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Life Moulding Nuggets with Abraham Owoseni

Life Moulding Nuggets with Abraham Owoseni

By Abraham Owoseni
Inspirational nuggets to mould minds and achieve personal goals & desired life outcomes.
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How to 'Scan' God's Purpose for your Life
There's so much power embedded in sight. Sight transcends the boundaries of human biological visioning to inner depths of meaning and significance. In this episode, I walk you through how you can turn your purpose into a 3 dimensional visual by scanning it.  Listen and be blessed. Email: ab@abrahamowoseni Website
March 31, 2021
The Power of Vision and Goals
What more beyond just setting goals? What's the nexus between visions and goals? The goal of this session recorded at the TYS is to appreciate the blessing of goal setting in navigating uncertainty in this present age. This is one core life skill for personal & corporate productivity.  Please use this link to share your feedback afterwards: You will also see the link to get the Goal Setting Quickie e-book after submitting your feedback _________________ For More Resources & Mind Moulding Messages: Instagram: LinkedIn: Podcast: Website: Enrol for Abraham Owoseni's Coaching Programs: _________________ For over a decade, Abraham’s message of holistic development has impacted thousands of lives and transformed young people following his life mission of raising young people & moulding minds. Abraham is a passionate thought-leader in the fields of education & youth development. He does this as a seasoned education specialist, life harmony coach, speaker & trainer on life skills. As a Life Harmony Coach, Abraham helps young adults build the right foundation early in their life’s journey so they can get established in their careers, relationships and lifestyle using his unique “SACK” method. #goals #abrahamowoseni #lifeskills #holisticdevelopment
January 24, 2021
Must I Lead?
By the time you're done, you will definitely have an answer to this question: MUST I LEAD? Look at it this way, in the architecture of the mind, one of the areas we need to build & grow in is in leadership. Come to think of it, everyone can actually be a leader. What makes everyone a leader is not a title, badge or office; it's simply a MINDSET. As Robin Sharma puts it, 'Leadership is not a title but a behaviour.' Abraham shares in this episode as a guest on the Power of the Mind Series on how to navigate uncertainties for personal, career and relational leadership. It's super intriguing and insightful. Get set for a mindset shift! Start listening right away Share your feedback here when done for a special gift from Abraham Owoseni #LifeMouldingNuggets #Podcast #Mind #Leadership #AbrahamOwoseni
December 7, 2020
How to Get Back Firm & Anchored amidst the Sways & Swings of 2020
2020 has been a daunting year, no doubt; the focus should now be on how to make 2021 which is few days around the corner, an amazing year.⁣ It's time to build Your anchor against the distractions and tides and fortify for an amazing year and life ahead. This episode shares HOW. Inset: Interview on Living Proof 92.0 FM  Feel free to reach out via email at
November 23, 2020
Finding Strength
In the words of Shakespeare, ‘to thine own self be true’ Sometimes we experience certain events that sometimes, we’re unable to even disclose at first. But deep inside, there’s a feeling of depleting strength and hope. What do you do at such moments to find strength?   This concise episode answers it all. You can find strength and renew your strength spirit, soul and body. Play to find how. Feel free to reach out by mail             
October 25, 2020
Life Skills for the Exceptional Young Person
As a young professional, how can you live an exceptional life in career, lifestyle and relationships? There is a way to live, There is a way to work, There is a way to relate with others, There is a way to start a new home... There is always a way.  Life skills education is one major way to become an exceptional young person. This is the focus of this episode. If you've always desired to be exceptional and above ordinary, then sit back and note pad and let's dive in. Thanks to Adedayo Adenrele and the Purples Smile Initiative for hosting me. Here's the link to share with me your feedback from this session. You will also see a gift for you after submitting: #lifeskills #youthdevelopment #lifeskillsexpert #abrahamowoseni
July 18, 2020
How to Overcome Fear & Regain Full Confidence Without Giving in at a Time Like This
How to Overcome Fear & Regain Full Confidence Without Giving in at a Time Like This. Life Skill Focus: Resilience Venue: MindMould Training Hub Recorded Date: Tuesday 28th April 2020 Time: 7 PM WAT What to Expect: Root causes to fear and confidence loss; 6 categories of fear and how to overcome them; Empowering beliefs to gain and sustain confidence; Timeless strategies to regain confidence irrespective of your current level amongst others;
April 30, 2020
Life Coaching for Generation Z on Hebron FM 95.9
I ended the weekend being a guest on the Youth Connect show on Hebron 95.9 FM with David and Favour, amazing presenters We dwelt extensively on "Life Coaching for Generation Z" I've always advocated that TRUE Education is the reprogramming of the mind. Whether you're a young person in generation Y or Z, there are things to learn and pass on to the next generation just like a relay race; the baton must be passed on. A generation that dispels this basing reliance on self alone may be disastrous. Yes, it's good to be self-reliant, but there are learnings to glean from others. LEARN: - How young people especially those in generation Z can grow from self-reliance to holistic growth; - How to blend motivation to practical action; - How to connect with life coaches and mentors and the part they play in the equation of holistic education; How to increase your internal motivation to be more than external motivation; - How to come to the point of conscious incompetence and lots more.. Listen to the replay here and stay tuned to Youth Connect on Hebron 95.9 FM
February 10, 2020
Physical Availability Versus Financial Responsibility in the 21st Century Marriage - Living Proof Radio
In the 21st century marriage, which takes the topmost priority: Physical availability or financial responsibility? It looks like none is mutually exclusive apparently... what do you think? My wife and I were guests on the Soulmate Hangout show on Living Proof Radio hosted by Femi Emmanuel.  We discussed extensively the focus topic: - How to maintain availability to meet the spiritual, emotional, social and financial needs of the family? -  How can the family scale from survival to financial freedom to create more time for availability? - How can values be aligned from the foundation of the marital union to set the tone right for the family's priorities? - What institutions and organisations can do to re-orient the mindset on who should be available And lots more Thanks to Living Proof Radio and my Femi Emmanuel aka  Chacha9ja Kindly listen and share your thoughts; insightful discuss
February 8, 2020
Vision for the New Decade
This episode is a big surpriseee. I have a guest joining me on this episode. He is a mentor and an astute professional; his name is Dr. Gbenga Alalade. Today’s nugget is titled Vision for the New Decade. Yeah, it’s a new year but more importantly, it’s a new decade. You don't want to miss today's nugget. We shared around: How to catch a vision for this new decade; Generic purpose for mankind versus  God's specific purpose for an individual; Sources of Vision Setting New decade goals amongst others. It's filled with lots of insight and actionable steps. I also gave out two free gifts on the podcast! Now, go ahead and Listen
January 22, 2020
Hurray! Today happens to be my birthday!  Yeahh, but not the biological one, I CALL THIS, THE VISIONARY BIRTHDAY. So, several years ago today, I emphatically found my leadership office and the defined legacies to bequeath the world with. That day, my MILEAGE started counting.  This is my special birthday gift for you: today's episode on #LifeMouldingNuggets  Glean this actionable result on #LEADERSHIP #MILEAGE The point is, WHATEVER YOUR AGE MAY BE NOW, THINK ABOUT LEADERSHIP, THINK ABOUT IMPACT, SERVICE, CONTRIBUTIONS. IT’S MORE ABOUT MILEAGE #VisionaryBirthday #AbrahamOwoseni
April 12, 2019
If you have discovered your #LeadershipOffice and you are conscious of the #legacies you are leading with, THEN START WALKING! Start WALKING Don't tip toe START #WALKING. As a #leader, place your feet on the sands of time and stand tall to impress your impact consciously.  As  Franz Kafka  puts it, Paths are made by WALKING. This #episode on  #LifeMouldingNuggets with #AbrahamOwoseni shares strikingly on this...
