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By April
Conversations with the Inner Character
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Lily Lives the Lie
Lily Father's name is "B.S." and her Mother's name is "Phyllis Full of It". Lilly had been making jewelry since she was a teenager.  He mother loved her jewelry and would wear it everywhere.  She would talk about how it was 100% silver when it wasn't.   Lilly's father convinced her that don't spend all that money on the expensive silver, people will never know. This is not true, Lily came to her own realization that she needed to get real silver.  She was put in an embarrassing situation where a previous customer returned her jewelry to her because it tarnished. The message here is don't believe what others tell you  when it is their truth.  Don't take it on.  Lilly is moving on to create something that is not fake.  She will never put herself in that situation again. April with the Acting House of Healing. What lie are you  believing?   Come to my website and check out other characters that you may relate to. Ask me to do one for you.  I would love to!
July 17, 2021
Too Far Gone Can't come back believes it is too late for a joyful life. After seeing his Father "Dark Dark Dark can't come back" being so angry through his teenage years he vowed to himself he would not be like that. He sees his Father now suffering with all kinds of problems.  Cancer, back problems and addicted to pain killers. He wants to be different. He realized that he cannot focus on those things that make him feel sad or angry but to focus on the things that fill him up with joy.  It was very painful to see his parents separate at a young age.  He couldn't understand.  He didn't know what to do.  He also came to the conclusion that his Mother "Just a little short" can't come back could have done more.  He has made a decision to have a happy relationship with his Father in what ever he can do to bring light and happiness to him.  He will not fall short as he learned from his Mother.  You see even though his Father cannot be happy he can be intentional in giving his Father his love.  Love really heals. Anger and Pain are a direct reflection of the thoughts we have that are repeated which Manifest in the physical form. Make sure you laugh today.  Make sure you are intentional.   "The Dark cannot survive in the Light"
May 23, 2021
This character is all about waiting.   Waiting on the right circumstances.  Waiting on someone's approval.  "Wilber Wanting Waiting" Mothers name is "Missed the Mark" Waiting.  His Fathers name is "Peter in Process Waiting".  Wilber had a wonderful invention of a mosquito tape that he thought would help his father.  Wilber called this his whirly twirl mosquito tape.  He thought it would help his father when he was outside building benches for the park.  He noticed his Father was really annoyed with mosquitoes.  He went out while his father was working and spun the tape around only to hit his father on the nose.  It ripped skin off his fathers nose and his father stomped on the tape.  This was very traumatic for Wilbur.  He gave up on his dream.  He also tells us about his Mother "Missed the Mark".   Well, she was the same waiting on perfection before she entered the community competition for the best garden.  She was devastated when her neighbor Lily copied her and won the competition. Wilber did go on and find a revelation.  Listen to his wonderful excitement when he discovered that he can make a difference.  He decided that he is not too old.  He decided that just because his mother missed the mark and his father waited for perfection that it would not stop with him.  He moved onwards to pick up his Fathers magnificent benches and approach the seniors complex that he is in.   Wilbur moved out of the event that stopped his dreams and took what his father could not do and went with it. This is so amazing. Don't Wait. Remember  - When you know what you do - Then you can do what you know. >>>>> Wilber discovered what he knew and it was not true.  He is not too old and the benches his father made were amazing.  He is so excited to give the seniors in his complex something that brings Joy and Comfort.
April 7, 2021
Tanny Wanny is a complainer.  Her Father's name is Winnie Weasel and her Mother's name is Picky Penny.  Tanny Wanny is in charge of the customer service division for Harmony River community services.  She handles all the complaints.  The funny thing is that she added another 450 complaints so that she could be recognized as being productive.  Tanny has a problem.  She is lonely and doesn't understand why people shy away from her.  Tanny takes after her Father.  Her Father is always whining about something.  He doesn't appreciate anything.   Tanny picked up on this for the fundraiser and she agreed with her Father.  Then Tanny realized that her Mother Picky Penny actually had some valuable advice.  Picky Penny is actually only giving feedback for improvement.  Tanny finally realized this and turned her department for complaints to a department for resolution.  She also realized when you complain you repel people nobody but complainers want to hang out with you.  Tanny was excited to go back and listen to the complaints and really understand the perspective.  She discovered by changing her perspective that it changes her world.   Know that victimization is a choice. Tanny changed her choices from just logging the complaints to diving and creating a resolution.    Then her voice changed and her outlook changed and she got so excited and made positive changes! "When you know what you do,....STOP AND GET FEEDBACK SO YOU CAN MAKE NEW CHIOICES and then "Do what you know.  Yah00 for Tanny she loves to help people resolve their situations.
