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The Afro Dev Guy Podcast (ADG)

The Afro Dev Guy Podcast (ADG)

By Ndy
Sharing experiences, stories and thoughts about Software Development from the perspective of an African coming from a Nigerian background, growing and now working internationally in the UK. Lessons learned, journeys travelled and recommendations for your and upcoming Software Developers/Engineers curious about life after University. There are talks on things you should learn and not take for granted, how to upskill, technology you could embrace to become a viable hire and lots more.
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Is Software Development A Hobby?

The Afro Dev Guy Podcast (ADG)

Mitchel Offiong - What is Hydroinformatics?
I recently caught up with Mitchel Offiong who I have known for a couple of years dating back to my undergraduate days. He is currently researching his Ph.D at the university of Exeter and I thought maybe I can listen and learn about his work. I hope you enjoy this as well.  Profile: Mitchel Offiong - Ph.D Researcher University of Exeter A Researcher/Lecturer with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Trained by the University of Exeter, UK, to teach in higher education. Skilled in Data Analysis, Public Speaking, Research and Programming. Currently investigating the use of Deep Learning tools to manage Smart Water Taps (SWT) in a context peculiar to the sub Sahara region. When completed, the study will help to ensure sustainability of the SWTs through predictive maintenance of the systems. Links: Spotify:
August 04, 2022
Interview with Oludolapo Soboyede
Mr Oludolapo Soboyede is a UK-based Software Developer and founder of With a long track record of working in the Software Space, I decided to catch up with him and get to hear his back story. When not doing what software developers do, he is into music and loves to tinker with Electronics.  He currently blogs at and if you are interested in his professional service you can then reach him at 
July 04, 2022
Interview with Martin Egede
Interview with Martin Egede In this episode, I get to talk less and listen more. This episode marks the first Guest on The Afro Dev Guy Podcast. I get to learn and listen to the story of how Martin got into Tech. Challenges he faced and what keeps him going in his career. Martin Egede My name is Martin and I work as a Cloud Network Engineer for a company based in London. I started working in IT fully in 2013 when I got a job working night shifts on the Service Desk. I stayed on that path and continued to grow my skills in IT Networking and Cyber Security. In 2020, I changed roles to begin my journey with Cloud technologies which is such a vast space. I enjoy it, but it certainly keeps me on my toes. When I'm not working, you'll probably find me watching football or playing football. I really enjoy playing sports, so that's usually my go-to when I want to have a good time. Besides that, I'm either trying to meet up with close friends (which can be difficult sometimes) or I'm chilling at home with a movie Links Outlanders Diary - Linkedin - Hosts: Ndifreke Ekott - Blog:
April 13, 2022
Is Software Development A Hobby?
During the 2020 covid lockdown and the rising increase in online engagement through platforms like twitter, TwitterTwitter paces and clubhouse, there has been a significant increase in the number of people picking up interest in programming. I mean we have software channels on Instagram and Tik Tok which traditionally anyone who has been in tech for a long time would be surprised and it feels weird. What happened to slack, IRC channels and the likes. I have witnessed a lot of 100 Days of coding challenges on social media and it has gathered communities together. I have also seen people use the 100 days of programming to gain social currency. Though I am happy there are more people interested in tech, I sometimes wonder if these challenges are genuine? This got me thinking about how I see software development? I thought back to how I started, why I started and what still keeps me in this space.  Is software development a hobby? 
March 21, 2022
Choosing your Technology Stack
In this episode, I talk about the different ways to approach selecting your preferred technology stack. I give a back story of how I started and the path that led me to my current stack (Python).  There has been a spike in tech recruitment and transitioning from other fields into tech of late, especially during covid. The boom in job postings has shown a high demand for tech skills in different layers of many organisations from Non-technical tech roles like project management to deeply technical roles. In this episode, I focus more on the technical aspects of tech. Technology is always changing as we have new tools, new frameworks getting launched often. It is important to always be on the learning path if one is to stay relevant in this field way before retirement. Where do you begin if you looking in from the outside? I share my story on how I evolved over time and the different technologies (in this case programming languages) I picked up, how I made those choices and the circumstances that influenced my evolution as a software developer. Links:
March 11, 2022
Landing my first job in the UK. Talk on VISA and Job search strategy
When you live your country to a new place and try to fit into the work culture, the whole issue of VISA could either make or break you. In this episode, I tell a story of how I got to land my first job. I shared approaches I took, challenges you could possibly face and the best way to navigate this minefield. Learning about the culture of the society you looking for work in, understanding that they could be cultural differences in how you see or communicate. Should you go through a recruiter or not? It all depends.  If you have ideas on topics you would like me to talk about or share from my experience feel free to email
February 04, 2022
Episode 3 - Life after university
As a university student, as you get closer to graduating, you start wondering about the path to take outside the secure walls of the school. Considering Tech is every expanding and ever innovating, so there are endless possibilities. I cover aspect of life after university you should think of and some of things I thought of. Skills you probably need to developer before your first contact with the business world.  As you start out, your choice of technology will be influences by the businesses in your vicinity. It is also good to look out for the type of space or companies you would like to work for and up-skill to meet their requirements. I also encourage you to view software development as a craft as it makes the journey a lot more enjoyable. 
January 11, 2022
Learning in the midst of lack
When I finally decided to chase the dream of becoming a software developer. There weren't enough learning materials or good learning opportunities. I started out with no computer but with a passion, textbooks and a trusted notepad. The episode details my journey from how I learned while not having a PC at home to practice programming with to when I finally had one. My first Job as a teacher involved me learning and teaching what I learned at the same time. I later shared my thoughts on how I think today in present day Nigeria (Africa), comparing it to my early days how learning can be achieved. For feedback email:
December 01, 2021
As the first official episode of The Afro Dev Guy Podcast, it was best to start from the beginning. Why do I bother with yet another podcast. Who are my target audience, what is my back story and what are my intentions with the podcast. My background stems from Nigeria. I discuss what it was like schooling in Nigeria, how did I get into software development and the different exposures to tech I had before finally relocating the the UK and working as a Software Developer.  For questions or feedback, send an email to - 
November 12, 2021