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Masculine Mindset Show

Masculine Mindset Show

By adam
We live in a society that tells us masculinity is wrong and being a man is WRONG! This podcast is created to bring men together and develop a strong masculine frame where we can dominate our path in life, follow our purpose in fitness, be bold with what we want with women in dating, and ultimately become the most badass version of ourselves.
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How To Comfortably Talk About Sex With Your Partner
In today's world, sexual deviance is very real. Too many people are uncomfortable talking about sex with their partners. Or even if you don't have a partner, you still want to attract women (and society wants us to be shameful about talking about it). In this episode, we break down why it's EXTREMELY important to be present, not uncertain in yourself, and be bold about communicating what you want in the bedroom. We walk you through how seducing a woman must happen naturally and why you must be comfortable in yourself during the seduction. This is not for everyone because it's X rated. 
June 15, 2022