation feature film and soundtrack of the same title, plus The Young Americans, produced by Quincy Jones, and Luis Miguel’s 2000 CD on Lion’s Records.
January 05, 2021
Episode 64: “Brownsuede’s number one Lawyer Chris Martin”
My guest speaker Chris Martin, Esq. was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles and is a proud product of Dorsey High School. An all around rennaissance man, he is also a lawyer, lead singer of the band Brownsuede and made his acting debut in 2020. The Brownsuede EP is available on all streaming platforms! We Learn about all of this and more on “Behind The Real”! SECwORiu9cG8Dw8DafDO
December 18, 2020
Episode 63: “The Sensational Joan Moten”
My guest speaker Joan Moten, is a native of St. Louis, Missouri. She is also a retiree from United Airlines in Houston, Texas, after 25 years of service. Among her multifaceted list of attributes, she is also a former model, and interior decorator. Currently, Moten is honing these skills masterfully as a set designer for both, stage and film. Joan has also penned an associate producer credit to her name, for the short film "Maggie". As a devoted mother, grandmother and friend, Joan utterly shocked those who've known her best, when her adventurous spirit relocated her to Los Angeles, where she followed in her youngest sons footsteps into the acting industry. A new beginning that Joan has since embraced with passion, fortitude and commitment. Under the tutelage of one of the most recognized acting coaches nationally, the multi award winning, Choice Skinner, Joan, is vastly becoming a force to be reckoned with, in the genres of stage and film. Noted for her seamless delivery in some of the most tender notations on stage, to her electrifying, show stopping performances on film, Joan is undeniably making her mark, in Hollywood and beyond. Her earlier to most recent works Include: Stage Productions: -White Nights - Black Paradise -Same Stranger -Maggie (One Woman Show) Films: Black Lightning - Tobias Revenge Once Upon A Lifetime Right Where You Need To Be Maggie (Short Film) A New Life Producer credits: Associate Producer "Maggie" (Short film)
December 15, 2020
Episode 62: Intro to Hari Williams (Unpacked)
My guest speaker is Actor/Writer/ and creator of the hit show “Unpacked” on fox soul Hari Williams he is a Southern California native and proud alumni of Howard University where he earned a BFA in Theater Arts and Film Production. He was fortunate to find his passion for performance and storytelling early and has been pursuing it ever since. His 2017 lead performance in the in the Road Theater’s production of “Little Children Dream of God” was awarded ‘Star Making Performance’ by Stage Scene LA. His recent TV appearances include guest stars on the “For the Love of Jason” on UMC and Bounce TV comedies “In the Cut” and “Family Time” along with Freeform’s “Famous in Love” and Netflix’s “Drug Lords.” His lead role in the short film drama “Mid City Blue” earned HBO Best Narrative Short at the Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival and the engaging romantic comedy, “Stuck” has won audience awards at film festivals across the country including Best Actor at the Shreveport Urban Film Festival. He has written webseries, shorts, feature films, and TV series. One of the most notable being his historical action drama “Unconquered” that tells the heroic true story of the Black Seminoles of Florida; it was a Quarterfinalist in the 2019 Academy Nicchols Screenwriting competition. He is the creator of the sketch comedy, discussion series “Unpacked,” a combination of ‘Chappelle’s Show’ and ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’, the show uses satire to engage around pressing social issues. Unpacked premiered this past summer and is currently preparing for it’s upcoming season. You can follow @HariWilliams on social media to keep up with his creative journey. We learn about all of this and more on “Behind The Real”.
November 24, 2020
Episode 61: “The Spencer Letters”
Actor, Director, Producer, Writer and now Author of the “Covid Letters” Spencer’s book chronicles the time line of Covid-19 and the personal losses of family members and friends while dealing with his own depression brought on by the isolation of the mandated lockdowns.
November 13, 2020
Episode 60: “The Greetings Of Parnell Damone”
My guest speaker Parnell Damone Marcano grew up in Denver, CO but has called LA home for over 30 years. Moving here after graduating from Loretto Heights College with a BFA in Musical Theatre. He is most recognized for his recurring role as "Carlton Cruise" over five seasons of the hit series "Greenleaf ". But he has toured the world as "the one and only male Supreme" with Mary Wilson, and singing with the legendary Thelma Houston. He has performed in several musicals such as: Dreamgirls, Evita, Ragtime, Hello Dolly, The All Night Strut, The Producers, and originated the role of "Desmond" for his Off-Broadway debut in The Babies. Plays include: Booty Candy, Follow, Fucking Men, Jerker. Film/Television roles: "Tyrone Jones" "Old Dogs & New Tricks", "Daughters of Legend", "Furst", "The Black Dawn: Catalyst", "Blood For The Gods". Besides Mary Wilson and Thelma Houston, Parnell has sung with Rita Coolidge, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Patti Austin, Ben E. King, Loretta Divine, Jennifer Holiday, Tremaine Hawkins, Dianne Reeves. He is the company manager at Celebration Theatre; the country's oldest, continually producing LGBTQ+ theater company. He and his husband, Michael recently celebrated ten years together. We learn about all of this and more on “Behind The Real “.
November 05, 2020
Episode 59: “Intro To Zay Zayy”
My guest speaker is a independent rapper his name is Zay Zayy we talk about his journey as an artist growing up in the hood, his time in prison, his eye for fashion and how he met his manager James Knox as well as independent rapper Circle Marsh.
