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Adventure Therapy Collective Podcast

Adventure Therapy Collective Podcast

By Daniel L Cavanaugh & Will Dobud
This is a podcast to discuss all things related to adventure therapy. From research to interventions to education to jobs, if it is about adventure therapy, you will hear about it on here! This podcast will focus on a different topic in adventure therapy each week that could include: education, research, supervision, ethics, and more. Also, sometimes we will interview field gurus and experts to learn from their wisdom and knowledge. This podcast is hosted by adventure therapy practitioners and scholars, Dr. Will Dobud, and Dr. Daniel Cavanaugh.
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Episode 20 - Natural Good, Unnatural Bad with Dr Alan Levinovitz
To stir the pot, Will's mother sent him Alan's book, Natural: How Faith in Nature's Goodness Leads to Harmful Fads, Unjust Laws, and Flawed Science, last year. Alan's book examines the meaning of "natural" and argues that modern Western culture has divinized nature. That seemed like a worthy conversation to unpack. Alan is an associate professor of religion at James Madison University. His work focuses primarily on the relationship between religion, literature, and science, with particular attention to classical Chinese thought and comparative ethics. In this episode, we talk a lot about psychotherapy, religion, cults, pseudoscience, wellbeing, and ritual.  Useful Links Alan's JMU Page Give Alan a follow on Twitter Alan's Washington Post Page Interview with Alan about "Nature's Goodness"
September 08, 2022
Episode 19 - Road Tripping with Denise Mitten
We caught up with an icon of our field Denise Mitten as she was driving with her daughter across the US to Will’s homeland of Washington DC! Denise is a widely experienced outdoor adventure guide, leading SCUBA and mountaineering trips in numerous countries. Denise started with the Girl Scouts in the 1960s and brought her passion for sharing the outdoors and adventure with people from all backgrounds, including women survivors of abuse, homeless populations, and maximum-security men’s prisons. Denise’s academic work spans ethics, justice, diversity, and equity in adventure therapy and outdoor education. Her writing speaks for itself and we encourage our listening to take a look at her amazing contributions to the literature. Useful Links Denise’s Page at Prescott College Follow Denise on Twitter Denise’s Google Scholar Page Book: The Palgrave International Handbook of Women and Outdoor Learning
August 08, 2022
Episode 18 - Adventure therapy on my phone?! Kikori App w/ Kendra Bostick and Brynn Lottig
Join us to talk to electronic social emotional entrepreneurs Kendra Bostick, LCSW, PhD candidate, and Bryn Lottig, M.S. They visited Will and Daniel to teach us why we should all immediately download Kikori, the app they have developed that is a digital encyclopedia of experiential activities. This episode goes far beyond adventure therapy because Kikori is a tool that is useful for social emotional learning, experiential education, outdoor education, and any form of experiential learning. Come learn about Kendra and Bryn and the award-winning app that they have developed that can help expand your bag of facilitation tools and techniques! Kikori App Kendra Bostick Bryn Lottig 
June 12, 2022
Episode 17 - Therapy Shouldn't Bore You with Russell Chamberlain
Russell Chamberlain, LCSW, CADCIII brings over 30 years of lived experience to this episode. Russell is a licensed clinical social worker and certified alcohol and drug counselor. He is also a board member of the Parker Bounds Johnson Foundation and a former chair of the Therapeutic Adventure Professionals Group. In this episode, he shares his knowledge and experience in working experientially in the outdoors with a diverse range of populations. Russell's career working therapeutically outdoors began in the early 1980s, despite previous outdoor recreation experiences beginning in the previous decade. He has worked for Outward Bound, NOLS, and many other programs. Russell was born and raised in Kentucky, he is now based out of Portland, Oregon. Russell established LifeSTREAM Therapy LLC to deliver services for youth and families, and provide consultation for many adventure outdoor therapy organizations. His organization's mission focuses on how relationships can be central to adventure and outdoor therapy practice. Russell has been training in trauma informed therapy, attachment, collaborative problem solving, polyvagal theory, and equine assisted psychotherapy.  Relevant Links LifeSTREAM Therapy Reunification Works Russell on the Stories From The Field Podcast  Energy Matters Contact Russell
