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Adventures of the Albino Rhino

Adventures of the Albino Rhino

By Albino Rhino
The podcast of DJ Matt Gwinn, THE Albino Rhino. We bring you people that are fun to talk to, and we hope are fun to listen to. Tune in every Wednesday for new stuff!
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EP 186 Remember This One With Scott Schwartz
With the amount of work it is taking to get History With Astigmatism off the ground, I have decided to re-air some of my favorite episodes from the past. So, for the next 2 - 8 weeks I'll be re-airing some of the greats and my favs. I hope you enjoy listening to these again.This was from back at the beginning of the pandemic, for reference. Home of the Rhino S.J. Network
February 16, 2022
EP 185 Remy Cashman Doesn't Care About Neil Young Either
Today we bring you returning guests Remy Cashman, she doesn't need Neil Young either. Remy's FB Home of the Rhino S.J. Network FTM Radio Real Wize Radio Audible Trial
February 09, 2022
EP184 Kent Masloski Probably Had Omicron
Anytime I want to record a fun random episode, I call my friend Kent Masloski, enjoy! Kent's FB Home of the Rhino S.j. Network FTM Radio Audible Trial
February 02, 2022
EP 183 Little Book of Stand Up With John Vorhaus
IT'S WEDNESDAY!!!! Welcome to another week of life, and another great guest, John Vorhaus. Long time writer, and really great human, he's come out with another book to help you create better. I don't wanna muddy up the episode with a nonsensical description, so that's it. There's your links below, enjoy! John's Website Home of the Rhino FTM Radio S.J. Network Audible Trial
January 26, 2022
EP 182 Just a Lil' Shorty with Dan
So this is a preview of a future episode, so, no links, no nothing, just a short episode for you to enjoy until the full one is released.
January 19, 2022
EP 181 Marc is Hovering Up Killers
Today we get to bring you the host of the podcast Catch My Killer, Marc Hoover. His show is great, if you can say that about such a dark topic. Not only does he bring you great episodes with suspenseful stories, but he brings you the people closest to the crime. The impact this has is immense, sure John Walsh begs you to find criminals and bring them to justice, but it's just not as effective as Marc. Hearing from siblings and friends, really lends to the need to look out. Who knows, your neighbor could be a murderer. Enjoy! Catch a Killer Home of the Rhino FTM Radio S.J. Network Audible Trial
January 12, 2022
EP 180 Deck the Halls With Stephanie Hall
Ok, so maybe the Holiday Season is over, but it's easy to keep that cheery spirit when talking to Stephanie Hall. A hilarious comedian and a wonderful show runner, she's not only a returning guest, but also someone I consider a friend. I hope you enjoy this episode, and have a great year! Stephanie's FB FTM Radio Home of the Rhino Audible Trial S.J. Network
January 05, 2022
EP 179 Merry Festivus and Stuff
MERRY CHRISTMAS ABD STUFF, there are a lot of different holidays that are celebrated around now, I don't care which tradition you follow, I just hope you have a wonderful end of the year, and wish you nothing but the best. House music is international, so no matter where you're from, or what you profess, we can all love House music. Enjoy! FTM Radio Home of the Albino
December 24, 2021
EP 178 Shanna Toft Ain't Soft
Today we bring you Shanna Toft, and actress whom we will definitely be following. I suggest you do the same. Remember, season three starts in January, hope to see you there. Shanna's IMDB Home of the Rhino Audible Trial S.J. Network
December 15, 2021
EP 177 Josh Christian Azali
Today I bring you Josh Christian Azali, an young actor determined to be the best he can be. I see a bright future on his horizon. I hope you enjoy this and the rest of the episodes for the year. Hopefully this will be a wonderful joyous month for each and every one of you.  Home of the Rhino S.J. Network
December 01, 2021
EP 176 Brett is Singing All The Way to the Bank
Today we bring you Brett Singer, he's a great comedian and good guy, plus he's not named Kyle, as that would create questions about him being a "good guy."
October 29, 2021
EP 175 Number 2 With Katie Blu
I enjoy how easy it is to rhyme things with Katie's name, it really makes it easy for a lazy guy like me to make titles for her episodes. Regardless of that awesome fact, she's back, and we again discuss Liquid Sky, we were supposed to watch, but the only version that could be found was probably as awful as it always was, I was just used to it, being old and living through the VHS days. I had so many episodes of MacGuyver, but that's not the point, even though we didn't get to both watch the movie, this was still a great episode. Go find this individual, it's more than worth it.
October 16, 2021
EP 174 The Comedian and Titan Atlas Novack
This is the 8th time I've done this. Grrrrrrr, enjoy the episode though, I did. Generation Dan The Twitter The Instagram Home of the Rhino S.J. Network
October 09, 2021
EP 173 Spicin It Up With Marc Morales
today we bring you film extraordinaire Marc Morales. Guess what we do? We talk about stuff and have fun, so enjoy. It's Crazy Out There  Home of the Rhino FTM Radio S.J. Network
October 01, 2021
What My Set Should've Been
Thursday night I messed up, and bombed a live set pretty bad. Last night I recorded it again, and it's what it should've been. This I can be proud of, I apologize to anyone who heard that other mess.
September 25, 2021
EP 172 Zannah Weiss is Definitely Noice
Welcome and enjoy, today we bring you Hannah Weiss, a great comedian of good repute. Find her on IG and Twitter @ZannahWeiss Home of the Rhino Find me at FTM Radio UK S.J. Network
September 24, 2021
EP 171 Matt G and Me, The Almost Lost Episode
This was a fun episode for real, and when I thought I had lost it due to a recording error I almost punch my Mac all Kyle style. I will be happy to report that I did not destroy my Mac in a Monster fueled rage, I was just kinda drunk at the end and didn't realize where I cut off the recording. So I also have no idea where this ends because I never listen to my show. Regardless, the guest today, Comedian Matt G, was a fun guy to talk to, there were technical difficulties; but you're used to that, and if you are new, well, there it is.Make sure you check Matt out, he's been in the game for a while, and it's worth it.Enjoy! Matt's FB     Paramus, NJ
September 14, 2021
EP 170 Smather That Jelly All Over Your Body
HAPPY Labor Day, if you're one of us wild Americans, today we definitely bring you a wild one, comedian Corey Smathers. We have a great time talking about all kinds of stuff, I know ghosts are in there somewhere. It's fun times, so go to Facebook and look up my man Corey Smathers and enjoy.
September 06, 2021
EP 169 Smoove Part Deux
This wonderful Monday we bring you the hilarious Rickysmoove Morris. Today is just a lil shorty, so enjoy! Home of the Rhino S.J. Network
August 30, 2021
FTM radio 8-26-21
In an attempt to provide the most enjoyment I can, even though Anchor has given me an opportunity to mnoize my content even farther, I have decided to keep everything free. In the future I will be offering a subscription service, but only after I can make sure that the content provided is writ the cost. Until then you can book me for virtual events ,here is no reason I ca'n DJ your event from a distance. I am also performing live and in person when available. With everything going on , it will take me about a month to get the website completely updated, but once it is, PLEASE LET ME PLAY MUSIC FOR YOUR EVENT I don't just play dance music, let me know what you need and we can make it happen. until then, enjoy! Track 1 is NSFW or children, peace love and chicken grease.
August 27, 2021
EP 168 Season 2 Begins With Katie Blu
To kick off season 2 we bring you the hilarious comedian Katie Blu.
August 23, 2021
Here's your announce meant, sorry it's late I passed out drunk/ Either way, this Sunday, I will be beginning a residency on FTM Radio. Every Sunday Fromm 8 PM EST to 10 PM EST I will be banging out.some great dance music for everyone to enjoy. For those of you that are already here, here is a preview of Sunday's set. FTM Radio     FTM Facebook Home of the Rhino S.J. Network
August 10, 2021
EP 167 The Olson's Project in Bravery
And, we're back. That was a good break, I guess, but it's good to be back in the saddle again. This week we bring you Lisa and David Olson, two authors who wrote a great book honoring the mean and women of our military. It's been a long time since this was recorded, so I hope you enjoy it, I'm pretty sure this is a good one. ;)
July 31, 2021
EP 166 John Vorhous Isn't Jason's Brother, but He Still Kills It
So I know I'm late, I got caught up in a crazy day yesterday sorry. The guest today though will, by far, make up for it. John Vorhaus isn't just a really funny guy, he's also a great author who has decided to try and make as many people as he can as funny as they hope to be. With books such as The Comic Toolbox: How to be Funny Even if YOu're Not, The Little Book of Sitcom, and a collection of his first year as an artist called A White Belt in Art, he's already written a lot. He's even written a book about poker called Decide to Play Great Poker after making it to the final table of the WPT for the hell of it. He's got a new book coming out, once editing and what not is finished, called the Little Book of Stand Up, so keep an eye out for that, and in the meantime, enjoy! John's Website Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
July 07, 2021
EP 165 Steven Phillips Ain't No Peach, But He's Shaped Like One
So, in case you weren't aware, we've changed release days to Tuesdays and Thursdays, and this Tuesday we bring you a host of the Atlanta morning show The Morning Dish on WJUL 99.7 FM. I mean, it's gotta be nice to not have to worry about the FCC for once, and I had a lot of fun talking to him. Things kind of got a little intense for a second, but, it happens I guess. Either way this was definitely great episode, and after appearing on his radio show, I can honestly say that it's worth a listen. Yeah, just in case you weren't aware, you can listen to terrestrial radio n the internet! Cool huh? Steven's Facebook     The Dish's YouTube Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
June 29, 2021
EP 164 The Great and Illustrious Stephanie Hall.