April 11, 2019
April 9, 2019
April 9, 2019
This is a question that beckons on TIMING! Is there really a time to lead? And a time not to? When should you lead? Have you thought about this? The truth is, we lead everyday. If we stop leading, then we stop living. People who care only about self alone are not leaders. People who think about others are leaders. Some are only existing, while some are truly living. Just like the breath in our nostril, it has no time restriction or time outs, we are alive because we have breath in our nostrils GLEAN these strategies on the TIMING and URGENCY of your leadership in this EPISODE
April 4, 2019
It’s no news again that, when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse becomes inevitable. This is the same with LEADERSHIP. The question is WHY LEADERSHIP? WHY SHOULD I BE A LEADER? What is really the ESSENCE of LEADERSHIP? In the words of John Maxwell, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” Your productivity lies on leadership, your return on investment lies on leadership, your personal effectiveness lies on leadership. Now, when you narrow this down into other areas of life, you will see further see the essence of leadership:  The growth of a nation is primarily reflection of the leadership. Please not, I am no referring to a nation’s cabinet alone, but the citizens that make up the nation. You and I, we are leaders.
April 4, 2019
A conditioner is anything that places you in a particular state. Just like I shared with you the other day, your upbringing, your association are examples conditioners that influence the state of your mind and in turn the decisions and choices that you make. These conditioners are behind the way you perceive and receive information. For example, whenever an information passes through your mind, these conditioners unconsciously create a filtering of what to accept and deny. Now you will agree subsequently that, a positive conditioned mind will result to positive filtering and also otherwise. There is no neutral point. It’s that defined. GLEAN this insight from this EPISODE
April 4, 2019
Why should you say no to excuses? Look at this, when you give in to always finding an excuse for a responsibility you failed at, what happens is that, your mind begins to condition your reactions to every other action that way such that you always find an excuse. So rather desist from a life of excuses and always decide to take personal responsibility for the outcomes in your life.  Sometimes, you think you are explaining something when in fact you are actually using an excuse. The dictionary defines excuse as a “defense, justification, and an alibi.”... A means of trying to right your wrongs, 
April 4, 2019
Let me show you the aggregate elements that makes up the information, which is like the concrete that forms your mindset. If you can put checks and balances in these areas, just like I shared with you the other day, then you can re-cast your mindsets over time.  The first is your Upbringing. This has a chunk of influence on your mindset since it covered a substantial part of your life growing up and for most times, forms a foundation.  I want you to go back to your timelines and here is the action I want you to take:  think about this and ask yourself, what INFORMATION did I grow up with? What was I always told? What did I always hear? What did I always see? Take a notepad and write out your reflections.  If you find any negative pattern in either of those information from your upbringing, then you need to recast this, most likely it is already negatively influencing your life outcomes.  I heard of someone who when growing up, his parents had always said and told him that “money doesn’t grow on trees and that you have to toil rigorously” If you have grown up with such a mindset, this may be the bane behind the hitches/ challenges in your finances  The SECOND is your association. Mindsets are formed, mindsets are casted from the output of the association you keep. Either in form of a club you belong, your inner circle of friends, close colleagues and partners. Their mentality which is their way of thinking can rub off on you through the INFORMATION you mutually share. 
April 4, 2019
We all have MINDS but with different MINDSETS. You were born with a clean mind, a receptacle, but daily it takes shape into a mindset The mindset is the unconscious part of the mind that affects the outcome of life. I want to show you how to deal with mindsets. This is very important. This unconscious mind never sleeps. That's why it affects all areas of life. It's dangerous to have a bad mindset, a mindset that has wrong build up... Glean full insights from this episode
April 4, 2019
As a lifeguard, having checks and balances can help you reduce mistakes and prevent impromper behaviour. As a husband, wife, employee, executive, business owner, student; you need this lifeguard. Checks and balances evolved from governance so as to curtail or decrease the risk of centralization of power. As such, we have the legislative, executive and the judiciary. The goal is to divide power between those tiers for effective administration with respective roles and responsibilities. You can adopt the same in life and daily living. This time, you have put in checks and balances to achieve  
April 4, 2019
Who people say that you are is what we call your reputation. But who you say you are personally is your ordination. In other words, people should not only now you by your occupation but your ordination. Remember the words I told you people jovially call me, they say “the youth developer” is here and so on. That’s because of my ordination.  Your reputation is the general opinion that people have about you,  Your ordination is your own personal discovery about you. Glean more from this EPISODE
April 4, 2019
What you stand for is an example of what guards you. Have you been on a multi-storey floor before at a balcony? As you stood on that balcony, you felt guarded because they were railings around it? Those are guard rails. Imagine there were no railings around, you seem not to feel safe and secured.  Again, like I earlier shared with you the other day, your VALUES are those guard rails. THEY ARE YOUR GUARD. But what exactly do you stand for? Listen to this episode for amazing insights and take actions forthwith
April 4, 2019
You don't want to miss this episode on Life Moulding Nuggets
April 4, 2019
Getting the identity on who a leader is. Listen to this episode to glean this insight
April 3, 2019
Welcome to Q2, Welcome to April, 2019 It's time to LEAD RIGHT. Listen to today's episode of #LifeMouldingNuggets with #AbrahamOwoseni #Leadership #podcast Keep having a great month
April 1, 2019
Reorienting mindsets from existing negative ideologies and philosophies through "Programmers and Re-Programming" Glean amazing insights in this episode of Life Moulding Nuggets with Abraham Owoseni #LifeMouldingNuggets #Ethics #Lifeguard #AbrahamOwoseni
