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Publishing Out Loud

Publishing Out Loud

By AdPushup
AdPushup brings you a podcast discussing the top trends in ad tech that matter most to publishers, media companies, and technology providers.
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Breaking through the noise (Ad Performance)
In this episode of Publishing Out Loud, we spoke to Mark Mansfield about how bandwidth and competitive visibility are major challenges affecting brands today, and that no two brands or objectives are the same. The key question to ask is what problem am I solving, and then pulling on that thread to break through the noise — the noise being ad performance. Major takeaways from the episode: Use a macro to a micro-level approach to understand which ads have the highest engagement. Leverage organic social content to gauge how consumers feel about certain pieces of content or ads. Give consumers the option to opt in in a conversation. Doing so will strengthen the relationship between advertisers and customers.
June 27, 2022
A/B Testing for Publishers with Harvin Gupta
In this episode of Publishing Out Loud, we spoke to Harvin Gupta, a Sr. Ad Tech Industry Leader about how to strike a balance between user experience and advertising and how publishers can optimize their ad revenue through various A/B testing and header bidding frameworks that ensure both higher-quality ads and a great user experience rooted in a privacy-first approach. Major takeaways from the episode: Focus on less ads, but more high-quality ads. Prioritize users, their choices, their preferences, and especially their data privacy. When conducting A/B testing, write a clear test plan and document the changes you make (and don’t make all of these changes at once!). This will generate valuable insights and data on what works best for your audience.
May 04, 2022
Essentials for growing digitally with Suryansh Tibarewal
In this episode of Publishing Out Loud, we bring you a conversation with Suryansh Tibarewal, the co-founder of EssentiallySports. This sports-inspired platform brings together the fans’ perspective among other things.  In today’s world (wide web), sports fandom can as much be seen on devices as in stadiums, and EssentiallySports rightly captures the same essence. With more than 8 million monthly users, the platform is a go-to for sports fanatics and believes in keeping content and data accessible to all.  You can hear Suryansh talk about his journey from the first hundred users to the future that the founders share for the industry and their work. With all that he has to offer across digital growth and bootstrapping for businesses, there is a lot for publishers across all phases of growth to be inspired from.  Some takeaways include key indicators to knowing if it is bootstrapping or investment that one should go for. Those who like the freedom that digital-first businesses and bootstrapping bring along should consider reinvesting their profits to scale things up. Talking of freedom, he also shares how ads are a great way to help people access premium content while keeping the information on the internet accessible and free for everyone. This episode has been hosted by Dikshant Joshi, Director of Publisher Development at AdPushup.
July 30, 2021
The Power of Niche with Nandini Shenoy
In this podcast, we bring an insightful conversation with Nandini Shenoy, founder and CEO at Pinkvilla, an entertainment industry publisher specializing in content related to Bollywood celebrities and their lives.  The conversation was hosted by Dikshant Joshi, Director of Publisher Development at AdPushup, and focused on some key ideas that are highly relevant for publishers today. Pinkvilla has an unparalleled digital reach of over 29.82 million unique users over its web, mobile, and app platforms on a monthly basis.  Nandini shares the secret sauce for building a successful website from scratch. Important takeaways for publishers include growth strategies employed at Pinkvilla, experimentation with video content, revenue models that Pinkvilla relies upon and whether or not they used a diversified revenue generation model, and most importantly, how Nandini single-handedly built an organization on her own. Thanks for listening — if you like what you hear, please review us on your favorite podcast platform.
April 26, 2021
The Future of Media with Sanjay Trehan
Sanjay Trehan has held senior leadership positions at HT Media, Microsoft, NDTV Convergence, and Times Internet. During his time at these companies, Sanjay led many digital and new media initiatives across web, video, and mobile categories.  In this week's episode, we discuss: The change Covid-19 has brought to the publishing industry and what publishers can do to cope up. New media trends. How to think about alternate sources of income as a publisher. Where the publishing industry is headed. Sanjay's advice for publishers starting out. Thanks for listening — if you like what you hear, please review us on your favorite podcast platform.  Check us out on the web at or get in touch with us at Want to get updates from us? Subscribe to get a peek inside the publishing industry. We’ll send you reading recommendations, exclusive event invites, and commentary on the latest happenings in adtech.
April 01, 2021