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By The Afdtechtalk Podcast
We are a tech advisory company in the business of offering consumer tech reviews. Founded in 2016, we’ve set ourselves up to serve our subscribers with simple, practical and relevant feed of technology news.
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S3:E6 “Send Me MoMo”
On today's episode, we discuss payment options and aggregators available in Ghana through the lens of user experience; onboarding journey; services; charges; customer service responsiveness and others.  MTN Mobile Money Vodafone Cash AirtelTigo Money expressPay  SlydePay Jumia Pay MOVE Palm Pay Chipper Cash
December 1, 2020
S3:E5 “Black Friday - Coronavirus Edition”
It's that time of the month again - Black Friday! Today's episode is a continuation (of sorts) of S2:E2: “11.11, Black Friday, Panic Saturday & Cyber Monday” and S2:E11 “M-commerce & international shipping”. We suggest you brush up on them first. Today's discussion focuses on concierge services, payment options for online shopping & shipping, how to create virtual cards, bitcoin options, customer service experiences and so much more! Services and platforms discussed: fishisfast; Shop2Ship; DHL Africa eShop; Stackry; Aquanto; MyUS; Vyking Shipping; Shipito; TransferWise; Bitsika; Payoneer; Skrill; Shipito.
November 26, 2020
S3:E4 “Brush Hour”
This is the concluding episode of the Art series started last week. The famous artist Leonardo Da Vinci once said, "Art is never finished, only abandoned." Human history has been interspersed with art and the earliest evidence of this is found in caves in Chauvet, whose paintings date about 30,000 years ago. Art is a means of preservation of expression. Right from the times of ancient civilization from Egypt & Mesopotamia, through to the Hellenistic civilization period that permeated the Roman and Greek empires until now with the post-modern movement and digital age, humans have evolved art to better tell their story. Joining us today in the studio are two prolific Ghanaian artists, Bright Ackwerh & Peter Asare to discuss this all-important topic.
November 19, 2020
S3:E3 “From Dusk Till Drawn”
The famous artist Leonardo Da Vinci once said, "Art is never finished, only abandoned." Human history has been interspersed with art and the earliest evidence of this is found in caves in Chauvet, whose paintings date about 30,000 years ago. Art is a means of preservation of expression. Right from the times of ancient civilization from Egypt & Mesopotamia, through to the Hellenistic civilization period that permeated the Roman and Greek empires until now with the post-modern movement and digital age, humans have evolved art to better tell their story.   Joining us today in the studio are two prolific Ghanaian artists, Bright Ackwerh & Peter Asare to discuss this all-important topic. 
November 10, 2020
S3:E2 “Flash of the Titans”
To conclude, Enam (thegreyshutter) and Lawrence (Ghog) discuss photography terms (ISO, megapixels, SLR, etc), innovations in photography, software editors and other topics from the photography mixed bag. Important links @_ghog on Instagram @ghog_ on Twitter @thegreyshutter on Instagram @aegeanblue on Instagram @thegreyshutter on Twitter @_aegeanblue on Twitter
October 20, 2020
S3:E1 “Big Click Energy”
Smartphone photography has come a long way. Flagship phones have at least 4 cameras - a front facing HD camera; a main camera; an ultrawide shooter and a telephoto lens. Many phones are able to shoot excellent lowlight footage with insane image stabilization. So now we are wondering: have smartphone cameras caught up with professional cameras? The John Legend "A Good Night" video was shot entirely on a Google Pixel 2; Eminem's "Venom" performance was shot entirely on a Google Pixel 3; the list goes on and on. If you compare pictures and videos from $1,000 smartphones and  $4,000+ full frame mirrorless professional cameras, how similar can they get?  Today we are joined by Enam (thegreyshutter) and Lawrence (Ghog), two of the most talented photographers in Ghana for an exciting discussion.  Important links @_ghog on Instagram @ghog_ on Twitter @thegreyshutter on Instagram  @aegeanblue on Instagram @thegreyshutter on Twitter @_aegeanblue on Twitter
October 20, 2020
S2:E20 “Press Start to Play (Part 2)”
