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Stories of the In Between

Stories of the In Between

By Adrienne
Welcome to Stories of the In Between where we find freedom, healing, and transformation through sharing stories, sounds, poems about living in the in between. In between paradigms, life phases, portals, labels, boxes in order to live into the Creatriarchy, equitable sovereignty, love elementality, and radical respect every living being and Mama Gaia herself deserves.

Join host, Adrienne Ero-Phillips, therapist, womb wisdom guide, doula, coach, artist and writer for your dose of potent story medicine as we go deep into the multifaceted revolution that come from Stories of the In Between.
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Total Eclipse of the Heart

Stories of the In Between

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Stories of the In Between

Total Eclipse of the Heart
This is the final episode of the 1st season of Stories of the In Between! It has been a wonderful experience, sharing what is on my heart with you all here this past transformative May 2020 to May 2021.  I share a story about a mental health co-worker that affected me deeply when I was working in inpatient mental health that helped catapult me on the path I am on now. Once you hear the story, it will be clear why I am now offering help to mental health professionals and empaths break out of burn out, release emotional stress, and find freedom. With a fun spirit, ancestor outtake with my children at the end.  I would love to connect with you! Please feel free to reach out at anytime:
May 27, 2021
Happy Taurus Season and Mother's Day!
In this episode, I ask you for Taurus season: What foundations are you laying in your life right now?   I also share about an event called Mothers Day Womb Arts Retreat where I will be hosting a  Womb Poetry session on Sunday May 9th at 9am PST / 11 am CST / 12pm EST.  I also share a recent birthing hypnosis track that I created for my dear friend who recently birthed her 1st baby.  Enjoy the spring sunshine!  Adrienne xoxo
May 6, 2021
Death knows and life creates
Today is an episode dedicated to the lives of Daunte Wright, George Floyd, Jamar Clark, Philando Castile, Breonna Taylor, Sandra Bland, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others whose lives and breath were taken away unjustly. I feel lots of feels.  What to do but dive into the practice of poetry, of holding the intersecting tensions of it all with the breath of new creation. I share a poem about feelings around checking in with the trial briefly and then share my thoughts about how to continue to dissect the intersecting sicknesses of white supremacy and disconnection from Mother Earth. I talk about watching Downton Abbey and using it as a way to understand more deeply where these twisted energies of supremacy, racial and other kinds of hierarchy have come from and how they are connected to how we show up in our bodies in present times. Tend. Forgive. Have compassion. Accept. Be accountable. Step up again and again to figure out your role in the transformation. You got this love.  Ready to be brave yet need accountability and a fiercely loving container while you experiment and align?   1 on 1  Spiritual Life Coaching program with me now open!   Apply here. 
April 15, 2021
Gentle rage, fierce compassion
Hello friends! Lots of love and blessings to you. Today this episode I share a poem to honor the magical healers of Asian descent that were murdered a few weeks ago. It is time to press our bodies against Mama earth herself now. Long enough to release and transform outdated systems of hate and harm and hurt and step up into the ones that share the conscious understanding that we all deserve to live, to breathe, to drink water, to be.  That you can be magic too. Open yourself to the whispers of Mama Earth and she will help you tend and breathe your pain through.  Resources:  1 on 1 6 month Spiritual Life Coaching program now open!  Co-create ancestor alchemization ritual. Heal your deep wounds. Step up into your most aligned path. Apply now! 
