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The Adrian Warnock Christian Podcast / Blood Cancer Uncensored

The Adrian Warnock Christian Podcast / Blood Cancer Uncensored

By Adrian Warnock
Adrian Warnock is a medical doctor who worked in the UK's NHS as a psychiatrist. He then worked in the pharmaceutical industry helping to run the clinical trials that bring us new medicines, and communicate the results. Adrian was diagnosed with blood cancer in May 2017. He is a published author, the founder of Blood Cancer Uncensored, and has written a Christian blog since 2003 at Patheos.
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Adrian meets Billy the Atheist - The Rematch.
This second discussion with our friendly physicist atheist was still not a slugfest (you can also see part one). We both intended to show that we can disagree agreeably. By the end I felt that in Billy Whizz I had a new friend. We spoke about absolute truth, morality, hope, and suffering. So covered loads of grounds. I feel I understood his perspective and I hope he understood mine. It is sad how rarely something like this happens, and if it inspires you to have a similar conversation, perhaps with a friend who does not believe in Jesus, we will both be encouraged. Is there anything we didn't cover you would have liked us to? You can also watch the video:
August 30, 2020
Covid Truth Telling with Billy the Atheist
This episode is a discussion with a new friend I have met as a result of my recent COVID19 article.  Billy Whizz (Richard Harvey) is an atheist with a physics degree described by a mutual facebook friend as a seeker after truth. Billy asked a couple of questions in the comments section including whether I was really implying only Christians could be scientists (I wasn't of course!) And it seemed to me that this would be a great person to have a conversation with. This video mostly focussed on what we agree on. The need to be thoughful of others not just yourself in this epidemic. Just how big a problem this really is for the world. And our shared concern about conspiracy theorists. We did discuss to what extent Christianity had been behind the resurgence of Science in Europe. Martin Luther and the printing press even got a mention. I really enjoyed this conversation so much we are thinking of doing another. What would you like an atheist and a Christian to talk about? What questions should I put to Billy or he put to me? We proved today that it IS possible to talk about things when you have very different beliefs. Oh that we as Society would relearn how to disagree agreeably. I hope you enjoy this. The video is also available here:…illy-the-atheist/
August 23, 2020
Christians must stop lying about COVID19
This episode is about   Christians and truth-telling about COVID19. The response has been very encouraging.  It seems that many people share my concerns about how some Christians have been sharing things that are simply not true about COVID19 conspiracy theories. One point of clarification - I have since learnt that this is not an American-only problem. There are indeed some UK Christians sharing such things also, I just haven't noticed them in my feed. And there are also of course many USA Christians who would hold a similar pro-science pro-truth line to what I am trying to share in this podcast and the article on which it is based.  The Video and original article can be found here:
August 22, 2020
When life sends you challenges how friends and therapy can help
A very difficult childhood. Bereaved of her father at the age of nine. Taken into care. A teenage rebel. Bereaved again of her beloved sister when a young mum. Ten years of severe chronic pain due to a degenerative back condition requring multiple operations. Damaged beyond repair?  Lost her faith? Absolutely not! Listen to this interview and prepare to be inspired as you face your own emotional challenges.  Video also available:
August 14, 2020
John Lennox on Suffering, Hope and Intelligence
Join me as I interview leading Christian  thinker and author Prof John  Lennox. What does human and artificial intelligence tell us about the  existance of God and our place in the universe? We mention Dr. Jordan B. Peterson several times during this discussion as well as Timothy Keller .  Few people are really challenging the roots of our defective modern culture more than Peterson, Keller, and Lennox. The goal is to stimulate people to really think. This discussion is not hard to follow, we do not use complex terms, but I pray it will help you explore your most fundamental assumptions about the meaning of life, and in particular our place in the universe. We talk about a personal relationship with God, and how whilst suffering poses us questions, to give an atheist answer doesn't take away the pain it only takes away the hope.  The video is also available:
June 22, 2020
Coronacrunch church growth - is this what a revival looks like?