May 13, 2022
Episode 16 - Two Mad Scientists Research Adventure Therapy
All good research requires a good acronym. Welcome to the ATOM...the Adventure Therapy Outcome Monitoring study. In this episode, we invite you to join a community of practitioners to build more evidence and knowledge about adventure therapy practice and, hopefully, help each other get better at doing it. If you're interested in getting involved...and yes, you are the perfect person to get involved, flick us an email and we can get started! Email: “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” –Ken Blanchard Useful Links Adventure Therapy and Routine Outcome Minitoring of Treament Article Feedback Informed Treament: Explained in 5 Minutes The First ATOM Training Video: Password is ATOM Towards an evidence-informed adventure therapy: Implementing feedback-informed treatment in the field Beyond measures and monitoring: Realizing the potential of feedback-informed treatment. Feedback informed treatment: Evidence‐based practice meets social construction Feedback-informed treatment (FIT): Improving the outcome of psychotherapy one person at a time
April 01, 2022
Episode 15 - Backcountry Cooking with Stephen Javorski
Like camping? Like food? The two join forces in today's podcast with backcountry food guru Stephen Javorski. Stephen brings over 20 years of experience working with youth and young adults to the ATC podcast. He currently teaches Child and Youth Care at  Vancouver Island University. Stephen has worked in a range of settings including schools to challenge courses to multi-week canoe expeditions in Canada’s North. The nearly Doctor Javorski is wrapping up a PhD in Outdoor Experiential Education with a focus on Outdoor Behavioural Healthcare (OBH) with the team at the University of New Hampshire.  Will and Daniel have a big project coming up. It's been in development for nearly two years and we want adventure therapy enthusiasts from all backgrounds to join. One way we will contact people is through the ATC's member directory which you can join for free. Useful Links Stephen Javorski's VIU Page International Adventure Therapy Page Stephen's ResearchGate Profile Stephen's Publications on Google Scholar
March 18, 2022
Episode 14 - The Adventure Therapy Non-Profit Prophet, Dr. Terry Williams
Did you know our guest, Dr. Terry Williams, has traveled over 15,000 miles by bicycle, 8,000 miles running cross-country, and has earned the ear of U.S. presidents, politicians, and community leaders? The foundation she founded has helped numerous non-profit's build sustainable adventure-based practices across the United States. Terry joins Daniel and Will to discuss her passion for leadership, thoughts on collaborations and important milestones across her amazing journey. If you want to start a non-profit or adventure therapy business, don't miss this episode!  Join us in wishing Terry and the Children Are Our Future Foundation a wondrous birthday! Links Children Are Our Future Foundation Whitney Houston - Greatest Love of All Life Adventures Counseling & Life Adventures for All Consulting New Adventures Counseling Information about the 9IATC 9th International Adventure Therapy Conference Website Co-Adventuring for Change w/ Will & Stephan Co-Adventure for Change w/ Will & Stephan (Webinars Only) Adventure Therapy & Complex Trauma w/ Graham & Will
February 22, 2022
Episode 13 - Risk Management in the Outdoors: Environmental Exposures and Toileting with Margaret Kelso
Happy new year everyone...wait it's already February?! We hope you enjoy the podcast - full of belly laughs - with our great friend Margaret Kelso. Margaret began in wilderness therapy in 2011 as a field guide at a program in southeast Alaska. After receiving her W-EMT in 2013, she continued her wilderness therapy journey holding roles in the medical, case management, program management, and beyond. She has particularly loved the work of developing judgment and decision-making skills with field staff and working with programs to increase mitigation of risk to allow for the primary focus of therapy to thrive as a freelance risk management assessor/auditor. She now holds the title of Director of Operations within one of the leading wilderness therapy programs in the country and while Will and Daniel have many more letters behind their names, Margaret makes up for it in exclamation points with the enthusiasm and energy she brings to each facet of her life including being a mother to her two fantastically wild and curious children with whom she now has the opportunity to continue her love of guiding in a whole new context. There is so much more to discuss with Margaret, such as the best-thrown party in Alaskan history and Will's competitive dodge ball streak, against 10-year-olds. 
