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By Adam RANADA Ranville
Welcome to MindMuscleMastery!
Professional Speaker - Adam RANADA Ranville is presenting this platform as a way to help people lock themselves into a continuous state of personal and professional empowerment. Together, we are going to go on a journey that will implement action oriented ideas and techniques to help each person reach the apex status of their lives in multiple different areas. Thank you for tuning in and Enjoy!
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A Lifetime of Quarantine


A Lifetime of Quarantine


Support Your Local Businesses
It is a difficult time to be a business owner. It is a difficult time to be an entrepreneur. It is a difficult time all around for millions of people right now financially. Lockdowns, shutdowns and facility closures are back and they are excessive, harsh and tyrannical. Small business needs our help badly. The major corporations already have enough so please make sure to do your part and help keep communities profitable by helping keep the businesses alive. Buy local, support local, promote local! ————————————————————— Email us: ————————————————————— KARMA Jack Mid-Roll Ad: (start time 3:58) Consultation Link - —————————————————————
November 23, 2020
Pinpoint Your Platform
Which platform do I use? What is the best way to get my message seen? How can people engage with my content? We all ask these questions and then struggle finding our niche. It’s simple...use ALL platforms until you find the one that works best. At that point, triple down on your time and energy with that platform. Once you find your sweet spot, avoid spreading yourself too thin with the worry of giving 100% attention to all platforms. This is how your content begins to suffer. Find your holy grail, and lock in! ————————————————————— Email us: ————————————————————— KARMA Jack Mid-Roll Ad: (start time 5:59) Consultation Link - —————————————————————
November 16, 2020
You Are the President
It is absolutely your right to go out and vote for all Local, State, National and Presidential matters. You all deserved to have your voice heard no matter which side you stand on. BUT...when you came back home from voting, that man or that woman that you voted for...didn’t come with you. They will not follow you back and raise your kids. They will not fix your marriage. They will not buy you a house. They will not get you in shape. They will not grow your business...YOU WILL!!! Please remember that the vast majority of power and control pertaining to your life is in YOUR hands, not theirs. No matter which candidate/party wins in any election, you still own your life and you are still the President of it! ————————————————————— Email us: ————————————————————— KARMA Jack Mid-Roll Ad: (start time 4:56) Consultation Link - —————————————————————
November 9, 2020
Clear All of Your Blocks
If you have awakened, it’s time to become activated or else you must own full responsibility for being able to see truth from lies and choosing to do nothing. We are aware that school, media, food, money and traditional medicine have been manufactured against us. Well over 50% of living human beings understand this now. However, those entities have left scars and manipulative programming still lingers in our minds, bodies and spirits. We are left with “blocks” that prevent us from properly emoting, thinking, healing and attracting. The way forward into activation is by first removing the blocks that have been placed into our lives. They exist within everyone. Some are much more profound than others and take longer to remove. Start by repeating & visualizing this phrase daily: “I release all blocks placed upon me.” ————————————————————— Email us: —————————————————————
November 2, 2020
Information Overload
When is enough finally enough? When does the information that we receive on a minute by minute basis begin to severely harm us? The answer is right now. In this current moment we simply have too much. We have too much manipulation, too much fear, too much mind control and too much propaganda circulating through our media outlets. Because of this, emotional thinking has become the primary form of thought. Accurate thinking has vanished in many different ways....We are stuck in a game. The game is rigged. There is no way to win a game that was designed for us to lose. The only way to regain control, is to stop playing. ————————————————————— Email us: ————————————————————— Webinar Pre-Roll Ad: (start time 0:32) Registration Link - —————————————————————
October 26, 2020
The First 90 Minutes
How do you start out your day? If it begins with the consumption of the news, then you are creating the release of adrenaline and cortisol which immediately stimulates a "fight or flight" response within your thoughts. You will instantly become distracted and lose focus on what you want to get accomplished and also lose focus on what you need to get accomplished. If what you are putting into your body/mind is not a nutrient, then it's a toxin and the most important time of the day to consume nutrients is within the first 90 minutes. This time window will set the tone for your entire day. It will determine how you emotionally, mentally and physically respond to external stimulus. The best possible form of mental nutrients, is within your own thoughts and your own internal dialogue. It must remain uninterrupted! Starting today, allow the first 90 minutes to be free of television, social media and radio content. Replace that void with silence, visualization, and gratitude. ————————————————————— Email us: ————————————————————— Webinar Pre-Roll Ad: (start time 0:32) Registration Link - —————————————————————
