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Welcome to “AdultFluent.” I’m Kizzy Parks, your host. Some say being an adult is like folding a fitted sheet! Trying to make sense and order out of something that wasn’t meant to be perfectly folded. The goal of the AdultFluent podcast is to make your learning curve of life easier, so you can become AdultFluent, and not only fold that sheet but breathe easy knowing you don’t have to have all of the answers because no one does!

If you’d like to learn how to become AdultFluent from real people, with real stories, and with real tips, you’re in the right place.
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How To Care For Houseplants: A Conversation With Mr. Houseplant
I am beyond excited to share the conversation I recently had with this week’s guest, none other than Mr. Houseplant! If you haven’t heard of him yet, you have GOT to check out his TikTok videos - he knows SO MUCH about plants and is very creative with them too. Listen as Mr. Houseplant reveals the question you need to ask when looking for your next plant, which types he recommends for beginners, what he LOVES about venus flytraps, which plants you may want to avoid, the one question he gets asked the most, and so much more! I was beyond impressed not only by his knowledge, but by his refreshing attitude toward plant care. This is one episode you don’t want to miss! Want to connect with Mr. Houseplant so you can hear his latest advice for plant parents? Then be sure to follow him @mrhouseplant on TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook and @nikolicvladan on Instagram!
July 01, 2021
Marketing For Public Safety: A Conversation With Dean Mendes
My guest this week, Dean Mendes, is the Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Metro Trains Australia and one of the creators of the internationally famous Dumb Ways To Die brand. Faced with too many young people taking unnecessary risks like trainsurfing, Dean, his team, and their partners came up with this viral safety video, which has now gotten more than 250 million YouTube views, was once the #2 song on iTunes, and inspired games with more than 250 million downloads and merchandise that’s  shipped all over the world! Hear Dean tell the incredible back story of what’s now the most highly awarded ad campaign in history! Relying on research and setting out only to keep others safe, Dean and his team changed the world, and still use all of the proceeds from the Dumb Ways To Die brand to to educate the public on how to stay out of harm’s way! To connect with the brand and see all their new content and merch as soon as it’s released, visit !
June 24, 2021
Art and Marketing: A Conversation With Aengus Boyle
Aengus Boyle, my guest on this week’s episode, is a man of many talents. First, he works in digital marketing for VaynerMedia, one of GaryVee’s brands, and absolutely LOVES the culture there because he can always be his full self. Second, during the pandemic, inspiration struck, and Aengus created more than 100 abstract paintings, which he has now grown into a side hustle! Third, he is the host of the Creative Marketing Podcast, which features interviews with creatives like him who are trying to find the best ways to make a living from their art. Fourth, Aengus has become a graffiti artist, sharing the word “love” in his creations around London. Fifth, Aengus is an all-around amazing person, as you’ll soon hear in our conversation! Ready to connect with Aengus after the podcast? You can find him on Instagram @aengusboyle, his website, or by searching for his Creative Marketing Podcast!
June 17, 2021
How To Be Successful: A Conversation With Adam Corcoran
What does it mean to be successful? My guest this week, Adam Corcoran, had a lot to say about this, yet was so genuine during our 35-minute conversation that he rarely, if ever, even used the word “success”! As you’ll hear, Adam, now the Director of Business Development for Golden Care, a home care agency in Naples, FL, took a few twists and turns in his career before finding his professional happy place. Start with some self-reflection, mix in some work-life balance, add a growing family, sprinkle in a true desire to help others, and add a large helping of GaryVee, and you’ll understand how to use Adam’s recipe for success in your own life! To connect with Adam and his amazing spirit after this episode, look for him on Instagram @theadamcorcoran and on Facebook @adamcorcoran!
June 10, 2021
How To Be A Leader: A Conversation With Reshad Oberlander
What does it mean to be a good leader? Reshad Oberlander, an expert on leadership and my guest this week, had a lot to say about this, and some of it may surprise you. Isn’t being a leader all about having a fancy title, making a lot of money, and basking in the glory of the team’s achievements? Not a chance! According to Reshad, leadership is about service and putting others first, knowing that (to paraphrase famous motivational speaker Zig Ziglar) the more people you help get what they want, the more you’ll get what you want. It’s also about building relationships with the people you lead, seeing them as individuals, and using that rapport as a foundation for achievement. Learn all about this and so much more from Reshad’s refreshing, practical perspective on this important topic. Ready to connect with Reshad? Then check out his “Weekly Leadership Experience” podcast, visit his website, and find him on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @reoberlander !