February 04, 2022
Episode 12 – Private Practice and Resilient Communities with Doug Moczynski
“Therapy was a dirty word” for Doug until an external evaluation of his wilderness therapy program found he was delivering a service that was, in fact, therapeutic. Doug joins Will and Daniel to discuss his private practice, Gippsland Adventure Therapy, and how extensive engagement in his community has helped the practice thrive in such a short period of time. LINKS Gippsland Adventure Therapy Adventure Works (Australia) Graham Pringle’s Training Visit Gippsland Australian Association for Bush Adventure Therapy Blue Knot Foundation Guidelines for Treatment of Complex Trauma
December 02, 2021
Episode 11 - Indigenous Adventure Therapy Surf Cops with Mark Cartner
Senior Constable Mark Cartner is a police officer of more than 20 years. Most of that experience was dedicated as a child abuse detective of a major investigations unit before transitioning to school-based policing. Upon doing so, Mark put in the grassroots efforts to develop a highly recognized adventure therapy program for disengaged, traumatized youth. Daniel and Will talk with Mark about connection to country, how trauma impacts the brain, the metaphors he brings to his adventure therapy work from his many years as a detective, the importance of collaboration, and his Walk of Life program’s recent trip to an Indigenous dance festival in Cape York. Throughout the episode, Mark breaks many stereotypes about safe and effective policing, making many inferences on how adventure therapy practitioners can base their practice on the best available evidence. Mark is current the co-deputy chair of the Australian Association for Bush Adventure Therapy. Links Interview on ABC Radio about Mark’s work Police Blog about Mark’s Trip to Cape York Meet Aunty Judy Atkinson Recognition of the Walk of Life Program Videos of the Walk of Life Program Mark’s Drone Skills
November 19, 2021
Episode 10 - Evidence-Informed Adventure Therapy
What if we told you adventure therapy, despite being more experiential or maybe outdoors, has more in common with every other therapy than you think? Join Daniel and Will for an overview of research, the best available evidence, and the debunking of some common myths around psychotherapy research. Make sure to let us know on social media what you think! What challenged you? What seems common sense and not that revolutionary? Let's engage!  Happy Episode 10! Thanks for your continued support! Have an idea for an episode?! Do you have interesting case examples worthy and appropriate for sharing? Get in touch!  Useful Links ATC Directory Variance in Psychiatrist Effects Adventure Therapy and Routine Outcome Monitoring Nicky Treadway...Who you NEED to know! Outdoor Therapies Book
October 30, 2021
Episode 9 - Adventure Therapy Training and Education with Dr Maurie Lung
In today's episode, Daniel sits down with adventure therapy field expert, Dr Maurie Lung. Dr. Lung wears many hats; educator, clinician, supervisor, consultant, mom, author, and program developer. She is the founder and CEO of Life Adventures Counseling, a community organization that provides adventure-based mental health therapy and consulting. Dr. Lung is also Associate Faculty at Prescott College teaching graduate courses in mental health counseling and overseeing the Adventure-based Psychotherapy and Nature-based psychotherapy programs. Dr. Lung recently co-authored Adventure Group Psychotherapy: An Experiential Approach to Treatment. Daniel was recently at the Therapeutic Adventure Professionals Group's Best Practices (TAPG) conference in Park City, Utah. Daniel and Will spoke in the entry way of the conference hall to record the intro to this episode. If you still aren't involved with TAPG, follow the link and connect with this brilliant group of practitioners! Social Sciences WeekSocial Sciences Week is a grassroots movement occurring annually in Australia. Will and Daniel are providing free presentation on the work from Daniel's PhD. There is a series of great adventure therapy related workshops to attend! We would love to see you there! Register here!  For Social Sciences Week, Will and Professor Nevin Harper's Outdoor Therapies book is available for 30% off and with free shipping. Use the code ADC21 at checkout from the Routledge website here!  Links Life Adventures Adventure Group Psychotherapy Book Power of One Book Power of Family Book
August 31, 2021
Episode 8 - Adventure Therapy Training with Kim Sacksteder and Nick Magle-Haberek
This week's episode is a conversation with adventure therapy training experts Kim Sacksteder and Nick Magle-Haberek. Kim and Nick are the co-owners and founders of which is an organization that offers online and in-person adventure therapy training, consultation, and supervision. In addition to their work at, Sacksteder and Magle-Haberek both work as clinicians and administration in adventure therapy programs. They have also both been involved in the leadership council of the Therapeutic Adventure Professionals Group. In this episode, we discuss mentorship, training, certification, group juggle, and of course; the importance of the rubber chicken in adventure therapy work. Settle down next to the campfire and join us while we learn from Kim and Nick. 