Something special is happening here in Britain. Similar reports are coming in from around the world.  I never imagined I would be able to type the next sentence: Since lock down 1 in 4 British people have attended an online service. That is an astonishing figure. And if you look at young adults the proportion is even higher at one in three! All this was reported in The Guardian which is not exactly known for being pro-church. And in breaking news this morning, 70% of church leaders report a rise in church attendance. For sure if they all turn up the first week after lockdown our buildings will be completely swamped and overwhelmed. Some churches are having double the number of virtual attendees than they did back “in real life”. See this article for more background to the interview:
June 12, 2020
A future free of COVID19 for all of us? Blood cancer expert discusses exit plans
Listen to this if you need a bit of hope from one of the World's Leading Experts in CLL. Just how risky is catching COVID19 for blood cancer patients?   Should we be stuck indoors alone for many more months? Can we begin to cautiously emerge? How do we wiegh the very real risk from COVID-19, against the very real costs of shielding which include risks to people's health and even life. Prof Peter Hillmen urges people who get sick to come to hospital as normal and explains how doctors and nurses are working hard to keep people safe.   We talk about the so-called entry strategy including vaccines, antibody tests, how to know if it is safe to go out, and his optimistic view that shielding will likely be gradually relaxed rather than suddenly lifted at the end of June. He believes that soon Covid19 will be behind us all and be remembered as a strange blip that caused a lot of trouble but which got eradicated. Watch the video here
June 9, 2020
Past, present and an optimistic future for patients with CLL a form of blood cancer - Interview with expert Prof Peter Hillmen
Watch this friendly and easy to understand two part interview  with one of the top specialist doctors in the World on this form of blood cancer. Prof Hillmen explained why treatment is often not offered initially, how that can be very worrying for patients, and how they decide when it is time to consider treatment. He explained that there are currently two strategies: to try and aim to get rid of the disease as much as possible or even cure CLL (FCR or venetoclax containing combinations) , the second is to try and to co-exist with it under control (ibrutinib or acalabrutinib) We discussed the need to have skilled expert care available to at least advise your doctors at crucial times. Some local teams will work very closely with the top experts and refer to them for help with unusual problems and to consider for clinical trials when appropriate. Prof Hillmen has a  very personable friendly manner, and explained some complicated things in a very simple user-friendly way. Prof Hillmen has worked in clinical research to find new treatments for Chronic Lymphocytic since the 1990s. He is optimistic for our future. Like other blood cancers we are now seeing patients living a lot longer than earlier in his disease. He said "the outcome in terms of lifespan is now similar to patients without CLL". However, he doesn't minimise the impact this condition can have on people due to increased infection risk and fatigue. Both of these can happen even quite early in the disease. He explained, "CLL is a disease of the immune system getting quite old and tired, really." Watch the video
June 9, 2020
Forest Birdsong
Put this on repeat and relax.
June 8, 2020
Super Survivor Andrew Schorr beat two blood cancers and is still fighting for patients
Grabbed some time with Andrew Schorr from Patient Power. Was great to hear about how he was one of the first cohort of patients to be treated with FCR chemotherapy for CLL, a form of blood cancer, a couple of decades ago. He hadn't expected to survive his Blood Cancer this long, nor to get a second one and be successfully treated for that too.    This is a story of hope.  And a story of a man convinced that the Universe spared him for a purpose and a mission. As he said doctors better listen to him and his patient friends, or else!  Be encouraged. Be inspired to give something back to the Blood Cancer community and to go on learning together. Watch video here
May 29, 2020
Brian Koffman’s spiritual and scientific journey through an aggressive blood cancer
Dr Brian Koffman is a modern day pioneer, married to Patty who is the co-founder with him of perhaps one of the most remarkable patient groups around CLL Society Inc.. It is an absolute privilege to have both of them frequenting our little corner of the web, and even more so that he agreed to be interviewed (often Brian is the one doing the interviewing). The conversation was deep and rich and you can see it right here on this page. We spoke about matters of faith, altruism and how actually putting others interests above yours is just enlightened self interest. Listen here or watch and Video and read article:
May 21, 2020
Praying for His Kingdom
Is my prayer a shopping list, worrying out loud, or “Let your kingdom come, let your will be done IN AND THROUGH ME as it is in heaven”? Ask not what God can do for you but what you can do for God. Video and text available:
May 4, 2020
Do you need some Soul Time?
Here is Bible saturated wisdom in the form of meditations which will help you calm your heart and focus on the presence of Jesus. Today I interviewed Naomi Trenier and Mark Wagner both from the Soultime app. We spoke about calming your heart, dealing with feeling like you are in a mess, and an explanation of why its time we reclaim meditation as an originally Christian concept. I have calmed and quieted my soul (Psalm 131:2) Isaac went out to meditate in the field toward evening. (Genesis 24:63) I remember you upon my bed, and meditate on you in the watches of the night; (Psalm 63:6). Video is also available:
April 27, 2020
2 Corinthians 4 Meditation reading and prayer by Naomi Trenier
This is how we ended the much longer version of my interview on Christian Meditation with Naomi and Mark from SoulTime. Full interview video and audio available:
April 27, 2020
Lockdown broke my to do list!