June 03, 2021
How To Be Happy: A Conversation With Vaisakh Sabu
Vaisakh Sabu, my guest this week, may just be the happiest in AdultFluent history! And why shouldn’t he be, after bouts of depression, taking medication, and suffering debilitating seizures led him to the peace and fulfillment he experienced after taking the Inner Engineering course in yoga. Now a yogi with an hours-long daily practice and a Master’s Degree in Psychology, Vaisakh has found true and lasting happiness by helping others through his YouTube channel. Following his recent appearance on Tea With GaryVee and enlightening his 36,000 subscribers with amazing content, Vaisakh’s future is truly unlimited. Ready to connect with Vaisakh? You can find him on Youtube:@Vaisakhsabuinnerengineered, Instagram and LinkedIn @vaisu90, and on Twitter @vaisakhsabu90!
May 27, 2021
How To Be Disciplined: A Conversation With Tanner Simpson
Ready for another AdultFluent first? Today’s guest, Tanner Simpson, is the first world champion ever to appear on the podcast! Tanner, a martial artist since the age of 4, combines the arts with gymnastics, break dancing, and capoeira to create routines that are simply amazing! Raised by parents who helped him find his passion and who never let him quit, Tanner won a world championship by the time he was only 16-years-old. Now, after also having coached four world champions himself, he’s honed in on what he believes are the conditions that enable people to develop discipline and reach elite status, insights that he shared during our 20-minute conversation! One thing is clear: With his incredible discipline and desire to help others reach the highest levels of achievement, Tanner is well on his way to unlimited success! If you’d like to connect with Tanner Simpson after this episode, you can find him on Instagram @athletementor and on Facebook by searching for “Elite Athlete Community”!
May 20, 2021
How To Improve Your Mood: A Conversation With Tamar Weinberg
Did you know that perfume can brighten your mood? This week’s guest, Tamar Weinberg, the founder and owner of TAMAR branded scents, learned this first-hand. Since recovering from a debilitating depression that lasted several years, she has educated others on the value of using perfume to improve mental health. Get ready to be amazed by Tamar’s passion as she tells the inspiring story of how perfume helped her find her way back into mental health and gave her back the desire to live in the moment. Also a published author and former startup employee, Tamar is an entrepreneur with a mission and a future with unlimited possibilities! Ready to connect with Tamar? Check her out on her website:, on Facebook @tamarweinberg, on Instagram and Twitter @tamar and @tamaressences, and on LinkedIn @tamar!
May 13, 2021
Finding Your Path In Life: A Conversation With Nick Zatta
My guest this week on the AdultFluent podcast, Nick Zatta, is one of the most well-rounded, multi-talented people I’ve ever met.  Listen as he describes how he discovered his true passions and talents while changing his college major four times, only to work himself into a fifth field - digital marketing - in just two months! A huge fan of GaryVee, Nick believes that in 2021, it’s possible to learn just about anything online to get yourself to exactly where you want to be.  You’ll love his life-tested advice and fresh perspective that just may help you find your own way too. If you’d like to connect with Nick after this episode, you can find him on Instagram @nickzatta or with a search for “Nicholas Zatta” on LinkedIn!
May 06, 2021
How Not To Give Up: A Conversation With Andrea Adames
Are you ready for a pick-me-up? Then look no further, because this week’s guest, Andrea Adames, radiates positivity and perseverance like a beam of light! An event production professional, dancer, and new mother, Andrea gives a behind-the-scenes look at the process of putting together concerts and other live events like the one she worked on for famous Latin artist Marc Anthony. She also describes the fear, wonder, and amazing aftermath of her recent appearance on Tea With GaryVee! You’ll love Andrea’s incredible advice for sticking with anything - even during the tough times - and leave feeling refreshed and inspired. Want to connect with Andrea?  You can find her on Instagram @adamesandrea, Facebook @andrea.adamesyarza, and LinkedIn @andrea-adames-yarza!
