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Talia Wolf & Ross Simmonds deliver actionable tips, actionable insights and actionable advice on how to drive real business growth through marketing and more.
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How to price your digital products | Actionable Tips 28.0
In this episode of The Action Driven Podcast, Ross and Talia talk about pricing your digital products. If you’re thinking about selling e-books, guides, courses, or any digital product, or are unsure about how to price them, you’ll learn a lot in this episode. Ross and Talia share how they priced their digital products, mistakes they made in the past, and how you can change the price of your product if you need to, easily. SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest:
August 06, 2021
How to manage your schedule | Actionable Tips 27.0
In this episode, Ross and Talia dive into scheduling, the productivity tools that they use, and some tips on how they manage their own schedules to help you stay organized and boost your productivity.  SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest:
July 30, 2021
Why you should stop following “best practices” | Actionable Tips 26.0
When it comes to marketing, there are SO many best practices. Tips and tricks that “always” work and that so many of us blindly follow. In this episode, Ross and Talia unpack what best practices actually mean. Where they come from, the agenda behind them, and why you should take them with a grain of salt. SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest:
July 26, 2021
Our 2021 Plans | Actionable Tips 25.0
Welcome back to the Action Driven Podcast! In this latest episode, Ross and Talia talk about how they did in 2020 and their goals, plans and aspirations in 2021. SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest:
July 26, 2021
Planning a Course Launch | Actionable Tips 24.0
Perfecting the launch of a new course doesn’t have to be overwhelming. There are many tips and tricks to keep in mind prior, during, on the day of, and following the launch; the challenge is to find which of these tactics work best for your course.   SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest:
November 12, 2020
Should You Create A Course? | Actionable Tips 23.0
Be it a YouTube playlist deep-diving into the technical skills behind SEO or a short two-minute video covering the importance of backlinks, a successful course of any size will open doors to future opportunities.  SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest:
November 05, 2020
Three Of The Most Common Mistakes In Marketing | Actionable Tips 22.0
As a marketer, you’ve likely fallen prey to the 3 fateful mistakes that every marketer around the world has done at least once. We’re not perfect. Not even the CMOs. But, when you’re armed with the tools and tactics to fight back against these mistakes, you can conquer them. SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest:
October 29, 2020
How To Build Your Brand From Scratch | Actionable Tips 21.0
Whether you are building a new brand from scratch, or you want to amplify your existing brand without spending more money, there are 6 easy and effective tips that you can start using today to spread awareness and sell your products/services. SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest:
October 22, 2020
The Best Ways To Shake Writer’s Block | Actionable Tips 20.0
Writer’s block has affected every content creator on the planet. Writer’s block is when you’re sitting in front of your computer, and the only thing in your brain is elevator music. No ideas. Just elevator music. But there are ways to shake writer’s block and get to writing. Ross and Talia are here to break down the top 7 tips to shake it off. SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest:
October 15, 2020
How To Increase Your Blog’s Engagement | Actionable Tips 19.0
Whether you’ve had a blog for a while and are seeing a dip in traffic, or you’re launching a new blog and just starting to see some traction, there are a few easy and effective ways to boost engagement on your blog and drive more traffic. The newest episode of the Action Driven Podcast will show you just how to create high converting blog posts and how to turn your blog content into engagement.  SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest:
October 08, 2020
The Hubspot Grader | Throwback Thoughts 7.0
It seems that interactive tools like quizzes, calculators, and worksheets are everywhere in 2020. On social media, in your inbox, on websites... But in 2007, this was a relatively new idea. And one company capitalized on it. We’re talking about Hubspot’s Website Grader. In this week’s episode of Action Driven Podcast, Talia and Ross talk about how Hubspot paved the way with it’s interactive tool that graded websites. This was the tool that everyone absolutely needed to try in 2007. And honestly, it’s just as popular today (with reason).  SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest:
October 01, 2020
Two Emotional Triggers To Use In Marketing | Actionable Tips 18.0
There are two emotional triggers that affect (almost) all of our purchase decisions. (Hint: it’s only in the last few decades that these became popular.) Social image + self image. What we want others to think of us and what we think of ourselves. In this week’s episode of Action Driven Podcast, Talia and Ross talk about the importance of these two emotions and show you exactly how you can put them to work through the use of frameworks, templates, examples, and the success.  SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest:
September 24, 2020
Email Segmentation | Actionable Tips 17.0
Not everyone in your email list has the same interests. You may have audience members from the same industry, but in that industry, there are people with different jobs, different experiences, and different interests within the industry. So why would we ship the same content to everyone? A marketer probably won’t care about niche tech breakthroughs, and a tech person probably doesn’t care about niche marketing trends. In this week’s episode of Action Driven Podcast, Talia and Ross explain why you need to segment your email list into different buckets; regardless of size, how new your email list is, or what content you’re writing about. SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest:  
September 17, 2020
Email Re-engagment | Actionable Tips 16.0