Video gaming goes as far back as the 50's but did not reach mainstream popularity until the 70s and 80s, when arcade games and consoles using joysticks, buttons, and other controllers, along with graphics on computer screens and home computer games were introduced to the general public. Now with over a million video games in circulation and about 2 billion global gamers, the video game industry generates north of $140 billion annually. Join avid gamers Selorm, Nii, Gasim & Joel in in the concluding episode of a two-part series where they discuss their gaming interest, origins, platform of choice and other interesting topics. Stay tuned for more. Links:
October 1, 2020
S2:E19 “Press Start to Play (Part 1)”
Video gaming goes as far back as the 50's but did not reach mainstream popularity until the 70s and 80s, when arcade games and consoles using joysticks, buttons, and other controllers, along with graphics on computer screens and home computer games were introduced to the general public. Now with over a million video games in circulation and about 2 billion global gamers, the video game industry generates north of $140 billion annually.  Join avid gamers Selorm, Nii, Gasim & Joel in in the first of a two-part series where they discuss their gaming interest, origins, platform of choice and other interesting topics. Stay tuned for more. Links:
September 23, 2020
S2:E18 “How Dem Dey Z We?”
On today's episode, millennials Kwamina & Selorm sit down with Ato Kwamena, a Gen Z to discuss the differences between how Gen Z'ers and millennials use social media and technology. We discover the differences in the motivation of the cohorts and what matters most to them.
September 16, 2020
S2:E17 “Game of Phones”
Gone are the days when smartphone announcements could make us super giddy. Exciting features, remarkable upgrades, eye-rolling gimmicks, etc. Now, smartphone announcements have become very boring, and that is not necessarily a bad thing. It is testament to the remarkable progress we have seen in smartphone technology. Join Kwamina, Selorm & Nii as they talk about the state of smartphones in 2020.
September 10, 2020
S2:E16 “La Casa De Appeal”
After the internet collectively raised over $55,000 for Ray Styles of Penciled Celebrities, a lot of us have questions, comments, opinions and reservations about crowdfunding, especially when it comes to Ghana. On this episode, Selorm, Nii and Kwamina discuss the concept of crowdfunding, its inception, prevalence in Ghana, risks, mechanics and other topics that pertain to it. Enjoy. 
August 26, 2020
S2:E15 “Deliver us from COVID-19”
Fun fact: The first 30 seconds of this podcast is from an unreleased episode we recorded over Zoom. As we continue to practice social distancing, delivery services have become very essential in ensuring that we can stay safe but still get to purchase items. On today's episode, we discuss some of the items we order, the services we use, safety protocols we follow and other interesting perspectives. Alternate title: Delivery is the Order of the Day. (Get it?) 
August 19, 2020
S2:E14 “It has been 84 years”
Somewhere in April, we recorded an episode (two actually) via Zoom. We could not release them due to sound issues. And so we put it on hold until further notice. Things will get better soon, we thought. We have never been more wrong.  May, June, July have passed. Since we have accepted this is the "new normal", we're coming out of our hiatus. On Founders' Day, we met in person to record a couple of episodes. We had a three hour chat before recording to this episode because sooo much has happened and we wanted to catch up. We ended up talking about any and everything.  It's good to be back! Enjoy this mixed bag!
August 11, 2020
S2:E13 “Oh no. COVID-19 is in Ghana!”
This is the concluding part of the episode that aired last week. Six cases of the Novel Coronavirus have been reported in Ghana. On this episode, we have a look at how viruses spread, debunk a couple of myths, charge our listeners to be cautious without panicking, apps and certain measures you can employ to reduce contact. We also take a trip to the Wet Market in Wuhan to try and understand its origins. We also share a looooong list of movies about viral pandemics you can watch at home while you self-quarantine.  Please note that none of the panelists is a medical professional and so we had to consult before putting information out. Special thanks to Dr. Stanley Biney and Dr. Samuel Owusu-Achiaw for their assistance. If there is anything we state incorrectly or take out of context, please tweet at us @afdtechtalk so we update our notes. 
