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Private Equity Podcast

Private Equity Podcast

By Abdul Shakur
A podcast for Real Estate Private Equity interviewing Property Developers, Investors & Professionals
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Interview: Jackie Tomes - Property Entrepreneur

Private Equity Podcast

Interview - Co-Working Entrepreneur - William Stokes
Building his own brand and business William Stokes is a young entrepreneur making waves in the co-working industry. Co-Founder of Co-Spaces he's on a mission to build communities and eventually transition into health-tech. At 27 year old he shares his secrets to success as a property developer. for gold investments from £30 a month Varsity Finance for all your mortgage & financial needs. Join the facebook group
May 20, 2020
Interview: Jackie Tomes - Property Entrepreneur
Jackie Tomes is an amazing property developer that owns her space within real estate by being an expert at systems and strategy. Jackie has a multi-million-pound property portfolio that continues to grow and in this podcast we talk about her story and advice on personal branding, being a young female in property and much more. if you're looking to connect with Jackie visit their website at This podcast is sponsored by: The Property Finance Club -  The Minted App - buy and sell physical gold from £30 a month
May 20, 2020
Interview with Sunny Mahal: Property & Personal Branding
In this episode, we speak to a man who's raised £3m+ from building his brand on social media.  We talk about everything from building a team to business mindset and productivity too.  If you're looking to meet him or engage with our community join our facebook group
April 14, 2020
Interview: Canada's 6-figure Marketing Entrepreneur
In this episode I talk to 26 year old Abby El Asmar who runs a 6-figure marketing agency specialising in healthcare market. He talks to us about business pricing, packaging your skills and utilising funnels and ads to build a successful business.  You can follow me on Instagram or join our community to have a chat with the man himself
April 11, 2020
Interview: Property Sourcing with Lord George & Hannah Dugard
Over £2m worth of Property sourced in 8 months we dive deep into their experience bank to talk about personal branding, securing investors, mental health and questions they haven't been asked before.
April 03, 2020
#WisdomWednesdays - Save & Amplify Your Brand
Looking to make some friends and learn to build a community and increase sales conversion? Join our Facebook group!
August 14, 2019
3 reasons why people fail to build their personal brand
I want to hear from you guys. Leave your questions in the comments or give us a share on twitter and tag me in @AbdulShakurLdn If you would like to find out more about my work at Etica check out our 4-week Personal Branding program on our website.
May 13, 2019
Ep 6: 90 Day Year with Tommy Baker
Tommy Baker is the author of: The Leap Of Your Life and in this episode we talk about ego and how to get 1 year's results in 90 days without destroying your life. You can pre-order his book at
March 08, 2019
Ep5: Speaking Gig - Pathway2Grow
Build Communities Podcast. Arrange a call and start your journey to becoming an influential brand today
January 22, 2019
E4: SaaS Success with Abdul Shakur
I get featured on Caffeine & Content Podcast by Wordify. We talk about building a community, personal branding and Social Media
January 22, 2019
Ep 3: Sales Success with Tom Mallens
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January 11, 2019
Ep 2: The 5E Formula to Build Your Community
If you haven't already subscribe to our newsletter for a deep dive into brands, experts and secrets to help you build your community.
December 11, 2018
Ep1: Nurturing Leaders with Sara K\u000A\u000AEp1: Nurturing Leaders with Sara K
Sara K is a qualified marketing specialist that helps startups & small businesses become the apple of their niche. We look forward to receiving all your comments and feedback in this relaxed but exclusive interview. For more about what we do at Etica visit..
September 29, 2018
The secret to engagement & repeat business
I am on a mission to building the largest community and training for social selling. Join our Facebook group for free at
September 10, 2018
Social Selling: 3 pieces of social media advice from today's audits
I'm on a mission to building the largest community and training for social selling.. Join our Facebook group for free at
September 05, 2018
Resources or Resourcesful
What do you value more? Being resourcesful or having more resources. + I go through the essentials you need to start your business. Join my community via http://Facebook com/groups/Buildingyourcommunity
August 30, 2018
Purpose vs Ambition - What is more important
Follow me on twitter @AbdulShakurLdn Or Instagram @AbdulShakur_Ldn
July 30, 2018
The truths about life by Abdul Shakur
Some weekend reflection. I get very deep. The quality of the audio isn’t great but I hope the message is loud and clear.
July 07, 2018
Q&A: Are you ever successful?
During my workshop the attendees asked numerous question. I decided to record little segments for this podcast.
July 05, 2018
Q&A: Is the hustle life sustainable?
During my workshop I was asked a question by one of the attendees which I thought if recorded it would be if value to many.
July 05, 2018