October 31, 2020
Episode 58: “ The Journey of the Profound Keith Burke”
LOS ANGELES – Actor Keith Burke delivers high drama and sizzling romance recurring as ‘Derrick David’ in Tyler Perry’s acclaimed original series, THE HAVES AND THE HAVE NOTS, on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network. Introduced at the beginning of Season Five, Derrick David (Burke) shows up to fix more than just the house Hanna Young (Crystal R. Fox) currently lives in. With each trying to get their life back on track after a few tragic turns, their chemistry can’t be denied and a budding romance develops. Fast forward end of Season Five and beginning Season Six. Derrick reveals the “Lion Tattoo” of which Hanna said she saw on the chest of the man who rapped her over 20 years ago. Now the questions have to be answered: Was Derrick the man who rapped her? Where do we go from here? Burke was excited at the opportunity to work with Tyler Perry and be part of this fan- favorite series, “The audition process was such a whirlwind. After the first read, I was called back the next day for a chemistry read with Crystal Fox. A few hours later, I was offered the role and told to be in Atlanta three days later. I must admit, I was a little nervous my first day on set but Crystal and Mr. Perry quickly put me at ease. After that, things went smoothly and it really felt like a supportive family environment. I’m beyond grateful.” Audiences will also recognize Burke from his numerous television appearances, as Jake O’Hare on the season three opener of AMC’s popular series, Preacher, opposite Ruth Negga (Loving) and Raelynn Bratten (The Ant Man & The Wasp). Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Burke first honed his acting skills at Philadelphia’s famed Freedom Theater. Shortly after, he made his way to Los Angeles, quickly landing roles in the films Players Club and Life, and scoring a cameo in the hit-series, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, alongside his childhood acquaintance Will Smith. Since then, Burke has appeared on a variety of television shows, including Southland, NCIS, Cold Case, and Criminal Minds to name a few. In addition, Burke has had a noteworthy career on stage. His hard work and disciplined love of plays has earned him numerous theater roles, including Don B. Welch’s “My Brother’s Keeper,” alongside Emmy Award Winning actress Loretta Divine
October 30, 2020
Episode 57: “The Tales Of Sakari Milan”
A production assistant with Tyler Perry Studios by day and a writer by night, Sakari Milan is the author of The Tales of Camelia B. She is a civic leader, activist and Winston Salem, NC native who believes every book she writes – a child is yearning to hear – The Truth! Prior to writing historical children’s literature, Sakari obtained her B.A.- May 2020 in Global Studies and Public Policy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she was involved in student government and The Black Student Movement which is devoted to improving cultural diversity, inclusion and equity on campus. With the intent to move to Washington DC to work in government and obtain her Masters, Sakari like many others was struck with a major turn of events – the widespread COVID 19 pandemic and racial tension. During this tumultuous time, while in lock down, she was able to complete her first literary work and introduce The Tales of Camelia B. to the world. She was inspired to write the series due to the lack of black representation in her studies throughout her crucial developmental ages and beyond. She is valiant in her efforts to awaken “the system” and rewrite history one book at a time. A passionate community servant with the ability to motivate and inspire others, Sakari is a voice for change and believes that education is key. Throughout her college years, she worked diligently focusing on educating, advocating and empowering young people. Globally, she taught early stages of literary education to children in Spain and the Dominican Republic. Working in a myriad of ways with refugee outreach organizations, the school system, and educational workshops, Sakari seeks to promote values of social justice, equity, sustainability and academic freedom. As a scholar, researcher and lifelong learner, she hopes to be able to improve racial solidarity and cultural tolerance through her writings. She is a lover of naps, fuzzy socks and a warm cup of tea – a perfect writer’s nook. When she is not writing, Sakari spends most of her time reading, traveling, and spending quality time at home with her family and her favorite pooches California (a Boxer) and Rio De Janeiro (a Maltipoo). Milan enjoys writing sweet, fun, action-packed poignant children’s stories that teach, impact and uplift each reader. Her characters are clever fearless, adventurous and seekers of the truth. Like her characters, she is on a never-ending quest to travel back in time uncovering hidden deleted and altered facts in black history. The Tales of Camelia B. is a guided journey that aims to inspire and empower children of all backgrounds focusing on K- 5. She hopes her books will teach awareness, cultural tolerance, reflection, pride and are a call to action. Her hope is to one day be amongst the many scholars who have made a great change in academia. As a new author during a crucial moment in history where division is prevailing, she hopes that “The Tales of Camelia B. will encourage our youth to claim the identities and cultural legacies that shape who they are.” She acknowledges inequality is deeply entrenched into the “system” but believes education is the key. She says, “knowing the past, opens the door to the future and every school in America should have The Tales of Camelia B. for learning”. Milan understands that she will face challenges uncovering the HIDDEN TRUTHS in history, although often times uncomfortable to hear, she believes it is necessary for change. Keep in touch with Sakari via the web and follow her journey at: Website: www. Books Available for sale at, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Book Depository, Kobo, Indie Bound and other global retailers.
October 28, 2020
Episode 56: “Intro to Compton’s own Circle Marsh”
My guest speaker is Rapper/Gourmet Chef Circle Marsh he is an artist whose passion was influenced by the church and local neighborhood guys during his childhood. He began playing the drums for the choir that intrigued him at the West Angeles church. This sparked something in him that he holds to this day, which is the gift of creating his own music and sound. This sound inspires. This sound is struggle and success. This sound is to give hope to the hopeless. Marsh’s latest effort, Loving Memory, featured 15 tracks that tell a unique story with each song. It chronicles difficult parts of his life that he has overcome and honors his late mother. With that said, Circle Marsh will be dropping a project on November 11th on all streaming platforms. We here about this and more on “Behind The Real”.
October 26, 2020
Episode 55: “The Belser-Verse Of JaDarrel Belser”
My guest speaker JaDarrel ( JD to his friends) was born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama. His lifelong desire to be an actor was nurtured by a love of sketch and improv comedy, in particular shows like ‘ In Living Color’ , ‘SNL’ , ‘ Whose Line is It Anyway’ , ' Mad TV' and ‘ Chappelle’s Show’. His acting role models are Eddie Murphy and Bill Murray.He did a 5 year stint in the US Navy as a Hospital Corpsman ( medic) for the Marines from 2003 to 2008. His acting career started in 2010. He has previously performed and/or trained at The LA Connection, The Second City Hollywood, IO West and The Underground. His film and TV credits included "MegaShark Vs Crocosaurus", the All Def Digital movie ‘Major Label’, HBO’s ‘Insecure’ , 'Dueces', ' White T' and Netflix's ' 100 Humans'. His music video credits include Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Humble’, Kevin Gates' 'Push It', Buzz Low's ' Thong Song Remix' and Tim Hicks ' No Truck Song'. He has done commercials for Geico, Tekkan Tag Team, Kelley Blue Book and Disney Plus. In addition to acting, JaDarrel is a writer for pop culture site ‘God Hates Geeks’, the lead contributor to the popular blog ‘ Belser-Verse’ on Facebook and Instagram. JaDarrel is currently a memeber of the sketch show ' TMI Hollywood' and co-host of the pop culture podcast ' Droppin' That Culture With JD and AJ'. We learn about all of this and more on “Behind The Real”.
October 22, 2020
Episode 54: “The Dedication & Testimony of Imari Reynolds”
My guest speaker Imari Reynolds was born in Detroit, Michigan. Everyone considered Imari as the "kid with many talents." Imari developed a passion for drawing, playing sports, and learning different instruments. When he was 15, Imari moved to Sterling Heights, Michigan. He attended Stevenson High School; there he became popular with many of his peers and school instructors whom always encouraged him to pursue his dreams. Imari quickly got involved in various sports, programs, and clubs at Stevenson; with his incessant need to grow and learn Imari wanted to try something new, soon Imari soon joined a local church in Detroit as a youth member. He began playing the drums, singing in the choir, and working with the soundboard staff doing whatever his hands and talents found to do. Imari would soon find his niche when he was asked to sign up for the church Christmas play; after participating in several plays he grew to love performing, Imari has been both a lead and supporting actor in these productions and was very well applauded after each performance. Imari has since dedicated most of his time to learning the craft. As of today, Imari have been in over 30+ film projects. Imari truly expects big things for the future and certainly believes this is only the beginning! We learn about all this and more on “Behind The Real”.