April 29, 2021
How To Stay Positive :A Conversation With Felipe Muñoz
I am honored to present one of the deepest conversations that I have ever had - on AdultFluent or anywhere else - with this week’s guest, Felipe Muñoz! Raised in Norway by his parents after they emigrated there from Chile, Felipe describes how he stays positive, gets real about his search for happiness, and shares his dreams of creating content for social media and community for his subscribers. Listen as Felipe and I open up to each other about where we came from and how we became who we are today. Generous and driven to make a difference in the world, Felipe is well on his way to seeing all of his dreams come true! After you’ve finished, be sure to connect with Felipe on Instagram @felipefromnorth and on YouTube @felipemunoz1993 !
April 22, 2021
How To Develop Self-Confidence: A Conversation With Emma Waters
I am honored to share my conversation with this week’s incredibly inspiring guest: actor and TikTok content creator Emma Waters! After graduating with her math degree in 2018, Emma pivoted, trusted her intuition, and started pursuing her dream of a career in acting. Hear the story of her role in the soon-to-be-released independent feature film, Magnolia Flowers, as well as how she found the confidence in 2020 to create content in comedy (an area she had never even explored before!) and now has more than a half million followers on TikTok!  Trust me -  Emma’s success hasn’t come by accident. You’ll love hearing what she’s learned about breaking through, growing, and developing the confidence to achieve any dream! After you’re finished, be sure to connect with Emma on Instagram @emmagracewaters, TikTok @sesameseedbagel, and on her website: !
April 15, 2021
Social Media Marketing Tips: A Conversation With Emanuel Mara
Would you like to find out what people in the social media marketing world might be missing?  Then look no further, because this week’s AdultFluent guest, social media marketing guru and CEO of Let’s Go! Advertising, Emanuel Mara, is a true visionary, and he’s ready to share his unique vision and perspective with you!  Emanuel, whose first sales job was helping his father at flea markets from the age of 7, began to sell print advertising by the time he was 19. There, he saw a golden opportunity in social media marketing, ran with it, and the rest is history! Listen as Emanuel, now a successful entrepreneur himself, discusses his favorite platforms and approaches as well as what he feels is the best way to spot trends and for your content to go viral He also offers tips for success in any business and reveals what the true goal of your social media marketing campaign should be. Once you’ve absorbed all of Emanuel’s marketing know-how, be sure to connect with him on Facebook and Instagram @emanuelfmara and LinkedIn @emanuel-mara!
April 08, 2021
Finding Yourself: A Conversation With Chelsey Preston
In this week’s AdultFluent episode, my guest, Chelsey Preston, talks openly and honestly about what she decided and then did that set her on a path to finding herself and discovering a level of happiness and contentment she never knew existed. When she was in her 20s, Chelsey, the youngest of five in her family and a proud Southerner from Biloxi, Mississippi, knew what she needed, trusted her gut, and made two huge moves despite what others around her were saying. Listen as she describes what led up to these pivotal moments in her life, the challenges she faced, and the unforgettable lessons she’s learned along the way. You don’t want to miss this one! Then, when you’re finished, be sure to connect with Chelsey on Instagram @chelseylashae !
April 01, 2021
The Power of Persistence: A Conversation With Benner Call
My guest on this week’s episode of AdultFluent, Benner Call, not only has one of the coolest names I’ve ever heard, but he is also one of the coolest people I’ve ever had the privilege of interviewing! A US Army veteran, Benner has parachuted, flown, attended survival school, traveled the world, and appeared on Tea With Gary Vee. Listen as Benner describes the timeless lessons he learned in the Army and how he has applied them to his life. Now a full-time student and father, Benner uses the power of persistence to propel himself forward to the fantastic future awaiting him and his family . I know you’ll be as impressed by his drive and tenacity as I was! Once you’re finished, be sure to connect with Benner on Facebook, Instagram @bennercall76, TikTok @bennercall, LinkedIn @benner-call!
