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Welcome to AFL Europe's Official Podcast.
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Episode 36: With Special Guest Jordan Boyd
The AFL Europe Podcast is back! On the latest episode of the show, we sat down with Carlton FC AFL footballer, Jordan Boyd. Jordan joined us at HQ in London to talk about his unlikely journey towards becoming an AFL player, his professional debut and Carlton’s roller coaster 2022 season. We also chatted injuries and tested his European footy knowledge. Jordan has played a total of seven professional games for the Blues and recently signed a 2-year contract extension. 
September 12, 2022
Episode 35: One Kick Later - Victoria Bieniek
On this episode of the AFL Europe Podcast's One Kick Later series, we're joined by Victoria Bieniek. Based in Warsaw, Poland, Victoria recently participated in the first ever women's game of Aussie Rules on Polish soil at the Nysa Cup. Victoria will also co-captain the Polish Angels at the upcoming Euro Cup, where Poland will have a women's team for the firs time. We chat expectations for Euro Cup, the growth of the game in Poland and how Victoria fell in love with the people and the culture surrounding footy. 
June 10, 2022
Episode 34: With Special Guests Chris Carson and Brett Osler
Welcome back to the AFL Europe Podcast. In a special edition of the show, we sat down with Chris Carson and Brett Osler - two men set to represent the Australian Spirit footy side at this weekend's ANZAC Cup in Villers-Bretonneux, France. Both gentlemen have significant familial, military connections to the region and were kind enough to speak candidly about those connections and share their thoughts and feelings towards the ANZAC weekend as a whole. 
April 21, 2022
Episode 33: One Kick Later - Donall Purvis
In another edition of our One Kick Later series, we're joined by proud Northern Irish lad and Mid Ulster Scorpion, Donall Purvis. Amidst preparations for his Champions League debut this weekend in Amsterdam, Donall regales us with stories; from his time playing footy in Melbourne as a teenager, to the strict preparations the Scorpions have been making ahead of their first Champions League appearance. 
April 04, 2022
Episode 32: One Kick Later - Leiha Shrubsall
On this episode of the AFL Europe podcast, our 'One Kick Later' series makes its grand return for 2022. On this occasion, as part of our International Women's Week coverage, we are joined by the Godmother of women's footy in Ireland, Leiha Shrubsall. Leiha has been a part of women's footy in Ireland since it's inception in 2009, co-founding women's Aussie Rules in the country. Currently, Leiha is the AFLI Executive Women’s Competition Representative and also the co-founder & coach of the South Dublin Swans. 
March 11, 2022
Episode 31: With Special Guest Justin Clarke
Welcome back to the AFL Europe podcast! On our 31st episode, we're joined by former AFL footballer for the Brisbane Lions, Justin Clarke. Justin is currently a Rhode Scholar at Oxford University and recently took on the role of Oxford University's AFL Women's coach. We chat all things footy, diving into the highlights and lowlights of Justin's career and looking at life in the UK and how Aussie Rules is continuing to grow in Europe. 
February 25, 2022
Episode 30: One Kick Later - Matea Sedlaček
#AFLEuropePodcast | Welcome to episode thirty of the AFL Europe Podcast with Matea Sedlaček from Croatia. Matea was introduced to Australian Football in Zagreb by a colleague at her work and became instantly hooked with how the sport was played but also how welcoming the community was. Playing with the Zagreb Panthers for over five years now, we jump into and chat about the history of women's footy in Croatia, her experiences travelling across Europe playing at AFL Europe events as well as how a coaching role in 2019 has helped her grow her knowledge of the sport.
October 17, 2021
Episode 29: One Kick Later - Daphny Bergqvist
#AFLEuropePodcast | Welcome to episode twenty-nine of the AFL Europe Podcast. In this episode, we journey up to Sweden for our One Kick Later series to hear from current Swedish Ravens co-coach, and Port Malmö Lynx head coach, Daphny Bergqvist. Daphny first played Australian Football in 2017 and after a couple of games and trainings, was off to Bordeaux to compete in the AFL Europe Euro Cup with Sweden. Daphny shares how she first learned of the sport, her experiences representing Sweden and playing at international events,  the importance of culture and community in a growing sport and the transition from player to coach. Enjoy.
