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The A.B.M. Podcast

The A.B.M. Podcast

By Zach
Just Zach, your resident ABM riffing on what makes an ABM, what makes an ABM an ABM, and things that an ABM may want to say or share.
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BONUS EPISODE: Angry Black Election
Your fearless ABM in Chief shares thoughts on "Decision 2020" as well as the next steps...
November 07, 2020
Heeeee's baaaack!!!!!
Took a hiatus. I'm back! Here is a brief hello. Thanks for hanging in there with me. More to come in the future. Stay tuned, stay angry. GO VOTE!!!
October 22, 2020
What do you mean by "non-monogamous"?
Zach riffs on the phrase non-monogamous. Consensual non-monogamy and polyamory. It is a very deep topic. It won't be covered in one episode. There is a lot of history to unpack. And a lot of feelings. It isn't "some new craze". It is way older than you might think or imagine. But we start here. Oh yeah, Zach identifies as non-monogamous polyamorous specifically. So, there's that. 
August 01, 2020
Launching into S.P.A.C.E. a call to action
Zach describes an industry that is near and dear to his heart. He also describes problems in that industry. This also results in a CALL TO ACTION!!!! email: TW: @black_sexgeek S.P.A.C.E.R.s UNITE!!!! Support the ABM podcast, follow the link...
July 13, 2020
Origin Story: Daddy
Zach takes a little time to talk about the original ABM. His father, RIP...
July 05, 2020
ABM Storytime & Sometimes SCOTUS gets it right
Zach tells a little story about a turning point in his life. Then talks about some important US Supreme Court Decisions. It is related, I promise. Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title VII Loving v. Virginia, 1967 Lawrence v. Texas, 2003 Obergefell v. Hodges, 2015 Bostock v. Clayton, 2020 Support the ABM podcast, follow the link...
June 27, 2020
Mental Health/ Self- Care
Breaking the stigma of mental health, Zach gets real. Also, a look into self-care. Get used to it. You'll hear more about this topic in the future. Some info for anyone struggling with mental health issues: Support the ABM podcast, follow the link...
June 23, 2020
F@Ck the NFL revisited
More subtle hints about Zach's opinions on the NFL particularly in relation to some statements the NFL has recently made about protest. Also, we hear a tale of apologies from an NFL QB and his wife. 
June 14, 2020
The Lovings Win!!!
Today, ABM celebrates an important holiday that most aren't aware of. June 12 is the anniversary of the day the US Supreme Court passed down the decision in Loving v. Virginia in 1967. It is an important moment in the Civil Rights Era as it dealt a pretty vicious blow to segregation and Jim Crow laws. Thus, it is a day to celebrate because the Lovings Win!!!!
June 13, 2020
F@CK the NFL!!!
I love football. Played it for years. Followed many teams. REALLY do enjoy a good football game. But the sport has changed since I've played. And now, the corrupt organizations that represent football are profiting off of the bodies of (mostly Black) players with little care for their well-being. My thoughts on why I am boycotting the NFL.
June 08, 2020
Intro to A.B.M.
Just me, Zach.  I'm your host and resident A.B.M. (Angry Black Man) telling you, a little about me and this podcast.
June 04, 2020
Black Mother's Day
Mother's Day has passed. I hope all honored our mothers. But, here in this country, Black motherhood is a peculiar phenomenon. Black mothers have to endure so much. They have to be prepared for the worst. They sign up for such heartache. All for the love of their children. Lets talk about Black mothers. I call for the beginning of an annual Black Mother's Day. Because, some mothers, will NOT get that call on Mother's Day. And yet, they should be honored just the same. Support the ABM podcast, follow the link...
June 04, 2020