April 1, 2021
Happy Spring Equinox! Trusting in the incubating seeds
Happy spring equinox today! Today is the day of the year where we get to celebrate the first day of spring, where the day is equal to the night, where we transition from the end of the zodiacal year, the oceanic dream-like ethereal realms of Pisces season into the fiery initiatory spark of creation that is Aries season. What seeds have been incubating for you? What spark of creation will spring forth from you now? Your courageous individual gifts and creations are welcomed and so needed in this new earth reality. Support yourself. Nourish yourself. Nurture your seeds. Trust your process and intuition. Trust that the incubating seeds will spring forth in divine timing. Have faith and find joy in the seeds and uncertainty beneath the earth. So many sweet RESOURCES to plug into hosted by some of my incredible colleagues:  You may have heard them on my latest free online event NURTURING THE NEW PARADIGM. Sign up here to catch the replay finale where all the speaker talks will available for 72 hours from March 20th-23rd.  Elissa Weinzimmer and Voice Body Connection presents Episode 68 On spring equinox with  Virginia Rosenberg. Listen to the podcast here. Kelly Shay and Harmonious World presents Healing, Harmony, and Hope Spring Equinox Virtual Retreat Today! March 20th 11-2pm PST / 1-4pm CST / 2-5pm EST Register here. $25-$34 Support and listen to BIPOC healers, participate in an afternoon of yoga, comedy and conversations on developing our relationship with plant relatives. Stephanie Elizabeth Briggs and Heart blossom presents SPRING EQUINOX CIRCLE A FREE Live Online Ritual & Gathering ⚘Today! March 20th 11-12pm PST / 1-2pm CST / 2-3pm EDT Register here.  An embodied grounding and guided meditation journey to guide towards finding your seeds of possibility that have incubating. Replay available. Accessibility notes: People of all genders are welcome. Live call won't have captions, but the replay will. Elayne Kalila Doughty and Priestess Presence Temple presents Priestess as Ceremonialist: Leading from the Center of the Hive Register here. A FREE 4 day online Journey March 21st—24th where you will get to dive deeper into embodying the 5 faces of ceremonial leadership. I am the Challenger archetype. Fitting right?! Are you the Midwife, EdgeWalker, Mystic, Challenger, or Ecstatic? Live opening and closing ceremonies, replays available.
March 20, 2021
Meditation for Resilience with Justin Michael Williams
Today I share with you the opening interview for Nurturing the New Paradigm online series because I think everyone and anyone should hear Justin's deep wisdom on how we can shift collective consciousness, actually begin to imagine ending actually racism in our lifetime and how this all starts from the empowering yourself from the inside out.  I got so much out of this conversation and I know you will too. So much love!  Did you love this conversation? It's not too late to sign up at and receive more inspiration from other brilliant leaders living into this new paradigm. 
March 5, 2021
Come join me! for Nurturing the New Paradigm
Hello loves! Today I am so excited to be sharing a few poems and letting you know about my latest FREE sacred offering: Nurturing the New Paradigm. It is a 14-day workshop specifically targeted to help womxn and all humans go deep into the wounds of ancestors, tend, alchemlize, and awaken mindful, effective solutions to transform white cis-het-patriarchy into the CREATRIARCHY, Equitable Sovereignty, Love Elementality, and Radical Respect for Black lives, Trans lives, Queer lives, Neurodiverse lives, all living beings and Mama Gaia herself. And in doing so lay the foundations of the inner belief, worth, integrity, intuition, inspiration and embodied confidence it takes to shine in your life and business. I have been busy gathering some of the most magical, successful tapped-in coaches, healers, artists, speakers, and visionaries ready to share their real-life experience, tips, and solutions for developing the deep embodied self worth, intuition, and confidence you need to step up and own your slice of this paradigm shift. These are coaches, business leaders, artists, who have transcended from feelings of unworthiness and disconnection to stepping and owning their unique brilliance. They are dedicated to helping womxn and humans like you realize your potential and show you how to get out there and shine! I would be absolutely honored if you could join us in this sacred container. It starts March 2nd!  Come join me for FREE! Sign up at
February 19, 2021
The best way I have found to liberate my behavior
In today's episode, I talk about the best way I found to *actually* liberate myself and shift a sticky behavior that I have been attempting to change for years.  I found this practice in Carolyn Elliot's WEALTH program and she found it from Mark Queppet of Universal Man.  This practice has been a game-changer for me and has helped me liberate energy away from sticky over-dependence and mild addiction and the lower vibration emotions of shame and guilt that often came with it, towards true liberation... ..and let me tell you this liberation that I have been feeling lately has been so satisfying...  ...the satisfaction of truly mastering my own thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.  Interested? Check it out!  Mentioned in this episode: Neville Goddard Meditation Want to work with me?
