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Affirmations of Excellence

Affirmations of Excellence

By Aerial Ellis
An offering of personal devotionals to fuel your week with excellence as kings and queens. The person who lives a life of excellence is the one who is willing to do and to dare. This podcast is for those who sense a royal calling on your life, who are learning to hear God’s voice in clarity and need motivation for the assignment, and who want to live out His calling with excellence. In each episode, we will explore themes of everyday life and talk through ways to escape mediocrity and find true fulfillment using personal stories and reflections, guided affirmations and clear action steps.
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Episode 19: Warfare (Seasons & Shifts)
What happens when the seasons shift into spiritual conflict? It's called a season of warfare. It’s the time when good and evil are in a battle over you - yes two opposing forces are at war over you - your mind, your body and your soul.  In order to navigate this season, you have to know what can take you down and how you can be. undefeated. This is the season where you are under attack and you need a specific strategy to win the war. In every battle, there is an end. Someone wins so let it be you.  
June 29, 2020
Episode 18: Working (Seasons & Shifts)
Being in a season of working is similar to being in a zone. It’s a time when God is ready to put us to work. You could have just shifted out of a season of wondering and in that time you gained clarity on what actions you needed to take next. Or you could have just shifted out of a season of waiting and you got the green light to move on a plan or decision. It’s the time when you shift and actively work toward the things that were revealed to you in previous seasons. This is the season where you function in obedience and maximize your excellence.
June 22, 2020
Episode 17: Waiting (Seasons & Shifts)
In seasons and shifts of life, there is a pattern to waiting effectively. But sometimes waiting can feel unbearable. Do you find it difficult to wait? Do you think God should be moving in ways other than how you see it happening at the moment? Are you in a season of waiting right now? How does it feel? Is it a peaceful, productive wait or is it a stressful, worry-filled wait? What have you learned about yourself in the moments where God doesn’t move exactly when you think he should? 
June 15, 2020
Episode 16: Wondering (Seasons & Shifts)
Our minds are in a state of constant wonder and we just don’t know what will be the result of a moment or a series of moments - what they are leading to, where they are directing us from or how they will unfold. In season two, this series of episodes entitled Seasons & Shifts, we'll dive in to topics that help us expect the extraordinary in new seasons and pursue excellence in the midst of a shift. If you are wondering about the next season or the shift it might bring, how are you managing this period of the unknown while wondering what’s next or what’s ahead?
June 08, 2020
Episode 15: Racism & Injustice
It’s hard to pursue excellence when you’re suffering from hate-filled racism fueled by anger and fear. It’s hard to feel like royalty when you're treated like a wild animal hunted as prey. It’s hard to believe that you are a king or a queen with your suffering due to the color of your skin. From one lifetime to the next. Generation to generation. Decade after decade. What should we say to black people right now? What should we expect from white allies? What about other people of color? How can we rise from pain and despair to empowerment and excellence in the face of racism and injustice? 
June 01, 2020
Episode 14: Procrastination
Delay. Putting it off. Pushing it back. That assignment. That task. That thing. I’ll do it tomorrow. We appropriate many things for ‘tomorrow’ when, in fact, we don’t know the first thing about tomorrow. Truth is tomorrow is never for certain so being satisfied with how you left today is the other thing you can truly measure. Excellence is where your worth becomes who you are. It's not about proving yourself every single time instead it's about putting your best effort ahead of yourself every time. But what happens when procrastination gets the best of you? It does get the best of us from time to time. Whether it's doing laundry, making a phone call, writing a report, paying a bill - we are all prone to procrastination at some points. It's a tug of war between the rational and the emotional - what I’d like to be doing versus what I should be doing. So how do we keep procrastination from hindering our excellence?
April 06, 2020
Episode 13: Self-Sabotage
Self-sabotage happens when you get in your own way. What area of your life are you sabotaging? What could be transformational and life-changing for you but you’re stalling the progress? What are you holding hostage right now? Over the years you may have accumulated some distorted beliefs about yourself that led to doubting your capabilities, suppressing your feelings, limiting your potential or shutting out those close to you. So how does self-sabotage happen? And how do we get out of our own way? 
March 30, 2020
Episode 12: Lies
We have all been lied to. And we’ve all told a lie.  We lie more than we think we think do. But what about the lies we tell ourselves? We can get caught in a vicious cycle of perpetuating horrible lies that point the finger in our own faces and hinder every bit of excellence we could achieve. So how do you undo the lies embedded in your mind that make you believe the worst about your own existence and identity?
