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By Mr.G @eduGOOGdroid
Learn from Educators about Educational Technology, Google and Android. Thank you for joining me on a journey where we learn from different EdTech leaders.
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Lexend Google Fonts with Dr. Bonnie Shaver-Troup
Visit... https://ACEd.Tech/35 ...and listen to #ACEdTech Episode 35 with Dr. Bonnie Shaver-Troup where we talk about Lexend Google Fonts to help those with reading difficulty, littles, & anyone. #GoogleEI #GoogleET #VIA20
July 17, 2020
FamilyBookform with Carey Furze
Visit... https://ACEd.Tech/34 ...and listen to #ACEdTech Episode 34 with Carey Furze where we talk about FamilyBookform.  #GoogleEI #GoogleET #VIA20
July 14, 2020
WeVideo with Bruce Reicher
Visit... https://ACEd.Tech/33 ...and listen to #ACEdTech Episode 33 with Bruce Reicher where we talk about WeVideo. #GoogleEI #GoogleET #VIA20
July 10, 2020
Jamboard with Kim Mattina
Visit ACEd.Tech/32 and listen to #ACEdTech Episode 32 with @The_Tech_Lady  where we talk about Jamboard.
May 18, 2020
EDU: Home Learning with Alfonso Mendoza Jr.
Visit ACEd.Tech/31 and listen to #ACEdTech Episode 31 with @TechTeacher1381  where we talk about Home Learning amid #COVID19.
March 19, 2020
EDU: WeVideo with Kristina Holzweiss
Visit ACEd.Tech/30 and listen to #ACEdTech Episode 30 with @lieberrian  where we talk about @WeVideo.
March 13, 2020
EDU: STEM Summit 2020 by ESC1
In this episode, I attended the STEM Summit hosted by ESC Region One. This allowed me to have some fun conversations with some who attended. This is what they had to say: ACEd.Tech/29
February 25, 2020
NEWS: On The Road Again, And The Winner Is...
ACEd.Tech/28 I am recording on the road as I explain technology news who the winner is for the app of the year and Google news and updates
February 8, 2020
NEWS: Stadia & 2019 Apps
Learn about Google Stadia & a chance to win Stadia Pro for 3 months. Also, vote for your favorite app of 2019. Visit:
January 15, 2020
EDU: UTechMDC 2019 with a Medley of Masters
Episode 26 with Attendees How to leave a recorded lesson Aaron AlvaradoCTE Instructor SHARYLAND ISD MOS in Word, Google Level 1 Notes Using Screencastify 3PR: Pause, Perform, Play, Review Using Podcasts Equipment for podcasting Don't Ditch That Tech Matt Miller Author Ditch That Textbook GEI, MIE Expert, Skype Master Teacher @jmattmiller Notes Differentiating Instruction Change approach with technology Classroom management Adjusting instructions Students give peer feedback Google Applications in the Library Jason Galvan Librarian Vela Middle School Google Level 2 @jasgalvan Notes Using Google Classroom in the Library Book Club Google Forms Signing Sheet Personalized Blended Learning Julie Kelly Instructional Technology Strategist Weslaco ISD Google Certified Trainer, Blended Learning Live! facilitator @JulieKeefeKelly Notes Student Control Teacher provides the choice Augmented Reality Alfonso MendozaInstructional Software Specialist Sharyland ISD Google Certified Trainer @TechTeacher1381 Notes #ARVRinEDU Explore Different View Points See the world beyond the 4 walls Lyford CISD Student Tech Squad Samantha Torrez: Kacey Salinas, Heather May, Bailee Nieto School Librarian: Students at Lyford Middles School Lyford CISD @lyfordtechsquad Notes Tech Makes Class Fun Help people Osmo Sphero 3D Pens Podcasting in the Classroom Josue Pruneda Forensic Science Teacher PSJA ISD Google Level 1; Level 2; Microsoft Innovative Educator @kingofprunes Notes The use of a podcast to outreach to the parents through the use of Google Sites and Podcasts The use of a podcast to tell stories or at least in my class; give a "first responder's report" The use of a podcast to interview someone in the field, a professional or maybe even a student to "check for understanding."" The equipment and how to start a podcast and how to breakdown a podcast"
November 30, 2019
NEWS: Made by Google 2019
Here's a quick overview of the Made by Google 2019 event. More more visit ACEd.Tech/25
October 23, 2019
EDU: The Google Innovator Program with Innovators
Learn about what it takes to attend the Google for Education Certified Innovator Academy. Listen to ACEd.Tech/24 with Google Innovators.
