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Future Driven Podcast

Future Driven Podcast

By Adam Kopp
Future Driven Podcast is brought to you by Adam Kopp, CEO of Madak, a strategic marketing agency that focuses on brand development and storytelling. Every episode, Adam talks with entrepreneurs and industry professionals about the challenges and successes that drive their vision.
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Future Driven - Episode 26: Ethan Bull
Welcome to episode 26 of Future Driven! This week, Adam spoke with Ethan Bull, who co-founded with his wife Stephanie. Through, Ethan and his wife aim to unite companies with his quality remote executive assistants, all of whom are thoroughly trained and equipped with the skills they need to thrive as exceptional assistants. Ethan grew up working at his father’s restaurant. He started as a busboy and eventually advanced to assistant manager. In every position, he quickly learned just how far quality hospitality can take a business. When it came time to train assistants himself, Ethan realized that certain qualities simply distinguish some assistants from the rest. Perhaps most notably: the difference between simply providing a service and going above and beyond with hospitality in mind.
September 28, 2021
Future Driven - Episode 25: Mark Davis
Welcome to episode 25 of Future Driven! This week, Adam spoke with Mark Davis, founder of Hero Creative. Mark’s creative agency provides top-tier services to its clients and contributes to philanthropic causes such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation. After high school, Mark followed his passion for aviation sports such as paragliding, base jumping, and skydiving. He taught and competed in this space for about a decade, and then began working in a corporate marketing and sales organization and moved up quickly. Some years later, he had a revelation about his life and his purpose and quit his job to begin Hero Creative and do philanthropic work. Mark’s creative agency now works closely with clients to build websites, create logos and brand identities, shoot commercials, guide start-ups, and much more.
September 14, 2021
Future Driven - Episode 24: Matt Frary
Welcome to episode 24 of Future Driven! This week, Adam spoke with Matt Frary from Chief of Chaos. Over the course of his 22 years of experience with affiliate and influencer marketing, Matt has founded 6 successful digital performance marketing and technology companies. In addition to Matt’s lengthy and impressive career history, he also completed financing and marketing degrees through the famous Thunderbird international MBA program in Arizona. He now acts as a consultant and a mentor for entrepreneurs and helps others innovate and improve their business strategies.
August 31, 2021
Future Driven - Episode 23: Dan Ashburn
Welcome to episode 23 of Future Driven! This week, Adam spoke with Dan Ashburn, co-founder of Titan Network. Dan has a knack for all things internet- and tech-related and is dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs succeed in eCommerce with his company Titan Network. In his youth, Dan often occupied his free time with building websites and dabbling in other internet- and tech-based pastimes and side projects. After serving in the military for about 5 years, he decided to follow his passions and started his own agency. Eventually, he began feeling bogged down with the work, and jumped at the opportunity to get more involved with eCommerce. Dan now has a very successful eCommerce setup through Amazon and also helps run his company Titan Network. Future Driven is hosted by Adam Kopp, CEO of the strategic marketing agency, Madak. In each episode, Adam talks to different industry leaders, discussing their careers, leadership styles, and goals for the future.
August 10, 2021
Future Driven - Episode 22: Jason Wilmot
Welcome to episode 22 of Future Driven! This week, Adam spoke with Jason Wilmot, Head of Education at Canva. Jason believes everyone can be a designer and has a passion for making the world a better place through his work with educators and students. Despite his past operational roles and his degree in supply chain management, Jason found himself focused on education for the majority of his career. In his last 10 years at Microsoft, Jason worked mostly in education and did everything from writing education contracts and building education platforms to leading education teams in various endeavors. Meant to be a tailored solution for classrooms, Canva for Education was launched in 2020 shortly before Jason joined the Canva team.
July 27, 2021
Future Driven - Episode 21: Kerry Carter
 Welcome to episode 21 of Future Driven! This week, Adam spoke with Kerry Carter, a former NFL and CFL player who is currently Chief Operating Officer at Atavus. Kerry uses his years of experience on and off the field to help coaches and players learn how to make tackling safer and more effective. After moving on from Stanford in 2003, Kerry played for the Seattle Seahawks for three years until being picked up by the Washington Football Team (formerly known as the Washington Redskins). Eventually, Kerry was drafted by the Montreal Alouettes and finished out his football career with them in 2011. After transitioning into the world of business with his ventures, JumpIt Media and Apex Agency, Kerry joined Atavus, a tackling analytics company.
