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Welcome to A Dynamite Life where the multifaceted you can thrive. Teemaree & Tony J. share tips, tricks, and personal stories centered around tiny living, financial freedom, dynamic relationships, entrepreneurialism, and being an artist. Want more success support? Visit Teemaree at and Tony J. at
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Don't Believe the Hype - Dynamic Relationships - A Dynamite Life Episode #25
Don't be so quick to drop what you've nurtured for the excitement of what's new. Visit Teemaree at To connect with Tony J.
June 21, 2021
Letting Inspiration Strike You - Being An Artist - A Dynamite Life Episode #24
Ways to balance your passion and your needs. Visit Tony J. at To connect with Teemaree
June 07, 2021
Home is Where the Heart is - Tiny Living - A Dynamite Life Episode #23
How the smallest house can give you a much bigger life. For all Teemaree has to offer visit To connect with Tony J.
May 24, 2021
Get Rich or Buy Trying - Financial Freedom - A Dynamite Life Episode #22
How do you fulfill your instant gratification and still reach your financial freedom goals? Connect with Tony J. further at To connect with Teemaree * Link referenced in the show to earn money with your purchases including trips!
May 10, 2021
Your Artistic Talents Aren't Just For Art - Artist - A Dynamite Life Episode 21
How your art can and will serve you in all aspects of your life. To connect with Tony J. To connect with Teemaree
April 26, 2021
What Is Authenticity - A Dynamite Life Episode 20
A dive into authenticity, what it is, what it isn't, and why it's so important for all aspects of living a dynamite life. For more on Tony J. For more on Teemaree
April 12, 2021
How To Slash Your Bills - Financial Freedom - A Dynamite Life Episode 19
Why slashing your bills can and will get you freedom to do much more with our life and how to slash bills and give yourself a raise without working harder. *Tools we use and love to stretch our money: Scan your receipts and get points that turn into money with Fetch Get cash back every quarter from purchases you already planned to get PLUS discounts on what you like to buy with Rakuten To connect with Tony J. To connect with Teemaree
March 29, 2021
Unleashing Our Power Within - Entrepreneurialism - A Dynamite Life Episode 18
What does it feel like to attend the Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within event? How do you feel about coaching, mentorship and self development? Tony J. and Teemaree walk you through their experience.
March 15, 2021
Shows We're Enjoying - A Dynamite Life Episode 17
To TV or not to TV, that's not the question. This podcast is a fun conversation about 3 shows we are loving, why we love them, and where you can tune in too. For Teemaree: For Tony: #ADynamiteLife #ThisIsUs #CobraKai #TheMarvelousMrsMaisel #TVShows
March 01, 2021
Marriage: What NOT to Do - A Dynamite Life Episode 16
 Is this a podcast or a drinking game???? Things NOT to do in a marriage. NSFW For Teemaree: For Tony: #ADynamiteLife #DynamicRelationships #Marriage #HavingAGreatMarriage
February 15, 2021
Paring Down Stuff - Less Is More - A Dynamite Life Episode 15
Living with less is possible. For videos referenced in this episode watch Intro to Minimalism or How to Get Rid of Unwanted Stuff on Teemaree's YouTube channel For Teemaree: For Tony: #ADynamiteLife #ParingDown #TinyLiving #LivingWithLess #LessIsMore
February 01, 2021
Start Investing With a Small Amount of Money - A Dynamite Life Podcast Episode 14
Join Robinhood with my link and we'll both get a free stock 🤝 Join SmartyPig and you'll be able to use organized goals and other features to save easily for free It can be hard to feel like it at first but you can start investing with a small amount of money. This podacst shares how. Be sure to let us know how it goes for you when you start. For Teemaree: For Tony: #ADynamiteLife #FinancialFreedom #StartInvesting
January 18, 2021
Do We Have to Struggle to Succeed? A Dynamite Life Episode 13