October 18, 2020
Episode 53: “Deja Dee Dream It First”
They say take a dash of Niecy Nash, mix with a pinch Yvette Nicole Brown, then toss with a bit gravitas of Oprah and you get… Déjà Dee! From impersonating Diana Ross with her blue bathrobe as her long locs to the Emmy Awarding winning show BANSHEE; Déjà Dee was destined to entertain! Déjà had an incredibly successful radio career but after 17 years she left the mic to pursue her Dream full-time in LA. Five months later Déjà Dee landed her first series! In 2012 to 2015, Déjà Dee spent 3 amazing season’s as the fun, loving and “take care of business” Alma on the Cinemax crime drama BANSHEE. During that time Déjà also recurred on FOX'S hit drama "SLEEPY HOLLOW,” Guest Stared on CBS’s THE INSPECTORS, and appeared on CBS’s CRIMINAL MINDS. However, with the majority of her auditions and bookings coming from the Southeast it was time to make another move. Déjà Dee relocated to Atlanta in the fall of 2015 and in the first 2 weeks she was cast in ABC’s NASHVILLE and her first comedy series recurring as the DEA Agent in TBS’ THE DETOUR from the writers of THE DAILY SHOW. And the opportunities kept coming from recurring Guest Star credits for QUEEN SUGAR on OWN as Nova’s grounded best friend, Sundance AMC's HAP AND LEONARD with Michael K Williams, and Lee Daniels’ musical drama STAR with Queen Latifah. This hard working, passionate and versatile actress will be everywhere this year with films like RICHARD JEWELL directed by the Legendary Clint Eastwood, FREAKY FRIDAY THE 13th with Vince Vaughn to Guest Starring in PARAMOUNT’S PARADISE LOST, and Steven Spielberg’s AMAZING STORIES on APPLE TV+ with Nick Nolte and Josh Hartnett. Plus, later this year in what is sure to be a powerful and conversation catalyst from Oscar Winning Director Barry Jenkins’ UNDERGROUND RAILROAD on AMAZON PRIME as the wise and charismatic mother Sybil. When Déjà Dee is not on set she enjoys helping other actors as an acting coach, and taking long rides on the trail as a novice cyclist. Under her company DREAM IT FIRST PRODUCTIONS, LLC, Déjà Dee also produces The Working Actor Mentorship Program. Déjà Dee is represented by Vanessa Adams at Sol Talent in the Southeast and Theo Caesar at 90210 Talent in LA. You can follow Déjà on Instagram @dejadeetv.
October 15, 2020
Episode 52: “Deonte’s Purpose Pains”
My Guest Speaker Deonte' Bolden is an Actor, Writer, Director, Host, and now an Award Winning Author, Deonte' has appeared in numerous independent films and staged plays. Some of his credits includes the lead roles in "A Raisin In The Sun", "Holidaze", and "Dylan Douglas Does A Do Over" in Los Angeles. He recently hit the stage in Atlanta playing three roles in “ A Christmas Carol” alongside of actor Palmer Williams of Tyler Perry Productions. He is also the CEO/ Founder of his inspirational production company, Deonte' Bolden Productions, and has written and directed many productions such as the online award nominated Web Series “ The Price Of Fame" which was the official selection at The Miami Web Fest in 2016. He recently relocated to Atlanta and put on his first Award Nominated hit stage production titled "Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places" which sold out two shows. He also is the founder and host of the award nominated DNA Podcast Show, where they are discovering, nurturing, and applying God’s word to their everyday lives. In March 2020, he released his first book titled “ Purpose Pains,” in which he was recently awarded the 2020 Accomplished Literary Award at The 9th Annual PEACH Theater Awards. Deonte' continues to strive for greatness as he is now in pre-production for his upcoming short film titled " The Skin I'm In Vol.1 Melanin Melanie" in which he uses his voice, platform, and creativity to provide an inspirational message concerning the sensitive topic of racism. The film will be released in 2021 along with many other projects that will launch from Deonte' Bolden Productions.
October 10, 2020
Episode 51: “Jeni’s World”
My guest speaker Jeni Jones has worked in the entertainment industry for over 20 years, as a professional, award-winning director, screenwriter, playwright, actor, dancer, rapper, producer, editor, martial artist, and radio host. Jeni has spent her entire life seamlessly navigating behind the camera & in front of it, as well as on & off stages of all sizes. Jeni earned her BA in Theatre Directing & English Literature from Fordham University in NYC & her MFA in Film Directing from CalArts. Throughout her film & T.V. career, Jeni has worked behind the scenes as a production & development executive at several notable companies such as Starz Media, The Film Department & Exclusive Media, during which time she has been credited for her creative contributions to numerous feature films including Law Abiding Citizen starring Jamie Foxx & Gerard Butler, End of Watch with Jake Gyllenhaal, Snitch with Dwayne Johnson, Parkland alongside Tom Hanks’ Playtone, John Carney’s music-driven film Begin Again, Golden Globe- nominated Rush starring Chris Hemsworth (to name a few - more credits avail on IMDB). As an independent filmmaker, her films have played at & received recognition from festivals such as Cannes, Rotterdam & Sundance. As a director, her recent direction of the stageplay WOMEN ON THE VERGE earned the production an NAACP Award and a sold-out run in 2019. She also recently directed the award-winning short film CLUB RAT$, which premiered at the Oscar-qualifying L.A. Shorts & Chelsea Film Festivals & was used to raise money & awareness for RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network). The film has gone on to play numerous festivals & to win multiple awards. As an independent filmmaker, her films have played at & received recognition from international festivals such as Cannes, Rotterdam & Sundance. She often shoots, directs & edits music videos for other artists, as well as promotional videos. Jeni is also an accomplished playwright & screenwriter, who has been brought on board to consult on & write original screenplays for many notable indie producers. She is the co-creator of two original music- driven T.V. Shows, as well as the screenwriter of multiple original feature films currently in development. Please visit IMDB & & follow her on IG: @JeniAnneJones for more info.
October 09, 2020
Episode 50: “Tic Tac Ty”
My guest speaker Actor/Educator/Choir Director Ty Snow is a special needs school teacher for the Pasadena Unified School District, as well as a actor that has been in numerous hit reality TV shows and a stage play entitled “99/half just won’t do”, he has his own gospel choir called Xtreme Purpose and he also leads the KJLH gospel choir. We talk about his recent TV show on Netflix “100 Humans” How the “TIC TAC TOE” song he had sung on the show 100 Humans going viral and we also talk about the TV pilot he is working on entitled “Family Still Matters”, along with other projects that he is currently working on. We talk about all of this and more on “Behind The Real”.