March 5, 2021
Hello Treasured Listener's; Our new character this week deals with labels whether it is from a Doctor or a Friend or a Parent or a Co-worker.  Labels are just that, they can be peeled away. This is proven by science "Dr. Caroline Leaf who is a neuroscientist specializing in cognitive and metacognitive neuropsychology.,  "Dr. Joe Dispenza" the author of The Science of Changing Your Mind (2007) and Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. (Resources for further learning) "Tammy Too Many Labels" took after her Father "Calvin Conditional Labels" and her Mother "Mitsy Misplaced Labels".  The journey for Tammy Too Many Labels was in discovering that she took on the label that her father had himself. "OCD" .  She demonstrated this when she came into the studio and could not let go of rearranging the labels of the teas.   She was obsessed with getting things in a certain way.  She explains in her story working with her Father that she copied him.  Then she took on a label from her Sister "Justi Justice".  Tammy explains that Justi Justice suffers from MDD from her addiction to being right all the time. Tammy adapted this as well. Oh my Tammy was getting too many labels, she started to get really frustrated and then was labeled again by IED. Intermittent Explosive Disorder. Listen for this, it is too funny!,,,, Can't we just get angry without a stinking label? Finally she consulted her "Mother Misplaced Labels" and came to a realization that her music actually removes the labels.  She discovered that when she is in the creative mode doing what she loves that everything comes to a calmness and order. She decided to share her music with some of those people that are experiencing discomfort from labels.  It was a great awakening for her to make known that her music calmed these individuals with many disturbing labels.  Tammy has moved on to make a record Label for herself.  She is now contributing to others showing them that they too can remove the disorder in their lives.  They too can be creative and live in the calm of order and peace. This was a beautiful opening for Tammy, This is April with the "Acting House of Healing"  Remember "When you know what you do"  Then " Do What you Know"
February 13, 2021
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Hello valued listeners; Our new character is "Shelley Shattered Pieces" and her Mother's name is "Melody Missing Pieces" and her Father's name is "Billy Broken Pieces" Shelley didn't really have a strong sense of self growing up.  One event really hurt her. It was when her Father built a doll house for her.  Shelley played with her imaginary family in this house.  Then something terrible happened.  When Shelly took her people upstairs in the doll house the roof caved in.  She was devastated that her people were hurt. She thought her Father may help her rebuild it but he only accused her of breaking the house.  Shelley was so hurt.  She would never hurt her imaginary family.  She sat and looked at her Father and how he has always been.  She realized he would build things and they would always fall apart.  He took no ownership of this he blamed others all the time.  He would not accept any help from others because he knew it all.  Melody Missing Pieces would try to intercede and offer a missing piece that Billy could not see.  Billy rejected her as well.  This led Shelley Shattered Pieces to look at what she could do.  She decided to research and rebuild her own doll house again.  She did this successfully but the real magic here is that she discovered her true innate passion.  Shelley started to add things for her family to the house like pots and other ornaments.  She liked this so much that she decided to start pottery classes and now works at a Pottery shop.   Shelley enjoys making pottery for people that is custom designed to each family.   She listens to the story of the whole family and designs something specific to them.  This ended up being a real success for her.  Shelley exclaims at the end that she stands tall on her own two feet.  What she means by this is that she is sharing her gift which she created from her authenticity.  Shelley found the missing piece by taking charge of rebuilding her doll house herself which led her to her passion of designing pottery that has the family story and it sits in the home. Shelley did not try to make this happen the pieces fell together as she worked through rebuilding the doll house and putting her passion and heart into it. Voila!!! This is April with the "Acting House of Healing" encouraging you to find your passion piece that sets the foundation that is unshakable. Love April
January 28, 2021
 PUPPET PENNY FOLLOWS THE PLAN. Her Mother's name is "Ditzy Daisy takes the plan" and her Fathers name is "Dufus Donkey sets the plan" Penny thought her Father was a leader and later to realize that the name means otherwise.  Penny was affected by her Father to listen to everything that he said and did. However after taking a look at the plan that Dufus did for  the vacation. She determined the destiny was off my 250 miles. She asked her mother about this and she said "Oh it is OK, don't worry about it."  Penny followed the plan for a while.  She did some research and discovered that her Dufus Father was not a leader at all. He was taking pay offs and had a his own agenda.  What is funny ,is, that Penny learned that Dufus controlled her and her Mother but she learned that he was also being controlled.  Penny is on a mission to expose the wrong doings done to her and her Mother.  She also believes that this is the beginning of others coming together that are like minded and tired of being a Puppet. She knows her mother will just agree with her because that is all she does is agree. Penny is working for the greater good of people to stand up against fraud and misuse of power.   Oh my goodness I have been the Ditzy Daisy takes the plan and also the Dufus.  I am so glad that Penny found me. Thank You Please pass this Podcast on to everyone you know.  I am here to help heal the Dufusses and the Ditzy Daisis to be the Penny that makes a difference.   I have been both.  Love April The Acting House of Healing.
December 28, 2020
Hello this character represents fear that surrounds us.  "Funked Up Fearful Condition" is a direct reflection of his Mother "Connie Cause Fearful Condition" and his Father is "Eddie Effect Fearful Condition"    CAUSE (FEELING) AND EFFECT (ACTIONS DERIVED FROM THE FEELING) What this means is that your emotions cause the effect. The way you feel will always generate the emotions that are from the subconscious. This happened because of his mother always thinking the same thoughts of not being good enough and then SAYING IT OUT LOUD.  OH MY GOD THIS HAS POWER.  Finley needed to realize that these words spoken in the mind are harmful but to say them outloud just creates the circumstances immediately. His mother was the cause - she always complained and pointed outside of herself to others and circumstances for the results in her life.  "Funked Up" adopted this as well.  He started to copy the way his mother lived and has come to the conclusion that this is not healthy for him.  He is lost and doesn't know how to get out of it.  His father kept reinforcing the negative words (EDDIE EFFECT) that his Mother said to lead her to believe that she is not good enough. What is a real truth here is that Finley found the beauty in the condition and came to a place that he could turn it around and live with meaning and purpose.  Finley is a dress maker and has found out that others do not define his worth. He loves what he does and put it out there and then to discover that he is very valuable.  Finley noticed he had to change where he was coming from before this changed.  He changed his mind to command his thoughts to come from excitement and joy rather than fear.  He adapted this by combatting all thought in an instant and replaced them with faith and trust thoughts.  So magical that it has made changes instantly for him.  Finley is meeting Bernice  who has a shop that is called Bernice and Bonnets. BB. She loved his dress designs.  Finley took what he learned from his mother not only in dress design but how to change his thinking to generate a new condition of growth , abundance and value. Enjoy my friends. Remember "When you know what you do, "Then you can do what you know"  That is what Finley has done.  He is now named "Figured it out - New Condition."  Enjoy my friends.
December 4, 2020
Hello our new character this week is all about Pride! "Perfect Pearl Prideful" grew up with an attachment to image.  This was the most important thing in her life.  She always has to look good.  This supported her for a short time.  Her mothers name is "Pedestal Patty Prideful" and her Fathers name is "Pompous Peter Prideful". She discovered in an experience with her mother that her mother was actually hiding behind her image to protect herself from showing she was fearful.  She was controlled by her husband that wanted nothing from her but to act as an ornament.  "Pompous Peter Prideful"  also based his identity on what he looked like and what he owned.   Then the change occurred. "Perfect Pearl Prideful" noticed that one of their servants Mary Beth was hurting but of course she would try to hide it because she would get fired.  "Perfect Pearl Prideful" actually paid attention to Mary Beth and wanted to help her.  This led to a new venture for "Pearl".  She realized she did not want to live with an empty heart anymore.  She wanted to help.  "Pride" is always based on being self - centered and separated.  "Perfect Pearl Prideful" changed her direction and now making a new life for herself.  She is making a better life for others as well.  She realized that she didn't need all the stuff and decided to use it to help not only Mary Beth but a new way of living. "She discovered her character traitor and turned it into a character trait" Thank You valued listeners.  This is April with the "Acting House of Healing"
November 16, 2020
Our new character this week is "Monique Caustic Critic"  her Mothers name is "Nothing you could ever do is good enough Caustic Critic" and her Fathers name is "Put you down, keep you down, Caustic Critic. When we are raised with critical parents we take it on as who we are.  This is so damaging but there is good news.  This is not something that you have to wear for the rest of your life.  Can you imagine that your mother didn't even like your laugh.  This is so ridiculous.  When we have to change ourselves so that we fit with their expectations to avoid being mistreated is a way to protect ourselves. Not only that we become like them we take on the inner critic and keep beating ourselves up.    This character also never acknowledged any progress that she made because of her Father.   Monique came to realize that we are all unique including herself.  When she was acknowledged and appreciated for her cookies she blossomed. This is so beautiful.  Monique found out when you do something that you love it takes allot less effort.  The great thing about this is that when you bring out your own kookiness' it is actually a blessing.  