The title of this episode says it all, I don't need a description. Enjoy some Stephanie Hall! Comics Croen Booking Email her at: Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
June 24, 2021
Yet Another 4th of July Preview
Here we are getting one step closer to the 4th of July. To further entice, here's some nice, House music. Home of the Rhino
June 22, 2021
EP163 Marty Fidelman is Pretty Great
You know, we always bring you great people, and today is no different. Marty Fidelman is a pretty good comic and a pretty nice fella to boot. So, once your done ingesting this audio goodness, go check him out, website listed below. Enjoy! Marty's Website Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial 
June 22, 2021
EP 162 Bruce Lipsky is a Really Nice Guy from Long Island
Lucky you, you get the abbreviated version, because Safari crashed. Bruce Lipsky is a comedian from Long Island, and he's nice, just don't ask his wife. He's pretty dang good for only starting like 3 years ago, so check him out. Enjoy! Bruce's Website FaceBook Instagram TWITTER!!!!! Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
June 17, 2021
4th of July Preview
Hey so, just to entice people little more, this is a preview of some of the House, Drum and Bass, Jungle, Trance, Dubstep, and Hip-Hop that I will be playing at the "Shutdown on Cecil." The 4th of July is gonna be popping around here, and hopefully you come ready!
June 16, 2021
EP 161 This Guy Will Save Your Life
Today we get another great guest, are you surprised? Today we get to bring you DJ and Producer, Michael Armagost. This guy was great, I had a really good time, so you should too. His podcast, Next 2 The Lamp, is pretty great too, you should definitely check that out after this episode concludes. Also, if you get the title of the episode, you had a great life around the turn of the century. Have fun, and enjoy! Next 2 The Lamp FB     Next 2 The Lamp Instagram Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
June 14, 2021
I Wasn't Even Drunk!
This is the first two sober hours of music I've ever participated in I think. There's some Funky House, some Deep House, even some Tech House. This shit gets good! Enjoy!
June 10, 2021
EP 160 Ben Bartlett and I Talk to Another Guy, His CO-Host I Think
Look I seriously lost everything I had to prep for this description, but I lost the emails too, like seriously it's all gone. WTF????? Am I seriously this disorganized now? Apparently. So I'll included links when I get em, until then, enjoy!
June 10, 2021
Funky House Done Completely Sober
The title says it all, enjoy!
June 08, 2021
EP 159 The Nicest Wood Lady in Canada
Sherry Nelson is awesome, that's the easiest way to describe her. She's been in Maxim Magazine, April and May 2020, sold the shit outta some wood, and sells the crap outta liquor now. Her life has been a huge adventure, and we dig that.Make sure you check her out, she's everywhere, I promise you won't be unhappy with that choice. Enjoy! Sherry's FB     IG     Twitter Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
June 08, 2021
EP 158 Einar Haraldsson is Nicer Than Anyone You Know
What else is there to say about this awesome guest, other than if American Police were like Einar, there would be a lot less death on their part. Yeah, that's kind of a political statement, but it's true. Icelandic Police don't even carry guns, 'cause they don't need to. Now Einar Haraldsson is an actor in Iceland, entertaining the probably 5 people he had to have locked up during his illustrious career as a Law Enforcement Officer. Either way, this is a great shorty, sorry it's a day late, but it's a bonus episode. Enjoy! Einar's Facebook     IG Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial 
June 05, 2021
EP 157 The Queen of the Spanish Africans
Today we bring you a truly wonderful human being. I'm not really sure if Nini Ndongo really is a Queen or not, but she could be. She's definitely one of the most interesting people that I've have the chance to talk to and I hope that comes through in this episode. So sit back, relax, and enjoy! Nini's IG Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
June 02, 2021
EP 156 Chuy Isn't Chewy
Happy Memorial Day, it's May 31st, we have survived another month. Today we get to bring you another returning guest, who has a great show himself, the Screaming Chuy Show. Plus, Chuy Paz is just a fun guy, enjoy! Screaming Linktree Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
May 31, 2021
EP 155 You Too Can Watch Bad Movies With Nick Taber
Today we bring you another great podcast host, Nick Taber.  He hosts the Movie Theater Time Machine Podcast which you should definitely check out.I had a lot of fun on this episode, you even get to find out how much I love Police Academy.. Movie Theater Time Machine Honest Fitness Talk with Nick Taber Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
May 26, 2021
It's Not a Fishing Book, It's Campy
In episode 154 we got to sit down with Podcast Host and Author, Wendy Kok. Her book A Grey Resort is an exciting paranormal adventure at a Wisconsin camp. Her podcast is pretty great, I mean it's also a member of the S.J. Network, A Juicy Pear Podcast even has a co-host who nearly died of an aunueysnm. After you consume this episode make sure you go check out Wendy's stuff eh? Enjoy!  Wendy's Author Page Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial 
May 24, 2021
Talk About a Bonus!
Seriously, OBS is a pain in the rear, so since I can't give is to you live, yet, here it is. No track list, just like a live performance, what I can tell you is this is two hours of House, Trance, Drum and Bass , and Hip Hop all mixed together into a fun journey. Enjoy!
May 23, 2021
EP 153 MDK All The Way
SO this is take two, go figure that it's going to be shorter with less links. and you have no one to thank. Kevin H. Brady is hilarious, his new podcast MDK Squad Pod is awesome, here's his Twitter and IG to get you going after this episode. Enjoy! Home of the Rhino S.J. Netwrok Audible Trial
May 22, 2021
EP 152 Mark is Dirty
Mark Solis is a pretty dirty dude, go check him out! Mark's Facebook Home of the Rhino S.j. Network Audible Trial
May 15, 2021
EP 151 Dylan is the King
Happy Sunday, this will be the release day for the month of May, and today I bring you comedian Dylan King. Enjoy! Dylan's Facebbok Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
May 09, 2021
This Is How I Feel In Your House
Meet the new series to replace LWFTS, and to kick it off, here's 3 hours of House and Trance music. Enjoy! Home of the Rhino
May 02, 2021
EP 150 With Nick Lindeman and Crew
I'm not really sure if there is a crew, but there definitely is a Nick. Enjoy! Nick's Facebook Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
May 02, 2021
EP 149 LWFTS I ExperincedThe New. Haack Attach
I would like to introduce you to a new animator named Henry Haack. He's trying to introduce a completely new style of animation and podcast cross I haven't seen before. Although this will be the last Monday episode for a while, and it's short, Henry is definitely worth a follow. Enjoy! Sprtoc's YouTube      Sprtoc's Twitter     New Grounds Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
April 19, 2021
EP 148 Wilfredo the Wize Isn't a Wizard, or IS he?
Today we bring you the great Wine el Jeffe, Wilfredo Otero.You can check him out on his podcast, Stuck in my Mind, and also at There'll be clickable links below, I think. So sit back and enjoy, and got to check out the Real Wize, enjoy! Real Wize Radio Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
April 16, 2021
EP 147 Remy Cashman is Literally One of my Favorite People
Some people in this world just kick ass, Remy Cashman is one of those people. She's incredibly funny and warmly dark, this is her second appearance on the show and I hope that she is back again soon. Enjoy! Remy's Facebook Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
April 14, 2021
EP 146 Marty Fidelman and the Tulips of Denmark or Something
Well, somehow we're still here, and today we bring you the great Marty Fidelman. I know it's not even close to the normal LWFTS series I usually run on Mondays, but this will be well worth it. I hope you folks enjoy! Marty's Website     Facebook     Instagram     Twitter Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
April 12, 2021
EP 142 Two Rednecks Getting By Nicely
Whew, welcome to April, and I would love to introduce you to William Walley, the host of The World of Walley. A fellow member of the S.J. Network, and a pretty wonderful guy, this was a pretty fun episode, so I really hope you enjoy it. Cheers! World of Walley FB     Instagram      Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
April 02, 2021
EP 141 Steve Goldberg Likes Goldfishes
Today we bring you another wonderful comedian. Steve Goldberg, of New Jersey, is a pretty great guy. Sometimes people like snacks, and I guess you'll have to listen to find out if he really does like Goldfishes. Enjoy! Steve's Facebook     Steve's Twitter Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
March 31, 2021
EP 139 Soness Stevens is So Bubbly That Champagne Gets Jealous
I really think today's guest is a really special human. She's incredibly kind and bubbly, and it's pretty hard to have a frown around her. Not that I've ever been around Soness Stevens, I mean she lives in Tokyo, Japan, but I have been speaking with her for quite a while, and every interaction has been awesome. I can't think of anyone who has said anything but glowing things about her, except her ex-husband, and screw that guy. She host writing sessions for other comedians all around the world, has done TED Talks, and is a well respected voice over actress. Needless to say that there is a MASSIVE amount of content out there she has created for you to consume. Also, if you are a comedian, make sure you check out her Stand-up Writing Mastermind Group, the one time I participated because I had a story I was kinda stuck on, I got farther than I had in 3 months, in just 30 minutes. So, enjoy! Stand-up Writing Mastermind     TED Talks and Coaching     Soness's Instagram Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
March 30, 2021
EP 138 An Authorized LWFTS With Justin Herman
Ok, so this isn't a REAL Savannah episode, but it was definitely could've been. Justin Herman is a great comedian from NY, plus he's also a writer and producer. A man of many hats eh? Needless to say it was a really was a great time, and a fun conversation, so I really hope that you enjoy it, and once you're done here, go check out Justin's stuff, there's certainly enough to keep you busy for a while. Cheers! Justin's Website Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
March 29, 2021
EP 137 Joe Laniel is Hilare
What do I need to say about Joe Laniel being a French-Canadian comedian? Do I need to tell you he's funny, or nice? Nope, at this point I don't Think I need to, so enjoy! Joe's Facebook      Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
March 28, 2021
EP 136 It's Ben not Benji
Here's a great shorty for you, Ben is a great comic and person, although he says he's a bad Jew, I don't think I believe him. I certainly like him, so there's that. He's got a lot of content for you, so enjoy! Bad JewJew Spotify     Facebook     Instagram     Twitter Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
March 27, 2021
EP 135 Aubrey Logan Plays a Mean Trombone
Today we great the pleasure of introducing you to the amazing Aubrey Logan. There's no real point in explaining how awesome she is, the episode will do that by it's-self. What I want to reiterate again, is just how awesome her music is. She's going to be one of the Jazz greats that will be talked about for a long time.I'm super happy to have met her, and I really hope you pre-order her new album "Standard", I have. I've heard the first track off of this album and it's absolutely perfect, not to mention you can see her progression as a musician in just her first three albums, that's just rare of someone so young. She's good, really good, enjoy! Aubrey's Website Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
March 26, 2021
EP 134 Ellen Wesley M.D. is Way Cooler Than Doogie Houser M.D.
