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The Accidental IT Trainer Podcast

The Accidental IT Trainer Podcast

By Anne Walsh & Susannah Simmons
Two seasoned IT trainers, Anne Walsh (The Excel Lady) and Susannah Simmons (The Software Adoption Doctor), discuss their experiences as IT trainers and share useful tips for new and accidental IT Trainers. This is the stuff they don't teach you on a standard train-the-trainer course and what Anne and Susannah wish someone had told them all those years ago.
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To freelance or not to freelance, that is the question
In this episode Anne and Susannah give budding freelancers a reality check about the work involved behind the scenes. After talking about the hard work they move onto the benefits of being your own boss. Their conversation will help you think about: Nurturing relationships and networking Why you want to be a freelancer What you really want to do, and what you don't Setting up a business Setting your hours Understanding it's okay to say "no"
September 10, 2021
Building support networks
In this episode   Anne and Susannah recognise the need for more than one port of call for   support. They look at networks they've used, top of the list is "Trainer   Talk", competition versus collaboration and suggest where you can go /   who you can contact for: Emotional support Technical support Design and presentation support Business support
September 10, 2021
Self-care for technical trainers
In this episode Anne and Susannah discuss the importance of having a full tank of petrol when they travel, how it's not recommended to do a U-turn on the motorway, and foods that are "off limits" the night before they deliver training. They also talk about ways the trainer can aid their own self-care when: Preparing Delivering Setting expectations Reading / hearing evaluation
September 10, 2021
The "who's who" of the training room
In this episode Anne and Susannah talk about the weather (always!), we learn Anne isn't a gymnast and they remind us to breathe and that we aren't doing surgery! They also try not to offend anyone with certain names as they discuss common characters you will meet in the training team and how to deal with tricky questions/situations including: Don't get it Declan Chatty Cathy Eddie the Expert The Latecomer Saying "I don't know" Wrong software, wrong version
September 10, 2021
"Fail to plan, plan to fail"
In this episode   Anne and Susannah show their lack of planning when they try to remember the   title quote, that they are not experts in football, that wine is best saved   for after the course and that Susannah needs to be more dog! On a more serious   note, they also discuss their top tips for preparing for IT training courses   including: Having backup options Keeping things simple but engaging Pre-course communication Knowing your audience Knowing the objectives Psychological preparation Preparing to be flexible Putting yourself in the learner's shoes Being the first to arrive and owning the        room Fuelling your body
September 09, 2021