October 24, 2020
Treasured Listeners:  Our new character this week is called "Boring Boring Same Old Same Old"  Her mothers name is "It has always been that way so don't change it Same Old Same Old" and her fathers name is "If it is not broken don't fix it Same Old Same Old"   Boring Boring Same Old Same Old came into an understanding that she actually has the skills to make changes is her life. She did realize that keeping the things the same because of opposition from her parents did not stop her.  She realized that she needed to take the lead if there was a change that was going to happen to help people.   "Boring Boring Same Old Same Old" took the lead despite👏  the attacks from small minded people.  "Boring Boring Same Old Same Old" found a place for the seniors in her community to speak up. She realized they needed to be heard because they had influence and are diversified.    She brought all the different cultures together and was able to make change for her community Harmony River. It was so exciting for "Boring Boring Same Old Same Old" that she decided to change her name to "Big Changes Don't Stop"👍 Always remember "When you know what you do, then you can to what you know" Thank You this is April with the Acting House of Healing. "What is your Character Traitor that you want to change to a Character Trait?"
October 6, 2020
Hello valued listeners:  Our new character this week is called "Kookie Kookie Krazy Line"  Her mothers name is "Stand in Line" and her Fathers name is "Don't cross the Line"  Kookie is a little wacky because her Father would tell her not to cross the line but he never explained the rules to her.  Kookie decided that she doesn't care about his rules.  She decided that she needs no rules..... but this backfired to her because she has allowed others to take advantage of her because she had no boundaries.  Kookie is fun and lives outside the box and that is great that she appreciates her own unique gift in the clothing business.  Kookie also came to a realization from her mother about standing in line.  She came to notice that if you actually stand in line but show your light (your unique self and service you offer) you attract the exact people to collaborate with.  Kookie is moving her "Rainbow Clothing" business forward because she is now the light that attracts what she desires.  She also is in full recognition of setting boundaries to those that are not in alignment with her values and purpose.  Kookie is on her way to sell allot of beautiful Zig Zag clothes. I am so grateful to all of you who listen to my podcast.   Remember when "you know what you do, then you can do what you know".  Kookie is now doing what she knows, set boundaries and sit back and attract. April with the Acting House of Healing - Always grateful!
September 17, 2020
Hello treasured listeners:  Our new character this week is called "I CAN FIX YOU - NOT HAPPY" and his Mothers name is "I CAN TAKE IT - NOT HAPPY" and his Father's name is "INSECURE SLAP HAPPY - NOT HAPPY".     "I CAN FIT IT NOT HAPPY" was able to turn things right around.  What he discovered is that as a child he believed his parents. He thought this is how he is.  The beauty of this character is that he turned it around to the exact opposite.  "I DONT HAVE TO FIX IT - NOW I AM HAPPY" "I CAN FIX IT NOT HAPPY"  entered into another environment for his athletic training realizing he doesn't have to duck for fear of another cuff in the head.  He actually got better than his Father and was able to miss some direct hits.  "I CAN FIX IT NOT HAPPY" then made the choice to move out of this toxic environment.  He also realized that what he learned from his Mother "I CAN TAKE IT NOT HAPPY" is also a lie.   He came into his own truth and discovered the his new name is "I DONE HAVE TO FIX IT - I AM HAPPY" psalms 18:28 You LORD, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light. I dedicate this podcast to woman that endured so much to get out of an abusive place.    To you with LOVE - K.F. D.H. Thank You this is April with the message "When you know what you do, then do what you know" Acting House of Healing.
