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Accident Annie's Podcast

Accident Annie's Podcast

By Anna
I read Reddit posts, try my hand at ASMR, and occasionally comment on internet drama. For credits, check out my web site.
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The Test Episode
To know how I created my sounds head over to my podcast page on Anchor.FM and select the sections. It's listed in the filename. I just want to thank all my listeners and please comment which was your favorite. A new mic means more episodes coming up! Enjoy and happy ASMR-ing!
May 31, 2020
ASMR - Random Sounds
This episode includes: eating noises, surface sounds, and tapping. Some of the recordings were done straight from my laptop mic, other sounds were recorded on my headset mic.  Meditative Ambiance (end of podcast music) from Alexander Blu.  Enjoy!
January 6, 2020
Accident Annie's ASMR - No talking
Jar sounds, pickle eating, tin foil crinkles, and paper bag crinkles. No talking. Enjoy my first ASMR episode! 
December 19, 2019
Accident Annie presents: creepy stories from Reddit
A girl escapes human trafficking, a little boy is friends with ghosts.  All stories from r/unresolvedmysteries on Reddit. Episode marked as explicit due to swear words. Credits: My intro and outro song was created by thehazzyg from Fiverr. This is my FIRST podcast! If you have questions, comments, or stories to share, leave voice comments here on or send me an email on my site.
December 19, 2019