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Living an empowered life from the Inside out. Peel your Layers and meet the You in YOU
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A Pre-Cursor
Which is more important to live a fulfilling life, Conscious Mind or a Sub-Conscious Mind? How does one operate from the Inside Out and live a more empowering life? Listen to this discussion between Don and AC as a Pre-Cursor to the upcoming series of Podcasts specially focused on various tools and techniques for CorePeeling and Living from the Inside-out.
April 17, 2021
Healthy Communications
Communication is an integral part of our existence. In today’s time technology has made the world become so small. How does one ensure a Healthy Communication across different people, geographies and cultures? What are Healthy Communications? How important is energy flow for a healthy communication? Listen to AC and Don discussing this interesting topic...
February 08, 2021
Facts or Illusions
DISCLAIMER: The audio content mentioned in this Podcast is individual opinion of the people in conversation and CorePeelers Private Limited does not subscribe to or validate the content of this podcast in its entirety. The company does not endorse or affiliate to any opinion mentioned by either of the speakers. We do not intend to hurt ideology or opinion of the people listening to this podcast and believe that people are free to have their individual opinion and express it, as a Right to their Freedom of Speech. The Company respects and acknowledges the Electoral Systems of all countries and does not have an opinion on the results thereof. CorePeelers private Limited will not be held accountable or responsible for any individual opinions of the speakers in any court of Law. PODCAST DESCRIPTION: 2020 has been a year of lots of facts and illusions. Where on one side it has given us pain and grief on the other it has somewhere given us a chance to explore our own selves at different levels. Travelling a journey from Virus to its Vaccine, Political and Social turmoil in the world, this year has had great implications on life at social and business level. Hear Don and AC in conversation with each other about what were the illusions and facts of 2020. How can we break these illusions to enter into peace and satisfaction in 2021 and beyond.
January 18, 2021
Choices : We Make in Life
Our Life today is a mere reflection of the choices we have made in our Yesteryear’s. We are making choices in every moment of our life. Does our belief system affect our choices or our choices affect our belief system? Why do have to make choices? How should we make the choice which is right for us? To hear a fresh viewpoint on CHOICES and their existence in our life, listen to this enlightening discussion between AC and DON.
January 12, 2021
The Cult
We all are in search of Truth and God. Religion plays an important part in our lives. Something which is bestowed upon us the moment we come into this world. How important is Religion in our Journey of Life? What does it brings to our life and what it takes away? Listen to this Conversation of AC & Don with Fay Milton who was in The Cult for 40 years. She made a brave decision to come out it and with it were the biggest sacrifices she made in search of Truth and God
December 28, 2020
Rebuilding Life
The year 2020 has taken life and livelihood from many however, what can be done in 2021 to remove the scars of 2020 is a discussion of this conversation between AC and Dr. Gautam Chatterjee - Author and Founder of Positive Mantra
December 27, 2020
What is more important Happiness or Peace? Why do we Accept situations in life and why we do not Accept them? What happens when we Expectations meet Experiences? Explore this 30 minute discussion between AC & Don to find out more and relate with how it has affected you.
December 18, 2020
Leadership and these CRISIS Times
These crisis times are unprecedented and never seen before. There has been a direct attack on the life and Livelihood of Individuals and Businesses. This podcast discusses some traits that can really helpful for some Leaders, no matter which domain they are into. Listen to DON and AC and extreme viewpoints they have on the subject
December 05, 2020
Turning Points in Life...
We all have our set of Turning Points in Life. What actually is at play while we experience those turning points? Are they for real? Listen to this great conversation between AC and Don to know and share your views on it.
November 24, 2020
Go with the flow...
There is a lot of stress on Life and Livelihood in this Pandemic Era. People are losing jobs, business, relationships and relatives. How to cope up with these situations and how to be in the flow through these tough times...listen to AC and his Three A’s needed to be in the flow.
November 14, 2020