March 29, 2019
Yeah, we meet hundreds, thousands and millions of people, some are close relations, colleagues, neighbours, and others are just passer-bys. Yes, you do not know everybody, but you can meet just anybody from all of your daily interactions and activities.  What do you do when you meet people? How do you relate and interact with them? How about the man on the street? The man on the street is that person or a group of people you necessarily do not have a close relationship with, how do you relate with them? This is an aspect that most people do not think about… There is difference between KNOWING someone and MEETING someone. The difference is based on the depth of the relationship. The later is shallow, while the former is in-depth.  No doubt, you KNOW persons you are close to, your family members, relations and acquaintances. How about others you do not fully know but only met?  To MEET someone is a superficial level of relationship; the surface level. You meet them once a while, not particular string attached save for what you need to get done.  Learn more in today's episode: THE MAN ON THE STREET
March 18, 2019
Sometimes, all you need is someone to check on you with all sincerity without the goal of asking for something or getting something. Sometimes, you need someone who will just put that call through to you to check on your well-being, your family and your work.  Sometimes, you just need someone to send you that mail that brings a smile to your face. Sometimes, it's just a buzz on social media from someone or a group. This is what you get when you have a SUPPORT SYSTEM. We all need good SUPPORT SYSTEMS. Having a support system is not an expression of weekness as some feel. It's absolutely okay to ask for help, to have supporters. In the words of Nozomi Morgan, she says "Everyone needs a team of supporters. You can’t figure everything out on your own. No one can. Even the President of the United States has a team of experts to provide him with information so that he can make the best decisions." Having a good support system can save one from loneliness, stress and unaccomplished goals.  Your family most times forms your no 1 support system followed by your friends and allied associates.  But you will need to develop this as a system. As a system, you need supporters in various areas and aspects of your life. People who believe in you and can be there for you. That's what makes it a SYSTEM. LEARN how to build a support system in this episode...
March 15, 2019
In the field of Building and Construction, you will agree that putting up a building takes time. To build is a daunting task, its time consuming, capital consuming… it’s a big task. Have you seen any building construction site in recent times? Take a closer look the next time you see one and watch out for the pace and stage of construction work. Return again few weeks/months; this time, weigh and compare the progress of work: obviously all things being equal, you will notice growth and evident progress.  It’s always disheartening to see a partial or a full demolition, and guess what? It takes much time to BUILD, but less time to BREAK.  That’s the same with your WORDS, you can BUILD and you can also BREAK down. The ability to use the power of your words rightly is a LIFEGAURD. Let me ask you this morning? Have you been using your words to BUILD or to BREAK? There is so much power in the tongue, it can build and it can destroy.  · Words that lift up, encourage, strengthen and give hope · Words of concern – how are you? can I help you? · Words of blessing and praise. These are words that can BUILD UP. How do you feel when someone tells you, “Oh, you look great this morning?” You feel praised. This doesn’t mean that you cannot correct someone and it also doesn’t mean that you do not say the truth, it only means that you are aware that some words TEAR DOWN and BREAK DOWN.  Add courtesy to your words, words like kindly, can you please, thank you and many others. Let your words BUILD UP. · Angry words tear down, they break down. · Abusive words break down · False accusations break down · Any words that tear down, demean and attack; harsh, abusive or belittling; words that are mean, nasty, unkind, hurtful and malicious – all of these can tear down and break down. How do you feel when someone speaks to you in a demeaning way? You feel bad? It’s the same with others. Do unto others, what you will want them to do to you. Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates:  · Is it true? · Is it necessary? · Is it kind?  Remember, you don’t have to talk at all times. If you have no particular message to communicate, then you can as well not say anything.  -Let no unwholesome word proceed out of your mouth, but only that which is good for building up, that it may give grace to the listeners. Take this last words “As a husband, wife, employee, executive, team leader, student, child, parent, front desk officer, admin officer, wherever you serve and whatever opportunity you have to communicate with people, LET YOUR WORDS BUILD UP.
March 15, 2019
No doubt, words are powerful. But more powerful are words fitly spoken; right words for right occasions. Follow through with me this morning: Words are seeds, they could be small in letters but large in impression. They go deep into the heart to see if they can find space and good grounds for germination.  Words are seeds. I want to ask you this morning: what kinds of seed have you been sowing to people through your words? There is the right word to say at every occasion. Note this: RIGHT word. Everyone is always talking, but not few are saying the right words. I want to share these mindsets with you this morning and I want this in turn to serve as a guard especially for your human relations and communications.  NOW, Let me share the following examples with you: What rights words can you say on the birthday of a friend or colleague? What rights words can you say when a friend or colleague gets married? How about this: What rights words can you say on arrival of a new baby to a family friend or colleague? LISTEN to this episode to glean amazing life moulding insights
March 15, 2019