Today we bring you an awesome human being. An ER doctor in Chicago, and comedian, and stuff, Ellen Wesley is the hero we need. She's great and has plenty of content, both medical and funny, for you to consume, so when you get done enjoying this, make sure you check out her stuffs. Oh, and she has good COVID advice, so there's that too. Enjoy! Ellen's IG Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
March 25, 2021
EP 133 Today We Have Duante Barnett But No Notes
Today we bring back comedian Duante Barnett, and of course I have no freakin notes so, click the links and enjoy! SuitMan Productions Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
March 24, 2021
EP 132 Two Matts, One is Strikingly Nice
Today we bring you comedian and podcaster, Matt Struck. His show, Really Late Night with Matt Struck is pretty stellar, and this is one that if you don't check out, you'll never know how sorry you are. So enjoy this episode, and then go dig into Matt's show, everyone knows Matt's are generally awesome, so why wouldn't his show be too? Enjoy! Really Late Night with Matt Struck Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
March 23, 2021
EP 131 LWFTS With Andrew vs. Dru B
This man does everything, I mean seriously everything. Andrew vs. Dru B promotes, raps, and attempts to elevate all those around him. I'm really excited for the show on the 3rd in Newark, hope I get to go lol. Either way you should, these are some killers hitting the stage that night. Having performed at 2 shows he's produced already I know it'll be a great time. So enjoy this shorty, and get your tickets to the show, then go check out my man's music, enjoy! Andrew vs Dru B's Facebook     Music     Fairly New Comic Contest Tickets Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
March 22, 2021
EP 130 Hangin' With Sammie James
Today we bring you some one who is dedicated to her art and mission. Sammie James is a great comedian, hosts a really cool online comedy show, and surprise, also has a podcast. The best part is that I could read some of my handwriting on my notes for this episode so there is even more for you to discover than what is linked below. So after you check this out, go check her stuff out, there's a lot. Enjoy! Sammie's Facebook     Comedy Facebook     We Are Trans Facebook     Boo Ha Ha Podcast     Sammie's Twitter Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
March 21, 2021
EP 129 On April 1st Brandon Johnson Will Turn Into a Pumpkin
I am willing to accept that there are some good people in Pittsburg, but not many. Brandon Johnson happens to be one of those people. He also happens to be a good comedian, shocking. Hopefully he doesn't turn into a pumpkin before his show on April 1st, and I could be wrong about the pumpkin thing, so I guess we'll see. In case he doesn't make sure you check all his socials out so you can stay up to date where he is performing. Enjoy! Brandon's Facebook     Instagram     YouTube Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
March 20, 2021
EP 128 The Unstoppable Bingemaster Chris Rutter
The length of this episode says pretty much everything, meaning either it's really awful or it's really freakin awesome. Since Chris Rutter of the What's Your F'n Binge podcast is involved, I''m pretty sure it's the second possibility. Chris's show is really fun, listening to him trying to figure out what people are watching is hilarious, and he's honestly, pretty good at it. So, as usual, I hope you enjoy this episode and then go enjoy some Rutter. What's Your F'n Binge Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
March 19, 2021
EP 127 There's Soup For Everyone
What do I want you to know about Duante Barnett? He's an awesome Comedian who is really doing some cool things with his company Suitman Productions. I'm really happy to have gotten him back on after the "Zoom party" episode, he definitely deserved his own time. I had fun, and I hope you enjoy! Suitman Comedy     YouTube Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
March 18, 2021
EP 126 Goin' to Hollywood With These Guys' Podcast
It's Wednesday, today we are bringing you a great pair of guests, who also host their own podcast.That podcast is Goin' Hollywood, and they're there. Enjoy. Goin' Hollywood Linktree Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
March 17, 2021
EP 125 Jana Kelly Is Really Making Moves
Today we bring you not only a comedian, but someone really working hard for their future. Jana Kelly is great comedian, and a wonderful human being. She's working to bring homelessness into the forefront of the popular consciousness, and make you laugh while she does it. She was a great guest and I would recommend giving her a follow. Also, make sure you check out Meekism, it's a really great charity to work with. Jana's Facebook     Meekism  Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
March 16, 2021
EP 124 LWFTS Kent Masloski Comes Back Again
My man Kent on for the third time, always ready to fill in. I'm pretty grateful to have friends like that. Enjoy our discussion from last Saturday, and then go check out his podcast. Better Call Saul Before Breaking Bad Kent's Photography Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
March 15, 2021
EP 123 It's Ollie South, Any Other Direction Wouldn't Do
So today we bring you Ollie South. Although he's also a member of the military, this guy is nothing like Ollie North. I don't see him selling guns to Iran, just sayin. Enjoy! Ollie Links's  Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
March 14, 2021
EP 122 The Multiple Facets of Michael Simmons
The man does it all, especially rap and act. Michael Simmons is yet another awesome gent to come out of the ATL, and he represents his city well. I have a deep fondness for Atlanta, and now I do for Mike too. I really enjoyed talking to him and can't wait for you to hear it too. Enjoy! Music Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
March 13, 2021
EP 121 The 80's Were Great, Ask Bruce Starr
This wonderful Friday we bring you Bruce Starr, the man dedicated to remind you how awesome the 80's were for comedy. I'm not going to spend a lot of time trying to talk him up, don't need to, and you'll soon see why. Enjoy! 80's Golden Age of Comedy Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
March 12, 2021
EP 120 It's Not Appropriation, Matt Lopez Was Adopted
I really like everything about Matty B, he's just great. His open mic for those of us with weird schedules, every Monday morning at 11 am EST, is not only good by it's-self, but also on now of the top platforms, Rampantly. Matty B's Morning Mic is perfect for anyone who really can't make it anywhere at night, or you just want to start you day with some jokes. I had a good time, and I really hope you enjoy. Once you enjoy this, go enjoy Matty B! Matt's FaceBook     Instagram     Rampantly Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
March 11, 2021
EP 119 Emily Paige Be Teaching People Stuff
Woo hoo, what a good episode with a great comic and a clearly wonderful human being. Emily Paige gives her sanity to a room of children everyday, and then lets out her frustrations on stage later. I'm just kidding, she really seems to love both teaching and comedy. She's super active, and has shows online almost constantly, so make sure you check her stuff out. Enjoy! Emily's IG     Twitter Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
March 10, 2021
EP 118 Chris Kidder Hits the Corner Every Week for Jokes
Today we bring you another awesome comedian, Chris Kidder of LA is hilarious. He's not "working the corner, " but Kidder's Comedy Corner on YouTube will leave your stomach hurting. Not out of sickness, but side splitting laughter. Makes sure you give this guy a follow, you won't be disappointed. Enjoy! Kidder's Comedy Corner     Kidder's Website with Socials Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
March 09, 2021
EP 117 LWFTS With Halima Abshir and Chris Toyloy
Last Saturday I had two of Columbus's best come out to record this gem for your ears. Halima Abshir and Chris Toyloy are probably two of the most wonderful comedians in Columbus right now, and I was grateful they made the trip. They are performing almost every night, so you have plenty of chances to see them. Halima Abshir     Chris Toyloy Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
March 08, 2021
EP 116 Rob Jessie Rawks the Night Away
Whew, March 7th has come faster than I thought it would, but here we are, and today I bring you Rob Jessie. A hip hop minded comedian from Cali, as with all of our guests he was great to talk to. Plus he has a Linktree, so adding his links to this description will not only be easy for me, but also easy for you to follow Rob. So after you enjoy this, dig into that tree, there's a lot there. Enjoy! Rob's Linktree Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
March 07, 2021
EP 115 Elvin Maglinte is No Keebler
Today is shorty but a goody, kind of like our guest today, and no I'm not calling him an elf. Elvin Maglinte is a comedian and podcaster, not someone who bakes great cookies. He might make good cookies, but that's not relevant to his comedy or his podcast. He hosts the show Where's My Damn Podcast, and it's available all over the place, and definitely worth a check out once your done here. Make sure you go over to his YouTube page and subscribe to that too. Enjoy! Elvin's Facebook     Instagram     YouTube     Podcast Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
March 06, 2021
EP Thomas is Not a Tank Engine
Today we bring you Thomas Ferranti, an extremely talented actor and voice actor in the L.A. area. This was a really really fun episode to record, hence why I didn't drag out the intro this time. I'm not going to drag out the description either, enjoy! Thomas's Facebook  Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
March 05, 2021
Ep 113 This is the Silly Side of Brent Sills
WE HAVE DEFINITELY LOST OUR MINDS, ok maybe not, but probably have. This being March 4th, this is the 4th episode of the March Madness series. Today we bring you the owner of the Canadian Silly Side Comedy Club located in Cambridge, Ontario who goes by the name Brent Sills. We're going to assume that's his real name, and you should make sure you follow his antics. Not only does he do comedy for an actual audience, but he is also broadcasting over zoom, so you can be anywhere and get a ticket to watch, GENIUS! There is a show coming up on the 8th of March, definitely gotta check that out. Silly Side Facebook     Instagram     YouTube Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
March 04, 2021
EP 112 There's a Need for Rasheed Wesley