January 21, 2021
How to lovingly tend to the death of white supremacy and allow rebirth
In this episode, I discuss recent events of 2021, namely white supremacy storming the capitol, trying so hard not to die.  Dear white supremacy, please die. Death is rebirth. Allow death, tend the rebirth. I send prayers of death doula-ing to the souls of my fellow white people. May you feel my energy and those of our spiritual guides holding you as we allow ourselves to feel the immensity of hurt caused, in our own hearts and those of humanity, especially BIPOC people. True sovereignty is not this. White supremacy is emptiness, disillusionment. Please allow death. It is a natural part of life. Let us release the thick knots of energy in individual and collective systems. Be true to yourself and release and cry and blubber into lifetimes of grief from this unchecked harm. Please love humanity enough to see that this battlefield of unchecked white violence starts in the hearts of ourselves. White supremacy is the deepest domestic terrorism. Stop terrorizing your own heart. Forgive yourself for the unforgivable actions of your ancestors. Forgive so that you can tend to your soul’s healing as a mother tends to a baby. Let us start with transforming denial into awareness. When we are aware, then we see how much healing is needed. And healing is here for you. You are worthy of your own self-forgiveness. You are worthy of your own healing. Let us breathe and release together. I love you.
January 12, 2021
How to market with heart resonance with Amanda Leaveck
Today I am so happy to welcome Amanda Leaveck, creator of Science and Magic, as she shares with us how she has tied her love of neuroscience and  embodiment through yoga and magic together to create her inspiring business. We share the poem we created together, talk about relationship-centered marketing, queerness, heart coherence and more.  I had so much fun co-creating with Amanda and I hope you enjoy! Stay tuned to the end to hear what my daughter has to say about indigeniety, solstice, and being in relationship with Mama Gaia. Lean into the legacy you know you came here to leave. May this episode fill your heart with the same joy and inspiration that created it. Happy new era beautiful ones!  Resources:
December 21, 2020
COVID and George Floyd Square Check-in
Today's podcast offering is a reflection from today's walk to George Floyd Square 3.5 blocks from my house, reconnecting with the energy of ground zero of the new world, new paradigm consciousness. The shifting of consciousness. The remembrance of life riding and walking down Chicago Ave before and the feeling of the current existence there. Air thick with possibilities and grief,  joy and  wound tending.  Resources: 
December 11, 2020
4 things you can do to be more generous
Blessings loves. This week's episode is in honor of Native Heritage month and of transforming the holiday of thanksgiving into a time to reflect on how to take small steps towards being generous to our soul's accountabilities, working to call forth individual and collective aligned actions. My hope is for people to move past calcified denial and flow into pleasure-filled (thank you always adrienne maree brown!) ways of contending with our slice of the paradigm shift. It is up to us as white people to continue the process of dismantling white supremacy and stepping into Equitable Sovereignty. I believe it is possible.  4 things you can do to be more generous:  1) Visit to begin to understand the first nations lands you live on. 2) Acknowledge the immense generosity of living and ancestor native peoples during everyday self talk 3) Surround your heart with self-compassion and self-forgiveness on behalf of yourself and your ancestors 4) Set up a recurring monetary gift to your local indigenous organizations  Mentioned in this show, follow these incredible humans:  Tik tok:  @kkymonn  @420doggface208 IG:  @lotusinaseaoffire @jumakae @prents.h 
November 28, 2020
Tending to embarassment
In today's episode, I get vulnerable and share stories about that icky feeling of embarrassment, specifically related to whiteness and the process of dismantling white supremacy in our bodies. In order to dismantle this system from the inside out, we need to be able to be present and tend with these icky feelings that often come from grappling with ancestor and current trauma and learn how to direct the energy into aligned right actions.  Aligned right actions can be anything from journaling about it to setting up a monthly donation to BIPOC people and organizations that inspire you.  It is the ability for white people to work through icky human feelings of embarrassment, shame, guilt, regret, fear, etc. that can help us address this monster of white supremacy within us. As we can see on the national stage, it is also these same emotions when left untended that can perpetuate misalignment and the outdated legacy of harm for all.  It is time for us to look within.  Now that it is out in the open for all to see, it is time to work through these emotions in our own bodies as we are clearly all connected, educate ourselves about the deeper histories, and increase our ability to sit with and feel it.  Resources: Jessica Lanyadoo Charlotte Nyugen Zyon Gray adrienne maree brown Jonathan Van Ness Vocab:  Interoceptive awareness- The physiological process of feeling it, feeling the sensations rooted in the body. The neurosensory process of receiving, interpreting, and giving body signals.   