October 11, 2021
Episode 28: With Special Guest Nicola Barr
#AFLEuropePodcast | Greater Western Sydney Giant Nicola Barr joins the AFL Europe Podcast as a special guest for episode 28. Nicola was the first-ever player to be drafted into the AFL Women's competition ahead of its inaugural season in 2017. She has continued to play at the Giants since, and just a few months ago signed a two-year extension to see her with the club until at least 2023. The AFL Europe community will remember Nicola from her travels around Europe in 2019, visiting and coaching more than ten different clubs as well as attending the Euro Cup in Norrtälje, Sweden. Nicola speaks on how much she enjoyed spending time with the AFL Europe community as well as sharing a bit about her AFLW career with GWS, playing alongside Irishwomen Staunton and Stack, balancing life as a part-time pro athlete and the exciting upcoming stars at her club and in the competition. Enjoy!
September 30, 2021
Episode 27: One Kick Later - Bérengère Portal
#AFLEuropePodcast | Welcome to episode twenty-seven of the AFL Europe Podcast for another instalment of our One Kick Later series. Bérengère Portal joined us last month to talk about the the rise of Australian Football in France and in particular, the growth of the women's game. During an internship in Australia in 2008, Bérengère discovered Australian Football and was fascinated by it. Upon her return to France, Bérengère tried the sport with her university and has since played a significant role in the growth of the sport across the country. Bérengère has represented France in international tournaments and events on numerous occasions, including travelling to Australia for the AFL International Cup and to Villers-Bretonneux for the AFL Europe ANZAC Cup.
September 24, 2021
Episode 26: With Special Guest Kevin "Shifter" Sheehan
#AFLEuropePodcast | In this episode we are pleased to be joined by AFL Talent Ambassador, Kevin "Shifter" Sheehan. Shifter has been involved in footy all his life, from playing professionally with the Geelong Cats, to holding roles in scouting and talent identification with the Australian Football League. In his time working for the league, he has played a leading role in developing pathways to the AFL such as the U16 & U/18 National Championships, AusKick and Draft Combine. Beyond his work in Australia is his dedication and passion for developing the sport around the globe, which has seen him regularly attend the AFL Europe Talent Combine and other matches across Europe. In this episode, Shifter shares his top upcoming AFLW and AFL draft prospects, some of his favourite moments as Talent Ambassador including the best players and draft pools he has ever seen, the evolution of recruitment, the future of international talent and much more. Plus, a very special ending to the episode as for the first time ever, Shifter has selected and shares his 'Ireland AFL All Stars' side. The team of 22 is comprised of Irish players who have made the move over to Australia, from Gaelic to Australian Football, since the first Irishman signed into the league 40 years ago, beginning the 'Irish Experiment'.
July 27, 2021
Episode 25: One Kick Later - Oliver Krajacic
#AFLEuropePodcast | Welcome to episode twenty-five of the AFL Europe Podcast where we are joined by Oliver Krajacic. Oliver joins us from Austria and as part of our One Kick Later series to share his journey into Australian Football that started ten years ago and reflects on the beginnings of the sport in Austria. Oliver shares how the sport has grown in his home country, the importance of staying connected with the AFL Europe community and all teams including receiving support from Croatia over the years, being joined by former AFL player Max Bailey at a Styrian DownUnderDogs training and more. Enjoy!
July 23, 2021
Episode 24: With Special Guest Dan Jackson
#AFLEuropePodcast | In this episode we are very excited to be joined by former Richmond Tigers star and current Adelaide Crows Leadership Development Manager, Dan Jackson. After retiring from the AFL in 2014 with more than 150 games under his belt and just a year on from winning Richmond's Best & Fairest award, Dan has very much remained involved in Australian Football by helping the sport grow internationally. On top of studying, working and travelling around the world, Dan met with and attended many local footy clubs where he was drawn in by the international footy community's passion for the sport, and in 2018 even took on the role as an AFL Europe Commissioner. Whilst we share Dan's experiences and memories of being involved with the AFL Europe community and the sport worldwide, as well as his playing career, Dan takes us inside his job at the Adelaide Crows as their Leadership Development Manager, sharing his passion and the growing importance for building strong relationships and culture in organisations and sporting clubs.
