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Millennials Making Moves: Amazing stories by Millennials to Inspire Millennials

Millennials Making Moves: Amazing stories by Millennials to Inspire Millennials

By Nicole "Dr. Nic" Rankine
Millennials Making Moves is a part of the Adulting In My Purpose™ is a movement that provides a foundation upon which Millennials can build their life based on who they are and what they believe. You will here are amazing Millennials from around the world who are making a difference and impact in their lives. Our goal is to help you discover who you are, clarify your vision, and help you develop a solid plan for adulting. Be inspired by these stories so you can be Adulting In Your Purpose.
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Adulting In My Purpose with special guest Gloria Joy Sherrod
Tune in for another amazing episode of Adulting In My Purpose as we talk to another amazing Millennial Making Moves. Gloria Joy Sherrod is a trained therapist with years of experience working with a range of diagnoses including anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and neurodevelopmental conditions. Gloria has recently moved into her passion of full-time ADHD coaching, advocacy, and education. She is additionally passionate about advocating for equity in education, access to care, and ending mental health stigma. You don't want to miss it!
June 16, 2022
Adulting In My Purpose with special guest The Infamous CPA
Join us to hear from another amazing Millennial Making moves. Brian Robinson, aka The Infamous CPA, is an entrepreneur from Chicago, that invests primarily in rental cars and real estate. After being laid off during the pandemic, he decided to become a full-time entrepreneur and has grown his car rental fleet to over 20 vehicles, and also has bought, renovated, and flipped 3 multi-family buildings over the past 3 years and is now diving into new construction. He has taught thousands how to start, automate, and scale their car rental businesses over the past two years, as well as how to Live Rent Free with Househacking. Tune in to hear about his journey. #adultinginmypurpose #millennialsmakingmoves
April 21, 2022
Adulting In My Purpose with expert Attorney Kimberley Cain
Are you a young professional or want to go into a professional career? In this episode of Ask The Expert we will hear from Attorney Kimmie Edris. Kimberly does estate planning to help families enhance their lives today and secure their future. She excels in guiding her clients through the often confusing maze of financial and legal decisions to create plans that ensure the well-being of their families and the accomplishment of cherished family goals. Tune in to hear the story of her professional journey. #adultinginmypurpose #asktheexpert
April 06, 2022
Adulting In My Purpose with Special Guest Andre Albritton
We are excited to hear from Andre Albritton founder of The Millennials Next Door. Andre is a graduate of Florida A&M University and has become a nationally recognized investing nerd who trains people on building wealth through the stock market & REITs. Andre is now a household name for ambitious millennials who are ready to reach and redefine wealth. Be sure to tune in!
March 17, 2022
Adulting In My Purpose with Dr. Nic: What to do when you are feeling stuck.
Are you feeling stuck in life or at work? You're not alone. It's a nearly universal human experience to feel stuck at some point in life. Whether in a career, relationships or even in identifying the next goal — most people will feel stuck at some point. In this episode, Dr. Nic shares a special teaching on ways you can help yourself get unstuck and get out of your rut.
March 09, 2022
Adulting In My Purpose with special guest Lisette Reiselle
In this session you will hear from personal wellness coach Lisette Resille. Lisette is a RN, Actor, Dancer, and Fitness Training. She provides great strategies about Adulting in Health and Wellness. #adultinginmypurpose #personalgrowth #health #wellness
February 23, 2022
Adulting In My Purpose with Celebrity Stylist Tim B
Join Dr. Nic talk to celebrity stylist Tim B about Adulting. Tim B is an award-winning celebrity fashion stylist, designer, creative director, and entrepreneur who has built a career reinventing some of the most powerful people in the music business through fashion and style. Born in  Buffalo, New York Tim B fell in love with fashion at an early age, Forever using fashion as a method of self-expression. Tim began to build a level of fashion notoriety while attending East High School, Realizing his natural niche, Tim continued to Buffalo State College where he laid the foundation for industry education, studying fashion merchandising all the while sketching and styling with a determination to make his mark in the fashion industry. As the adage goes “anything worth having is worth working for.” So, Tim put in work… Tune in! 
