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By Frank Acquaye
I speak about all things technology and how it affects different aspects of our lives.
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The Why!


Founder Stories - A chat with one of the co-founders of MakersValley.
In this podcast, I speak with Babajide Okusanya, the CTO of MakersValley, who shares insights on how they bootstrapped MakersValley to become a cash flow positive company with no venture capital.
November 19, 2021
Founder Stories - A chat with the former C.T.O of Cocktail Insights
In this episode, I chat with the former C.T.O of cocktail insights, where he shares insights on the challenges of underestimating the technical complexity of your startup idea.
November 05, 2021
Founder Stories – My first Investor
This episode is actually a blog post which talks about my first investor.:
October 08, 2021
My Journey - From PRESEC to Microsoft PM
In this episode, I speak with Emmanuel Bediako Addo-Yirenkyi. A PM at Microsoft who shares his journey with us.  One key thing I learnt from him was that having realized where he wanted to get to, he found profiles of such individuals and started working towards it.  An insightful chat :)
October 01, 2021
War Stories - How a race condition caused sleepless nights
In this episode, I speak with Edem Tslah, who shares some experiences with race conditions in a production environment. To read more about this[the challenges with race conditions.] kindly follow this link
September 24, 2021
My Journey - From confused graduate to C.T.O and now Q.A Lead at mPharma
I speak with Isaac Arnold McSey and he shares his journey from UCC to MEST.  One notable takeaway is; "It's okay to be confused, and even though you may be confused keep preparing yourself in the state of confusion."
September 12, 2021
My Journey - From UCC School Bus To Facebook
In this episode, I speak with David Mumuni. A product manager at Facebook shares his journey from being a computer science student at the University of Cape Coast to becoming a product manager at Facebook.  He talks about his entrepreneurial journey at MEST and how he ended up at Facebook. One major takeaway from this podcast is the need to work on your professional online presence. In David's his case,, he mentioned Linked In
September 11, 2021
My Journey - It started with a desire to start a company
I speak with the C.T.O of ampersand where he shares insights on how to start a career as a software developer.
September 05, 2021
My Journey - Rome was not built in a day.
I speak with a Ghanaian Applications Infrastructure Engineer resident in London.  He shares his experiences and how he got to this point. Do enjoy :)  Resources: You can follow the links below for resources on how to write your resume/cv. * Resume/CV Writing Course on LinkedIn * My personal resume can be used as a sample.
August 30, 2021
August 30, 2021
August 30, 2021
My Journey - A twist of fate
I share my journey of how I got into programming. Not the courses I took or the stress I went through 😀. But the romanticized aspect of it.
August 30, 2021
The Why!
A brief explanation of the purpose of this podcast and what I hope to achieve with it :).
August 29, 2021
Hello World!
This episode is also available as a blog post:
August 27, 2021