March 16, 2020
S2:E12 “Coronavirus: What, Why, How”
The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has essentially been terrorizing planet Earth since 31st December 2019. With over 100,000 confirmed cases and a massive global scare, let’s join Nii and Selorm in the studio today to break it all down. How did this start and how do we stop it?
March 7, 2020
S2:E11 “M-commerce & international shipping”
I totally forgot to write this episode's description. Check back later.
February 13, 2020
S2:E10 “10,000 reasons to switch to Telegram”
WhatsApp may have the numbers but Telegram has the features. On today's episode, Kwamina tries to convince Selorm to switch to Telegram.
February 2, 2020
S2:E9 “New Year, New Tech”
Happy New Year!!! We hope you had a terrific Christmas & you're still on track with your new year resolutions. Haha just kidding, we know you're not. CES is an annual outlandish show held in Las Vegas every January to ring in the new year with respect to new products and technologies in the consumer electronics industry. Our resident geeks have condensed the 5,760 minute show into 49 minutes so don't complain that this podcast is long, you ungrateful hooman. Oh, and be sure to listen to the end, some of the product announcements were HILARIOUS, especially the ones from Charmin.
January 20, 2020
S2E8: “Tech highlights & announcements in 2019”
All too soon, the year has come to an end, and depending on your understanding (or lack thereof) of the Gregorian calendar, so has the decade. On today’s episode, our resident tech nerds recap the exciting technology announcements in 2019 - everything from 5G being announced during CES 2019 in January through to the Apple Special Event in March; HIV being cured in July and PS5 official renders being released in December. Let’s not forget about E3 2019, Project Scarlet, Libra, Facebook’s $5bn fine, Yango operations in Ghana, and, erm, you know what, just listen to the podcast.
December 30, 2019
S2:E7 “Streaming Technology is changing the Music Industry”
In 2018, music streaming overtook physical and digital music sales for the first time in history, accounting for 38% of all recorded music revenue. Subscription-based music streaming has, to a significant extent, saved music sales which experienced a revenue slump of 40% between 1999 and 2014.   Music streaming has influenced the way music is produced and consumed to different extents and along different regional contexts. We have seen the quick rise and exportation of artists like Teni, Odunsi, Madjozi, and dozens of other African music artists thanks to the ubiquity offered by these streaming services and their algorithms.  In the local context of equitability, Nigerian music has dominated the sub-Saharan African and Ghanaian Music charts and concerts in recent years, for different debatable reasons. Perhaps a few lessons could be learnt from the Nigerian music industry’s playbook to harness streaming technology just as successfully, even if it means optimizing the way music is consumed, produced and marketed.  On today's episode, we are joined in the studio by Benewaah Boateng, the Director of Harmattan Rain to discuss major topical issues with regards to streaming technology.
December 22, 2019
S2:E6 “A non-intimidating discussion about how Digital Technology has transformed our culture”
When this topic was first suggested, Selorm's reaction was "This is a podcast, not a PHD dissertation." Nii Acquaye also referred me to our tagline ("As simple as zeros and ones"). The reception was hilarious.  On this episode, we discuss Digital Culture and Digital Technology, as well as our views on the wild intersections on our habits and tech. We explore whether we need digital culture to influence digital technology or vice versa. We also throw more light on recent trends powered by digital technology such as the "Share culture", "Cancel movement", "MeToo movement" and a host of others.  Since we are getting ready ready for Christmas, watch out for a surprise announcement as you listen to the podcast. You have to be very attentive. Mention us on Twitter and we will let you know what happens next. Shalom. Find us on: Google Podcasts Apple Podcasts Spotify
December 16, 2019
S2:E5 “How some tech companies got their fancy names”
What's in a name? For a long time, names have denoted attributes of a person, a product or service. But recently, especially in tech, founders choose names that seem to have no correlation to their product or service. For example, we seem to have accepted that one of the most well-known global tech companies is named after a fruit.  On today's episode, we take a trip through time and space as we try to figure out naming and nomenclature schemes of big brands especially in technology, automobiles, software and things in the digital world. We will realize that even though some companies and brands have names that seem out of sync, they are not that far-fetched. You will also clear some misconceptions you have about certain brand names and their meanings. Spoiler: LG does not stand for "Life's Good".   Be sure to listen to the end, where our founder explains the meaning and thought behind "Afdtechtalk".