June 29, 2021
Future Driven - Episode 20: Joey Gilkey
Welcome to episode 20 of Future Driven! This week, Adam spoke with Joey Gilkey, founder of Sales Driven Agency. Joey is committed to using his valuable career experiences to help other agencies build successful sales operations. After working for nonprofit organizations, Joey joined the corporate world and gained a wealth of helpful sales operations knowledge. He then changed courses and began working with two small businesses as the Vice President of Sales before making the decision to work solely for himself. Joey first built an outsourced sales agency called Tribe that he has since sold, and then founded his current consulting firm, Sales Driven Agency. Now with his own podcast and several other endeavors, he is focused on growing his business while helping others grow theirs.
June 14, 2021
Future Driven - Episode 19: Lynn Whitbeck
Welcome to episode 19 of Future Driven! This week, Adam spoke with Lynn Whitbeck, Founder and CEO of Petite2Queen and Future Forward Sales. Lynn is committed to providing sales and leadership training to small and midsize businesses. With a background in B2B sales, Lynn excelled in her field after graduate school. She followed her passion for sales and has experience as a high-achieving executive and as the CEO of two different startups, supplying her with an abundance of operations and production knowledge. Lynn launched Petite2Queen in 2016 to encourage women to pursue careers in sales and leadership and to provide strategic development programs for small to midsize businesses.
May 17, 2021
Future Driven - Episode 18: Greg Hickman
Welcome to episode 18 of Future Driven! This week, Adam talked with Greg Hickman, owner and founder of AltAgency, a business that helps agencies and individuals grow their businesses without sacrificing every ounce of their time and effort. Greg has worked for several media agencies throughout his career and has experience with companies of all sizes, including Pepsi and Unilever. In 2012, he started his own podcast and shortly after began his own side business that offered courses on mobile marketing and consultation services. After realizing that his passions lay outside of the corporate sphere, Greg quit his job and became entirely self-employed in 2014.
May 11, 2021
Future Driven - Episode 17: Marla Williams
Welcome to episode 17 of Future Driven! This week, Adam spoke to Marla Williams, a successful life, career, and business coach, radio host, and author with an impressive background in strategy and HR. Marla became an HR manager 6 months out of college and later founded the HR department for the startup company Genie Industries, which was recently acquired by a Fortune 500 company. She has been consulting and coaching under her own brand for more than a decade and recently released The Being Zone, a book about dealing with stress and avoiding burnout both as the head of a business and as an individual.
May 4, 2021
Future Driven - Episode 16: Dallen Stanford
Welcome to episode 16 of Future Driven! This week, Adam talked to Dallen Stanford, former USA Eagle and current commentator for both MLR (Major League Rugby) and World Rugby. With experience playing, teaching, marketing, and commentating, Dallen is a jack of all trades within the world of rugby. After moving to the United States from South Africa and playing for a Division 2 club team, Dallen became an Eagle and appeared at his first tournament in 2007. After retiring from the field, he became a media manager for several years and got his first shot in the commentator’s booth at Infinity Park at Glendale in Colorado, eventually becoming a commentator for World Rugby in 2015.
April 27, 2021
Future Driven - Episode 15: Ed Cinefro
Welcome to episode 15 of Future Driven! This week, Adam spoke to Ed Cinefro, Adam’s former coworker at RPM Advertising and the current Vice President of Service Delivery at Access Marketing Company in Colorado. Today, Ed does a lot of work involving clients in the IT, telecommunications, and healthcare IT space, though he has experience in several different kinds of marketing and advertising. In this episode, Ed offers great insight into the roles that one can take on in this career and emphasizes the importance of providing people with the tools they need to do their job effectively.
