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The Addictive Pod

The Addictive Pod

By Adrian Gudino
What causes addiction? How do I recover? These are the core questions that will be explored on the Addictive Pod through interviews from recovered addicts and experts. We wish you luck on your recovery journey!
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Kevin MacNevin Clark - Sunshine of the Spirit
Today I am joined by a recovered drug addict, therapist, and author. Kevin tells his story of experiencing abuse and hitting bottom at a young age, and beginning the recovery process in jail. We also discuss his book, the New Prophet, a novel full of metaphors for spiritual recovery.  insta: @kevinmacnevinclark book:
January 19, 2021
Brianne Davis - Hollywood Sex and Love Addict
You might recognize my guest today from her roles in Jarhead, Prom Night, or Lucifer, Brianne Davis! She is an actress, a producer, and director, and today she shares about being a recovered sex and love addict. Brianne speaks powerfully about the loneliness and feeling of unworthiness that is at the root of sex addiction (and all addictions), as well as some practical actions she took to combat these feelings and survive rock bottom. Be sure to check out her podcast @secretlifepodcast as well as her book and website!
December 11, 2020
Frank Shea - Juggalos in Recovery
Frank's story of alcoholism starts in the military in Alaska, and ends in prison after a drunken car chase with police. His recovery was influenced by an unlikely source: Insane Clown Posse, an insanely vulgar rap group. Fans of ICP are called juggalos, and Frank began a group dedicated to recovering members of this audience. Listen to his whole story and be sure to check out his instagram @juggalosinrecovery and website: Main page of Frank's site: "OUR MAIN GOAL IS TO BUILD A COMMUNITY THAT ACCEPTS EVERYONE WHO NEEDS HELP NOT JUST ADDICTS AND PEOPLE WHO DEAL WITH ADDICTS WE WANT EVERYONE WHO CAN AND WANTS TO BENEFIT FROM THIS LOVING COMMUNITY TO HAVE ACCESS TO IT. IF SOME THINGS OFFEND YOU OR UPSET YOU JUST REMEMBER TAKE WHAT YOU WANT AND LEAVE THE REST"
November 28, 2020
Dr. Michelle Shaivitz - Broken Is A Gift
Not every alcoholic has an allergic reaction right away. For Dr. Michelle Shaivitz, she drank like a normal person until after her gastric bypass surgery when suddenly she found herself on drunken car chases and eventually went to prison. Her story of recovery is a testament to all those mothers and professionals and people who's story of addiction does not line up with the stereotype. Read her full story "Broken is a Gift" Dr. Michelle's website:
October 2, 2020
Jeff Simone - After a Medicated Life
Jeff Simone was a pill-popping pharmacist, but even the perfectly medicated life eventually led to a disaster. On this episode, he shares about how he recovered from a serious opioid habit, including the nutrition and lifestyle habits that made all the difference. Ever wonder whether you should focus on quitting your drug of choice before worrying about cigarettes and sugar, or fix it all at once? Jeff has the answers. Check out his website for lots of valuable tips for recovery, as well as his instagram @reactionrecovery 
September 8, 2020
Jesse Mogle - Reprogramming the Mind
This episode I am joined with podcaster and Recovery Coach Jesse Mogle! Jesse has a great level of insight about his own addiction to drugs and alcohol and how it brought him to the point of wanting to end it all. We dive deep into what it takes to move from just surviving in sobriety to thriving in recovery, including a discussion of neuro-linguistic programming which is a process of transforming how we think about our past present and future. If you get value from this episode be sure to follow Jesse @fromsobrietytorecovery and check out his links at
August 22, 2020
Steve Matthews - Out of the Attic
Steve is the host of the podcast "Stuck in the Attic", referring to squirrely mess our minds become in addiction. In this episode you will hear the raw and honest story of someone who has learned to become comfortable with himself after 13 years of sobriety. I'm blown away whenever I speak to someone who is so content with who they are and where they are in life, and Steve is exceptional in this regard. Steve shares about how he eventually stayed stopped, how recovery has changed his attitude around life, and the fulfillment that comes from sharing your story.  Check out Steve's instagram @soberlife78 as well as his podcast
August 13, 2020
POP Buchanan - Sober is Dope
What can I say about POP, this guy is incredible. On this interview he shares his story of how alcohol brought him to his knees begging in the park, and the miracle of how he got sober. We also discuss how there is paradise on the other side of sobriety, but only if you are willing to hustle for it. Check out POP Buchanan's podcast @soberisdope and lots more good stuff here:
August 5, 2020
Martha Duke - CEO of My Own Life
Trigger warning! This episode includes description of sexual abuse. Martha's story is very intense as she reveals the traumas that led up to a serious drinking career as well as the trauma that made her stop. We also talk about how to form community without drinking, and how to handle criticism in early recovery. Enjoy! Martha's blog: instagram: @martharecoveringoutloud
August 1, 2020
The Sober Experiment - Alex and Lisa
Friends from childhood, notorious drinking buddies, and now recovery innovators, Alex and Lisa share their story of how two women drinking through divorce came to find sobriety and help others find it as well. Founders of the Sober Experiment, Alex and Lisa are dedicated to helping people recover from alcohol abuse. This episode is full of laughs and great insights - Enjoy! Follow Alex and Lisa on their instagram page @soberexperiment and find their links here
July 13, 2020
Kyle Houston - Meth, Prison, and Redemption
This is a real life Breaking Bad story with a better ending. Kyle Houston was a meth cook in Kansas city until he experienced a transformation in solitary confinement. Leaving prison at age 35, he went on to become a Vice President of a $2B company, and he is now dedicated to sharing his experience to help addicts recover. On this episode we talk about responsibility, spirituality, and how to move forward in life in healthy ways. To hear more of Kyle's story, be sure to pre-order the book Patchwork Junkie; I've read the first 60 pages and it is a must-read! More from Kyle:
June 22, 2020
Gillian Young Barkalow - Discover Your Why
What is the first step to breaking out of addiction? Today's guest, Gillian Young Barkalow, explains that discovering your reason for recovery, your WHY, is essential to success. We discuss night eating disorders, coaching, body image, fitness, and much more on this episode. Check out Gillian's ebook Babe Gains and her coaching resources:
June 6, 2020
Punk Rocking Recovery - Joey Jonas
Join me and Joey as we dive deep into what really causes addiction! This episode really breaks some of the stereotypes surrounding what an addict looks like, and it also contains lots of advice for recovery. Be sure to follow Joey and his band Bad Year
May 26, 2020
No One Is Too Far Gone to Recover - Jen Elizabeth
From an abusive childhood to a cult to homeless to prison, Jen Elizabeth tells us just how dark addiction can get. I hope you enjoy her genuine no bullshit attitude as much as I do. Check out her book!
May 21, 2020
Alcohol and Drugs Took Away My Ability to Walk, Recovery Gave it Back - Lee Harris
Note: Lee wasn't interrupting, just technical difficulties with audio overlap! Lee Harris shares his story of how addiction spiralled out of control after suffering a terrible loss, and how he regained sanity and health in recovery. Check out his Instagram page for inspiration and support. Also stay tuned for Zen Monkey clothing and for an upcoming book written by Lee to help others in recovery.
May 20, 2020
How I Recovered From 6 Eating Disorders - Interview with Natasha Schneider
In this episode, Natasha shares her story of recovery from eating disorders. We talk about childhood, tragedy, suicidal ideation, finding community, spirituality, and much more.
May 12, 2020