March 25, 2021
Doing What You Love: A Conversation With Sarah Maddack
This week’s episode with Sarah Maddack was an epiphany - a shining, defining moment in the history of AdultFluent. That’s because Sarah, a rapper and content creator with over one million TikTok followers  - is one of the most refreshing and happiest people I have ever met, and that energy came through loud and clear during our interview. Listen as Sarah describes what she learned from her family, a life-changing job she held for five summers, and her faith that led to the incredible success she’s had since the video for her song “Hey Slug” weht viral less than a year ago. Grateful, excited, posting daily, writing a book, and building a new business doing what she loves, Sarah is walking, rapping proof that #everythingispossible! Once you’ve soaked in all of Sarah’s positivity and passion, you can connect with her on TikTok and Instagram @sarahmaddack. Also check out her songs on Spotify!
March 18, 2021
An Introduction to Home Staging: A Conversation With Mollie Sheridan
Have you ever wondered why some homes sell super fast? Then get ready to learn one reason why, because my guest on this week’s episode of AdultFluent, home stager Mollie Sheridan, takes us behind the scenes with an introduction to this vital, though sometimes misunderstood part of the process. To Mollie, home staging is an art, and her goal is to help buyers see a new space as just that - a home that they can truly see themselves living in. Whether using existing pieces or some from their own collections, home stagers declutter and freshen up a space to help sell a home faster and for a higher price. I know you’ll love hearing how Mollie found her way to this business, as well as the simple yet powerful lesson she learned about business and life from her recent talk with Gary Vee that she now wants to pass on to others! Once you’ve finished the episode, feel free to connect with Mollie on Facebook @mollie.jane.330 and Instagram @mollie_sherid!
March 11, 2021
How To Listen Better: A Conversation With Star Bobatoon
My guest this week on AdultFluent, Star Bobatoon, is just that - a star burning brightly with positivity and passion! In person as well as on social media, Star shines her brilliant light as an accomplished facilitator, presentation coach, communications trainer, attorney, and content creator.  In this episode, she details how to improve communication by doing something that is known by some but practiced by far fewer - truly listening. Star, also a former stage and television actor, goes in-depth into the method as well as the mindset behind this crucial skill, which can make an especially  huge difference in today’s world. You will be amazed by the tremendous value that listening has had in the stories she tells about her interactions with others, and you may just leave the conversation inspired to listen differently to people in your own life too! If you would like to learn more about Star and all she offers, then be sure to connect with her on LinkedIn @starbobatoon, Facebook @star.bobatoon, YouTube @StarBobatoon, her website, or by email:
March 04, 2021
Real Estate Investing For Beginners: A Conversation With Ty “Flip Man” Taylor
May I tell you a secret? This week’s episode of AdultFluent made me FLIP OUT with excitement, and it’s all because of what my guest, Ty “Flip Man” Taylor, shared about real estate investing with little or no money down! Flip Man is a veteran investor and huge social media star with over 100,000 YouTube subscribers and almost 200,000 followers on TikTok. It’s no wonder, what with the hundreds of free instructional videos he has posted on YouTube alone since 2008! Listen as he describes how after failing at several businesses, he bought a course that taught him the low-risk, high-return art of wholesaling properties, along with several other money-making methods. But make no mistake: Flip Man is the real deal, so also gets real about these deals with what he believes is truly needed to make them happen. By the end of our conversation, I was just as impressed by his warmth, openness, and willingness to give back as I was by his knowledge, and I know you will be too! Ready to connect with Flip Man after this episode? Then check him out on YouTube @teachmeflipping or search “Ask Flip Man”; on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter @askflipman,, or on his website: .
February 22, 2021
How To Face The Truth About Yourself: A Conversation with Shara Ruffin
I am so happy that you get to hear my conversation with this week’s guest, Shara Ruffin, because I can tell that she is about to BLOW UP!! Listen as Shara, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and LinkedIn creator with close to 40,000 followers, shares her amazing journey from an abusive childhood home through difficult adult relationships to the breakthroughs that taught her what it took to truly know herself. Lately, so many people on social media have also been seeing Shara  for who she is: a clear, candid professional who genuinely cares about others. Now a mentor on Clubhouse to future  social workers while raising a family and getting ready to open her own private practice, Shara is deeply committed to using all she’s learned to empower women especially to see themselves as more than caregivers and with the power to do anything! Once you’ve soaked in all of Shara’s truth and wisdom, be sure to connect with her on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Clubhouse @shararuffin, Instagram @shara_ruffin, and Facebook @journeytohealingandwellness!