December 3, 2019
S2:E4 “Wasting time on YouTube? We're here to help!”
We've all been caught in YouTube's endless rabbit hole before. You probably opened the app to check out a review of the Apple Watch 5 (that you probably can't afford anyway) and two hours later, you're watching "Top 10 Alien Sightings Caught on Tape", with no idea how you ended up there.  If you were expecting us to tell you how not to get caught in this loop and use your time more judiciously, sorry, we also lack the discipline and willpower to stop ourselves. We spend a combined 20 hours a week on YouTube. Hashtag Unashamed. On today's episode, Kwamina Arthur & Selorm Dornyoh discuss some of their favorite YouTube channels, spanning various fields such as tech, science, movie reviews, travel, cuisine, oddities and more! Well, if you are going to spend a lot of time and data on YouTube, at least it should be fun and add some value to your life, right?
November 26, 2019
S2:E3 “You don't need a new smartphone every year”
Year after year, smartphone manufacturers launch new smartphones that are "better, faster and with much more new features". And even though our phones work just fine, we are stuck in this loop where we feel the need to upgrade because "the new iPhone is 10 grams lighter than the previous".   What do we really use our phones for apart from social media, capturing memories and staying in touch? What exactly do we expect our mobile phones, tablets and laptops to do for us? What exactly are we looking for, and will we ever get them? What could we be doing with our devices that we aren't? Is there a way we should think about our devices and what they do for us? Join Kwamina Arthur, Victor Bannerman Chedid, Selorm Dornyoh & Nii Akwei Acquaye as they try to answer these questions and more. 
November 18, 2019
S2:E2: “11.11, Black Friday, Panic Saturday & Cyber Monday”
Today, November 11 is Singles Day - 11.11, a shopping holiday that originated in China but has become global due to the influence of the internet and online shopping. Black Friday, an American shopping holiday, is on November 29. But Black Friday has already started even in Ghana.  On today's episode, we discuss the history and origin of Black Friday, Panic Saturday & Cyber Monday; behavioral economics; Black Friday deals in Ghana and beyond; freight forwarding services you can use to ship items you may buy for less in the United States to Ghana; gift ideas and best practices as you spend your last money to buy items you may probably not need. Panelists: Kwamina Arthur & Selorm Dornyoh Ghana-based Consumer Goods Commerce Retail Platforms discussed: Jumia SuperPrice Zoobashop Telefonika Reapp Melcom CompuGhana Get4Less Audiophile World Others from around the World: Amazon Walmart Bestbuy Costco Aliexpress  GearBest Freight Forwarding Services: fishisfast Viabox MyUS
November 11, 2019
S2:E1 “File Heist!”
It's finally here! Season 2 of your favorite tech podcast! Thank you for sticking with us even though the metronome's sound was deafening. This season is going to fun-packed and more interactive. We kick off Season 2 with Selorm's personal experience with ransomware. Yeah, you might have heard of viruses, trojans, malwares, etc. and wondering what animal this is - well, I won't tell you here because you'd have no motivation to listen. But I can assure you it is very real and prevalent and you need to take precautionary measures to protect your files and document from this nasty animal. In 2017 alone, cybercriminals netted over $1 billion from unsuspecting victims through ransomware! So just as we do it Afdtechtalk style, plug in your headphones, sit back, homey relax, in fact grab a six-pack kick back while we kick facts. Enjoy the show and don't forget to follow us and tweet at us! Be sure to share as well.