The concept of having to struggle to succeed and reach our goals. Do we need to struggle? For Teemaree: For Tony: #ADynamiteLife #LifeStruggles
January 04, 2021
How to Refresh Your Business for the New Year - A Dynamite Life Episode 12
Why it's important to refresh your business each year and how to do it! For Teemaree: For Tony: #ADynamiteLife #Entrepreneurialism #BusinessRefresh
December 21, 2020
Save Relationships During Lockdown! A Dynamite Life Episode 11
How to have and keep your relationships good during lockdown. For Teemaree: For Tony: #ADynamiteLife #DynamicRelationships 
December 07, 2020
Takin' care of business (structure) - A Dynamite Life Episode 10
In this episode, we go into specifics about setting up various business structures and answer the question, "Do I really need a corporation?" Teemaree's Website: Tony's Website: #ADynamiteLife #Entrepreneurialism #FinancialFreedom #SettingUpABusiness
November 09, 2020
Debt, savings, credit. Let's talk strategy! - A Dynamite Life Episode 9
In this episode, we start to look at the nitty-gritty of debt, savings, and credit. An often scary topic, but a necessity to live financially free! Smarty Pig: Teemaree's Website: Tony's Website: #ADynamiteLife #FinancialFreedom
October 26, 2020
Big Adventures Through Tiny Living - A Dynamite Life Episode 8
We're talking about how living tiny has given us a bigger life of adventure! Teemaree's Website: Tony's Website: #ADynamiteLife #TinyLiving #FinancialFreedom
October 12, 2020
Artistry In All Areas - A Dynamite Life Episode 7
In this episode, we dive deeper into artistry and what it looks (and feels) like in all areas of creating. Get Teemaree's new book, Invite God In, at Find out more about Tony at and Teemaree at #ADynamiteLife #BeingAnArtist #Entrepreneurialism
September 28, 2020
Being an artist... the beginnings - A Dynamite Life Episode 6
In this episode, we get into more detail about our lives as artists and how we've grown throughout the years. We also talk about some of the struggles associated with being an artist and reveal the number one question you NEVER want to ask an artist! Get (and use) a Neti Pot if you experience sinus issues or allergies. You won't regret it!  Watch Tony when he was a wee young lad on an episode of The New Lassie television show. Connect with Teemaree at and Tony at #adynamitelife #beinganartist
September 14, 2020
Entrepreneurialism sure is a big word! - A Dynamite Life Episode 5
Is the entrepreneurial spirit in you? In this episode, we discuss how we came to realize we were entrepreneurs! Get Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki here. Check out these awesome online educational resources: Thinkific and Teachable Connect with Teemaree at and Tony J. at #adynamitelife #entrepreneurialism
August 31, 2020
What is a "dynamic" relationship? - A Dynamite Life Episode 4
Our relationship is a dynamic one, and in this episode, we break down what "dynamic" actually means when it comes to relationships. Connect with Tony J. at and Teemaree at #adynamitelife #dynamicrelationships
August 17, 2020
Let's talk about that money - A Dynamite Life Episode 3
Talking about money can be a tough subject, but we believe that once you start focusing on it, that's when breakthroughs happen. The road to financial freedom starts here. Get a copy of Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki here. Connect with Teemaree at and Tony J. at #adynamitelife #financialfreedom
August 03, 2020
Let's get tiny - A Dynamite Life Episode 2
We dive into the 'why' we chose to live tiny and discuss some of those initial challenges to making the shift. Connect with Teemaree at and Tony at #adynamitelife #tinyliving
July 20, 2020
Welcome to A Dynamite Life! Episode #1
This is the official launch of the A Dynamite Life podcast. In this episode, we introduce ourselves and dig deeper into the topics we'll be talking about in our podcasts. The topics include; tiny living, financial freedom, dynamic relationships, entrepreneurialism, and being an artist. Yes, Tony J. and Teemaree have lived all these lives and are excited to share their thoughts and ideas with you.
July 10, 2020