Happy March 3rd! I had a lot of fun recording this episode with Rasheed, a comic from outside Philly, he also doesn't like cheese whiz. Good man. He's pretty funny too, so you might just want to go and check him out too, after your ears enjoy this. Thanks! Rasheed's Facebook Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
March 03, 2021
EP 111 LNH Studios and The Horn
THIS IS MADNESS! Not really, I'm just crazy. My guest today isn't though, well, they might be. LNH Studios was a great group of people to talk to, and the fact they made a movie that you can watch for free right now on YouTube just makes them even cooler. These comedians and film-makers are determined to entertain, so enjoy this and then enjoy them. LNH Studios     Beware the Horn Movie    Late Night Hump Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
March 02, 2021
EP 110 LWFTS Josh Lynch is Laughing at MS
Last Saturday I got to sit down with Missouri comedian Josh Lynch, and it was a blast. He is throwing 3 shows this month to create donations for the National MS Society and Walk MS. Marchis MS awareness month, and since Josh has it, I'm pretty sure he knows what he's talking about. You don't have to be in Missouri to watch as they will be aired live on Zoom. So make sure you give josh a follow and help out his shows, and enjoy! Josh's Facebook March 7th Show March 13th Show March 20th Show Story time With Lynch Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
March 01, 2021
EP 109 Tim McLaughlin Has a Nice Beard
Today I get to sit down with California (edit) based actor TimMcLaughlin. Not only is he a great guy, but he was wonderful to talk to. Make sure you click his links and give him a follow, at the minimum you'll get to see that mighty fine beard. Tim's Facebook Instagram Modeling Resume iMDB Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
March 01, 2021
EP 108 You Don't Have to Wait for Scotty Waite
Well, I'm happy to bring you another fun episode, with another comedian. This time we bring you Scotty Waite. Sorry about the weird edit at the end, but you'll just have to wonder what I removed. Maybe I didn't remove anything, guess you'll find out. Enjoy! Scotty's FB     YouTube     IG     Twitter Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
February 24, 2021
EP 107 LWFTS With Don Smith
Last weekend on the savannah I got to sit down with Don Smith of The Life Radio Show. We had a great time, and after you enjoy this ball of awesome, make sure you go.check out his special event on the 24TH of February/ Enjoy! The Life Facebook     Website     ALL THE EPISODES!     Twitter      Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
February 22, 2021
EP 106 The Mac is Back
Comedian James Mac returns to talk about his gameshow, Wingin It, which is now in it's 2nd season. You need to follow this guy, his shows are great and he's just a nice guy. You can find his game show on 10 different platforms, including Pandora! Enjoy! The Mac's FB     IG     YouTube     Eventbrite     Website     Wingin It on Spotify Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
February 19, 2021
EP 105 Fine as Wine With Darron Finesilver
Today is gonna be a crazy day, and this episode with Darron Finesilver was crazy, crazy good. I promise it'll slide in your ears smooth as silk. Darron is a great comedian, and an awesome guest. I really hope y'all enjoy this episode, sorry for a shorter description than usual, but I gotta go! Darron's Facebook Page     Instagram     YouTube      Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
February 17, 2021
EP 104 LWFTS With Chris Johnson
It's Monday February 15th and last Saturday I got to sit down with Cap City Comics owner and comedian, Chris Johnson. He also helped me retrieve my vehicle on the side of the highway, which I am extremely grateful for. Obviously Kris is a great dude, and I wish we had recorded the conversation we had while we went on the adventure to return my vehicle home.Alas, we did not, but what we did record was pretty good, I'm definitely pleased, I really hope you enjoy this episode, have a great week. Cap City Comics Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
February 15, 2021
EP 103 Geoff Dale Wrote a Book
Today I get to sit down with a really cool author. Geoff Dale and I spend a lot of time talking about the stooges, since that IS what his book is about. Well, Shemp mostly, and I knew he was awesome, but never knew this much about him. Most people aren't even aware Shemp exists, well now you do. You're welcome. Geoff's FB  Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
February 12, 2021
EP 102 Dewayne White is Clean AF
Yay, here we are, it's February, and we're all still alive. I think, that's an accomplishment. Today we get to sit down with DC comic Dewayne White. He's not only a veteran comic, but also a veteran. He has shows and a lot stuff you can dive into, we'll include some in the description here. Enjoy them, and enjoy this. Dewayne's FB     DDUB Comedy Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
February 10, 2021
Episode 101: LWFTS A Magical Saturday With Michael Kent
Saturday I got to sit down with Michael Kent, I wish it was in person, but COVID. Either way, we had a great time. You can catch Michael every Monday on his podcast, Tell Me What to Google, and every Tuesday night live on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch for his s˙ow Joke, Story, Trick. We cover a lot, and I can't wait to go on his show. Until you get to enjoy that, enjoy this. Michael's Facebook     Instagram     Twitter     Website Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
February 08, 2021
Ep: 100 Yodeling With Grant Yoder
I am extremely grateful to have made it to 100, and I'm grateful for the guest I got to have on. Grant Yoder is a great comic, and his new podcast should be out called the Ravine. I'm not going to spit out some long description today, just want to say thanks again, and enjoy! The Ravine Pod     Instagram Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
February 05, 2021
Chrissy Cipher Ain't Worried About no Groundhog
Today we get to sit down with a wonderful guest, a fellow podcaster with an awesome show. Chrissy is a person who just wants to help people, and her show is an extension of that desire. Make sure you hop over and check her show out, after you enjoy this episode! Chrissy's Website     Instagram Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
February 03, 2021
Last Weekend in the Savannah I Burned Some Shit
Today we are doing something a little different, no guest. These are my favorite live bits performed in 2020, and I really hope you at least get some giggles from them. I wanted to release this for free so the most people could enjoy it as possible. If you do enjoy this episode, please consider navigating over tour Anchor page and dropping some listener support. Thanks for listening. Listener Support Thanks, in no specific order, to: Andrew Bryant, 30 and a Story Series                                                 Jimmy Thorneberry, Laughing Stalk Comedy Show                                                 Lori Graves, Stockroom 601                                                 Lukas Mateus and Trisha Collins, Shrunken Head Anchor Ad Intro/ Thanks Fucking Some Elephants to Fight Depression No Cancer for Me Please Fried Chicken with a Side of Sunscreen and Corona I'm Not Sick, Physically Don't Rub Me Bro African Unicorn Poaching Take It Away from the Hub Famous Albinos vs. the Peckerwoods Pinky and The Brain My Wife Doesn't Think I'm Funny Fat Susie vs. the Student of the Month The Vet Side Effects of Trapped and Caged Rhinos Perils of a Pandemic Family Vacation My Daughter Ruined the Hallmark Channel Burritoed in Albuquerque Being a Parent Capitol Crimes Light me Penis Outro Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Ad
February 01, 2021
Magus Elgar Will Save Us All
Kennedy Phillips is a sound guy, a really cool sound guy. he's assisted in the production of everything from cartoons on Adult Swim to commercials. He has also created his own audio drama called Magus Elgar, and I recommend it. This is the third time I've had to do this, so after the episode. enjoy these links. Magus Elgar     FaceBook     Twitter     Instagram     Soundcloud     YouTube Kennedy's IMDB     Kennedy's Website Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
January 29, 2021
Smoove as a Baby's Bottom
Today we bring you another fun guy from the comedy world. Ricky Smoove Morris is definitely fun, a roast master and kind of weird stuff, he's sure to entertain. I had a lot of fun recording this episode, and I hope you enjoy it. RickeySmoove FB Home of the Rhino S.J. Nework Audible Trial
January 27, 2021
TFTS 7: Flat Earth Dave Bent my Brain
Today I get to talk to a very special guest. I have a very inquisitive brain, and I enjoy having it bent. David Weiss definitely did that. Since 6th grade I have felt that nothing is impossible, it's probably some kind of mental disorder, but I run with it, it makes life more interesting. Dave has a podcast, called the Flat Earth Podcast, now I have to check that out, here I go down this rabbit hole! He also has an app that you can use to start your own research from, it's available for both iOS, and Google Play. I'm pretty happy I got to talk Dave an d I hope you enjoy! Flat Earth Podcast         YouTube         The App           FaceBook        Old Ruth Speaks Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
January 25, 2021
What Would Wil Wilson Say?
Today we bring you Wil Wilson, an actor from America's heartland, I enjoyed talking to him. He's a laid back guy, who doesn't like Pedophiles. He's not one of those weird Q people, the stuff he says actually makes sense. Although let's be honest, if I say it makes sense, you may want to check for yourself. Regardless, enjoy! Wil's FaceBook       IMDB Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
January 22, 2021
Ralph Anthony is a Good Man and Thorough
Today we bring you yet another comedian, and as usual, I really enjoyed talking to him. Ralph Anthony is a comic in the NY area who has been busting it out for 8 years now. He's a very thorough man, and we definitely recommend following him as you won't be displeased. He's appeared on many shows with the likes of Dat Phan and more! I hope you enjoy this episode, I sure did. Ralph's FaceBook     Twitter     Instagram     YouTube Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
January 20, 2021
LWFTS 6 My Wife Pops Her Cherry With 4 Comics
Sometimes things don't work out as you want, so you improvise. I ambush my wife with 4 comics. Chipp Jones, Kent Masloskie, Duante (Dante) Barnett, and I kick it with my wife, Branna Gwinn, in her podcast debut. We get silly and just have fun, it was about a random as anyone could hope for.
