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Abel’s Abstracts

Abel’s Abstracts

By Abel
A podcast for product teams to keep up to date and learn from the best products in web 3.0 and DeFi (Decentralized finance)

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Compound Token Distribution 📈, APR & Volumes Exploding 🚀, Smart Wallet Market Analysis 🔎

Abel’s Abstracts

Go With the Flow 🌊 - Dapper Labs Fireside Chat with Roham Gharegozlou Please Subscribe to Our Newsletter 📧:
April 15, 2021
We're back: Privacy with Oasis 🔒 Please Subscribe to Our Newsletter 📧:
April 06, 2021
Chainlink Fireside Chat with Sergey Nazarov 🔗
Links to learn more: Thank You, Aave for Partnering With Us ❤️: Website - Discord - Github - Please Subscribe to Our Newsletter 📧:
November 01, 2020
Multis, Crypto-First Business Banking 🏦
Links to learn more: Thank You, Aave for Partnering With Us ❤️: Website - Discord - Github - Please Subscribe to Our Newsletter 📧:
October 14, 2020
Product Lessons From Building the Blockchain Analysis Company 🔍
We're back :) Thank You, Aave for Partnering With Us ❤️: Website - Discord - Github - Please Subscribe to Our Newsletter 📧: Links: Enjoy the podcast :)
August 24, 2020
STOP COVID-19 Hackathon (ConsenSys Health)
STOP COVID-19 Hackathon (ConsenSys Health)
July 28, 2020
Tokenised Ownership Is the Best Coordination Tool Since Equity 🤝, CurveDAO 💰 & Ampleforth Geyser 🌊
Welcome back to another episode of your weekly Dose of DeFi 👋 The place where we keep you, the builders and investors, up to date with all that goes on in this ecosystem! What we cover in today's podcast: Today we cover three very similar topics all with the undertone of tokenised ownership and how it's the best coordination tool since equity! We start from a theoretical standpoint with an amazing write-up from Julien (Investor at Fabric Ventures). We discuss Julien's post, why we think it's interesting and our learnings from it! Then we go deep into this topic as we consider governance challenges already emerging on decentralized finance protocols pioneering these mechanisms, such as Compound, Balancer, Curve and Ampleforth. Links mentioned : Julien Thevenard shared an amazing post to dive into what it means: 📖 Tokenised ownership is the best coordination tool since equity To dive more on the governance dimensions, you can explore the Bankless post, Brice mentioned: 🔮 The Life of a Protocol Politician 💰 CurveDAO: You'll find the documentation about the Curve DAO & token here. 🌊 AMPL Geyser: AMPL is a beast of its own. Here are some resources to help you learn more on the token and its incentivised Uniswap pool (the Geyser). Official AMPL Basics Introduction Another introduction to AMPL Official AMPL Geyser Documentation 1.85 Million deposits in a week Tools: AMPL Rebalance Calculator, (can be used to get into the Geyser, you still have to stake the pool tokens manually) Thank You, Aave for Partnering With Us ❤️: Website - Discord - Github - Please Subscribe to Our Newsletter 📧: Enjoy the podcast :)
July 08, 2020
Product Advice From One of the Best Blockchain Infrastructure CEO's in the Space 🏗️
Founder & CEO of Bison Trails, Joe Lallouz and I sit down and discuss all things blockchain infrastructure & product! What we cover in today's podcast: Joe's background and the funny story as to how he got into the blockchain space His Angel investing career - "I'm a pretty strong believer that you shouldn't be an advisor unless you invest in a company" How Bison Trails is helping more people & companies get access to protocols and the technical decisions they've made to make this possible The unique product challenges Bison Trails faces as a blockchain infrastructure company Joe's approach to customer development What slashing is & how Bison Trails helps validators avoid getting slashed Joe's advice for other product founders in the blockchain space What's Bison Trails? - Bison Trails is the easiest way to run secure node infrastructure on multiple blockchains. Their platform provides enterprise-grade security, multi-cloud / multi-region distribution, and a 99.9% platform uptime guarantee. Want to launch a staking node, voting node, storage node, private node, baking node, encode node or relay node? You can do this on Bison Trails! Links mentioned: Website - Bison Trails - Joe Lallouz Twitter - Thank You, Aave for Partnering With Us ❤️: Website - Discord - Github - Please Subscribe to Our Newsletter 📧: Enjoy the podcast :)
June 26, 2020
Compound Token Distribution 📈, APR & Volumes Exploding 🚀, Smart Wallet Market Analysis 🔎