How do we handle it when we can't achieve what we wanted to? This morning my friend Keno Ogbo the founder of Tiny Life Moments wrote here on Facebook about how to handle the being in the moment during lockdown rather than rushing to the next to do list and stressing about tomorrow. Many of us can't achieve what we want to right now, and of course Covid19 confronts all of us with our frailty and mortality. I was inspired by her comments which I include below, and decided it would be fun to interview her some more about this.  You can also watch the video on my blog. ‎ Keno's Facebook Post I woke up thinking..... A few years ago, if I woke up in 'lockdown,' I would have had a long list of things to do, I would have been working furiously on a 'post-lockdown' plan. I would have been creating, strategizing, promoting ... and that sounds like the right thing to do, doesn't it. But today, I wake up in the moment, find my sanity in the moment, accept the moment as-is, be grateful for the moment - and then I rise in the strength of the moment and shine! 'Shine' may be going on a walk, or chatting to a friend, or writing in the 'artists way' or catching up on Netflix or a fitness session. 'Shine' is not performing, or living up to false ambitions, or being controlled by to-do lists. Shine is not based on external expectations. 'Shine' is not faking it. 'Shine ' is putting forward your very best self in the moment ... so perhaps the question to ask is 'what is my best self - in this moment?' Good morning and have a 'shiny' day. More from Keno I am Keno - Blog Tiny Life Moments - group blog Did you like Emerald Green? Death is a door..
April 24, 2020
Caring for the homeless in lockdown
Interview with my friend Julio Abraham the CEO of Derby City Mission. They have been housing 40 homeless people in a hotel on behalf of the government during this Coronavirus lockdown. We chatted about demonstrating the love of God during this time.  Watch the Video
April 9, 2020
Interview with Keith Getty
We chatted about their new hymn “Christ our Hope in Life and Death” and their hymn singing livestream as a family now they are isolated due to coronavirus. Video:
April 1, 2020
Revival Interview with Rich Johnston
What is revival? Could God use the current situation to pour out a special blessing on the Church? In this wide ranging interview we talk about the Lewis revival, and an experience I had when I was a child at school. I also recount a time Terry Virgo mentioned feeling something of a touch of revival hearing Lloyd-Jones preach. I hope this interview may stir up in you a hunger for personal spiritual renewal and corporate revival. Video 
March 31, 2020
Vlogging from isolation
I went live on Facebook to talk about some practical tips and some science regarding the Coronavirus situation in the UK. I will end this article with some links to other articles discussed in the video. I mentioned that there is shortly going to be an Online Revival Conference. Practically, I also mentioned New Covent Garden Market is offering delivery to the UK of fruit and veg etc. Also Sainsbury’s have a vulnerable person priority list you might be able to get on to for delivery slots (others will follow I’m sure). Also try local dairys some of which are able to deliver also. And if you are in need of help don’t be ashamed to ask community volunteers for support. In terms of keeping up with the news, there are two resources I tend to follow most of all. The Coronavirus Newscast / podcast from the BBC is well worth a listen or watch. It’s on every day as an audio on BBC sounds or your podcast platform of choice and on the iPlayer as video once a week. I have also been watching Dr John Campbell on YouTube. “‘I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.’” ‭‭John‬ ‭16:33‬ ‭NIVUK‬‬ Video:
March 25, 2020
Adrian Interviewed by Rich Johnston
Rich asked to turn the tables on me and ask  the questions for a change. We go through my story, including the roots that go back to my Christian grandparents one of whom was a Scottish tent preacher, and my childhood growing up in the Newfrontiers movement. We also talk about what it has been like for me to experience my life coming to an abrupt halt through sickness. I almost feel now that the rest of the Western World is learning something of how life can be awkwardly interrupted when we least except it. Video:
March 17, 2020
How to work from home or self-isolate
I previously worked for home for a decade. Suddenly many are being told to do so or to self-isolate because of #coronavirus through no choice of their own. Whilst the first few days can feel like liberation, there are lots of challenges to being forced not to go into the office. I am joined by Rich Johnston as we share practical and spiritual tips to thrive at this time.  See  Twenty tips for working from home and self isolating 
March 14, 2020
Coronavirus, Christian Mindfulness, and Meditation with Richard Johnston
Are you anxious about the coronavirus? Want to learn how to do a digital detox? Have you personal struggles with your health, anxiety or depression? Or are you just stuck in the rat race, and want to find a way to disconnect, or rather reconnect with God and who you are meant to be?  The founder of joins Adrian for a detailed discussion about Christian contemplation, and rediscovering the deeply spiritual roots of our faith.  Video and transcript:
March 3, 2020
Sermon Adrian peached a few years ago on what it means to be a peacemaker.