January 18, 2021
They Aren't Lawyers, and They Shouldn't Be
These guys were incredibly fun to talk to, and honestly, their podcast is just as fun to listen to. The Law Offices of Quibble, Squabble, and Bicker is a really good podcast, Matt and his two friends are really fun to listen to. Make sure you go to their website and check them out after you listen to this. Enjoy! Quibble, Squabble, and Bicker                  FaceBook Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
January 15, 2021
I have been wanting to get this comedian on the podcast for a while.  I absolutely love Thailand, it's food, and everyone I've ever met from there. It also seems like there might be an issue, but, I'll just hide out in Jonathan Samson's club, Khaosan Comedy Club. I can perform like a trained unicorn, and hang for a few days, but that's for another time. For now, I'll just have to live with the dream. We cover a lot of different stuff, I really had a lot of fun, and I really hope you enjoy this episode. You can support the show through Anchor, no need for Patreon, we'll know you're helping and make sure we do something fun. Enjoy your January. Jonathan Samson Comedy                Khaosan Comedy Club                 Improv Bangkok John's Instagram                                   YouTube                                              Twitter Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
January 13, 2021
Last Week From the Savannah 5 With Me
So it's short and is what it is. Happy Monday. Home of the Rhino
January 11, 2021
The Other Day I Got to Talk to JD Kaye
So America may be burning, but so is the Sun, just saying. This wonderful Friday the 8th we get to talk to JD Kaye, the accomplished voice actor you probably have heard but not seen. In this episode, we talk about what it takes to be a voice actor, and his experience, as well as other random stuff that comes up. It's a good one, I hope you enjoy it. Jelly Doughnut Studios FaceBook            YouTube            Instagram              Twitter Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
January 08, 2021
Ms Dunbar is the Bar for Nice
It's Wednesday, January 6th, and today we get to bring you one of the nicest comics I've been lucky enough to talk to. As a parent who has said horrible things about my kid's teachers, I commend her for her positive outlook. She's also a comedian, which is bonkers. She not only has 1 underfunded career but 2, who is willing to do that but a truly selfless person? I hope Grammarly did its job and this description is correct so I don't have to hear about it later. If I do, I'm definitely canceling that sub to that software.. I'll let you know what happens. In the meantime, enjoy the heck outta this episode. Rachel's Isnta and Twitter Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Fowl Players Radio Audible Trial
January 06, 2021
Liger Moms' Say Crack is Wack
BONUS EPISODE: There is no better way to start 2021 officially than with a bonus episode. The first episode recorded this year with one of my favorite people and comedians, Elizabeth Lopez. Not only has she been lighting up the online comedy circuit, but she has a new podcast out now, The Liger Mom. Make sure you check it out after this chunk of goodness. Enjoy! Liger Mom Podcast E.Lo's Twitter Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
January 05, 2021
Last Year Recorded From the Savannah with Chipp Jones
Well, 2020 is officially over, but this one thing remains. At least it's a good thing. Chipp Jones is not only a good thing, but a great thing, well person. Chipp Jones is a person, a funny person, that's why he's a Comedian.  He's not only a comic, but he's a glutton for punishment because he's also a teacher. A very well rounded mass-hole, originally from DC, he was wonderful to talk to. I really hope you enjoy this last gasp for 2020, it was good, I promise. Chipp's YouTube Home of the Rhino In A City Like Yours FaceBook S.J. Network Audible Trial
January 04, 2021
The Many Suits of Valarie Apperson
For those who say women aren't funny, obviously haven't met Valarie Apperson. She's not only but has a wit sharp enough to slit your throat. She's a lot of fun to talk to and I hope you really enjoy this one. Oh, and by the way, have a great year! Valarie's Insta Valarie's Twitter Home of the Rhino S.J. Network The Life Radio Show Audible Trial
January 01, 2021
I Said Denzo not Devo
Who cares if this episode's guest isn't from Devo, it's still New Year's Eve, and we still get to bring you Australian Comedian Denzo Moore. Like most of his countrymen and women, he's a great laid back guy, just an absolute pleasure. Follow his Instagram for international laughs. Enjoy, and be safe! Denzo's Insta Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
December 31, 2020
Aaron Ring Brings the Heat
Happy December 30th, New Years' Eve Eve. Today we bring you Aaron Ring, a great comedian residing in New York, and also the host of the Blue Annex. That's a zoom show, but you probably don't know anything about that. Either way, you will definitely enjoy this episode, I did. Oh, and since your here make sure you click his links and follow Aaron for more greatness. Aaron's FB Home of the Rhino S.J. Network\ Audible Trial
December 30, 2020
Who Are You Andrew Vu
Who is Andrew Vu? A really funny guy, since this is being released on  Christmas, December  25th, I'm not going to make some long description. I mean, what do I have t say other than this is a great episode, and I hope you enjoy it. Andrew's FB Andrew's Insta Andrew's Twitter Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
December 25, 2020
Steve Joiner is My Favorite Jew Since Jesus
This one is a doozy, it's definitely NSFW, or kids. I was lit, and, with that being said, it's December 24th, 2020, Christmas Eve here. Steve Joiner has been a great friend, I hope that comes across. He's a rare, genuine, good person in the entertainment field, and being from SoCal makes it even more shocking. He's a real mensch, and I hope you enjoy this drunken mini-episode. S.J. Network Home of the Rhino Audible Trial
December 24, 2020
It's Almost Over and While You Wait Here is Steve Steiner
Look, I'm not gonna create some wild and wonderful description, all full of prose and wonder. My brain is checked out this week because this year is almost over, and in a little over a week the new goals kick in. So, until then, here's Steven Steiner, a really funny comedian, and a good dude. Steve's Instagram Steve's Smart Stuff Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
December 23, 2020
The Oracle Is In
Some people just can't do enough, I get that. When someone finds more stuff to do than me, I notice. Delryic Oracle, aka. Alexandra DeScheel, is literally doing everything she can. She's an activist, musician, published author,  and peddler of vodka. I'm pretty sure that's mostly everything, seriously, she's super interesting. I was very pleasantly surprised by this one, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Connect with her on Instagram @DelyricOracle  @DelyricRecords  @Klickjam  @Socrates.Saki Delryic Web Web 2         Molly Vodka Web           KlickJam Web Delryic Oracle Blog                    Science Of Satisfaction: Be Happy A-Z Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
December 18, 2020
Nick Baskerville Will Make You Laugh While He Stops Your House From Burning Down
There really are people in the world who are genuinely good people, there's more than you would think, but that's another discussion. This discussion is about Nick Baskerville, well, this description is. We're not talking when you're reading this, as in you and me. That's all irrelevant to how awesome our guest is today, He's familiar with some of my favorite places, ironically all non-comedy related, but that too is irrelevant. There's a lot of Nick out there for you to get sucked into, I mean more than this podcast, so enjoy this, and that. Oh, and make sure you tell Nick thanks, I'm certain you'll find a reason to. Nick's FaceBook Nick's Blog Nick's Insta         Twitter Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Gift
December 16, 2020
Last Weekend from the Savannah 3 with Randy Hardenbrook
Stupid COVID wouldn't let Randy come over to play, not because he has it, his wife is one of the at risk folks. We don't wanna potentially kill someone over a podcast, so we used good ole zoom. You'll still enjoy it, and he'll come over as soon as we all get inoculated with Bill Gates' microchip.  Until then, you'll just have to listen to the Canned Air Podcast to get more Randy action, also there's a fun gameshow on Tuesday night you should check out. That Canned Air is mighty tasty though, covering a lot of pop culture stuff, interviewing some people, and just abiding lthroughife. Sit back, relax, and enjoy, or not, you can listen and hate it too, we'll still be here. Canned Air Podcast                   Canned Air Twitter Canned Air FaceBook                Canned Air Insta Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
December 14, 2020
Kent Masloskie, Are We Getting Cancelled?