April 20, 2021
Future Driven - Episode 14: Matt Cornelison
Welcome to episode 14 of Future Driven! This week, Adam spoke with Matt Cornelison, a video producer with vision. As the founder of FUNGI media, Matt works on making videos that “people actually want to watch,” to quote him directly. After studying film, Matt started out his career in Chicago shooting weddings, law depositions, sports, or anything he could reasonably cover as a freelancer. He got hired at a small marketing company and his video production skills spoke for themselves. After several years of experience managing a team, being a creative director, and producing videos, he decided it was time to start his own business — FUNGI media.
April 13, 2021
Future Driven - Episode 13: Russ Perry
Welcome to episode 13 of Future Driven! This week Adam talked with Russ Perry, CEO of Design Pickle, the #1 creative services platform in the world that offers flat rate ways to get graphic design every single day. From his first business at age eight convincing adults to pay him to read to them, Russ has been creative and business driven. Unable to find people with design talent in an easy, accessible way for his business, Russ launched Design Pickle which has expanded to 13 countries, 4,000 clients, and 700 team members since 2015. From personal coach to successful CEO, Russ is an innovator. In this episode, Russ offers insight into the importance of innovation, creativity, and personal investment as the cornerstones of successful business.
April 6, 2021
Future Driven - Episode 12: Travis Huisman
Welcome to episode 12 of Future Driven! This week, Adam talked to Travis Huisman, a ‘recovering accountant’ who started a unique bookkeeping business. With experience working at an agency, leading an existing company, and creating his own business, Travis’ leadership style combines multiple perspectives for maximum effectiveness. Starting as an accountant working at a traditional accounting firm, Travis received an offer to become a CFO and lead a company through its upcoming transition. After the transition, Travis decided to build his own bookkeeping business. Flexure’s focus is on comprehensive support for entrepreneurs, not just accounting services.
March 23, 2021
Strategic Thinking and Creative Solutions
Marketing requires a particular skill set to navigate through a brand successfully. You have to think through problems, big or small, and find solutions that match your client’s resources and requirements. Working with a variety of clients throughout my career, I’m very familiar with strategic thinking and creative solutions. I know how to find solutions to problems that my clients might not even realize they have. A lot of marketing and business-related issues can be challenging to solve, and often clients need an outsider’s help. Companies like Madak come in, evaluate the problem, develop strategies to address it, and implement long-term solutions.
March 15, 2021
Future Driven - Episode 11: Charles Leichtweis
Welcome back to the Future Driven Podcast! This week, Adam spoke with Charles Leichtweis, an old family friend, published author, and business veteran. With Charles’ years of experience as a leader in business, he’s able to provide us with tips for leadership and success. Like in his book, ‘The Power of Respect in Business’, Charles offers insight into the relationship side of business and how to navigate that successfully. His experiences in different leadership positions and industries gave him the knowledge and skills he has today. Now, Charles helps run the company he founded, Experts in How, and continues to use the lessons he learned earlier in his career.
March 2, 2021
Future Driven - Episode 10: Patrice Poltzer
Welcome to episode 10 of Future Driven! This week, Adam spoke to Patrice Poltzer, a media professional who went from selling books door-to-door to running her own content creation company. As someone who started her career in her late twenties, Patrice knows how important it is to have a strong work ethic and a willingness to learn. Patrice tells us about how she went from career to career and how mistakes can sometimes lead to success. With previous jobs at CNN, Bloomberg, and the Today Show, Patrice learned everything she could about media and content creation before deciding to start her own company.
February 22, 2021
Future Driven - Episode 09: Jesse Cole
Welcome to episode 9 of Future Driven! This week, Adam spoke with Jesse Cole, founder of the Savannah Bananas. Jesse and the Bananas have reimagined baseball, placing entertainment over the sport. Starting as a baseball player himself, Jesse then went on to manage his first team, the Gastonia Grizzlies. Jesse reinvigorated the dying team, focusing on the fans and entertainment over the sport itself. He then took his innovative ideas to a professional team in Savannah, who then became the Savannah Bananas.
February 16, 2021
Future Driven - Episode 08: Scott Kaylin
Welcome to episode eight of Future Driven! This week, Adam spoke to Scott Kaylin, a man who has had a long career full of successes and failures. From biking apparel to pickles, Scott has run companies in widely different fields. Starting out in the fashion industry, Scott originally had an incredibly successful clothing company. It went bankrupt, and Scott started a biking apparel business. After that, he moved to Vancouver and started a pickle business. Scott tells Adam all about how he got to where he is today, and why he went from apparel to pickles.