October 02, 2020
Episode 49: “The True Light Of Jake Johnson”
My guest speaker Actor/Deacon of the True Light Baptist church Jake Johnson we talk about his latest film “Mama Tell Me Why” directed by Tanja Henderson how this stage play was into a film. Also we talk about The BLM movement, what was the spark that lead him to pursue acting and his experience in Greensboro North Carolina. We get into all of this and more on “Behind The Real”.
September 28, 2020
Episode 48: “Filmmaker RL Scott”
Born in America and raised in Bahia Brazil... award winning writer, director R.L. Scott has to date produced seven feature films and a large number of shorts. Before the internet was invented, he began his journey as a filmmaker at age 15, writing, directing, shooting and choreographing action scenes (on Betamax) with his friends. His motivation for becoming a visual storyteller, was to show the world the beauty, intelligence, strength and uniqueness of his culture To date, R.L. has worked with the likes of such talent as Bill Cobbs, Costas Mandylor, Harry Lennix, Richard Gant, Sean Riggs, Victoria Rowell, Darrin Dewitt Henson, Karrueche Tran, Amin Joseph, Nicki Micheaux, Robert Miano, Adolfo "Shabba-Doo" Quinones, Alimi Ballard, R&B Superstar Mya and many others. His movies have been released theatrically in North America, Korea and Africa, as well as streaming on global platforms like Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, TV One, Playstation, Xbox and Sky... and even as far back as Blockbuster video, Hollywood video, Sam Goody, Tower Records and more. With his new feature film "Lazarus," R.L. has begun his quest to create "Wonder Studios" a new superhero universe, populated by vast and diverse heroes of every race and creed. “We learn about this and more on “Behind The Real”.
September 26, 2020
Episode 47: “The Purpose & Destiny Of Marwan Granville (PSLA)
My Guest Speaker Actor/TV & Film Producer/Founder Owner Operator and CEO of Pendulum TV Network and Pendulum Studios LA (PSLA). Mr. Marwan Granville he received a degree in Fine Arts graduating from Sacramento City College and Bachelor degree in Social Science and minor in Theatre Arts at Portland State University. As a child actor Marwan has well over 20 years of industry experience as he began entertaining since childhood becoming a member of the Screen Actors Guild at the early age of 9. From guest starring on shows like All of Us and Till death and now as of recently Marwan booked a speaking role and stunt work on the feature film Chocolate city. Then a lead role in the indie feature "A Day of Troubles" co starring Omar gooding, Hawthrone James and Kathleen Bradley. Since taking the opportunity to be exposed to three informative years at a major network allowed PSLA’s CEO, Mr. Marwan Granville to build up 60% of a national broadcasting television network. After exploring all departments from being an intern to landing a position as Director of Programming, Executive Assistant to founder and CEO. Marwan Granville decided to launch his own internet, satellite, television network called Pendulum TV Network. Now as the CEO and Founder of Pendulum Studios LA (PSLA), Mr. Granville sought out a profitable platform to form a line of worldwide distribution that would allow independent producers, writers, directors and creators an opportunity to monetize their creativity while revolutionizing the way consumers view TV, Film and Music. We learn about all of this and more on “Behind The Real”.
September 24, 2020
Episode 46: “The Hard work & Dedication of Verrin T. Cofield”
My guest speaker Verrin T. Cofield is a Independent Filmmaker/Actor/Writer/Producer Verrin T. Cofield he was born in Bad Kissingen, Germany is an American Writer, Actor, and Producer. He is known for "It's On You"(Writer 2020 In- Development) "The Pursuit Of Certainty"(2019 Post Production) and "The Roommates".(2017). Verrin Cofield has three siblings Danny Cofield(Father) Sandy Cofield (Mother) and Chad Cofield(Brother). Verrin and his family traveled state to state when he was younger, his dad was a honorable member of the United States Army. This will be his first time stepping into a producers role for his upcoming project. Verrin loves the idea of delivering inspiring, impactful, and uplifting messages that will leave people empowered. He has a strong mind for business as well, he loves discussing generational wealth, Investing in assets, listening to motivational speakers, and reading personal development books. Some of Verrin's hobbies are playing basketball, exercising, traveling, taking long road trips, listening to music, and eating authentic Italian food. His favorite movies are The Pursuit Of Happiness, John Q, Coach Carter, Remember The Titans, Men Of Honor, Godfather Two, and Scarface. We learn about this and more on “Behind The Real”.
September 21, 2020
Episode:45 “Welcome to LeBlue’s Cafe 30 Days Of Truth”
My guest speaker Creative Innovator/Author Brittney Y.S.L LeBlue is a South Central native and is no stranger to the many experiences that being born and raised in the inner city of LA has to offer. Deciding that right after high school she wanted to see more, she moved to the Bay Area to attend Cal State East Bay. Becoming a mother at age 19 did not stop Brittney from pursuing her education. She enrolled in Community College and worked part time while independently raising her 1st son. Fast forward 13 years later Brittney is now a mother of two wonderful boys Khalil who is 13 and Amir who is 8 and has earn a B.A in Psychology & Masters in Educational Technology, started her own custom jewelry business and is currently a self-published author. Through her journey she has developed a passion to support college students who are also parents like herself. She is in the process of starting a non-profit called The Parent Corner which has a dedicated mission to support, inspire and cultivate a sense of community by promoting Educational Success. The purpose is to empower parents to further their education & unite families under the Umbrella of Knowledge. She strives to connect Student-Parents to resources that will increase Academic Success, promote Family Bonding and improve Self-care. At her core, Brittney is still just a kid at heart trying to make her LA dreams come true. We learn about all this and more on “Behind The Real”.