February 10, 2022
Adulting In My Purpose with special teaching from Dr. Nic
Join Dr. Nic as she talks about being intentional with your personal growth as you are adulting. When you are intentional, you choose to make decisions and take action on what’s important to you.  Being intentional means getting clear upfront about what you want to achieve. You intentionally set an intention to achieve a specific outcome or result in the future that is important to you.  This could be a goal you want to achieve or something you want to have in your life. Learn different areas of your life you need to be intentional about.  #adultinginmypurpose
August 07, 2021
Adulting In My Purpose with our Adulting Ambassadors
Join Dr. Nic and some of the Adulting Ambassadors as they have a candid conversation about this thing called Adulting.
July 28, 2021
Adulting In My Purpose with special guest Salina Jackson
Join us for another session with an amazing Millennial Making Moves. Salina Jackson is the CEO of RIA JAY, a company that creates ease for authors before, during, and after the publishing process. RIA JAY Publishing is a one-stop-shop for authors providing editing, publishing, promoting, marketing, photography, videography, custom websites, courses, and coaching. Her hope is to revolutionize the publishing industry and provide a fresh outlet for aspiring authors. Join us Wednesday, June 9th at 8 pm to hear the amazing story of the Millennial Making Moves. #adultinginmypurpose #millennialsmakingmoves
July 14, 2021
Adulting In My Purpose with special teaching from Dr. Nic
Join Dr. Nic for a special teaching as we enter into the second half of the year. Learn how to effectively build the right inner circle that will provide the support you need to finish out the next half of the year strong. We're talking about the support system you surround yourself with. We're asking who is in your circle. #adultinginmypurpose
June 15, 2021
Adulting in My Purpose with special guest Kalauna Carter
We are talking to another amazing Millennial Making Moves. In this episode, you will hear from Kalauna Carter. Kalauna is not only an Environmental Scientist but also the CEO and founder of KolorsbyK. KolorsbyK is a 100% Handmade nail polish company. Join us and hear how this Millennial Making Moves is Adulting in Her Purpose! #adultinginmypurpose
June 08, 2021
Adulting In My Purpose with Special Guest Dr. Janelle Hall
We are excited to talk to Dr. Janelle Hall about the impact of Diversity & Inclusion among Millennials. Dr. Hall creates sustainable change around diversity, inclusion, equity within the workplace. She is a devoted “people geek” who supports the growth and development of individuals; whether she’s serving as a coach, strategic advisor, supporting a change management process, facilitating team building, or developing a training program. She enjoys developing and leading diversity & inclusion strategy, focusing on organizational culture, retention, strengthening the employee experience, engagement, and partnerships. #millennials #adultinginmypurpose
May 27, 2021
Adulting In My Purpose with specials guest Shelton Dobbins
Dr. Nic is excited to talk to Shelton Dobbins, CEO, and founder of Aubrey & Bella. Shelton's company provides the perfect combination of Merchandise & Accessories Products that are all inspirational and tailored to represent you. Join us to hear from another Millennial Making Moves.
May 18, 2021
Dr Nic Celebrates 1 year of Adulting In My Purpose LIVE
A year ago Dr. Nic made the decision to start streaming Adulting In My Purpose. What a pivot move in the time of a storm. This pivot has opened so many doors since. In this episode, Dr. Nic shares her lessons learned from this past year going through the pandemic and how to change and keep moving forward. 
May 02, 2021
Adulting in My Purpose with special guest Lisa Ward
Today's Topic: Adulting with Learning Disabilities Learning disabilities are not rare. On the contrary, one in five American children has learning or attention difficulties, according to the National Center for Learning Disabilities. Lisa Ward is not only a dyslexic black female but she is also a motivational speaker, published author and founder of SECDUM Magazine and Deadline Production and mother of two adult children, grandmother of three beautiful grandbabies, and Godmother of two.  Her recently published book entitled Empowered by Disadvantages chronicles her many adversities and how these have empowered and propelled her to the many successes in her life such as establishing Deadline Production and interviewing various famous artists. Tune in to another amazing episode of Adulting In My Purpose. 