A number of persons live life on a blame-game dynamics: they blame the outcomes of life to other people and circumstance. I don’t want you to tow this line. One life guard to avoid this blame-game is the word RESPONSIBILITY. This time, Absolute Responsibility.  Why do you think people avoid taking responsibilities? Most times, it’s because of the unforeseen consequence. They rather avoid it totally or place it on someone else. The point is, people dodge responsibilities because of the uncertainty of the consequence. Will you join them? I want you to confess this affirmation this morning “I am absolutely responsible for the outcomes of my life, I am.” If you fail, you are the cause. If you succeed, you are the cause. I am absolutely responsible! No one owes me, I AM RESPONSIBLE.  Don’t say, “I am not good enough because I didn’t study abroad” Don’t say, “I am not rich because I didn’t go to school” Don’t say, “I can’t speak English very well, because my teacher didn’t teach me well” Don’t say, “It’s not my fault for doing it, everybody is doing it” Don’t say, “I am not where I want to be in life because I have no family support” Please DON’T! YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE OUTCOMES OF YOUR LIFE.  No one moves forward by blaming others. When each one takes responsibility, we make things better
March 15, 2019
As humans, you are created with a mind, will as well as with emotions. Of no doubt, you have feelings. This is why, if someone should hurt you, you can feel it even though this is not physical. How can you guard your feelings? This is what I’m sharing with you this morning.  Follow through with me: how can you avoid negative emotions at home, your workplace and generally in the society? How can you avoid emotional stress and traumas? Here is the secret; you need this emotional GUARD: this is what it says- Whatever the circumstance may be, do not REACT to them, rather RESPOND. In other words, do not work from FEELINGS, work from REASONS. No matter what the circumstance may be. When you have this guard installed in your life, it places you far from illicit and immoral acts. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE to glean full insights on having an emotional guard. Take this last words “Whatever the circumstance may be, do not REACT to them, rather RESPOND. Do not work from FEELINGS, work from REASONS. Thank you for tuning in today Got a question/comment, then send me a Direct message on my social media handle @AbrahamOwoseni 
March 11, 2019
The beauty about discipline as a lifeguard is that, it has the bulk effort from YOU; yes you. This is what we call self-discipline.  Self discipline is the ability you have to control and motivate yourself, to stay on track and do what is right.  This must come from within. To achieve every of your goal, you need self-discipline. As Bum Philips puts it, “the only discipline that lasts is self-discipline.” Show me a formidable army, I’ll show you the secret: DISCIPLINE! “The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.” In the words of Vince Lombardi. Everyone and just anyone can build on his self-discipline, it is not genetic, it’s a resolved choice. Let me paint a picture with a pedestrian bridge over a major highway: To successfully transit to the other side of the high way, you need to make use of the pedestrian bridge. Sometimes, it looks daunting to do this, but again, it is the safest route. That’s the same with discipline, it may not be convenient or comfortable, but that it is the bridge to cross over to achieving your goals and living a fulfilled life.  As simple as this sounds, “it takes discipline not to let social media steal your time.” I’m sure you agree with this.  I like the way Zig Ziglar puts it. He said “It was character that got us out of bed, commitment that moved us into action, and discipline that enabled us to follow through” Self-discipline keeps you and protects your will and goals from being a mere wish to becoming executed.  Take this last words in the words of Alexa Hirschfeld, “The biggest challenge is to stay focused. It's to have the discipline when there are so many competing things.” STAY FOCUSED. #AbrahamOwoseni  #LifeMouldingNuggets #Discipline
March 8, 2019
When you have the right network, you have a good lifeguard.  In the world of mobile communication, when you are subscribed to a sound and good mobile network, you are at liberty to enjoy good calls, good data packages and many other provisions by the network provider. That’s what happens when you build a good people network.  Networking is not only for some select few, it’s for everyone. It becomes a lifeguard when it’s a good one. In the words of Sallie Krawcheck, networking has been cited as the number one unwritten rule of success in business. Who you know really impacts what you know.” Networking is a relationship, as Bob Burg will say, “The single greatest "people skill" is a highly developed & authentic interest in the other person.” Three striking networking relationship you can build: 1. Good friends 2. Responsive Mentors 3. Spiritual Shepherds. Good friends who you share similar values can keep you on your toes to achieving your goals and staying on course. Note that, they must be good friends.  Responsive mentors in any area of life, be it in career, family life can guide you on the journey ahead, showing you how they transited and pitfalls to avoid.  Spiritual shepherds as appointed to you will give you the covering a shepherd gives to his flock, preserving them from predators and wolfs.  Invest in these networking relationships and see how accountable you become. It’s a paramount lifeguard.  Listen to this episode for more insights on Networking Guard #LifeMouldingNuggets #AbrahamOwoseni #Networking #LifeGuard
March 7, 2019
Nothing happens by chance. Life is a product of planning and actions. A visionary is a forward thinking person, a person who’s got some foresight into the future.  The truth is, when we you become a visionary, automatically you become guided and guarded on the things to do and the things not to do. For example, why do you still engage in that addiction? If you see it from this perspective that, your body is a vehicle required to fulfill your vision, then you will be guarded against self-destructing habits. This is what I all the visionary guard. A picture of your future keeps you corrupting your mind and rupturing your destiny.  VISION creates blindness. Blindness in this sense is that, you become caught off from the distractions that pervades the society. This is one striking lifeguard that has not been fully maximized.  Let me ask you categorically: what compelling vision can you see?  Where do you see yourself in the next five years? If you see yourself amongst leaders of repute making national and Pan-African impact, then you will mind the association you keep today right? You will mind the books you read today right? That’s what visionary guard does. It keeps you and protects you on the strength of the visions and sights you have in life.     I want you to beginning from today, have within your gaze that picture of a compelling future dream, aspiration, legacy before you, see if with your inner eyes-your mind, and as you do this, let this guide you and direct you to the right things to do.  Remember, when we you become a visionary, automatically you become guided and guarded on the things to do and the things not to do.