September 14, 2020
Episode 44: “The Appreciation Of Alretha Thomas”
My guest speaker Award winning Actress/Director/Playwright/Producer/Author Alretha Thomas. Her background is as diverse as her personality. She started at the age of ten, when her 5th grade teacher picked and read her short story assignment in front of the class-that simple, loving act empowered a new writer. Continuing in high school, her numerous original oratorical conquests on the Speech Team led her to a journalism concentration at USC. Upon graduating, Alretha soon realized that her interest in journalism was not heartfelt. While at the taping of a live sitcom, the producer noticed her and encouraged her hand at modeling. Modeling didn't mean much to her, but it did lead her to acting and a NAACP Theatre Award Nomination (1993) for BEST ACTRESS. Alretha took a break from acting and began to write full-time. Her church gave her an outlet to fulfill her writing desires through their Liturgical Fine Arts Department wherein Alretha penned twelve theatre pieces, six of which she directed-the community response was overwhelming. This led to full-length plays outside of the church. In 2002, The Stella Adler Theater presented A Shrine to Junior. The play was nominated for an NAACP Theatre Award and in 2004, Alretha's play, Civil Rites, was the recipient of an NAACP Theatre Award. Her play Grandpa's Truth ran at the Inglewood Playhouse in Inglewood, California in 2006, and was extended more than once by popular demand. Not only did radio station KJLH support by recommending this production to its listeners, but notables like the Mayor of Inglewood, Roosevelt Dorn, and music legends like Freda Payne and Stevie Wonder had critical acclaim for Grandpa's Truth. This wonderful piece was featured on Channel 5 (KTLA News) by Entertainment Reporter, Sam Rubin. Additionally, in 2007, Alretha's play that she wrote and directed, Sacrificing Simone, had a successful run at Stage 52 in Los Angeles and was called "an inspirational crowd pleaser" by the Los Angeles Times and in 2009, Alretha's groundbreaking One, Woman Two Lives, starring Kellita Smith (The Bernie Mac Show), directed by four-time NAACP Image Award Best Director recipient Denise Dowse, garnered rave reviews from critics and audiences. In between plays, Alretha's first novel Daughter Denied was launched in 2008 and has received glowing reviews from readers and book clubs across the country. Representing her books, Alretha has been the guest on many radio shows and television shows including San Francisco Public Affairs show Bay Sunday with Barbara Rodgers on KTLA Channel 5. In 2011, Alretha launched her second novel, Dancing Her Dreams Away, and it was also well received. Her third novel, Married in the Nick of Nine, spawned a four-book series that was acquired by Soul Mate Publishing in January 2014. Alretha's award winning third indie novel, Four Ladies Only, was released February 2014. Alretha's first mystery novel, Missing Melissa, was released in 2015. In 2016, Justice for Jessica, the first book in her new Detective Rachel Storme series, was released. In 2016 Alretha returned to acting. We learn about all of this and more on “Behind The Real”.
September 11, 2020
Episode 43: “Happy Hour With Rob”
My guest speaker is Educator/Wrestling Enthusiast/Bartender Robert E. Jackson he is a custodian at Manhattan Beach Middle School and we go in depth talking about which lead him to working in the educational field, his passion for wrestling, as well as his joy for bartending, and the importance of leaving a legacy behind. We learn about all this and more on “Behind The Real”.
September 08, 2020
Episode 42: “The House Of Tanya Young”
My guest speaker Actress/Producer/Writer Tanya Young she currently works as a Writer and Producer on two projects – a zombie film and a sitcom -- wrapping in a few weeks. She pays her bills by fundraising for the CMG Short Film Festival in West Hollywood. A member of the Native American Casting Group and Board Member of the HIV Writers Workshop at Cedars-Sinai, this socially-conscious dramatist was a 2010 Writers Boot Camp Fellow and won the 2001 George Foster Peabody Award and the 2002 Literacy in Media Award for her animation writing for Nickelodeon on “Little Bill.” Acting on TV shows Mom, The Bold & the Beautiful and Strange Angel, Tanya has studied improve, written skits and performed theater with UCB and Second City. A former election campaign worker, charitable grantmaker and documentary producer, Ms. Young’s Muscogee Creek ancestors hail from the rural American South. In 2009, Tanya was Story Producer on HBO’s competition docu-series “Brave New Voices” about diverse young slam poets, including the spoken word team from the Santa Fe Indian School and indigenous poets from Honolulu. A former collaborator with the American Indian Community House, Tanya worked with Member Diana Gubiseh-Ayala to direct a documentary about fellow Native American and “two-spirit” women living with HIV/AIDS. A former Board member of the Manhattan cable access network and active member of the Third Wave Fund!, Tanya grew up believing we’re all here to work together to build a better world. We learn about this and more on “Behind The Real”.
September 03, 2020
Episode 41: “Pick Up Your Crown The Journey Of Jessica Shaday Simmington”
My guest speaker Jessica Shaday Simington was born in Los Angeles, California. She is a recent graduate from California State University, Dominguez Hills obtaining her B.A in Theater Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies (Comparative Cultures). At a young age, she would reenact movie scenes and sing to herself in the mirror. Her love for the Arts flourished from talents shows in her local community, church skits, and the Boys and Girls Club where she joined the Peapod Program under Will I Am from the music group Black Eyed Peas. Her love for Theater elevated through Theatrical Productions such as, If the Church Don’t Cry Out, Truth Lies and Hidden Agenda, A Question of Grace, Misleading Lady , Can God’s Love Reach You in The Dark, and the notable play Before It Hits Home by Cheryl West (performed at CSUDH/ Director Donis Leonard) where she won Best Supporting Role for the characters Angel and Simone. She is an Author of the newly published Book entitled “Pick Up Your Crown” that focuses on breaking cycles of abuse while taking accountability and seeking the help of God. We learn about all this and more on “Behind The Real”.
September 01, 2020
Episode 40: “The Entrepreneurial Spirit of Wesley Pate Jr.”
Wesley Pate Jr. Is a former engineer, philanthropist, investor and general contractor turned entrepreneur. With, ventures in everything from real estate, logistics, automotive to film and television. He is a Los Angeles native raised in the South with over 37 years in business. He is a Father and a Mentor that currently works with the Developmentally Disabled population. Mr. Pate takes every venture seriously and every business relationship is valuable to him. A man of his word , his faith influences his approach in business. He is young at heart, full of life, optimistic and truly a jack of all trades. We learn about all this and more on “Behind The Real”.
August 31, 2020
Episode 39: “Lights, Camera, Pencil, Jordan”
Jordan Bridges is a screenwriter from Louisville, KY. He was born on December 27th, 1995 to parents Michelle & Phil. Jordan has always been a avid reader of fiction beginning at a young age. That love for reading spurned into an interest in writing, leading him to write his first play at only the age of six. Throughout his life he would continue to create his own stories, inspired by his own imagination & the world around him. He graduated from the University of Louisville in 2018 with a Bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in Creative Writing. After graduating, Jordan shortly relocated to Los Angeles, CA where he now resides. “Me & The Dragon’s Daughter” has been one of the multiple screenplays he has written since he has arrived. We learn about all this and more on “Behind The Real”.
August 31, 2020
Episode:38 “The Purpose Talented Gem Chrishauna Johnson”
My guest speaker Actress/Writer/and Producer Chrishauna Johnson is what you get when talent and purpose meet. She is a dynamic actress who was bit by the acting bug at an early age she was born and raised in her hometown of Indianapolis where she began her acting career performing with various local and regional theaters. She eventually made her way to Los Angeles and has appeared in several plays and independent films. She also has her own production company entitled “Ophie Hill Productions” We learn about all of this and more on “Behind The Real”!