August 31, 2020
Hello valued listeners:  Our new Character this week is called "Sometimes  I say it, and sometimes I don't say it"   She grew up with the Mothers name of "HOLD YOUR TONGUE, DON'T SAY IT" and her Fathers name is "SHARP TONGUE JUST SAY IT" This is about taking a look at why people ask you to hold your tongue.  She discovered that her Mother had a hidden agenda for her own purpose and needs.  This did not sit right with 'SOMETIMES I SAY IT", after doing some research she was able to understand why her Mother imposed her ways for her own benefit.   "SOMETIMES I SAY IT" also discovered that her Father had some insecurities which he spilled out on others by his hurtful words. "SOMETIMES I SAY IT" shows us that to say it, is in fact healthy however. only to be shared in a loving and compassionate way.  The point here is when you suppress your expression it only hurts you.  Added insight today -------- my time with my Daily Bible Proverbs 15:4 NIV) is this:  "The soothing tongue is a tree of life, but a perverse tongue crushes the spirit" Thank You for listening, and stay tuned for the next step.  I will be releasing on You Tube. April with "The Acting House of Healing"
August 17, 2020
Hello Treasures Listeners: Our new Character this week is called “Norton no it never works it never does” and his Mothers name is “Negative Nellie no it never works it never does” and his Fathers name is “Knucklehead no it never works it never does” The reason Norton came to April is that he wanted to share that he held onto his dream no matter what. Norton believed in himself. He was hurt for a while because his dream was stomped on by his Mother and his Father. Norton is so smart. He realized after the fact that he can go back and inspire them even though they hurt him and also squished his dream. His love for them was why he wanted to inspire them. He went introspective and discovered the reasons why his Mother and his Father were not supportive. Ladies and Gentlemen this podcast I researched the example of the coach Bill Bowerman used a waffle maker to create the first treads for his soles on the running shoe. You will find this story extraordinary. That is what it takes being EXTRA ORDINARY, PLEASE DO YOUR EXTRA ORDINARY because you are special. Norton is the character that perhaps you can relate to that anything is possible. Norton did not let go of what he believed would help others. Ladies and Gentlemen this is a shift from the other characters in that Norton just did not believe that his environment and the people that surrounded him would determine his world. This character already knew he had value and kept going. I love this. He just wants to go out and help his negative Mother and his Father Knucklehead. This is so great in the fact that it is not about – Saying to them” So THERE. I did it despite you, No Norton achieved his goal and also wanted to give back to his parents so they could see their own gift and share it. This is April with the Acting House of healing. “Where when you know what you do …then you can do what you know”
July 27, 2020
Hello most treasured listeners: The character this week is called "DO YOU UNDERSTAND KOOK"  His mothers name is "POMPOUS POSITION KOOK"  and his fathers name is "CALCULATING CONDESCENDING KOOK" The purpose of this podcast is to demonstrate that DO YOU UNDERSTAND KOOK is feeling very lonely. He does not understand why nobody is listening to him. He does not understand why he has no good relationships. He always worked with his Father and hoped that he would like him by doing what he did looking for love. So in his life he became him and not honoring his own desires. He came to me because nothing is working anymore. His business in not working and he has no intimacy in his life --- he has discovered he has not created high quality fare exchange. He also discovered that his mother used position to manipulate people and make them feel small in order to make her feel big. It is such a blessing that "DO YOU UNDERSTAND KOOK" came to realize that it is in connection and caring for people is where the magic happens. ENJOY  -  This is APRIL with the Acting House of Healing:  "Where when you know what you do, Then you can do what you know" Blessings.  
July 11, 2020
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen the character this week I have intended to suggest that you hear what I am NOT saying... this is like reading between the lines............. "YO"ITS SIMPLE BLACK AND WHITE" has a Mother with the name "DOT YOUR I'S AND CROSS YOUR T'S,  ITS SIMPLE BLACK AND WHITE"   His Father's name is "READ THE PRINT, IT'S SIMPLE BLACK AND WHITE" Now 'YO" has a very hard time communicating verbally but he is very strong in writing.  He was made to feel small when his Mother picked a part his writing and totally ignored the story that 'YO' was passionate about telling.  His Father also had his own agenda in suggesting to "Yo" the edits to his  writing.  "YO" came to an understanding to surround yourself with like minded and supportive people that are willing and open to hear and see "THE TRUTH" "YO" found how he can stand tall and be free.  Remember  "When you know what you do, Then do what you know" I love this scripture from the bible. In times now where there is a vortex of information and so many untruths.   Look at PSALM 144:8 'NLT" "Their mouths are full of lies, they swear to tell the truth, but they lie instead. Guard your heart and be discerning.  This is April with the "Acting House of Healing" Thank you most treasured listeners!!
June 22, 2020
Hello, most treasured listeners: The new character today is called "HEARSAY ATTACHED TO IT - DO IT"  Her mothers name is "PENNY PERCEPTION ATTACHED TO IT DO IT" and her fathers name is " SIR SURROUNDINGS ATTACHED TO IT DO IT".   HEARSAY comes in with what she learned from her Mother and Father.  Her mother came from a mindset of lack (Penny not a Billion dollars) and also HEARSAY-- she would believe what others told her without checking it out for herself.  Now our character believed and trusted her Mother so she became the same way but with a bit of discomfort that she could not understand.  Her Father always surrounded himself with the same people that validated the way he thought. HEARSAY wanted more.   She remembered a friend of hers that shared a story of when she was able to let go of labels. I hope  you enjoy this.  This is a true story that I experienced with "DAVID" the homeless man.  To this day I am very moved by our experience that we shared. This is April with the "Acting House of Healing"    where  - "When you know what you do  - Then do what you know"   This is where the change occurs to create M.A.G.I.C. in your life/.
June 10, 2020
Hello Valued Listeners:     I think you will really enjoy this character.  Her name is "Dopey Don't Ask Why Ditz"   Her father's name is "Did you do it?, Did you do it", Tic and Bob, perfectionist Ditz.  Her Mothers name is "Micro Mag Pie, Micro-Manager Ditz". Dopy Don't Ask Why .....does not have much confidence and is really unsure of herself because she was raised by two very controlling parents.  They never trusted her to do the task on her own, always hovering over her.  Her dad is always checking the tasks as they say "Tick and Bob" #checking#analyzing#stick & bob#tally#evaluate.   Dopey never asked "Why" for herself. She was trying to live up to some ridiculous expectations.  Dopey Don't Ask Why came to realize there needs to be a balance between looking at the details and the whole picture.   She came to an understanding and was able to release the pressure of others' expectations put on her.  Perfectionism is really a sign of insecurity.  She has found a new way. I hope you enjoy it!  This is April with the Acting House of Healing "Where when you know what you do," "Then you can do what you know"  Dopey is not so Dopey!
