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The Addictive Pod: How to Recover from Addiction

The Addictive Pod: How to Recover from Addiction

By Adrian
What causes addiction? How do I recover? These are the core questions that will be explored on the Addictive Pod through interviews from recovered addicts of all varieties and experts. We wish you luck on your recovery journey!
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#64 Jen Hirst - Stages of Recovery
After 9 years sober, Jen shares her experience with three stages of recovery! We talk about what it takes to maintain a beginner mindset, how to avoid plateaus, and how to prioritize doing what you love. Jen's insta: Her website and coaching: My insta:
June 24, 2022
#64 Taser Dave - Letting Go of Self Pity
Disclaimer, that's not dave in the photo. But yes he was tasered, and yes he did continue to drink and use even after getting tasered. Dave shares his incredible story of recovery, and how he let go of self pity despite experiencing a terrible trauma at a young age. Through working the steps, he gained a completely different attitude about himself and others, and lost all desire to drink or use.  Dave's insta: What Does the BigBook  Say Series: my insta:
June 09, 2022
#63 Stefan Bratt - Creating Art Sober
Are you scared to quit because you think drugs and alcohol is your source of creativity? Stefan Bratt, bassist from No Fun at All and founder of Atlas Losing Grip, tells you why you have nothing to worry about.  Stefan's instagram: See No Fun At All Live: My insta:
June 01, 2022
#62 Tim Lodgen - Do You Believe In Miracles?
Tim shares his story of 27 years addicted to alcohol and drugs, multiple suicide attempts, and two events that can only be called miracles. If you struggle with the concept of God or Higher Power, this episode is for you!  Tim's insta: My insta:
March 30, 2022
#61 Kat Sorensen - Start Focusing on Giving
Kat found success in software sales and bodybuilding, but still felt restless and unhappy. She lived life in extremes, once she found a certain drug she liked, she wanted that feeling every day. When a friend suggested she go to AA, she never imagined that she might belong there, let alone find complete transformation. Today, Kat is the CEO of Laguna Shores Treatment Centre where she helps create an environment that inspires others to overcome their dependence on drugs and alcohol. This story is about discovering the life beyond our wildest dreams, and learning to focus on giving rather than receiving.  Kat's insta: My insta:
March 25, 2022
#60 Lindsay Sais - Sexual Identity and Recovery
Growing up in a Mormon community, Lindsey was taught that being gay was unacceptable. She turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with the pain of exclusion and eventually lost her job, her home, and faced jail time. This is a story about unlearning the negative beliefs we are taught about ourselves, discovering a relationship with a Higher Power, and righting all the wrongs in our past.  Lindsey's insta: art: My insta:
March 13, 2022
#59 Sarah E - Miserable in AA?
Sarah from Sober Gratitudes shares her story of recovery from alcoholism! We talk about anxiety and depression, motherhood, how being in AA is different from actually living the steps, and how to live life with joy and gratitude. Also my apologies for the bad sound quality on my end, I blame zoom. Sober gratitudes website: my insta:
March 02, 2022
#58 Hayley W - Pain is My Greatest Teacher
What a story from @recoverybaddie! Hayley shares how she survived sexual assault, cancer, betrayal trauma, and alcoholism in this raw and powerful episode. Hands down one of the strongest people I have ever met, and that is because she views pain not as something to be avoided, but as a teacher.  Hayleys insta: My insta:
February 23, 2022
#57 Shane Ramer - That Sober Guy's Story
Host of "That Sober Guy Podcast" Shane Ramer comes on the show to share his story of recovery from alcoholism. He is not your typical alcoholic, being a fairly functional human being throughout his 17 years of drinking. However, when he did try and quit he found out he could not, until he eventually went to treatment and found 12 step recovery. We talk about getting in touch with emotions, the reality of why people quit AA, and how to overcome the fears that hold you back in early recovery. Find Shane's 30 day course! >> My insta >>
February 09, 2022
#56 Kyle Quilausing - One Choice Away From a Different Life
Born and raised in Hawaii, Kyle had a promising future in golf, competing against Tiger Woods at the age of ten. One bad decision destroyed this opportunity, and a few years later he tried crystal meth for the first time. Addiction put him on the street, where he became the most wanted man in Hawaii. He was captured, escaped, put in solitary confinement, and then had a spiritual experience that changed everything. Today he is a guest speaker at high schools and universities, inspiring kids to make better choices. Kyle's Instagram: Kyle's Book: Addictive Pod insta:
February 02, 2022
#55 Narcan Nate - Saving Lives
Nate joins me to tell his story of recovery from an 8 year addiction to opiates. We talk about drug dealing, overdoses, treatment, relapse, and then finally finding recovery in the twelve steps and losing all desire to use drugs. He is now dedicating his life to fighting the opioid epidemic, and by bringing narcan and training to people in the streets of Southern Cali he has already contributed to saving over a 100 lives. Follow Nate @narcan_nate @newpathnarcanproject Follow the show @addictivepodcast
January 27, 2022
#54 Getting Sober Isn't Enough - Hilary
Hilary is almost 30 years sober and shares how sobriety is only the smallest thing she gained from being in recovery. We talk about the underlying causes of addiction, practical tips for working the steps daily, the challenges and joys of being a mom in sobriety, and lots more. Hilary's insta: My insta:
January 12, 2022
#53 Never Too Young - Mackenzie Kiesel
Mackenzie struggled with feelings of worthlessness and anxiety, and when she discovered alcohol at 14 it became her solution. Drinking escalated in her teens until she had a near death experience and asked for help at age 20. In this episode we talk about how the 12 steps can change your life, why its so hard but so important to turn over your willpower in step 3, and how life keeps getting better even 8 years sober.
December 29, 2021
#52 Gillian Young - At Home in My Body
Gillian from episode #2 joins me to talk about body image issues, learning to feel embodied, fitness and diet obsession, and sexuality. This episode is packed with tips on how to feel at home in your body. Be sure to listen to the end for Gillian's brilliant daily habit!
December 23, 2021
#51 A Podcast Greater Than Yourself - John Barleycorn
John from "A Podcast Greater than Yourself" joins me to share his story of recovery from alcoholism. After a "mini" psychotic break, John was introduced to AA at 18 but went back into active drinking and using until his 30s. We talk about the importance of Step 1, how to work the first three steps on your own, and lots more practical advice on getting sober and staying sober.  John's podcast:  John's meme page: my insta:
December 15, 2021
#50 My Story
Here is the story of how my addiction developed and how I recovered! I talk about fear of not belonging, perfectionism, and using addiction to manage feelings. Near the point of suicide, I turned my life around through taking the twelve steps, doing therapy, and gaining a new perspective on the world and my role in it.
December 09, 2021
#49 Finding Peace and Joy - Sober Sadie
Sadie used to be a daily drinker who couldn’t take care of herself or anyone else, sinking deeper into debt and depression. Today she has found peace and joy as a sober mother, homeowner, and blog writer.
November 24, 2021
#48 Get Sober For YOU - Matthew Taub
Matthew Taub breaks down two very important questions: why did he drink, and why should he get sober? After his drunkenness put the life of his newborn son at risk, Matt went to treatment to find the answers to these questions and transform into the person he is today, a successful father and business owner, 16 years sober. book a call or a workout
November 17, 2021
#47 Accepting Loss of a Loved One - Charles Smith
After losing both his parents before the age of eleven, Charles also mourned his grandfather and uncle who were parental figures for him. Alcoholism was how he escaped these tragedies, and it wasn’t until he found himself homeless and in a veteran’s shelter that he began the healing journey. Transforming his pain and trauma into valuable lessons, Charles has written seven books about addiction recovery, healing from tragedy, and more. Support the show!
November 03, 2021
#46 Sober Fausto - You Were Suicidal? Me Too
Today I’m joined by one of the most vulnerable and raw guests I’ve ever had. Fausto shares his story of sexual abuse and addiction to drugs and alcohol, and how he was faced with the escape of suicide but chose a new life instead. We also talk about something I never hear much about, which is sex life in sobriety. How do you date again? How do you get over insecurities around sex due to past trauma or addictive behavior? How do you recover from being cheated on? Find out on this episode. my insta : Support the show:
October 28, 2021
#45 Boredom and Addiction - Ellen Woods
Today’s guest is a fitness and sobriety coach from the UK. Ellen shares her story of growing up as an adventurous person only to find herself bored in the routine of motherhood and career. Alcohol was her solution, and she never considered it to be a problem until she began to face health problems. After taking thirty days alcohol free, she never looked back. Ellen shares about the incredible benefits of sobriety and how she finds adventure and fulfillment in her new life.