March 6, 2019
As a gate keeper, you are meant to keep GUARD of your MIND.  Your MIND, also commonly called the heart is the gate of life.  Life is precious and so cherished; you shouldn’t just allow just anyone and anything to creep in. You must really be the guard for your heart. It’s a big task.  This gate is what controls the happenings of your life whether consciously or unconsciously. From within, before without. The state of your mind has a huge influence to the outcomes and success you achieve in life. Listen more to this episode of Life Moulding Nuggets by Abraham Owoseni  #Mind #Gatekeeper #Guard  #LifeMouldingNuggets #AbrahamOwoseni
March 5, 2019
Living by values is one major LIFE GUARD you need.  Have you thought about this? The same way you invest on keeping and guarding your personal belongings and properties, is the same way you should guard your life. And one of such lifeguards is LIVING BY VALUES.  Avoid moving with people who have no moral code and guiding standard for living. It is risky. Recall, I also mentioned that,  Behaviour is influenced by values Friendship is influenced by values Lifestyle is influenced by values Performance is influenced by values But here is the addition I want you to act on this morning: It is not enough to have values, but also to have VALUE STATEMENTS. Your value statement shows your APPLICATION and PERSPECTIVE to a particular value. We could have the same value but with different value statements. Now you know your values, you need to define it fully. Why is this necessary? It is to avoid assumptions. People want to know why you place so much value on your VALUE.  Let me cite an example: at our youth organisation @YoungBreeds, two amongst our values are: 1. Purposefulness 2. Holistic Development While this is good in itself, it is broad, undefined and vague. So, here are the value statements to these values: For Purposefulness, the values statement is: 1. We see a new breed of young people who will go through life, with a sense of mission and calling, living purposefully For Holistic Development, the values statement is: 2. We see a new breed of young people who will be holistically developed spirit, soul and in body; all-round and not deficient in any. With the value statements, we are properly guided on how it influences our projects and initiatives. People also better understand how to work with us by reading and understanding the value statements.  I want you to look at your values again: Craft a statement out of the values that can guide your application of the value. This is your value statement. Do this for yourself as a person and for an organisation if you lead one.  #LifeMouldingNuggets #Values #AbrahamOwoseni
March 4, 2019
Welcome to the month of MARCH, 2019 All through this month, I will be sharing on a new focus for this month on what I have captioned: Ethics & Life Guard. By way of introduction, ethics is a system of principles and values that govern moral conduct and behaviour. Living ethically is synonymous to living life on Guard.  One of the primary ways to achieve this form of restraint and personal dignity is to have a personal value system. Your values are the standards you live by, those set of principles you have decided to live by. From INTEGRITY to DILIGENCE to PUNCTUALITY to ACCOUNTABILITY to PURPOSEFULNESS to PURITY to GODLINESS, What are your values? It the combination of your values that lead to a value system, the combination of values which an individual or organization or a society holds as guiding standard for actions and operations.  WHY VALUES? Behaviour is influenced by values Friendship is influenced by values Lifestyle is influenced by values Performance is influenced by values Your VALUE SYSTEM is your moral code and protocol for behaviour.  Now, how do you create your own values? Let me ask you: what are those things you cherish the most? What is important to you? What do you like in others? What do you like in yourself? What gives you satisfaction? As a person, three of values are  Purposefulness, Perseverance and Personal Development I chose Purposefulness as one of my values because this is what gives me satisfaction- seeing that people live to the full of their potentials and abilities and that everything they do has a positive reason. I chose Personal Development as well as one of my values because this is very important to me. I see it as a means of lifelong learning and it has changed my level geometrically.  Now, I chose Perseverance because I like it in others especially from my mentors and role models. They live a life of perseverance and sacrifice. They don’t give up easily, I like that. Now, WHAT ABOUT YOU? THINK ABOUT THIS AND CRAFT YOUR VALUE SYSTEM TODAY TAKE these last words; Your VALUE SYSTEM is your moral code and protocol for behaviour. Consciously and unconsciously, you LIVE OUT YOUR VALUES. Make them most valuable to you. #LifeMouldingNuggets #March #Values #Ethics #LifeGuard #AbrahamOwoseni
March 1, 2019
I get to train and coach employees, students and business executives frequently on the science of public speaking. Why is this important for your career? It’s simple: YOU WILL NEED TO COMMUNICATE.  That’s the reason. Communication is one of the most valuable skills for every career.  Whether you are a trainer/consultant, an On Air Personality, a sales person, an event host, faith based preacher, an activist, or just a professional in your workplace, COMMUNICATION SKILL is most essential. Whether you are presenting to an audience of two or twenty or two hundred, it’s the same set of principles that you get to engage. Let me share with you a few as this will boost your communication skill in your career. The first is this: Whenever you have a presentation to deliver, a meeting to host/attend, a talk to deliver, an interview to anchor… whatever it is, the first RULE of thumb is to GET PREPARED. Preparation kills doubt, it brings down the fright of presenting, because you are prepared. Do your due diligence, research about it, get prepared. Don’t be negligent.  Someone once asked me, Mr. Abraham, what if it’s an impromptu speech, yeahhh You can still prepare. As I commonly say, preparation is not in the hours and months but the heart and the thoughts. So, I can prepare for 60 seconds, for 6mins, for 60minutes. It’s all in levels, but you can always prepare at whatever level or circumstance you find yourself. That’s the first RULE of thumb: PREPARATION. The second is like the first: BE YOURSELF You don’t need to copy or mimic another person. Just be yourself! There is so much beauty in your ORIGINALITY. Don’t trade it. Be yourself, everyone else is taken as Robin Sharma will say.  Lastly,  For effective communication to happen, make your presentation around this formular: I call it the 4W + 1H. For example, What. (What is this?) Who (Who started it/invented it?) Where (Where did all start from?) When (When exactly?) AND THEN, HOW (Here you share on practical ways to achieve whatever you are sharing) I hope these strategies will help you to improve on your communication. Remember, you will always need to communicate.  Yes, it’s been a great month sharing life moulding nuggets on CAREER. There is just so much to share. You can get my book, the Career Leader at any leading bookshop or better still, let me coach you directly on your career, send me a Direct message on my social media handle @AbrahamOwoseni on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and we can take it on from there. I celebrate you  #LifeMouldingNuggets #AbrahamOwoseni #speaking #communication #career 
February 28, 2019
Hmmm, TIME TIME TIME!  No doubt, Life is truly measured by TIME. When you combine the word LIFE and TIME, you get this new word LIFETIME. In other words, the quality of a person’s life is directly measured on how well TIME is used. TIME is a constant,  Everyday, we get a reload of it with no roll over of unused time.  The old rhyme says TICK says the CLOCK, TICK, TICK, whatever you do, DO QUICK! It’s the same in your career, whether you are engaged in a corporate workplace or not, how do you manage time? Do you exhaust precious hours on chats or gist? The truth is, we all get carried away, but some quickly get “carried back.” The difference is this: Those who quickly get carried back have put in some strategies to put this to CHECK. LISTEN to this episode where I shared one striking strategy to maximize time.  #LifeMouldingNuggets #AbrahamOwoseni #time ##career 