July 01, 2021
Episode 7 - Terapia Aventura with Alexander Rose
Today's guest is psychologist Alexander Rose. Alexander is a trailblazer for adventure therapy in Spain, recently publishing the first adventure therapy book to be written in Spanish! The book is titled: Terapia a través de la aventura: Cuando la montaña nos hizo grandes. He is one of two representatives for Spain in the Adventure Therapy Europe network. Along with Will and Dan, Alexander shares his passion for adventure therapy and how he implements Gestalt and Experiential therapies into his work. This episode shows how cultural context truly informs adventure therapy from all around the world!   Links NEW BOOK! - Terapia a través de la aventura: Cuando la montaña nos hizo grandes Terapia Aventure Adventure Therapy Europe Historical Background of Adventure Therapy in Spain Research Gate
May 05, 2021
Episode 6 - On Research and Group Work with Dr Lee Gillis
Dr Lee Gillis, co-author of Adventure Therapy: Theory, Research, and Practice (2nd Ed.; 2020) and whose research has contributed to the foundation of outdoor, wilderness, and adventure therapy research, joined Daniel and Will for an awesome discussion. Take a listen to hear about the promise of future adventure therapy research, Lee's experience with adventure-based group work, and more!  Huge thanks to Adventure Therapist LLC for sponsoring this episode! Check them out at Links All About Lee's APA Award Lee's Google Scholar Pages Adventure Therapy Book (2nd Ed.) 
March 23, 2021
Episode 5 - Therapeutic Adventure Professional Group with Tuesdey Spangler (LICSW)
This episode is an interview with Tuesdey Spangler who is the chair of the Therapeutic Adventure Professional Group (TAPG). Tuesdey is a clinical social worker with many years of experience using adventure therapy techniques. She has worked at Camp Mary Orton in Columbus, in private practice, and in other settings. Tuesdey came on the ATC podcast to tell us about TAPG, the TAPG preconference at AEE, and her experiences working in adventure therapy. If you don't know about TAPG, you definitely want to check this episode out to learn about one of the most important groups in adventure therapy in the U.S. Links Therapeutic Adventure Professional Group Website Clinical Adventure Therapist Certification More About Tuesdey TAPG's Facebook Group
March 09, 2021
Episode 4 - Collegiate Adventure Therapy with Jessa Lytle and Kallie England
In this episode, Daniel sits with Jessa Lytle and Kallie England from the University of Michigan's Adventure Leadership/Social Work program to discuss university education in adventure therapy techniques. Together they explore their use of high and low ropes course initiatives, how to conduct adventure-based field supervision for social work students, and their unique model for training practitioners to work in the outdoors. This episode offers a glimpse of one of the few graduate-level adventure therapy training programs in the United States.  LINKS
January 29, 2021
Episode 3 - Tony Alvarez (Part 2)
In this episode, Daniel and Will begin by discussing Tony's new co-authored book, Adventure Group Psychotherapy (available in the link below) and Will's experience being interviewed by Dr Will White on the Stories From The Field podcast. What follows is an additional 30 more minutes of Daniel and Tony where they talk about professional pathways into adventure therapy and Tony's experience in working with young people with Autism.
January 08, 2021
Episode 2 - Tony Alvarez (Part 1)
This two part episode is with adventure therapy field guru, Tony Alvarez, LMSW. Tony is an educator, therapist, mentor, consultant, and expert in adventure therapy. Tony has been practicing in this field longer than many practitioners have been alive. We we're lucky to sit down with him in his kitchen on a cold winter afternoon to pick his brain and absorb his wisdom.  This episode comes from our archives, it was recorded a year and a half ago when this podcast was still in its early brainstorming stage.  After the episode, check out the links below and pre-order the new book on Group Psychotherapy that Tony and his colleagues have just finished. Use the links below to learn more about Tony's work and his books: Tony's page at the University of Michigan Alvarez Consulting, LLC Tony Alvarez's 2017 AEE Kurt Hahn Address Power of One: Using Adventure and Experiential Activities Within One on One Counseling Sessions Power of Family: An Experiential Approach to Family Treatment Adventure Group Psychotherapy: An Experiential Approach to Treatment
December 10, 2020
Episode 1 - Nevin J Harper, PhD
Today's interview is with Associate Professor Nevin Harper from the School of Child and Youth Care at the University of Victoria. Nevin shares his journey to the adventure and outdoor therapies, which includes loads of adventure travel and years of experience working in residential care.  LINKS The Outdoor Therapies Book Nature-Based Therapy Book
November 20, 2020