October 21, 2021
44 Focus on the Life You Want - Ed Latimore
Former professional heavyweight boxer and bestselling author Ed Latimore shares his story of how quitting drinking was the key to his success. Sobriety allowed him to focus on the life he wanted and what he needed to do to get there. We talk about a fighter’s mentality, social anxiety, why you should leave friends that don’t add to your life, and much, much more.  Find his books, blog, and social media here! Support the show
October 13, 2021
#43 Forgiveness Will Set You Free - Johnny Alvarez
I’ve talked a lot on this podcast about amends, I did a whole episode a while back on the art of a genuine apology with Coach Drew, and on this episode Johnny Alvarez talks about something just as important as amends, that topic is forgiveness. Experiencing sexual abuse in childhood and then finding out that his step-dad was not his biological father, my guest escaped into drugs and alcohol to numb the feelings of not belonging. Drug dealing, drunk driving, arrests, all of this led him to the point where he could not face himself in the mirror anymore, and he chose to become a better dad for his kids. To recover fully, my guest had to face his perpetrator and truly forgive him, only then could he let go of the shame and loneliness that fuelled his addiction.
October 06, 2021
#42 Abi Feltham
This is a fascinating story about where untreated alcoholism and mental health will lead you. Abi shares openly about her mental health crisis, going after the "glamorous" party lifestyle in London, trying to find herself during ten years travelling but only finding drugs and alcohol, and finally getting sober during the solitude of the COVID-19 pandemic. Listen to find out what she did to become comfortable in her own skin and accept herself for herself. My instagram:
September 29, 2021
#41 Keep It Simple - Clay F
How do you get to 30+ years of sobriety and experience more joy and peace with each year? By keeping it simple! Clay F, author of the Sarcastic Big Book, shares his story of alcoholism and finding recovery.
September 22, 2021
40 How to Handle Relapse - Matt Ward
It's Matt from A Life Recovered! His story is pretty wild, demoted and then discharged from the military for drinking and drug use, DUI's, facing charges for possession and intent to sell, and then a spiritual experience in treatment that changed everything. Matt is so vulnerable on this episode and shares his story of relapse after a year sober and how he handled it. Check out his insta for more!
September 15, 2021
39 What Do I Really Need When I Want a Drink - Sarah Kate
Sarah Kate is a casualty of mommy wine culture, a mom who drank to escape the feeling of not being fulfilled in her career and life. Her drinking became out of control, leading to blackouts and hiding bottles, until she finally became sick and tired of being sick and tired and changed her life for the better. She is the founder of the online magazine Some Good Clean Fun, and an awesome human being!  On this episode we talk about the real needs driving the desire to drink, and how to get those needs met without turning to alcohol. We also discuss getting in touch with our younger self, the self that existed before addiction screwed everything up. Support the show:
September 08, 2021
38 - 17 Years on Skid Row: Peter Soiles
What a story from Peter Soiles. Heroin addict at age 17. Drug dealing for 17 years in East Hastings, Vancouver. Taken down in 2011 by Project Tyrant undercover operation. Nearly died from withdrawals. Built a new life through the 12 steps. Now a husband and father! Including adopted father of two children who lost their mothers to drug addiction. Insta: ⠀
August 31, 2021
37 Take Massive Action - Alika Gambill
A story of alcohol and drug addiction in Hawaii! Alika Gambill grew up in a party culture, his role models surfed, drank and did drugs, and so he did all these things too. Even though he was more introverted he became the life of the party, but then substance use progressed to the point where no one else was using like him. Friendships fell apart, and he lied and manipulated his way through his twenties, unable to even consider stopping. It wasn’t until his family caught him that he realized he wanted and deserved a better life, and he entered 12 step recovery. This is a story of radical transformation, a story of forgiveness and healing from harms that felt impossible to ever fix.