February 28, 2019
When you look at the game of football, you can easily relate with this: someone clears the ball through the mid-field, another passes it to the strikers, before it finally gets into the net. It is the cooperation of every one PLAYER.  I want you to begin to build up on this skill in every project or endeavour you are involved either as the group head or a member. It’s a spirit, it's called Team spirit: the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. Look at this: when you take a step with one leg, the other leg agrees to FOLLOW and then, movement is achieved. If the other leg refuses to follow, then there is no motion. I like the way Helen Keller puts it, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” “You need to be aware of what others are doing, applaud their efforts, acknowledge their successes, and encourage them in their pursuits. When we all help one another, everybody wins.” In the word of Jim Stovall These are some ways to improve on your TEAM WORK... LISTEN to this episode to glean amazing insight for Team Work in your career. #LifeMouldingNuggets #AbrahamOwoseni
February 28, 2019
Recently I facilitated a webinar where I shared around Excellence in Leadership and the impact was indelible. Solomon, one of the participants said “The session was insightful and inspirational giving leadership excellence a new look. I'm so delighted to be part of your class. I'm not just going to be comfortable with the leadership tag. I'm receiving the excellent leader tag. Thanks so much.” I hope this will be impactful to you as well. How can you express EXCELLENCE in your career? Follow me closely Listen to this full episode to learn more on: - Excellence like a mould; - Excellence as a mindset.  Indeed, excellence is not a myth. It's all about continuous improvement.  Always think about how it can be better, don’t repeat the cycle,  Re-write the letter, don’t just copy the old one. Re visit the file, look over it carefully. For me personally, when I do this, I get better results irrespective of the failed/futile attempts. Though it takes time, it comes out excellent.  Always ASK yourself every single day? “HOW CAN THIS BE BETTER” HOW CAN THIS PRODUCT BE BETTER? HOW CAN OUR SERVICE BE IMPROVED? WHAT AREAS SHOULD WE REVIEW? It is the curiosity for improvement that births excellence, it’s not a magic.  Only those who question their last achievement record a better result. Listen to this full episode to learn more on CAREER EXCELLENCE
February 25, 2019
 The word sacrifice is not too common in the lexicon of most people; this is because is it’s rare to see people who can give to its demand. Let me ask you this morning, would you pay the sacrifice for your career? Let’s look at this deeply, sacrifice in this context refers to what you are willing to give up for the sake of another.  I know you desire great achievements and accomplishments in your career, but this will only be birthed on the floor of SACRIFICE. Are you ready to pay the sacrifice? Pay the dues now, I know it’s not comfortable, you are not alone, pay it now It’s so stressful, yeah, I know, pay it now. Go the extra mile Ahh, can I make it through? Yes you can, you are just about to birth that idea, that product.  In the words of David Oyedepo, There is no star without a scar, the scar of every star is sacrifice.  For you to become a career leader, you must learn to give up to grow up.  1. You must learn to give up frivolous activities that consume your valuable time 2. You must learn to give up friendships that add no value with no destination in view  3. You must learn to give up places you go to with no considerable measurable value in addition Listen to this episode and glean actionable insights 
February 22, 2019
Science tells us that one of the characteristics of living things amongst others is GROWTH. You see, when you stop growing, then you stop living.  Let me ask you, why do you eat food every day? The body needs it to GROW. It’s the same in your career. LEARNING gives the opportunity to keep GROWING. In career, we call it Continuous Professional Development, CPD for short.  With learning, you acquire new or modify existing KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS and BEHAVIORS. Let me share a few channels for lifelong learning, this will boost your results in your career. 1. By listening. You can listen to podcasts, audio products and resources about a desired area. Whether you are in traffic or at the workplace 2. By Engaging.  You can join or create a mastermind of like friends and colleagues where you all share rich insights. That way, you learn mutually 3. By reading.  You can skim and scan through rich relevant materials like magazines, texts, journals, books, posts in print or online media.  4. By Mentorship.  You can have mentors in preselected areas of life that offer to you precious guidance and advice that could have taken several years to know on your own 5. By Training and Developments.  You can sign up for online and offline courses, seminars and workshops. Through massive open online courses such as Udemy, Cousera, Alison, Edx amongst others, you can keep building your professional career. From learning how to speak to learning how to sell to just anything:    REMEMBER, “Everywhere is a school, every experience is a lesson and every man is a teacher.” - Myles Munroe Glean actionable insights from this episode on Career and Lifelong Learning Abraham Owoseni Moulding Minds, Raising Young People
February 22, 2019
 The word 3D stands for three (3) Dimensions. The same with career, you should have a three dimensional view to your career. This is what I called the 3D Career.  Just as in any three dimensional object, you get to see the LENGTH, the BREADTH or WIDTH and then the DEPTH, also known as the HEIGHT. Here is the same perspective I want you to have to your career.  These 3Ds will give you a holistic view to your career.  The first is DISCOVERY The DEPTH and HEIGHT of your career is based on your discovery about your career and its destination in life.  The second is DEVELOPMENT This defines the BREADTH, the WIDTH of how far you can go in your career. Development talks about training and education Now, the third is DEPLOYMENT This defines the LENGTH, how far you can go in your career.  Listen to this episode and glean amazing insights on the 3D Career
February 22, 2019
Is your WORK in SERVICE to humanity? I was excited earlier this week when I got this feedback on one of my books, the Career Leader. The reader said, “your book on career impacted me, it has boosted my mind frame…”  Comments like this from readers or participants from my trainings and events only point me to one thing, that LIFE IS ABOUT SERVICE.  By SERVICE, I mean, is it improving the lives of others? Is it making things better, is it adding positively? Is it helping others? Impacting lives? As it occurred to you before that even beyond the financial reward you get from what you do, people still appreciate and acknowledge your service? This was what happened, your work went beyond the head to the heart. At the heart is where people feel the impact and contributions. Having a service mentality is what makes you a career leader as I call it.  Glean the insights for the SERVICE MENTALITY from today's episode.  #LifeMouldingNuggets  #abrahamowoseni #service #servicementality #careerleader
February 19, 2019
In this episode, I shared fifteen (15) random nuggets on career. Listen to the full episode.  Here is an excerpt: 1. There can't be in shortage of WHAT TO DO! The creator has given each one a designated WORK 2. The purpose of Education is to develop one’s discovered WORK. It’s called Purposeful Education 3. Jobs are rungs on the ladder of your work! Inside your WORK therefore are several jobs! A job is a piece of your work 4. The government is not the creator of work. God is the creator and we can’t run in shortage of what to do. We must desist from a dependency mentality 5. Your WORK is not an evil, it's not a punishment, not a burden. It's for you to enjoy. If you don't enjoy what you're doing, perhaps you aren't on the right WORK. 6. The first man at creation, Adam had meaningful work to do in tending the garden; he was so fulfilled and busy tending the garden and naming and caring for the birds and animals. He was WORKING Listen to the full episode to glean full insights from this episode. #career #work #lifemouldingnuggets #abrahamowoseni