October 28, 2019
S0:E4 “Streaming Wars: Disney+ Vs Netflix”
Disney+ is an upcoming subscription video on-demand service owned by The Walt Disney Company. Disney owns a lot of big name franchises including Marvel and National Geographic, and makes an average of $1.2bn per movie in the box office. Oh, and let's not forget they also own 60% of the second biggest streaming service in USA, Hulu. There have also been reports that Disney plans to make certain very popular series currently available on Netflix exclusives on Disney+ AND their subscription service will cost 50% less than Netflix. Will their entry into the streaming industry pose a significant threat to Netflix? Let's join Kwamina and Edudzi in the studio as they try to predict the future of streaming.
September 2, 2019
S0:E3 “Yango Unchained in the ride-sharing ecosystem”
"Still hitching rides on the street? Download the ..." Oh God make it stop. Even Satan is tired of how pervasive Yango adverts have become on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Seriously, how much are they spending on social media marketing?  But can you blame the Yandex-owned ride-hailing platform for their pandemic adverts in the Ghanaian interwebs? After all they are competing with Uber and Bolt, big players that have operated here for more than 18 months.  On this episode, our panelists discuss the introduction and growth of ride-hailing platforms and how they are shaping up and influencing commuting especially in the big cities in Ghana. Enjoy! 
August 2, 2019
S1:E14 “Paying it forward - Where are the $100m+ exits in Africa?”
We have a simple question: Where are the multi-million dollar startup exits in Africa? Okay, that leads us to other questions - is it that the ideas that spring up here are not good enough? Or not scalable enough? Is it the environment? Is it not enabling? We could go on and on in the episode description, but let's stop here and join Edem Kumodzi, Andy Akoto and Kwamina Arthur as they discuss the tech startup scene in Ghana and Africa at large and what could be stifling its growth as well as other exciting opportunities.   
July 10, 2019
S1:E13 “In Zuck We (probably shouldn't) Trust”
In Zuck We Trust, right? Facebook, on the quest for world domination recently announced plans to create a digital currency called Libra under the non-profit Libra Association together with 27 other companies. Libra wants to create a simple but global infrastructure that empowers billions of people around the world. We know you have a lot of questions regarding this so because of our love for you, we got Edem Kumodzi, a senior software engineer and Consultant and Andrews Akoto, a senior trader to demystify everything surrounding this announcement. What are experts without projections and forecasts, right? Exactly. So they make some forecasts too. Plug in your earphones and enjoy!
June 26, 2019
S1:E12 “Electronic Entertainment Expo 2019”
E3 2019 may be over but we're still not over the scintillating announcements we heard. Our "game-gbee" staff at Afdtechtalk knocked themselves out with all the shows from Microsoft, Nintendo and Square Enix. Plug in your earphones and get lost in the sauce.
June 17, 2019
S1:E11 “Apple WWDC'19 - Keynote slam dunk of the year”
Apple's powerpacked WWDC 2019 left all of us astonished with a number of fantastic announcements,some of which were long overdue. The two-and-a-half hour keynote brought to light changes made to tvOS, watchOS, iOS, macOS and a couple more. The much anticipated iPadOS was announced as well. If you missed it, join Nii, Sena and Kwamina as they deconstruct the highlights of the Developer Conference.
June 13, 2019
S1:E10 “Android fanboys will hop on iOS”
Today, Apple will hold its opening keynote for the 2019 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Jose.  Apple is expected to announce a couple of updates to the operating systems that run the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, TV and Mac. We have also picked up chatter on the breakup of the iTunes app into an array of smaller Music, Podcasts, and TV apps.  At the AFD HQ, Edudzi interviews Kwamina & Selorm, two hardcore Android fans about what they would like to hear today that could potentially sway them from Android to iOS. 
June 3, 2019
S1:E9 “Why is Huawei on America's Entity List?”