October 19, 2020
Visibility is Currency
Share more content....The social media, podcasting and emails apps that we use on a daily basis have incredible power. They have the ability to connect us with people that we would never see or talk to in real life. That’s extremely important right now with everyone being kept at a distance. So use the tools that are available and most importantly these tools are FREE! You have a story. It’s unique no matter what you think. Share it with people because someone is guaranteed to connect with it. Video. Photo. Written Text. Audio Recording. You can use all 4 or whichever works best. There’s an option for everyone. If you don’t like how you come across on video, then share photos. If you think you look bad in photos, write long form text posts. If you’re bad at writing, record yourself on audio. There is absolutely no excuse anymore! The ONLY mistake is to remain hidden and keep your talents, skills and story a secret from others that could benefit. ————————————————————— Email us: ————————————————————— Webinar Pre-Roll Ad: (start time 0:32) Registration Link - —————————————————————
October 12, 2020
A Lifetime of Quarantine
Human to human connection is needed now more than ever. We have been living in “quarantine” and staying “6ft apart” long before Covid came along. If you’re winning, help someone else win. If you’re happy, help someone else be happy. If you’re running a successful business, help someone else run one as well. If you have a successful marriage, help someone else realize the beauty that marriage has to offer. If you have a healthy, solid someone else get the same physical benefits that you have. Remember this: there is no better emotional feeling than helping another human that you know could never repay you. ————————————————————— Email us: ————————————————————— Webinar Pre-Roll Ad: (start time 0:32) Registration Link - —————————————————————
October 5, 2020
Accidental Incantations
The practice of incantations is used to create powerful momentum in our life by helping us boost our self-esteem through repetitive positive chants. “I AM LOVED!” “I AM HAPPY!” “I AM HEALTHY!” “I AM WEALTHY!” Unfortunately, this extremely powerful technique happens in reverse way too much. We chant out loud everything we don’t want or don’t like and have no understanding of what is accidentally being manifested into our life and becoming permanent. “I am diabetic.” “I am failing in my marriage.” “I am unable to run a business.” “I am not good enough for what I want.” When you use the phrase I AM, it instantly creates ownership of whatever comes next. Be extremely careful what follows after the phrase I AM, because do you want to own your sickness, divorce, bankruptcy and loneliness? ————————————————————— Email us: ————————————————————— Webinar Pre-Roll Ad: (start time 0:32) Registration Link - —————————————————————
September 28, 2020
Real Life Monopoly
Sit with this concept for a few minutes...hundreds of millions, even billions of people each year are playing a real life game of Monopoly every single day. They wake up, roll the dice, take their respective turn and slowly walk around the board. Here's where the issues is. Millions of people are doing this daily action in robotic format and waiting for their turn to collect their $200 after passing go and NEVER take an opportunity to enhance their circumstances. It's the safe option. Getting $200 each week as they "Pass Go" on Friday is a WAY better choice than taking any type of calculated risk and doing something different. Then one day massive tragedy strikes and that "safe money" vanishes almost in an instant. This is the unfortunate reality for many people across this country and planet. You are a human being ONCE! Honor your human experience by exploring and saying YES to each opportunity that comes your way no matter how small it is. You are promised NOTHING. You are owed NOTHING. You are guaranteed NOTHING. You were put here for doing WAY more than paying bills, developing a credit score, saving for retirement and then dying. You deserve to have more in life than the "safe option" because this pandemic among many things, has showed us that there is no such thing as a safe option anymore. So take the same exact risk and go ALL IN on what you love most! ————————————————————— Email us: ————————————————————— Webinar Pre-Roll Ad: (start time 0:32) Registration Link - —————————————————————
September 21, 2020
Always Be Humane
Open your soul and welcome in this idea. The person in front of you taking an extra 38 seconds to look through their bag for some loose cash or change to pay for their groceries is battling cancer and is making life decisions while handing the cashier money...but you don’t care because they are taking too long. The person that just answered your customer service phone call buried their mother 4 days ago and has returned to an extremely challenging job only to be assaulted by your violent words...but you don’t care because your credit card has a small late fee. The person that serves you at a restaurant got fired due to your aggressive complaint to the manager because they brought your meal out 12 minutes later than you expected, has been contemplating suicide for 3 weeks because they get physically beaten by their parents every single night...but you don’t care because you are a paying customer and you’re hungry. Each human being on this planet has a war they are fighting in private. The last thing they need in their life is to go round 2 with you. ALWAYS be humane and show love. ————————————————————— Email us: ————————————————————— Webinar Pre-Roll Ad: (start time 0:32) Registration Link - —————————————————————