February 19, 2019
"TGIF" stands for “thank God it’s Friday,” and it’s usually exclaimed on Fridays as a way to show relief that the weekend is close by. While there could be several connotations for this acronym, I am sharing this in this context of career whereby workers celebrate the end of the supposed work week – and the fun and relaxation associated with the weekend. Let’s shake some tables lol.  Are you always extremely excited about Fridays? Would you like to thank God every day (TGED) following what you do? Your work is meant to be a source of inspiration to you first and to others. You shouldn’t be in a haste to leave your work.  I shared three mind-sets around work in this episode. Listen to this episode and get a new fire and vigor for everyday including Fridays.  Abraham Owoseni Moulding Minds | Raising Young People 
February 15, 2019
In all of your career life, you will be doing something, that thing is called WORK. That’s why, those who work are called workers. You are called a worker because of the energy and commitment you put at what you do. This commitment is also called Hard-Work. You see, it’s all about work.  Work is about those activities and tasks you get to do, either as a direct or indirect responsibility in other to get the corporate goal achieved. Now you have an employment, are you truly employing your technical skills, gifts, abilities and competencies to get the task done? To EMPLOY, means to make use of something. For example, I employed the use of cutleries to eat which simply means, I made use of cutleries to eat.  You see, employment is not just about having a new job title or a new office or a new workplace, but really USING all of your abilities and skills to get the job done.  One of the ways to do this is to ENGAGE actively in whatever you are working on.  Listen to this episode and get the full juice on #activeEngagement Abraham Owoseni Moulding Minds | Raising Young People
February 15, 2019
#LifeMouldingNuggets  I’m sure you are very familiar with these words especially when combined to form the word PROMOTION. I will share with you on another perspective. But let me take you back again to the root words PRO and MOTION The prefix ‘PRO’ means in favour of something. Now, when you combine it with MOTION, we can infer the meaning to be, in favour of motion. What then is motion? Follow me closely: motion is defined as a change in the position or location of a thing.  In other words, PROMOTION means to be in favour of change in position. I have broken this down for you so as to say this: your career is meant to be in motion, not static. Look at this in this new perspective: Your career is meant to be in motion not just in cadres or ranks as obtainable in the corporate world but PRIMARILY MOVING TOWARDS YOUR DESTINATION.  Your work is not just about livelihood but life in itself.  It’s not just about income but outcomes. It’s not just about proceeds but progress It’s not just about dividends but delivery It’s not just about benefits but benevolence. Listen to this episode and get the full juice on #promotion Abraham Owoseni Moulding Minds | Raising Young People
February 15, 2019
#LifeMouldingNuggets The other day, I shared on Path and Parts; amongst the eleven parts I shared was this striking element that makes up our whole: it’s called passion! If you think you rarely have a special talent as such, there must be something you are passionate about.  Frequently, I get to coach people on career and many get to ask me, about this dichotomy they experience between their career and the passion. What they are currently doing is totally different from what they are passionate about.  You can’t be fulfilled in a career successfully without PASSION. Passion wakes you up Passion keeps you going Passion brings the empathy to solve the problem Passion gives the drive on the go even when the physical energy level seems low Passion supersedes profit Passion breaks the barriers along the way. And as Oprah Winfrey will say, “Passion is energy”. You get to literally feel the power that comes when you focus on what excites you. Passion will give you the intestinal fortitude you need to keep going. This is why passion is required for every career. Remember, your career is a lifelong long term work.  Will you still be passionate about your career in the next 10 years? What’s your drive? And guess what? You can’t fake passion What are you passionate about? It’s simple: look at this, look out for what you deeply like or what you deeply hate from your  - Experiences and - Observations. Listen to this episode and get the full juice to #findingyourpassion Abraham Owoseni Moulding Minds | Raising Young People
February 15, 2019
Exploration is a task that is rarely carried out. Most people rather just want to live than take time to discover. Exploration is discovery. And living is a product of discovery.  No matter how much of rich deposits in minerals and natural resources a country has, time must be spent on exploration. Afterwards, mining, then deployment.  Do you know how much rich deposits God has put inside of you? You are actually meant to be trading that in your career today. Recently I concluded a training intervention for a client and the feedbacks were amazing. They were feedbacks of impact. For me, I was simply serving my gifts. One of the elements I shared the other day amongst the 11 parts was on Potentials, your giftings and abilities. Science tells us that, potential is a stored up ability. Until it comes to motion before it becomes kinetic. HOW DO I FIND MY GIFTINGS? There's is no gift from God that belongs to you; gifts are for the service and benefit of others; And guess what? There is no one without gifts. You have amazing treasures locked on your inside. You haven’t only given them expression. Listen to the FULL episode (Run time: 04:25 Mins) here #LifeMouldingNuggets Abraham Owoseni Moulding Minds  |  Raising Young People
February 12, 2019
Imagine you are at a cross road, a junction having about four different directions, how do you know which to take? I encounter this a lot especially while driving and for most junctions, I either ask or confirm through with the google map to know which to take. Look at this, my final choice of my path is that which will lead to my destination.  This is same thing in career and in life. We are faced with several paths, several business opportunities, several offers and partnerships, several options as to which career to embark on. How do you know which to take? Your career is also a path, no wonder it’s called a career path. But where is it leading to? How can you find the path? This is why, knowing your destination is most crucial. Your life as a whole is made of several parts. I shared eleven (11) striking PARTS that can indicate your PATH in today's episode.  Listen with a rapt attention and glean amazing insights.  Abraham Owoseni Moulding Minds | Raising Young People
February 7, 2019
Yesterday I shared on Purpose-Driven Career. If you missed that, do read up the scripts and listen to the previous episodes here. Now, let’s go in this new light: the word light most times emphasizes clarity, understanding.  You see, in life, we are a product of what we know. We are a product of what we understand. All that you are now, is a product of all that you know. In other words, if you know more, you will be more. There is actually more to a career when you know deeply what a career truly means.  Here are some faulty assertions to what a career is: this may be your first time to hear this. Follow through with me: 1. A career is not what you do because you are done from school 2. A career is not what you do because you now have a degree or a certificate 3. A career is not what you do because other people wake up and go to a place of work 4. A career is not what you do because you now want to start getting a salary What then is a career? Get this new light in this episode #LifeMouldingNuggets Abraham Owoseni Moulding Minds   |   Raising Young People
February 6, 2019
