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The Accidental Aviator - Drone Pilot Straight Talk

The Accidental Aviator - Drone Pilot Straight Talk

By Steve Rhode
This podcast is for the UAS, UAV, Part 107, COA, and drone pilots of all experience and skill levels to become exceptional FAA certificated aviators. This podcast is straight and honest talk from experienced FAA manned and drone pilots to help teach, educate, and discuss aviation-related topics that apply to drone operations.
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Drone Questions and Accidents - Flight Time, Loss of Control, Crashes, and Oh No Situations
This time Robert Zarracina and Steve Rhode tackle listener drone questions and discuss published incident and accident reports to see what we all can learn.  Keep the questions coming. You can submit them at or
December 14, 2021
Let's Talk Drones - Intro and Hello
In this first episode of the Accidental Aviator, Steve Rhode and Robert Zarracina discuss the hurdles and obstacles the field of UAS, UAV, and drone pilots face when entering the aviation world. They talk about the disadvantages, the landmines, and how many pilots are set up to fail on day one. But they focus on the mission of helping the pilot that never really dreamed of becoming an aviator - The Accidental Aviator - to find their way into this world of aviation. Think of Robert and Steve as drone aviation mentors that just want to help all that have questions, concerns, or who want to learn more to become exceptional pilots. This show is hosted by Steve's website The full transcript of this show can be found here.
November 25, 2021