August 25, 2021
36 Bill Ward - From Selfish to Selfless
Bill struggled with his identity growing up as half first nations in a predominantly white Christian school, and workaholism and smoking weed became the main ways to numb out and feel okay. Becoming wealthy did not satisfy his inner emptiness, and he began to escape by smoking crack. After a few years of gaining tolerance, his drug use increased and became completely compulsive, to the point where he lost everything and entered recovery. My guest is a big book thumper through and through, the twelve steps is what saved his life and brought him to a place of happiness and peace today. He now focuses his energy on spreading the recovery message through the online platform he has built. Bill's links:
August 11, 2021
35 My Drug of Choice Was Everything - Donny
Donny grew up in a party house in Ohio and began drinking and doing drugs at an early age which helped numb out from childhood traumas. Meth, cocaine, prescription pills, and then eventually heroin and fentanyl became routine as the addiction progressed, leading to an overdose and then to rehab at age 25. After two more relapses, my guest admitted he was an addict and began the path of recovery. The 12 steps played a central role as he rebuilt his health and mental wellbeing, being able to truly be present with family members at the end of their lives and experiencing true friendships.
August 04, 2021
34 Ryan and Patrick - Sponsorship 101
How does sponsorship work? How do you find a sponsor? What makes a good sponsor? How do you respond when sponsees relapse? Ryan and Patrick share from their personal experience to answer these questions in their hilarious and brutally honest style. Enjoy. Insta: @dontdiewisconsin Website:
July 28, 2021
#33 Jesse Mogle - How to Shut Up the Inner Critic
We all have that voice in our head: "You're not good enough, you're going to fail, people think you're a loser." Some days it doesn't seem to ever shut up, especially in early recovery. Jesse Mogle returns to the show to discuss practical tools for how to handle this internal dialogue, explaining the Neuro-linguistic programming theory along the way.  Jesse is an professional speaker and coach, specializing in NLP to help his clients achieve the life they want. He is over four years sober from alcohol, and the host of the podcast From Sobriety to Recovery. To learn more about Jesse and access his courses, take a look at his website: Instagram: @fromsobrietytorecovery
July 21, 2021
#32 Dr. Andrew Blackwood - How to Make a Genuine Apology
Joining me is the Apology guy himself, Dr. Andrew Blackwood, author of the Art of a Genuine Apology. He does not hold back in this convo, sharing with me the four steps to making a genuine apology, what to avoid, and many more powerful insights from someone with over fifteen years of experience as a psychotherapist, a Coach, and a facilitator of change. Get the book: Andrew's site:  insta: @coachdrewcan
July 14, 2021
#31 Carrie Pullaro - How to Overcome Shame
Carrie grew up in a household which taught her to hide her emotions and look good on the outside. Seeing her parents marriage fall apart led her to cope by seeking approval from men and escaping with alcohol and drugs. This lifestyle led to her having multiple abortions and contracting an STI. The shame of this dangerous cycle eventually became so powerful that she was willing to try something new, and went to 12 step meetings. The recovery community, combined with many forms of therapy and coaching transformed my guest into the incredible shameless person she is today, someone who now helps other women overcome shame and heal from past trauma. Instagram: @carriepullaro Website: Sponsor: code ADDICTIVEPOD for free month trial
July 07, 2021
#30 Jake Yoder - Discovering Natural Highs
My guest today is the founder of Natural Highs Recovery, a community for those seeking life long transformation. Jake discovered drugs at a young age and utilized primarily marijuana to escape from the anxiety of teenage years and to pursue adventures in life. He become a drug dealer and progressed to other substances before hitting bottom and seeking help through the twelve steps and Recovery 2.0. A fundamental part of his recovery was discovering rock climbing and channeling his drive for adventure into climbing instead of substances. Now he guides others on wildnerness expeditions and also is a life coach, helping others overcome unwanted behaviors so they too can excel towards their recreational and professional dreams. Jake's Insta - @naturalhighsrecovery Website - Sponsor - use code ADDICTIVEPOD for free trial
June 30, 2021
#29 - Finding Flow State with Kyle Dean Houston
After being released from prison, Kyle Houston worked his way up from a minimum wage job to becoming the Vice President of a $2B publicly traded company. Today he joins me to discuss what he learned about work. We talk about the different motivations behind work, how work can become an escape and an addiction, and how flow state is different from the grind. Instagram: @kyledeanhouston Buy the book: Sponsor: use code ADDICTIVEPOD for free access
June 16, 2021
#28 Madeline Forrest - Don't Wait For Rock Bottom to Quit