July 11, 2021
Episode 23: One Kick Later - Carissa Turner
#AFLEuropePodcast | Welcome to episode twenty-three where Carissa Turner from Wales joins us as part of our One Kick Later series. Carissa was introduced to Australian footy by her work colleagues in Cardiff, where she first trained with the Panthers. She shares how welcomed she felt from the get-go and swiftly fell in love with Cardiff's footy culture and supportive environment. This new found passion was quickly recognised on the field, as she earned her way to represent her country and play for the Wyverns at two Euro Cups, and travel to London for the 2019 European Championships where she lined up for the Great Britain Swans. Not only has Carissa represented Wales in Australian Football, but also in badminton! Carissa speaks on her time as a top 100 badminton player in the world, travelling across the globe to compete, her experiences at two Commonwealth Games' and the many differences between the two sports. Thanks to Carissa for sharing her passion for Australian footy and everything she loves about the Australian Football community in Europe.
July 01, 2021
Episode 22: With Special Guest Craig Starcevich
#AFLEuropePodcast | This week, we're stepping away from our One Kick Later series and are very excited to welcome 2021 AFLW Brisbane Lions premiership coach, Craig Starcevich, to the AFL Europe Podcast. Plenty of people within the AFL Europe community will be familiar with Starcevich who has presented in both of the AFL Europe Coach Development Series', as well as running a training session with the German women’s national team in Heidelberg last year and helping out the AFL Switzerland teams through their 2020 season, where he even played a game. Well in this episode, whilst we appreciate and recognise Starcevich's efforts to support our great sport in Europe sharing his experiences within the community, we take a dive into getting to know Craig Starcevich as a former AFL premiership player with Collingwood, and now AFLW premiership coach of the Lions. In between, Starcevich has held roles such as High Performance Manager with the Lions men’s team during their three peat, as well as working in Female Football High Performance with AFL Queensland. Starcevich has had a front row seat to see how both the men’s and women’s games have evolved over the years, and shares with us some incredible stories and experiences from his time in the sport.
June 23, 2021
Episode 21: One Kick Later - Slava Belov
#AFLEuropePodcast | Russia's Slava Belov joins us in episode twenty-one of the AFL Europe Podcast! After attending an AFL match live in Melbourne in 2012, and then playing a season with the West London Wildcats in the AFL London league in 2013, Slava eventually headed back home to St. Petersburg with his newfound love for Australian Football, and launched the St. Petersburg Cats. What started as Slava and two of his closest mates, the Cats have since grown into two teams; Baltic Hawks and Northern Tigers, who compete in the St. Petersburg Australian Football League and when possible, drive more than seven hours to the country's capital to play the Moscow Bears. Slava's focus with the Cats over the years has been about building a welcoming community whilst exploring new ways to improve game development and skill, such as introducing by-laws and taking match stats. An interesting listen as Slava shares his story about finding the sport and a bit about the Australian Football landscape in Russia.