August 27, 2020
Episode 37: “The Narrow Path of D.R Bellard”
My guest speaker D.R. Bellard is a theater trained actor, filmmaker, writer and standup comedian from Houston Tx. He's starred in multiple stage productions, independent films, national commercials and music videos including assistant directing Brandy latest music video "Baby Mama" ft. Chance the Rapper. He has directed and written 3 award winning short films (9 in total) He's best known for his latest "Shot by an Angel" receiving rave reviews and is a Merit Award winner in the "Hollywood Best Shorts" Competition. The film qualified to be nominated for an Academy Award and also was just recently accepted into the narrative short film category at the prestigious LA Black Film festival being held Sept 10-13, 2020. He's currently looking for investors and distribution to turn "Shot by an Angel" into a feature length film and has also recently started the "Narrow Path Podcast" where he highlights under appreciated talented artists in the industry, while they just have fun and act a fool. He can be found on Youtube and most other podcast listening platforms. He's a graduate of Theater of Arts Hollywood Performing Arts School with a Occupational Studies degree in Theatre and is also a graduate of New York Film Academy (Los Angeles) with an Associates Degree of Fine Arts in filmmaking.
August 25, 2020
Episode 36: “Brandon Woodrin With Great Leadership Comes Great Responsibility”
My guest speaker Director Brandon Maurice Woodrin was born on August 23, 1987 in New Orleans, He's the oldest of two younger sisters, after graduating from high school, Brandon moved to Los Angeles in 2010 and enrolled at The Los Angeles Film School. Once graduating Brandon moved back home to New Orleans to work for NCIS New Orleans seasons 1 - 3 as a 4th set PA, after wrapping the end of season 3 Brandon moved back to Los Angeles in 2018, Directing a few music videos before speaking with his mentor about coming on as a Ex Producers for the movie. Recently Brandon Woodrin is directing the film “Me And The Dragons Daughter. We learn about this and more on “Behind The Real
August 21, 2020
Episode 35: “Keena Ferguson”
My guest speaker actress/director/producer/dancer Keena Ferguson one of her quotes is “You don’t have to be great to get started, but you do have to get started to be great.” Keena Ferguson a Multi-artist, is known for her bright warm smile, strong presence and agility as an actress. She hails from Jefferson City, MO the “Show Me State” and she was most definitely born to be in “Show Biz.” A graduate of The Ohio State University where she received her B.F.A in dance, she moved to Los Angeles less than a week after graduation to begin her career. Her love of all things creative (dancer/choreographer, actress, VO artist, writer, producer, director) has led her to fully accept all of her many talents and Keena now calls herself a multi artist. Keena is currently starring in Tyler Perry’s new TV show Sistas on BET. You can catch her on Wednesday nights playing Leslie Davenport. She has also had roles on the hot Golden Globe and Emmy winning show Atlanta, S.W.A.T on CBS opposite Shemar Moore, recurring on Amazon’s Gortimer Gibbons Life of on Normal Street and many movies on NETFLIX such as RedLine, American Hero and more. She also is the voice of many popular video games like Fortnite, Spiderman, Star Wars, World War Z and more and can be heard at Disneyworld and other theme parks for the brand new Pandora World of Avatar and Star Wars Land. She has danced for many notable artists such as Kelly Rowland, Gloria Estefan, Marc Anthony, Jay-Z and so many more. She also choreographed the 25th anniversary of the hit Broadway show DREAMGIRLS at the Ford Theatre. Keena is also the writer, producer and star of the short film Kai that went on to screen in more than 35 film festivals internationally. She expanded her talents again and directed the HBO nominated film Lindon Passing that was also written by and stars Keena. All of the multifaceted roles she’s played has prepared Keena for her most challenging, but most accomplished feeling as an actress; when she performed her NAACP Award winning one- woman show Keena UnBranded. Playing over 10 different characters intertwining dance and live music, Keena UnBranded confirmed to Keena (and her audiences) that the power of honest artistry was a way to not only entertain, but also inspire. Follow Keena at keenastar on Instagram and Twitter. For more info:
August 20, 2020
Episode 34: “Kenny Henry aka: The King Konnector”
My guest speaker Kenny Henry aka: The King Konnector is from Lake Charles, Louisiana. The King Konnector is a Anti-Human Trafficking Specialist, Life Coach, and Lifestyle consultant. I connect people to the people and resources he quotes. He interviews artists, student’s, business owners, as well as entrepreneurs. Kenny’s 3 keys to success in life is inspiration, motivation, and action. He also landed acting roles, has a career in Fashion and continues to be a helping source for people. We learn about all of this and more on “Behind The Real”.
August 19, 2020
Episode 33: “Cassandra Raphael”
My guest speaker Actress/Producer Cassandra Raphael She was born in Boston ,Massachusetts while attending the Lords Academy School at the age of 5, she discoverd they were having auditions for Goldie Locks and the Three Bears, she auditioned, and booked the role of Mama Bear. That is where Cassandra caught the acting bug. She then booked a role in every school play, including Miss Hannigan, where the director closed auditions right after she came in, because she booked the role on the spot. At the age of 15 years old she received her first agent, and then began booking commercials, print work, fashion shows and films. Her first film was In Our House where she played the lead and received acclaim for her performance. Cassandra then went on to book the film Karmaloop and Soul Sister. After graduating Northeastern University, she decided to move to Los Angeles where she booked commercials and films such as The Next One, Mick and Jenny, Assassin Behind the Glass, and Director Mark Ridely’s film The Board. Cassandra started the production company, C.Raphael Productions. The company went on to produce Life in LA, The 60 Second Project, A Raisin in the Sun, and currently now producing the feature film A Broken Chain. We hear about all this and more on “Behind The Real”.
