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Adam Farris

Adam Farris

By Adam Farris
Welcome to the Adam Farris Podcast, I am a inspirational speaker, advocate, and a entrepreneur. This is general Chat and discussion. please don't forget to follow, support and visit my Website and links, and support this podcast as well to keep it going. thank you very much, remember to smile because that's what makes the world go round.
I am the the inspiration you need for your next speaking engagement or event
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Next Level Thinking ft. Adam Farris ep. 200
You ready to take it to the next level? Here today we have Adam Farris! Adam Farris Lives in Houston Texas he went through rigorous training with Art Spark Texas formerly VSA Texas and Opening Minds Opening Doors to become an Inspirational Speaker.  Adam Has two siblings and a very loving and caring family. Adam Graduated at the top of his Class from the Monarch School in 2006 and currently attends a relationship-centered educational program Called The HUB Houston. Adam Also Works for Walmart Part-time as well. Adam’s website Adam's Website:
April 27, 2021
world autism awareness month houston
World Autism Awareness Month 2021 will be held from April 1st to April 30th 2021.  Mayor Sylvester Turner and Council Member Amy Peck from the Houston City Council will be presenting the Autism Awareness Month proclamation to Adam Farris. Adam Farris will be speaking in regards to Autism Awareness, Disability Advocacy and Autism Advocacy on April 6th 2021 in front of the Houston City Council. Adam is doing this not only to raise awareness of autism but to bring awareness to  others who have autism or other differing or unique abilities. If you are someone that has autism you can go and get that job, you can go and get that degree and you can go and do whatever you put your mind to. You just have to believe in yourself and  meet your maximum potential. The City of Houston Mayor's Office of Special Events and the City of Houston has officially stated that they are going to light up blue in honor of World Autism Awareness Month 2021  Those interested in holding or sponsoring events related to Autism Awareness Month should contact the Office of Special Events. Given that 1  in 54 Children has Autism, inspirational speaker and advocate with Autism Adam Farris has said, “Let us celebrate the abilities not the disABILITIES of each individual with autism.” Adam Farris also thanked Mayor Sylvester Turner, Councilwoman Amy Peck,  and the Office of Special Events, for the proclamation of April as Autism Awareness month that he received for  2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and now 2020, and 2021 Watch me Speak to Houston City Council and Mayor Sylvester Turner Read The Blog Post:
April 26, 2021
World Autism Awareness Month Houston Texas 2021
let us celebrate the abilities not the disabilities with each individual with autism during Autism Awareness Month Houston Texas. I will be speaking about my advocacy about autism awareness in front of my city council and my mayor of Houston Texas. but I cannot hesitate enough to literally celebrate the abilities not the disabilities of each individual with autism. please read the blog post for more information and please visit me online at my podcast website as well have a great day and remember to keep smiling because it's what makes the world go round thanks and have a nice day. Blog post: My new podcast website:
April 1, 2021
Adam Farris interview with Louis Geigerman
I did a wonderful one hour interview about my life's Journey with the founder of National ARD/IEP Advocates and cypress radio. A huge thanks  to Louis  Geigerman Founder of National ARD/IEP Advocates. You Can Support the Adam Farris Podcast by clicking the support button, and by visiting my links:
January 21, 2021
Happy New Year
Happy 2021 to everyone how was your 2020? Let's take sometime to think about the people we've lost during covid-19. And think about the year to come what is going to be different? Hopefully this new year Will bring a lot better things for everyone and the best is yet to come remember that the best of yet to come please support me by clicking the support link have a nice day and thanks again.  Adam Farris Visit me online today at the links below:
December 31, 2020
National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month
Hey Everyone September is National suicide prevention awareness month. Let's make sure we are checking on our friends, and family, and co-workers, if they seem down, etc. please enjoy the listen. please don't forget to support my show by visiting the support link! so that i May continue to bring you awesome shows. my links:
September 29, 2020
The Future of Retail Workers
Hi my name is Adam Farris. I am a cashier at Walmart in Houston Texas. I strongly believe that customer service is what makes or breaks a business. Without good customer service we will not have businesses or businesses to give us jobs. In my 14 years plus years of experience with customer service in retail I've seen a lot evolve. But recently I've seen different things evolve especially in technology. I believe retail is undergoing a master transition with a digital disruption regarding cashier-less registers. With one cashier per one scan and go register I believe it's going to backfire one day and then companies are going to have to go back and fix it the way Sam Walton had it. Let me explain further. For example, someone can take a $5 sticker from a product place it on a $1,000 TV , scan it at the scan and go and be out the door in no time. Also things like the robots cleaning the floors or the robots stocking the shelves are taking away jobs from people. In my opinion we cannot have retail or customer service without people interacting with one another. I feel that is what really matters in the end. Thank you very much and have a nice day. Adam Farris Visit me online today
July 26, 2020
What makes you Tic?
What makes you Tic? for me it's Something called Tourette Syndrome. What is Tourette's Glad you asked: There are several ways to support individuals with Tourette Syndrome 1. Participate in Awareness Month Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month runs from May 15 – June 15 2. Attend a Tourette association of america Event 3. Join a Team Tourette Event: 4. if you have Tourette's Become a Brain Bank  Donor: 5. Find more info at the  tourette association of america website Tourette Syndrome is one type of Tic Disorder. Tics are involuntary, repetitive movements and vocalizations. They are the primary symptoms of a group of childhood-onset neurological conditions known collectively as Tic Disorders and individually as Tourette Syndrome (TS), Persistent (Chronic) Motor or Vocal Tic Disorder, and Provisional Tic Disorder. These three Tic Disorders are named based on the types of tics present (motor, vocal/phonic, or both) and by the length of time that the tics have been present. Source: tourette association of america remember to visit my website and links as well.