Growing up with both parents recovering from alcoholism, Madeline avoided drinking until college. Alcohol quickly became a necessary social lubricant, until it began to have negative effects such as anxiety and hangovers. Madeline shares why she decided to quit, even though she does not identify as an “alcoholic”, and she shares why these labels may be irrelevant.  Madeline's instagram: @happiestsober Sponsor: Responsible4Recovery use code ADDICTIVEPOD 
June 09, 2021
#27 Tommy Figlioli - That's What Junkies Do
Tommy has a hell of a story. Alcohol, drugs, stealing, staring down the barrel of a shotgun, selling cans for crack, and ultimately, a spiritual experience that changed everything. This episode is about powerlessness, what does it mean, and where do you go from there.  Buy Tommy's book: Sponsor of the Show: Promo code ADDICTIVEPOD for a free month Support the show! >>
June 02, 2021
Alex L - Betting On Recovery
What is gambling addiction? How do you recover? Alex answers these questions by sharing his story of getting hooked on roulette, and after years of financial loss and mental health decline, finally quitting.  Alex instagram: @theinvisibleaddiction Website: Learn about the steps at
May 26, 2021
Hayley Mae - Do You Need To Be Alcoholic To Quit Drinking?
Hayley does not identify as an alcoholic or addict but quit drinking since it was damaging her life. This episode is for those that engage in addictive behaviors in more mild ways, but don’t consider themselves addicted. And if you are a type three crazy addict, give it a listen anyways because it is important to understand others in this recovery journey. My guest today was only 15 when she was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition that affected her ability to walk. Drinking was how she escaped from this bad news, and she continued to numb out from life into her twenties before recognizing that alcohol was causing her depression. After trying out being alcohol free for a month, she decided that this was a better way of life, and never looked back. This story is about facing the hard facts of our life, giving ourselves time to heal, and looking on the past with a learner’s perspective. Hayley's Instagram: @thisunwastedlife @1000hoursdry
May 19, 2021
Mary Stuart - Why Journaling May Be the Missing Piece to Your Recovery
You know that feeling, you’re at a party or getting together with some friends and a voice comes up, "what I just said sounded dumb", or "they probably think I’m weird." These insecurities, these fears and inner doubts drive many people into addiction. In this episode, Mary Stuart gives her strategy for how she overcame her own mind and no longer has any desire to drink or do drugs. She is the author of a new book, Living an Alcohol Free life YOUR way, and my first guest from Australia!  Follow Mary at these links: Insta: @marystuart_author Web:
May 12, 2021
Corey Harrington - From Opioids to Ironman
What if you had a great childhood? What if there isn’t any serious event that you can think of, is it possible to still develop an addiction? Corey Harrington answers this question, YES, it is still possible to have a normal childhood, become a star athlete, and then develop a drug problem. But after admitting he had a problem, my guest turned his life around and began to keep his promises, tough promises like finishing an Iron Man. This episode is full of hope for people who may not think they fit the addiction stereotype, but still wonder if they have a problem with substance use. Follow Corey on Instagram @coreyharringtonanew Free Roadmap to Keeping Promises
May 05, 2021
Gill Tietz - Achieving Emotional Sobriety
My guest today has a masters in biology, and her science background gives her a unique approach to addiction recovery. What I love most about this episode is that we talk about emotional sobriety, a piece that is so often missed in discussions about recovery, how do we handle emotions once sober, how do we manage the rage, depression, and sadness that our brains are telling us to fix with just another drink? Find out on this episode, with Gill from the Sober Powered podcast. Her insta: @sober.powered Website:
April 27, 2021
Joshua Shea - Recovering from Porn, Alcohol, and Trauma
Joshua Shea joins me to talk about that topic that no one wants to talk about, porn addiction! Yes, you can be addicted to porn, and yes it can destroy your life just like alcohol or drug addiction. My guest today was in fact an alcoholic as well as a porn addict, but it was the porn addiction that brought the police knocking at his door, leading to his experience of rehab and recovery. In this episode we go in depth on the core issue of addiction, unresolved trauma, and what to do about it. Find Joshua's books: @paddictrecovery Support the show:
April 17, 2021
Craig Pothier - You're Worth it
I am joined for the first time by a fellow Canadian! Craig Pothier grew up in Nova Scotia and his drinking led him to New York City and then Texas before he managed to quit. On this episode we talk about how to quit drinking, how to handle relapse, and how to enjoy life sober.  Craig shares practical exercises for how to increase self confidence, ditch those negative beliefs about yourself, and accept your inherent self worth. Be sure to check out his website!