August 18, 2020
Episode 32: The Journey Of Danny Flores aka: Lord Roka”
My guest speaker Casting Director/Hip Hop artist Danny Flores was born and raised in South Los Angeles, his music artist name he goes by is Lord Roka. We talk about one of his latest films that he is currently casting staring Marcus T. Paulk which is currently in development that is being pitched to Netflix also we talk about his music career and the joy he has with the reward of helping others. All this and more on “Behind The Real”
August 08, 2020
Episode 31: “The Amazing Amber Nicole”
My guest speaker Amber Nicole Lawson is a Detroit Michigan Native, who moved to Los Angeles with her car, and her dreams in 2014, after graduating Eastern Michigan University with a BA is Dance, Musical Theater and Arts Management. Currently as the Los Angeles Director & Actor with American Immersion Theater, she has helped develop troupes up and down California, training actors nationwide and writing on the bleeding edge of Immersion Theatre. She has traveled the world performing for the US Military, had a residency as the lead in the Off Broadway production of “The Video Games” and is a proud wife to a Naval Officer. She’s short, spunky, loves food, fashion and anything that can get her traveling! We hear about all this and more on “Behind The Real”
August 07, 2020
Episode 30: “The illume Of Eddie Lingo Jr”
My Guest Speaker Eddie Lingo Jr is an Indie Screenwriter, Director & Producer originally from South Florida, now residing in Utah. Growing up he aspired to be an animator / illustrator. Using almost every aspect of comic books, television, gaming and film to fuel his artistic way, he never considered applying his creativity to writing. Eventually a debate about a feature film ended with the words “​Why don’t you stop talking about it and do it yourself?”​ At that moment it all became clear and in what seemed like the most natural transition, Eddie began writing. He taught himself the screenwriting process and loved it. But writing soon proved it wasn’t enough to satisfy Eddie’s creative drive. Without attending film school, Eddie surrounded himself with people in the industry. He made connections as well as great friendships that provided him the knowledge to become the Indie Director & Producer he is today. After collaborating on a series of projects Eddie finally created his own short film titled “Hypocrite” in 2019. While taking his short film on a festival run, Eddie became inspired to create a platform for low budget filmmakers to compete and showcase their work. Under his direction, the illume Short Film Festival was born.
August 05, 2020
Episode 29: “The Resilience of Mary Knight”
Writer/Director/Filmmaker/Producer/Social Worker/Foster Mother Mrs. Mary Knight. She is a survivor of incest and child pornography her parents were members of the KKK and pedophiles. Mary’s upbringing was very rough!! Despite all she had endured she shares her testimonies through her films and one of her quotes is “Each ​film That I make has a message I feel compelled to tell.” She enjoys Yoga, Hiking, as well as spending time with her children. She loves to help people and she shares her journey right here on “Behind The Real”
July 30, 2020
Episode 28: “Peachanda The Pioneer”
Peachanda DuBose; Writer/Director/Producer: 2x NAACP award winning writer, playwright, director, author, and producer. Also she is the founder and creator of three award brands: The Peach Theatre Awards Cruise, The Mayan Industry Awards , and The Pioneer Awards. Peachanda DuBose is also the founder and CEO of her own production company Mayan Productions. On the podcast we talk a her journey growing up in Norfolk Virginia, How she became a playwright as well as becoming the first woman to have a residency at “The Hudson Theatre” we talk about this and more on “Behind The Real”!!
July 27, 2020
Episode 27: “ The Serial Entrepreneur Matthew Newman”
Serial Entrepreneur & Author Matthew Newman we talk about his upbringing in Texas. How he moved to Inglewood California and created the business called “All In Co-Working of Inglewood”, He continues to give back to the community by mentoring students through the “For The Life Of You Mentoring Foundation” and we get into his book called “Featuring You”. All this and more here on Behind The Real!
July 16, 2020
Episode 26: “The Journey Of LaCora Stephens”
TV Host,Entertainment Reporter,Producer, and Actress LaCora Stephens. We talk about her upbringing in Florida how she graduated from a HBCU in Tallahassee. How her love for theatre started as well as her growth in films and commercials. She is also a member of Women In Film, and she is the TV Show host and executive producer of the Christian Entertainment Talk Show called the Yes Show! Which is an acronym that stands for Young, Entertaining, and Saved. We also talk about How she first got started teaching English as a second language to students in Taiwan and how “Fostering Images” was picked up by the Pasadena unified school district’s after school program entitled “Learns. All this and more on “Behind The Real”!!
July 16, 2020
Episode 25: “The Pianist Darrell Alston”
Musician,Singer,Pianist,Arranger,Conductor Darrell Alston. We talk about his recent zoom concert with Motown legend Thelma Houston, How he has met and performed with the late Alretha Franklin, We talk about different cultures and some of the places around the world he has traveled too, What influenced him to get into music, and how he staying busy during this pandemic! All this and more on “Behind The Real”.
July 15, 2020
Episode 24: “ Darrin Chase aka: Chase Helms”
Actor/Former Wrestler/Comedian Darrin Chase. We talk about his upbringing in Minnesota. How he moved to Seattle and that’s where he first started to explore the realms of comedy, the time he met Joe Rogan, How he is a Little Caesars survivor, as well as his journey as a wrestler on the independent circuit. All this and more on “Behind The Real”!
July 15, 2020
Episode 23: “Marcus Nel Jamal Hamm aka: MJ Marcus Jordan”
My guest speaker Actor/Wrestler/Model/Public Figure Marcus Nel Jamal Hamm aka: Marcus Jordan. We talk about his latest film titled “Heaven’s Revenge”, The Black Lives Matter Movement, The importance of being a father, his career as a wrestler under the name Marcus Jordan, as well as his upbringing in Maryland. All this and more here on “Behind The Real”!
July 12, 2020
Episode 22: “ Ms. Drama Ganza”
Ms Drama Ganza is a Hip Hop-Soul Singer/Songwriter/Emcee specializing in songwriting, live performances, lead and background vocals. We talk about her upbringing in Milwaukee as well as being born in Ohio. We talk about her book “History is a part of me” as well as how she impacted the school system by being a reading interventionist. Also we get into her journey as an author of the hit book as well as song she has created entitled“History is a part of me”All this and more here on “Behind The Real”
July 01, 2020
Episode 21: “Knajula C.M.C.G”
My guest speaker Actress, Author,Writer, Producer, Director, and Creator of CMCG apparel Knajula Edwards we talk about her journey growing up in Carthage, Texas moving to Dallas to eventually landing in L. A, we get into how she created CMCG apparel which is an acronym that stands for Child Of Maggie Child Of God, we talk about her novel that she is working on 21 days of God, as well as her Script entitled “Soulmates” as well as her journey as an actress and how she is saving souls for Christ!! This and more right here on “Behind The Real”.
June 26, 2020
Episode 20: “Tyrone The Timeless”
My guest speaker Iconic R&B Historian, distinctive radio host, motivational speaker, philanthropist, and film/tv/commercial actor Tyrone Dubose talks about his upbringing in Cincinnati Ohio, How he met his idol Casey Kasem which helped catapult him as the radio host phenomenon that he is today. How he is a stage 1: colon cancer survivor and how God sent him an angel to have a second life here on earth! We also get into how he became the host of Timeless Traxx , how he became a daily contributor to the Sheryl Underwood radio show, as well as a daily contributor to the tv show UNSUNG, and how he continues to be an actor as well as a voiceover actor in films/commercials/and television. This man is a trailblazer and he shares his journey here on Behind The Real!
