About Anchor

Anchor is the easiest way to start a podcast, ever.

With creators in over 150 countries throughout the world, no other company enables more people to literally be heard.

How we do it

Tools that are really, really easy to use.

We’ve reimagined podcasting from the ground up. Every feature in Anchor is designed to be intuitive enough that anyone can use it effectively - whether you’re a seasoned pro or brand new to podcasting.

Powerful technology that solves real problems.

Anchor’s features may be intuitive, but they’re also incredibly powerful. We build intelligent tools that minimize the grunt work, and help you navigate podcasting best practices so you can focus on making something amazing.

Free for creators, always.

We don’t believe in charging creators. Our mission is to democratize audio, and we can’t do that if certain people have access to more storage or more powerful tools. We want to make it a no-brainer for you to start your own podcast. No more excuses!

Our history

We’ve both always loved radio, podcasts, playing music, and all things audio. In 2014, we were inspired to build an Anchor prototype after realizing how difficult it was to create and distribute audio. Our experiment quickly took on a life of its own, and we launched the first public version of Anchor in 2016. We’re now a growing team, based in NYC and continuing to invent crazy new ways for people to immerse themselves in the world of audio. We all agree it’s the most fun job we’ve ever had.
- Mike & Nir, Anchor co-founders

Anchor’s investors include Accel, Acequia Capital, Mick Batyske, Scott Belsky, Betaworks, The Chernin Group, CrunchFund, Eniac Ventures, Nir Eyal, GV, Homebrew, Craig Kallman, Avi Muchnick, Omidyar Network, SV Angel, Questlove, Vijay Vachani, and some our closest friends and family members. We wouldn’t be here without their support. 🙏

The Anchor Team

Dave Altarescu


Studied production & engineering at Berklee College of Music. Worked at Warner and Spotify. Thinking about making a welding podcast.

Duncan Ariey


Wants every single Anchor user to have an easy and seamless experience. Dreams of the day Weird Al starts a podcast.

Chris Bosco


Prefers everything (entertainment, meditation, news) in audio form. Can defeat you easily in a friendly pun standoff.

Tyler Brann


Dad, sports fanatic (go Sox), and pretend singer songwriter. Makes friends with everyone. Can be peer pressured into karaoke at any time.

Sarah Capone

Content Operations

Lifelong dancer (ballet and jazz). Always listening to music. Reigning champ of Susho, the official game of Anchor HQ.

Jeff Crocker


Got into programming because it was the closest he could get to learning magic. Is happy anywhere, as long as he can listen to podcasts.

Joe Gesualdo


Hacker. Adventure lover. Pet whisperer. Loves old-time radio shows from the '40s and '50s more than the average millennial.

Emmi Hintz


Loves iOS and Android equally. Can only design while listening to Petit Biscuit. Does a mean goat voice impression, whatever that means.

John Lagomarsino


Previously made audio and video at The Verge, Mic, and The Outline. Listens carefully, plays piano poorly.

Michael Mignano

Co-Founder and CEO

Dad. Designer. Drummer. Has only worked (and will only work) for companies that begin with the letter ‘A’.

Maan Najjar


Falls asleep to nature sounds and works every day with a soundtrack of Yanni music. Loves DIsneyworld so much he moved to Orlando.

Bryan Oltman


Guitar player, biker, programmer. On a good day, fixes more bugs than he creates.

Patrick Pierson


Always listening to metal. Passionate about video games and beer. Believes in outdoor cats.

Grant Polmanteer


You might have heard rumors about how nice Grant is. The rumors are true. He can also play the saxophone and would like to pet your dog, please.

Maya Prohovnik


Obsessed with making you happy. Has her own Stephen King podcast where she spins wild conspiracy theories.

Ryan Rosa


All about making Anchor the best place in the world to work. Hosted a fake radio station as a kid; now spends her free time preparing for the apocalypse.

Anna Sian


Hip hop and R&B aficionado, but played in a band that critics called “post-punk electro-soul.” Loves photography and Japanese food, esp uni.

Alec Tarantino

Business Operations

Lover of food (cooking & eating), soccer (playing & watching) and music (making & listening). Settler of Catan. Undercover freestyle rapper.

Bryan Velzy


Loves: pop punk and emo music, The Office, and turning your feature requests into reality. Ask him about his tattoos.

Nir Zicherman

Co-Founder and CTO

Loves logic more than anything (except coffee and his family). Lifelong musician. Lives by the motto “Anything is possible.”

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