In this week’s episode of Action Driven Podcast, Talia and Ross go through the benefits of unsubscribing inactive audience members from your email list. Yes, you read that right! People that don’t open your emails are people who may not see the value of your emails, don’t have the time to check them, or maybe don’t look at that email inbox often. Regardless of the reason, your open rates and stats are hurting because of them. So why not remove them? (And then give them a chance to come back.) SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest: 
September 10, 2020
Marketing On Reddit | Actionable Tips 15.0
 The words “marketing” and “Reddit” don’t usually go together. Marketers tend to stay away from this channel for a multitude of reasons. But in this episode, we’re here to change all of that. Let’s start marketing on Reddit (with the right tactics). In this week’s episode of Action Driven Podcast, Talia and Ross go through all the ins and outs of marketing on Reddit and the huge value it holds.  SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest:
September 03, 2020
The New Rules For Guest Blogging | Actionable Tips 14.0
Guests posts can be great for providing value for your audience on a topic you know little about, but what happens when a post is submitted from a friend/colleague with low value? Or if the post is packed full of their own promotion and links to their site? In this week’s episode of Action Driven Podcast, Talia and Ross go through all the ins and outs of accepting guest blogs (and when to say no to guest blogs), how to get your own posts featured on other sites, and other tactics you can start using when diving into the world of guest blogging.  SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest: 
August 27, 2020
Everything LinkedIn | Actionable Tips 13.0
LinkedIn isn’t the stuffy social media channel everyone thinks it is. It’s a ‘social’ channel, and we need to start acting like it to harvest all the value it has to offer. In this week’s episode of Action Driven Podcast, Talia and Ross dive deep into LinkedIn to show you all the value LinkedIn holds and how you can use LinkedIn to promote your business, get new business, find really good connections and grow your network. SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest:
August 20, 2020
Michael Jordan x Nike Empire | Throwback Thoughts 6.0
Michael Jordan is the GOAT. Not only with basketball and a stellar career, but he taught lessons about his Nike shoe empire and how it all unfolded. Like, did you know that MJ wanted a deal with Adidas so badly he took his Nike offer as a pawn to see if they would take him? Answer was no, and thank goodness for that. This Action Driven Podcast episode dives deep into his career and everything marketers can learn about MJ. SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest:
August 13, 2020
How To Use Competitors To Your Advantage | Actionable Tips 12.0
Competitors: make sure they’re in your rearview mirror and you know what they’re doing, but don’t look too often because you’ll lose sight of what’s ahead of you. Confusing, isn’t it? There are things you need to look for when doing a competitor analysis and things that you don’t need to focus on as heavily. There are 3 key points when doing a competitor analysis, and we talk about them all in our newest Action Driven Podcast episode. Learn how you can properly monitor competitors and start driving results from them now. SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest:
August 06, 2020
How To Get Inspired On Twitter | Actionable Tips 11.0
Finding inspiration for Tweets can be challenging. Sometimes there’s a wave of ideas that will last for a few days. And other times it feels like being stuck in a creative rut. So what do you do when you don’t have any ideas or inspiration for Tweets? You go out and find some! Talia and Ross talk about all the different tips and tricks they use to find inspiration and share with you for both your personal and brand Twitter accounts. Find out how you can start finding inspiration on Twitter and start driving results now. SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest:
July 30, 2020
How To Use Instagram For B2B | Actionable Tips 10.0
Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. It has 1 BILLION active monthly users and an account for anything and anyone. Except for most B2B professionals… We have been told time and time again that Instagram is not for B2B marketers/professionals/businesses. But this is wildly incorrect. Instagram was made to connect people and we are all just people doing business with other people. Find out how you can start using Instagram as a B2B professional and start driving results. SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest:
July 23, 2020
The OG Of Content Marketing | Throwback Thoughts 5.0
Bob Ross is one of the most underrated marketers of all time. Yep, I’m talking about THE Bob Ross with the perm and the paintbrush. In the newest ADP episode, Talia and Ross take a deep dive into Bob Ross’ marketing strategy and how he created evergreen content and tactics you can start using today. You won’t be the new Bob Ross, you will be even better. SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest:
July 16, 2020
How To Build Authority | Actionable Tips 9.0
Are you passionate about something? Do people come to you for advice on a certain subject? Have you read the Harry Potter books more than once? If you answered yes to any of these (more or less the HP question), then you can be considered an authority on the topic. (Whether you knew this already or not.) In this podcast, In the newest ADP episode, Talia and Ross take a deep dive into how to build an authority around a topic and the simple steps you can start taking today to become a recognized authority in the space. SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest:
July 09, 2020
How To Set Achievable Goals | Actionable Tips 8.0
Do you remember your New Year’s resolution? Yeah, us either. Goal setting can be challenging. Especially when the goal isn’t clear, if it’s being undershot/overshot, or if the goal is not a top priority. In this podcast, Talia & Ross take a deep dive into goal setting and how to create a 90-day achievable goal with a few simple steps. And the best part? After the first 90-day goal is complete, you can use the system again, and again. SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest:
July 02, 2020
How To Use Facebook Groups | Actionable Tips 7.0