November 13, 2020
Bonus! Transforming White Supremacy Ancestor Meditation
Because the veils are thin now, let's utilize this energy for healing. In this bonus episode, I share an ancestor meditation to help us transform tend to the experiences of our ancestors still living in our blood. Surrounding each cell with forgiveness and compassion and encouraging ourselves to be accountable for our actions and those of our ancestors in order to take aligned action towards our legacy.  Let us live out our highest potential and deepest transformation on behalf of them to heal through the past and the future in the present. As said by my awesome friend and colleague June Kaeswith, "We are our ancestors' awakened dreams!"  Samhain blessings to you.  Resources:  June Kaeswith Your story medicine facebook group:
November 1, 2020
Meditation: On the golden path of soul purpose
As we step into this unprecedented time of a pandemic election,  there may be a feeling of anxiety, confusion, and uncertainty.   This episode is designed to help you ground yourself down into your own soul's purpose as the golden path towards relief, awakened presence, self love and worth.  It is time to hold the vibration of the world we desire and that starts with your heart and womb.  Resources:
October 29, 2020
Poetic Riffing with Georgia Wall
In this episode, I am so excited to welcome my very first guest, ceremonialist Georgia Wall. In this episode, we share a magical poem that we collectively wrote together as a way to discover what wanted to be shared, soul to soul. This poetic riffing has brought me so much joy and and was deeply nourishing to my soul and I hope it is nourishing and inspiring to you as well.  We speak about queerness in marriage, what it means to claim this even when in a straight-passing marriage.  We explore womb wisdom and the paradoxical power that comes from being authentic in the both/and. Links:  Georgia Wall, ceremonialist  Web:   IG:  Zyon Gray, astrologer Web:    IG: Adrienne Ero-Phillips, spiritual life coach   IG:
October 15, 2020
Your word is your wand
Adrienne shares about the most effective technique she has found to bring her into the havingness vibration and manifesting dreams. The feeling is key. Vibration is key. She also shares her unfiltered application of this technique to inspire you to notice and purposefully transform the stories you tell yourself as well. The only way to go is up! All hail Queen Beyoncé. :) Your word is your wand.   Resources:  Support black business! Book an astrology session with Zyon Gray:  Buy the book: The wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn: Sign up for my email list or inquire about 1 on 1 coaching:  
October 1, 2020
How to vote! and keep loving those rainbows
In this episode, Adrienne shares a poem about self love and grounding into the 3rd dimension through making sure you are registered to vote and ready to participate and take a stand and move this wheel in the right direction.  We have the power to choose. In this present moment. Are we choosing further destruction or collectively awakening towards universal laws of truth, love,  interconnectedness, and deep justice? She talks about following your intuitive womb wisdom in order to increase your ability to live the life you deserve. Adrienne also shares a poem about bisexuality and using poetry and creative writing as an outlet of expression for sensual desires and fantasies.  It is all connected. Step up into womb sovereignty and let's keep nurturing this new paradigm.  Resources:  Find where you can vote early, how to register, where you polling place it etc.  Interested in working with me for 1-on-1 mentorship?  Email me at
September 18, 2020
COVID School Year & Harvest Season
Adrienne shares a poem about stepping into this COVID school year and harvest season.  We are being called to step up into re-imagining our education system among all of the inter-connected systems that are being composted and re-created now.  And in a time when we are collecting the bounties of gardens, it is important to think also about what thoughts seeds we have tended and what has grown.  What thoughts are you telling yourself? How are those thoughts manifesting into the words you say and the actions you take? What are you harvesting? Whatever thought-seeds you plant will surely grow.  I kindly invite you to plant thoughts-seeds in your mindscape of the new paradigm: knowing that you are enough, that you are worthy of your highest self, that you living into your highest self is an integral slice of the paradigm shift, that everything is working out for you in the right timing. And reminding yourself to be patient as some seeds planted take many seasons to turn into fruit.  You valuing yourself from the inside out is what will continue to shift our collective towards the CREATRIARCHY, EQUITABLE SOVEREIGNTY, LOVE ELEMENTALITY, and RESONANT RESPECT all beings and Mama Gaia herself deserves.   Interested in working with me for 1 on 1 spiritual life coaching?  I would love to hear from you!  Contact me:
September 3, 2020
New Moon in Leo 5 minute Meditation
In this episode, Adrienne shares a 5 minute meditation on humble courage for the New Moon in Leo. This practice can be done sitting, laying down, standing, moving, or still.  The focus is courageousness from the heart space. The intention is making space for the soul to be fully loved as is. Radiating from a space of being. Then stepping up. Standing tall. And relaxing into listening and learning. Then bathing in water. Relaxing fully into water. The flow of life. The flow that is sometimes rapid and sometimes serene. The guidance is to be courageous and radiating the power of love.  Resources:  Good information about New Moon in Leo: Great reads on the upcoming school year by Dr. Shayla Griffin PhD, MSW Join me email list and contact me to learn about 1 on 1 work with me:
August 20, 2020
Bonus! Lion's Gate Portal Meditation
Bonus episode! This meditation is designed to help you connect with your heart space, call in and upon your angels, guides, ascended masters, and ancestors that have lived a good life (however far back) so that you can release outdated thought matrices, lower vibrating emotions and take aligned action. Come back to the breath and the feeling of these vibrations again and again during your day so that you can exist and act in the world from a place of love, joy, forgiveness, aligned action and deep transformation.  As humans and energetic beings, we respond to the feeling of any thoughts, words, and actions first and foremost that are both told to ourselves and others.  This next week, focus on feeling. This Lion's Gate Portal energy is approximately from August 8th 2020 to August 15th 2020. We can utilize this portal energy to upgrade our frequency. Enjoy the meditation.  Have a comment, concern, questions?  Contact me at
August 10, 2020
I am so emotional...
I am an emotional person.  I always have been.  And in my journey, I have learned that this a part of my experience.  I am here to help the world be ok with being circular and non-linear, flowing with watery emotions. Recently I learned a little bit more about human design from Elyse Preston of Be More Connected and the results were that I am a Manifesting Generator, here to help the world see that being non-linear and multi-hyphenate is actually what the world needs now.  I get to ride my emotions and allow them through me and lean into the being multi-faceted and multi-dimensional and worthy of my dreams even when riding the emotional tidal waves. I am worthy. You are worthy!  Elyse Preston of Be More Connected:  Charlotte Nguyen of Get Free!: Sign up for my email list at:
August 6, 2020
Housing the transformation through poem/song/prayer
How can we do this moment differently? How can we bring forth self worth, experimentation, ancestor work, emotional health, womb wisdom and keep leaning into this Creatriarchy? Adrienne shares a poem and song-prayer about in-between-ness, the need for thinking about housing, how to honor indigenous people, people of color, all people and our ancestors by doing ancestor work, transforming generational harm and hurt from the inside out into forgiveness and reconciliation of the original disconnection of colonialism and dying power-over mentality. Allowing sadness to be alchemized into song-prayer about the police state bull-dozing the tents of people experiencing homelessness that had made an encampment in Powderhorn Park near her home in MInneapolis after the George Floyd uprising. Calling in how to imagine things differently: indigenous-led mental health coalitions, a Robin Wall-Kimmerer Navigation Center for those experiencing homelessness, universal basic income for all indigenous mothers and parents of small children, and more and more and more.  I invite you to creatively express yourself, let your yourself experiment, and allow creative solutions to spill forth. Allow trauma and wounding to be tended, shaken, and loosened from your energy body and release through movement and breath. So much love to you during this intense and beautiful time to be alive. Resources:  For life-changing astrology readings: Astrologer Zy Gray  For some inspirational reading: Over the top by Jonathan Van Ness  Vocabulary:  Hara: Japanese medical term for the lower abdomen and energetic space known as a reservoir of vital energy 