November 16, 2019
Jesus the Great Evangelist
Jesus was not only prophet priest and king he was the master evangelist as well.  Listen to an old sermon that Adrian preached a number of years ago on his encounter with the Samaritan woman
November 11, 2019
Sermon: Three Phases of Faith
In some circles today we can over-react to certain extreme teachings and feel nervous about even talking about faith, but as Hebrews 11 tells us, without faith it is impossible to please God! We must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him. So, if you are eager to please God, finding out about and pursuing faith is a vital thing to do. This is a Adrian sermon preached in 2013 about faith: You can read the notes here:
November 3, 2019
Christian Healing: How to believe the promises without being unreal
Are you sick? Do you believe that God can and does heal? But do you want to avoid the excess of those who tell you if you have enough faith you will be healed?  Has someone told you that sickness was part of God's best plan for you to be sick? Hear why that is simply not true. This podcast I now available for the first time in audio form having previously been a Facebook Live video.  You can read the  two articles this episode is based on: Audacious Promises that God will Heal You: Top Ten Tips for those seeking God's healing:
November 2, 2019
Be Still and Know - a meditation track
Meditation based on Psalms‬ ‭46:10-11‬ Be still, And Know, That I am God. Stop, Pause, Sit down, Kneel. Or even lie down. Rest a while, Be still. Or, as you calm your mind, Come walk with me. Unplug the internet, Come meet with me. Put down your phone, Gaze upon my throne. And as we wander together, Just as I did with your first parents, In the cool of the day. Let your eyes feast, On my grass, My flowers, My trees, My sky, My rivers, My oceans, My mountains, My valleys. My sun warms you, My love softening your heart. My wind cools you, My breath in your lungs. Sweep away dusty cobwebs, As you breathe, In and Out. My Spirit filling you, Your stress leaving you. Notice the force and pressure, Connecting you with the ground beneath. Feel the way your body is supported. Gravity pulls you down. The Earth pushes you up. You cannot fall. By my design. I will never let you down. I lifted you from sinking sand. I placed you on the Rock, which is higher than you. I am your refuge, Your stronghold, Your salvation. It is my arms that hold you, Nobody can snatch you away. And as you are still before me, Know who you are, Know who I am. I am God. You are not. Still your restless mind. As worries arise, Just let them just pass by. As you turn your your gaze to me. Give your fears to me, Because I care for you. My peace that defies understanding, Enveloping you in my love. Are you feeling low? I know your pain, I carried your griefs. Yet in your sadness, Let my joy spark bringing life. The joy of community, Eternity past to eternity future. Springing up abundantly, Love of the Trinity, Now poured out to you. My joy will be your strength, It will never be extinguished, No matter how much sorrow you face. Slow down your hurry, Let your frustration be still. My peace lasts for eternity. One day, I will make all things new. Let hope bubble like a fountain, No more pain! No more suffering! No more separation! In just a little while, You will see me face to face. All questions will evaporate, As you bathe in my eternal glory. But till that day, Your problems are my problems, Your sicknesses are mine to heal. Him who knew no sin became sin for you. I carried them all in my body. Broken for you, Raised again for you. Enthroned on high, Ruling on high, Turning everything, Yes everything, Around for good. For those who love me, Those I have called, To be with me, For eternity. And even now, I will be exalted, In all the Earth. That includes you, And those you love.  
October 31, 2019
Podcast with Ed Stetzer
Back in 2008, which is surely the very dark ages of the Internet, I recorded what was one of the first cross-Atlantic internet-based video interview to be shared on a Christian blog. It was with Ed Stetzer and really should have been a podcast, but until today it has only been available in piecemeal bits of video. If you have ever wanted to really get to know Ed Stetzer why not have a listen. I think I would like to record some more of this kind of material in the future. I hope I don't get Ed into any trouble for sharing any views of his that may have changed in the intervening years!  We spoke about many subjects including technology and our then amazement at being able to communicate in that way church planting If missional and apostolic are synonymous (the word missionary is the Latin word used in the vulgate Bible to translate apostle from the Greek) The Atonement The state of the church (find out if we worried about the same things back then we worry about now What it means to "want it all" when it comes to church Preaching Contextualization How to build truly multicultural churches.