April 06, 2021
Jen Lee Hirst - Loving Life Sober
My guest went from getting drunk on mouth wash to sipping herbal teas in this inspiring story of recovery from alcoholism. Jen's genuine vulnerability in sharing her past is matched by her joy and fun-loving attitude towards life in the present. We discuss rehab, relapse, overcoming shame, and how to love life sober in this episode.  Jen on insta: @jenleehirst Jen's website:
March 20, 2021
Nick Ibarra - A Life of Service
Nick served his country as a marine in Iraq and then as a city counselor before his alcoholism brought him to the point of suicide. This recovery story is about how you can still have faith after experiencing loss, how to be of service, and what really matters in life. ⠀ Check out the fitness website : Nick Ibarra Instagram: @nickibarra_180squad ⠀ "Whether it is tonight or ten years from now that you hit rock bottom, know that this IS rock bottom and the only way after that is the way back up, and that can be much higher than you can ever imagine. It isn't the end, it is the beginning of a new life." - Nick
March 02, 2021
Jesper Lagergren - Returning to Recovery
Not everyone finds recovery the first time. My guest today discovered 12 step meetings at age 26 and did not return until 15 years later. Jesper Lagergren, a Swedish tattoo artist and activist shares his story of recovery from drugs and alcohol. This is a story about becoming a good father, becoming one whole person, and no longer wearing a mask to feel like you belong. Check out Jesper's website and instagram below: @tatueringsmaskinen
January 29, 2021
Kevin MacNevin Clark - Sunshine of the Spirit
Today I am joined by a recovered drug addict, therapist, and author. Kevin tells his story of experiencing abuse and hitting bottom at a young age, and beginning the recovery process in jail. We also discuss his book, the New Prophet, a novel full of metaphors for spiritual recovery.  insta: @kevinmacnevinclark book:
January 19, 2021
Brianne Davis - Hollywood Sex and Love Addict
You might recognize my guest today from her roles in Jarhead, Prom Night, or Lucifer, Brianne Davis! She is an actress, a producer, and director, and today she shares about being a recovered sex and love addict. Brianne speaks powerfully about the loneliness and feeling of unworthiness that is at the root of sex addiction (and all addictions), as well as some practical actions she took to combat these feelings and survive rock bottom. Be sure to check out her podcast @secretlifepodcast as well as her book and website!