June 2, 2020
Hello Treasured Listeners: I am very happy to bring to you today "Backety Flakety" .  Her Mother's name is "Keep Your Eyes Looking Forward Flakety" always look ahead.  Her Father's name is "Don't Look Back you will get Attacked Flakety". This character is about looking at our past without judgment.  Grabbing the gems from all the things that we have learned along the way to bring to our own right place of vision. The problem with"Backety Flackety" was that she is stuck between looking forward to never getting where she wants to go and not taking the time to evaluate and reflect.   "Backety Flakety " shares her beautiful insights about her Mother and her Father.  She really dives in and brings to you some wonderful lessons she has learned.  She realized that the FLAK she gave to herself was not moving her in the right direction.  She also brings an account of "Looking Forward" and "Looking Back" and how to use these 2 realities to create a better now. It is really quite beautiful.   I hope you enjoy the gems and are able to apply if applicable to you.  Yes, I say get rid of the "FLAK" and ride on the back of the past to your true vision of your own unique gifts to share. Love and Blessings this is April with the Acting House of Healing - "When you know what you do, then you can do what you know"   
May 15, 2020
Hello Treasured Listener's:   I am so happy to bring to you today "PISSED OFF PEEPEE PANTS"  Her MOTHERS name is "HURTIN CERTAIN POOPY PANTS and her FATHER's name is "NO CAN SEE POOPY PANTS". Pissed Off Peepee Pants grew up with the Mother that was always certain about things. This was no support for Pissed Off PeePee Pants.  She tells her story of that experience.  Her Father "No Can See"  well he is stuck with what is in front of him he doesn't see beyond the physical. I hope you enjoy the play on the word "Certain" and also "Insight" and "Sight Here is the REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE - Monique was born but I am using this in the PISSED OFF PEEPEE PANTS - wisdom intake.  I hope you enjoy. This poem is a result of working with a Chef and Cool Family Solutions.  The purpose of this event was to bring families together that have had trauma and create the environment for them to connect with each other at a sit-down meal.  The Magic occurred easily.  Chef Ben was very talented. Monique was a stubborn one that really did not like taking orders from Ben.  She eventually caught on that Ben was the Boss and rightly so.  (I have allot of respect for this art.) When the guests were getting to know each other and really enjoying the meal, Monique listened and composed a poem for the guests..  The poem included something personal for all the guests. Each guest left with a full tummy and a full heart. Yummy Conversations Sometimes it feels like family when you least expect it A delicious meal sharing and feeling that you belong and shout I do fit Feeling good with a full tummy and a content heart The moments that stand alone and are special set apart Carve out the time and treasure the event Times are precious and hold it like a gentle child, moments well spent Sometimes the thoughts creep in that I can’t be happy like all the others They have no idea what it is like for me and the deep well I felt so smothered And I catch myself in this split second this minute and see who is in front of me I forgot that I do have a place and begin to listen and the worries drop away so free We talk to each other and we hear each other and connect to release the lost hope Together is a place for everyone: your voice, my voice and we embrace so that we can cope Bringing the worlds jointly as one is when we get lost in no separation To be a part of the magic we create that is without preparation What a relief from the to do list – the right way – Just be and play This is the true essence of family wouldn’t you say Whether you are alone doesn’t mean you are by yourself. You can gather with others at the table and feel the wealth Life can be scary like being on the scaffold Dangerous and blinded by things that baffle Other elements brings us together like playing the music Just another way for the heart and mind to fuse it Watching Ben and Monique fighting yet the magic has begun Like a true family we fight but then we eat and smile and the bad is forgotten Uniting with Food for the body and soul always keeps the communication to flow For your family to nourish and blossom and grow. Monique (April)"
April 30, 2020
Hello, Treasured Listeners: Our new character today is called "Whiny Wuss" and her mother's name is "I do everything for you" and her Father's name is "I believe everything I read, I believe everything I see, I believe everything I hear - Spineless Wuss".  Whiny Wuss is so emotional and allowing herself to be influenced by her mother and her father.  Whiny Wuss comes into her own realization of being detached from what people think of her and found the gift of what her parents gave her. Even though her Mother was controlling to do everything for her Whiny realized that she had something inside her that was really special.  She was also able to see the gift her father gave her as well. Whiny found her own gift to be realized. Remember "When you know what you do"  then," You can do what you know." This is April with the Acting House of healing.
April 22, 2020
Hello most valued listeners: Lilly Lack is our new character this week.  Lilly is suffering from not being able to do the things she has been used to doing. she got really depressed because she is isolated from her friends.  She grew up with the Mother called "Dim Lack" which of course means she was not an inspiration that Lilly Lack could gain some knowledge to help her grow.  Her Father was not much help either.  His name is "Dumb Lack" Lilly was so used to being distracted outside of herself she didn't trust that she could have anything to offer.  Lilly came into her own insights and share her excitement about knowing it is OK to fail.  You can keep moving on as long as you move you have momentum and can embrace the moment even in times of uncertainty. Ladies and Gentleman A statement from me April Getz.  Creating this podcast has given me momentum to be greater that what is going on outside of myself.  I made a commitment.  I have enjoyed being in the creative state which keeps me moving in the right direction during this time of trial. Be Creative, Listen to your intuition and listen to great Leaders:  "John Maxwell" "Joe Dispenza", "Joyce Meyers", "Robert Morris". Remember the information that we are being fed you need to be discerning.  It is just like the relationship you have with someone who cares about you or someone that wants to make you rely on them through untruths. God Speed. Remember  "When you know what you do, then you can do what you know" Love April with the Acting House of Healing
April 11, 2020
Hello most treasured listeners: Our new character today is all about going inside to your true source of wisdom and sustainability.  If we do not value ourselves how can we truly value others.   The character's name is "Banter Fanny"  who loves to banter about things, always likes to argue.  She is "Tanny Wanny's" sister and is adamant that she does not like to complain.    Her Mother's name is "Materialistic Mattie" and her Father's name is "Ferly Fix it". She shares insights of how she really felt like she didn't have anything to hang on to.  Banter Fanny comes into some helpful tips so that we can focus within.  This is where the true value is.  Then after seeing her gifts she sets off to do something about it.  I hope this inspires you to share your gift as well.   This is April with the Acting House of Healing  remember "When you know what you do, then you can do what you know" ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Bonus is a Poem  called "I am" from April 
April 5, 2020
Hello valued listeners: Today's character is all about Leadership of yourself.   Squirrel has a Mother called "Runner" and a Father called "Ostrich".  Squirrel comes into a place to lead himself to his dream.  He realized he will not get anywhere if he runs or puts his head in the sand.    Considering the current situation it is so important to walk in Faith and know the Facts - Don't let the media control you. Many have other agenda's that do not support us: Proverbs 18:2 "Fools have no interest in understanding, they only want to air their opinions. Some of the teachers I have been listening to are " John Maxwell"  "Joyce Meyers" and "Rick Warren". These leaders are able to give a sense of perception to release the fear.  It is important to have knowledge of the facts.  I encourage you to listen to these leaders.   Ladies and Gentlemen remember you are not alone remember to have discernment, show you care, don't run or put your head in the sand. You matter.  Thank You for listening this is April with the Acting House of Healing " Where when you know what you do...Then you can do what you know"  Corinthians 4-17:18 -"For our present troubles are small and won't last very long. Yet they produce a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever. So we don't look at the troubles we can see now; rather fix our gaze on things that cannot be seen.  For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever."