February 14, 2021
How To Have Fun: A Conversation With Kal Smith
I promise - you are going to LOVE this week’s AdultFluent episode, which features none other than Kal Smith - actor, model, and social media superstar! Kal is one of the most fun, fresh, and genuine people I’ve ever met, and I feel so fortunate to be able to share his wonderful energy with you. Listen as Kal, a TikTok creator with more than 1.1 million followers, describes how he recreated the iconic character Ed from the 90s Nickelodeon TV show All That and movie Good Burger, first in a viral 10-second Twitter video that got 1.2 million views in two days, and later at cosplay conventions, Nickelodeon pop-ups, and social media!  Always in character and with his heart on his sleeve, Kal’s mission as Ed is to make sure his adoring fans have a fun, unforgettable experience every time. Kal and I also discuss his amazing journey from college student to co-lead in a Hollywood movie, his roles in professional theater, and all the fun he’s had along the way! Once you’ve enjoyed all of Kal’s awesome stories and energy, you can connect with him on Twitter and Instagram @kal_smith17 and on TikTok @goodburgered .
February 04, 2021
Growing Up: A Conversation With Alexis Cisnero
This week’s AdultFluent guest is automotive YouTuber and my fellow Floridian, Alexis Cisnero! After I heard of him through Tea With GaryVee, I knew that he would have so many valuable things to say, and he didn’t disappoint! .Listen as Alexis, one of my youngest guests and also one of the most open people I’ve ever had the privilege of speaking with, shares his journey of growing into the responsible yet ambitious man he’s become. A child of divorce, Alexis reveals what he’s learned from life and GaryVee that took him from getting into trouble to influencing others with his passion for cars and life! 22-years-old and with a family of his own, Alexis still makes time to pursue his dreams, knowing that he’s well on his way to reaching the greatness he’s destined for. After the podcast, be sure to connect with Alexis on YouTube and Twitter @alexiscisnero, Instagram @alexiscisnero_, and TikTok @cisnerofamily.
January 28, 2021
How To Start and Grow An Online Business: A Conversation With Angela Giles
On this week’s episode, my guest, digital marketer and social media queen Angela Giles gets right down to business to reveal how she helps people turn their passions into profits! Find out how Angela has used her creativity and knack for getting things done to build her incredibly successful business all while working from home as a married mother of three! She believes that in today’s world, with the right approach, anyone from any background can have a successful online business. Once you’ve learned some of the tips and tricks that Angela has picked up over her 18 years  in the digital arena, be sure to connect with her at or Also check out  her groundbreaking Simple Profit Community on Facebook or see what inspires her more than 22,000 Pinterest followers @angelakgiles, where she provides insights and tools on the power of mindset, how to get clients, and so much more!
January 21, 2021
ADHD Signs and Symptoms: A Conversation With Erik Gude
ADHD advocate. TikTok creator. Podcaster. Classical musician. Pizza craftsman. Yes, Erik Gude, this week’s AdultFluent guest, is all of these things, but as you’ll soon see, he is so much more. Diagnosed with ADHD at age 15, Erik has learned to use it as a superpower to live his best life. I was incredibly impressed with the depth of his knowledge on all things ADHD, but even more so by his heart and how much he cares about helping others. Listen as Erik shares his journey, gives practical tips on managing ADHD, and reveals what motivates him to develop content for his more than 132,000 TikTok followers. If you’d like, be sure to check out Erik’s podcast “Catie and Erik’s Infinite Quest: An ADHD Adventure” and connect with him on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram @heygude.To engage with even more ADHD-related content on TikTok, Erik also recommends visiting #adhd, @catieosaurus, @adhdeverything, @kamden_adhd, @adhadult, and @danidonovan. (Insider tip: If you feel like engaging with these content creators even more, then at the tops of their TikTok homepages, check for links to their accounts on other platforms, including their online communities on Discord). Finally, here’s a link to the incredible poem “Wild Geese” by Mary Oliver that Erik read:
January 14, 2021
Yoga And Social Media Beginners Guide: A Conversation with Kayla Kleinman - AdultFluent
I can’t wait for you to hear this episode featuring yoga teacher and social media master Kayla Kleinman. Hailing from New York City,  Kayla has used her creativity, courage, and drive to build an impressive following on social media about all things yoga and fitness. From her background in theater to her talent for combining her many interests (showtunes yoga, anyone?), I’m sure you’ll be as impressed by Kayla as I was. She is truly a light! Once you hear Kayla’s amazing story and strategies for social media success, you can connect with her on Instagram @kaylakleinman and on her blog Kayla in the City (
January 07, 2021
Learn How To Lose Weight And To Keep It Off - AdultFluent
Looking for fresh ways to lose weight and keep it off for good? Then you’ll love this week’s episode with Justin Slimm! Find out the unique perspectives that  Justin, a fitness trainer and former hockey referee, developed after losing 70 pounds in one year and that he now uses to help others take their own journey to health. He is all about keeping it real, empowerment, looking at the big picture, and getting results that last. No wonder he’s one of my favorite AdultFluent guests so far! After you soak up all of Justin’s awesome tips and strategies, you can connect with him on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok @slimmfitness, on Facebook @slimmfitnesscanada, or on his website:  Also be sure to check out his Calgary Fitness Podcast!