Before anything else, we'd like to apologize for the quality of the audio you are about to listen to. We had an issue with one of the cables and it resulted in this incessant and irritating buzzing feedback you will hear throughout the audio. This effect is reduced if you listen through speakers, so we recommend using that instead of earphones. The brewing trade-war between US and China has resulted in Huawei, a global tech company ending up on the US Entity List. Shortly after this announcement, key US companies including Google, Qualcomm & Microsoft have started distancing themselves from the Chinese giants. On today's episode, our panelists (Shalom Akinboboye, Edudzi Nyomi, Hakeem Adjei & Kwamina Arthur) and immaculate host Nii Akwei discuss the big picture and high level ramifications for Huawei and its ambition to become #1 in the smartphone industry. 
May 29, 2019
S1:E8 “We woke up today and there was no internet!”
We've become so used to the internet that it's very hard to imagine how daily routines and tasks will be completed without access to the world wide web. Today, we try to imagine how life's going to be without the internet.
May 21, 2019
S1:E7 “Let's go for a ride in a self-driving Tesla Uber”
One day, this episode will include a description. That day is not today.
May 14, 2019
S1:E6 “The Big Boeing Theory”
Google I/O brings together developers from around the globe for talks, hands-on learning with Google experts, and a first look at Google’s latest developer products. This year's edition kick-starts on the 7th of May through to the 9th of May. Ahead of this event, Afdtechtalk staff have some predictions of how this event will unfold. We then turn our attention to Boeing and its fiasco with 737 Max 8 and very recently a 737 that skidded off into a river shortly after take-off. We discuss the motivations for Boeing's rushed Max 8 models and throw more light on the dreadful MCAS software that unfortunately contributed to the Lion Air and Ethiopian Air disasters that claimed the lives of many.
May 6, 2019
S0:E2 “Smartphones are beginning to bend and fold”
Haha, this is the first ever recording we made. It is full of rookie mistakes with respect to sound & format. We initially decided not to put this out because of the loud background music and proximity of one of our panelists to the microphone. But looking at the recent Samsung Galaxy Fold debacle and how our discussion went in Episode 5, we realize the content of this recording is extremely relevant and our questions and thoughts are still very valid. This should help you get a background to the second part of our Episode 5 discussion. We hope you enjoy it.
May 3, 2019
S1:E5 “Does OnePlus have what it takes to capture the market with their latest flagship?”
On today's episode, we try a mix and match – OnePlus is getting ready to release the next iterations of phones, the OnePlus 7 and 7Pro on May 14. There's been a lot of buzz surrounding this particular release because of what's under the hood. We discuss our impressions and expectations of these devices once they're made public. We then shift our attention to the Samsung Galaxy Fold and its recent faux pas among the YouTube tech community that has led to the commercial release of the device being delayed. Let's go!
May 1, 2019
S1:E4 “Become a bookkeeping expert in 40 minutes”
We have a lot of tech startups springing up each and everyday in this part of the world. One of the major challenges they face is the ability to keep track of their finances and practising proper bookkeeping conventions. On today's episode, Michael Sackitey, a very well experienced finance professional helps demystify some of these principles that seem alien and complex for especially our tech startup founders.
April 23, 2019
S1:E3 “The first ever image of a Black Hole is not exciting”
The April 10 announcement that scientists had created the first-ever image of a black hole — in actuality its shadow, bending and warping a bright ring of light and gas around its mysterious center — was a triumphant moment for members of the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) project. The supermassive black hole lies at the center of the M87 galaxy, 55 million light years from Earth. Black holes exert a gravitational pull so great that even light cannot escape, though their gravitational bending effects distort light around them. On today's episode, Kwamina argues that black holes don't matter. Selorm doesn't think so.
April 16, 2019
S1:E2 “Selorm switched from Windows Phone to Android after 8 years!”
On today's episode, we have a chat with Selorm, a bloke who used Windows Mobile for 8 years and only recently switched to Android.
April 9, 2019
S0:E1 “All major smartphones of 2019 in 30 minutes”
Welcome to our very first episode! Here, we talk about what we expect smartphone makers to announce in 2019.
April 3, 2019
S1:E1 “A deep-dive into the Apple Special Event”
Apple recently announced expansion to some of their services and some brand new services during their late March event. Here, we recap items of interest to us.
April 2, 2019