October 8, 2019
NEWS: Google & Tech
Thank you for 1000 downloads & 1000 follows. Visit ACEd.Tech/23 for more info.
September 2, 2019
EDU: Wakelet with Misbah Gedal
Learn about curating resources by surfing the Wakelet Wave. Listen to ACEd.Tech/22 with Misbah Gedal, Head of Partnership at Wakelet, and lets Tech2Achieve on ACEd Tech.
July 24, 2019
NEWS: Google & Tech
Which EdTech tool will no longer be free? Find out on ACEd.Tech/21
July 18, 2019
20 - QR Codes with Kimberly Franklin
UPDATE: Intro Audio Corrected. QR Codes are very easy to generate or “make” - all you need is an QR app and a link to what you want attached to it - it can be an image, a message, something online. Visit to learn more
May 14, 2019
19 - Don't let Google Fool Ya with Mr. G
Have a laugh at Google's attempt to fool you on
April 1, 2019
18 - Autocrat with Luis Pertuz
Learn about Organizing Docs, Mail Merge, Google Sheets Add-ons, Slides, and Certificates using Autocrat with Luis Pertuz on ACEd.Tech/18
March 25, 2019
17 - Podcasting in Education using G Suite for STEM Summit
What is a Podcast? Pedagogy, What should your podcast be about? Equipment, Software & Services, Audio Editing Tips. On
March 15, 2019
16 - Create a Yearbook using Google Slides with Jennifer Scott
Learn about how Jennifer Scott uses Google Slides to make a Yearbook for her school and schools across the world as part of her Google Innovator Project on ACEd.Tech/16
February 28, 2019
15 - Google Updates & Technology News with Mr.G
Listen to the upcoming G Suite Updates and last month's Tech News (Newsela Adapted).
February 1, 2019
14 - Newsela with Emmanuel Pacheco
See why Newsela helps with differentiated reading.
January 22, 2019
13 - G Suite Updates & Tech News
Listen to January 2019 G suite Updates and Tech News. Tech news will now be features from Newsela to share with your classroom. Visit:
January 17, 2019
12 - Thinking Visually with Omar Lopez
Thinking visually is not about drawing. Learn more about sketch noting.
December 31, 2018
11 - Emojis to Get Collaboration Kicked Off with Lindsay Foster
Lear about getting collaboration started using emojis.
November 30, 2018
10 - Simplify Life Using Google Home with Story Speaker
I'm using Story Speaker to create an episode about Google Home.
November 9, 2018
9 - Strategic Selection & Integration of Ed Tech with Sarah Ostorga
Sarah Ostorga talks ways to implement Eucational Technology with strategy. The WOW factor doesn't determine how useful it is. For more, visit   Important links in this episode:
September 30, 2018
8 - Creating Videos to Show Learning with Nancy Penchev
Nancy Penchev talks about quick and easy ways to create and edit videos. For more, visit
August 31, 2018
7 - Funding Classroom Tech with Minerva Garza
Mrs. G talks about ways to fund a classroom; plus an awesome rewards app by Google. For more, visit   Important links in this episode:
July 31, 2018
6 - Podcasting with Christopher Nesi
Christopher J. Nesi, host of the podcast House of #EdTech and producer of the Google Teacher Tribe, talks about a way to create a podcast; plus an awesome podcatcher app. For more, visit
June 30, 2018
5 - Raspberry Pi with Efren Rodriguez
Efren Rodriguez, Google Educators Group South Texas Chapter Leader, talks about a way to create computer as an educational tool; plus an awesome Chemistry app. For more, visit
May 31, 2018
4 - Google Meet with Alfonso Mendoza
EdTech Coach Alfonso Mendonza talks about an awesome tech tool for meeting remotely. For more, visit
April 30, 2018
3 - Seesaw with Fely Garcia Lopez
Middle School Teacher Fely Garcia Lopez talks about an awesome tech tool for the classroom: Seesaw. For more, visit
March 31, 2018
2 - Nearpod & Seesaw with Marisol & Johana
Elementary Teachers Marisol & Johana talk about awesome tech tools for the classroom: Nearpod & Seesaw. For more, visit
February 28, 2018
1 - Open eBooks with Ana Maria Perez
Librarian Ana Maria talks about free eBooks from top publishers for low SES, military, and special needs children. For more, visit
January 31, 2018
0 - Promo
acEd.Tech The podcast where we learn from educators about Educational Technology with some emphasis on Google and Android. Let’s learn together!
January 1, 2018