For some reason my computer is being difficult to work with, kinda like Kent's Last name, I'm not kidding, it really took me three hours to get it right. I think Audible and all the books I've listened to are why I'm starting to get better with names, or I just like audiobooks, I dunno. Either way, this is a great episode, Kent is a great comic and a great person. Enjoy,  Kent's Podcast Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
December 11, 2020
Janice is Nice, Just Like the Rest of Canada, She's Also Really Funny
Weeeeeee, it's cold up there in Canada, it's kinda cold here, but Janice is definitely in a colder environment. She is in fact, a colder comedian. She's definitely hilarious and certainly compares to her fellow circular bacon-eating killers. I tell ya when it comes to sandwiches Canadian Bacon has a leg up on everything else, and I really think Janice has a leg up on much of her compatriots. Make sure you follow her Instagram, and other places if you can find her. Janice Israeloff Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
December 09, 2020
Last Weekend from the Savannah 2 with Chris Toyloy and Brian Harris
So this is technically the first official episode of Last Weekend from the Savannah, but we'll go with 2 because why not. This one is probably one of the best episodes I've ever been able to be a part of, although we're still working out some audio kinks, we're leaving the fun kinks in. Comedians Chris Toyloy and Brian Harris killed it, and we definitely got a little lit. But all that is fine, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Nuff said, follow these two crazy guys, they're a lot of fun. Chris Toyloy                          Brian Harris Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
December 07, 2020
Dan Will Not Stand For This
Dan Smith simply will not stand for this, and that's all I have to say about that. Otherwise, he's really funny. I mean REALLY FUNNY! Anyway follow him on FaceBook 'cause that's where he's at. Dan the Can't Stand-up Comedian Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
December 04, 2020
Better Dressed Than Your Average Word Farmer
I like words, most people use them with reckless abandonment, but., there are times where the words are few but still plentiful. I don't really know if this is one of those times, but it's definitely possible. I do know one thing, Isadore Lee is funny, and you can follow him on FaceBook. My computer detests that I type FaceBook that way, but I like to make it suffer. Isadore Lee won't make you suffer, and neither will this episode. Thanks for listening, and enjoy. Isadore's FaceBook Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
December 02, 2020
Don't Toy With Me Here's Stacey
Happy Rampant Consumerism Day, I certainly hope you had a great Thanksgiving, assuming you celebrate it. So here's a great episode for you to listen to while you're out running people over to get those deals for stuff you don't need. I'm not immune to it, I'm just poor and that makes it easy for me to say no to myself. I'm rich in entertainment though, and so is Stacey Toy, the COO of TwentyFiveEight Studios. They have some great stuff out, and are willing and able to work right now, just saying. One thing you really need to check out is 100 Days of Hell, Stacey has been around and around, and is super freakin cool/ I really hope you enjoy this as much as I did. TwentyFiveEight Studios Stacey's Instagram      Linked-In      IMDb Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
November 27, 2020
The Italian That Ate the Stallion's Scallions
What's up, how are things. How about those Mets huh? We have a great episode for you, Dylan Vattelana is funny and a lot of fun to talk to. I can only assume that's he's fun to listen to. This episode was great, and we even had a James Godwin on this one, we love it when he gets time to hang with us plebs. Dylan is a great comic, and I highly recommend you give him a follow.\ Dylan's FaceBook Follow that! Home of the Rhino My FaceBook Page S.J. Network Audible Trial
November 24, 2020
Not That Kind of Con, Conventions Dummy
YO! These guys are awesome, seriously, I had sooo much fun talking to these guys, I really have to do it again. Luke Cheeseman and Jim Frye are GREAT! Their podcast and accompanying website are immense. I cannot express it enough, these guys try and get to EVERYTHING. Of course now, they aren't doing nearly as much, but that's life right? They also have the Scare Guy for those of you who love horror, I honestly haven't even made it there yet, so enter at your own risk. I'm not gonna muddle this all up with links, wait, yes I am, to EVERYTHING! Enjoy! Con Guys Home - this site goes DEEP! The Savannah  - home o the rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
November 20, 2020
Ronny Pascal is Funny, or, Anyone Up For Some Surströmming
This fine day I get to give you the gift that is Ronny Pascal, he's not only funny. but I'm also being completely serious. He either lives in LA or NY, NY, either way his shows are great. He appears all over zoom, and even has a show called Roasy Uerself, Go check him out, you won't be sorry. Ronny's Facebook Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
November 18, 2020
Last Weekend from the Savannah- Steven Rubin
Well, today was supposed to be awesome, and guess what? IT STILL IS! It's just a lil' later than I originally intended, and honestly, it'll be worth the wait. Steven Rubin's James Bond Movie Encyclopedia is coming out on November 17th, and I'm seriously impressed with not only the quality but the amount of stuff in it. I'm learning all kinds of stuff that I didn't know, not only that, but Steven was a great guest, and a lot of fun. Not to mention he likes PeeWee Herman too, maybe we can get him to do an encyclopedia about that? Not to mention the documentaries and even the Hallmark Christmas movie, this dude has done a lot, and don't think he's gonna stop anytime soon, so give the man a follow, and throw this book on your coffee table for all to marvel at, enjoy! Steven's FB Steven's IMDb Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
November 16, 2020
There Are Cowboys in Philly and They Probably Don't Like Cheese Whiz Either
Liz Priestley is the shizz-nizzle-bam-swizzle, and the movie she has coming out, Concrete Cowboy, sounds cooler than the other side of the pillow. I mean how awesome do you have to be to star alongside Idris Elba in your first feature film? Liz cool, that's how cool. For real though, the movie is about cowboys in Philly, and it's based on a true story. There's really cowboys in the city of Philadelphia riding horses around and stuff. I mean if that's not some of the craziest stuff you've ever heard, then I wanna hear some stories. Liz has put in the work to earn this, 20 years of combined acting on both TV and the stage, she's no amateur. I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as we enjoyed making it. Oh, and she dis-likes Cheese Whiz, especially on her cheesesteaks, how about those apples? Liz's IMDB Concrete Cowboy's IMDB Home of the Rhino S.J. Network  Audible Trial
November 13, 2020
This Episode With Megan Brooks is Better Than Two Free Platypi
I've been trying to get this together for you for two days now, and my computer has been a douche, as was that word. I totally forgot how to spell it and my spell checker wasn't hitting it either, weird. That's what these days have been like, a lot of not responding. It was totally worth it though, this episode with Megan Brooks hits! As with the title, she's better than 2 free platypi. Enjoy! Megan's Instagram Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
November 11, 2020
Gotham's Home for Structured Settlement Advice From a Viking, or There's Fowl Everywhere
This is probably one of the coolest guests I've had on the show, Michael Spedden is literally doing everything. Before Covid he had a murder mystery show on a train, he was doing a musical comedy show called the Uncle Moldy Show, he was on Gotham season 5 episode 8, and was the Viking on the bus in the J.G. Wentworth commercial. Now he has a podcast called Fowl Players Radio, coincidentally derived from the murder mystery troupe. sIt's going to take me 20 minutes just to put his links in the description, I almost want to pull a Simon Whistler and make all of 'em a Rick Roll, but I won't, they'll go where it says they do. I hope you guys enjoy this one, Mike is a great guy and his show is also a member of the S.J. Network, so make sure you give him a find after you listen, or during, whatever. Michael's FaceBook                               Fowl Players Radio Michael's Twitter                                    Fowl's Twitter Michael's Instagram                             Fowl's Instagram      Fowl Player's Radio FaceBook    Home of the Rhino                             Rhino's FBook S.J. Network Audible Trial
November 06, 2020
This Joseph Robinson is Better Than the One Millie Bobby Brown Dumped
I'm glad to see you're still alive to listen to this episode. It genuinely warms my heart that you are still here. Joseph Robinson is one of those great people that warm your heart, he's really funny and a super nice dude. He is definitely abiding in Cali, just trying to survive the pandemic. He's doing a pretty good job of it I think, he's been appearing on zoom shows for months now, I think he's done enough to qualify as a Mazda! We had a good time, and we had a James for this episode, that's getting rare lately, stupid work and stuff. I hope you enjoy this one, I'm out before I ramble type and end up re-reading this for a half-hour. Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
November 04, 2020
How Many Sno Babies Are There Really?
Today is a special episode because this one is kind of personal. Shanna Wilson is an amazing actress whose new movie, Sno Babies, will definitely leave you feeling something. We all know that the opioid epidemic hit everywhere, but no one ever pictures things like that happening in the fancy and nice suburbs. Let me tell you it can happen there too. We spend a lot of time talking about the movie and similar experiences that caused me to really connect with this subject. I highly recommend you check out Sno babies, it's on Apple iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime, and other places, it's probably just easiest to click the link below after you listen to this episode, of course! Enjoy! Sno Babies The Movie Shannan Wilson's IMDB Shannan's Website Shannan's FaceBook Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
November 02, 2020
Richard Burgin Has a Real Rat Issue on His Hands
I really like Richard Burgin, and I'm pretty dang sure I'm going to enjoy his movie. The Fang has a really cool premise and all the shots I've seen of it so far look awesome. I love horror movies, and I can honestly say I don't think I've ever heard of a movie that seemed so new. Sure, most stories are somewhat recycled, but not all, and I have a feeling that this is one of them. I can't wait for it to come out, and I can't wait to have him back on the show to talk about it after I see it. Fang's FaceBook for all the updates and to see some of the shots! Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
October 30, 2020
As a Society We Underestimate How Depressing Little Shop of Horrors Actually Is
Today's episode is, to quote Little Wayne, "The piss, sh**, and the urine," and so is today's guest. Remy Cashman is one of the best young comedians in the game. Pre-covid you could find her at the roast battles at The World Famous Comedy Store. What more needs to be said than that? She's incredibly quick and witty, and her sense of humor is absolutely wonderful. This is one you need to follow, I promise. Enjoy y'all! Remy's Insta              Remy's Twitter Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
October 28, 2020