June 16, 2021
Episode 20: One Kick Later - Best Moments So Far
#AFLEuropePodcast | Welcome to episode twenty where we take a look back at some of our favourite moments from the One Kick Later series, so far! If you'd like to listen to the full episode from each guest, below are the times they featured in on this episode and their respective interviews: 0:32 - 2:26 | Episode 11 - Florian Naumann 2:27 - 6:19 | Episode 12 - Laura Turner-Ramadan 6:20 - 7:23 | Episode 14 - Alban Schieber 7:24 - 8:45 | Episode 15 - Morten Merhøj 8:46 - 10:53 | Episode 16 - Effie Senti 10:54 - 12:30 | Episode 17 - Josip Kravar 12:31 - 13:35 | Episode 18 - Theresia Meißner 13:36 - 14:45 | Episode 19 - John Enright
June 09, 2021
Episode 19: One Kick Later - John Enright
#AFLEuropePodcast | Welcome to episode nineteen where John Enright joins us as part of our One Kick Later series. If you've played across any of the AFL Europe competitions over the last 15 years, you're more than likely to know or recognise John. A former player and now umpire, John's love and devotion to Australian Football has seen him represent his national team, the Irish Warriors, on numerous occasions as well as officiate matches across the world such as in the cities of Bordeaux, London, San Diego and Umag. Travelling to these international Australian Football tournaments, John has played and umpired alongside some incredible people and has developed a wealth of experience and knowledge about the sport that he shares on the podcast. In addition, John is an amazing story-teller and this episode will no doubt give you a great insight into what it means for some people to play, coach, umpire or volunteer at some of the Australian Football events and matches that are held across the world, as well as the special people you get to meet along the way.
June 02, 2021
Episode 18: One Kick Later - Theresia Meißner
#AFLEuropePodcast | Germany's Theresia Meißner joins us in episode eighteen and as part of our One Kick Later series. Theresia, who only started playing Australian Football in 2018, has had a remarkable few years in the sport. Representing her national team at AFL Europe tournaments, where she picked up multiple Team of the Tournament honours, and winning a premiership in AFL Germany women's inaugural season in 2019, Theresia is now living in Australia and competing in the Victorian Football League women's (VFLW) competition with the Geelong Cats. Hear about Theresia's incredible story, from finding the sport in Germany and being able to excel at it in such a short period of time, to her journey to Australia and competing in the VFLW and more recently, becoming an umpire.
May 26, 2021
Episode 17: One Kick Later - Josip Kravar
#AFLEuropePodcast | For episode seventeen we are joined by Josip Kravar out of Croatia. Josip's footy story begins as a university student in Zagreb where he first found and got involved in the sport. His passion for the sport and pride for the Croatian footy community quickly flourished, as he grew into the roles of Association of Australian Football Croatia President, Zagreb Hawks President and AFL Europe Commissioner. It doesn't stop there, Josip's playing and coaching history has seen him represent his country for more than ten years at European Championships, Euro Cups and at the 2017 AFL International Cup, where Croatia won the Division 2 tournament on debut and put the world on notice for their signature, hard-style of play. Hear from some of Josip's incredible stories over the years such as bumping into Leigh Matthews in Melbourne, getting to know Ivan Maric and attending a Richmond Tigers training session with the Croatian national team, his experiences playing and coaching in big games as well as an update on the near-completion of Croatia's first 18-a-side pitch.
May 19, 2021
Episode 16: One Kick Later - Effie Senti
#AFLEuropePodcast | Welcome to episode sixteen where we chat to Effie Senti as part of our One Kick Later series. Effie moved to Hobart, Tasmania as part of her university studies in 2017 where she first found and started playing Australian Football. Upon returning to Switzerland, she got in contact with the Winterthur Lions and made her way down to training despite being the only female there. Effie has since taken on roles with AFL Switzerland including secretary, head of women's development and most recently, president. She is also the founder and president of Switzerland's newest team, Zurich Giants, and played in the first women's Swiss national team to compete in AFL Europe's Euro Cup. Hear from Effie as she shares her experiences and success in developing women's participation, what goes on in an AFL Switzerland committee meeting including the importance of sharing 'footy family' values, the first-ever Auskick session in Switzerland and simply why she takes her footy everywhere she goes.
May 05, 2021
Episode 15: One Kick Later - Morten Merhøj
#AFLEuropePodcast | In episode fifteen of the AFL Europe Podcast and for the latest instalment of our One Kick Later series, we're joined by Morten Merhøj. Being introduced to Australian Football in Denmark and at a young age, Morten shares his journey in the sport from playing in Farum's junior program to representing his country on the international stage. Over the years, Morten has also become heavily involved in the growth of footy in Denmark and the Danish Australian Football League (DAFL), talking to some of league's history and traditions, as well as many success stories that have come out of the country including the growth of the club in Odense.