Links mentioned: Compound Token Distribution 📈: Great summary on Compound($COMP) token distribution, Expanding Compound Governance, The Compound Protocol Belongs to the Community APR & Volumes Exploding 🚀: Curve Finance Twitter, BTC Farming Ren, Curve, Synthetix, Website Smart Wallet Market Analysis 🔎: Smart Wallet: New Paradigm for Blockchain Account System Additional Mentions : Amazing Synthetix x UMA founders discussion hosted by Marc from Aave, Bancor Attack, Top DeFi Podcasts of 2020️  Maximize $COMP Mining Thank You, Aave for Partnering With Us ❤️: Website - Discord - Github - Please Subscribe to Our Newsletter 📧:  Enjoy the podcast :)
June 22, 2020
Covalent Launches SafeKeep 🔑, Rari Capital Helps You Chase Yields 💸, EIP 1559 Analysis 📄
Links mentioned: Covalent Launches SafeKeep 🔑: Tweetstorm for launch - Safe Keep Website - Blogpost announcing the lanch - Rari Capital Helps You Chase Yields 💸: What is Rari Capital? - How To Make Money With Dai? - Comparing and Contrasting Lending Protocols - EIP 1559 Analysis 📄: Analysis of EIP-1559 - Wallet Visualisation - Enjoy the podcast :)
June 20, 2020
Our First Sponsor for the Show 🥳🎉
Website - Discord - Github -
June 17, 2020
Trustless Stablecoins💰, BTC on Ethereum ₿, DeRisking DeFi 🛡️
Topic 1: Trustless Stablecoins, after DAI?  sUSD usage picked up (-> Curve Pool)  RAI (MetaCoin/Reflexer) & iDOL (Lien.Finance): no over-collateralization + governance minimised  Lien.Finance: 2 synthetic assets to "crystalise" inertia (SBT) and volatility (LBT)  MetaCoin - uses Reflex Bonds to deliver a "more stable" version of ETH then used as collateral for a stablecoin (RAI) Topic 2: BTC on Ethereum? - Dashboard wBTC picks up traction (1000 BTC eq minted by a whale) - usable as collateral in Maker since May 03.  tBTC launches & then shuts down (relaunching soon)  wBTC picks up traction (1000 BTC eq minted by a whale)  RenBTC? + Pool (with wBTC) BTC++ on Katana Topic 3: UNISWAP v2 & DeRisking DeFi: Guarded Launches Risk Management is a Killer Feature Guarded Launches: Protecting Users with Limits Examples - Maker, Compound & Uniswap
June 09, 2020
SKALE Your dApp Today 🚀 How SKALE Makes Building a dApp Easier!
Links mentioned: SKALE Labs website >>> Chadwick's Spotify Page :)  >>> Chadwick's post on ETH2.0 >>> Christine’s post on Layer 2 Migration >>> Chadwick's Recommendation >>> Chadwick's ETHBoston talk - Running EVM Solidity on SKALE >>> How you can get involved: SKALE Innovator Program >>> SKALE’s Github >>> SKALE’s Sgxwallet >>> SKALE’s BFT consensus >>> SKALE’s libBLS >>> 
May 28, 2020
How Argent Is Going to Onboard 1 Billion Users to DeFi 🚀
Argent: - Website >>> - Itamar's Ethereal Talk >>> - Argent Tweetstorm >>> Hosts: - TokenBrice >>> - Abel >>> - Our Newsletter >>>
May 25, 2020
Aave Is Growing Fast 🚀, Why You Need Gastoken ⛽, DeFi Events Recap ✨
Links mentioned: Topic 1 (Aave): - Aave website >>> - Aave Ethereal Announcement >>> - Great Summary of News From Defi Rate >>> Topic 2 (GasToken): - GasToken(GST2) website >>> - Video Explanation of GasToken >>> - Github >>> Topic 3 (DeFi Events Recap): - DeFi Discussions >>> - Ready Layer One >>> - Ethereal Summit >>> Additional Links: - Article from TokenBrice >>> - DeFi Panel, The Layerization of Decentralised Finance: Synthetic Assets, Futures, Options: What's Next? >>> Hosts: - TokenBrice >>> - Abel >>> - Our Newsletter >>> - Our mDeFi Panel >>>
May 15, 2020
HegicOptions Bug ⛔, Pool Together Pods 🤑 & The 10k Audit 💸 - Your Weekly Dose of DeFi 🥳
Links:   Topic 1: - - - Topic 2: - - - Topic 3: - - Hosts: - TokenBrice >>> - Abel >>> - Our Newsletter >>> - Our mDeFi Panel >>>
May 08, 2020
Lessons From Securely Moving $7 Billion Worth of Crypto Assets Monthly 💸🔐
Links mentioned in the podcast: Fireblocks >>> The Four Steps to the Epiphany: Successful Strategies for Products That Win >>> Play Bigger: How Pirates, Dreamers, and Innovators Create and Dominate Markets >>> Masters Of Scale - Escape the competition - Peter Thiel, Co-founder & CEO of PayPal >>> About this episode: PayPal's Peter Thiel knows: Your goal isn’t to beat the competition — it’s to escape the competition altogether. Thiel is a former colleague, frequent co-investor and long-time intellectual sparring partner with Host Reid Hoffman. Enjoy the sparks. Masters Of Scale - Look Sideways - Diane Greene, Co-founder & Former CEO of VMware >>> About this episode: Cloud computing pioneer Diane Greene knows: You don’t need a scaleable idea from day one. You might not know what your product will look like, or how you’ll get to market, or how you’ll make money. It's OK. The most scalable ideas often come at you sideways.
April 30, 2020