December 11, 2020
Frank Shea - Juggalos in Recovery
Frank's story of alcoholism starts in the military in Alaska, and ends in prison after a drunken car chase with police. His recovery was influenced by an unlikely source: Insane Clown Posse, an insanely vulgar rap group. Fans of ICP are called juggalos, and Frank began a group dedicated to recovering members of this audience. Listen to his whole story and be sure to check out his instagram @juggalosinrecovery and website: Main page of Frank's site: "OUR MAIN GOAL IS TO BUILD A COMMUNITY THAT ACCEPTS EVERYONE WHO NEEDS HELP NOT JUST ADDICTS AND PEOPLE WHO DEAL WITH ADDICTS WE WANT EVERYONE WHO CAN AND WANTS TO BENEFIT FROM THIS LOVING COMMUNITY TO HAVE ACCESS TO IT. IF SOME THINGS OFFEND YOU OR UPSET YOU JUST REMEMBER TAKE WHAT YOU WANT AND LEAVE THE REST"
November 28, 2020
Dr. Michelle Shaivitz - Broken Is A Gift
Not every alcoholic has an allergic reaction right away. For Dr. Michelle Shaivitz, she drank like a normal person until after her gastric bypass surgery when suddenly she found herself on drunken car chases and eventually went to prison. Her story of recovery is a testament to all those mothers and professionals and people who's story of addiction does not line up with the stereotype. Read her full story "Broken is a Gift" Dr. Michelle's website:
October 02, 2020
Jeff Simone - After a Medicated Life
Jeff Simone was a pill-popping pharmacist, but even the perfectly medicated life eventually led to a disaster. On this episode, he shares about how he recovered from a serious opioid habit, including the nutrition and lifestyle habits that made all the difference. Ever wonder whether you should focus on quitting your drug of choice before worrying about cigarettes and sugar, or fix it all at once? Jeff has the answers. Check out his website for lots of valuable tips for recovery, as well as his instagram @reactionrecovery 
September 08, 2020
Jesse Mogle - Reprogramming the Mind
This episode I am joined with podcaster and Recovery Coach Jesse Mogle! Jesse has a great level of insight about his own addiction to drugs and alcohol and how it brought him to the point of wanting to end it all. We dive deep into what it takes to move from just surviving in sobriety to thriving in recovery, including a discussion of neuro-linguistic programming which is a process of transforming how we think about our past present and future. If you get value from this episode be sure to follow Jesse @fromsobrietytorecovery and check out his links at
August 22, 2020
Steve Matthews - Out of the Attic
Steve is the host of the podcast "Stuck in the Attic", referring to squirrely mess our minds become in addiction. In this episode you will hear the raw and honest story of someone who has learned to become comfortable with himself after 13 years of sobriety. I'm blown away whenever I speak to someone who is so content with who they are and where they are in life, and Steve is exceptional in this regard. Steve shares about how he eventually stayed stopped, how recovery has changed his attitude around life, and the fulfillment that comes from sharing your story.  Check out Steve's instagram @soberlife78 as well as his podcast
August 13, 2020
POP Buchanan - Sober is Dope
What can I say about POP, this guy is incredible. On this interview he shares his story of how alcohol brought him to his knees begging in the park, and the miracle of how he got sober. We also discuss how there is paradise on the other side of sobriety, but only if you are willing to hustle for it. Check out POP Buchanan's podcast @soberisdope and lots more good stuff here:
August 05, 2020
Martha Duke - CEO of My Own Life
Trigger warning! This episode includes description of sexual abuse. Martha's story is very intense as she reveals the traumas that led up to a serious drinking career as well as the trauma that made her stop. We also talk about how to form community without drinking, and how to handle criticism in early recovery. Enjoy! Martha's blog: instagram: @martharecoveringoutloud
August 01, 2020
The Sober Experiment - Alex and Lisa
Friends from childhood, notorious drinking buddies, and now recovery innovators, Alex and Lisa share their story of how two women drinking through divorce came to find sobriety and help others find it as well. Founders of the Sober Experiment, Alex and Lisa are dedicated to helping people recover from alcohol abuse. This episode is full of laughs and great insights - Enjoy! Follow Alex and Lisa on their instagram page @soberexperiment and find their links here
July 13, 2020
Kyle Houston - Meth, Prison, and Redemption
This is a real life Breaking Bad story with a better ending. Kyle Houston was a meth cook in Kansas city until he experienced a transformation in solitary confinement. Leaving prison at age 35, he went on to become a Vice President of a $2B company, and he is now dedicated to sharing his experience to help addicts recover. On this episode we talk about responsibility, spirituality, and how to move forward in life in healthy ways. To hear more of Kyle's story, be sure to pre-order the book Patchwork Junkie; I've read the first 60 pages and it is a must-read! More from Kyle:
June 22, 2020
Gillian Young Barkalow - Discover Your Why
What is the first step to breaking out of addiction? Today's guest, Gillian Young Barkalow, explains that discovering your reason for recovery, your WHY, is essential to success. We discuss night eating disorders, coaching, body image, fitness, and much more on this episode. Check out Gillian's ebook Babe Gains and her coaching resources:
June 06, 2020
No One Is Too Far Gone to Recover - Jen Elizabeth
From an abusive childhood to a cult to homeless to prison, Jen Elizabeth tells us just how dark addiction can get. I hope you enjoy her genuine no bullshit attitude as much as I do. Check out her book!
May 21, 2020