June 5, 2020
Talking and Chatting with Adam Farris
Hey how is everyone doing today? Just talking and chatting! please visit my Website for more information about what I do, also if anyone is interested in doing a podcast together contact me. thanks and have a nice day. Turn it up and enjoy the show. My Website: All of My Links:
May 22, 2020
About my Business Younique Abilities
At Younique Abilities We Believe that anybody with a “disability” has a  Younique ability and can do many great things that you put your mind to,  just  believe in yourself and reach your  maximum potential. Younique abilities sells awareness merchandise about 95% of which is handmade and had made by individuals with a unique ability. One of our hopes and dreams one day is to open a storefront and hire individuals with unique abilities and let them spread their wings and fly. And pay our employees more than minimum wage or sub-minimum wage give them something to do. Younique Abilities is a Small Business selling awareness merchandise a lot of which are handmade by individuals with Younique abilities. You may purchase Younique Abilities awareness merchandise  on our online store and We donate part of our sales at the end of the year to a local deserving Non-Profit organization. Hi My name is Adam Farris, I  the Founder and President of Younique Abilities and I don’t think of myself as "disabled" because I have been able to accomplish so much. Maybe none of us are really “disabled,” maybe we are all just different people with unique abilities. The world needs to understand that all of us are alike. Younique Abilities dislikes using the word disabled or disability because  we don't  like to label people.  instead we should use the words unique or unique abilities or differing abilities. In the past we have used the words retarded or disabled, but in reality we are not disabled,  we are all just different people with a unique ability.  We would like the world  to understand that all of us are alike in different ways!! Check out all of our links for more information thanks
May 22, 2020
A Huge Shout out to Senator Elizabeth Warren
So I just wanted to take the time to thank Senator Elizabeth Warren because she left me a voicemail on my phone, you will get the Audio of her leaving me a Voicemail after I speak in the podcast. She had sent me an e-mail in regards to essential workers and asking if i would share my story, so I did, and she herself left me a voicemail on my phone. Sen Warren has unveiled the Essential Workers Bill of Rights: thanks for listening to the Adam Farris Podcast if you would like to support this podcast please  visit I am an inspirational speaker, an advocate, and a entrepreneur.  Thanks again. Visit my Website: Visit All of My Links:
April 30, 2020
Next Level Thinking Ft Adam Farris
What's up, everyone!  Today we have a treat for you and a hero in the community with Younique Abilities! His name is Adam Farris. His story will encourage you and others to never be afraid to be yourself and chase your goals.  Adam's great spirit will definitely encourage you to take it to the next level in your life as he brings his business to great success and speaks to others to encourage. Great message for all friends and family.   His Business Website:  His inspirational Speaking Website:
April 11, 2020
next level thinking ft Younique Abilities
What's up Everyone, I have something Special in store for you, My interview with Chris Holmes from soul productions Today we have Adam Farris to talk about Younique Abilities and the business! He will encourage you to take on the mountains and give you the strength to rise above all. Adam battles with Tourette Syndrome, but that's what makes him Younique! Listen to his inspirational story and business they will push you to go beyond expectations and take it to the next level! You Can Also watch the video here:
March 26, 2020
The top five benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities
what are the top five benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities? What do you think they are well have a listen and hear what my opinions are. Thanks and have a nice day with your Host Adam Farris please don't forget to subscribe share and support my podcast thank you very much. learn more about the top five benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities at my link below
March 16, 2020
The Importance of Customer Service By Adam Farris
Adam Farris here, please listen in to my podcast on the The Importance of Customer: which you can also find at the link below: thanks and have a nice day.  Customer service is the key to owning, operating and maintaining a business . If you don't have good customer service, you won't have jobs and you won't have businesses to give you jobs. Think about it. If each employee took 15 seconds or 30 seconds to talk to a customer and say “Hi how are you today?” “How is your day going?” “I hope you having a great day” and “Enjoy the rest of your week”, To every 5 to 10 customer's think about how that would make them feel! I know it would make me feel really great, and I am the Customer a lot of times.
March 3, 2020
Younique Abilities a Company Built on Friendship
Adam Farris is the Founder and President of Younique Abilities, a company that sells Autism gifts And Awesomeness merchandise like jewelry and keychains and so Much more. manufactured by people with disabilities. Adam is on the autism spectrum and has Tourette syndrome but he sees himself and his partners as "Younique" and in possession of great talents. One of Younique Abilities hopes and dreams one day is to open a storefront and hire individuals with unique abilities and let them spread their wings and fly. Learn more about Adam and Younique Abilities at And
March 1, 2020
Bullying is NOT okay with your Host Adam Farris
Hey there everyone it's your Host Adam Farris! a Very Happy Monday to everyone, We are taking about anti bullying and the non profit 501c3 organization called I'm Bully Free enjoy the show, remember to subscribe, like, support and share my podcast thanks
February 24, 2020
Just talking and Chatting with your Host Adam Farris
Hey there Adam Farris  Back again, Just here talking about some different interesting information stay tuned, you don't want to miss this episode.
February 22, 2020
Adam Farris 1'st Episode
Welcome to the My 1'st Podcast my name is Adam Farris your Host. I am an speaker, advocate, and entrepreneur thanks for listening in. Like i said, I am an inspirational speaker and advocate and Founder of a small Business called Younique Abilities.  Thanks and have a great day.
February 22, 2020