October 30, 2019
Jesus is King so Serve Him
Are you in complete service to God as Kanye West now describes himself?  If #JesusIsKing we should surely be his obedient subjects.  Or do you effectively see God as your servant to meet your needs? Sometimes a new Christian cuts right through the Christian jargon, and our over familiarity with the truth. When was the last time you heard a believer talk about serving Jesus? About obeying him?  Read the article or watch the video here:  
October 28, 2019
Kayne West the Evangelist?
The most important Christian album ever. That’s what some are calling Kanye West’s Jesus is King which has erupted onto the internet this weekend. Those of us who are oldies and out of touch with modern culture might not realise just how potentially impactful such a giga-celebrity conversion and album release might turn out to be.  Our youth are, however, much more aware of just how much of an impact Kayne West might make as a born again Christian and much of this episode was inspired by a conversation I had with some of my own children. You can watch the video or read the article this podcast was based on over on my blog just search "Patheos Adrian"
October 26, 2019
Joy In The Sorrow with Matt Chandler
Almost exactly ten years ago Matt Chandler collapsed and was diagnosed with a Brain Tumor. How did that experiecne change him and the church that he leads? We discuss this and a new book he has published on the subject, Joy in Sorrow. Matt is the pastor of The Village Church We discuss what helps and doesn’t help people who are suffering. We talk about spiritual challenges suffering brings, how to walk with God through the middle of it. Video is also available on YouTube as well as a full transcript. 
October 18, 2019
Post Chemo Ebeneezer
So far has the Lord helped me. An update on my health situation which is looking really quite good as I am now in remission. This was shared six months after the end of chemotherapy for blood cancer.  It was originally a Facebook Live episode and you can also read the transcript.
September 8, 2019
Rachel Held Evans is with Jesus
One thing Rachel did for me was help to break the stereotype that only people who thought similarly to me take the Bible seriously. I never met her but I did enjoy very much recording a discussion with her and Owen Strachan for the Unbelievable? radio show which demonstrated her warmth and openness of heart. The sudden death of popular Christian blogger Rachel Held Evans at age 37 has shocked the English speaking Church online. Rachel was a mother, wife, author, and our sister in Christ. Earth has lost a strong voice. Heaven has gained a daughter of the King. Rachel’s death at such a young age reminds us all that we cannot assume we will live on Earth for ever. Are we ready to meet our Lord as she now has? We grieve for her young family, and we feel the gap she leaves online.  We grieve, but we do so with hope. As a believer in the physical resurrection of Jesus I am confident that she is with Jesus right now, awaiting his return. Provocatively and accurately she said “I have come to regard with some suspicion those who claim that the Bible never troubles them. I can only assume this means they haven’t actually read it.”― A Year of Biblical Womanhood I never met her but I did enjoy very much recording a discussion with her and Owen Strachan for the Unbelievable? radio show which demonstrated her warmth and openness of heart. Rachel’s writing  had previously inspired me to write on the spectrum of views on gender roles in the church. Reading blogs by writers like Rachel taught me that there was a broader range of views on these issues than I had previously thought .  Here is the recording of that radio show in honour of her memory:
May 6, 2019
Jan 2019 Health Update
This is the audio from a Facebook Live post I recorded in Jan 2019. In it I shared about what had been going on so far for me in 2019. My year so far has been dominated by my health situation and I talk about that, but also by the 21 days of prayer, and the Manifest Presence Conference at the church I am part of. We have had a great time at church (even tho I have had to miss some fo the meetings). I also share below some of the sermons that have blessed us greatly so far this year at Jubilee as we have been in a time of special blessing:
January 26, 2019
Christmas 2018 Greeting and Health Update
Based on a Facebook Live post sent out before Christmas midway through chemotherapy.