March 30, 2020
Hello valued listeners:   Today Apès joins us again from the beginning of the Podcast. Apès is the wise one and grew up with a Mother who's name is "Rediculous" and a Father who's name is "Panic".    Isabelle later joins us with her version of a virtual 14 day vacation. The intent of this podcast is to give you relief and also have a laugh.  Maybe now it is a really good time to immerse yourself in the teachings of Joe Dispenza and also Bruce Lipton.  In addition this is also dedicated to Robin Williams who could always helps elevate your state to a better place.   First of all the information that Dr. John Battershill-Revelation Health Centre-Calgary Alberta has shared is intended to give us a better perspective the current situation.  If we have facts and make wise choices then we can live easier. --------------------------- Facts about Corona In a study of 44,670 China residents, it was found that 81% infected had mild flu like symptoms, 14% infected have severe flu like symptoms and 4.7% infected had critical but not fatal flu like symptoms therefore approximately 95% of people who are infected with the Coronavirus do not get into the critical phase of the illness. John Hopkins University stated that the under 50 year old age group has a recovery rate of 99% and the danger level of this virus is related to factors such as age and having weakened immune system's from pre-existing conditions. This fact will put Coronavirus/ CoVid 19 in perspective... that on a list related to the worldwide deaths from infectious disease Coronavirus is 17 down from the top creating 56 deaths per day worldwide compared to the regular flu bug that is causing 1027 deaths per day worldwide. Here is another fact that is related to the fear factor tied to CoVid 19. When MERS came out, there was 23.2 million mentions on social media, HIV has received 40 million mentions on social media and when the SARS came out in 2006 it received 56.2 mentions on social media. CoVid 19 has received over 1.1 billion mentions on social media. The lesson to be learned is that everybody has an opinion and everybody is talking about it. A major component of the fear factor is the fact that our reaction to CoVid 19 in society is influenced more and more by public opinion than any other thing including facts. The lesson to be learned about this information is that just because a whole bunch of people are saying something does not make it fact. The facts tell us that there is a 99% cure rate for those under 50. The contagion factor (how contagious a virus is. The higher the score, the more infectious the virus is) for: Corona is 2 SARS is 4 Measles 18 To quote a Medical Doctor who states that Corona is a viral pneumonia being hyped up as the black plague. Antibiotics do not work on viruses so what's important is that we are as healthy as possible and that we have as big a cushion of ability to adapt to stress which includes infections as obvious stressors. This, then introduces personal responsibility to manage our stress properly, eat and drink as healthy as possible, exercise regularly, exercise mindfulness, be happy, get adequate sleep, get Chiropractic adjustments on a """"to be healthy"""" basis at least once a month and generally just take care of ourselves.-----------Remember when you know what you do, "Then you can do what you know"  You can change your state. Blessings to you all valued listeners. This is April with the Acting House of Healing.  May this bring you to a better perspective and trust. Love April
March 20, 2020
Hello most valued listeners: This character many of you may relate to.  Have you ever had anyone talk over you?  Have you ever had anyone just get impatient with you when you were telling a story? Did they say to you "Get to the Point".   Well our character today has a Mother that is called "Shallow Shallow there is no Point" and her Fathers name is "Detail Die Hard get to the Point" "Pointless" struggles with communication coming from the parents that are the exact opposite.  How do you go from one extreme to the other? There is some great insights from "Pointless"  and also the frustrations that introverts deal with when communicating to extroverts.  Enjoy and remember, when "You know what you do, Then you can do what you know"  I think Pointless demonstrates this in her insights. Thank You from April with the "Acting House of Healing" BONUS:    I hear you: To boldly go where no voice has gone before From a lost heart to a soaring star Bringing light to others from deep within Is your gift to share for others to win Sometimes it happens like a child at play In the field of dreams in the wide open space To just jump and laugh with no purpose in mind Is often the time when the wisdom unwinds The tears can fall like the sprinkle of rain Only for the sun to shine in the spots of pain This is a way of being that is often missed Being open and curious which wonder does assist Letting go of the words and dance to your voice Unfolding the insights that come with choice Then along comes the passion which lifts to a new height The promise of all goodness and treasures that is your right Weaving in colors and wearing the magical shoes Demands that we stand for all who have paid their dues And it takes tenacity and courage to really get in touch With music and people that matter so much A tender soul that has so much to give Finally released and ready to live Blessed we are to hear and witness the price that was paid Bow down and appreciate the life given and laid Getting past the anxiety and speaking honestly Is louder and a powerful message in modesty Maybe this isn’t the price is right But it sure gives us a vision that feels so very bright. Remember always that you are confident and brave Come out to the open out of the cave - Leaving no heart untouched by your presence in your space Love April
March 12, 2020
C.H.A.T- Bonus "Tanny Wanny"
Hello valued listener's: Lets have a chat.   "This podcast is dedicated to "Empower Women in Trades - Calgary Alberta Canada" This episode is all about knowing your own character and how you show up in your life.  When we listen to other teachers this is good information but if you really want to get through this particular change to land in a place that you desire, maybe this little chat can help you. C.  Courage, Confidence and Curious H.  Hero, Help and Honk A.  Accountability, Action and Allow T.  Telling, Tenacity, Transformation Bonus Character of what NOT to do.  "Tanny Wanny" She thinks to lodge complaints is good?  Do you know someone like that? When you make a change it is always uncomfortable.  Set yourself up for success. See below for action steps Resources:  John Maxwell (see link below) , Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton to expand your horizons to make empowered choices. 1. Find someone that can support you and also be honest with you.  This will help you to move forward. 2. Pick 2 things daily that you can do to move you towards your desired outcome. 3. Meet with a mentor and offer to buy their lunch.  Thank You April Getz - Acting House of Healing. John Maxwell Podcast
February 29, 2020
Hello most valued listeners: The character today is called "Gratula Grudge"  Her mother's name is "Should Should Should Terd" and her Father's name is Rezi Resentment. The meaning behind this character is that grudges are very harmful.  They affect all parties involved.  The most important person is you. My experience when I held on was because I was really hurt.  We all have hurt in our lives but the best way is to grieve it and cleanse the loss.   This makes room for love and connection rather than disconnection.  Love heals all.   Grudges are like little critters that get together to become this overwhelming resentment and where it came from - it doesn't really matter. If it came from a "Should Event" and someone cut you out of their lives. It saved you from more pain. Everyone comes to truth in their own time.   Some suffer allot more than needed if there is forgiveness the time is allot shorter. Be kind to yourself and let go of the grudges. Here is some wisdom from the great book written-  THE BIBLE Proverbs 11:17 Those who are kind benefit themselves, but the cruel bring ruin on themselves. Thank You from April with the Acting House of Healing. ps  - I don't begrudge if you don't like this podcast.  I am so funny Ha.
