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Adaptive Collaborative Podcast

Adaptive Collaborative Podcast

By Melissa DeChellis & James Norris
Our mission is to connect the adaptive community and show that anyone can overcome the challenges set before them with hard work, grit, gratitude, and grace.
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ACP Episode 12- Travis Ricks
In this episode we were joined by Travis Ricks he's a cancer survivor, above the knee amputee, sitting volleyball player, triathlete, wrestling coach, mentor, public speaker & Director of Programs for Challenged Athletes Foundation  
September 22, 2020
ACP Episode 11- Part 2 of our "Meet Your Co-Host Series Melissa DeChellis
In part 2 of our "Meet Your Co-Host Series"  James asked Melissa  some hard hitting questions and she got raw and real.  She talked about how  being sent home from medical school  after almost dying on the island and losing her leg put her into a deep depression.  That all changed when Melissa attended  the Adaptive Training Foundation.  It was there where she discovered  herself again After returning home she started a nonprofit called Adoptively Abled Amputees.  That wasn't enough for Melissa she wanted more so she created Adoptively Abled Fitness Boston's first adaptive fitness program.
September 22, 2020
ACP Episodes 10-Earl Granville
In episode 10 we were joined by wounded warrior Earl Grandville.  Earl is an above the knee amputee OCR & CrossFit enthusiast and motivational  speaker.  Earl shared with us how he's found his purpose again after his injury through his work with both the Oscar Mike Foundation and Operation Enduring Warrior
September 22, 2020
ACP Episode 9- Lloyd Hawthorn
In episode 9  we were joined by Boston's best yoga instructor Lloyd Hawthorn . Lloyd is a native New Zealander, International yoga instructor & trainer, Lululemon Ambassador, Adaptive Yoga Instructor, and Adaptively Abled Fitness's Meditation & Yoga Instructor.  Lloyd shared his  story and about his mission to make yoga more accessible to the adaptive community
September 22, 2020
ACP Episode 8 Trevon Sundiata Ferguson
In  episode 8 we were joined byTrevon Sundiata Ferguson.  Trevon is a wounded worrier Army veteran, an Adaptive Training Foundation   athlete, and a certified Ziglar Legacy speaker & coach.  He also shared how training at ATF changed his life and put him on the path he's currently on now.
September 22, 2020
ACP Episode 7-- Part 1 of our "Meet Your Co-Host Series James Norris
In the first part of our  Meet Your Co-Host Series Melissa interviews James.  We talk  about his fitness journey and what inspired him to start Handi Capable Fitness and what he hopes the organization can accomplish in the future.  Also James shares what it was like to participate in the first ever Para Spartan race in Laughlin Nevada 
September 22, 2020
ACP Episode 6 Dr Jonathan Reisman
In episode six  We  talked with Physical medicine & Rehabilitation Resident at the University of Minnesota  Dr   Jonathan Reisman .  He  shared a ton of great information In particular how the medical field has started to use a fairly new resource called (FOAME)  free open access medical education
September 22, 2020
ACP Episode 5-Robert Anthony
n episode five we were joined by Robert Antony  a below the knee amputee.  He is a motivational and public speaker, professional prosthetic educator, founder of Limb Possible , U.S. Amputee Soccer Player and was on Ninja Warrior  season 9.  Robert shares how he’s stayed active during Covid as he has his eyes set on the upcoming Paralympics among other things.
September 22, 2020
ACP Episode 4- Sarah Tuberty
n episode four we were joined by the beautiful and talented Sarah Tuberty,Sarah  is a congenital hand amputee and she shared with us how she didn’t let that hold her back.  She’s now an occupational therapist, flight attendant and aerial artist and much more.  Also be sure to check out her podcast she co-hosts as well Disarming Disability 
September 21, 2020
ACP Episode 3- Matthew Walzer
In episode three we were joined by Matthew Walzer  the young man who wrote the #NikeLetter  that inspired Nike to come out with their stylish adaptive shoe  called Flyease.  His efforts have changed the life of many.  Matthew has also done some modeling for Tommy Hilfier
September 21, 2020
ACP Episode 2-Steph "The Hammer" Hammerman
 Stephanie is a cancer survivor and the world's first CrossFit Level 2 trainer with cerebral palsy.  She is also the founder of Staying Driven LLC and a true trailblazer in the fitness industry.  Trust us when we tell you that this episode does not disappoint!
September 20, 2020
ACP Episode 1-Tim Morris
In our first episode we had the pleasure of having Tim Morris on the show.  Tim is the very first high school physical education teacher teaching in a wheelchair in the USA, high school track coach, strength & conditioning coach, marathoner, OCR athlete, and just an all around badass!
September 20, 2020