December 23, 2018
Pre Chemo Update
Earlier in this week before I recorded this I posted about how Jesus loved Lazarus and his sisters SO he waited. I believe in a God who heals. I also believe he heals not just miraculously but by doctors and the medicines they develop. On and off this year I have been sharing the story of my journey with blood cancer.  Now I am about to start the next phase. So on the 11 October I will be starting chemotherapy with FCR on the Flair study.  Oliver Cromwell used to say to his troops before they went into battle “Trust in God but keep your gunpowder dry”. So this is me keeping my gunpowder dry.  I thought you might like to see this Facebook Live video of me speaking about it:
October 1, 2018
Soon time to hit back against the blood cancer
My doctors have said they soon want me to begin treatment with chemotherapy or related medicines. So I finally decided to sign the consent form for a clinical trial, the FLAIR study. Oddly I feel a huge sense of relief as it’s been clear for a while that treatment was coming for me. I’m at peace. I’m hopeful. I’m praying that my treatment will lead to me FEELING loads better. My CLL cells don’t realize that right about now is when we start fighting back. They have no idea what’s about to hit them! No more passively waiting whilst they do their best to destroy my health and quality of life! I am happy to take whatever the computer randomly chooses for me.  This is because I believe that the hand of God will lie behind the machine and ensure that I get the right treatment for me. Video is availalbe if you visit Facebook.
September 8, 2018
Premier Christianity Interview - Holding on to Hope with Leukaemia
Suffering will come at some stage in every Christian’s life. It is not something that should surprise us though it often does.  When it does it will either drive you deeper in your relationship with God or turn you away from him. Your call which… Although I was shaken, I wasn't actually destroyed.  As part of Blood Cancer Awareness Month I am supporting Leukaemia Care’s Spot Leukaemia campaign and talking about the need to recognise symptoms in yourself and get help early, as well as my experiences as a Christian going through it. In a raw and open half an hour interview recorded for Premier Christianity Magazine’s Podcast I speak openly about the uncertainty I face at the moment.  16 months ago the Christian author and blogger Adrian Warnock was diagnosed with a slow growing form of blood cancer. In this candid interview, Adrian opens up about how his faith has been tested since receiving the news, what he thinks about healing and why he believes every Christian must prepare for times of suffering.
August 23, 2018
The Day Leukaemia Changed My Life
A year ago today I suddenly became unwell. And everything changed. At first the doctors were puzzled about my condition, which is never reassuring. It wasn’t till the 20th May that I was officially diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL), a slow growing form of blood cancer, which at the moment is relatively stable. I have previously mentioned that I’ve been unwell, and also posted some of the thoughts that have helped me in my journey so far. Throughout the rest of this article I have linked to some of those posts where I have explored specific ideas in more detail. Until now I’ve not written about the details of my illness. There were lots of valid reasons for my reticence. But one year on, I now feel ready to share, and details of my story follow towards the end of this page. Also, I do believe in the power of prayer, and perhaps some of you might like to pray for me. I am aware that many of you will be suffering also, and there is comfort to be found in knowing you are not suffering alone. Sharing is good for me, but maybe also good for those who will feel aspects of what I say resonate with their own experiences. Feel free to share your own story in the comments section below, including where relevant a link to any online articles, or any tips you would like to pass on to others. One reason we suffer is so that we can comfort others with the comfort that we receive. Contents of this Article Cancer Affects Christians Too How Suffering can Lead to Gratitude Adrian’s ‘Watch and Wait’ Cancer Story So Far Suffering and the Hope Faith Brings
April 28, 2018
2017 Review of the Year: What is your foundation?
2017 was a challenging year for me. Here in this audio I reviewed the year, talking about the series I had written on establishing a firm foundation. I had not yet made my diagnosis public, but in this post I speak in general terms about what I had learnt through the time I had spent in hospital and being unable to be fully healthy.  You can read more about this here:
December 30, 2017
CMF: Internet and the Christian Talk
How should Christians respond to the Internet and Social Media?
December 7, 2017
How not to hear “away from me I never knew you!” - A Meditation Track
Many. Let that word sink in a moment. Many. Not a few. Not a theoretical group. Not a hypothetical warning. Many. Notice how complacent they are. Feel the pride. They think they are in. Prophesying. Casting out demons, mighty works. Perhaps we could add preaching and leading. Maybe writing a blog. Doing things ‘in Jesus name’ Part of the ‘in crowd’ ........  Read the rest or watch the video here:
January 21, 2017
Using Technology to Grow Your Church
You can also read the notes and watch a video version of this. 
May 17, 2016
Explaining the Gospel in an age of Biblical illiteracy
This is the final session of my series Evangelism in a Post-Christian World. In it I demonstrate how we encourage people to explain the gospel. Material in this session is taken from our book Hope Reborn. The session ends with a Q and A time. You can watch the video or download the notes: Explaining the Gospel in an age of Biblical illiteracy.
