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The All Black Everything podcast

The All Black Everything podcast

By D. Antione
Hosted by D. Antione, photographer & CEO of O3 Productions, this is the All Black Everything podcast, a modern black history interview series that showcases all things black. We have a duty to pass our stories on to our descendants to build a better future together. The A.B.E. podcast is the foundation of that future. D. Antione will be documenting today's black history interviewing one person at a time. Be inspired & learn from the personal revealing stories of others. Hear the lessons & get a glimpse into the beautiful tapestry that is the #Culture. Contact:
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Larnell Farmer, Ever Evolution
We welcome to history Larnell Farmer, a retired police officer and father. He shares his experiences with police as a teen and later as a police officer. He discusses his resistance to getting a career in law enforcement and how being a police officer and a black man in the current climate created his worldview. Larnell also discusses the integral nature of how blackness in America is foundational to American identity. He discusses how we pass on our history culturally vs how it is currently being done and encourages us to take our history into our own hands.
April 19, 2021
James Boykin, Are We There Yet?
In this episode we welcome my fraternity brother and Pastor, James Boykin, to history. They say we become the men we seek, and in this episode you get to witness a stellar example of fatherhood, manhood and responsibility. He shares how an experience in his early life led directly to the father and husband he chose to become. He also shares his perspective on the black family structure and stance on the economy of the home. Major keys are sprinkled throughout this episode. He discusses the importance of protection and how his role as an Arizona state firearms instructor for the National American American Gun Association in necessary to our future. We learn that there is success in the journey and James takes us on his.
March 11, 2021
Tammy Turner, You Can Do It
In this episode, we welcome Tammy Turner, the maternal child health manager in Martin Luther king jr. community Hospital’s maternity district. She is a teen mom, and my mother in law, who went on to earn degrees in nursing and leadership. Tammy talks about her dedication to serve others and being a kind, compassionate & caring, servant leader. She also speaks about inequity and racial bias in healthcare and her experiences with colorism. Listen as she details defining moments in her journey as a mother and professional black woman. There are so many gems of knowledge and guidance in this episode, you probably will want to listen to it more than once.
February 12, 2021
Danny Crumble, The Torch That Stay Lit
In this episode, we welcome Follow-Through Fit Athleisure wear CEO Danny Crumble, to history. He shares how his cousins’ murder changed his life, his foundational ideas for his legacy and how he broke the cycle in his family to set new goals for mental and physical health. Danny also speaks on how reparations should include more than monetary solutions, his grandfather as a role model and the divine nature of being black.
February 12, 2021
Joe Lemon, Marathon Selling
In this episode we welcome Joe Lemon to History. He is a new father, an entrepreneur, a master salesman, podcast host and strong Black Man. He discusses his deal with the shark tank’s Daymond John, his path to mastery in sales and his passion for service to others. Listen as he talks about his journey to manhood and how his thoughts for the future, guide his actions now. In the bonus segment, Joe shares a personal story about how important it is for us to have our own voice.
February 11, 2021
Jus Buckingham, Keep the Faith
Jus Buckingham, Keep the Faith. In this episode, we welcome to history, afro-futurist, thinker, artist, and traveler, Jus Buckingham. He discusses black business's lineage, the extra talk we get as black men on dealing with police, being a theater kid growing up, and how his life experiences have given him an unconventional journey. Listen to his thoughts on using data science as an answer to reparations, a heartwarming story about his mother and his take on how racism prepared him for life.
February 10, 2021
Davon Edwards, Build Something!
Welcome to history, the Founder of Generational Wealth, Davon Edwards. Take a journey into the experiences & wisdom that is Davon. He discusses the concept of flexing and how the black family is divine. Hear about his thoughts on investing in his customers by sending money to those who purchase his brand. Davon also shares his wisdom on being intimidated by your own ambitions and the weight of representing & curating the culture among a wealth of other topics. This episode will inspire you. Stay after the credits to hear why he started Generational Wealth, LLC.
January 8, 2021
Michael Bush, The Alchemist
In this hilarious episode, we welcome to history, Mike Bush, father and business owner. He discusses a myriad of topics including; the culture of food, his experiences as a father, and the reason why he started his company and legacy, Baby Norm. Listen to his perspective on humor as we laugh the entire episode while relating some of the greatest wisdom and lessons he has learned over time. Don’t miss this episode, you are in for a treat!
December 20, 2020
Andre Spicer, Finding Andre
Walking in your purpose is not a definitive journey, even after finding your own. Welcome to history, Andre Spicer, who is here to discuss his life as the owner of Hub Radio, community liaison, activist, businessman, and family man. Andre talks about how people respond to him as a Compton native and how he is breaking the mold for black men in his area. Listen to his thoughts about generational curses, growing up black in America and taking personal responsibility, and the need for constructive criticism. Bonus story after the episode!
