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AAUC Podcast

AAUC Podcast

By AAUC Admin
Welcome to AAUC 2021 Podcast series on Building our Collective American Dream. We dedicate this podcast series to dive deeply into our vision in creating a Unity among Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to build our collective American Dream. Beyond fighting for inequalities and injustices, we all embrace the American Dream of an equitable society in which democracy reigns and opportunities are plenty to all to maximize our potentials in a safe and secure environment that we all can flourish. I hope you enjoy our series.
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February Podcast Teaser
AAUC February Podcast Teaser
February 7, 2021
Episode 1: South Asian American Political Activism & 2020 Election
In building our collective American Dream, AAUC recognizes having Asian American political representation is a crucial piece of the puzzle. Currently, there are three senators and 16 US congressional members with Asian Americans heritage. Among them, Senator Kamala Harris has resigned to become Vice president while four US congressional members and 30+ presidential appointees are of Indian American origin. Why are South Asian Americans so successful in US political engagement and what we can learn from their success. AAUC invited three Indian American Community leaders to share their personal experiences on how Indian Americans become politically active and successful in the US. Their stories give insights to other minorities and learn from their success.
February 1, 2021