April 28, 2021
Episode 14: One Kick Later - Alban Schieber
#AFLEuropePodcast | On this episode of One Kick Later we're very excited to be joined by Alban Schieber. Alban grew up in France however discovered footy on a student exchange program to Australia. Upon his return to France, and what you’ll soon find out in this episode, is how Alban became heavily involved in the sport and the growth of the AFL Europe community. From playing locally with Bordeaux to representing France at a national level, from taking on roles such as the president of the CNFA (now AFL France) to recruiting Australians in the early days of AFL Europe's ANZAC Cup, Alban shares his wonderful journey with Australian Football and how he continues to discover new ways he can grow the sport throughout Europe.
April 21, 2021
Episode 13: Irish Down Under - Bríd Stack & our 2021 Top 10 Irish Moments
#AFLEuropePodcast | For episode thirteen we're excited to be joined by Bríd Stack from the Greater Western Sydney Giants. Bríd had quite the rollercoaster start in Australia; two-week's hotel quarantine, travelling with the Giants into a number of "hubs" across the country and then unfortunately sustaining an injury that ruled her out of her debut AFLW season. Nevertheless, Bríd remained the ultimate professional she is, persisting through her rehab and recovery to get back into non-contact training and eventually moving into a mentor role for the younger players at the club. Hear about it all on this episode of Irish Down Under + Bríd helps Jim & Mike share our top 10 moments from the Irishwomen in the AFLW this year. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @afleurope so you do not miss the highlights video once released!
April 20, 2021
Episode 12: One Kick Later - Laura Turner-Ramadan
#AFLEuropePodcast | On this episode of One Kick Later we're very excited to be joined by Laura Turner-Ramadan. Laura first experienced Australian Football in a ten-month stay in Sydney and could not believe it when she heard there were teams playing back home in England. Well, it's since become quite the journey for Laura, which has included captaining and leading teams to AFL Europe’s Champions League, Euro Cup, European Championships as well as the first Great Britain women’s team to the AFL’s International Cup in 2017. I’ve got no doubt you’ll find Laura’s love and motivation for the sport extremely infectious, as she shares her story and experiences on representing her country in international tournaments, the growth of the AFL London women’s league and it being a proven pathway to the AFLW for players and coaches, having a child on an AFL Grand Final day and plenty more.
April 14, 2021
Episode 11: One Kick Later - Florian Naumann
#AFLEuropePodcast | Welcome to a brand new series on the AFL Europe Podcast, One Kick Later. Hosted by Jackson Jones, One Kick Later will talk to some of the most passionate players, coaches, umpires and volunteers across the world who have fallen in love with Australian Football and have played significant roles in growing the sport across Europe. Without further ado, we're excited to present our first guest of the series, Florian Naumann. Growing up in Germany, Flo was first introduced to the sport on a school exchange trip to Australia. Seeing Essendon play live at the MCG, and even having a kick with the Olinda Football Club in Victoria, it didn't take long for Flo to fall in love with the sport! Hear from Flo speak to Jackson about some of his favourite footy experiences over the years, including the AFL's International Cup in 2017, the growth of the men's and women's game in Germany, his good friend 'Tinna' who has become the first German national to play in the VFLW in Australia, and transitioning between 9-a-side and 18-a-side matches.
April 08, 2021
Episode 10: Irish Down Under - Aishling Sheridan
#AFLEuropePodcast | For episode ten of the AFL Europe Podcast we're excited to be joined by Collingwood's Aishling Sheridan just days after the Magpies' finals victory.  Aish joins Jim & Mike to chat finals footy, growing up in a sports-driven household, playing alongside fellow countrywoman Sarah Rowe and then, is joined by a special guest!
April 06, 2021
Episode 9: Irish Down Under - Aisling McCarthy
#AFLEuropePodcast | For the ninth episode of Irish Down Under we are thrilled to be joined by West Coast Eagles star midfielder, Aisling McCarthy. Hear from Aish as she speaks to Jim and Mike on making the move from Melbourne to Perth and teaming up with the Kelly sisters, developing into more of an on-field leader, reflecting on her years in the league and what lies ahead for her future.