There is no description for this episode. Just kidding, there is, Jesus Paz is a really fun dude and has a great podcast. The Screaming Chuey show is pretty awesome, I mean they did have me as a guest, so there's that. Seriously though its' a good show, I wish I had more time to sit down with him, but that is usually the case with our guests. He'll just have to come back another time I guess. I really hope you enjoy this one, I did. Screaming Chuey Show Chuey's Screaming Twitter Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
October 23, 2020
So Parker Tighe and I Were Knees Deep in a Billy Goat
Well, ok, maybe we weren't, but that's not the point. The point is, this episode was fun, so was Parker, and so is being knee-deep in a billy goat.  I don't think there are many goats in Las Vegas, Parker's there, and I would assume anything is possible in Las Vegas, so maybe I'm wrong and there are a lot of goats in Vegas. This isn't about goats though, it's about Parker, and how funny he is. So enjoy this episode, then go enjoy some Parker, and if you're feeling wild, go find a goat. Parker's FaceBook Parker's YouTube Home of the Rhino  S.J. Network Audible Trial
October 21, 2020
She's Not a Shadrack, But She's Still a Hoff
What can I say about today's guest, other than she's awesome? I mean Kylie the Hoff is just a great person to talk to, her improv and stand up is great, and she's from South Africa so she has a really cool accent. She recently started her own podcast, The Hard Topics Podcast, and it's good, really good. She's put a lot of thought into it and I'm excited to see where it goes. So after you're done enjoying this episode, may I suggest you mosey on over to her show and give it a gander?  Oh, and moving sucks, except at the end you get a new space, a new space means new stuff, and that means new stuff for you, make sure you stay tuned and enjoy! Kylie's Instagram         Second Hand Improv Instagram Hard Topics Podcast             Hard Topics Instagram               Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
October 16, 2020
Greiving Productively from a State for Lovers
It's been a year-long labor of love and pain for Winston Hodges. His comedy special goes live on the 16th on his YouTube channel, and I'm willing to bet this will be one of the most personal specials I've ever seen. I'm moving this week, but I know that is something I'm definitely going to take the time to watch. I like Winston a lot, he's really funny and an incredibly nice person, and it takes a special person to say, "My Dad died, I think I'll make people laugh about it." You know what I mean? It's not been easy, but the joy and positivity oozing out of Winston is something we all should pay attention to. I really hope you enjoy this episode, I really do. GRIEVING PRODUCTIVELY THE SPECIAL Winston's YouTube                        Winston's Website Winston's Twitter                          Winston's Instagram Home of the Rhino                         S.J. Network Audible Trial
October 14, 2020
And The Show Rode On
Today we're bringing you yet another bonus episode, JUST BECAUSE WE CAN. Yes, I meant to yell that, I wanted to make sure you were paying attention. Even though this is a shorter episode than normal, the man I got to sit down with is big enough to make this a full one. Bill Foster is as awesome as the state he resides in, Texas, and certainly fits the bill. From retiring as an educator to writing and starring in westerns to HAVING HIS OWN RANCH, he's the real deal.  He even has two movies coming out soon, "Showdown on the Brazos," and his own personal project "I've Got Your 6." He actually had to leave early because he is working so hard on getting it released. I don't blame him, the plot sounds like it'll be a great movie. You can catch Billl's work at his IMDB page. Bill's IMDB I've Got Your 6 IMDB Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
October 12, 2020
Australia Doesn't Really Want to Kill You
Today we get to sit down with comedian Liam Radi of Melbourne, Australia. He assures us that his home isn't as deadly as people think, it's actually a very tame place, with Roos and Koalas frolicking about. Ok, maybe I made that last part up, but that doesn't change the fact this was a fun episode. I mean, I've never met an Australian that wasn't fun to be around. I mean they do drink a lot, and that definitely makes people more fun. Ok, maybe I was generalizing too much there, it's not fair to say they ALL drink, some of them drink a little! I hope you enjoy this one like we did, cheers! Liam's Instagram Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
October 09, 2020
Keepin It Real Hasn't Gone Wrong, Yet
Today we are sitting down with fellow podcaster Papi Jae. He's the host of Talking Real 1000 along with Ms. Lady, and they're on a mission to get the voices of the people out. They understand how important a person's voice is, and they know those voices can create change for the better. That's their mission. I highly recommend that you follow their journey, and even join in when you feel comfortable, they want to create a village of freethinker's, are you down? Talking Real Website Talking Real Facebook Papi's Insta Talking Real Twitter Home of the Rhino Audible Trial
October 07, 2020
So not only is this comedian funny, not only is she an awesome person, but it's also her birthday in a couple of days.! Not to mention, IT'S OUR 50TH EPISODE! Today we bring you the great Sista Lu, one of Ohio's top comedians, and it's for a good reason. After this episode, you'll know why. Her energy is incredible, and she's deadly funny. What else is there to say but go follow her Instagram, that's where she's at! Sista Lu's Instagram Home of the Rhino S.J. Network Audible Trial
October 02, 2020
Detroit is Doing Better Than People Think
Today I get to sit down with Comedian and Podcaster, Jeff Dwoskin. Jeff has been a comedian for 18 years, and the show he hosts, The Jeff Dwoskin Show, is pretty great. He's even had Jackie Martling from The Howard Stern Show on! His Twitter is awesome, and three are countless ways to interact with Jeff. So, subscribe to his podcast where ever you listen,  and sit back, and enjoy. Jeff Dwoskin Show Website His Show's Twitter His Twitter Instagram Home of the Rhino  S.J. Network
September 30, 2020
Turning a Molehill Into a Mountain
Today we get to sit down with a really funny guy, John Molehill. He's a Comedian and Improv Actor out of Indiana and is definitely worth a follow. Not only because he's funny, but also because he can do clean stuff, and I can't, some of you are into that. If you are, he's your guy, and if you're not, he's still your guy 'cause it's still funny. Enjoy! John Molehill's Page Home of the Rhino S-J Network Audible Trial
September 25, 2020
She Does Bits of Comedy
Today we sit down with the hilarious comedian Rebekka Turner. She's from over the pond and you can find her all over the zoom show network. Make sure you follow her Insta and the Twitter for more antics. Rebekka's Instagram Twitter Facebook Rebekka's Website Home of the Rhino
September 23, 2020
It's Just Haggis You Dirty WASP
Today we sit down with Scottish Comedian Alex Ramsay. The dude is funny, plain, and simple. I love getting to connect with comedians from anywhere in the U.K. cause it's always fun. We make fun of Brits, at some point, what more do you need? Go follow his comedy page on FB, he's trying to get people laughing through COVID-19, that seems to be the safest place to follow him, for now.  Alex Ramsay Comedy Home of the Rhino Albino Rhino Comedy
September 18, 2020
Colorado is the Place to be for Billie Jo Gillespie
Today we sit down with another comedian and veteran, this time, it's Billie Jo Gillespie. She's out of Boulder, CO, and has been trying her darndest to put on live shows for people in parks, so they can laugh. I had a great time, except for being pissed about pedophilia, but she brought me back from the land of the rant, and it was fine. Make sure you follow her for more great stuff and hopefully she will be in a city near you soon. Billie's Links: Instagram Twitter Facebook Home of the Rhino
September 16, 2020
Darren Bruce Has the Beats That Go BOOM!
Today we bring you a man who has been distributing sweet dance vibes for 10 years. The DJ Sessions is a one of a kind website with insane amounts of good music on it. Darren Bruce, that man that brings you the DJs who are bangin out the sickest beats, really loves what he does, and you can tell. I still haven't been able to quit digging through his trove of free music and want to attend some of his live events when I can. It's been a long time, and I just wanna dance. The DJ Sessions Home of the Rhino Follow me on the socials for more awesome content.
September 11, 2020
No WORMS, Nothing but Laughs from India to Iowa
Today we bring you a really funny fella who took a chance and has now been in the US since the '80s. He's making people laugh their tails off, I speak of Yash Puntai. This was super fun to record, and we hear a little about Patrick the Starfish's WORM problem, we're still not completely sure what that really is anyway. I hope y'all enjoy listening. Yassh's Facebook S-J Network Home of the Rhino The Rhino's Facebook
September 09, 2020
Prince of the Displaced Comedians, Niko Lukoff
Happy Labor Day American people, today we bring you an extra special episode. Not only are we celebrating a funny man's 1 years anniversary as a comedian, but we also get to celebrate his labor of creating the Displaced Comedian group on FB. Say what you want about how weird FB is getting, this group has helped many quarantined comedians from all over the world not only stay sane while quarantine, but also allowed us to network with each other in a way we never really have before. I'm grateful for what being a part of this community has done for me and I hope I am putting that back into the group by hanging with as many of the group as I can. We all get to own our voice now, and Displaced has helped us do that together. Displaced Comedians Home of the Albino S.J. Network Audible Trial
September 07, 2020
Man on a Mission, Eric James Morris
Today I sit down with Actor and Entrepreneur, Eric James Morris. If you are in the Atlanta area, you've probably seen him on various commercials, and before the pandy hit, he was rolling in acting gigs. For now, he just has to be happy helping people recover from tragedy with his business Morris Environmental. I enjoyed this episode, and I hope you do too. Morris Environmental Eric James Morris IMDB S-J Network Home of the Albino Audible Trial
September 04, 2020
eLo From the Block
It's Wednesday, and if you aren't in pain yet, you're not working hard enough. Today we bring you an incredibly fun and funny comic to talk to, the inevitable Elizabeth Lopez. She's in the NY/ NJ area, and she's killing it as much as any comic can right now. Follow her on her website,, she's got a lot coming, you just gotta be paying attention. eLo From the Block Home of the Albino Brought to you by Audible get 1 month free on us!
September 02, 2020
Back to the Delorean with Kevin Pike
Today we get to sit down with Kevin Pike the builder of the Delorean time machine from Back to the Future. He is a master of special effects and has had a hand in a lot of movies from Jaws to Jurassic Park. He now helps writers get their scripts ready for presentation, and more. This was a great episode, besides the audio quality, but we'll make sure that there is another one at some point. Another reason to come back eh? Kevin's IMDB Filmtrix FaceBook Filmtrix Website Albino Rhino Comedy Albino's FaceBook Land of the Rhino Audible Trial
August 28, 2020
Happy Belated Birthday Tommy Boy!
Today we bring you another great, another person who is doing stuff. Today we bring you Tom Beheler, it was his birthday yesterday, so that's cool. He's also a part of the Synetic Theater in Arlington, VA, who has been putting on live shows online, just to try and keep you entertained. You should definitely check them out. On to the show! Synetic Theater FaceBook Synetic Theater Website Home of the Rhino Rhino FaceBook Audible Trial
August 26, 2020
What's in Locker 42?
