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Adjust Your Angle

Adjust Your Angle

By Adjust Your Angle
A Kaleidoscopic view, welcome to Adjust Your Angle
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Episode 7: ‘Travel’ at an Angle - with Doina.B

Adjust Your Angle

Episode 7: ‘Travel’ at an Angle - with Doina.B

Adjust Your Angle

Episode 1: The “You” day
How often do we take time out to re-evaluate how we’re feeling?
May 27, 2022
Episode 15: What’s your next step?
Have you gotten lost in focusing too much on the future? How about focusing on the now? Join me as we explore better ways in which we can adopt a better perspective on our goals
May 27, 2022
Episode 11: ‘Who we are’ at an angle
What has had a hand in deciding who we are? Have we subconsciously just accepted who we’re supposed to be?
May 03, 2022
Episode 12: ‘Protecting your peace’ at an angle
Have you ever wondered about how to protect your peace? And why it is so important to do so? Let’s look at internal peace at an angle.
May 03, 2022
Episode 13: ‘Lockdown Ramadan’ at an Angle
How do we approach the holy month of Ramadan with the best attitude? During such unique circumstances, can we adjust our perspectives to have a more positive outlook?
May 03, 2022
Episode 6: With hardship, comes ease
In light of all this negativity, here is something positive. Stay hopeful ❤️
May 03, 2022
Episode 8: Are we friends with ourselves?
How do we know if we have a good relationship with ourselves?
May 03, 2022
Episode 10: ‘Authenticity’ at an angle with Sara L.
What does it mean to be authentic? Are we truly being our authentic selves and if not, what is it that’s preventing us from being so? Sara L brings an insightful angle to the table in this episode.
May 03, 2022
Episode 9: Let’s talk about Body Image
How do you really feel about you and your body? What can we do to change our mindsets for the better? Let’s talk about it!
May 03, 2022
Episode 5: Building THAT connection
How do we build the most important connection in life? What does it take and how do we maintain it?
May 03, 2022
Episode 7: ‘Travel’ at an Angle - with Doina.B
A traveller of 28 countries, what has exploring our planet taught Doina?
May 03, 2022
Episode 2: Staying disciplined
In a society where we’re encouraged to act on the want for instant gratification: how do we remain disciplined?
May 03, 2022
Episode 4: You are who you surround yourself by
Who do you keep as company? And what does that say about you?
May 03, 2022
Episode 3: Is Social media sickening us severely?
Social media was created to encourage interaction worldwide: but has it done more damage than good?
May 03, 2022
Episode 14: ‘Supplication’ at an Angle
How can we make the most out of our supplications during this beautiful month? Let’s discuss the best ways to speak to our Lord in this episode.
May 03, 2022
May 2, 2022
May 02, 2022