March 30, 2021
Episode 8: Irish Down Under - Ailish Considine
#AFLEuropePodcast | Tune into the eighth episode of Irish Down Under where we are joined by Ailish Considine from the Adelaide Crows. Ailish's journey into the AFLW is like none other. Within one year, Ailish had played in and won at AFL Europe’s Champions League with the West Clare Waves, AFL Europe's Euro Cup with the Irish Banshees, signed with the Crows, debuted and then went on to play in and win an AFLW grand final in front of 53,000 people.
March 23, 2021
Episode 7: Irish Down Under - Grace & Niamh Kelly
#AFLEuropePodcast | Just hours after their win over Geelong we were thrilled to be joined by sisters Grace & Niamh Kelly from the West Coast Eagles, for the seventh episode of Irish Down Under. Grace & Niamh have been in outstanding form this season, regularly listed in the best afield as they continue to impress Eagles fans and all watching. Hear from the two as they chat to Jim and Mike about their footy journey including playing for West Clare Waves in Ireland, signing with the West Coast Eagles in 2019 and building confidence week-on-week.
March 16, 2021
Episode 6: Irish Down Under - Orla O'Dwyer
#AFLEuropePodcast | For the sixth episode of Irish Down Under we are pleased to be joined by Brisbane Lions star, Orla O'Dwyer. Orla is in her second season with the Lions who are currently finals bound and sitting third on the ladder! Hear from Orla as she chats to Jim & Mike on her experience as a pro athlete in Australia, moving into a new role in the midfield, tying in her GAA Camogie skills into Australian footy and much, much more
March 09, 2021
Episode 5: Irish Down Under - Sarah Rowe
#AFLEuropePodcast | We're excited to be joined by Sarah Rowe from the Collingwood Magpies for the fifth episode of Irish Down Under. Hear from Sarah as she reflects on her time with the Pies since debuting in 2019, speaks on life in Australia outside of footy and the growth of the sport back home in Ireland.
March 02, 2021
Episode 4: Irish Down Under - Lauren Magee
#AFLEuropePodcast | Lauren Magee joins Irish National AFLW Coach Mike Currane and AFL Europe's James Brosnan for episode four of Irish Down Under, just days after making her AFL Women's debut for the Melbourne Demons! Hear from Lauren as she speaks on her debut against the Dogs, testing at AFL Europe's first-ever women's talent combine, being recruited by the Demons and more.
February 24, 2021
Episode 3: Irish Down Under - Cora Staunton
#AFLEuropePodcast | Join Irish National AFLW Coach Mike Currane and AFL Europe's James Brosnan as they speak to Cora Staunton from the Greater Western Sydney Giants for episode three of Irish Down Under. Hear from Cora as she speaks on GWS' first win of the 2021 season, the increasing number of Irishwomen and young talent that has been entering the AFL Womens competition, as well as the impact head coach Alan McConnell has had on her career.
February 15, 2021
Episode 2: Irish Down Under - Áine Tighe
#AFLEuropePodcast | Join Irish National AFLW Coach Mike Currane and AFL Europe's James Brosnan as they speak to Áine Tighe from the Fremantle Dockers. Before moving to Perth in 2019, Áine represented the Irish Banshees at AFL Europe's European Championships and played for the West Clare Waves in Ireland's national women's league.  Áine is currently recovering from her second knee injury since moving to Australia, however, remains hopeful that she can make a full recovery in time to make her AFL Women’s debut before the end of the 2021 season.
February 10, 2021
Episode 1: Irish Down Under - Aileen Gilroy
#AFLEuropePodcast | Hear from North Melbourne's Aileen Gilroy as she speaks to Irish National AFLW Coach Mike Currane and AFL Europe's James Brosnan about her preparation for the AFL Womens 2021 season, and how she looks to improve after an impressive debut season that saw her finish fifth in the Kangaroos Best & Fairest count.
February 04, 2021