Description: Ah, the mysterious world of Facebook groups. Saying there’s a Facebook group for everything is an understatement. Any niche idea/topic/thing you can conjure will most likely have a Facebook group with like-minded individuals. Marketers can use these Facebook groups to get deeper insight on their target audience. In this podcast, Talia & Ross take a deep dive into Facebook groups and how we can leverage this certain kind of market research in our own marketing campaigns. SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest:
June 25, 2020
We Can Do It | Throwback Thoughts 4.0
Rosie The Riveter has been empowering us with her red bandana, big muscles, and strong eye contact for almost 80 years now. How has this campaign out-lived all others and is STILL seen in mainstream media? Well, it’s likely attributed to the imagery. The empowerment. And the CTA. In this podcast, Talia & Ross take a deep dive into Rosie’s success and how we can leverage this certain kind of imagery in our own marketing campaigns. SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest:
June 18, 2020
How To Hire Marketers | Actionable Tips 6.0
When hiring a marketer, there are key things you need to know and look out for. The hiring process can be hard regardless of the industry, but in the marketing industry… it’s a little different. Here’s the first thing to ask yourself when hiring: “what is the mindset of a marketer you’re looking for?” In this podcast, Talia & Ross take a deep dive into the difference of talent vs. passion and why looking for the soft skills are crucial in the hiring process and what else to look for in the marketer. SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest: 
June 11, 2020
How To Grow Your Email List | Actionable Tips 5.0
There are two things every brand MUST have (or at least they should). The first is a website... The second is an email list. In this podcast, Talia & Ross break down some actionable insights that brands and people can use to grow their email list. The strategies and tactics shared in this podcast episode are things that you can start embracing and using immediately if you want to start seeing more people subscribe to your email list.  SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest:
June 04, 2020
Crafting Perfect Subject Lines | Actionable Tips 4.0
Email subject lines are a gateway to connection. If you want to connect with the people on your email list, the best place to start is with a captivating & engaging subject line. It's often underestimated how important your subject line is when it comes to email marketing but a subject line can make or break whether or not someone scrolls pass or clicks your email. In this episode, Talia & Ross share some of their favorite email subject line formulas and how you can craft subject lines worth clicking.  SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest:
May 28, 2020
Salesforce vs Siebel Protests | Throwback Thoughts 3.0
Who would protest a software conference? Salesforce. That's who. In this episode, Ross & Talia take you back into time to share one of the most impressive publicity stunts in B2B software history when Mark Benioff and the folks at Salesforce held a fake protest against their then rival Siebel Software. This story outlines how one single protest was able to generate tons of press, plenty of new customers and put Salesforce on the map as the brand to watch in the CRM space in the early 2000s.  SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest:
May 21, 2020
Discovering “Dead” Growth Channels | Actionable Tips 3.0
We’ve all heard the saying that “XYZ is Dead” by marketing gurus and pundits. In this episode, Ross Simmonds & Talia Wolf discuss the importance of running your own experiments when people suggest that channels are dead. During this episode, they define “Dead Channels” and highlight the three categories of dead channels. In addition, they outline exactly how you can actually discover these channels and use them to drive results. SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest:
May 14, 2020
Leveraging Social Proof In B2B | Actionable Tips 2.0
Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation. In this Actionable Marketing Tip segment; Talia Wolf & Ross Simmonds discuss the power of social proof in B2B and why it’s often misused and lacking a story. In addition, they discuss the overarching point and purpose of social proof and how to leverage it to increase your chances of driving conversion. SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest:
May 07, 2020
British Monarchy | Throwback Thoughts 2.0
What in the world does the British Monarchy have to do with marketing? You might be surprised but back in 1917, a British King did something that would result in the rise & growth of the British Monarchy as we know it today. In fact, it could be argued that his decision was a marketing & positioning brilliance. In this episode, we discuss the decision and how it can be applied to marketing in the modern world. SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest:
April 30, 2020
Mac Vs PC Lessons | Throwback Thoughts 1.0
Do you remember the famous commercials when Apple released their Mac vs PC campaign? It was a battle of two giants and Apple did an excellent job at positioning themselves as the cool, hip and creative brand while painting PC as a boring, glitchy & unreliable brand. In this episode, Ross & Talia revisit these campaigns and apply lessons that marketers can take from this campaign and apply to marketing today. SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest:
April 20, 2020
4 Questions For Customer Surveys | Actionable Tips 1.0
Customer research and customer surveys are often overlooked but can uncover powerful insights and information that brands can use to write better copy, create better products and serve your customers better. In this episode Talia shares 4 powerful questions that she uses when conducting customer research, a powerful technique for getting better answers and some tools that you can use to run surveys at scale. SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest:
April 20, 2020
Action Driven Podcast x Introduction
The very first episode of the Action Driven Podcast with Talia Wolf & Ross Simmonds. Our goal is to bring you actionable tips, actionable insights and actionable ideas that will help marketers and entrepreneurs unlock business growth & results. This podcast has two formats: Actionable Tips (15 minutes worth of marketing tips) and Throwback Thoughts (30 minute discussion around old ideas that work in a new world) SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest:
April 17, 2020