February 8, 2021
Future Driven - Episode 07: Joe McSwiney
On this week’s episode of Future Driven, Adam spoke with Joe McSwiney, a former engineer with Cascade Designs. After earning his MBA, McSwiney had nearly a decade of experience with managing and manufacturing. During his tenure with Cascade Designs, McSwiney has sported many hats, dipping his toes in sales, marketing, and I.T. After ten years of working with Cascade, McSwiney was promoted to CEO. He later went on to run his own company, NUA Holdings. McSwiney walked us through adapting to the changing workforce climate in the wake of the pandemic and the tenacity it takes to run multiple companies. He explains the importance of accountability and communication in the workplace, the value of setting long and short term goals for your business, and the realistic expectations that you can expect from your employees.
February 2, 2021
Future Driven - Episode 06: Gary Ritkes
Welcome to episode six of Future Driven! This week, Adam talked to Gary Ritkes, co-founder of SproutLoud Media Networks. As professionals in the marketing industry with different specialties, Adam and Gary explore SproutLoud’s history and effective leadership styles. SproutLoud had a banner year in 2020, powering through COVID-19 with their entire staff. Gary gives us some insight into his incredible company culture and how his business was able to achieve so much in the face of such a challenging year. As the founder and leader of a company with a long history and an empowering culture, Gary has a unique perspective on leadership.
January 25, 2021
Future Driven - Episode 05: Calvin Nellis
Welcome to the fifth episode of the Future Driven Podcast! This week, Adam spoke with Calvin Nellis, whom he worked with at Serevi Rugby. Now, Calvin is a software developer for Amazon Explore. As a developer on this brand-new digital experience, Calvin gives us some insight into how the technology was developed and his work at Amazon. He tells us about his own career and the future of this technology. Calvin also flips the script on Adam, asking him questions about Madak and his career. The Future Driven Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Adam Kopp, founder and CEO of Madak, a strategic marketing agency. In each episode, Adam welcomes a new industry professional to discuss their careers, success, and goals for the future.
January 12, 2021
Future Driven - Episode 04: Benji Travis
Welcome to the fourth episode of the Future Driven Podcast! This week, Adam welcomes Youtuber and author, Benji Travis. Benji and Adam talk about Benji’s long career on YouTube and his plans for the future.   Having been on the platform for over a decade, Benji has a unique perspective on social media and influencers. We get to hear about the lesser-known field of content creation from an inside source, and we get to know more about Benji’s strong work ethic and drive for success.   The Future Driven Podcast is hosted by Adam Kopp, CEO of the strategic marketing agency, Madak. Each week, Adam welcomes a different entrepreneur or industry professional to talk about their leadership styles, experiences, and plans for the future.
December 29, 2020
Future Driven - Episode 03: Mark Michael
Welcome to the third episode of the Future Driven podcast! This time, DevHub CEO and co-founder, Mark Michael, joined Adam to talk about his company and how he got started. Mark is an eccentric businessman that has an eye for detail and an appetite for success. Mark let us in on how DevHub began and what exactly they do. He and Adam also discuss the challenges of building a company, the importance of outstanding leadership, LinkedIn, and motivation. With a dash of personal conversation, we get some insight into Mark’s incredible drive and commitment to success.
December 14, 2020
Future Driven - Episode 02: Sam Windsor
Welcome to the second episode of Future Driven! Our guest is Sam Windsor from the Houston SaberCats, a professional rugby team. Sam talks all about his rugby career, from playing to coaching to future plans, and the lessons he’s learned along the way. His conversation offers exciting insights into the growing world of American professional rugby.
December 14, 2020
Future Driven - Episode 01: Les O'Hara
Welcome to Future Driven Podcast! This inaugural episode welcomes Les O’Hara, founder of The Contractor Huddle, to a discussion about his future goals, the secrets to playing to your strengths, and what’s more important than just being a successful businessperson.
December 14, 2020