Today I got to sit down and talk to talented actor, writer, and producer Patrick Harney.  This dude has so many things in the works, it's impressive, his ability to keep the ball rolling through the pandemic should be lauded. he's got an Indegogo project running currently for his newest film Locker 42, stop buy and check it out! Follow him on FaceBook and Instagram, as well as like, comment, review, and share our show. Enjoy! Locker 42 Indegogo  Patrick's IMDB Albino Rhino Home        Albino Rhino FaceBook
August 21, 2020
The Incredibly Impressive "Irish" Jack O'Halloran
Today we get to sit down with a real legend, heavyweight boxer and prolific actor "Irish" Jack O'Halloran. With an impressive record of 34-21-2 with 17 KO's, and having beat such names as Rahman Ali and Alvin Lewis, he already had an impressive career before he began acting. He blames Robert Mitchum for his acting career, after he talked him into appearing in Farewell. My Lovely. He went on to appear in such movies as King Kong (1976), Superman (1978), Superman 2 (1980), Dragnet (1987), and Flinstones (1994). He is now writing a series of books called Family Legacy, about his father Gambino Family boss Albert Anastasia. The first book is currently available, with book 2 of 4 set to release in about a month. You can get his book here:  You can also follow Anastasia Productions on FaceBook. Please like and share the show, and follow us at our home on FaceBook.  Stay up to date with our semi regularly updated website
August 19, 2020
Artie Really Knows Stuff
Look this guest was awesome, not only was he awesome, but he was in a HURRICANE. This episode is with Medium/ Psychic Artie Hoffman. He has over 30 years of experience helping people with their future, past, and present, he's helped so many people he's become a life coach. He's written a great book called Angels and Answers, which is also his show name. He does reading for people of all kinds. Make sure you travel over to his website so you can get more information. Don't forget to stay in touch with us on FB and our website:
August 14, 2020
James Camacho is Having Mutant Turtles
Today we get to sit down with James Camacho, a comic in the NY/ NJ area. He's stupid funny, and I love him. Make sure you follow him, 'cause he'll make you pee your pants. James Camacho: The Albino Rhino: 
August 12, 2020
You Know Larry Hankin, or, Will You Keep it Down Up There
Today we get to sit down with the epic Comedian Larry Hankin. You know who he is, if you don't, you live under a rock. Larry is the epitome of what life can be, from his first movie being Escape from Alcatraz, to being friends with the immortal Lenny Bruce, he has been a blessed man and he knows it.  the humbleness he approaches life with is rare in Hollywood, but he has stayed true to himself, and is definitely better for it. Check out his IMDB: Albino Rhino Home: Patreon for the Rhino:
August 07, 2020
The Italian Stallion vs Patrick the Starfish
This Wednesday we bring you another comedian extraordinaire! Today we sit down with Stephen Settanni, a comedian in the NY/NJ area, steady killin the game. Ok, he was before Covid, but he's getting back out there as things open back up. He also has a great show called A Comedy Advice Podcast where he sits down and talks about the life with various comics, WHAT A GREAT TIME! For real, go check that out.  We are also joined by Patrick the Starfish, surprise guests are great right!  Make sure you check out Stephen's stuff in the links below. Main Website: Instgram: @acomedyadvicepodcast Patreon: Albino Rhino Home: Patreon for the Rhino:
August 05, 2020
Bring Back the Orca 'Cause Jaws is Real
Today we are lucky enough to have been able to sit down with David Bigelow who is rebuilding the Orca in it's third iteration. The first two were used for the infamous movie Jaws, the Orca 3 will not only help with shark research around Martha's Vineyard, but will ultimately help educate the youth about the habitat in general around the Vineyard. I am 100% behind his project, the sharks deserve love too. Return of the Orca Home Page : Return of the Orca Indiegogo : Return of the Orca Facebook : Home of the Rhino :
July 31, 2020
Driving the Wagon With George
This Wednesday we sit down with comedian George Wagner, pretty funny guy, and so far has one of the best setups when he performs online, he stands up, who would've thunk that would make such a huge difference. You can find him on FB, and you should. Albino Rhino Comedy Patreon for exclusive content and more stuff coming soon!
July 29, 2020
The Hangout With the Legend Scott Schwartz
What do we really need to put in this description? Scott Schwartz has been in all kinds of movies, for a long time. He's been in The Toy, A Christmas Story, Kidco, and Vape Warz. Even recently appearing in The Quarantine Bunch. You can find him on FaceBook and IMDB, the mans not that hard to follow, and I suggest you do. His career is a rabbit hole worth diving into.
July 24, 2020
He's No Ned Flanders That's for Darn Diddley Sure
Today we have the wonderful and very funny Miles Francis. Miles hosts the Best Darn Diddley podcast, about the Simpsons and anything associated with it. We had a great time getting to know Miles and just kinda talking about what's going on in our individual and shared worlds. Just listen and laugh, and have a great time. Cheers The podcast and a lot of other content for Miles can be found here: Always check the website to keep current and connected easier:
July 22, 2020
Audio Technical Rollercoaster
This week we have James Perry on the show, you can find him at Just James on FB, he's a pretty funny dude make sure you check him out. As always, you can find the hub of our world at tour dates and everything. See ya round the way! 
July 17, 2020
The Prelude to Insanity with Flipper
This week we re-record an episode with Adam Filipiak, he has a great podcast called You Hate to See It here on Anchor. The episode I recorded with him over on his podcast the next day was pretty fun. give all of it a listen! We are still doing live shows! SUBSCRIBE TO THE DAMN PATREON YO! Thaks for supporting an listening.
July 10, 2020
Sam Said He Needs a Haircut Mr. Newsome
This week James and I hang with married comedians Sam and Athena Medina. They have a great thing going with Hypothetical Comedy: A Real fun hang and funny people, what more could you ask for? I have new dates announced on the website: Https:// Don't forget about our Audible Link We'll be launching the Patreon soon with the full video episodes and special events only for Patreon subscribers, that link will be coming soon.
July 03, 2020
It's Just Heavy Man
This week James and I sit down with Kevin H. Brady, not Kevin Brady because he's a different guy, and we discuss the goings on in the comedy world and beyond. Oh yeah, Kevin is a comic originally from Worcester, Mass and is currently residing in the north Jersey area. I've seen this guy zooming all around during the big Q, so I'm happy we got to spend some time with him.  For Audible link, click on the banner on our homepage and get 1 month free, audio-books are great, get that Lenny Bruce son! Since things are opening, get tour updates on the website, Facebook, and Instagram, plus other content, with more coming soon! 
June 26, 2020
I Suffer From CRS, With Names
This week we sit down with Blake Champlin. Announcements at the end, include tour dates and Patreon stuff. We'll put out more stuff soon, we got lots of stuff. There is stuff coming out of our ears, and butts. Go to the website, for more stuff. Merch stuff soon.
June 19, 2020
This Week May be Rough
So we have new stuff, like Audible, goto to get a Free month of Audible including 1 free book, 2 free Audible Originals, and more.... We have a new Co-Host, my man James Godwin will be on the Adventure from now on, and we have A LOT of guest coming up. June 26,27, 28 Wiley's Fireworks Comedy Show This week we talk about the obvious, hard not to. Keep going, we see and hear you. One thing we talk about is the West Virginia Miner's War, if you don't understand why the riots and looting happened, need to learn more real history.
June 12, 2020
I Should Get My Friend's Names Right When They Are on my Podcast
This week I sit down with the great comedian Neil Griffin. Dude is not only funny but a great guy and a good friend. This guy grinds his rear off, as evidenced by our longest episode to date.
June 05, 2020
Lucy Doesn't Want to Ride Your Semi
This week I sit down with Lucy Orchard, a ridiculously funny comic from the UK. This lady had me in tears when we first me at an online show. Lucy has a crazy amount of online content, all while she is a trucker riding the rigids in the UK. For a good time, don't call, just listen.
May 29, 2020
Memorial Day
I babble about Memorial Day and stuff. Check out my man John Lincoln Clem, you won't be disappointed.
May 25, 2020
Do You Have Enough Hair for That Metal
This week i sit down with Jed Schaeffer, one of the hosts of have You Heard This, a podcast about music. Jed and his co-host sit down every other week and trade albums and review them. One of my favorite things is they are on opposite sides of the pond, on in the  US the other in the UK. We talk about music, life, and productivity. I think the virus gets mentioned too, enjoy!
May 22, 2020
John and I is Correct Grammer
Song of the week: Aitch- Taste, grimy hip hop fro the UK. This week I sit down with John Molyneux, sales samurai from said UK. It's a fun episode, and I really think you'll enjoy it as well. I ramble at the beginning, but what's new eh? Just sit back with something cold and listen and enjoy.
May 15, 2020
It's Really Gonna Be Ok
Intro Track:It Was a Good Day by:Ice CubeThis week I sit down with Bryan Matthews, it was a good time with a great conversation. I really hope you enjoy!
May 08, 2020
Money G and Me
Money G, an awesome fellow comic from central Ohio, and I sit down for part two, we talk about comedy, hip hop, and other good stuff, thanks for the listen.
May 01, 2020
From Paris With Birds
Re-release of interview with Ludovic Vouillier, dude was awesome and he travels with birds. That's one of the coolest things I've heard of. His life is one  huge adventure.
April 24, 2020
Take a Civics Class Will Ya
Re-release of an awesome interview with Columbus Comedian Leslie Battle. She's not only funny but is a strong social advoccate, this episode definitely deserves a listen.
April 17, 2020
James Mac and Me Re-release
This is a re-release of the episode with James Mac and myself. Great episode with a veteran comedian and military veteran. He's not only a great guy but really funny. 
April 10, 2020
Me and Money G
This is the re-release of my first episode with Money G. He is one of my favorite Columbus comedians, this dude is seriously funny. This is worth a few listens, long live the WU.
April 03, 2020
A Full Sail Into a Prolapsed Anus
This is the re-releases of my episode with James Godwin, a Columbus artist a videographer. Not only is his art awesome, but he's definitely a pretty cool guy.
April 03, 2020
a whole bunch of the early stuff
the title says it all
March 27, 2020