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Adeek Shoft | اديك شوفت

Adeek Shoft | اديك شوفت

By Hashem El Garhy
Adeek Shoft is a podcast about showing people's stories from a different angle. Throughout my journey of starting a comedy company in Egypt, I've met amazing individuals who each have their unique stories. Adeek Shoft sheds light on struggle, art, entrepreneurship and everything in between.
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Adeek Shoft- Episode 6- Mazen Helmy (Arabic)
الحلقه دي من بودكاست أديك شوفت مع مؤسس ومدير  District Spaces و KMT House و NWT House وصديقي مازن حلمي. بنناقش صعوبات ريادة الأعمال، وازاي تحقق نجاحات وتتقدم اكتر في شغلك وحياتك وحاجات تاني كتير! On this episode of Adeek Shoft, I sat down with Founder and CEO of District Spaces, KMT House and NWT House and good friend of mine Mazen Helmy. We discuss the struggles of entrepreneurship, how to win and progress further in your career and many other things!  This is the second episode of Adeek Shoft that is in the Arabic language! Enjoy!
August 17, 2019
Adeek Shoft- Episode 5- Hussein Heiba (ARABIC)
On this episode of Adeek Shoft, I sat down with fellow entrepreneur and friend Hussein Heiba who has disrupted the real estate industry in Egypt with his company OWH Consultants. We discuss life, struggles and everything in between. Hussein, like any entrepreneur has big dreams and he gives great pointers on to overcome the problems along the way. Tune in every week for a brand new episode of Adeek Shoft.
August 11, 2019
Adeek Shoft- Episode 4- Rami Serry
On this episode of Adeek Shoft, I had the pleasure of sitting down with race car legend, motor sport champion and entrepreneur, Mr. Rami Serry. We discussed everything from life, family and the importance of hard work.
July 31, 2019
Adeek Shoft Episode 3- Salma El Hariry & Sherin Wafaai
On this episode of Adeek Shoft, I interview co- founders of Skale Up Ventures and the Vested Summit, Salma El Hariry and Sherin Wafaai whose vision of a "conscious tech" future has captured the imaginations of over 150 all over the globe. We discussed struggles, challenges and everything in between!
July 16, 2019
Adeek Shoft- Episode 2- Abeer El Sisi
On this episode of Adeek Shoft, I interview Abeer Elsisi, Co-Founder of Elves App which received one of the largest seed funding rounds in the history of Venture Capital in Egypt! Tune in and gain some insights on what it's like being an entrepreneur in Egypt and with your spouse!
July 16, 2019
Adeek Shoft- Episode 1- Omar Samra
On the first episode of Akeed Shoft, Hashem El Garhy talks to Omar Samra about climbing mountains, capsizing in the Atlantic Ocean and leaving legacy. 
May 25, 2019