Zerion launches DeFi SDK 🧱, Another DeFi attack 🤦‍♂️ & Balancer Labs raises $3M 🚀
Links: Topic 1: - DeFi SDK: Making Money Lego Work >>> - DeFi SDK GitHub >>> - Reach out to Zerion team on discord >>> Topic 2: - A Summary of the Attack on Lendf.Me on April 19, 2020 >>> - Good breakdown on twitter from @FrankResearcher >>> Topic 3: - Balancer >>> - ELI5: What is Balancer Labs? >>> - Katana Pools >>> - Katana Pools Explained >>> 0x Protocol >>> Uniswap >>> Events: - >>> May 4-6th 2020 - >>> Starts April 24th - >>> 7 - 8 May 2020 Community: Maker - Synthetix - Compound - Aave - Hosts: - TokenBrice >>> - Abel >>> - Our Newsletter >>> - Monolith >>> - Our mDeFi Panel >>>
April 24, 2020
DeFi Needs Better Primitives! Could AMPL be the solution... 💰
DeFi needs better primitives — that is to say, DeFi needs better base-monies! Just as HTTP and FTP were the primitive building blocks of the web, today’s decentralized assets, BTC and ETH, are the primitive building blocks of the new DeFi economy. These assets can be arranged to construct instruments for lending, debt, synthetic equities, and more. But today their limitations lie in their volatility and high correlation to one another — hence the requirement for extreme over-collateralization and the looming risk of auto-liquidation. Join Evan Kuo and I as we speak about this in today's episode!   Links mentioned in the podcast : Website >>> Ampleforth Twitter >>> Defi Needs Better Primitives Blogpost >>> Telegram >>> My Twitter >>> Our Newsletter >>>
April 21, 2020
We're Back With Amazing Updates 🥳
We're back :) Here are some of the links mentioned in the podcast: Hackathon >>> More info on Hackathon >>> TokenBrice >>> mDeFi >>> Monolith >>> Our mDeFi Panel >>> My Twitter >>> Our Newsletter >>>
April 20, 2020
Covid-19, Financial Market Meltdown & Crypto Crisis 😱
Covid-19, Financial Market Meltdown & another Crypto Crisis  It's been an interesting past few weeks, in this podcast we reflect on all that's happened so far!  In this episode, we discuss: Some thoughts on Covid-19 Thoughts on the recent Financial Market Meltdown Crypto Crisis, what happened + potential new episodes on MakerDAO Relevant links discussed: Covid-19 Let's stay in touch :) My twitter - Newsletter -
March 23, 2020
Near Protocol + Open Web Collective - Lessons learned building a new blockchain ⛓️
What's it like building a new blockchain from scratch? Well, that's exactly what you'll find out in today's podcast! In this episode, we discuss: What Near Protocol is + how it works The lessons Sasha and the team at Near learned along the way What the Open Web Collective is and how it works Relevant links discussed: Product teams - Developers - Developers - Discord - Sasha's twitter -
March 10, 2020
What the F**K Happened to bZx! Security Lessons to Learn From the Two Exploits 🔒
The 8th largest decentralised finance protocol has been attacked! In this episode, we discuss: What  bZx, Fulcrum, Margin Trading + Flash loans are  Exploit 1 + 2 of the bZx protocol What product and protocol teams can learn from this exploit Timestamp to skip if you're already familiar with bZx, Fulcrum, Margin Trading + Flash loans: 05:09 Relevant links discussed: Julien Bouteloup's Twitter thread with a breakdown of what happened (Exploit 1) - Larry Cermak's Twitter thread with a breakdown of what happened (Exploit 2) -
February 27, 2020
Activate from ConsenSys Codefi Launches and DeFi hits $1 billion in value locked up... but is this the full story? 🤔
For Today's EP here we’re going to cover: A few Event Updates Product Launches Crypto/DeFi Ecosystem Updates Event Updates: ETHDenver 2020 - Denver, CO - February 14-16 ETHLondon 2020 - London, UK - February 28th - March 1st Product Launches: Activate Launch - SKALE -
February 15, 2020
Welcome to Abel's Abstracts Season 1 - start here :)
Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the very first Episode of Abel's Abstracts! Thank you so much for taking the time to listen :) What is this about:  This is a podcast dedicated to exploring the world of Blockchain and Decentralized finance (DeFi) Who is this for? If you're part of a product team (Developer, Designer, Product Manager) and you're aiming to build a protocol or product in the blockchain space or are just curious to learn and stay up to date with all the amazing things that go on in this space, this is for you!  How often will you post? At a minimum, once every two weeks We may post more often if it's well-received :)  How can I get more info in between episodes?  I'm glad you asked :)  Please subscribe to our newsletter here: Enjoy! 
January 30, 2020
Abel’s Abstracts (Trailer)
January 29, 2020