April 30, 2015
Authority or Internet-inspired anarchy
In this third session of Evangelism in a Post-Christian World, the focus turns to using the Internet as a Christian. Without the printing press it is hard to see how the Reformation would have had the impact it did. How can Christians today use Social Media for good? What should we beware of? You can watch the video  or download the notes here: Authority vs Internet-inspired anarchy
April 24, 2015
Gospel Confidence: Do you really want your church to grow?
The second in a series of talks on Evangelism in a Post-Chritian World.. It is my contention that many of us are actually secretly not that keen on our church growing. If this is true, then we are not that keen on people becoming Christians. There is something wrong if that is the case. In this talk I encourage us to renew our passionate conviction for the gospel, and dare to believe that Jesus meant what he said when he promised to build HIS Church. If you like this talk, you will enjoy my second book, Hope Reborn – How to Become a Christian and Live for Jesus. Much of the material in the second half of this talk came from my good friend Rice Broocks, including the God Test. You can watch the video  or download the notes here: Do you really want your church to grow?
April 22, 2015
Ancient Morality vs Modern ‘Freedom’
The first in a series of videos which I have entitled “Evangelism in a Post Christian World” These were filmed at a training day I spoke at for the Counties Evangelists. The first section focused on the way our society is changing and a Christian response. You can watch the video or view my slides here: Part One: Ancient Morality vs Modern ‘Freedom’
April 20, 2015
Hope Reborn Radio interview with Janet Parshall
How to Become a Christian and Live for Jesus This radio interview explores the book I wrote with my pastor Tope Koleoso on the Gospel.  We are all either looking for, or glad to have found, hope. Hope brings zest to life. Hope gives strength to face situations that seem overwhelming. Hope helps people leave behind a negative past and capture the purpose for which they were made. Hope renews, it revitalizes, it remakes; it can even make people feel reborn. This book is all about finding the hope which matters above everything else. Millions before you, over thousands of years, have walked this path and found meaning and purpose to life. A life with purpose is a life with vision, and a life with vision has hope. Real hope is found not in a place, or a plan, but in a person: Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God. This short book is designed to help five different types of people. If you are new to Christianity, it focuses on the central message of the Bible, and includes a practical step-by-step guide on how to become a Christian. If you have already explored the faith, our goal in writing is to help you be sure that you are a Christian, and to have a certain hope that you will live forever with Jesus. If you once had a faith in Jesus, but have drifted away from following Him, these pages will help you find your way back to God. He has already taken a step towards you, and is waiting for you to take a step towards him. Or perhaps you have gone to church all your life. Maybe you have always assumed you are a Christian. But many who appear to be Christians will one day hear Jesus say, “I never knew you; depart from me!” (Matthew 7:23). If you think you are already a Christian, you must carefully consider whether or not this really is true (see 2 Corinthians 13:5). This book will help all of us, authors included, with that process. If you are confident that you are a Christian, we hope that these pages will help you to be able to explain what you believe more clearly to others. We have prayed for you, that Jesus himself will meet with you as you read this book. The core of the book is Chapter 4: How to Become a Christian. You can read this for free here. Full Chapter List The Pharisee and the Prostitute Died for you. Raised for you How Do I Become a Christian? Next Steps: What Do I Do Now? You Can Change Growing in Your Faith: Reading the Bible. Walking with Jesus: How to Pray Hope Reborn is published by Christian Focus. ISBN 978-1-78191-430-4
February 3, 2015
Adrian on Ed Stetzer's exchange with Rice Broocks
Long conversations about Adrian's first book Raised With Christ.  Joined guest host Micah Fries in studio for this episode of The Exchange. Special guest, Rice Broocks, author of God's Not Dead, also talks about the Hollywood release of the film, its beginning, its reception and its purpose for the church.
January 29, 2015
Michael L Brown interviews Adrian about Hope Reborn
Dr Michael L Brown interviewed me on his radio show, The Line of Fire. We spoke about Hope Reborn, and he mentioned he had sent a copy to a listener who had called in wanting to become a Christian. I really enjoyed our conversation, and I trust you will too
October 22, 2014
TBN interviews Adrian about his testimony, books and mental health
This broad ranging TV interview aired  on TBN Europe It included my testimony, being a Christian as a child, how I began to preach and the stories behind both Raised With Christ and Hope Reborn, as well as a bit about Psychiatry. You can also watch the video of this.
September 28, 2014
Adrian interviews Michael Brown about his book HyperGrace
You can also watch the video.
