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A Drummer In Dublin

A Drummer In Dublin

By A Drummer In Dublin
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ADID 20 - Cote Calmet
Formerly a Dublin resident and a mainstay in many bands and ensembles in Dublin, Cote Calmet popped in and had a chat about growing up in Peru, studying in Brazil, life in Dublin and life now in Granada. At the time of recording we had no idea what was ahead so a lot of this may seem quite dated. Talks of the future, of touring this summer, of festivals and all sorts. Bizarre to think how quickly it can all go away! Nonetheless there's a lot of wisdom in this episode from Cote. Well worth a listen.
April 01, 2020
ADID 19 - Josh Sampson
No Adam this time so Fiachra and Josh had a chat about all things Talos and Moxie, the Cork music scene, the value of taking a break from playing, and live improvised techno. Hope you enjoy!
February 14, 2020
ADID 18 - Ben Cooper
Adam and Fiachra chat to Ben Cooper about heroic music teachers, life as an undergrad in Cork, gigging in Dublin, on cruise ships, playing musicals, playing percussion with the national orchestra. Top stuff.
January 19, 2020
ADID 17 - Adam Faulkner
3 hungover puppies talk at length about Girl Band, but mostly just about music. 
December 29, 2019
ADID 16 - Matthew Jacobson
Adam and Fiachra chat to Matthew Jacobson about going to Newpark jazz college, a Masters in Lucerne, soon-to-be PhD, getting a Fulbright scholarship, running a label (Diatribe Records), touring in Mongolia, you name it. Longest episode yet. Worth the listen though.
December 10, 2019
ADID 15 - Shay Sweeney
Adam and Fiachra chat to Shay Sweeney about why goats cheese and honey on a French galette is one of the nicest things to eat in the world.
December 04, 2019
ADID 14 - Paul Kenny
Adam and Fiachra chat to Paul Kenny about his time playing with Get Well Soon, Jape, James Vincent McMorrow and many other things
November 18, 2019
ADID 13 - David Dockery
Adam and Fiachra chat to David Dockery about tuna and brown rice, his online videos, classic albums (?), video game music, his upcoming solo EP and many other things.
November 11, 2019
ADID 12 - Stephen Reilly
Fiachra and Adam chat to Stephen Reilly about touring, Hero In Error, cover bands and recording in Abbey Road!
November 04, 2019
ADID 11 - Ben Wanders
Adam and Fiachra chat to Ben Wanders about moving to Ireland from the US, 200 gigs a year, cover bands, running a studio and the isolation of Connemara as a sound designer.
October 28, 2019
ADID 10 - Dylan Lynch
Adam and Fiachra chat to Dylan Lynch about space, Little Green Cars, life on the road, jazz drumming, teaching, fills on the 2nd bar of the verse and loads more.
October 21, 2019
ADID 9 - Cian Hanley
Adam and Fiachra chat to Cian Hanley about DRUMMING and MUSIC and other things in life
October 14, 2019
ADID 8 - Ross Turner (fixed audio)
Adam and Fiachra talk to Ross Turner about playing with Lisa Hannigan, Villagers and David Kitt, among many other things
October 07, 2019
ADID 7 - Robbie Barrett
Fiachra talks to Robbie about pipe band drumming, tech'ing for some very big names in drumming, Kungfu drumming and much more
September 30, 2019
ADID 6 - Aimie Mallon
Adam and Fiachra chat to Aimie Mallon about Le Boom, BIMM, practicing, dogs and flying.
September 23, 2019
ADID 5 - Niamh Casey
Adam and Fiachra chat to Niamh Casey about Vernon Jane, being a session drummer and the intricate detail of drum gear.
September 16, 2019
ADID 4 - Lango
Adam and Fiachra chat to Daniel Lang(o) about Red Enemy, The Scratch and Monuments.
September 09, 2019
ADID 3 - Rob Kennedy
Fiachra and Adam chat to Rob Kennedy about life as a drummer, BIMM, Snarky Puppy and online trolls 
September 02, 2019
ADID 2 - Micheál Quinn
Fiachra and Adam chat to Micheál Quinn about Meltybrains?, Enemies and Dermot Kennedy
August 26, 2019
ADID 1 - Dennis Cassidy
Fiachra and Adam chat to Dennis Cassidy about Newpark, Mixtapes from the Underground, vinyl and Mother Tongues. Instagram: @donachao
August 19, 2019