February 22, 2020
Hello treasured listeners: Her name is RINGA DINGY DING DONG is all about disconnection and how lonely that can me.  Life does throw us flags to pay attention to, but if we are shut down and we pretend not to be home we don't see the disaster coming. When you find yourself in a state of disconnection, your world is actually trying to connect to you to give you an alternate route to take to avoid pain.  Listen to 'Joe Dispenza or Bruce Lipton"  We always get clues or "flags" to warn us in our environment and perception. Her MOTHER'S NAME IS "NOBODY''S HOME" and her FATHER'S NAME IS "DIDN'T SEE IT COMING" This character is all about awareness and paying attention to the flags that are sent our way. We do have to be discerning of who we let in I agree, however when we close off completely we are robbing ourselves of a gift. When someone knocks on your door, take a little risk and open the door.  We are more effective at connecting in our vulnerability.   (Listen to Brene Brown) Remember when you "Know what you do"  Then you can "Do what you Know"  I hope this brings in some insights to you in a way to live your life with more joy. This is April with the Acting House of Healing where my mission is "A Unified World through one's Act of Connection" Hugs
February 16, 2020
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen:  I am introducing a new Character today. Tootie Told you so.  This character comes from my observations of how I feel when someone said I told you so to me.  It makes me feel like an idiot, that they are better than I am.  Idiot in the dictionary has this definition. Having a mental age of less than three years old. This is so damaging especially because we are human and make mistakes. I told you so comes from - You should have known better - This makes no sense to me.  I never use this statement because it can squash the light in a human spirit.  Learning and growing from our experiences always provide an opportunity to make a different choice.    Tootie told you so has a father with the name of "Don't even try - Jerk" and a Mother with the name of "Karma Can't Can't" - No wonder Tootie Told you so was born out of this environment. This podcast is meant to show you not to listen to those voices inside and create your own dream, not your Mother's dream or someone elses that you can ride on.   This never works.   Because Tootie did not have the right support her environment was stinky. Enjoy and I encourage you to take that 1st step towards your dream. This is April with the Acting House of Healing Saying  "When you know what you do - then see how that lands in your life you can make a different choice - Then do what you know" May your dreams come true! Blessing to all.
February 8, 2020
Square Peg in a Round Hole
From Wikipedia -"Square peg in a round hole" is an idiomatic expression which describes the unusual individualist who could not fit into a niche of their society.[1] This new character is about trying to fit in.  The most vulnerable time in my life was when it was life or death to fit, when I was a teenager.   Blessed are those who had good role models and encouraged their children to stand out rather than fit in.  In addition encouraged their children to try new things and catch them when they fell.  The media Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, Tik Tok, You Tube, Instagram and Kneebook, Twanger, Snip it Snap it what ever else,  all have their benefits.  However many platforms may promote fear within each of us to get  Prettier, Smarter, Stronger, Flat Tummy, Bigger Muscles, Better clothes, Less Wrinkles and the list goes on and on and on and on. Square Peg in Round Hole shares some memories of growing up with a Mother whos name is "Make it Fit" and a Father whos name is "Shove it In" This episode is especially for our teenagers now who "Square Peg in a Round Hole" supports CHANGE and yells "go for it".  She boosts about this new media platform called.  BeU Tubby Tube Tube that she is creating.   It takes so much energy out of you when you live to fit it.    Keep your energy "walk it, talk it, live it BeU.  This is April with the Acting House of Healing saying Be U. with love.
February 2, 2020
Always Toxic Annie Kook
Welcome most valued listeners:  This character brings in a common thread that seems to be making widespread influence. Always Toxic Annie Kook talks about others.  She is full of anxiety, starving for attention.  She has no idea how to take care of herself or what is a healthy sense of self.  She did not have good role models.  Her father's name is "Emotionally Unavailable Kook" and her mother's name is "Drama Queen Kook".  Annie grew up with mixed messages with her father telling her to do as I say not as I do.  What a joke.  Then her Mother lived in drama all the time.  The event that took its tole on Annie was when her Mother flipped out over "Spilt Milk"
January 25, 2020
Justi Justice
Welcome to a new character called Justi Justice!.  Have you ever seen a reaction that you knew there was so much more behind the emotion?  Here is the deal - this is an actual true life experience where a friend of mind noticed that the banana bread on the counter has not been touched for about a week.  He decided to take it to work.  When his partner noticed it was gone - She lost her S#it. She went on about how she had driven to pick it up and how dare you take it. bla bla bla                                                                   Have you seen the "You are Wrong and I am Right" battle?  I have seen it get so out of control that it becomes damaging ….maybe you see it too on "Instagram, Facebook or a texting war on your phone".  I remember feeling ignored, not valued, unappreciated and bullied.  My past programming identified with abandonment and this was the perfect button and the emotional trigger was set off, then the bomb erupted. In the Acting House of Healing, it is really about connecting in vulnerability.   Just as Bruce Lipton and Joe Dispenza tell us about past programming it is important to stop and be aware.  1.    Walk away from the situation to calm down. 2.   Ask for support from a trusted person that knows you so that you can express whatever is going on.  Express rather than depress. (Remember these thoughts land in your body, they did for me in my lower back) 3.  Ask for feedback from your source because they know you and can give you loving insight from outside your own perspective. 4.  Compose your response from a place of power and respect...It is not about being right it is about doing right for all concerned~ (I also want you to know I value Judges and our courts.  In no way do I discredit what they do. I am grateful for all they do)
January 19, 2020
Sissy was raised BACK THERE.  She is a tom boy and has a father that was stuck in his own stuff.  His name is Bobby Blind Stuck.  Bobby blind stuck was oblivious to what he did or said.  This had a great impact on Sissy.  She grew up with the mindset of "I did not see that".  It did not affect her because she isn't really aware that she is blinded as well.  The other contributing factor to her results in her life is her mother.  He mother's name is Donna don't wanna know.   Donna is what she is.  This is going to be so much fun.  The interview will start with April but then I am bringing in another team member "Monique" .  She doesn't let you get a way with anything.   Ladies and Gentlemen.  I have to be honest.  I have had the blinders on in difficult times in my life and some things I acted on impulse.  This cost me dearly.  I let my emotions take the lead and crashed.  My environment created how I was thinking and it was NOT clear. If anything listen to "Bruce Lipton" about your environment and how it affects your perception which gives you your results. sissy implies a lack of courage, strength
January 11, 2020
This character is really about being aware of your thoughts and the consequences.  Your thoughts are like the fork falling in the sink, the spoons are watching and so be ware.  Actions out of old programming have consistant outcomes.  Ting Tong said that the tots can land in your body.  This is where we can take notice because the body stores programming. If you have a quandry in your body perhaps there is a behaviour that is not healthy. Thank You and have a day filled with giggles. Acting House of Healing, April
January 4, 2020
Hello my treasured listeners: Firstly I dedicate the humor to Robin Williams who I so admired with his out of this world sense of humor.  In addition I would like to honor Joe Dispenza on his work of connecting the thoughts and how they land in your body.  I have also recently listened to "The Wisdom of your Cells" by Bruce Lipton.  This is more confirmation of how powerful comedy is.  Thank You both Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton. Here is the deal with this podcast.  Have you ever been in the company of someone that just thinks they are the absolute best.  They are better than everyone else. It is pretty hard to have a conversation with this person. I say find better company.  I hope you enjoy.  Thank You so much. April from the Acting House of Healing.
