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Blind Ambition With Aaron Golub

Blind Ambition With Aaron Golub

By Aaron Golub
The Blind Ambition podcast is hosted by Aaron Golub. Aaron became the first legally blind athlete to play football in a Division 1 game when he was at Tulane University. He was a captain in his senior year, and went on to also become an NFL free agent. This podcast will dive deep into how successful people overcome obstacles, and break through barriers in their lives. You’ll hear from professional athletes, successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, and people who have overcome incredible odds to create success.
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The Win-Win Effect - With Chris Ross

Blind Ambition With Aaron Golub

Taking Risks - With Doug Ellin
In this episode we are joined by producer, writer, and director, Doug Ellin. Doug is most well-known for creating the hit series Entourage. He has taken risks throughout the years, and has done whatever it takes to achieve success in Hollywood.
October 24, 2020
Adapt to Your Situation - With Brian Bogert
Brian Bogert is a human behavior and performance coach who teaches clients to leverage self-awareness and intentionality to become the most authentic version of themselves: who they already are. Brian helps executives, entrepreneurs, athletes, and growth-minded individuals learn this transformative approach that cultivates perspective, motivation and direction to help them align their life with their true purpose and defy their own expectations. He teaches not just to accept change, but to embrace pain in order to avoid suffering. Brian learned the wisdom of resiliency through his own early experiences with pain. When he was just seven years old, his left arm was detached in a vehicle accident. Throughout his childhood people often asked, “What happened to your arm?” They expected a sports injury or playground mishap—not the raw, painful truth that a truck tore it off. But instead of succumbing to suffering because of the injury, Brian fully recovered and flourished with a reattached arm, thanks to his persistent and proactive focus. He learned early how to move beyond what happened to him by creating an intentional mindset. Brian has continued to develop mindful and actionable tools for growth in his personal and professional endeavors. Before moving full time to coaching peak performers and public speaking, he and his business partners led the Phoenix location of a global insurance brokerage firm, where in just a decade they grew the revenue from $250,000 to $15 million. Before that, he was a top earner as a sales professional and mentored new producers nationwide at a publicly traded brokerage firm. Brian has earned accolades as a top performer in the Southwest, and was named as one of “40 Under 40” in the Phoenix Business Journal for his innovative and dynamic leadership.
October 16, 2020
The Win-Win Effect - With Chris Ross
Chris led corpora.ons to award-winning and high-performance sales teams, as well as pioneered profitable business development programs for his own companies that are Nationally Accredited. He specializes in training international business executives, companies, and corpora.ons on methods, techniques he has developed over the years on adopting both sides of the buyer-seller relationships. Chris is also currently contracted by 60+ companies and corpora.ons over the world, where he aligns his sales process that is producing massive results and radical transformation. A few short years after branching out on his own independently, Chris started consulting for companies internationally. He began to take his talents and honed in on his craft selling high-ticket programs, which he was able to produce over 1 million dollars in generated revenue each month for more than three years. It did not take long for him to break and then set records in the business consulting industry, which s.ll stands today. Among world industry leaders, Chris is a recognized, highly experienced sales trainer and a very talented business strategist with a demonstrated history of consulting with companies in a variety of fields that specializes in maximizing results. He is the Founder of TCR Consulting Agency, the industry's first and only Nationally Accredited program that provides students with the comfort of knowing his company is audited by regulatory agencies a few times a year. His company guarantees transparency and ethical practices. In February 2020, he stepped down from the Chief Executive Officer role to move into Chairman position. He hired a Corporate staff to take over in January for Official Press Release at the beginning of January 2021 to shift over to 100% Trade School TCR Education Corpora.on. Winject, Inc. is the new venture he has spearheaded teaching companies and corpora.ons on his methodology and aligning his sales process to increase sales numbers to astronomical transformation. In August 2020, Chris was honored to accept Forbes® offer to become an Official Member of Business & Coaching Council. Finally, let's talk about his Top-Ranked Podcast Show, The Win-Win Effect. The launch of his show was the start of him stepping out from behind the scenes. No ma]er the industry you are currently in, anyone listening will receive massive amounts of value from the proven strategies that Chris uses to produce massive results. Chris Ross® currently lives in London, England, where he virtually runs all of his many businesses.
October 8, 2020
Chase Your Dreams - With Sammy Adams
In this episode we are joined by Sam Adams Wisner (Sammy Adams). Sammy is a rapper. He's toured all over, released songs that have reached top of the charts, and is known as "Boston's boy". We discuss his career, how he started in music, and his plans for the future.