June 16, 2014
Fathers Day Sermon
1 in 4 families of children in the UK have only one parent living at home 90% of the time that is the mother Some people stigmatise single mothers. But don’t stigmatise the parent who stayed. Stigmatise the one who left! Many men desert their children. Fatherhood is the greatest delight of a man’s life, but it is also his biggest challenge It requires you to be a real man not just play X-box. Those who have been privileged enough to have a father all too easily criticize our fathers. Sometimes people find it hard to relate to God because they found it hard to relate to their father. Hard act to follow in being compared to our Father God! Your father is the only one you will get. Read the rest of the Father's Day Sermon notes
June 15, 2014
Premier Leadership Profile - Talking about my journey, Raised With Christ, and the Four Pillars of Mental Health
In this interview I was asked about being a non-paid member of a church leadership team, my book, and from my secular work the concept of “Four Pillars of Mental Health”
April 25, 2014
I believe in Jesus: A Sermon on the Trinity and the Resurrection
The following sermon was preached on Sunday 30 March 2014 in Northwood Church in Keller, Texas. Encouragingly there was a number of gospel responses afterwards. You can watch the video and also read the notes on my blog.
March 30, 2014
BBC London Adrian speaks about Lent
I had the pleasure of being a guest on BBC London 94.9 – Inspirit with Jumoke Fashola. We spoke about Lent, and one thing that was fascinating is her reaction on behalf of her listeners to the word “sin” We really do live in a world where such simple Christian comments are very controversial.
March 2, 2014
Sermon on Psalm 2
Read the notes here:
December 16, 2013
A Christmas Sermon
Not the most imaginative title...but it is what it says on the tin!  You can read the notes here.
December 15, 2013
Unbelievable: Doug Wilson and Adrian discuss Prophecy and Cessationism
Premier Christian Radio broadcast a conversation between me and cessationist Doug Wilson. It wasn’t really a debate, still less an argument, more a discussion between two brothers who happen to disagree. Justin Brierley did his usual fantastic job of moderating. At one point we both conceded defeat! Anyway, I would encourage you to have a listen and to whet your appetite here is a quote from Doug in response to the comments MacArthur has made that have led some to conclude he believes charismatics are not saved: “In the best case scenario MacArthur is painting with way too broad a brush, in the worst case scenario it’s just outrageous. I understand that Phil Johnson said he was not saying this about each and every charismatic. He was not saying it was impossible to be a charismatic and be saved – which would put his statement at the “it was way too broad a brush”. If that was the case then I think John MacArthur needs to come out and say it.
November 23, 2013
Dr Kenneth Ulmer: a baptist turned charismatic
Dr Ulmer has been a personal prayer partner to Jack Hayford for many years now, and it was a real honor to interview him. You can also watch the video here:
July 22, 2013
BBC London - Adrian interviewed about Easter
It was a real delight to appear on BBC London, a popular radio station serving the whole city. Jumoke Fashola was the host
March 31, 2013
Prophetic Encouragement – Barnabas demonstrates how to fulfil your destiny in God
Yesterday I preached a remixed version of a sermon i have preached before on Barnabas. I found myself getting all Pentecostal! So if you want the orderly version and a set of notes for this talk, read the old version. If on the other hand, you want to hear what happened when I found myself preaching in The Perfecting Church, a growing, lively church in New Jersey you can listen to the new version here. Here are a couple of key phrases from the talk: In God’s kingdom fulfilling your destiny has a lot to do with helping others fulfill their’s. Becoming an expert in dispensing and receiving prophetic encouragement is key to this. It’s not about you. It’s about Jesus. God wants to give you a place and a purpose in the people of God. Barnabas was a big man who didn’t need a big role to make a big difference. NT prophecy is much more than a “thus sayeth The Lord” moment. In a sense every word the Christian says is meant to be prophetic. It’s OK to grieve as a Christian. Its just that we grieve differently because we have a hope. One person with a gift of encouragement can transform a whole church.
February 4, 2013
Unbelievable: Rob Bell debates Adrian on Hell
This addressed the vital issues raised by Rob Bell's  book, Love Wins – A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived.  Adrian asked him if he believed that God was the kind of God who would punish people for ever in hell, he gave a simple, one word answer “No!” You can also watch the video or read a transcript.
October 24, 2012
Unbelievable: Jesus Physical Resurrection Debate
Premier Christian Radio’s Unbelievable? hosted a conversation between Adrian and a liberal church leader about whether the physical resurrection of Jesus really matters.
September 20, 2010