September 14, 2020
It’s Just a Tool
Social media is a tool that is here to HELP you. It is NOT your job! It is NOT your occupation! It is simply a tool. STOP making this fun experience a work task. It takes the joy and freedom away. When you say “I have to post online today” you are subconsciously saying “I don’t want to post online but I will anyway out of force.” This is NOT how you should be using a free/fun service because once this becomes your mindset, almost all creative expression vanishes. If you built houses for a living, then you are a builder. You have a hammer as a tool to help build the house. Your job is not the hammer, your job is building. This same mindset applies to social media. It is simply here to help you build yourself/company. Take your fun back and stop viewing the internet as a 9-5 job! ————————————————————— Email us: ————————————————————— Webinar Pre-Roll Ad: (start time 0:32) Registration Link - —————————————————————
September 7, 2020
Gratitude is Magnetic
This world is filled with fear, anger, tension, sadness and uncertainty. Unfortunately, we do not have many resources to combat these negative emotions. So on a daily basis our conscious and subconscious minds are being polluted which in turn hurts our physical body. It is finally time to break this repetitive loop. The answer is Gratitude. This extremely power emotion and mindset is magnetic. When gratitude is openly expressed and sent out into the universe, it activates a specific frequency which eventually reverberates back to it’s source. When it comes back, it will bring with it many reasons to continue being grateful. This is how momentum is created. This is how fear is detoxed. This is how consciousnesses is risen. Start being grateful before your blessings disappear. ———————————————————— Email us: ———————————————————— Podcorn Pre-Roll Ad: (start time 0:32) Promotional Link - ———————————————————— LGC Mid-Roll Ad: (start time 13:09) Discount Code: MUSCLE30 Promotional Link:
August 24, 2020
Stop Watching the News
Right now we are all on edge. We are all scared, angry, anxious, nervous and confused. Every minute of every hour we are seeing and hearing breaking news alerts that cause an instant spike in our heart rates. We are living in a state of fight or flight response 24 hours per day. It has become too much. It has become overwhelming. Simply put, the world has become too loud and it’s time to finally say “enough!” What we can’t do is give up. What we can’t do is hide. What we can’t do is give in to fear. That’s when we hand over our power and lose complete control. Instead, we can detox our mind and emotions by turning off every single news outlet. It is poison for our thoughts. It is a slow drip feed of anthrax for our conscious and subconscious minds...Starting today you should make a direct effort to refrain from all news sources for 30 days and allow your body/mind to come out of shock. ———————————————— Email us: ———————————————— LGC Mid-Roll Ad: (start time 8:29) Discount Code: MUSCLE30 Promotional Link:
August 17, 2020
Skills Pay Your Bills
Taking back control of your financial life isn’t as hard as people make it look. There are numerous options on the table offering many different solutions to make this a reality. You can invest in the stock market, invest in IRA options, or invest in real estate. You could get a second job, put in for overtime hours at your current job or even ask for a raise...just to name a few choices. Most of these are extremely difficult and time consuming to the point you begin to trade quality of life for extra cash. Not an option that any human being should choose. OR, you can offer your expertise in a particular area that you have years of experience with. You can offer your skillset to people that want to learn and that value education because they know it will lead to an increase in their yearly earnings. If you have mastered something, people will sit and listen because they want that same level of success. This puts the power of control back in your hands because you get to create everything from the ground up. You make the content, you make the schedule, you choose the companies, you set the price...This is an extremely impactful episode that is guaranteed to help so make sure to take notes as you listen. ——————————————— Email us: ——————————————— LGC Mid-Roll Ad: (start time 10:47) Discount Code: MUSCLE30 Promotional Link:
August 10, 2020
The Power of Privacy
Privacy is power. What people don’t know they can’t ruin. There is an extremely low amount of supportive people in any given persons life. This is massively unfortunate but it’s also deadly accurate. To add to this truth, we also have an obsession with validation and affirmation. Combining both of these realities together creates a highly toxic combination. Each time your brain allows you to be creative and your soul pushes you to move forward with that new idea...please keep it a secret. The closest people in your life will meet that new idea with resistance. There are 2 reasons for this. First reason: they are terrified you will fail and don’t want you getting hurt so they will talk you off the ledge. Second reason: they used to want exactly what you want now and they didn’t get it, so you aren’t allowed to have it solely out of jealousy. This is why your top 10 most precious/important goals must be kept in silence so you can protect that growing ambition. We need impactful services, products and companies now more than ever. So each major life decision must be guarded with a life and death mentality so outsiders can’t destroy it before you even begin to build. ———————————— Email us: ———————————— LGC Mid-Roll Ad: (start time 9:12) Discount Code: MUSCLE30 Promotional Link:
August 3, 2020
Permission to Walk Away
Directly in front of us is a health pandemic on global proportions. We are all aware of what is going on collectively when it comes to that. Unfortunately, there is also a shadow pandemic happening behind the scenes that people aren’t as aware of. Domestic Violence and Domestic Abuse cases have absolutely skyrocketed over the past 5 months. These cases have escalated approximately 20% beyond the normal amount in less than half a year. This is a major catastrophe that hasn’t been properly addressed by mainstream media. People do not have an escape. People aren’t going to work, school or the gym. There is no private time right now. So, the responsibility falls back on us to step in from the outside and help free these people from their living hells. No matter what you have to offer, help is always appreciated at any level when a person is in true need. Email us:
July 27, 2020
The Great Reset
Throughout human history we have seen many pandemics, recessions, depressions and wars. Those were always dark times. After those life altering moments in history, we always experienced a reset in some form or capacity. Those became prosperous times. Right now we are in that same position. A great reset is happening in all industries planet wide. Unfortunately, many people are viewing this moment in history with a “glass half empty” mindset and not taking the necessary time to realize the massive opportunity in front of us. Millions of jobs have been eliminated. Hundreds of industries have been dissolved. Massive changes are happening in the professional world. This means the road is wide open. There is less resistance. The ability to create has exponentially expanded AND most importantly the chances of creating massive success in a new industry are at an all time high. This is NOT the end of the world. It’s the birth of a new one. What will you bring to the table? Email us:
July 20, 2020
It’s Halftime in 2020
2020 is NOT a lost year! 2020 is NOT a huge failure! 2020 is NOT a negative blip on the radar! This is the moment in time that human beings have needed for thousands of years. A global reset on almost EVERYTHING all at once. This was a vacation from robotic mundane routines we allowed ourselves to be placed in. If you were failing in marriage or parenthood, you were sent home to get the most important aspects corrected because you were given the necessary time to do so. If you were absolutely miserable to your core at work, you were let go for a reason. Now you have the blessing of creating a business that caters to your true passion OR the necessary time to find a company offering a much improved work experience. If you were begging and praying for a break and a chance to just “sit for a minute” so your body could heal properly, you were granted that wish. This year was NECESSARY on all levels both personally and professionally. DO NOT waste this reset. All the evil conspiracies set aside, all the deaths set aside...there is beauty in what we are experiencing. We are all apart of the biggest cutting edge restructuring known to mankind. No matter how you view it, this year is still part of the human experience. So be grateful! Email us:
July 13, 2020
Adaptation or Death
Put your energy into making a brand new path instead of complaining about the one you can’t travel on anymore... Currently across this country there are almost 42 million human beings that have filed for unemployment due to industry shutdowns from Covid19. Unfortunately this number will continue to rise even when we get the “all clear” to go back to work because many industries have officially died and so have the jobs within them. There is no new stimulus check coming as of now and the additional Covid unemployment relief is set to end on July 31st. Terrifying future for millions of us. BUT...there are 2 options I want to share that will HELP supplement income levels if you are adaptive and innovative. 1. CoWorking - millions of people now have no office or space to work/create. People will flock to these facilities due to low rent and no overhead. Attach to them and create a commission agreement per person you recruit that signs up. 2. Home Offices/Gyms - painting, dry wall, lighting, telecom, furniture, appliance installation & functionality upgrades can all be professional services offered to millions as they make the transition to “work from home.” These are 2 powerful cash grabs for the hustlers and the grinders that will NEED income soon and aren’t scared to WORK! Email us:
July 4, 2020
Take a Mental Vacation
There is only so much News, Netflix and Negativity that can be consumed in a day before you begin to go backwards and breakdown. Right now, we have been put into a situation where all routines, habits and rhythms in life have come to a complete stand still. The world has paused. Right now, new habits, routines and rhythms are forming at light speed in your own life and it’s probably not even being recognized. Physical activity is slowing down. The healthy diet is slowly disappearing. Normal sleeping patterns have broken. Alcohol consumption has drastically risen. General laziness has become accepted. The worst statistic of all: Over 4K more suicides than “normal” have been reported just in the United States alone for the month of March. If you don’t command the immediate control of your brain, body and will form a deadly hypnotic rhythm that will become almost impossible to break once this crisis has ended. Read books and listen to podcasts so you can promote accurate thinking...stop adding insult to injury!