April 18, 2021
Adulting In My Purpose with Dr. Nic - Let's talk about Dreams
What is your dream? Will you achieve it in your lifetime? I’m certain that you desire to. I’m sure you hope you will. But will you actually do it?
April 09, 2021
Adulting In My Purpose: Millennials and Relationships
Jonathan & Ayanna Kilgore met as teenagers, became high school sweethearts and married while in college. They entered marriage with a lot of personal baggage and different perspectives they had to work through. As Certified Marriage Mentors & Certified Marriage and Relationship Coaches, they guide couples and individuals to strengthen their relationships and marriages.
March 25, 2021
Adulting In My Purpose with Dr. Nic Special Guest Dr. Morgan McGhee
Listen in for another session of Adulting In My Purpose. In this session, we talked to another amazing Millennial Making Moves. Dr. Morgan McGhee.  Dr. Morgan McGhee is a recent graduate of Florida A&M University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Shortly after becoming a licensed clinician, she started working as a Physical Therapist and was recently promoted to Clinic Director. She has a sincere interest in integrating her sports background and passion for healing to serve her local athletic population and underserved communities. You don't want to miss this session of Adulting In My Purpose!  #adultinginmypurpose #millennialsmakingmoves #millennials #genz
March 02, 2021
Adulting In My Purpose with Dr. Nic
Join Dr. Nic as she shares the importance of Adulting In My Purpose and why you should strive to understand your purpose in life. 
February 11, 2021
Adulting In My Purpose with special guest Jaye Washington
Tune in to listen to this amazing Millennial Making Moves. Jaye Washington shares her journey, her challenges, and her triumphs. Her inspiration and tenacity to live in her purpose are evident. Listen to her journey...
February 05, 2021
Adulting In My Purpose: Let's Talk About Mental Health and Millennials
In this episode of Ask the Expert, we hear from Dr. Elizaeth Joseph, a New York City-based clinical psychologist, therapist, and supervisor, who has spent her career working in non-profit social service and behavioral health. Currently, Dr. Joseph works as the Senior Director of Organizational Development for the Jewish Board, the largest human services agency in the state of New York. She will help us be the best we can be so we can say we are Adulting In My Purpose. 
January 28, 2021
Adulting in My Purpose with Raymond Forte: Millennials Making Moves
Raymond Forte is a preacher and teacher of the word of God in addition to being a multi-talented singer, musician, author, blogger, and entrepreneur. He is the CEO/Founder of Raymond Forte Enterprises, LLC. A for-profit enterprise specializing in music, media, and ministry established in October 2019 based in Phoenix, Arizona. He is also a published author of his first book, "Maximizing MENtally," a book that addresses the mental health crisis for men and the women who love them. He is also the host of "The Raymond Forte Podcast."
January 21, 2021
Welcome 2021! Adulting in a New Year!
Join Dr. Nic as she shares the vision for 2021 and provides a sneak peek of what is to come for Adulting In My Purpose. Also, she will share 10 strategies to have a prosperous and abundant new year. 
January 07, 2021
Adulting In My Purpose with Violet Mbitit
Violet Mbiti works with adolescents, youth, and policymakers in addressing communities Sexual Reproductive Health especially with regard to Family Planning, Unintended Teenage pregnancy, and Maternal, Newborn, Adolescent, and Youth Health. Through a great partnership, we are bringing the Adulting In My Purpose Course to the youth/Millennials of Kenya and throughout Africa.
December 31, 2020
Adulting In My Purpose : Millennials Making Moves with E. Danielle Butler
This week we hear from E. Danielle Butler, the founder of EvyDani Books, LLC an independent publishing company based in Atlanta, GA. E. Danielle Butler focuses on the publication of books by emerging authors and leaders, particularly people of color. The primary genres of EvyDani Books are devotionals, journals, memoirs, and children’s works. EvyDani Books is home to the best-selling children’s book series, The Adventures of Zoe & Zachary. Listen in to hear about this Millennial Making Moves! 