June 22, 2020
Episode 19: “The Poetress”
My guest speaker YMCA Program Coordinator/Actress/Poet Marquitta Lloyd aka: Quitta Ineice talks about her upbringing in Los Angeles, California. Also we get into her poetry book entitled “PRYDE IN PRINT” PRYDE is an acronym which stands for Powerful, Resilient, Young, Determined, and Encouraged. We also talk about her journey joining the KJLH Gospel choir, and how she was always a performer growing up, as well as her journey as an actress in theatre stage plays.
June 18, 2020
Episode 18: “Amped Up”
My guest speaker co founder of Amped Up Wrestling Sean Black aka: The Urban Juggernaut talks about his upbringing in Inglewood, California. How he is a lifeguard for children and adults with special needs through the company he works for called Ability first and how he created his own wrestling company as well as how continues to wrestle on the independent circuit. Also we get into how he created Comptonmania!
June 16, 2020
Episode 17: “Rooted Purpose”
My guest speaker Corey Hall Founder of Rooted Apparel talks about his upbringing in South Central L.A as well as how God gave him the vision to create his clothing line Rooted which is an acronym that stands for “Reign Over Obstacles Throughout Each Day”. Also we talk about his mentorship called “CHOICES” that he is growing through B.E.F.I.C Bible Enrichment Fellowship International Church. As well as he is impacting the inner city by being a motivational speaker talking to them about the importance of having GOD in your life, credit, investments, and how to save money.
June 16, 2020
Episode 16: “Ms. P.S.O.A.R”
My guest speaker Actress,Poet, and Playwright Parenthysis E. Gardner talks about her non-profit organization “the P.S.O.A.R Collation” her teacher Linda Battles who influenced her journey from the very beginning to be the great Actress , Playwright and Stage Director that she is today. Also she talks about her latest project that she is working on called “DRIVE”, her book 3,655 miles to kismet, along with a plethora of projects she has worked on along the way.
June 11, 2020
Episode 15: “Pushing Dreams”
My guest speaker Former English Teacher /Actor/Filmmaker Adel L. Morales talks about his upbringing in NYC. How he attended the NYC Grad School Film Program, the time he met actress Rosario Dawson, how he was under the tutelage of filmmaker Spike Lee, And we also talk about his latest Film “Release” that premiered at the Urbanworld Film Festival in 2019 and is currently on the UMC channel.
June 09, 2020
Episode 14: “The Powerful Woman”
My guest speaker Shelley Meche’tte we talk about her childhood growing up as the only child being raised in a single parent household. How she was very active at her church how it influenced her love for the stage. We also get into how she created a non-profit organization, The Powerful Woman’s conference, her book “70 days of happy life is better when you smile”, her acting and directing projects and what influenced her to be a trailblazer for woman.
June 09, 2020
Episode 13: “The Dream-Chaser”
My guest speaker is producer/writer/ and director Tamieka Briscoe she talks about her current project that she has created entitled “QT The Series” as well as her upbringing in Washington D.C how she successfully achieved all of her accomplishments as a single mother and what influenced her to move to Los Angeles.
June 05, 2020
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June 04, 2020
Episode 12: “Soul Brother from Apt 12”
My guest speaker Anthony Faison Jr, Talks about his journey growing up in Los Angeles how both of his parents influenced him to play the saxophone how his producer and mentor helped him with his first album entitled “Apartment 12” and we talk about the joy of teaching and parenthood.
June 03, 2020
Episode 11: “ The Man Of The Hour Elijah Rock”
My guest speaker Elijah Rock talks about his upbringing in Cleveland, Ohio How he was trained at a young age the art of Tap Dance, Spiritual Hymns, Jazz, and Theatre. Also we discuss his current project’s as well as the people who helped influenced him along the way.
May 29, 2020
Episode 10: “The Ultimate Storyteller”
My guest Helen Kennedy Turner talks about her upbringing in England her journey in acting school how she was motivated at a young age to write comedy as well as to pursue a path as a voice over artist. Also we discuss how she moved to Los Angeles and how she first got involved with the Sony pictures Charity “Young Storytellers L.A” and we talk about some of her current films that she is starring in such as “Wasted Seed”, “Holiday”, and Whore: Table#6 as well as the success she has had at some of the film festivals.
May 27, 2020
Episode 9: “The Origin Of Byron Nora”
My guest speaker Byron Nora talks about his upbringing growing up in Louisiana. When he first started his journey into acting the story that propelled his move to Los Angeles as well as how he became a model for Calvin Klein which eventually helped him open up more doors into the fashion world. Also the story of how he became a stage director and an acting coach.
May 22, 2020
Episode 8: “Entrenched Education Of Tiffography”
My guest Tiffany M. Hobbs talks about her childhood being born in New York to moving to Los Angeles at a very young age her recent accolades as a social activist as well as a photographer while continuing to work as a teacher. Also we get into a little bit of her educational accomplishments graduating from USC being a ghostwriter and her journey as a underground hip hop artist!
May 21, 2020
Episode 7: “Advocate for Inclusion”
My guest speaker Steven James Tingus talks about his journey being an advocate for disability inclusion how he worked with former president George W. Bush how it’s been working as a executive producer and actor in film/theatre also his latest film projects and how he met the talented Viola Davis and was featured in Lenny Kravitz latest music video.
May 20, 2020
Episode 6: “Miracles”
My guest speaker Rachel Blaze Bullard aka: Rae Lashea talks about her recent novel “52 weeks of Miracles” as well as the importance of wellness and holistic health along with the journey from growing up in Brooklyn NY to moving to Los Angeles.
May 18, 2020
Episode 5: “Mrs. 10 Talents”
My guest speaker Sharon Y. Judie talks about her Journey growing up in Compton California. What motivated her to write her first script for her church her book “Misleading Lady” Which became a Hit stage play. As well as the business conference that ultimately catapulted her to further success as a Playwright as well as creating 10 talent productions.
May 15, 2020
Episode 4: “Mark E. Ridley’s Journey”
My guest speaker Mark E. Ridley talks about his journey career as a writer/model/actor/director and a clothing designer his film “Stolen Breath” and how he grew up with a musically inclined family and how he knew the late great Little Richard.
May 13, 2020
Episode 3: “Oh My Stars”
My guest Tamechi talks about his career as a fashion designer how he created the MC Hammer pants and his latest endeavors in the fashion world.
May 09, 2020
Episode 2: Trisha’s Testimonies
My guest Trisha Mann Grant talks about her astonishing career some of the struggles she has gone through as well as accomplishments she has made along the many paths that life gives you.
May 07, 2020
Episode 1: Humble Beginnings
My guest Danayia Stedham talks about her Journey as a Comedian/Actress
May 05, 2020