July 24, 2020
Accountability: How to show up for justice
In this episode, Adrienne shares a poem reflection about being accountable to justice, transforming outdated systems each day by using your voice to tell vulnerable stories even when it feels shaky or imperfect or re-membering and re-imagining the way you are using language with yourself and your kids. Tips shared include intentionally crossing out and changing some pronouns in children's books from he to they for a character like Bambi or any other in order to instill new paradigm ways of relating to gender with your children.   Or  listening to the wise words of Robin Wall Kimmerer, indigenous citizen of the Potawotomi Nation, decorated professor of environmental and forest biology and author of Braiding Sweetgrass, that indigenous languages had 70% verbs and 30% nouns in order to instill new paradigm ways of relating with our plant relatives. She calls this the "grammar of animacy". Though English may still be on the lips, you can switch this intentionally and address the tree not as an inanimate noun but an animate verb tree being, a subject alive and generous with oxygen, wood for houses, tables and chairs and juicy fruits to be cherished.  You can be accountable through gardening and intentionally building a relationship with Mama Gaia around you. You can be accountable by setting up monthly donations to indigenous/POC organizations in your area.  So many ways to show up and intentionally transform your slice of the paradigm shift. We can do this!  Resources and links:  Robin Wall Kimmerer Interview: Donate to Indigenous and POC organizations: Schedule a call:
July 9, 2020
Embracing Queer Fantasy
Imagine that embracing queer fantasy is part of the foundation of new paradigm consciousness.  In this episode, Adrienne talks about how embracing  consent-based queer fantasy can be a healthy way to channel feelings and desires that may not always be easy or possible to manifest in the physical. She shares poems on bisexuality and embracing fantasy and queer witchiness as a practice of liberation and Equitable Sovereignty. What would it be to transform any shame, guilt, or fear about embracing your authentic self into embracing the empowering paradox that helps you feel your most vibrant and alive?  What does it mean to be bisexual in a hetero-normative marriage or primary relationship? What if you can use these other realms of consciousness to check in with yourself and affirm your desires in a healthy way? Resources links:   adrienne maree brown- Pleasure Activism  I would love to hear from you! Please leave a voicemail or a message reflecting on this.  Sending so much love! 
June 25, 2020
Ancestors are calling us forward to keep transforming white supremacy
In the wake of this moment of global history, I have a choice. You have a choice. I have a choice to align with my slice of the paradigm shift, taking aligned action through connecting with my womb space. And in this moment, my womb's intuition is telling me to double down on the continual process of having conversations with other white people about how to be a part of the solutions and where we have been collectively complicit in the destructive systems of racism and white supremacy.   In this episode, I go deeper into why it is so important for all humans, but particularly us as white people, to be tending and working with ancestor energy to transform the way we take action in our everyday lives. This will continue to lay the foundations of the police-less New World, the Creatriarchy we are ushering in now.  I would love to hear from you. Please leave me a message here with your thoughts: Links to these amazing sound artists:  Truely Squires- Shahar Eberzon Andres Guzman Renee Copeland 
June 11, 2020
Justice for George Floyd: How to transform white supremacy
In this episode, Adrienne shares a poem tribute to George Floyd, a human murdered by a white police officer only 3.5 blocks away from my home in Minneapolis.  This episode addresses equitable sovereignty, an important concept that can begin to transform the destructive and harmful force of white supremacy.   Mentioned in the episode:  Marlee Liss, founder of @rehumanize  Want to share a reflection?  Go to to leave a message or book a call. 