December 10, 2020
Adulting Into A New Year
We are in the last month of the year. What are you doing to prepare for 2021? What did you learn from 2020? Listen to Dr. Nic share some tips and strategies you can do to help you finish 2020 strong and even better start 2021 stronger. 
December 03, 2020
Adulting with the Right Inner Circle
You are the average of the 5 people closest to you. Who’s in your inner circle? Tune in to this Adulting In My Purpose session to learn how to create the right inner circle that will support your dreams and direction.
November 10, 2020
Adulting In My Purpose with Millennials Making Moves
In this episode, we will hear from Alex L. Brown, affectionately known as Pastor Alex, founder and Lead Pastor of Life Revolution Church in Stockbridge, GA. After serving faithfully in several ministerial capacities including Associate Pastor and Youth Pastor, God birthed Life Revolution Church through Pastor Alex in January 2013 with the vision to love the unlovable, reach the unreachable, do the unthinkable, and experience the impossible through God. Join us to hear more about this Millennial Making Moves
October 31, 2020
Adulting with Pain and Problems
Responding to bad experiences, anger, and pain, dealing with mistakes and problems, learning to face our rough time and not ignoring it, being able to release our stress, and avoid being stuck with anxiety are all very much needed in our personal growth journey. As you grow into adulthood we must learn how to effectively manage our pain because good management of bad experiences leads to great growth, In this episode of Adulting IN My Purpose, we discuss 5 strategies for Adulting with Pain and Problems. 
October 20, 2020
Adulting In the 4th Quarter
As we enter the 4th quarter of 2020, how are you going to finish out 2020? Tune in to learn some strategies to help you finish out 2020 strong.  Topic: Adulting in the 4th Quarter  Adulting In My Purpose is a movement of personal development for Millennials who want to find their purpose and live the life they were created for and desire to live.
October 06, 2020
Adulting with Passion
What are you passionate about? How can you uncover your purpose by discovering your passion? In this episode, we address these questions so you can take a look within to assess what things you are passionate able and how to turn that passion into your life's purpose.
September 19, 2020
Being a Black Millennial in America in 2020
This Week's Topic: Adulting In Racial Inequality: Being a Black Millennial in America in 2020 CALLING ALL MILLENNIALS, YOUNG PROFESSIONALS, YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS, RECENT GRADUATES, 20 & 30-year olds… When teaching self-awareness the issue of race most often always comes up in discussion. People want yo know how can they authentically go after their dreams and combat the racial inequalities and injustices that they and the black community experience. Hear from 4 amazing Millenials share their lived experiences and discuss solutions.  
June 05, 2020
Adulting With Clairty
Do I Clearly See My Dreams? When you find your ‘why,’ that is when you find your ‘way.’” Clarity of vision creates clarity of priorities. In this episode we will discuss strategies you can use to get clarity about the dreams and visions you have for your live.
May 25, 2020
Adulting During Adversity: How to remain focus during times of adversity
CALLING ALL MILLENNIALS, YOUNG PROFESSIONALS, YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS, RECENT GRADUATES, 20 & 30-year olds… Adulting can be hard but with the right strategies, resources, and guidance you can discover your purpose, align your decision to your dreams, can create the life you desire.  What if I told you that there was an answer to the following questions? • Who am I? • What is my plan for my life? • How do I stay positive when everything seems to be challenging all around me? • How do I know if I am making the right decisions? • How do I transition into adulthood successfully? • How do I understand my purpose and live a worthy life? Adulting In My Purpose Podcast was developed for you to get the answers that you seek as you work to wee, own and achieve your dreams.  Tune in every week and get some more useful and effective tools to apply to take yourself to the next level.  We should all be able to say we are Adulting In My Purpose! 
May 05, 2020