December 24, 2019
Cause and because
Hello most treasured listeners: First I have to tell you about Isabel she is a customer service agent for a small outlet that sells trinkets.  She is a little short on awareness or maybe a few brain cells.   She lives in her bubble and when someone gets in - she gets very uncomfortable.  The whole lesson here is because that is the way that it has always been doesn't mean you cannot change.   You can change however it takes compassion for yourself and patience.  I hope you enjoy.
December 17, 2019
Hello Everyone: This episode is for this time of year that you are making a list and checking it twice. "Happy Holidays to you" Lists are great however when they run your life and you are more attached to getting things done than spending time with the people you love it is time to let go of a list.  Buzzy Bob. The Acting House of Healing is to choose a different act to make your house more comfortable for everyone to live in. I will always acknowledge Robin Williams for his great contribution to humor.  It is so healing. In addition, I honor Joe Dispenza in his teachings of how our thoughts impact our bodies and ultimately create our reality. Enjoy and perhaps get rid of one list.  I dare you! "Remember to practice the mission of  the"AHH"   A unified world through one's act of connection. Thank You April
December 8, 2019
People only see what they want to!
Hello, my valued listeners:    Tiki was born from observations of people in my life and how they only will see what they want to.   The condition that Tiki has is in no way a disrespect to those that suffer from true illness.  MENTORS:          1. Joe Dispenza 2. Robin Williams "Joe Dispenza" explains that you can change the chemical composition in your body and heal directly from your thoughts.  Humor is healing! "Robin Williams"  exceptionally talented but such a big loss to the human race.  I dedicate this work to him.  (I wish I could have shared this with Robin) I share these characters only to bring an example for you to perhaps bring your own out into the light. The intention of this episode is to have a laugh when it is so obvious that a person is not seeing what they do and will not admit their blind spots. I have a small book that I wrote about seeing yourself from the 4 aspects of self:   I Be I am I Say and I do.   Clearly in this episode "Tiki"  disregards that the people that you surround yourself with have a great influence on you.  This affects everything resulting in what you do.  Tiki insists to stay with her chickens and that is all she needs.  She would be a hand full for sure to have a decent conversation with.  Tiki is a great dysfunctional gal.  I can't wait to hear what she sounds like at 60 years old.
November 30, 2019
Introduction to Darlink
1. Intro to the Acting House of Healing AHH Every day we act out be it unaware of doing our regular routine or we don’t act.  The Acting House of Healing A.H.H was born after  many  years of working on my inner talk.  What is really exciting about this, now I am bringing to the characters to light which is really funny because now they cannot hide and have any power over me. This is so much fun.  Before we get going let’s break it down for a better understanding.  Firstly, my vision is:  “A unified world through one’s act of connection”   - You act a certain way and then when you see the house you have is a little distorted and want to change. This ACT is realized as distorted and then you connect to your own knowingness - Of “You know what you do”. - To do what you know. I honor Joe Dispenza; Becoming Supernatural What if you could rewire your brain to not only create a state of total health…but to use your consciousness to command your physical reality?  This is where the comedy comes in and when you study experts like Joe Dispenza you will find proof of this very statement. In the AHH having fun with Characters, you can rewire these parts of ourselves and live with more joy.  I have named my inner critic, my victim, my wise one, my condescending teacher and my one airhead one. These are some characters that I am sharing with you. Firstly - I Honor Robin Williams during times of stress and my battle with my own demons. Robin Williams made me laugh and forget about the control these characters had on me. In paying attention to my state when laughing my body, mind and heart would be healed. The joy I feel when people laugh, and the profound unified field created in laughing together brings me to this part of my journey. I loved that man. I loved his quick wit; I loved his heart that came across in his work. I especially loved Mrs. Doubfire. In honor of this icon as a great comedian, I dedicate my work to his life lived. Robin Williams has always been a heartfelt inspiration to me.  I hope these little characters help you remember to be kind to yourself as well.  I want to expand his life’s work by offering you a chance to take this and insert it in your own heart. If you can be your own comedian think of the healing, you can create in your own world.   Intro of Characters - Isabel - Airhead - Monique – Condescending Teacher  - Apes – Wise one - Tanny Wanny – Victim - Monique: She is a Russian woman who was born with very high standards to achieve. There is no time to play, work work work. Then after the task is done it is never good enough. No time to celebrate or even acknowledge. There is much to do.  I hope a sprinkle of wisdom has landed in you today. It is my deepest heartfelt desire to disarm these parts that take you out in the day.  Please join me regularly for the Acting House of Healing Character laughs.  Love Darlinka
November 25, 2019