April 6, 2020
New Earth Awakening
Trials and tribulations are going to happen to every human being from every walk of life. It’s a natural part of the game when we sign up to play. There are 2 specific ways to look at those issues. The first way: “This is happening to me.” The second way: “This is happening for me.” It’s simply a matter of perspective for almost all situations. Right now, in the middle of complete chaos, what if....something is happening for us? What if, there is a much deeper reasoning for the drastic changes happening to us on a daily basis. Could this virus be the opportunity for a heightened state of consciousness? Is it possible that the currency model we have been using is no longer fit to serve the greater good? What if change has been demanded of us for years and this is the moment it all happens at once. Are we entering New Earth? Please emails us with any questions, concerns, feedback or just general conversation -
March 30, 2020
7 Day Tactical To-Do List
Mindfulness is a daily practice that gets forgotten way too often. Being mindful of our body, emotions, diet, brain, spirit and environment becomes a 2nd or 3rd place task because the hustle & grind of making money is put first. What happens when money can’t be made? What happens when work closes? What happens when the bars and restaurants shut down? What happens when concerts, churches, sports and social gatherings are forbidden? We become isolated and left with OURSELF. We are forced to now come face to face with multiple areas of life that have been wrongfully neglected. It’s time to finally place the required amount of energy and attention on our wellbeing so we can ascend as a species. Creating powerful daily routines that have pinpoint specific actions in them, helps us build momentum. It helps us realign and recenter our most valuable priorities. This is a week long tactical practice that should become a daily practice. Grant yourself the permission to go all in! Email us at:
March 23, 2020
Quit Spreading the Virus
Fear is a virus. It is currently being spread through every layer of media at light-speed. Fear weakens our mind, body and immune system. We are currently in the middle of panic and chaos. Each and every time negativity is promoted by one of us, it adds gas to the manufactured fire. This is now the time to promote love, light and positivity to each and every person we come in contact with. We must treat people as humans and not paychecks. We must act humanely and not transactionally. This is not the time for selling products/services and capitalizing on a weakened state of mind. Everyone is scared. We are all equals and in this together. So as a single unit let’s continuously raise each other up and get through this storm. We will all be healthy again. Normal life will resume soon!
March 17, 2020
Success Wears Many Hats
Getting married. Having children. Owning a home. Creating a business. Having a million dollars in the bank. Being a pro athlete. These are all examples of success. BUT they are NOT the only versions of success. We have allowed our conscious minds to be limited and in turn, this has blinded us to what a “win” or a “victory” is. We succeed everyday in all actions and in all forms of life. It is critical to learn how to build on these wins and build on these successes so we can create a powerful wave of momentum. An action as simple as buying coffee for the stranger standing behind you in line is a form of success. You owe it to yourself to start celebrating these types of wins!
February 17, 2020
Non-Verbals Speak Loudest
Body language accounts for 55% of the entire communication spectrum. Your non-verbals will relay a much more powerful message than your words ever could. It is critical to become aware of the physical positioning of your body in a professional setting. This will activate a powerful sensor in the clients mind that either instills comfort or unease. Knowing when to get close or when to back off, when to lean or when to sit up straight, when to cross your arms or when to open up your stance. These small details will add up to a large detail which will either make or break the connection. What is your body language saying about you?
February 10, 2020
Justifying Bad Decisions
You are smart. You have knowledge. You have the answers. You have the ability & power to make the necessary changes in your life. The unfortunate issue, is that we ignore the most intelligent person on the planet...which is ourself. The answer to our problems hides in our unnecessary justifications of bad situations. If you need to justify why you are still trying with a friend that is never there for you. If you need to justify why you are still in an abusive relationship. If you need to justify why you’re still working a low paying, dead end job...that is your higher self telling you THIS IS BAD!
