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AAUC Podcast

AAUC Podcast

By AAUC Admin
Welcome to AAUC 2021 Podcast series on Building our Collective American Dream. We dedicate this podcast series to dive deeply into our vision in creating a Unity among Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to build our collective American Dream. Beyond fighting for inequalities and injustices, we all embrace the American Dream of an equitable society in which democracy reigns and opportunities are plenty to all to maximize our potentials in a safe and secure environment that we all can flourish. I hope you enjoy our series.
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AAUC Podcast #12 - Growing our Ethnic Media
in this December episode, we focus on what are the roles of the ethnic media? How can ethnic media and TV stations survive and thrive in this hostile environment of consolidation and decreasing advertisement revenue. What can the community do to encourage our youth to embrace and Grove the industry?  We are very fortunate today to have a social entrepreneur and journalist Mr. Rafi Kapoor, owner of 24 ethnic TV stations to share his insight on the matter.
December 26, 2021
AAUC Podcast #11 - Ethnic Media
In this November episode we focus on our ethnic media and how it helps shape our collective American Dream. What makes up ethnic media? What work do they do? How it helps build a better future for our community? We are very fortunate today to have three distinguished guests, Ms. Diana Ding, founder of DDTV in the Silicon Valley. Mr. Steven Lu, founder of Asian Media Access located in Minneapolis, and Ms. Emma Wu, who is managing media relations and communication for the Committee of 100. They will be share with us their unique perspectives on the subject from their vastly different backgrounds.
November 28, 2021
AAUC Podcast #10 - 2020 Census and Redistricting
In this October episode we focus on the fall out of the 2020 census and redistricting with the goal of achieving fair ethnic representation at all local and federal levels. Should Asian Americans be concerned with redistricting or jerrymandering? Is redistricting just a partisan issue between Democrats and Republicans? Does it have any impact on Asian Americans in representing the districts they live in? We are very fortunate today to have our outstanding guests, Ms. Christine Chen, founder of APIAVote Atty. Michael Li of Brennan Center, a think tank attached to NYU Law School, and Mr. Rishi Kumar, a 2022 candidate for the US Congress in CA. They will be share with us their unique perspectives on the subject. Jack Hanna, our AAUC board member is our host for this podcast today.
October 31, 2021
AAUC podcast #9 Asian Americans From a Global Perspective in Building our Collective American Dream
In this September episode we focus on what is the global perspective for Asian Americans, the challenges we face and how we can build our collective American Dream together. Asian American has an important role to play in bridging the widening gap between US and the rise of Asia. How should we view ourselves and be viewed – is this dual identity an advantage or a burden? What is the global perspective on the anti-Asian hate? How can Asian Americans make a difference in the US? We are very fortunate today to have our outstanding guest, Dr. Parag Khanna, a globalist and futurist and author of many publications, including the latest book “MOVE” are on the best-seller list. Dr. Parag Khanna will share with us his unique perspective on the subject.
September 27, 2021
AAUC Podcast #8 Asian American Identity in Building our Collective American Dream
In this August podcast, we focus on what makes up the Asian Americans, the challenges we face and how we can build a collective American dream together. Asian American is the fastest growing minority in the U.S. 2020 census. It has grown over 36% and constitutes roughly 7.2% or over 20 million of the total U.S. population. Who are Asian Americans and how it becomes the fastest growing minority in the U.S.. What history did we not know about this group? How can Asian Americans make a difference in the us? We are very fortunate today to have the distinguished and outstanding guest professor Frank Wu. President of Queens college, New York City and author of many publications on Asian Americans to give us a comprehensive account with storytelling details on the subject.
August 29, 2021
AAUC podcast #7 Racial Harmony
In this increasingly individualized and polarized world, who doesn’t want peace and harmony in their lives? Is racial harmony just an ideal or can it be achieved? Does this Confucian Asian value of harmony elevate or harm us as Asian Americans? The flip side of harmony is distrust, hatred, strive, systemic discrimination and injustice. How can these racial inequalities be leveled and racial distrust be unlearned? We are very fortunate today to have gather a circle of experts and community activists to discuss the subject matter and how we can provide a long-term strategy to overcome racial discriminations, and build harmony in our society so everyone can thrive. Our featured speakers include: Prof. Karen Umemoto, UCLA, Asian American Studies Prof. Russell Jeung, San Francisco State University, Asian American Studies, founder, Stop AAPI Hate Dr. Raymond Chong, creator and writer, 6th generation Chinese American Mr. Jonathan Leong, founder, Asian American Donor Program
July 25, 2021
AAUC Podcast#6: Mental Health and Youth Suicide
Mental health and youth suicide is a serious issue in the AAPI community. The devastating news of a young love one taking his/her life touches almost everyone. There is insurmountable guilt and sadness in the survivors around the victim. To overcome this serious challenge, we need to understand the cause and what we can do as a community to prevent future attempts of youth suicide.
