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By Thomas Kilmer
Two friends, Sarah and Thomas, discuss Katalepsis, a serial web novel about cosmic horror and human fragility, urban fantasy and lesbian romance, set in a sleepy English university town. We discuss Katalepsis as a work of eldritch horror, queer literature, social commentary, and how we personally relate to the work.
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Arc 2, Ch 1-2 (Jealousy of Magic and Relationships)
Thomas and Sarah get into the weeds about science, blacksmithing, and historical inaccuracies. Nerdy rants abound. Also incidental Katalepsis discussion.
October 02, 2022
Arc 1, Ch 4-5 (The End Of The Beginning)
In this week's episode, Sarah and Thomas break down the end of arc one, talking about the beauty of science, the finer points of sociopathy, and the power of giving your Good Friend a hug.
September 25, 2022
Arc 1, Ch 2-3 (The Plot Begins)
Sarah and Thomas break down chapters 2 and 3 of Katalepsis, before arguing over what constitutes a cult. Sarah does Thomas a favor and calls herself out first in this one. Featuring Heather’s signature wild oversharing, followed by immediate regret, and hugs.
September 18, 2022
Arc 1, Ch 1 (Introduction)
Pilot Episode: Sarah and Thomas break down Katalepsis in terms of overarching themes and narratives, before diving headfirst into the nightmare that is Heather's head in chapter 1. Queerness, existentialism, and the power of friendship abound.
September 10, 2022