October 2, 2020
Strength Creates Success - With Matt Newman
Matthew Newman is a speaker, author, and brain cancer survivor on a mission to inspire others to live in the now. Matt not only has become a successful speaker, but successful in the finance industry. He using his story and message to impact the lives of others on a daily basis.
September 25, 2020
Once A Week - With Billy G
This episode is a podcast from Once A Week With Billy G. I was on Billy Giannouloudis's podcast, and we have re-posted it here. We discuss my journey with football, speaking, and life.
September 12, 2020
Waiting For The Opportunity - With Anthony Santiago
In this episode we are joined by Anthony Santiago. Anthony is a former professional baseball player, and a current coach with the White Sox organization. We discuss growing up not being the typical talented athlete, destined for the pros. Anthony worked extremely hard, adapted to all kinds of obstacles, and made his dream come true.
September 5, 2020
Long Snapping Legacy - With Chris Rubio
In this episode we are joined by Chris Rubio. Rubio is an entrepreneur, and the founder of Rubio Long Snapping. We discuss how his business has grown over time, what it takes to be a successful long snapping, and the impact he has had on so many athletes. Rubio has helped over 1,000 long snappers make it to college, and each year over 95% of long snapping scholarships come from Rubio's camps.
August 28, 2020
Setting Yourself Up For Success - With Dr. David Sipala
Dr. David Sipala started his journey into medicine at an early age. He began to shadow different departments at a local hospital in New Jersey in high school as well as summer breaks during his college years.  This solidified his desire to become a physician. He began shadowing various doctors to help hone his focus on specific specialties and help determine which route he wanted to go.  Ultimately, David became exposed to the world of Foot and Ankle surgery which really peaked his interest.   We discuss the long journey it is to become a surgeon, as well as the work ethic and love for medicine it takes to succeed in his field.
August 20, 2020
Putting Yourself Out There - With Brent Shaw
Brent has dedicated his life to transforming students to become the best versions of themselves. Through his own journey of starting from a camp counselor to now being the Director of Research of a stem cell therapy clinic, Brent has mastered the art of reaching out of your comfort zone to achieve anything you set out to do. He is now a widely published stem cell researcher and on his way to becoming a physician but also wants to transform the way people view their own potential.
August 13, 2020
Everybody Pulls The Tarp With Andrew Moses
Andrew Moses is the Vice President of Business Development & Marketing at MorganFranklin Consulting, a national management advisory firm that helps organizations of all sizes solve complex finance, technology, and business challenges.  MorganFranklin is the global consulting platform of Vaco. A super connector and thought leader, Andrew organizes one of the largest networking dinner series in the US for finance and business leaders and has authored content for Forbes, The Huffington Post, and other publications featuring insights from his interviews with business, sports, and media personalities. Andrew is also the creator and host of Everybody Pulls The Tarp, a video podcast series about the team-first, do-whatever-it-takes mindset powering success. Andrew interviews leaders in business, sports, and entertainment with episodes appearing weekly on social media, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and In 2013, Andrew became the youngest alumni ever to win the Alumni Volunteer of the Year Award—awarded once per year by the Penn State Alumni Association, the world’s largest dues paying alumni association. In 2007, based on his belief that college students represent the world's next generation of leaders, he co-founded Autism Speaks U—a national initiative of Autism Speaks that has since engaged students from universities and colleges across more than 25 states in advocacy, awareness, and fundraising that has resulted in more than $7 million raised. Andrew is a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and earned his B.S. in Accounting from Penn State University with a minor in Labor and Industrial Relations as well as a Masters Degree from Seton Hall University. He resides in Northern Virginia with his wife, Lauren, and their two daughters. When Andrew's not pulling the proverbial tarp, he is cheering on his beloved Penn State Nittany Lions and anxiously waiting for a New York Mets World Series parade. His personal mantra. You guessed it. Everybody pulls the tarp! --
August 6, 2020
Lion Mentality With Nico Marley
In this episode we are joined by Nico Marley. Nico is an entrepreneur, and owner of Lion X CBD. We discuss growing up in a unique culture, starting your own business, and taking a leap of faith. You can find Tanzel on instagram at nico2marley.
July 30, 2020
Hard Work Pays Off - With Tanzel Smart
In this episode we are joined by Tanzel Smart. Tanzel is an NFL defensive tackle, and one of the hardest working people I know. We discuss work ethic, being patient, and becoming one of the best at your profession. You can find Tanzel on instagram at tj_bchillen.
July 23, 2020
Trusting The Process With Xavier Rush
In this episode we are joined by Xavier Rush. Xavier is a former NFL player, actor, model, personal trainer, and owner of XRElite. We discuss trusting the process, putting in work everyday, and never giving up. You can find Xavier on instagram at dnt_rush_it.
July 18, 2020