March 23, 2020
Episode 11: Time
As the whole entire world has been largely quarantining and social distancing due to the spread of the Coronavirus, we are confined to our homes and banished away from public settings. The time that we once used to work, travel, shop, dine and socialize is now swapped for being tucked away at home to cook, nap, clean, consume social media and watch Netflix. And since we seem to all of sudden have more time than we’d ever expect due to a potentially fatal virus sweeping the globe, most of us have gone from perpetually busy to painfully bored. So how do we manage our time and do it with excellence?
March 16, 2020
Episode 10: Peace
Many of us are wanting much more peace in our lives than we feel actually exists at the moment. In today’s time, peace can be an anomaly. This word “peace” is a very elusive and rare commodity. The equilibrium for stable peace in one’s life is way out of wack. Both excellence and peace are simple words to say, but sometimes so much more harder words to live, especially consistently. How does one find peace? Is it consistently achievable? And what does excellence have to do with peace?
March 09, 2020
Episode 9: Love
Love is three things - a feeling, a choice and an action. Do you reject the love and care of others due to past hurts and pains? Do you give love and never really feel like you get it back? What’s the one thing you believe about love at this very moment in your life, and it is a feeling, a choice or an action based on current conditions and circumstances? How can you learn to love freely without conditions? Love is brave. It's the bravest thing we could ever think, feel or do. And, it's the key to excellence. 
March 02, 2020
Episode 8: Fear
In every situation, fear can hinder your pursuit of excellence. And, the fear of excellence can shift your entire perspective on life. Does fear push you to play it safe, avoid trying anything new, or freeze into your comfort zones? Or do you live beyond fear, willing to accept the possible negative outcome and the hope that you’ll achieve excellence? We have the authority to speak against perpetual fear, doubt, uncertainty, timidity and anxiety. Beyond fear, we have the authority to reclaim our minds, our thoughts and our destiny. 
February 24, 2020
Episode 7: Relationships
We are better together. And we are safer together. Though society might tell us that we can do life on our own, God tells us that we simply can't function without each other. We need each other and we need relationships. Healthy relationships make life enjoyable perhaps more than anything else. We need them for our destiny. How do we get the right kind of relationships? Can you be the right kind of person in order to attract healthy relationships?
February 17, 2020
Episode 6: Difficult People
It’s inevitable that we’ll encounter people we find annoying or depressing or weird or clingy or even downright mean in our daily lives. Difficult people are everywhere. It’s probably not hard for you to think of a difficult person in your own life who recently or at this very moment is causing you stress, angst or discomfort. When dealing with difficult people, there are a series of strategies that we might use. What is your approach when it comes to handling difficult people with a mindset of excellence?
February 10, 2020
Episode 5: Righteousness
Excellence should appear in every facet of life. Righteousness is the evidence of excellence. There’s a constant awareness of falling short between excellence and mediocrity. And when it comes to God, that excellence is seen as righteousness. It has very little to do with getting things done and achieving worldly success, and everything to do with practicing personal humility and pursuing spiritual obedience. This truth should encourage you to level up and focus on pursuing excellence because how you do anything is how you do everything. 
February 03, 2020
Episode 4: Struggles
In today’s world, we have been trained to assume that if something does not come easily to us, there must be something wrong. Every decision we make from technology to money to our careers to our relationships, we generally assume that if it’s not happening with ease or it feels unfair, then we’re experiencing a struggle. And naturally we believe struggle is bad. It’s impossible to live a life of excellence without struggle so we’ll talk about what means to tackle hardships with hope. 
January 27, 2020
Episode 3: Desires
The opportunity to do a heart check is always worth taking advantage of - identifying what is in and on your heart and why. To pursue excellence, searching our hearts and making our desires free and pure is a fundamental approach. Every human alive has a desire of their heart. They aspire to be, they hope to become, they strive to do, something that is in their heart. Many of us are longing for more, we dare to dream, we hold the promise of prosperity.  Each of us has a deep, heartfelt desire but how do we actually receive the desires of our hearts?
January 20, 2020
Episode 2: Goals
It’s still early in the year and if you haven’t mapped out your goals for 2020, this is the perfect time to fine-tune your intentions for the year. Getting clear on what you want out of life is the most important thing you can do as you pursue excellence. Your desire for excellence moves you to build a sturdy foundation on your goals.
January 13, 2020
Episode 1: Praying & Fasting
It’s only right to start the new year off setting our intentions in prayer. So this inaugural episode is about praying and fasting. For those who practice prayer and fasting, and those who want to learn how, or to improve their current routine. We’ll dive in here and get deliberate about maintaining a spiritual practice for 2020.
January 06, 2020