November 11, 2020
Kevin Fomengia, The art of competition
In this episode, we welcome Kevin Fomengia to history as he discusses how he used competition to self improve and how he analyzes his own life to build his legacy. Listen to his perspective on how he marries community, family, and legacy. Be inspired by his memory of his sister and how she cared for Covid-19 patients.
November 11, 2020
Kismet Honey: Zakkiyah, The worst answer you can get is a no & Ebonee, Royal Pain
Welcome to history, the co-founders of Kismet Honey Zakkiyah & Ebonee. In this special 3 person episode, we get to talk about black health & wellness. Listen to the Reiki Practitioners speak on a wealth of topics including learning independence in youth, breaking generational curses, creating a black business during a pandemic, and how their personal relationships played a part in their own healing and wellness journey.  Music: Belong by Cor.ece
November 11, 2020
Shannon Clark, Evolution
Welcome to history Shannon Clark, a black entrepreneur, and future billionaire mogul. He discusses his own journey to self-actualization and how he sought out other black men to motivate himself to greatness. Listen to his thoughts about bringing the culture forward and creating a legacy for his community. Be inspired by his ambitions, mindset, and actions that he picked up along the way. Stay tuned after the credits for a bonus story from Shannon! Music: Belong by Cor.ece
September 10, 2020
Joe Collins, Damn
In this episode, we welcome Joe Collins to history. Listen to the republican Navy veteran, patriot, and Community leader discuss his thoughts on community improvement, civil rights, and how he got into serving his community. Walk with the congressional candidate through history as he educates about the second black wall street and a time when black people were republicans. Be inspired by his thoughts on black leadership and setting an example as a role model. Music: Belong by Cor.ece
September 10, 2020
Vernon G Yancy, Keep Going
In this episode, we welcome entrepreneur, Vernon G. Yancy, to history. Listen to how his father's lessons were integral to the construction of a modern-day businessman and how his educational and musical influences elevate the culture. Be inspired by his aspirational excellence as he takes us on a journey of how he will be remembered as a revolutionary. Music: Belong by Cor.ece
September 10, 2020
Asean Townsend, Finding Yourself Everyday
In this episode, we speak with Asean Townsend, CEO & Founder of independent record label Bemused by Expression Recordings, about his life and pivotal moments in his career that led up to him becoming a record label CEO. He walks us through the pivotal moments in his life and how the lessons he learned, fueled his passions. Asean shares his gift of knowledge and the journey he walked to get there. He also gives his assessment of black anger and its place in America and how financial literacy is a path forward to real freedom. History deserves our stories and Asean is a prime example of why.  Music: Belong by Cor.ece
September 10, 2020
Erika Ames, Ambition
In this episode, we add to history Erika Ames where we talk about her journey as a media and business mogul. She discusses legacy & wealth and the mindset of protected black women. Erika also talks about how her ambitions motivated her from a young age to aim high. Listen to her talk about how she plans to use her education and initiative to tackle systematic racism by helping black entrepreneurs and creating an economic legacy for our communities. Her protest is different. It’s levels to this, listen to hers. Music: Belong by Cor.ece
September 10, 2020
Hassan Hamilton, Fat, Black & Awesome!
This episode documents Hassan Hamilton. Following the word association, Hassan talks about how his personal tragedies Inspired the best in himself and advanced him beyond his peers. He shares his wisdom about being perfectly imperfect, fun times with his older brother, and his place in the fight for racial and social justice.  Music: Belong by Cor.ece
August 10, 2020
Eva King, What Do You Think?
After the word association exercise, I talk to my Grandmother, Evangelist Eva King about Religion, sacrifice, family, and the many memories of her life. She shares her thoughts and wisdom on believing in oneself and her job in this world. She also talks about how her father's work as a young man shaped her life and decisions. Music: Belong by Cor.ece
August 10, 2020
Davonte Green, How Sway?
We start the interview with a word association exercise and then delve into Davonte Green, Fonder of the Giants Den. Listen as he discusses the African condition in America since 1619, how mentorship changed his life, false evidence appearing real, working with allies & overt racism, and many other parts of his legacy and reality as a black man in America. Listen and be inspired! Music: Belong by Cor.ece
August 10, 2020
Korey Howse, The Ever Optimist
In this episode, Korey talks about his personal resilience and how he got it from his mother. We discuss his legacy and entrepreneurial pursuits for the American dream. Listen as he shares tragedies, jokes, and insight on his personal journey to prosperity. Music: Belong by Cor.ece
August 10, 2020
Donna Murray, The Gap Gyrl
In this inaugural episode, we listen to Donna Murray as she discusses the black panthers, fighting injustice, human rights in America, bag lunches for civil rights, and many more issues of today. Music: Belong by Cor.ece
August 10, 2020
The All Black Everything Podcast: An Introduction
Welcome to the All Black Everything Podcast! In this introductory episode, host D. Antione talks about the purpose of the podcast and the interview process. He discusses the questions he asks and the ideas he hopes to uncover. If you have already scheduled your interview, this episode is the perfect guide to get you started and prepared for your history-making interview! Music: Belong by Cor.ece
August 9, 2020