December 31, 2020
AdultFluent Episode 6 - Interview with Mariah Coleman
***Warning*** Please know that this week’s AdultFluent episode contains in-depth, honest discussions of addiction and homelessness, which are often overlooked during the holidays and also briefly touches on suicide and depression.  While we believe that this episode will inspire you as well as expand your awareness of these topics, if any of them are triggering for you, ,please consider this before listening.**** AdultFluent is about to get real and raw. I feel honored to present the amazingly candid and inspiring conversation that I recently shared with this week’s guest, Mariah Coleman. A survivor of addiction and homelessness, Mariah opened up to me in unflinching detail about her life as a college athlete, her path into drugs and rehab, and how she met the angel who helped her and her mother to find a home of their own again. Through it all, Mariah was open, honest, and wanted only to share her truth and what she learned along the way in order to help others.  I am sure that you will be as impressed and moved by her story as I was. To connect with Mariah, visit her on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube @lettielotoj.
December 24, 2020
AdultFluent Episode 5 - Interview with Momo Shack
I am so excited for you to experience an AdultFluent first. In this episode, I interview not one, but four guests: Daniel, Leezen, and Thang, the co-owners of Momo Shack, along with Chef Minieu. Momos - Nepalese dumplings - are at the heart of these Dallas entrepreneurs’ business, but there is so much more to their story. Find out what brought these longtime friends together and the “secret sauce” that’s making them AdultFluent and helping their brand grow. To connect with Momo Shack and all they offer, check them out on Instagram @momoshackdumplings, Facebook @momoshackhimalayandumplings, and on their website:
December 17, 2020
AdultFluent Episode 4 - Interview with Drew Ackerman
In this episode, I interview Drew Ackerman, the creator and host of the podcast Sleep With Me, one of the top two hundred in the world with over ten million downloads! Drew began this journey in 2013 with no podcast experience and by watching YouTube videos and now helps countless listeners get the good night’s sleep he believes they deserve. In our 30-minute conversation, Drew describes how he combined memories of childhood insomnia with a playful yet practical approach to his career and life that has led him to overcome setbacks and reach his own definition of success. I can’t wait for you to be as blown away by Drew’s honesty, humility, and heart as I was! After you’re done, you can connect with him on his website: or on Instagram @dearestscooter
December 10, 2020
AdultFluent Episode 3 - Interview with Michelle Kropat
Join us for the 3rd episode of AdultFluent where Michelle shares with us her amazing journey and all the things she learned along the way.
December 03, 2020
AdultFluent Episode 2 - Interview with Dr. Malik Boykin
In this episode I have an exciting conversation with Dr. Malik Boykin, currently a professor at Brown University. Dr. Boykin shares some incredible stories and perspectives with us and shares his passions. This special episode features music by Malik Starx, Dr. Boykin's stage name. As a special treat, the entirety of his song titled, “My Special One” will be played at the end of his episode.
November 26, 2020
AdultFluent Episode 1 - Interview with Maayan Gordon
In this episode I interview TikTok star, glassblower, and entrepreneur Maayan Gordon as she shares with us some incredible stories, insights and how she's overcome some major challenges in her life. 
November 17, 2020