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Episode 2 - Race & Racism in Hockey

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Changing On The Fly dives deep into social justice issues in hockey, looking at themes such as colonialism, sexism, and racism on the ice. The podcast aims to bring together interviews with athletes, sports scholars, and hockey commentators whose work aims to create radical social change, both inside and outside the arena.
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Episode 6 - McGill Redmen: Change The Name
On this episode of Changing On The Fly, we kick it with Tomas Jirousek, an Indigenous student athlete at McGill University in Montreal. He's a rower & former hockey player hailing from the Kainai First Nation in Alberta, and he's been leading the charge to get McGill to change their racist varsity team name - The Redmen. The McGill admin is poised to make their final decision on the matter in January, so shit is about to get historic. Then we take you to a recent demonstration held at McGill on this issue. We'll hear from Nakuset of the Montreal Native Women's Shelter, and Denzel Sutherland-Wilson, another Indigenous athlete at McGill (from the Gitxan nation). We also talk about the RCMP attack against the Unist'ot'en Camp on Wet'suwet'en territory in northern BC. For more updates and info on that, check out  Want to sign the petition to change the Redmen name? Check out Want to support this podcast? Check out our Patreon page! Changing On The Fly is a proud member of the Upford Network. Find your new favorite podcast at!
January 10, 2019
Episode 5 - Toxic Masculinity, Homophobia and The Prime-Minister of Saturday Night
On this episode of Changing on the Fly, we take on the double-headed beast of toxic masculinity and homophobia in hockey. We start by looking at the greatest and oldest fountain of toxic masculinity in hockey broadcasting, Don Cherry of Coach's Corner. But then, to look at something uplifting and inspiring, we'll hear about one of the most widespread activist movements to combat homophobia in sports, the You Can Play project. Our guests on today's show are: -Dr. Kristi Allain, professor of sociology at St-Thomas University in New Brunswick -Dr. Cheryl Macdonald, co-chair of the western Canadian board of the You Can Play Project **Like this podcast? Then support us! For more info on Changing on the Fly, or to subscribe to the podcast, visit: Music on this episode is by Tshizimba, DJ Spooky, Kaytranada, and Ilegot. Changing on the Fly is produced by Aaron Lakoff
December 3, 2018
Episode 4 - Power Play: How Feminism is Changing Hockey
Changing On The Fly is going live! On this episode, we'll hear a round-table discussion called "Power Play: How Women Can Change Sports Journalism and Hockey". The event was recorded in the Feminist Media Studio of Concordia University on January 31st, 2018. The guests are: -Meg Hewings, General Manager of Les Canadiennes -Robyn Flynn, sports reporter for TSN 690 and The Athletic -Safia Ahmad, former sports reporter for The Link, and current Media Relations Manager for Les Canadiennes **Like this podcast? Then support us on Patreon! For more info on Changing on the Fly, or to subscribe to the podcast, visit: Music on this episode is by Tshizimba, DJ Spooky, and Ilegot. -Globe and Mail: "How the Maple Leafs can get on the right side of #MeToo" -Le Devoir: "Le genre en jeu au hockey sur glace à Pyeongchang" Changing on the Fly is produced by Aaron Lakoff
November 12, 2018
Episode 3 - Gritty: The Anti-Fascist Hockey Hero
How did Gritty, the new mascot for the Philadelphia Flyers, become the new mascot for the American anti-fascist movement? Gritty is a huge, ugly, scary orange monster, who comes to us at a time when there is an equally huge, ugly, scary orange monster in the White House. We're joined on this episode by Mark Bray, history professor & the author of "Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook" to talk about Gritty, hockey, and what the antifa movement actually is. Since we're talking about Pennsylvania and fascism, we also reflect on the recent tragic synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, and pay our respects to the victims. May their memories be for a blessing. **Like this podcast? Then support us! For more anti-fascist news & information, check out these links: We're on the Upford Network! Check them out at Music on this episode by: Tshizimba, Hi-Tek, Max Pashm, Black Ox, Orkestar, Billy Bragg and Wilco
October 31, 2018
Episode 2 - Race & Racism in Hockey
If you look at the face of hockey, it's about as white as the ice the game is played on. But if you start to scratch the surface, you start to notice that not only is the game much more diverse than you think, but also that people of color have a long and celebrated history in the sport. Yet still, racism and racial discrimination run rampant throughout the sport today. On this episode of Changing on the Fly, we take on the topics of race and racism in hockey. We'll hear about the amazing history of the Coloured Hockey Leauge in Nova Scotia in the late 1800s, how racism manifests itself on the ice, but also about how some players are standing up with a fist in the air. Our guests on the show today are: -Damon Kwame Mason, director of the documentary Soul on Ice -Shireen Ahmed, sports writer and co-host of the sports and feminism podcast Burn It All Down: Check out Shireen's blog Tales From a Hijabi Footballer: And Shireen's piece for Vice Sports on the Penguins' White House visit: For more information on Changing on the Fly, or to subscribe to the podcast: Music in this episode is by Tshizimba, DJ Spooky, Sixties, and Ilegot. Changing on the Fly is produced by Aaron Lakoff We are a proud member of the Upford Network! Check out all their shows at
October 17, 2018
Episode 1: This Game We Love, On Stolen Land
Welcome to the very first episode of Changing on the Fly, a podcast about hockey and social justice! On this episode, we lace up the skates and hit the ice to talk about colonialism in hockey, and the Indigenous hockey experience. What does it mean to call hockey "Canada's game" while Canada is a country built on stolen Native land? We're gonna take a deep dive into hockey's role in Canada's residential schools, the presence of Native mascots in sports, and the changing role of Indigenous hockey players in the NHL today. To help us pick apart these huge questions, we hear from Braden Te Hiwi, Justin Louis, and Jason Brennan. Like this podcast? Then support us! Paypal donations:
October 3, 2018
Podcast Preview
The new podcast series Changing On The Fly hits the ice October 3, 2018! Here's just a small taste of what you'll hear :) **Want to support this podcast and get some great perks in return? We've got a Patreon page: **Subscribe now on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or follow us here on Soundcloud! Featuring the voices of Damon Kwame Mason, Shireen Ahmed, Don Cherry (barf), Kristi Allain, and Robyn Flynn. Music by The Kendallz. Artwork by Loki Design. Facebook @ChangingOnTheFly Twitter @OnChanging
September 18, 2018
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