May 28, 2020
The In Between Time of COVID
In this episode, Adrienne shares 2 poems that came through in mid-March 2020 during the in-between time of COVID, coming to an understanding what was and what now is.   Where were you when this shift occurred? How has it changed you? How are you relating to yourself and the world around you in a different way than before?   Are you paralyzed with fear or consciously choosing self-compassion towards each step of your journey?   What is your compass now that the external systems have been paused, now that the dying paradigm is in another phase of composting itself?  Are you able to listen to your inner guidance and wisdom around your next action steps?   This is a time of death and rebirth...What are you letting go of? What sprouts are wanting to burst forth?  Do you sense this feeling of opportunity to step up into the most radiant version of yourself and share your most potent gifts? If you could do anything in the world, where time and money was not a thing, what dreams would you be pursuing right now?   What blockages are coming up when you try and take actions towards those dreams?   I would absolutely love to hear your voice and responses to these questions.   Leave me a story-poem-reflection or voice message about these ponderings.  Click on podcast to leave a message! And if you consent, I may share it on the show!  Mentioned in this episode:  Charlotte Nguyen of Get Free! @lotusinaseaoffire
May 11, 2020
Healing and my Leap Day C-Section
Today I share two raw vulnerable poems about my first birth, one written just months after leap day February 29th 2016, which ended in cesarean section surgical procedure and one written just months ago after February 29th 2020, as I was reflecting on this event that catapulted me into one of the most important journeys of womb wounding and healing of my life. And then parenthood.... Have you experienced a c-section or a birth that had elements of not going as you anticipated?  How did you feel afterward? Did you feel fully equipped to carry out the healing work to help you tend to any feelings of disappointment, devastation, failure that resulted? Did this experience contribute to postpartum depression?  How did you heal? What did you do to move through from disappointment towards transformative healing and empowerment? Do you feel you need more healing in order to be confident in a choice to have another child?  Do you feel the desire to go deeper into your womb healing? Or do you have blockages around this healing that warrants some more tending, holding, ritual, alchemizing and transmuting within a safe container?  Leave me a voice message or story or poem reflection about your birth and/or the tools and techniques that helped you the most to heal and find empowerment within unexpected circumstance. to leave me a voice message! Mentioned in this episode:  xoxo In love and healing, Adrienne ;) 
May 11, 2020
Medicine of Cannabis and Social Distancing
In this episode, I share some raw, vulnerable poems about sacred cannabis, dragging this ritual/habit into the light in order to transform shame and judgment into empowerment and freedom, and visions about using the emerging business opportunities around legalization as an important way to create some real resource allocation and leadership baton-exchanging.  Do you feel shame for using sacred plant medicine and feel you need to keep it hidden away? Or do you feel able to connect to your own womb wisdom and internal guidance?  Do you judge yourself for engaging with sacred medicine as a mother even though you know you are in right relationship with it?   Need to get it off your chest in a safe container? I would love to hear your poem reflections and and voice messages around your experiences with using this sacred medicine.   Please go to and leave me a message!  with love, Adrienne oxox
May 11, 2020
Love Elementality: Queerness in Marriage
In this episode, I talk authentically (and a little explicitly) about being in an inter-racial, inter-sexual orientation marriage and share some poems about being with and loving my life long spouse and at the same time, having desires that stem from my queerness, womb sovereignty, healing and empowerment.    Do you feel a deep desire to live authentically and responsibly explore your desires that may have been deemed irrational in the old dying paradigm?   And you know that your desires shatter the way the old paradigm functions in your life, but feel nervous about exploring those sides of yourself?  Do you currently feel boxed in, like there's a wildness inside you that needs to break out of the box but don't know where to feel safe?   You are safe here! Break out the box love. I would love to hear from you and all of your wildest and most paradigm-shattering desires.  Leave me a poem reflection or voice message!
May 11, 2020
The Creatriarchy: How to Transform our Systems and Nurture the New Paradigm
Adrienne shares an inspiring poem about a framework, a societal system, a visionary dream, a piece of foundational vocabulary that calls us forth towards the systems we wish to live into.. A call to action. The Creatriarchy. The next step towards creation as a way of life. The system that honors life.  Do you sense how this COVID situation is actually an exciting new beginning, gifted to us by Mama Gaia herself? Are you bringing fear energy around the uncertainty of the economy, or are you willing to dream into a love-filled sustainable system that honors balance and intuitive feminine knowing?  What dreams have you been nurturing more since the COVID has slowed the world and effectively birthed the new paradigm that many of us have felt coming since 2012? What energy are you bringing to your inner life, home, and closest loved ones? Sending lots of compassion to where ever you are on your journey now.   I would love to hear from you! Please leave a voicemail or a message reflecting on these questions and what solution seeds you are planting in this fertile post-COVID Creatriarchal soil? Sending so much love! Adrienne
May 11, 2020