February 3, 2020
It’s How You Said It
Tonality accounts for 38% of all communication. The tone of your voice carries far more weight and emphasis than the words being used. There are 3 critical layers of tonality to focus on. Pitch, Volume, Pace. The unfortunate truth is that the majority of people focus on what they are saying and not how they are saying it. As many times as possible in a conversation, you need to match the energy of the other person’s tone so you can land on equal wavelengths. This will begin to create harmony with the other person, ultimately helping them make the decision to choose you over the competition.
January 27, 2020
The Source of Decision Making
Each person has their own unique motivating factors for how and why they make decisions. Knowing how each person is motivated is the gateway to authentic connection. Some people move towards what they do want. Some people move away from what they don’t want. At a deeper level, that decision comes from either the internal or the external influence. It is your responsibility as the sales professional to understand the difference and to figure out how each person is wired. It all starts with one question: “What is most important about your.....”
January 20, 2020
Monetizing Your Childhood
Your childhood was once a carefree, fun and imaginative place. You did what you wanted, when you wanted. Along the way, you discovered that you were good at something so you began to do it daily. You got better as time went on. As you grew so did your passion and skillset for this particular thing. It was what you wanted to be “when you grew up.” Then one day it stopped. You walked away from what made you complete. You stopped doing what made you happy. You let your passion die. Now you work for a living. You make money just to survive. You became a robot and that little kid is long gone. But...what if you could bring it all back? This time around, you could even monetize it and begin doing it daily just like when you were a happy little kid.
January 13, 2020
Love & Business
If you have ever been told that Love & Business don’t mix, you have been lied to. There are 2 extremely important reasons why they DO mix. 1. The Love you have for a person and their well being is the most powerful source of fuel for success at any level. When a person depends on you to deliver, you will naturally elevate about 100% effort. 2. You built your love day by day. The same way you built your relationship is exactly how you must build your business. It is a day by day process. Love will fuel Business and when Business is going well, it will help fuel Love in return.
January 6, 2020
Creating Immediate Daily Momentum
Goal setting is a necessity for success at any level. It must be done in a concentrated way to create the required momentum needed to reach the end result. The issue is that most people aren’t setting goals in the proper way. They are only focusing on the macro instead of the many mircos needed to reach their goal. In this episode we will talk about a tried and proven technique that will help to create daily momentum by setting up 3 checkpoint goals in every 24 hour time window. Take notes and enjoy!
December 30, 2019
Speak the Same Sales Language
It is of crucial importance to be on the identical wavelength as the person you are talking to. In order to do that, you must be aware of how they are naturally wired and what motivates them to make a decision. The subconscious mind is where decisions are made. In order to help the subconscious mind become activated, there are areas on the human body that assist in this process. Those areas are our physical senses. You must learn which sense is dominate in each individual person and then custom taylor your information to fit in that natural direction.
December 23, 2019
Heat Stroke
Having a major injury, disease or death is always going to be a setback in life. There is no way to fix the tragedy that just happened. Instead the focus needs to be on how the recovery process goes. Are you giving your grief fair attention? That is in fact part of the healing process. Also, are you spending more time than necessary dealing with the tragedy instead of finding a recovery method? This adds insult to injury. You will make it through will get to go home.
December 16, 2019
The Importance of Proper Word Choices
When you speak to someone, it is vitally important that you do not sabotage the relationship by using damaging words or phrases. Words account for only 7% during a conversation, however that 7% carries a massive amount of weight. Watch what you say closely!
December 5, 2019
Count Your Daily Wins
In this episode we discuss a specific method for creating a continuous mindset of gratitude during your day to day life. That process happens simply by counting the wins that you receive each and every day.
December 3, 2019
Developing the Correct Internal Perspective
This episode is designed to help a shift in thought begin to happen. We need to establish the practice of positive internal perspective so the people that we meet can pick up that energy and want to connect with us.
July 19, 2019
Taking Back the Controls
You are in complete control of every single aspect in your life. The problem is that you have developed an “acceptance” mindset and fallen victim to Hypnotic Rhythm. It is now your time to shatter these bad practices and begin to generate a quality life!
July 13, 2019
Establishing the Brain to Body Connection
In this episode we begin to establish the fundamental knowledge around the brain to body connection. I share a powerful personal story to connect all listeners to the material.
July 12, 2019
Our Formal Introduction
Welcome to MindMuscleMastery. Thank you for your time & listenership! Jump right in. Play an episode, laugh, learn and grant yourself the permission to grow! Make sure to share each episode with a family member or friend that can benefit.
July 11, 2019