#LifeMouldingNuggets The other day, I asked a striking question, have you thought deeply about it with emphatic answers? Here’s the question: WHY do you what you do?” You see, in the school of motivation, there are two kinds of motivation: internal motivation and external motivation.  Our actions in life is hinged on either or a combination of these two motivations. However, your internal motivation should be stronger and higher for true and lasting success.  Let me give you an example, as a teenager growing up, my father had said to me that if I was top of my class, I would get a gift, we struck a deal somewhat and that really motivated me. I got it eventually. That was an external motivation. That promotional exam, that next salary scale are all external motivations. Does it mean external motivations are bad? Not at all, they are good, they actually boost work performance from some research findings. However, the strongest internal motivation for every impactful and life transforming career is one that stems from one’s life purpose and as such, one that is driven as a result of one’s life purpose.  This is what I call, “Purpose-Driven Career” Listen to the full episode here Abraham Owoseni​ Moulding Minds Raising | Young People 
February 5, 2019
The Hardest Question
It’s another opportunity to shoot at your goals for the year. All through this month, I will be bringing you daily inspirational life moulding nuggets on CAREER. In today’s episode, I will be sharing on a nugget I have captioned, “The Hardest Question” Have you been in a smooth conversation and suddenly you are asked a question that makes you startle a while before responding or makes you dumbfounded on what to say? One of such questions is the question of WHY. Look at this, you have always been eager to answer WHAT: it is easy for people to say WHAT they do; oh I am an Engineer, I am a Photographer, I am an Event manager, I am a sales person…it’s easy to say WHAT you do. You can actually go further to build a business network by handing over your complimentary card to a guest or prospect. Now, it’s hard to answer the question of WHY. Let me ask you categorically this morning: “WHY do you what you do?” Hmmm, think about it, “WHY do you what you do?” This is actually one of the most important questions to answer. Today, the best form of differentiation in your career out of the pool of competitors, is knowing WHY you do what you do  Listen to the full episode here. Do share with others as well? And watch out for the episodes all through this month. Keep having a great month. #LifeMouldingNuggets Abraham Owoseni Moulding Minds, Raising Young People
February 4, 2019
HOW TO SCORE (Part 2 )
In this balance episode, I will be concluding on the nugget I have captioned, “HOW TO SCORE”  I will share with you two more strategies today. Before I do this, let me say this: “Purpose is stronger than outcome.” Your goal is an expected outcome, but more important than your goal is the purpose behind the goal! Why do you want to achieve this goal? Is it just to satisfy your personal ambition? Is it just to feel good and be happy? This is not bad in itself, but you can make your goals “HIGHER ORDER GOALS.”  Don’t be selfish about your goals, think about others, think contributions, think service. Don’t just set goals about the things you want to get alone, how about the things you want to give as well? The value and services you want to offer? The contributions you want to make. This is what I call, “HIGHER ORDER GOALS.” In other words, let your goals be tied to a genuine purpose. If otherwise, they may fall off in the course of the year. True sustainable goals are those tied to genuine purposes.  Listen to the full episode for strategies on HOW TO SCORE. #LifeMouldingNuggets
January 31, 2019
  The game is on with exactly 31 days into 2019; how has it been? You still have a whopping three hundred and thirty-four more days. In the words of Bill Copeland, he says  “The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.”  The question therefore is HOW DO I SCORE? Scoring is both a science and an art. While some players are naturally skilful in the game of football, they get to double and triple their performance by learning and practice. Therefore, it is not enough to set goals, but also to SCORE them.    Let me share with you five strategies on how to score your goals in 2019: I’ll share three today... LISTEN to this full episode #LifeMouldingNuggets
January 31, 2019
You are not a loser
 Indeed you are not a loser. Do you really believe that? Irrespective of challenging times and circumstances you may be going through, be rest assured that you are not a loser. Perhaps you felt as a loser in 2018 with failed goals and unmet expectations, not to worry, this is a new playing field. Here is an approach I want to keep up with in 2019: be a new player! Yes, BE A NEW PLAYER. In actual fact, what makes the New Year new, is the new you. Keep playing through 2019 as a new player, a new player with a dogged attitude to win. Let me show you how to do this: to be a new player, is to have a positive mindset, an attitude that attracts your goals to reality. There must an agreement between your goals and your attitude before they can come to reality. Have you ever been in a situation where your desire was actually different from what you expected? This is the situation in most cases, your attitude is tilting to the left while your goal is tilting to the right. This why most goals don’t get achieved.  As a new player, keep playing excitedly without doubts and disbelief. Start that project, send out the proposal, register for that programme, sit for that exam, put in for that competition, package that idea, market that product. Remember, you are new player. Keep going about 2019 with so much enthusiasm and high expectations. 
January 30, 2019
Everyone desires to be driven, sitting behind with someone driving but really in 2019, you must choose to be the DRIVER.  Everyone alive today has a vehicle to drive. Your breath is the vehicle. But again, you need a road to drive on; life is that road for us. Having both again, is not enough; you still need fuel. This is where goals come in, there must be something you're driving towards irrespective of the bumps on the way and this is what propels you to drive in the first place. GO-als, where are you really GOING in 2019?  
January 29, 2019
 Barely 30 days gone in the new year 2019. How is it coming with you? Remember, shortly it will be half time. Soon, it will be full time.  Have you pictured the year in this light before? Imagine 2019 as a football pitch. This time, we do not only have 22 players on the field, we have millions and billions of people. While some are playing on the field, some others are just spectators. You have an opportunity to choose. The difference between the two is that, those playing on the field are on a mission to score, they have well defined goals. And guess what? Only those who score will win! But here is it, how do we determine who wins? It is simple, they fix their gaze on the goalpost running with focus and determination to score in the play of 2019. I have often said over time that, if there are no goal posts in a typical football match, three things could happen: First is that, most likely the match will not hold since there are no goalpost on the football pitch. Secondly is that, if by an oversight, the match commences without the goal posts, then all the players will simply keep running aimlessly without having a place to hit the ball to score! Lastly, after all of the exertions and rigorous labour, it is totally difficult to ascertain who eventually won the game. In other words, there are no basis for evaluation. This is what happens when we live life without goals.  What is a goal? A goal is a desired outcome. What do you desire from 2019? In which areas do you want to win? Where do you see yourself at the close of the year? How many goals do you want to score? Don’t sit back and resort to fate in 2019, no one is too young or too old to set goals. Be the driver of your 2019. Own it! Create it! Map it with your goals! Remember, WHAT WILL BE WILL NOT BE, WHAT YOU DO, WILL BE. Spend time to think and reflect on this, don’t make them about yourself alone, think about others. What contributions can I make this year? How can I be of value to others this year? Where can I reach with my service this year? Think wide about areas you want to score, in your spiritual life, financials, family life. How about your career, academics, recreational, health and social life? THINK and define your goals for the year if you haven’t done this.  In 2019, you will WIN!.  Think about this and meditate on it. But take these last words; AS YOU KEEP GROWING IN 2019, KEEP GOING WITH YOUR GOALS
January 21, 2019