June 27, 2021
Podcast #5 Unite and Speak Out Against Hate in defending our collective American Dream
In this podcast we will focus on the hate crisis that our community faces due to COVID 19. When our innocent, respected seniors, vulnerable children and women were being attacked, the urge to do good, to defend our community is hard to resist in each of us. It is heart-warming to see our Asian American community rises up, unites and speaks out against hate. We, the silent minority can no longer be silent. There were many notable rallies, vigils and protests held in various parts of the US since the beginning of the year. Each brought us closer to the realization that we need to unite and reach out for all the public support to combat and overcome the stigma of being perpetual foreigners in a land that we all belong. We need to bring change to the system to eradicate hate and racism.
May 31, 2021
Episode 4: AAPI Healthcare: A Building Block of our Collective American Dream
The wellbeing of our community hinges on good healthcare which is an important building block in our collective American dream. In this podcast we focus on the health crises in our AAPI community during the pandemic of COVID19. Our complex communities face double crises in being disproportionately infected and died as well as being stigmatized as the harbinger of the virus. We are combating the viruses of the disease as well as misguided hate. What we learned from this podcast includes the pandemic only heightens our long, existing problems in overcoming the stigma, language and cultural barriers of being an Asian American and Pacific Islander in the US. A big part of good healthcare, especially in our complex communities that speak 32 different languages from widely different cultures, not only includes early detection, prevention, cure and healing care, it should also be proximal to and advocate for those in needs. The power of advocacy starts with discussing the issues among our family and friends which we all can do.
April 25, 2021
Episode 3: Racial Profiling: A threat to our Collective American Dream
AAUC’s third Podcast episode “Racial Profiling, a Threat to our American Dream” focuses on the “China Initiative”. We wish to first, however, acknowledge and condemn the recent Atlanta murders which is a traumatic blow to our entire country. We at AAUC join Asian Americans and all Americans in working to end racial violence, racial profiling, and racial discrimination. Although our episode tonight is not about racial violence, it is but another example of other methods employed that improperly and adversely affects and victimizes Asian American professional lives and their families by using racial profiling and discrimination.
March 29, 2021
Episode 2: “Entrepreneurship, A pathway to the American Dream”
The Asian American Unity Coalition is proud to introduce a new Podcast series titled “Building our Collective American Dream” with our second episode airing on Sunday, Feb 28 at 8:00 pm EST. Welcome to AAUC Podcast “Building our Collective American Dream” episode 2: “Entrepreneurship, A Pathway to the American Dream”. According to a 2019 report issued by The National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development (CAPACD), AAPI entrepreneurs serve diverse AAPI communities encompassing over 40 different languages and cultural traditions. They are a vital part of the American economy. Many members of AAPI community believe that entrepreneurship is a pathway to the American dream. They are dedicated, persistent, hardworking, and enduring whatever hardship they encountered. In our second episode, we will hear from two successful Asian American entrepreneurs, Dr. Karen Eng and Dr. S.K. Lo, about their journeys in achieving the American Dream The AAUC podcast series is supported by our member organizations and our lifetime Individual members. For more information about AAUC please visit our website: All podcasts will air at 8 pm ET on the last Sunday of each month. Please join us on Feb 28th at 8 pm ET for the second episode of “Building our Collective American Dream.” Go to our website at: and click on Podcast!
February 28, 2021
Episode 1: South Asian American Political Activism & 2020 Election
In building our collective American Dream, AAUC recognizes having Asian American political representation is a crucial piece of the puzzle. Currently, there are three senators and 16 US congressional members with Asian Americans heritage. Among them, Senator Kamala Harris has resigned to become Vice president while four US congressional members and 30+ presidential appointees are of Indian American origin. Why are South Asian Americans so successful in US political engagement and what we can learn from their success. AAUC invited three Indian American Community leaders to share their personal experiences on how Indian Americans become politically active and successful in the US. Their stories give insights to other minorities and learn from their success.
February 01, 2021